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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 11, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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the tubbs fire has grown. now more than 9,500 acres. >> mandatory evacuations are underway right now in calistoga. authorities are saying get out now. >> reporter: officials are going door to door telling people they must leave. you can see near the intersection, there's some emergency vehicles. when drivers head that way, they are turning people around and making them come back down to leave the town of calistoga. all day this town has been like a ghost town. wineries, creameries, any bath shops and the spas that are typically open, they're closed.
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at this time, fire officials are telling people they must leave. the only traffic we're seeing are buses and cars, shoveling people out with both their belongings. these oakland police officers are enforcing road closures in calistoga. as the town of 5,000 embraces for possible smoke moving from the tubbs fire. the road closure did not stop these laid 40s rescuing horses. >> just a lady on facebook said she had horses two days ago and we couldn't get in. we just told her we would get in when we could. >> the livestock evacuation as smoke loomed over the area, the horses were happy to see them. >> they came running up to the gate and let us take them. >> several residents loaded up their quarters sentimental things. a last-minute pack. >> you don't blank to pack. you run around like crazy. >> she grabbed a painting of her
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house. >> we are hoping for the best. everybody says it is the wind will come our way. we might end up losing the house. >> i have everything that is valuable to me in life. >> he and his wife and kids are in san francisco. >> i would recommend anybody to get the hell out of here. i really would. just get to clear air. preferably go to the coast. >> again, all of the shops here alleged lincoln avenue, closed. the town of calistoga is under a mandatory evacuation. firefighters are telling people they must leave. abc7 news. >> don't fool around. get out if you have to. the pocket fire is headed south toward geyserville. there are already mandatory
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evacuation orders. officials advised people in the area of fitch mountain east of the golf course and revel road, the rivers bend area, t t t in case a quick evacuation order is issued. >> this is very sad but the santa rosa police confirmed a body was found at the end of the park. >> it is just one of the neighborhoods destroyed. >> it really does look like a bomb went off at the mobile home park. the amount of destruction is unbelievable. we know at least one woman did not make it out alive. police discovered the body of linda at the journey's end mobile hole park wednesday while
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sifting through the ruins of her hole. her daughter posted, my mother's remains have been found at her home at journey's end. may she rest in peace. my sweet mama. the park was almost entirely leveled by the wildfire. the manager said he tried to get everyone out but the fire moved so fast. >> we were going the door to door, there were other members of the park doing it. >> there are hundreds missing. cell phone service is down in many areas. i talked to one woman who is desperately searching for her mother. the 79-year-old lived off donner drive. that entire neighborhood was wiped out by the fire. >> her car is still in her garage. i went to her house yesterday. serving gone and her car is still there. i found her cat. she wouldn't have left voluntarily without her cat. >> kathy has searched shelters
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and called hospitals. she said her mother has some memory loss and hopes someone might recognize her and get her back together with her family. >> i want my mom back. we don't know where she is. we don't know if she is alive or dead and it would be nice to know. >> you're looking at firefighters with cal fire. they have tied ribbons at the properties they have cleared. a lot of people are sharing pictures with santa rosa fire. people are hoping to get back in touch with loved ones. >> let's look at the mobile home park. one woman died in that mobile home park. her neighbors face the task of rebuilding after flames completely destroyed their homes and possessions.
