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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  October 11, 2017 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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now from abc 7 live breaking news. that breaking news in the north bay where staggering new numbers are coming in about the wild fires that continue to burn out of control. now, nearly 90,000 acres are burned and there is no end in sight. we're just getting word that at least 3500 buildings are destroyed. that includes homes, businesses, and wineries. thanks for joining us today. kristen will be in later today. new evacuations underwaze in five bay area counties and one jumped into napa county raising new concerns there. we're going to show you right now where the fires are burning. the largest is the atlas fire. that's in napa county. now topping 42,000 acres. the tubs fire has also ballooned
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to 28,000 acres and the partrick fire doubled in size. we do have live team coverage for you this morning. abc 7 ne:00 news reporters amy hollyfield. first we start with jessica castro live in santa rosa. we just got this update from sonoma county officials. >> reporter: reggie and the update is jaw dropping. it is a staggering number of people that are currently missing right now. the sonoma county sheriff's department says they have reports of 670 people they have been able to locate 110 of those. they are hoping that bad cell phone service here in this area is to blame. there are 73 cell phone towers down in the state of california. they have assembled a 30-member missing person's team. the sheriff's department says that this is still a life-saving
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operation and they are telling everyone living in sonoma county if you do not have to be here, go now. they say the best route is to drive south through marin county. >> yeah, i can't stress this enough. if you're in an evacuation zone, you cannot come home. we are not letting anybody into any of the neighborhoods that have been evacuated or burned. they're all sealed off. we have had very few problems with looters. we made an arrest last night and two two arrests the night before. they weren't arrested for looting, we suspect they were. we were arrested for warrants and violating our curfews. >> reporter: on that note, they have about 300 deputies here patrolling the streets in the area and the sheriff said as far as law enforcement is concerned, they have enough resources, they are fine, that is some good news, but they do say the death toll here in sonoma county still standing at 11 people dead, although the sheriff made a comment saying he fears that will go up. he says he can't imagine how it
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won't. he also commented that he does not believe any of those evacuation orders will be lifted any time this week and perhaps not even next week. reporting live from santa rosa, i'm jessica castro, abc 7 news. >> that is frustrating to hear from all the people waiting to go back home, jessica, thank you. new inspection out of napa county, four fires burning there totaling more than 80,000 acres combined. officials made that announcement just this morning at a news conference. they say the nones fire has officially crossed over, the last thing they needed. it is now burning in the montana veter and dry creek areas. the atlas fire is the biggest one burning right now. it has charged more than 42,000 acres and it is 0% contained. officials say winds are going to make things very challenging for firefighters later today. >> significant winds out of the north, which is definitely going to cause us challenges. we are expecting some extreme
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fire behavior and growth of our incidents currently. and that is going to lead us to challenges. the good news is, we are starting to get some additional resources coming in throughout the state to assist us in the numerous fires that are going on. >> and they're going to need all the help they can get. they're dealing with the growing tubbs fire and the partrick fire. new evacuations under way in the eastern part of napa county. south to linda vista avenue. so is the capel mobile home park, that is near 121 and 128. also mandatory evacuation order issued for parts of calistoga. everyone has been told to get out immediately. that went out earlier this morning. that's where we find matt keller, and matt, this is an urgent situation unfolding there. >> reporter: reggie, the key is getting out. now the fire is just over the ridge and the concern will come in here to calistoga.
