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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 10, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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and napa counties. this morning firefighters are still struggling to contain several major wildfires that are burning homes and businesses. good morning. it is tuesday, october 10th, 5:00 a.m., thanks for joining us this morning. >> we do want to get straight to the latest numbers on these devastating north bay fires burning right now, at least ten people have been confirmed dead. >> officials in sonoma county have received up to 150 missing person reports. >> and a total of more than 80,000 acres have burned, the two largest fires are both in napa county the tubbs fire at 27,000 acres and the atlas fire at 25,000 acres.
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there is zero containment of those fires. >> and at least 1,500 buildings have been destroyed. the fires have also forced more than 20,000 people to evacuate. and the window is open right now for the best conditions we are going to have the next, say, two to three days, calm conditions, you can see that as i've overlaid the winds on live doppler 7, but let me show you what you're dealing with up in the north bay, look at all that smoke in the napa valley up towards vacaville and from cloverdale and lake port all the way up through mendocino county, visibility because of the smoke down to a mile and a half at the napa county airport. from the east bay hills, it is still out there, it is a spare the air. i will show you the air conditions coming up next. temperatures, it is cooler this morning, in the upper 40s to mid 50s, we will stay cooler this afternoon, low to mid 60s at the coast, mid 70s around the bay,
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upper 70s inland. more on that choking smoke that's out there and how it's going to spread in the next couple of days. alexis. >> we do have one issue on the bay bridge on the lower deck so the lighter side of things eastbound near the center anchorage it's out of view of our traffic camera but we have a two car collision, one of those spun out is facing the wrong way, the far lanes on either side, lane one and five are blocked, emergency crews on the way to the scene not seeing a big backup but just stay in the middle there. we have quite a bit of smoke in the san francisco area once again and this has thickened up significantly in the last 20 to 30 minutes. again, you will want to leave those windows up and be prepared for tough air conditions there this morning and it is a spare the air day today as well. you can use mass transit that is highly recommended. we will talk about mass transit impacts in the north bay from those fires coming up in a few minutes. >> i'm glad you mentioned that because even here in the studio we are smelling it much worse now than we were an hour ago, please be careful at your homes
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especially if you have children or seniors around. as for what's happening in the north bay we are still seeing fires flaring up particularly in the santa rosa area this morning. >> we do have crews on the ground monitoring what's going on. amy hollyfield live in santa rosa, you are in an area where at least two hotels are completely destroyed. >> reporter: right, natasha, we have the hilton behind us that is still burning, look at the flames and the smoke coming off of this structure. i just talked to the assistant fire marshal, he says his crews are very tired, they have not been home, they have not gone to bed, but they are expecting today to be another busy day. i mean, look, we're watching another fire burn this morning. we have some video of what it looked like last night just to give you an idea, it's just continuous for these crews, they just go from fire to fire out here in santa rosa. the mandatory evacuation is helping keep the streets closed and give them all the space that they need for all of their fire trucks so they can race from
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scene to scene, but they say they still have a lot of hard work ahead of them. in fact, another call just came in moments ago. >> actually as i was walking down to you i heard a report of november structure fire in the area, so we have resources that are here for what we call perimeter control and containment and we also have a number of resources within the city of santa rosa that are continuing to respond to fires that pop up within the boundary of the fire, within the city limits. >> reporter: firefighters say the mandatory evacuation and the curfew in place is giving the streets an eerie feeling. there are no people here. this he know people want to return to their homes, they want to tell them they're doing the best they can to keep the area safe and to maintain it. it's just too dangerous to let them in right now, there's smoke, fire, fire trucks and downed power lines, but they want everyone to know there are many law enforcement officers here in the area watching over it, in fact, he commented he feels like there are as many
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police officers as there are firefighters. reporting live in santa rosa, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. here is the latest information from pg & e. nearly 95,000 customers still don't have power most in sonoma county, more than 50,000 are impacted there. 27,000 in the north bay, the rest of the outages are scattered throughout the north coast and sierra areas. cal fire says 1,500 structures have been lost. we just saw amy by some of the hotels that are gone in santa rosa. the fountaingrove inn, also the hilton sonoma wine country are gone. businesses also destroyed including the kmart on cleveland avenue, applebee's, arby's and the mcdonald's on harper avenue next to highway 101 all gutted. sweet t's restaurant in santa rosa is gone as is a luxury senior living facility the oakmont of villa capris. this next thing is very important because we have all
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those fires raging that we saw yesterday, they have continued to grow but we also have flames spreading now toward fairfield. >> evacuations now under way there and that's where we find abc 7 news reporter matt keller. >> reporter: good morning, reggie and natasha. we are in the parking lot of suisan valley k through 8 school. behind me we have suisan valley school and there is an officer blocking that road making sure people don't head up because the fire is burning over those ridges there. i talked to someone in the parking lot and they are concerned the fire will make its way this direction. they are doing structure protection around here. a mandatory evacuation order was issued overnight for the green valley area west of green valley road for mason north to valley and lane and they wanted everyone to evacuate immediately overnight. one of the areas is on twin sisters road, this is surveillance video of firefighters at one woman's home there making sure no one is
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inside. she is able to watch these cameras from her cellphone and told us she left with her two-year-old son. >> i had to have the conversation of if we didn't have a home to come to if he was okay with that and i know he's two, but he just looked at me and said, yes, mommy, it's okay. it's going to be okay. >> reporter: and here is solano county an evacuation center is open at solano community college, animals are not available there. a large animal evacuation center at the slon know county fairgrounds in vallejo. the evacuation orders do not include any area within the fairfield city limits, again, the concern is that that fire is still making its way in this direction, that's why they are making sure nobody goes on these roads around here. reporting live in suisan county.
