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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 10, 2017 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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was also burning right now and he was telling us how careful we needed to be. so this is far from over and with all the smoke that is still here, people are seeking help at the hospitals. >> we've seen approximately this day 160 patients in our emergency department and on average we would see around 120 at this point in time so we're projecting seeing around 200 patients. we've been receiving transfers, six of which came from sutter and then six of which came from keyser which included laboring moms of whom we cared for as
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well. >> reporter: power lines are down, the power is out, so it is very dark here this morning. obviously it is very smoky, so it's still a very dangerous situation, a big challenge again here on day two for the firefighters. reporting live here in santa rosa, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you. sergeant spencer crumb with the sonoma county sheriff's office tells us that the number of people missing may not be 100 but they have received about 100 calls from people who right now have reported their loved ones missing. >> we just want to clarify that there has been about 100 phone calls from people coming in saying they are missing their friends and family. again, some of those are duplicated, some are distant relatives or distant friends, we will have to look at trying to track down these people and figure out where they are and try to reunite them with their loved ones. >> they're really trying to pinpoint down that number. officers and firefighters plan
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to meet this morning to reassess on exactly how to move forward in order to find these individuals. >> here is the latest information from pg & e. 99,000 customers remain without power, most in sonoma and napa. gas is over for 26,000 customers in santa rosa, yountville, napa and kenwood, that's to protect the customers and communities there. pg or wire do not touch it. cal fire says 1,500 structures have been lost. several hotels are gone in santa rosa, you heard amy hollyfield mention the fountaingrove inn is in, the hilton sonoma wine country also gone and businesses are destroyed including the kmart, applebee's, mcdonald's on hopper avenue just gutted. sweet tea southern restaurant and bar on stage coach road in santa rosa is also gone as is a
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luxury senior living facility the oakmont villa capris. we are updating the list on nbc 7 and also our mobile app. first responders going home to home checking to make sure no one is inside. one woman who lives in fairfield shared this surveillance video of the outside of her home, she's been able to watch these cameras are from her cellphone since she left her house with her son. >> i had to have the conversation of if we didn't have a home to come to, if he was okay with that, and i know he is two, but he just looked at me and said, yes, mommy, it's okay, it's going to be okay. >> it isn't just people, first responders are worried about, several trailers were on their way to homes to rescue horses and other animals that may have been left behind. the world's largest air tanker will be in the air again today fighting the fires. this is a boeing 747 making it's first retardant drop on the atlas fire in napa county
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yesterday. that's a little less than 20,000 gallons smothering the flames. it can reach virtually any point in north america, it flies from colorado to get anywhere in about four and a half hours. this is the first fire season that that plane is available to cal fire, they just started using it in august. >> so much needed. and in other news this morning we do have breaking news out of pleasant hill right now coming in where firefighters are mopping up after an apartment building fire there. crews came face-to-face with these huge flames just after 11:00 last night and the building which is located near camel back road has about a dozen units there. half were destroyed, the others slightly damaged. thankfully there no one was hurt. >> it's just -- they don't need another fire to deal with, you know, there are resources so strapped across the bay area. so we did not smell the amount of smoke that we did the previous night so, mike, i'm assuming that the winds are blowing in our favor.
