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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 8, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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now live breaking news from abc7. >> that breaking news in napa valley where two large wildfires are burning north of napa. thompson vineyards tweeted this photo just outside napa around 10:15 tonight. cal fire saying it's at 200 acres. you could see big flames and heavy smoke from a distance. this fire is threatening structures. another larger fire is burning in calistoga off 128 and tubbs lane. this video was shared with us. evacuations ordered for that fire. windy and dry conditions are not helping firefighters tonight. good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm matt keller. the wind will not making fires any easier tonight. drew tuma? >> we have very poor fire conditions right now.
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incredibly windy in the north bay hampering those efforts. foes those fires can spread quickly. atlas peak, look at those winds gusting to 30 miles er hour. another fire we're tracking this one in calistoga. winds once again 33-mile-per-hour gusts. relative humidity is bone dry. those two conditions can combined make fires easily start and easily spread right now. look at winds across the region. fairfield gusting to 40 miles per hour. 38 at napa. future tracker showing you the winds will increase more early tomorrow morning. by 3:00 monday morning, santa rosa a gust of 46 miles per hour. it's for that fact much of the region is under a red flag warning. high fire danger right now. we're already seeing it at this moment because of the gusty winds and that low humidity. we'll take a closer look at the winds when they'll calm down
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coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> this is a picture again tweeted by thomson vineyards. if you see the fire, use the #abc7 new to send us video or pictures and we'll stay on top of the story. to our other top story, vice president mike pence walked out of a 49ers game today watching the team play the colts in his home state of indiana and left when players took a knee during the anthem. elissa harrington has the story. >> reporter: pence's decision has a lot of people asking was he upset or was this just one big publicity stunt. vice president mike pence didn't even make it to kickoff. in indianapolis shortly after the national anthem. here he is standing with his wife with his hand over his heart. here they are minutes later boarding their plane. pence tweeted i left today's colts game because potus and i
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will not dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, flag or our national anthem. more than a dozen 49ers players took a knee in protest. the colts linked arms. >> the vice president of the united states is trying to confuse the message we're trying to put out there. >> reporter: 49ers safety ache reed thinks this whole thing is a pub lis stit stunt. >> this looks like a pr stunt to me. he knew our team most players protest. he knew that we were probably going to do it again. so this is what it looks like, a man with power comes to the game, tweets a couple things out and leaves the game with an attempt to thwart our efforts. >> pence flew from las vegas to indiana, then flew all the way back across the country to california. he'll be in sacramento monday. congressman adam schiff tweeted how much taxpayer money was wasted on this stunt? former 49er colin kaepernick starting the protest last year. he dismissed reports today that
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he would stand for the national anthem if picked up by an nfl team. a lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get his pants on he tweeted quoting church hill. the nfl players association related a statement defending the athletes. the union takes pride in players that decided to use their platform to raise awareness about important issues. >> thank you. one hour ago, the bright lights along the las vegas strip went dim to honor the victims of last week's shooting. resores and businesses located on las vegas boulevard dimmed their digital marquises from 10:05 p.m. to 10:16 p.m. to mark the 11 minutes bullets rained down on the festival goers. the welcome to las vegas sign was included in the tribute. >> hundreds gathered for a candlelight vigil at the site
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where 50 people died one week. the names were read allowed as mourners placed fours and notes on the ground. people gathered to remember the las vegas victims, pray for the wound and show gratitude to the first responders. eric swalwell hosted the event saying communities are not helpless preventing another tragedy like this from happening. > we're only helpless once the trigger is squeezed and we're in a bullet's way. before the trigger is squeezed, we're more powerful than any weapon if we talk about what we can do to make the community safer. >> swalwell said he believes if the will of the american people is heard, lawmakers will be called to do something to create sensible be gun reform. >> a nevada woman killed in las vegas returned home to the bay area. the body of stacee etcheber arrived one week to the day of the mass shooting. lilian kim has the story from
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sfo. >> reporter: a special tribute for stacee etcheber. on the tarmac her family and members of the police department where her husband is an officer. passenger dana smith lloyd watched part of the ceremony through the window. >> it was very sober. my eyes welled up with tears. i could see the man standing there with two young kids. that kind of took me, yeah, it's very sobering. >> reporter: passengers didn't know that her body was on board the plane till they landed. a flight attendant explained why there were so many people on the tarmac. >> when he announced it, just a sense of dread came over me. >> reporter: shawna is visiting from ireland and says her sympathies extend to all americans. >> i feel sad. i nearly did cry. you know, i'm not used to this kind of thing and i can't imagine how it feels. >> reporter: perhaps what added to this tragedy was the frantic search for etcheber. she and her husband got