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>> they ar trying to get as much resources to possible to northern california. governor brown has issued a state of emergency and in a statement governor brown writes to assist local governments and for the protection of sub lick health and the environment state agencies shall quickly assist with the response and recovery from the impact of these fires. the declaration mobilizes the state emergency plan that includes first responders, aid and emergency services. >> vice president mike pence is pledging medical help saying we are with you when talking about the wildfires. the vice president made a stop in sacramento and toured a manufacturing facility yesterday. he says the federal government stands ready to provide any and all assistance to our state. >> i want to say to the people of california and all of those that are in the path of these advancing wildfires that we are with you, we are standing with you and the american people will have the communities that are affected in our thoughts and in our prayers.
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>> the vice president's remarks came after governor jerry brown asked president trump to declare a federal disaster. it was not clear whether mr. pence's statements meant that the request from the governor will be met. images we are seeing in the wake of the fire look apocalyptic. >> especially from above. take a look, this is new video taken over napa and the brightest bursts of light you can see there, those are from homes burning and you can see one right in the middle of your screen. >> chp says it has already rescued 42 people and those range in age from 5 to 91. officials say their rescues will continue for as long as needed and this morning many families still trying to get in touch with loved ones who live in those fire zones, to report a missing person in sonoma county that number on your screen 707-565-3856. >> the red cross is asking for any donations for its disaster relief aid. you can text red cross to 9099 to make a $10 donation, they're
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asking for monetary donations at this time, they will specify other actual supplies that will be needed today and volunteers are desperately needed, that number if you need to help or want to help. 707-577-7600, and you can see that right on your screen. >> check in now with mike nicco to see how our weather looks for the firefighters and everybody else in the north bay. >> it's going to be pretty good, reggie, natasha and jessica. we will have to change our map. we just hit hazardous up in the north bay and that means, well, if you read the hazardous, health alert. everyone may experience more serious health affects. the air quality in the north bay now is just as bad as it was yesterday morning, which was the worst i've seen in more than a decade. so for the second day in a row we have got the poorest air quality we have had in nearly ten years. yeah, you can taste it here in the studio. coast and central bay, inland east bay, south integral bay,
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santa clara valley your air quality will be borderline poor today because the winds will be light and variable, tomorrow, however, i think it all changes as the winds pick up tonight, here is more good news, besides most of us having decent air this morning temperatures are up to 19 degrees cooler, especially up in the north bay. right now 52 in foster city, 48 menlo park, mid to upper 50s throughout the peninsula, along the east bay shore down into the south bay 48 in san ramone, 51 napa, san rafael 54, temperatures in the low to upper 40s around santa rosa. the humidity levels in the 40s to 70s. unfortunately this won't last, we will tk more coming up. of course we have a lot of road closures to get to in the north bay due to the fires and it's a very fluid situation. so we are definitely doing our best to confirm everything and get you the latest information. northbound 101 off ramp to mendocino avenue is blocked. as we heard from amy hollyfield
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there is a heavy law enforcement presence around those neighborhoods that have burned in santa rosa, not letting anyone in, of course, they are concerned about looting and just making sure everyone is safe because there are still fires and hot stops. we also just heard about a new closure on eastbound sonoma highway that is state route 12 at melita road. eastbound lates are fully closed, there is no estimate when that will reopen. the lower bay of the bay bridge we do have a two car crash just before you get to treasure island that is blocking the far outside lanes, so lane one and lane five emergency crews are on the scene. thefk traffic update in just about ten minutes. we are keeping track of the major fires burning in the