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>> yeah, there really isn't a wind and that is in most of our favors, the air went stagnant as we thought it would and all the smoke concentrated up in the north bay as we talked about it would yesterday. that's why you have severe conditions outside. what does that mean? that means health warnings of emergency conditions the entire population is more likely to be sfae affected by the smoke in the north bay right now. the rest of us are in the moderate category, which means air quality is acceptable however for some pollutants there may be a moderate health concern for a small number of people who are unusually sensitive to air pollution, the kwlung, the elderly, has mat tick, copd, those kind of people. it's the north bay that is getting the bulk of the smoke this morning. here is good news, look at these temperatures in the north bay, 13 to 23 degrees cooler than yesterday, so the firefighters are waking up to almost pristine conditions this morning with temperatures mainly in the 40s
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to low 50s up there, you can see several stations without power and light winds and a little greater humidity out there, the rest of waking up 46 in san ramone, 36, san francisco, here is a look at the humidity, remember it was in the teens and 20s yesterday, now it's in the 50s, 60s and 70s. so, again, great conditions for the firefighters this morning when they head outside. i will let you know if that's going to last because we do have a couple of wind events coming up, i will let you know when they will arrive. >> good morning. of course we are still focused on the north bay and all the closure surrounding the fires this morning. want it take you up to the calistoga area, anytime you're seeing that purple that means a full closure of a roadway. just out of the calistoga area we have a full closure of state route 128 so both directions are shut down between scott down and shock hill road and this should go without saying really for any of these closures we don't have any estimate on when these roadways will reopen, so
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definitely could be long-term situations here. >> mass transit impacted once again today. golden gate transit bus service they will not be offering service from piner road, they will have limited service from the santa rosa transit mall. they will have departures as often as possible. everyone going to have to stay flexible. i do have more mass transit impacts to talk about as well in a few minutes. joining us on the phone we have scott alonso. what update can yo give us this morning? >> so we are still sheltering thousands of people in sonoma county. we have nearly 5,000 staying at 24 evacuation centers, ranging all the way up from clover dale down to petaluma. we have -- working on delivering cots for those folks and we have been doing that all night as well as additional supplies.
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so we are appreciative of all the support we're getting. we do still have seven confirmed fatalities related to the fire that was issued last night and we're asking folks to not return home until evacuation orders are lifted and to only call 911 if there is an active emergency since we are still getting a lot of 911 calls. >> scott, can i ask you are the evacuation centers full at this point? have you guys been turning anyone away and should people seek to stay with friends or family if possible rather than going to the evacuation centers? >> yeah, i think it just depends on where those individuals are located in the county. we actually have a total of 28 centers, there are four centers that are full, we have all that information on our website there are 24 centers that are taking individuals and are open. but i think if folks are trying to make a judgment call i would just look at road conditions and see if they can make it to a friend's house if that's closer.
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we certainly don't want individuals staying in a mandatory evacuation area. they need to leave if an evacuation order has been issued by law enforcement. >> and, scott, real quickly, can you give us an idea of how many calls you are getting, what the call volume is and what you guys are dealing with? >> we're getting hundreds of calls to our public information line for the public and that number is 707-565-3856 and that is a number to report missing persons and we have had over 100 reports of missing persons in sonoma county related to the fire. >> okay. scott, thank you so much for joining us here live on the phone. we appreciate the work that you are doing, obviously, and we appreciate you joining us. so still that 100 missing -- lots of reports of missing people and obviously he said so many shelters, 24 evacuation centers there alone. wow. >> coming up, the fire in sonoma
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for free tips to help you save, go to ♪ feed the pig welcome back to our coverage of the fires burning in the north bay. several flights are canceled this morning at charles schultz airport in santa rosa depending on smoke and visibility today the entire day's flights could be canceled. so far ten people have been killed in sonoma, napa and mendocino counties. right now in santa rosa there is a curfew to keep people off of the streets until 7:15 this morning. we will go live to dion lim and she is -- right now, dion, tell us where you are, i'm sorry, i don't have your exact location. >> reporter: reggie, yeah, we were actually on our way to the silverado country club in the heart of wine country, one of the hardest hit areas, but as you can see behind me given all of these flashing lights the
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roadway, the main one to that country club, is closed this morning. we were told of course being the media we can access this area, however, according to highway patrol and police officers we have met this morning, we were told there are a lot of downed power lines, not to mention low hanging power lines, so our safety is at risk. yesterday the silverado country club of course you have seen probably all of the coverage coming out of there where the wildfires tore through just hours after the pga golf opener for the season, the safeway open. we can tell you this morning that people in this area still do not have power, there are no traffic signs, the streetlights are still out and we are also hearing that there is a water treatment plant that is nearby that is no longer processing water, meaning a boil water notice is in place. reggie, we will stay on top of this and hopefully once day break happens we will have a better idea of what the scene is
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like this morning. reporting live in napa this morning, dion lim. we do have an update on the animal park. park officials say the animals are okay. they say the fences of safari west stand and animals are contained and accounted for. at no point were fences cut or safari west animals released. the situation remains dynamic and highly dangerous and fires are burning in the vicinity. we will continue to provide updates as new information becomes available. of course one of the most important factors is our weather. let's go over to mike nicco for an update. >> let's talk about what's going on as far as looking outside and what you're going to see on the visibility there is that it's pretty thick, the fog, i should pretty thick, the fog, i should say smoke actually around napa. 1 one and a quarter mile
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visibility. today as far as your temperatures, they will be a little bit cooler and a lower fire danger, but still unhealthy air as we have a spare the air day. it's going to be breezy again the next two nights in the north bay mountains, so today is our perfect day for fighting the fires, but tonight and tomorrow night, the winds are going to whip up once again. will they be like last night or the night before i should say, sunday night, no, but they will still be around 35 to 45 miles per hour which means we could have more spot fires and the fires could spread. we will get cooler air as we head later on into the week. mid 60s along the coast, 71 san francisco, 74 to 77 around the bay and 78 to 82 inland. here is a look from the east ba roads today, mass transit cool to warm and light breezes if you are going to be on the water. temperatures tonight each cooler than this morning, mid 40s to low 50s. let's take a look at my accuweather seven-day forecast.