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separated. vinnie choosing to stay and render aid while she ran for safety. he didn't find her till the next day at a morgue. passengers were moved by the welcome home she received. >> i liked seeing the color guard. i felt very sorry for them. >> reporter: after a procession that brought her to her home. lilian kim, abc7 news. you can learn more about each of the 5 victims by visiting later in the newscast, we'll play a special tribute to each of them. in the south bay, police searching for a killer. a man shot just before 7:00 tonight at a condo complex on trade winds drive. in san jose near oak grove high school. he died at the hospital. police have not identified any suspects at this time. the chp credit is video from a mel met cam for helping to identify a hit and run suspect.
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aaron path was arrested accusing of driving his car into four cyclists near hicks valley road yesterday. all four cyclists were hurt, one critically. >> we reviewed the video. it was so high quality, we were able to get good visuals of the truck. >> the cyclists were on a fund-raising ride for the marin county bicycle coalition. the napa valley wine train slapped into a stretch limousine this afternoon. brandon harris took this photo of the crash along highway 29. pictures show major damage to the side of the 40-foot long bus. witnesses say no one appeared injured. traffic has to cross the railroad tracks to get to several roadside wineries. firefighters will stend spend the night in an auto salvage
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yard. you can see the thick smoke in this picture tweeted by the county. the fire started around 2:30 and burned 20 acres, a house, a barn and vintage vehicles and boats were destroyed. there were explosions there likely caused by gas canisters. high winds blew the smoke all around the bay area, casting a dark cloud that could be seen as far away as san francisco. three homes in the area were evacuated. no one was hurt. meteorologist drew tuma is tracking the fire danger tonight. >> we're seeing those winds unfortunately increasing as we go towards midnight. mt. tam has a wind gust of 40. atlas 30 miles per hour. those numbers rise after midnight tonight. we'll look at the fire conditions coming up in the accuweather forecast. >> counting their blessings. wind, rain and storm surge to the gulf coast. next why, hurricane nate could have been much worse. >> also, harvey weinstein fired. the mounting sexual harassment allegations brought down one of the most powerful people in
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they're counting their blessings. no deaths or injuries were reported from the hurricane nate even from tornadoes now part of the remaining storm system moving into the northeast. but now it's time to clean up and pick up the pieces. maggie ruehle reports from mobile, alabama. >> reporter: the remnants of what used to be hurricane nate spawning tornados like this one that destroyed several homes and uprooted trees in south carolina. >> look at it. can you see it. >> reporter: funnel clouds also
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spinning in north carolina. mississippi residents are surveying the damage caused by nate like here in waynesboro. a carport swept away. windows shattered. >> i heard something like a train just like an amtrak train just rolling and just glass just flying like bullets. >> reporter: david moore says his house withstood the onslaught of katrina but not nate. >> all of a sudden, i hear rattling. and then when i jumped up, everything went out. >> reporter: mississippi's mejs director says people learned from katrina. >> we got hit owed on at night by a category one storm. if nate would have hit tus 15 years ago, the daniel would have been much more extensive. we would have had lost of life. we reby the coast in the aftermath of katsina higher and stronger and our people are
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smarter now. >> reporter: a storm surge sweeping into beach hotels and casinos. cars bouncing around in parking garages in water. in alabama, flooding in mobile. firefighters had to rescue a family of four from their hope taking on water. across the south, crews busy clearing roads and fixing power lines. maggie ruehle, abc news, mobile, alabama. >> he was one of hollywood's most powerful producers and now fired from the company he cofounded. harvey weinstein is no longer with the company. three days after a "new york times" article exposed eight sexual harassment claims against him. he called the article reckless reporting but acknowledged causing a lot of pain. president trump is in a new feud. spat blew up on twitter this morning when trump accused senator bob corker of deciding not to run for re-election because he didn't have the guts. the tennessee senator fired backing in an interview with the
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"new york times" saying he believes the president could set the united states on the path to world war iii with what he called reckless threats toward other countries. senator corker told the times he believes mr. trump is treating his office like a reality show and said nearly all the other republican senators are worried about him. united airlines employees got a chance to mark the end of an era. phanatics came out to say good-bye to the boeing 7437. united is retiring their fleet at the end of the month. they first flew the 747 in if you were in and around san francisco this weekend, you probably notice the blue angels. tonight fleet week is over. the angels tweeted this magnificence photo thanking san francisco for the amazing weekend. >> now your accuweather forecast with drew tuma.