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the california wildfires particularly in northern california are the big story this morning as they were yesterday. i want to quickly break down the very latest numbers we have. six wildfires are burning right now and take a look at where they are, as of this morning there are ten confirmed deaths as many as 150 people still missing, 1500 structures have been destroyed. and the biggest fire is the tubbs fire in calistoga, that has ballooned to 27,000 acres. the atlas fire in napa is holding at 25,000 acres and
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there are several mandatory evacuation orders all of them listed on our website mean while, the nuns fire in sonoma county has burned 5,000 acres, that grew significantly from yesterday morning, the patrick fire is now at 3,000 acres and there is no containment on any of the previously mentioned fires. the 37th fire is burning in sonoma county near lakeville highway, it has blackened about 2,000 acres and that one is 15% contained. and at last check nearly 95,000 pg&e customers are without service in the north bay right now, more than 20,000 people have been evacuated. the numbers are staggering. entire neighborhoods are leveled. we know dozens of homes were destroyed along the silverado trail in napa. >> that is where we find dion lim. >> reporter: good morning. yesterday i referred to it as an all hands on deck situation in
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santa rosa, that is certainly the case here in napa as well. as you can see behind me we have emergency cruisers, highway patrol, flashing lights and blocking the roadways because we have so many downed power lines and low hanging lines and because these are emergency response vehicles from all over the north bay, they, too, are learning the situation as they go along, just like we are. however, yesterday we were able to access that area of the silverado country club where hot spots were burning, but we were told that dedicated crews are not going to those hot spots necessarily but instead using those limited crews to structure protection for homes that are still standing. now, we did speak to a homeowner on monticello road not too far from that area, he actually stayed home with the fire burning closer and closer but monday night he decided he had a change of heart. >> yeah, i've got my motor home, i'm going to go over and stay in
5:18 am
front of some friends' house and we are just going to wait it out and i will come back in the morning and see how things go, i will probably wait it out tomorrow and reevaluate it tomorrow night and see where the fire is at. if i can still see it burning like that i will probably get into my motor home and go back over to my friend's house. >> now, right after we spoke with tom we saw him get into his rv and drive away. he did mention he was going to come back today and survey the damage to his home and see what's left. something that we have heard from so many residents all over this area. something we plan to do as soon as day breaks. reporting live in napa this morning, dion lim, abc >> dianne feinstein said wildfire evacuations reason ordered in parts of napa, sonoma, mendocino, boout and union ba counties. these are swiftly moving fires that pose a left to your life
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and safety. please follow cal fire and cal oes for the latest information about wildfire evacuations and how to get out safely. >> we did talk to sonoma county earlier this morning, they have 5,000 people in shelters this morning, mandatory evacuations still in place for parts of the area, 24 evacuation centers are open to the public right now, evacuation orders remain in effect and many areas remain unsafe. do not center a road that is closed or attempt to return to your home before those evacuation orders are issued. and do not call 911 for general information, only call for an emergency including unattended active flames and life-threatening events. if you are looking for a place to stay go to our website for a full list of evacuation centers in sonoma county. >> first responders are going home to home checking to make sure no one is inside. one woman we spoke with who lives in fairfield shared this surveillance video of the outside of her home and she's been able to watch these from
5:20 am
her cellphone. >> i had to have the conversation of if we didn't have a home to come to if he was okay with that and i know he's two, but he just looked at me and said, yes, mommy, it's okay. it's going to be okay. >> and this is the woman that matt spoke to earlier this morning. it isn't just people, first responders, that are worried about, several trailers on their way to homes to rescue horses and other animals that may have been left behind so they are worried about those animals, those features as well. >> there are several flight cancellations in and out of charles schultz airport in santa rosa as you can imagine, all of alaska airlines flights in the morning and afternoon have been canceled, nonstop flights to lax, san diego, orange county, portland and seattle have also been canceled. depending on smoke and visibility today all flights could be canceled. >> let's check in with mike nicco. >> he will we will start by looking at our roof tamara.
