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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  October 10, 2017 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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tonight, we are on the scene. the deadly fires here in california. the stunning devastation. what we witnessed today striving through the neighborhoods here. after wildfires sweep through at lightning speed. incinerating holmes and cars. families jolts from their beds by the smell of smoke and flames moving in. more than a dozen large fires burning across the state at this hour. the death toll rising. our interview with the sheriff, where the hilton hotel once stood. burned to the ground tonight. and this evening, the missing. also breaking tonight, the new bomb shell in the harvey weinstein case. the growing list of allegations, and tonight here, the audio, from what was a police sting. >> i will never do another thing to you. >> the recording of the movie producer with a young actress. gwyneth paltrow and angelina jolie breaking their silence tonight. president trump tonight, after reports his secretary of
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state called him a moron, today, the president appearing to challenge rex tillerson to an iq test. the university police officer killed by a student. the urgent hunt that followed. and the bomb squad at an american airport. the suspect's own words tonight. good evening from a stunned and grieving california tonight. this state now declared a major disaster, after more than a dozen wildfires exploded here, taking lives and livelihoods. and you can see behind me, this is the coffee park neighborhood, right here in santa rosa. not a home left standing. and as you can also see, the charred frames of cars now sit in the driveways, as you move along the streets of this neighborhood. it was right here in santa rosa, a massive fire erupted in the middle of the night. people running fir their lives, leaving everything behind. before the fire, this suburban neighborhood looked like any other. tonight, just look at the image
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after. the rows of charred lots where homes once stood. this evening here in california, the wildfires are still burning. the death toll rising. and there are hundreds missing. abc's senior national correspondent matt gutman on the fierce battle at this hour to save lives and homes here in california. >> reporter: tonight, firefighters stretched to the brink, hoping to get an upper hand on some of the deadliest and most destructive wildfires in california history. >> we have folks on the fire lines starting their third shift right now that have not been relieved. >> reporter: the fires, out of control, now twice the size of washington, d.c., and still growing. at least 2,000 structures destroyed, including entire neighborhoods. shopping centers, restaurants and hotels. this was a hilton hotel complex. you can feel the intensity of the heat coming off of it. now firefighters are so stropped, they're not worried about the flames inside, but what their are concerned about is those embers flying out of
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it. fire crews in santa rosa forced to let homes burn because didn't have enough water. >> we don't have a lot of water, so the water supply is difficult. it's just better to let it burp. >> reporter: the fires erupted sunday night, as strong so-called diablo winds pushed hot, dry air across the california wine country, and exploded in size, now nearly 100,000 acres. when you look at this scene, you get an sense of the explosions that this fire triggered. this engine block belonged to that car. the explosions flipping car after car after car. at least 15 have perished in this inferno. >> it's with sorrow that i tell you today we have confirmed two fatalities, charles and sara rippey, ages 100 and 98. >> reporter: the couple, married 75 years. today, their son, mike, helped sift through their home. >> my father was sleeping in a different room and we found him halfway to her room.
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and, so, he never made it to her room. but even if he had made it, there was leave her. >> reporter: tonight, nearly 200 people reported missing. one of them, steve liner. we met his brother, al, earlier. >> i'm very worried about him. >> reporter: they'd served in vietnam together. al hasn't been able to get into the destruction zone. but our press pass gave us access, so we drove him in. >> i've called him, god knows how many times and the phones are all down. >> reporter: then, turned on his brother's street. >> reporter: is that him? >> that's him! i've been looking for two days for you guys. >> reporter: and then that reunion. brothers in arms. >> and matt joins us live tonight. he is here in california with our team. you've been reporting on the reenforcements that are coming to fight this fight, from as far away as nevada? >> reporter: that's right. the state of california has requested assistance from the u.s. fire service in nevada. that, as we learned tonight that
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there is 0% containment on all the major fires here in northern california, david. >> matt gutman leading us off tonight. matt, thank you. as you can see at home here tonight, the devastation, it's apocalyptic here in this neighborhood. so many families here racing to get out. some telling me about the gridlock, the cars backed up in the streets. but as that fire swept in, some of those cars catching fire, families inside them. sheriff's deputies huddled with some families on dirt patches, surrounded on all sides by the flames. tonight, the scope of the devastation here is overwhelming. this is dogwood drive in the coffee park neighborhood of santa rosa. the fires swept through here so quickly, families were jolted from their beds by the smell of thick smoke in the middle of the night. you can see just home after home incinerated by this fire. and the cars that just in an instand, you can see the melted aluminum. and this one right here, the windows are completely gone.