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now everybody is just waiting to see what those winds are going to do. another smokey sunrise, another mandatory evacuation order. roadblocks were set up around calistoga. >> head through napa. >> reporter: the latest for residents north of grant street. >> they came and knocked on the door and let us know it's time to go. >> reporter: county officials estimate 2,000 out of 5,000 residents have been evacuated from their homes. >> it remains to be seen. the rest of the area will have to be evacuated. it is on advisory evacuation. >> i've never cried more in the last two days. i don't cry a lot. >> reporter: he owns triple s resort. this promotional video shows what you can normally expect. >> exclusive retreat and leave the busy world behind. >> reporter: a fire storm sunday night into monday morning. he and employees stated put and fought off the flames. >> there were 100 foot fire
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balls, 360, coming on one side of the property and defend that and then it the wind would shift, we defend that. >> reporter: webb is happy his place is still standing but knows neighbors weren't so lucky. >> i drove down the street and looked up at my neighbors, and none of them have seen it because they've all evacuated, but we've stayed the whole time. i just started sobbing because i realize that could have been me. >> reporter: the shelter at the fairgrounds was force tofd close. all of the vak wees are told to go to the napa valley gymnasium inste instead. >> matt, thank you. and new mandatory evacuations issued overnight in sonoma county. officials say if you live in these areas, get out now. they include moon mountain road, mission way, london way, martin road, cave dale road, and adoe by wait. also more evacuations under way in oakmont. now reports of the damage there, more homes gone.
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abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield saw that firsthand this morning. amy. >> reporter: hey reggie. yeah, add two more homes to the list. this is in the oakmont neighborhood. here is one of them. this home belongs to a county supervisor. it is gone. the oakmont neighborhood in santa rosa has now lost two homes to the fire. this one at 442 trail ridge place and this one at 450, crest ridge place. this home belongs to sonoma county supervisor, susan gagarin. firefighters worked hard last night to save the neighborhood. >> deploying hoses around structures as the fire creeped down. this is a large area. it's a big community. so firefighters were jumping from house to house as quickly as possible engaging as aggressively as possible. to really make the biggest gains that they could in the amount of time with the resources they had. >> reporter: some in the retirement community have questioned the resources firefighters have, wondering why they haven't seen an aerial
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attack in the effort to save their homes. >> fitness of the smoke right now makes it very difficult and unsafe for our fixed wing aircraft to come down to a low enough altitude and drop very specifically on a target. >> reporter: the evacuation order is still in effect for this neighborhood. it is still very smokey mere. here is a look early this morning of the fire that is still creeping down the hill toward homes. firefighters say it is not like the fire front they saw in santa rosa earlier this beak, but the weather could change so they want to keep people out. >> conditions are rapidly changing. the fire's moving in different directions. and it's by no means are we out of the woods yet. >> reporter: it is very smokey up here. and that's one of the many reasons they want people to stay out of here. the fire spokesman points out, he says, please stay out. he points out that many firefighters have lost their homes. so they understand that anxious desire to get back to your home. but please, honor the evacuation
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orders saying we're all in this together. reporting live from the oakmont neighborhood in santa rosa, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you. the lake county sheriff's office is warning residents to be prepared to get out there as a sulfur fire there continues to expand. they've issued an evacuation advisory notice for the middletown area. i want to stress, this is an advisory for now. evacuations are not mandatory at this moment. but again, officials stress, you should have a bag packed, be ready to go, in case conditions get worse. the fire there jumped a major roadway and moved southeast. deputies are making sure homes and businesses have been cleared out. all schools in the district are closed today. the redwood complex fire has grown to 29,500 acres. firefighters are making some progress on containment. it is 5% contained.