5:21 am
you can see right in the middle of what we're sitting in in in san francisco. it is hazy, it is murky, it is dirty and we can taste it and smell it and i imagine most of you can unless you are in the extreme south bay where your air is actually a little bit better than everybody else's. smoky sunshine and slightly cooler today. today is great day for the firefighters to get some kind of handle on what's going on in the north bay because look what happens tonight, the dry breezes return. will they be as fast as they were sunday night, no, but they will get up around 30, 40 miles per hour which is going to feed the flames with new oxygen, fuel and it's going to also push the flames. we're going to have embers jumping once again during the overnight hours which means new flare-ups could happen. the extended, we will have dry air and calmer conditions. so we've got a window of about 48 hours starting tonight through wednesday morning of not really good firefighting
5:22 am
conditions. firefighting conditions. low to mid 80s in our inland east bay neighborhoods, mid to upper 70s in the north and south bay, low to mid 70s around the bay, 66 to 71 around half-moon bay and san francisco. you can see how murky the air is from our east bay hills area, on the roads watch out for smoke especially around napa right now, mass transit spare the air today and light breezes if you are going to be on the ferry. tonight another cool night, 45 to 51 but it's going to be breezy, especially up in the north bay, hills and mountains, that happens again tomorrow night with another push of cooler, drier air. you can see as we head friday through monday it will get much calmer. alexis. we have a lot of roads closed in the north bay with these fires. some are continuing over from yesterday, some are new this morning and then of course we have some improving conditions as well. let's take you up to state route 128, silverado trail to lake berryessa, we have that full closure between the winters area
5:23 am
as you head over towards yonkville, that is a lengthy closure. state route 128 between scott road and chalk hill road just to the west of calistoga, a full closure eastbound and westbound. drive times doing okay so far starting to fill in in all of our usual spots, westbound 580 tracy to dublin 43 minutes, westbound 4 at 19 and southbound 101 san rafael to san francisco you are in the green at 16 minutes. coming up next the sent things you need to know as you start your day. >> it's just crazy to see how it can come out of nowhere and affect so many different people. >> we have continuing coverage on the north bay wildfires, evacuees
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least ten deaths, sonoma county officials have received 150 missing person reports. crews are meeting today to try to find those people. number two, new mandatory evacuations are in place for rural parts of solano county as the atlas wildfire near napa closes in. people living along twin sisters road and joyce lane are affected. full evacuation details on our website number three, as we kpaekted the worst, the highest concentration of the worst air in the north bay especially around american canyon an napa. weather conditions are conducive for firefighting today but look what happens tonight, the winds come back and they are going to be dangerous the next two nights. number four, the fires are impacting mass transit in the north bay so taking a look at a few of these, petaluma transit nonschool day service today, smart train limited service started about 30 minutes ago and sonoma county transit bus service has been canceled once again today. number five, nearly 95,000 customers still don't have
5:27 am
power, most of them are in sonoma county where 50,000 are impacted, no word on when pg&e is peekted to restore power to everyone. number six, the atlas fire destroyed the hill tres city water pump station. the napa valley register reports losing that pump station and the water supply could have a major affect on the ability to fight flames in the silverado highlands area. number seven, smoke and haze from the north bay fires may be causing breathing problems today. experts say masks with the best protection will have n 95 on them, that filters out 95% of fine particulate matter. we have been talking to people who have been evacuated from their homes. they are waiting and hoping there is something to go home to. >> i just saw flames up on the hill behind my house so of course i panicked, i'm still shaking, went out and they were screaming, fire, fire, fire, get out, get out. so that's when i called, my
5:28 am
neighbors, we are all together. >> from our view we were driving into the fire and then at the last moment the road turned and there was a whole street full of people who were watching it. it's just crazy to see how it can come out of nowhere and affect so many different people. >> yeah, it is emotional. because the fire is within 30 -- you knnoknow, 20, 30 feet of th house right now, nothing i can do to stop it. >> that is ray gibson, his house is located along silverado trail in napa county, we know that was one of the hardest hit neighborhoods. >> what we are seeing there is one of the wineries that went up yesterday morning while we were on the air. coming back with another full 90 minutes of news including how airbnb is stepping up to help people aff ♪ hey grandpa. hey, kid. really good to see you. you too. you tell grandma you were going fishing again?