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it is going to turn cooler tomorrow but that's another dry cold front that's coming through tonight and that's why the winds will pick up in the north bay mountains will have another push of slightly cooler air wednesday night and then the breezes will start to taper a little bit, temperatures will stay in the 70s which is good for firefighting until the weekend where we will start to hit 80s sunday an monday. in the studio, driving to work, stepping outside for most of us it smells a lot better this morning. >> oh, boy, so much better. i know you can smell it just a little bit, still lingering there, but, yeah -- >> mask today. >> eight months pregnant, i had a mask on yesterday in the studio we had so much of that smoke coming into san francisco. i know it was tough for a lot of folks. yes, it is quite a bit better today. that certainly is a relief. we are still dealing with the road and transit impacts of the fires here, so i want to take a look at north bay mass transit. petaluma transit nonschool day transit offered today, they will have smart rail running so free
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limited service beginning at 5:00 this morning and they are basically saying they will run from santa rosa down to san rafael and make all local stops in between but it's not going to be the normal schedule. sonoma county transit bus service has been canceled today. keep that in mind. we are certainly not back up to full speed here this morning and there will be quite a few disruptions, we have road closures as well. everyone else off to a quiet start, i don't have any major incidents to talk about, the bay bridge toll plaza no metering lights yet, just a little bit of a stack up in that laz cash line. some neighbors evacuating from the fires show just how close they came to the flames. also the fires in the north bay are two of more than a dozen burning throughout california, the ♪ america's service members and veterans are strong. forged out of bravery, sacrifice, and duty. from all corners of the country, a family for life.
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♪ but whether they served in lands far away or communities close to home, some of these men and women may face difficult times or even crisis. but sometimes reaching out for help can be the most challenging and worthwhile mission of all. thankfully, friends, family, and communities are standing by their service members and veterans now more than ever. ♪ we're all in this together. when you recognize something isn't right, make the call to the veterans crisis line or military crisis line. during times of crisis, reach out and call. dial 1-800-273-8255 and press 1.
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many people of course documenting their escape from the flames in sonoma county. >> this is my neighborhood.