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the glass, if you come right over here, you can see the glass is just melted right over. and now sits on the seats of the car. everywhere you look, signs of the heat, the intensity of this fire, the melted aluminum puddling under the car. one of the most stunning things in this neighborhood is, everywhere you look, the only thing you see left standing are the chimneys, in every direction. just dozens of chimneys, nothing left of the homes. everything has just been wiped out. and you can now hear the choppers flying above, though in the haze from the smoke, you can't even really see them. we walked through what once were front yards and back yards to so many families here, to make our way to this family. sifting through what's left. >> reporter: was this your house? >> no, it's my son's. >> reporter: the sign, bearing the family's name, the rinkers, still intact. what room are we standing in right now? >> this is kind of the dining room area. shifting through with the pitch fork for any of great-grandma's
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stuff. >> reporter: they were home when they started smelling that smoke at 1:30 in the morning. brent left the house to drive around the neighborhood and he could see that wall of fire moving in and quickly. >> came home and told my wife that we better pack up a few things just in case and we packed some stuff up, went and put it in the car and when we came out to the car, the whole sky was red. >> reporter: his wife, a fifth grade teacher here, stepping into what was once that dining room. she takes off her mask and po t points to where the table once stood. >> this is where the cabinet was. >> reporter: they describe the gridlock in the neighborhood, so many families trying to get out in the middle of the night. >> we got our dog, i made sure he had his bed and food and his supplies and put us in the car, we took off. >> reporter: not far from their home is where the hilton once stood, and that's where we met the sheriff today. in your 21 years here, have you
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ever seen a wildfire come through town like this? >> no. this is unique. >> reporter: the sheriff describing the line of cars trying to get out. some of those cars on fire. >> they couldn't get out and the fire just burned around them and they sheltered in place. >> reporter: they were surrounded by the fire? >> yeah. they had a couple 100-yard patch of dirt and they were able to stay there. >> reporter: while back at the rinkers house, telling us, they have no choice but to move forward. what are you thinking as you stand here in what was your house? >> well, there's not much left, and i mean, we're just kind of at a -- wondering what happens next, but i guess we'll find out, as the process unfolds. >> just unimaginable, woke up this morning and we had to face our new reality. which is tough. there's been a lot of tears and now that we're actually in it, it's just like, okay, what do we do next?
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>> as she said, the new reality for so many families here. i told the sheriff late today we would put this number up on the screen. this is the number if you have found loved ones who were on that missing persons list. it's the emergency operations center, 707-565-3856. they do believe so many of those names are people who have not been able to be found by loved ones and families, so, we hope to get that list paired down here in santa rosa. in the meantime, we're also following that serious wildfire burning near los angeles tonight. the flames tearing through subdivisions in anaheim, engulfing homes and singing power lines there. thousands of people forced to evacua evacuate. the smoke and flames causing detours and shutting down highways, and this image tonight, nearby at disneyland. the smoke and haze turning that sky orange. we want to check in with ginger zee, tracking the weather torefinight. helped cause these ginger? >> reporter: david, we've had a brief reprieve, as far as the wind speeds go, so, that's made fire fighting a bit more manageable, just north of the bay area. a cold front is going to slip
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through overnight into wednesday, and that is going to drive the wind speeds back up. gusting to almost 40 miles per hour for santa rosa, around the bay area and there in napa, close to 30. that's why you see the red flag warnings that go up, almost to the oregon state line. so, redding is included in there. and then you see the numbers as far as humidity goes. those will be falling, too, especially if you are away from the moist on-shore flow that will at least be at the beaches in l.a. david? >> ginger, thank you. more from here in california in a moment, but next tonight, those new bombshell allegations against harvey weinstein. "new yorker" magazine reporting new claims of sexual harassment, assault and rape. one of his accuse erps going to police, secretly recording her confrontation with weinstein, but no charges were ever filed. and now hollywood actress gwyneth paltrow and angelina jolie breaking their silence. abc's linsey davis with more tonight. >> reporter: the newest bombshell accusation against harvey weinstein from gwenyth paltrow.