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then toasty in the mornings. introducing the easy to use, energy saving, adjustable from everywhere, easy on the wallet and the eyes, nest thermostat e. e is for everyone. now from abc 7 live breaking news. >> and that breaking news is
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destructive and deadly wildfires and this what you're looking at is what an untold number of families will find when they're finally allowed to go back to their homes after being evacuated in napa and sonoma counties. we just want to get you the very latest numbers that we do have. >> the fires are blamed now for at least ten deaths, sonoma county officials say they have received 150 missing person reports. they are going to meet with firefighters today to try to find those people. >> a total of more than 80,000 acres have burned. the red cross is asking for volunteers to help distribute supplies at elsie allen high school and cook middle school in santa rosa. both schools were open as emergency shelters, if you can volunteer today i tweeted out the number you can call. more than 20,000 people have been evacuated so far and take a look at the map. all together there are six major wildfires burning right now, combined more than 80,000 acres
5:32 am
charld, the atlas fire holding at 25,000 acres, the red wood fire has ballooned to 19,000 acres, zero containment on any of those fires, the sulphur fire has grown to 2,500 acres that one is 5% contined. >> good morning. it is now just after 5:30. one of the key components of how this is going to go today is of course the weather. mike, not a lot of winds no you but that's going to change tonight. >>est that the key, tonight. whatever they can get contained hopefully today they will be able to hold it tonight and tomorrow night as the winds pick up once again. that's not fog, that is smoke. mile and a half visibility at the napa county airport. places like american canyon, val low, venetia, napa just morning with that smoke hanging around. in san francisco we look from our exploratorium camera at pier 15 on this spare the air day because of all that fine particulate matter hanging in
5:33 am
the air because of all that wood burning. temperatures in the upper 40s to mid 50s at 7:00, it does feel better this morning, at least temperature wise. low to mid 60s at the coast from noon to 4:00, mid 70s around the bay, 75, 76, we will flirt with 80 noon and 4:00 as you head inland, temperatures in the 50s and 60s at 7:00. we've talked about great conditions right now, deteriorating conditions tonight. more on that next. here is alexis. mike, each us here in the studio in san francisco you can tell a huge difference in the last 30 minutes and seeing a lot of smoke on our traffic cameras, too. the upper deck looks good on the bay bridge, the lower deck they are still waiting for a tow truck. we had a two-vehicle collision right around the center anchorage that was blocking the far left and far right lanes, one of those vehicles was facing the wrong way for a short time i saw a little bit of a backup, that's the lighter side of traffic this time of day. looks like that has thinned out. that should be cleared pretty quickly, i don't think that's going to turn into a big issue. with he will take a look at some road closures in the north bay coming up in a few minutes.
5:34 am
i know a lot of people who live especially in the santa rosa area all they want to do is get to see what is left of their homes, can they go and recover anything, that is not something that authorities want you to do this morning. >> simply not safe to return yet. in fact, the only people being let through this morning are emergency responders and also members of the media. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live on the ground in santa rosa which has been hardest hit by the tubbs fire. amy. >> reporter: good morning. the mandatory evacuation still in place. there are fires still burning, we're watching the hilton burn behind us. this is 30 plus hours after this whole thing started. so unbelievable that this is still going. firefighters say they haven't been home, they are exhausted, but that they still have a lot of work to do. here is a look at some flames from last night. relief crews are streaming in from all over the state and that is a relief to local crews. they called yesterday coordinated chaos, but they are
5:35 am
noticing an appreciating all of the help and support. >> we also have a lot of law enforcement in the area. i understand that san francisco had as many as 1100 offic moved into the area, i've seen patrol as far as from san matteo county, marin county. there's definitely a lot of public safety working hard in the area. we understand people are eager to get back into the affected areas, but there's still a lot of work that needs to be done. >> he did say this morning that this mandatory evacuation and this curfew is giving the area an eerie feeling, there are no people here. but he's also emphasizing it's not safe. and they also need space for all of their trucks to be able to get around quickly. and the area is very secure, we had to show our ids to a police officer before he would allow us in. he also gave us a stern talking to about how we are here at our own risk and talked to us about the dangers in the area. reporting live in santa rosa, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news.