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evacuations remain in place for areas of potter valley, the community of redwood valley and golden rule. we are expecting an update from officials in the county at noon. we will post updates on our abc 7 news app. air quality around the bay area continues to be a concern and look at that, side by side live pictures from our montana tam and suture tower cameras show you the smoke and the haze hanging in the air. that is usually a clear view of san francisco, we are not getting that today. the bay area last i checked was in the moderate change. even up to santa rosa yesterday we were in the unhealthy range, but it looks like conditions are deteriorating fast. let's go over to mike nico now to talk about that. >> good call reggie, they are deteriorating rather quickly. as we look outside, it's beginning. unfortunately those northerly winds are starting now. you can see the gust of 23 miles per hour there as i have the winds overlaid on live doppler 7, 13 in ferrell field and look
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which way they're blowing, southerly. it's going to change directions. you had hazardous air quality. that's the worst level, but now you can see those southerly winds are pushing it through the san ramone valley and right into the south bay pushing it across oakland and hayward. it's going to head towards san francisco, the peninsula, and the coast. so, yes, the worst of it is still ahead of us. this is the way it looks in walnut creek. hazardous in the north bay, the poorest air quality there is, coast and central bay, you could see on the left there, that is you in the yellow. everybody else doing okay right now. but, if we get down to that lowest level there. you can see that health alert, everyone will experience more serious health effects this afternoon. reggie, and with those winds kicking up, the fire danger is not far behind. i'll have details on that. >> and that is the last thing we need. it is okay this morning, but obviously it is getting worse fast, thank you, mike. just this morning jessica
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castro was interviewing the fire marshal when he revealed something we were saddened to hear. he lost his own home in the fire. >> yeah, myself, several of my friends, i understand we have at least seven of us from the santa rosa fire department, seven from the police department and the sheriff's department that lost their homes. we're here to get the upper hand, protect our community, and do what we're here for. >> he was able to go back into his neighborhood. it's devastating to see the amount of destruction, especially when it affects your family directly. care ra van of ambulances rushed to the veteran's home of california. that's. yontvail. they were taken to facilities in sacramento last night. others taken by bus to a staging area. if i believes say that partial evacuation was because of the poor air quality. it's from all the smoke in the air from the growing partrick fire. as of right now the veteran's home is not in danger from the
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flames. our coverage of the north bay wild fires continues next including a new look at the path of destruction. another school burned to the ground. plus we're going to hear from a consumer expert talking to 7 on your side's michael vinny about what homeowners
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our breaking news coverage of the north bay wild fires continues right now. here's a live look at sky 7 over
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rhoner park. this gives you an idea of just how hazy it is right now. and you can see sky map is showing you where they are right now. just running parallel to 101. that haze, we were just talking about, is now moving it's way south into the rest of the bay area. so if you are in san francisco, if you're in the peninsula, if you were in the east bay right now and oakland and walnut creek. you're going want to close those windows, put the ac on recirculate because that bad area we experienced yesterday morning, that is coming back. so there is your warning. this morning we are also learning another school has been destroyed. this is the redwood at venice academy in santa rosa. burned some time sunday night or perhaps monday morning. the school posted this video to it's facebook page showing the campus buildings gone. i'm going to show you this right here on our big screen. this is a google map image of a neighborhood that's in santa rosa, this is 3520. now imagine 101, west of 101, not far from the hilton that
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burned to the ground. so as you can see from this old photo of the area, this is a cul-de-sac with a lot of homes, a lot of vehicles on the streets. a lot of kids also live there by the basketball nets. now i'm going to show you a photo that we took from a 360 camera we put on the ground of that exact same neighborhood. and look at it now. as we scan across the landscape here, all you can see are some burned trees left, i don't see a single house that is up. and this is what we saw street after street in this neighborhood. the only cars that remain are the ones that were there visiting the area surveying the damage. and i could tell you that on our website, we have several of these 360 photos all taken in this same neighborhood on different streets. i know a lot of you who have been evacuated are not able to get back into your homes because it is not safe. if you want to take a look at these 360 videos, it's on the front page of the website right now. it is so hard to see that there is nothing left there. once the fires are out, of
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course, it is time to rebuild. next in today's morning money, what you need to know as you deal with your insurance company. keeping track of the dangerous air quality, of course, live look now from our emeryville camera as it continues to get worse with that haze hanging over the east bay. meteorologist mike nico
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without pg&e's assistance, without their training our collaboration with pg&e is centered around public safety. we could not do our mission to keep our community safe. anytime we are responding to a structure fire, one of the first calls you make is for pg&e for gas and electric safety. it's my job to make sure that they have the training that they need to make the scene safe for themselves and for the public. it's hands-on training actually turning valves, turning systems off, looking at different wire systems all that training is crucial to keeping our community safe and our firefighters safe. together, we're building a better california.