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she was 22-years-old and weinstein had just cast her in a role that would catapult her career. >> such happiness this brings to all of us. >> my dear. >> reporter: paltrow tells "the new york times" the movie mogul summoned her to his hotel suite for a meeting, then placed his hands oll aegnedly h suggested they head to the bedroom for massages. the actress says she refused and later told then boyfriend brad pitt who confronted weinstein. a source tells abc news, pitt told him to never touch her again. several years later, paltrow thanked weinstein when she won an oscar in one of his other films. now, she's coming forward, saying "this way of treating women ends now." and tonight, more accusations. answgelina joelley also tells "e times" she had a bad experience with weinstein in her youth and that his behavior is "unacceptable." now new questions about how much hollywood insiders knew or heard about weinstein, this joke by seth macfarlane at the 2013 oscar nomination ceremony. >> congratulations, you five
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ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to harvey weinstein. >> reporter: and now possibly more damaging evidence against the former studio chief. >> i'm going to take a shower. you sit there and have a drink. >> reporter: "the new yorker" magazine obtaining this secretly recorded audio during a 2015 sting operation by the nypd. weinstein is heard, seemingly admitting to inappropriately touching an italian model. the audio has been verified by abc news. >> yesterday you touched my breast. >> oh, please, i'm sorry. just come on in, i'm used to. that. >> you're used to that? >> yes, come in. >> reporter: the misdemeanor sexual abuse case was never prosecuted. according to the d.a.'s office, "the audio was insufficient to prove a crime under new york law." ronan farrow wrote the new yorker expose. >> there is a problem with understanding no. >> reporter: farrow says three women claim they were raped or forced into a sex act. ten others told him weinstein sexually assaulted or harassed them, including mira sorvino,
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the third oscar winner to accuse weinstein of harassment today alone. >> it's a travesty this behavior is normalized and accepted in this industry. >> reporter: weinstein has been fired and a spokesperson told "the new yorker," quote, "any allegations of non-consensual sex are unequivocally denied by mr. weinstein." and now, the district attorney says anyone who feels they were victimized by weinstein should contact them. david? >> linsey davis with us again tonight. we turn next to washington, and the war of words. president trump taking aim at republican senator bob corker. it was corker who told "the new york times" the president's actions risk world war iii. and after secretary of state rex tillerson is reported to have called the president a moron, the president seemed to challenge rex tillerson today to an iq test. here's abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl. >> reporter: president trump
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seemed to lob a new insult at his secretary of state today, after that report rex tillerson called him a, quote, moron. "i think it's fake news," the president told forbes, "but if he did that, i guess we'll have to compare iq tests. and i can tell you who is going to win." the president was asked today if he is undercutting his own secretary of state. >> no, i didn't undercut anybody. i don't believe in undercutting people. thank you very much, everybody. >> do you still have confidence in secretary tillerson, sir? >> yes. >> reporter: but the new comments come after the president said he'd like tillerson to be, quote, "a little bit tougher." why would the president want someone tough, nor particularly smart as secretary of state? >> the president certainly never implied that secretary of state was not incredibly intelligenin. he made a joke, nothing more than that. >> he doesn't realize that, you
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know, that we could be heading towards world war ii with the kinds of comments that he's making. >> reporter: the failing "new york times" set little bob corker up by recording his conversation, the president tweeted today. was made to sound a fool, and that's what i am dealing with. but we're now learning it was, in fact, corker who asked "the new york times" to record the interview. and tonight, two republican senators, the only two so far, have come forward to criticize corker and defend the president. david, both of those senators are up for re-election. >> jon karl live in washington. jon, thank you. and there is still much more ahead on this special edition of "world news tonight." the deadly shooting on an american campus. the university officer killed. the student allegedly opening fire inside the police station, and the urgent hunt that followed. also ahead tonight, the airport bomb plot. the explosive device discovered near the terminal, and authorities tonight with what they say the suspect said. and the nfl's new statement
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magic can't make digital transformation happen. but we can. that's the power of vmware, part of dell technologies. we turn next here tonight to that new timeline in the las vegas attack. the sheriff now revealing that the gunman shot the security guard outside his door at least six minutes before he began to fire on concert-goers, not after the after the massacre, as first thought. here's abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross tonight. >> reporter: the timing of what happened in this hotel hallway is crucial. and tonight, federal agents say the fbi has known for several days that the las vegas sheriff had provided inaccurate information. at first, the sheriff's office said stephen paddock's concert rampage was brought to an end when a security guard showed up on the 32nd floor to check on a door alarm after the shooting had already begun. paddock fired on him through the door. >> we believe that he was shooting into the crowd, and