5:36 am
the atlas fire in napa continues to spread and this morning it is raising concerns in the fairfield area. >> evacuations will are under way as the fire closes in. >> matt keller is live in fairfield with more on the situation there this morning. hi, matt. >> reporter: good morning. a battle is going on in the hills behind me, there are structures protection units out there right now trying to make sure that more homes are not burned here for the atlas fire. we are in suisan valley, this is suisan valley road behind us, they are not allowing anybody to go on this road unless you are with the fire or police department. if you are in this area make sure that you are not trying to go back into the hills here because there is still an active fire scene. the winds were a big problem yesterday as mike has been telling us this morning weather conditions are improving, in fact, cal fire said that cooler temperatures and higher humidities will help them with those control lines up here in the hills. now, it's obviously a big
5:37 am
problem, those winds yesterday whipping up those flames, so much more must be done. right now cal fire is saying 5,000 structures are threatened just for this atlas fire in napa and solano counties and 125 structures have already been destroyed. damage assessment teams are surveying the fire in an i a tempt to confirm how many homes have been damaged or destroyed. a lot of people just waiting, praying their homes will be there when they return but the reality is this is not over, the fire is still moving and homes are in its way. now, the evacuation order that came overnight we want to be clear does not include any areas within the fairfield city limits. reporting live in suisan valley, matt keller. neighborhoods around the north bay went up in flames in just minutes and there were areas that you thought were going to be spared that just completely are destroyed now. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony was in the silverado crest neighborhood in napa county earlier. around 1:10 yesterday morning this home at al at that mesa and stone mountain circles caught on
5:38 am
fire. within the hour the home was engulfed. and the home kept burning past 2:00 in the afternoon. other homes in that neighborhood were spared at that time. >> and this is the house that we were watching yesterday go up in flames even though firefighters were standing right there because they didn't have a working hydrant so they had to pick what was going to be protected so they would pick the house that was next to the one burning because they knew they could potentially save it while the other fire just had to burn out. >> they had to be really careful with what water they were going to use and water has been also an issue for some areas, city of santa rosa has actually issued a boil water notice for the fountaingrove area, residents with no or low water pressure need to boil their water before drinking it just to make sure that water is safe. napa county has confirmed that the atlas fire destroyed the hillcrest city water pump station and the napa valley register is reporting losing that particular pumping station and the water supply from it could have a major affect on
5:39 am
firefighters' ability to fight those flames in the silverado highlands neighborhood area which is what you were talking about, reggie, it's particularly that area where they really have had difficulty with water. >> right. and there are probably not so many people home at this point right now, but if they did shelter in place they will want to heed that warning. many schools will be closed for a second day today, some districts are having trouble notifying parents because of power and phone and internet issues. almost all of the 40 school districts in sonoma county are going to stay closed except for horicon, fort ross and montgomery. now, sonoma state university officials say their campus is actually safe but they are going to keep classes off today as a precaution. napa valley unified school district schools are going to remain closed, all schools in calistoga closed. you can get the full list on our website, gas stations also running low as people have been leaving for evacuation centers trying to
5:40 am
get away from the fires and this is video from healdsburg where two gas stations sold out of gas yesterday, they had handwritten notes on the pumps saying no gas, we're out. there was also this gas station we saw that had a huge line of cars so be prepared if you are driving about the north bay area today, gas is definitely a shortage. >> and hospitals in santa rosa asking people who don't have a medical manual to go to urgent care instead of the er. >> they want to prioritize burn patients, also people with bad respiratory issues and just take a look at the dedication of our healthcare workers, some scary moments certainly, we showed this to you yesterday morning, the flames were right near the edge of the kaiser permanente in santa rosa, you can see the people running there, many with masks on, literally wheeling ivs next to patients to get them out of that area. here is what another local hospital is telling the people impacted by the fire. >> we know many people have lost their homes and so we have
5:41 am
shelters set up for them so they can rest here. either come back to work or go to see what is going on with the places where they live. >> memorial hospital is asking medical personnel who may want to volunteer to call into their labor pool line, if you have a specialty they need they may ask for help for those services. congressman mike thompson of st. helena says california has requested a federal disaster declaration for lake, napa and sonoma counties. he says that he is in communication with fema and the white house urging a swift approval of that particular request, washington already providing money for the firefighting effort and of course we need all the help that we can get because this is day two and things are just at the beginning, we have 0% containment on a lot of those fires. >> right. let's go over to meteorologist mike nicco. wind gusts make all the difference. what are we dealing with temperature wise and winds today. >> the winds are great, they're calm right now, that helps the