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>> the fire danger running extremely high tonight. very strong winds out there and the humidity is bone dry. those two combined means fires can start and spread and we're already seeing that this hour especially in the north bay with a pair of fires. it is totally clear. i want to get you an update on the fire conditions first around atlas peak road. here's the issue. relative humidity is bone jarring dry right now. 1%. the winds are a major factor. out of the north-northeast, they are gusting at this current hour to 30 miles per hour. we expect those winds will continue to gust that high for the next 12 hours. another fire just outside calistoga an a similar issue. relative humidity very low. 15% and the winds right now gusting out of the north at 24 miles per hour. this fire just outside of calistoga is very close to live doppler 7. live doppler 7 right here. this is not rain. it is smoke particles coming off
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that fire. you can see live doppler 7 picking up on the smoke particles at this hour. winds are howling in the north bay and inland, as well. 41-mile-per-hour gusts in fairfield. 38 in napa. a lot of the folks saying the winds are very active. 29-mile-per-hour in santa rosa. 30 in concord. winds will increase. future tracker wind gusts showing you 3:00 early monday morning, santa rosa having a wind gust of 46 miles per hour. those winds will continue to be rather breezy 7:00 on your monday morning. they'll begin to calm down midday. that's a 12-hour window especially in the north bay where the winds could gust over 30 miles per hour at times. wind advisory in effect for the north and east bay till 11:00 morning. winds over 30 miles per hour. the potential for downed branchs and power out ands.
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humidity is very low right now. winds very active. those two are a recipe for high fire danger. a red flag warning in effect. you can see the entire north bay and the santa cruz mountains because fires can easily start and they can easily spread under these conditions. you're wondering, it feels warm out there right now. it's not a trick on your imagination. the reason why the winds coming out of the north it's called a down sloping effect. when the winds compress as they move downhill, they warm up. right now it's mild in san francisco at 72. 73 that current number in napa and 71 in livermore. your 12-hour day planner, sunup at 7:12. monday will be another warm day across the region. a lot of spots going into the 80s 80s. the seven-day forecast shows you it stays breezy but a warm finish to the day. fog arrives on tuesday.
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it cools off midweek and feels like fall thursday and friday. by saturday and sunday, nothing but sunshine. the next 12 hours that fire danger running exceptionally high. >> october is one of the worst times for at stanford health care, we can now use a blood sample to detect lung cancer. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for asthma. and if we can stop seizures in epilepsy patients with a small pacemaker for the brain, imagine what we can do for multiple sclerosis, even migraines. if we can use patients' genes to predict heart disease in their families, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you. imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all.