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now your accuweather forecast with mike nico. >> i'm stunned about the smoke from where it's been hazardous in the eastern part of napa. now moving into the east bay and eventually going to make it to the peninsula and all the way to the coast. now that these northerly winds are kicking in.
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this is the look at pier 15. cannot see oakland. can barely see the bay bridge that is getting so thick. the breezes, the fire danger, it's all returning right now. it'll taper a little bit tomorrow evening, only to return again friday and chances of rain, completely absent from our medium range model. that means 14 to 16 days without the possibility of rain. i hope that changes. all right. here's what to expect. unhealthy air through at least friday, i think it'll be longer because these fires are what, 2% contained at most. more smoke moving south that the cold front is through. that's what's increasing the fire danger. you can already see signs of things changing. the cold fronts through most of the bay area. here's the dry air. look at santa rosa, 25%, remember, that's dropping, the wind speed is increasing and both of those contribute to the high fire danger. so let's put it timetable on it. what to expect. the wind advisory and the red
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flag warning, the high fire danger are going to coincide with each other. the time frame, it's a 24 hour window across the north bay, 5:00 this afternoon, evening, if you will, to 24 hours later. now, 11:00 is when it starts in the east bay hills through 5:00 tomorrow afternoon. northerly winds, gusting up to 15 miles per hour. there may be still some weak trees up there and tree branchs and maybe some weak power poles that could give way. the big thing is what it's going to do, it's going to fan the storms that are out there already. it's going to make the embers move down line which is from north to south. so we could see more hot spots, more fires develop south of the ones that are out there right now. red flag warning, same exact area. i want to give you a quick look at the temperatures today, mid to upper 60s along the coast into san francisco about 70 to 75 for the rest of us. here's the forecast. there are some positives in it and the fact that by saturday, the winds will lighter, but by sunday, they blow offshore and that means it's going to get
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warm and that is not good for the firefighters. and the entire seven days, reggie, the air's going to be bone dry. >> not what we wanted to hear, but thank you, mike. now to the morning money report. people who lost their homes are starting to call their insurance companies to figure out how they can start over again. consumer experts say it is never too soon to get that ball rolling. amy balk who leads united policy holders shared her advice for victims with 7 on your side's michael finny. >> an insurance claim is a business negotiation. and you need to be prepared as the property owner, the policy holder to assert yourself politely, but be a squeaky wheel and not just think well i can just be passive and my insurance company is going to do everything right. that doesn't happen in real life. >> the bigger the disaster, the bigger the response. and that means more resources for victims. we have posted a list of those offered by united policy holders on our website, up next, our coverage of the
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north bay wild fires continues. the new
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and we are back with our live coverage of the north bay wild fires. new evacuation orders are now in effect in calistoga, roadblocks set up around the city.
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this happening as the number of wild fires burning in napa county alone went from three to four. they say the nuns fire in sonoma county jumped into napa county. and this is still a life-saving operation. with 670 people reported missing in snow in a county. now i should mention, they have located 110 of those and right now they have a feeling that there are many more who are safe and sound, but just haven't been reported yet. the city of napa is hosting two community meetings today. one at 6:00 tonight at napa city hall, the other is still pending. you can download the abc 7 news app enable push alerts to be the first to know about breaking news. and of course mike and i are going to stick around. coming up at 11:30 we expect a live press conference from (dog panting)
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good morning once again. we are wants to be a millionaire because we are getting ready for the live news conference about the north bay fires. oes getting ready to hold that briefing and we expect the governor will be there along with cal fire to give us an overall picture of what is happening right now. and you are looking live at sky 7, and they are over the coffe yes. neighborhood and you are seeing the huge amount of devastation in santa rosa. this is giving you a much clearer view from above of just how much was lost. 90,000 acres burning right now in the north bay. 3500 buildings destroyed. that number is relatively new this morning. that


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