5:42 am
firefighters, not so great if you live in the north bay because the poorest air quality we have seen in ten years is repeating itself again this morning. temperatures are down, humidity is up, the winds are calm, the firefighting conditions don't get any better than what we have right now, so fingers crossed and thoughts and prayers that they will get a little bit of a handle on these zero contained fires. in san francisco i was going to ask you this guys this, who lives in san francisco and you don't have air conditioning look at some of these temperatures, you usually sleep with the windows open, 60 in crissy field, marina, bayview, 62 in the financial, 61 the ferry building, keep the windows closed, maybe a little warmer in the house than you would like it to be because of that. 55 in sunny side right now. 57 richmond, san leandro and 57 richmond, san leandro and belmon american canyon. calm conditions just about for all of us. here is a look at san rafael
5:43 am
looking south on 101, air quality it's the most unhealthy up in the north bay right now, the rest of us are moderate, believe it or not. here is a look at the richmond san rafael bridge, you can just see the smoke hanging in the lights right there. today spare the air day, this is not my forecast because if i was forecasting i would put us tomorrow in a spare the air also because those fires are not going away neither is the smoke. i think it's going to get worse tonight as the winds pick up and another push of dry breezes pushes through, i will have more on the timing for that coming up next. i have the latest on our road closures this morning. of course, yesterday at this time we had a full closure of 101 in santa rosa, state route 37 was closed for basically the entire stretch between 101 and 80. those are both open this morning, but we do still have some ramps from 101 in santa rosa that are closed and we've been hearing live from amy hollyfield who is on the scene there very heavy police presence there making sure no one is coming in and looting, they are making sure everyone is being
5:44 am
safe and staying out of the area, but we know for sure the northbound 101 off ramp to mendocino is closed, sounds like the hopper road on and off ramps from 101 are closed as well. eastbound sonoma highway at melita road, a new closure off to the east there of santa rosa as of about 30 to 45 minutes ago and then as we zoom out you can see several more closures up state route 12. basically that is closed between sonoma and santa rosa. i would not attempt to use that if you don't have to. state route 128 also closed between scott road and chalk hill road just to the west of calistoga and all of those have no estimate on reopening. a quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza those metering lights on, since about 5:30. things filling in, you can see the smoke lingering around there as well. our continuing cover
5:45 am
5:46 am
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abc 7 mornings. >> all news. >> all morning. >> it's 5:47 and here is the latest from the deadly wine country fires. sonoma county officials say there have been up to 150 missing person reports and they will work this morning to try and find those people. so far 10 people have been killed in sonoma, napa and mendocino counties. emergency officials expect that number to rise. >>? santa rosa there is a curfew to keep people off the streets until 7:15 this morning that is in an effort to prevent looting. >> dozens of homes were
5:48 am
destroyed near the silverado trail in napa. >> abc 7 news anchor dion lim is trying to get inside of that area, she is facing a road block right now and joins us live. good morning, dion. >> reporter: natasha, good morning to you. and no luck as of yet accessing that road. we are just about two miles away from that silverado country club, one of the hardest hit areas in the heart of wine country. there is highway patrol and a barricade in the middle of the street. as we approach the 6:00 hour we are starting to see pg&e crews starting to in and also some residents start to trickle in. despite the warning of those downed power lines and those low hanging power lines. they still want to access their homes. i can tell you in the monticello park neighborhood there are still hot spots and mold ring, we are getting those reports and that is certainly a concern and as of last night when we were able to access the area, we were told because of the magnitude, because of the tremendous police
5:49 am
presence and emergency response, crews had to pick and choose. so they decided rather on picking those hot spots and attending to the smoldering, they chose to focus on protecting the homes that are still standing. i did speak with one man who decided to go past the barricades this morning right behind me and check out his home. i said, can you go live with us and talk to us about what you know and he said, i know nothing. i'm just trying to check out and see what's left. we're going to try and access this area as soon as day break hits but for now we are live in napa, dion lim, abc 7 news. thank you. we are hoping she gets in there so we have a better look at what happened there today because yesterday we were watching that all day long, the silverado country club, abc 7 news reporter laura anthony did make it inside and we want to show you what she saw as she was walking through that devastation. >> reporter: i'm laura anthony in napa in the silverado country club and resort neighborhood where the sun is setting on a
5:50 am
day of utter devastation. >> i came down through hillcrest and i believe it was the 2,000 block and homes were burning, still one after the other. there is no air support, there is no helicopters. >> while the fire is sporadic, it's all over, we are trying to get air resource to help us get a better idea of where all the fire is heading, where is it going. the primary responsibility through the night is getting people out of here. >> it's a great neighborhood, great neighbors. but it's tough. these people are losing their homes. >> i tried to knock on as much doors as i could. i knocked on yula's door which now it's no longer a house.