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concord police tonight need your help locating thomas the tortoise. the department posted the photo of the african spurred tortoise to its facebook page. he escaped from his backyard enplosh near concord boulevard thursday morning. that's when a neighbor spotted him walking along the sidewalk, not running. a white chevy van picking him up and driving away. contact the concord police with information involving this case. of shoe? >> i got to follow that. >> you get to follow the tortoise. >> niners very competitive right
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now. can't get a "w" against the colts today. the raiders lots their third woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away)
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11:29 pm
jimmy smith scoops and scores 47 yards. 14-0. less than four minutes into the game. second quarter. 21-3. baltimore will, manuel finds michael crabtree back from an injury last week. 41-yard touchdown. 21-10 carr excited for manuel. third quarter, marshawn lynch gets in for a second td as a raider. ravens win 30-17. raiders have lost three straight falling to 2-3. >> down 14-0 before the fans are sitting down. tough way to start. had a shot late. just not playing well enough. and not real happy about it. >> not the first time i've been in that situation you know. got time to turn it around. but it's all about if we want it. >> 49ers and colts on peyton manning day, the best
11:30 pm
quarterback in the building. late third, mack, 22-yard score. first of two on the day for mack. 91 yards rushing, 23-6 colts. brian hoyer deep to goodwin. a career high 116 a six-yard shovel to kyle. his first td cuts the lead to ten. under three minutes to go. niners on fourth and one. hoyer tore george kittle. he had seven catches. 83 yards, will score the tying touchdown. we're tried at3. in o.t., adam vinatieri boots the game winner. 36-23 the final. niners have lost four games by a total of 11 points. >> i saying the same things i said the last few convention. nothing you can do but go back to work an get better. it's the time to find out what yourre made of and look in the mirror and find out
11:31 pm
how are, too. >> each game goes down to the last play. the one thing we as a team have to do is say look, we know how close we are. one of these days it's going to go the right way for us. >> the abc7 sports recover the is brought to you by river rock casino. >> we'll be back with an update on the fires in napa county. one fire is bushing near calistoga and another near napa. we're hearing about evacuations and the possibility of structure being involved. and deputies trying to get people out of that
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live where you live. this is abc7 news. good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm matt keller in for eric. back to the breaking news in napa county where two large wildfires erupted tonight, one burning off of highway 128 and tubbs lane. evacuations have been ordered. the other just north of napa on atlas peak road. that 200 acre fire senior threatening structures. high winds are making conditions difficulty for firefighters. there are reports of ash flying as far as south as san rafael. this is new video just into the newsroom from david gibson of the atlas fire. david joins us now on the phone and david, first, i want to make sure you're in a safe place? >> yeah, matt. we're definitely safe. we live in downtown napa.
11:36 pm
it's raining ash in our yard as we speak right now. >> how far away from downtown napa is this fire from you. >> not far. maybe five or ten miles north of us. i was just on my way home from work, i had a late night at the winery and saw fire coming over the hillside. called my wife and started filming as much video as i could. some of the flames could be 50 feet tall krefting the hillside. the video is shot over the back of chimney rock winery in the stag's leaf district. frightening. >> what is around that area there? are there a lot of homes? >> there's a ton of homes, a plethora of premium wineries all over the place. a lot of people haven't picked their grapes yet. it's looking scary for people and evacuations. >> you work in a winery. how dry is it out there right now? >> it's incredibly dry. there's no real water anywhere. and there is a ton of brush,
11:37 pm
dead trees. it's looking pretty bad as we stand here and take a look at it into looking at this video, it seems like it's surrounding you and that this really is on that peak there. >> it's coming around two peaks as i filmed around on the video. the winery in the foreground is chimney rock that's known by many people. it's coming around peaks all over the stags leap district up and over that hillside. >> obviously, you're there in downtown napa which obviously experienced its own disaster with the earthquake a couple years ago. is there any indication of evacuations? were people come together downtown area or trying to find a place that keeps them safe from the flames? into there's people in the streets everywhere. it smells like probably one of the worst campfires you've experienced. it's thick, hard to breathe.