3:49 pm
then the security officer was shot during that event. >> reporter: but that was wrong. police now concede that security guard jesus campos called to report he had been shot at least six minutes before the rampage began. a fact the sheriff, under pressure from the fbi, finally acknowledged monday night. >> what we have learned is mr. campos was encountered by the suspect prior to his shooting to the outside world. >> reporter: tonight, the big question, if the hotel knew there was an active shooter on the 32nd floor, six minutes before the rampage began, could they have done more to stop him? today, a deputy sheriff told our las vegas station, ktnv, the hotel did the best it could. >> you have that human factor where it goes to a person and they end up logging it into a computer, then they call dispatch at the same time, he may have already started firing outside. >> reporter: the owner of the mandalay hotel, mgm, would not answer questions today from abc news. and david, we know paddock got a
3:50 pm
number of perks at a high roller, and federal authorities tell us, he was given access to the service elevators, and that allowed him to use -- to bring his cases of weapons up, by passing front lobby security. david? >> brian ross with us again tonight. when we come back, the new headline from the nfl tonight. will there be a new rule about players not kneeling during the national anthem? and the alleged bomb plot at an american airport. there is news tonight coming in about the suspect. we'll be right back. this this is my body of proof. proof of less joint pain and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can take on psoriatic arthritis with humira. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further joint damage, and clear skin in many adults. humira is the #1 prescribed biologic for psoriatic arthritis. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers,
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♪ ♪ to the index of other news tonight. the alleged airport bomb plot in north carolina. prosecutors accusing michael estes of leaving a bomb at the asheville airport. authorities say he confessed and want, to, quote, fight a war on u.s. soil. the homemade device discovered near a terminal entrance. it was diffused before it could go off. the deadly shooting at a texas tech university. police say freshman of lis daniels has now convinced to killing a campus officer after being arrested for drug possession in his dorm. daniels allegedly shooting officer floyd east jr. at the
3:54 pm
police station. the campus on lockdown until he was captured. the nfl's new statement tonight about a possible new rule, during the national anthem. commissioner roger goodell sending a letter to all 32 teams, saying he wants everyone to stand for the anthem, adding, quote, we need to move past this controversy. team owners will consider a proposed new rule when they meet next week. when we come back here tonight, the images amid the devastation, from the american flag here, to one powerful hug on top of the rubble. "volatile markets." something we all think about as we head into retirement. it's why brighthouse financial is committed to help protect what you've earned and ensure it lasts. introducing shield annuities, a line of products that allow you to take advantage of growth opportunities. while maintaining a level of protection in down markets. so you can head into retirement with confidence.
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california strong. the resilience here. tonight here, glimpses into the immeasurable damage brought by wind and flame. here in santa rosa, families overcome. embracing in the middle of what was once their home. the american flag ripped down by the fierce winds of the fire. framed photographs. a child's stuffed animal. brent and janelle telling me that they plan to collect all of the broken er ceramics left of their home to build something for
3:59 pm
please be patient. life is more important than property. we want to keep people safe. >> the sheriff of sonoma county says people will have to wait before they can return to see what's left of their homes following the devastating fires across wine country. >> they have the day off. let's get right to the details. >> you can see where the crews are on the front lines right now, trying to stop the biggest fires. so far flames have burned tens of thousands of acres. >> the death toll stands at least 15. nine lives lost in sonoma county alone. >> sonoma county has reports of 183 people who may be missing. down from 240. after officials made contact with 257 people. >> flames have destroyed more than 2,000 homes and businesses. earlier, trump approved federal
4:00 pm
disaster aid to the region. >> and nearly 250 national guard troops are now on the scene assisting fire victims. >> we're following breaking news. new evacuation orders have been issued for homes near nunns fire. this fire is still burning near glen ellen. they are evacuating right now. mandatory evacuations. right now, melanie woodrow is live saying police are going door to door telling people to leave and some residents are refusing. >> part of the green valley area has been evacuated because of the atlas fire. another photo of the same tweet of smoke. they


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