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in flames. >> yeah, that is the voice of calistoga resident alyssa goreman fleeing the tubs fire. she evacuated her neighborhood of the. you can hear the anguish and fear in her voice. there are dozens of wildfires burning in california this morning in addition to those in napa and sonoma counties. one of those smaller ones is extremely dangerous, it is forcing people out of their homes and that one is called sulfhur fir sulphur fire. it's about 5% contained this morning. there are mandatory evacuation was this one also and people in areas where evacuations are voluntary are being told to boil their water. the bay area no stranger to devastating fires, the oakland hills firestorm started as a
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small brush fire on saturday october 19th, 1991, it exploded overnight, powered by near hurricane force winds. when all was said and done at least 25 people were killed, 150 hurt, more than 3,200 homes destroyed, 2,800 of them single-family homes, the total damage there 1 be $5 billion. and the winds played such a role in that instance, i know mike nicco is closely monitoring the winds we're dealing with this morning. what are we seeing? >> about 6 of that was peek and that was one of those areas that was 40 to 45 yesterday, knotsville creek 5 and hawkeye we hit 62 to 79 mile per hour gusts from 11:00 sunday evening through 4:00 yesterday morning, mt. tam 18, we were in the 40 mile per hour range yesterday. now, unfortunately with that next cold front look what it does over the next 24 hours in santa rosa, those wind gusts hit
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16 miles per hour this evening, possibly by this time tomorrow we're gust to go 30 so rapidly changing conditions tonight for the worst for the firefighters and it will keep feeding those flames and then napa you can see the winds will also pick up, maybe not quite as fast as santa rosa tonight in the 10 to 15 mile per hour range. we are taking a golden gate bridge. looking hazy so definitely still have poor air quality this morning, but i don't think anything that will show you down on the roadways, no issues if you are coming from the north bay, we had gridlock on southbound 101 yesterday with all the folks evacuating. 580, 30 minutes. 680 also looks great at 15 and 101 to cupertino at least 15 minutes. heart break in the north bay
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as six large wildfires rage out of control this morning. next at 5:00 we are live with the battle firefighters are gearing up for in the coming hours. the flames bad enough, the
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destructive and now deadly, this is what an untold number of families will find when they are finally allowed to go back to the evacuated areas in napa and sonoma counties. those homes are gone. here are some of the latest numbers on those fires that are currently burning in the north bay. >> the fires are flamed for at least ten deaths, sonoma county officials say they have received 150 missing person reports. they are going to meet with tier today to try to find those people. a total of more than 80,000 acres have burned. the red cross is asking for volunteers to distribute supplies at elsie allen middle school, those schools are open
4:28 am
as emergency shelters, more than 12,000 people have been evacuated. there are six major wildfires burning in north california right now, combined they have burned more than 80,000 acres. the atlas fire holding at 25,000 acres, the red wood complex fire has ballooned to 19,000 acres, 0% containment on any of those fires, the sulphur fire has grown to 2,500 acres that that is 5% contained. we have live team coverage of the fires in napa and sonoma counties. >> alexa smith is covering road closures. >> and the weather playing a big role in the firefighting effort today. mike, the wind has fueled these fires, is it getting any better? >> absolutely. couldn't get much better, jessica, than it is right now. calm conditions at about 3 miles per hour. those are the environmental winds, now, you know around the fire itself it will create its own wind pattern, so the gusts could be locally breezy there, but as far as the environment, yeah, it's great.
4:29 am
we still have a high fire danger until 5:00, technically the national weather service keeping that going. the winds are down, the humidity is up, the temperatures are down, the firefighting conditions are as good as they are going to get right now because they will change as we head later on into tonight and i will show you that in the accuweather seven-day forecast. for your 12-hour a spare the de air quality poor up in the north bay, temperatures in the low to mid 50s through 7:00, we will ping around 80 inland today, mid 70s around the bay and low to mid 60s at the coast. we are looking at a lot of closures still for the north bay. of course yesterday at this time we had a full closure of 101? santa rosa and state route 37, those both reopened yesterday afternoon later in the day. we do still have significant closures including state route 128 closed between silverado trail and lake berryessa.
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just want to show you conditions pon the richmond side of the richmond san rafael bridge. we are seeing quite a bit of smoke blowing over into that region as well. you may have to have those windows up and be prepared for poor air quality once again today. we should note that the fire is still burning in and around santa rosa this morning, they are not allowing folks to come back to the evacuated areas. >> active fires popping up. we do want to check in with amy hollyfield, last we checked with her she was in santa rosa monitoring one, i think it's still behind you, amy. >> yeah, that's right, we're watching the hilton hotel continue to burn this morning. i just spoke with the assistant fire marshal in santa rosa he said he just got another report of another structure that just started burning nearby, so this is far from over. we have video of what the hilton looked like late last night as it burned. this is why there is a mandatory evacuation still in place, still a lot of fire, a lot of smoke,


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