11:38 pm
it's very, very thick smoke everywhere in napa right now. people are rattled. the fire has come on quickly. i know that a lot of people are slightly frightened right now. so. >> now, working in this area, have all the wineries there. you're saying they haven't picked the grapes yet. what does this mean when the flames are coming around here. obviously there's a process to getting them harvested. what that is that process? i know this could bethat, but a the ground at this time? is there a possibility this could be a type when there's a in thtloe area or is everything dry right now? >> everything's extremely dry. a lot of people have stopped watering because they're looking to pick probably empty next week here. the worst thing we're looking at is possible smoke taken the on
11:39 pm
the grapes above xrut actual destruction of vineyards. a dire situation in the atlas peak area and st. helena with all the calistoga fires too. the smoke coming from both ends komine really bad things for what was going to be a celebrated vicinitying and. we're all hoping that this can get under control. but it's quite scary right now. >> obviously, i have heard talk from people in the wine industry talking about this being a very good year for grapes. i've known some have harvested already. now here we are at the beginning of october. do you still have the -- certain types of grapes that need to be harvested now? >> yes. the majority of wineries in napa still have cabernet hanging out in the vineyard. most of these rely on their cabernet harrest right now. this is something where a lot of
11:40 pm
people are hoping that tomorrow morning thingsing will look a lot better than right now. the fire has broken out so late. not a lot of people are aware of what's going on. they're doing a lot of emergency evacuations through atlas peak and the surrounding areas. it's looking pretty dire. it's a very, very very bad situation. >> david, i'm hearing people are taking refuge at the vineyard at the top of soda canyon road. >> it's very windy single lane road both directions. very hard to get in and out of. a lot of people i know are getting strand up there and trying to find different ways out. they're taking refuge probably any caves and different places that fire can't get to hopefully. but from a lot of friends i've talked to in napa and this 11th hour, no pun intended, ie friends packing h bags. i've offered rooms to people.
11:41 pm
it's really a crisis here in napa. >> interesting about soda canyon road, you're saying it's windy and hard to get in and out of. there were reports there may have been trees downed blocking roads. that may have stopped people from leaving the area. but there are win yards up there that are actually in essence, there are places in these vineyards and where you have the wineries that have places that are in essence fireproof, these caves? >> yeah, a lot of these winery caves since they're dug into rock, if you can find fresh air, it's probably your best place to hang out right now. a lot of people are trying to to find some kind of safe haven right now. it has a lot of people stricken with panic. this fire he's moved oh quickly through the hills. there wasn't a lot of the warning for it. it's dire for a lot of people in
11:42 pm
some of the most remote areas for livestock, for all the above. it's definitely keeps some people in your prayers. it's a scary scary situation right now. >> thank you david, so much for your expertise. i know a lot of people will be dealing with this overnight. hopefully everything will go much better than it has been going. we hope you'll stay safe too, as well is, david. >> thank you very much, matt. thanks for talking to me. yeah, definitely keep napa in your thoughts tonight. >> we're going to checking in with drew for more how this weather is affecting those areas right now. calistoga and napa areas. >> i think the biggest issue right now are those winds. they are ferocious at this hour out of the north. i was just looking at twitter a moment ago.
11:43 pm
a lot of people sayny san francisco, the east bay, they are smelling smoke. with a north wind you would have that smoke moving out of the north bay and filtering south into much of the bay area. that's probably why you're smelling smoke at this hour. first we're going to take you to at lat peak right outside of napa. we've been talking about this all night. you get bone dry humidity and gusty winds. that is what we have in the atlas area. 16% relative humidity. winds out of the north-northeast. sustained at 13 miles per hour and gusting to 28 miles per hour. they have been gusting higher than that in the past 30 minutes. these winds are fluctuating and strengthening at this hour. in cal stowga, we're tracking our second fire. this one very low humidity at
11:44 pm
15%. winds out of the north at 60 miles per hour. these kinds are gusting to 24 miles per hour. that is why you're smelling smoke. it's pushing the smoke south into san francisco, brentwood. this is very close to live doppler 7 right now. this is not rain on live doppler 7. this is smoke particles getting picked up because of the fire burning. look at the winds right now. it is active these winds at this hour. gusting to 41 miles per hour in fairfield, 38 in napa, 30 the current wind gust in concord. the winds coming out of the north right now. it's called a down sloping effect. these northerly winds are rushing down our hills and the air is compressing. what happens when air compresses it warms up. that's why you're feeling it rather warm out there right no 29-mile-per-hour wind gust in