5:51 am
i just -- not -- i just -- the words can't describe what -- i don't even know how i'm going to even live here. >> the water is off and i've got two buckets and i'm just trying to go around and douse any live flames i see. >> yeah, i think the worst part is you drive around here and you know some of the people and you know this is, you know, their life's belongings and they didn't have time to get it out. it's just really sad situation. >> it's been a day that's been very difficult but one where these neighbors have learned how much they care for one another. in napa, laura anthony, abc 7 news. yeah, it was really difficult and one thing that really sticks out when we were checking in with laura throughout the day yesterday was that these people also felt a really big sense of frustration because they weren't getting help from the air and this was a particular neighborhood where we saw so many hot spots flare up, even hours after those flames were coming from the hillside, i
5:52 am
mean, this was just kind of cropping up one by one. >> especially because neighbors knew that their bodies of water at that country club, that there is water available to be picked up and dropped on these flames, the resources just spread too thin to be able to do that. >> mike, a lot of people are going to be waking up this morning to a smokier smell in their homes. >> especially up in the north bay where the air is just brutal once again, down in the south bay we have the cleanest air as you can see from our tower cam at san jose, 280 at 17, lower fire danger, okay, at 5:00 this morning the red flag warning expir expired, but the spare the air continues. here is my biggest concern, breezy again the next two nights. fires that aren't contained are going to get fanned again the next two nights. seasonal and very dry air through the weekend. temperatures today 66 to 71, coast into san francisco, about 74 to 77 around the bay and about 76 in san rafael to 83 in
5:53 am
antioch inland. here is a look at the golden gate bridge. i put poor on everything because you have to be outside to do it and if you're going to do exercise try to do it in short spurts and don't do anything too vigorous that will take a lot of oxygen or deep breathing. i know that sound oxymoronish, but don't make it too vigorous. tonight 45 to 51 but the breezes will be the big issue and the drier air they bring in, not only tonight but tomorrow nice and low humidity, temperatures in the 60s and 70s with lows in the 40s and 50s. really concerned about the next two nights. right now conditions very good and conducive for fighting those fires. how are you holding up? >> i'm okay. i mean, you know, the air, it's nasty, pretty much everywhere. so, yeah, it's not great for anybody out there today and, yeah, hopefully it's not too miserable where you are at the moment. want to take you live to the richmond side of the richmond san rafael bridge, westbound 580, we've got -- excuse me, of
5:54 am
course, i just said i'm okay and now i'm choking over here -- we have a two car collision right at the tacony-palmy at the toll plaza. we haven't gotten word on injuries yet, a couple fire trucks, the tow truck and ambulance and all of these vehicles are shifting over to the right-hand side, that is another area where we have just a lot of smoke there this morning. leave those windows up, trust me, on your vehicle today. also golden gate bus service there will not be service from piner road today, this is due to piner road today, this is due to the wildfires up north.
5:55 am
5:56 am
let's talk about those wind gusts up in the hills.
5:57 am
look at how much calmer they are, only 5 in knoxville creek, one of those areas that reached nearly 70 sunday night, 6 was peek and mount damn he will >> not quite as fast around napa and sonoma, but still in the 10 to 20 mile per hour range starting at 7:00 tonight. alexis. >> i want to take you back to the richmond side of the richmond san rafael bridge. you can see the large emergency response. a two week vision right in the area beyond the view of our camera. it does look like everyone shifting over to the right-hand side to get around it. heavy out of the central valley tracy to dublin just under an hour. southbound 680 dublin looks g
5:58 am
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breaking news. >> good morning. it is now 6:00 a.m. total devastation. homes and lives destroyed by huge fires continuing to tear across the north bay. >> and this morning hundreds of firefighters are spread out in a desperate effort to slow down the flames that continue to rage on in the north bay. >> so many people waiting to go home and wondering what they will return home to. thank you for joining us on this tuesday, october 10th. i want to get you straight to the latest numbers that we have coming out this morning on the devastating fires burning in the north bay, at least ten people have been confirmed dead. >> officials in sonoma county have received up to 150 missing person reports. >> at least 1,500 building have been destroyed and the fires have forced more than 20,000 people to evacuate. >> a total of more than 80,000 acres have burned and the two largest fires are both in napa county, the tubbs fire at 27,000 acres and the atlas fire at 25,000 acres, zero containment on both


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