11:45 pm
santa rosa. i've been here more than three hours and rarely found a wind gust over 50 miles per hour. that is what we're seeing at hour. 28 currently at atlas peak. 26. altamont. these winds are not going to let up any time soon. they look to be sustained at gusts for the next 12 hours or so. that is incredible. that is why we are seeing extreme fire danger in the north bay. winds at this hour and bone dry humidity. talk about future tracker wind gusts at 3:00 tomorrow morning, north bay 46-mile-per-hour winds in santa rosa. 37 in fairfield. these winds will be around. 7:00 on your monday morning, still breezy. the trend is to weaken ever so
11:46 pm
lightly. 36-mile-per-hour wind, 29. in santa rosa. then from what this guidance be suggesting, by midday on monday, these winds would decrease substantially. it's going to be about a 1-hour win from this time that the winds especially in the north bay and inland east bay will be gusting anywhere from 30 to 40 miles per hour. that's why we have a wind advisory in effect. this is the last thing till 11:00 on your monday morning. covers the north bay. the areas you see shaded and yellow, north winds. we saw at gust in our thread is only for downed tree branches. much of the region under high fire danger at this hour. we had these gusty winds. humidity is bone dry at this
11:47 pm
hour. 10 to 20% humid at this time level. winds nearing 50 miles an hour a recipe for fires to easily start and easily spread this time of the year. once again krk the red flag warning, high fire danger. wind advisory in effect. those will last till about 11:00 a.m. and 5 ap respectively around here. i believe if i'm correct, am i tossing back to matt or going to break? >> thank you. in napa says there are evacuatios. in sonoma, porter creek and petrified forest road. reads are open to both stall goh stow ga and santa rosa at this moment. one for the fire in stall stow
11:48 pm
ga, if you need a place to go,
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back to the breaking news in napa county whereres erupted to burning near calistoga off highway 128 and tubbs lane. evacuations have been ordered. the other fire is on atlas peak road threatening structures. high winds and dry conditions are making conditions difficult for firefighters. ash is flying as far as south at san rafael and san francisco, as well. we're smelling smoke here in the studio. and in the building. so obviously, the smoke is spreading everywhere here in the bay area. as these people are dealing with this napa fire and the calistoga fire. we heard from david gibson who was telling us there is obviously a lot of ash in downtown napa andha t up there n
11:52 pm
the hills there of napa with those wineries and maybe trying to hunker down in some of those wineries to stay safe from the flames. maybe possibly hiding out in some of the caves up there obviously built from rock so people stk stay safe from the flames and from the smoke up there. obviously, this is a dire situation and there are a lot of evacuations that the napa county sheriff's department just put this information out. the fire in cal stowga, evacuations under way. evacuation center at napa county fairgrounds. as for the other fire we have here, the fire silverado trail closed at yountville. residents needs to evacuate. soda canyon, you need to get out of that area. evacuation a church in the area. the winds are a major issue right now. >> we hear a lot of folks on twitter and facebook outside of
11:53 pm
the north bay smelling smoke, as well. this is the reason why. incredibly strong winds right now out of the north. it would take the smoke and push it south into the rest of the bay area. if you're outside understand of the north bay and smelling smoke, it's likely coming from fires in the north bay. look at this wind. incredible right now. knoxville creek to 50 miles per hour. mt. tam currently 40 miles per hour. oakland hills 24 miles per hour. i do want to take you into the atlas peak road area. this is one of the fires we are tracking. your current conditions right now, this relative humidity is scary. it is bone dry. 16%. a very dry atmosphere overhead right now and the winds sustained out of the north-northeast 13 miles per hour. gusts rights now 28 miles per
11:54 pm
hour. we have seen gusts in this region higher than that. what you notice the winds are staying active, as well. a lot of folks are feeling warmth out there, not only from the fire but the air temperature is warm. the winds are coming down the hills, compressing and warming up. we're going to take you to calistoga and tracking another wildfire, as well. this one relative humidity is on the very dry side. when you get relative humidity levels in the teens, extremely dry area. that is a recipe for fires to spread. winds right now out of the north at six miles per hour. this wind is gusting at per hour. the winds are coming out of the north. here you can see live doppler 7 spinning giving you the active scan. smoke. this is not rain. that is smoke particles getting picked up by this fire. i want to show you this wind gust once again.
11:55 pm
the north bay and inland east bay. this is incredibly active. 38 in napa wind gusts. 29 in santa rosa. some of the strongest wind gusts in the north bay and along the delta. winds have updated live on the air. they have increased in in santa rosa to 36 miles per hour. concord 2-mile-per-hour wind gusts coming right out of the north. if you're nuds of the north bay where we have the active fires and you smell smoke, this is the reason why. this very strong north wind that would take any smoke from the north bay into the rest of the bay area. if you're in san francisco or oakland or parts of the peninsula and smelling smoke, this is likely the reason why. this very strong wind. so let's show you the winds. we do think even the next three
11:56 pm
to four hours the winds could strengthen. 3:00 on your monday. these winds are increasing. they are cranking to 46 miles per hour. wind gusts fairfield. while the firings are fighting the fires, the wind is not going to help them through 7:00 in the morning. of wind gusting to 29 in santa rowsa, 36 in fairfield. the wind looks to finally calm down by midday. the lunch time hour on monday. 11:00 in the morning, you see the winds really relaxed especially in the north bay. that's 11:00 on monday morning. a good almost 12 hours from right now. the wind will be very active overnight tonight. for that fact that wind is active. it covers the north bay. two active fires in. the inland east bay. winds could get as high as 50
11:57 pm
miles per hour. downed branches are possible along with possible power outages. the combination of this active wind and these low humidity levels mean fire danger is running extremely right now. vegetation is very dry. october is one those months where fires can be very active. low humidity 10 to 20%. temperatures in if the 60s and 70s. take you back to these wind gusts right now. tam at 37 miles per hour. atlas peak. we had the two fires at at last peak. humid sit dry at 16%. winds out of the north-northeast gusting to 28 miles per hour. calistoga we are tracking that second wildfire. winds out of the north, as well at six miles per hour gusting to 24 miles per hour with the low relative humidity. i would say at least for the next 10 to 12 hours these winds
11:58 pm
unfortunately specifically in the north bay will be active gusting out of the north between 30 and 45 miles per hour. >> thank you, drew. a lot of people are sending their photos and putting their photos on social media and tagging it with abc 6 now. you can see all of these pictures and the flames are huge. especially in the atlas fire area. and people are showing had us all of these. so scary. people from napa sending about this fire raging on at last peak. from loma vista road. obviously, a lot of people are seeing these flames and very concerned and we're dealing with evacuations, as well. let's check in with dave cannon who is with us. are you there on the phone? >> i'm here. yes, i'm here. >> what are you seeing out there? >> well, matt, it's pretty chaotic out here. i'm an the napa valley floor.
11:59 pm
the had is it above silverado trail where atlas peak road goes in are completely orange. huge flame lengths. the wind as you guys said is very erratic. gust heavily. the fire behavior is some of the worst i've ever seen. and you know, i'm worried about this fire. there's a lot of people up in that area. i know there's a number of evacuations ordered. they're probably going to expand those. there are five major fires burning between sonoma and napa keens. the fire conditions are the worst. >> and dave, are you a former firefighter? is that correct? >> i was a vol ear quite a long time ago. i've never seen anything like this till today. i didn't go to the oakland hills fire but this is very reminisce reminiscent. >> obviously we're stretching into october and have had dry and warm conditions recently.
12:00 am
obviously, the conditions are ripe. what would you say about the conditions in this area? >> yeah, killed say the conditions are very similar to the october oakland hills fire of yesteryear. there's not so much the denseul there, but the fire conditions i believe are almost the same which is very terrible and very scary. i got in. i got as close to the fire as i could. got some shots. the embers were raping down on me. literally raining. i was more afraid my car was going to catch on fire. i shot what i could and got the heck out. >> were you seeing other people trying to leave that area, as well? are people able to leave that area? >> that's thing. there are lots of people trying to leave. there are many downed trees because of the high gusty winds. so the fire department not only has 0 cut the trees t


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