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>> take a look at the scene of destruction from sky 7. this is over the coffey park neighborhood in santa rosa. so devastated. you can see entire blocks as far as the eye can see, destroyed by fire. and sky map 7 showing you some of the streets, coffey lane, hillary court, too many to count. now here is a closer look at the destruction, home after home, burned to the ground. and here another view. look at the bottom of the screen there. you can see intelligent of the fire at ban-on are street there. these homes were able to be saved. >> take a look at this dramatic video just relesioned by the sheriff's department. it was shot the night the wildfire began. remember with the 50, 60, 70-mile-an-hour gusts. you can see the flames just devouring everything in the path
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of the fire. and even most notably, all of the embers being blown around by the winds. that's how it exploded in so many directions. and how so many spot fires started. the redwood complex fire had mendocino county has burned 32,000 acres. overall, crews are making good progress. they have a direct control line between redwood and potter valleys. and firefighters have controlled lines around from reese canyon north to the golden home trailer park. they're trying to protect structures that were not damaged or burned. >> the question is asked, are we not addressing the fire or fighting the fire after 7:00 p.m. at night until daylight? that's not the case. cal fire, we are there 24 hours a day, seven days a week. we will stay there until this is mitigated. >> the redwood complex fire has
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destroyed 250 homes and 90 structures. it is still threatening 800 structures. >> we want to bring you up to date on the sulfur county in lake county off highway 20 along silver bank drive. cal fire operations chief said in this afternoon's news conference that specific fire has burned 1,500 acres, and crews have it wrapped up. the fire was 40% contained. they are mopping up hot spots in the burned out structures. from there to the redwood fire, as soon as they become available. >> are wind conditions going to help? we feel like they've been picking up. >> that's the question. what drives these fires. spencer christian is here with the forecast. >> winds have been picking you will. especially in the higher elevations. we have a relatively strong wind. the clouds of smoke blowing southward from the northerly
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wind to the more populated areas, as the fires continue to burn. the winds in the surface, from 10 to 15 miles per hour with stronger gusts and stronger winds in the higher elevations. the wind gust animation shows going into the overnight hours, we will see the wind increase. santa rose dlargs 7:00 p.m., 25 miles per hour. as we get into the overnight hours, virtually all the bay area will see an increase in winds. we'll see wind tapering off across the region tomorrow afternoon. breathing will be affected. unhealthful air quality at least through tomorrow perhaps into the weekend. more snow moving south. fire risk remains high for the north bay, east bay, and the santa rosa mountains and it could be extended even further with the decrease in humidity.
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i'll have more a little bit later. >> governor brown says the damage total will run into the billions and billions of dollars. >> we've had big fires in the past. this is one of the biggest, most serious. it's not over. with a warming climate and dry weather and reducing moisture, these kinds of catastrophes have happened. they'll continue to happen and we have to be prepared to do everything we can to mitigate. >> the governor says he's encouraged by the promise of federal aid from washington. officials tried to reassure california yandle pefrgs possible is being done to battle the blazes. >> stay invested decades ago in wild land fire response. and we have never once been hindered by our ability to gauge resources and access resources to fight these fires. >> they said additional help is coming in from out of state. more than 170 additional fire engines will be arriving. >> a lot more at 4:00.
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preparing for the worst as evacuations continue across the north bay. >> my husband packed up some mementos from the house. for me it is about packing up our kids and our cat. that's the most important thing. >> a town hall residents getting a chance to discuss it and the growing air quality. an orange alert in san fran
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we have new video for you from faught road and shiloh ridge. smoke is billowing and the homes are threatened.ght. smoke is billowing and the homes are threatened.
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around noon the fire was spreading. >> 16 miles north of there, another desperate firefight is underway near geyservlle. mandatory evacuations are underway after fire crews say the fire jumped one of the lines this afternoon. abc news report is there. you've been saying the air attack is fierce. >> reporter: there's such a contrast to this lake. it is pristine and beautiful. and a mile in that direction, flames and heavy smoke threatening 800 people or so people who live here in geyserville. i can tell you from this video that i shot and posted, this lake is crucial to this tiny town because there have been helicopters every five, maybe every ten minutes or so, dipping into the waters, flying away and spreading that water all across this town.
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minutes ago i met a man who was consoling his significant other on this street. i said why are you so sad? he turns out to be a firefighter who works in santa rosa. >> it is devastating. in all my years, i've never experienced anything like this. going to work. seeing what happened in santa rosa. on my way from work, i still had to go in and try to work while this was going on. >> it is so heart breaking to hear. especially since he says he's worked for that fire department for 16 years. now, maybe our timing is a little bit off but you can hear it in the back ground. the helicopters from at least four, if not five different agencies, circling, dipping back into this lake trying to fight the flames because of this emergency evacuation.
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a mandatory one in geyserville. >> thank you vex. a town hall meeting was held in napa this afternoon to let folks know what they need to do if they have to evacuate. david louie is live at brown valley elementary school. >> reporter: it has been very difficult the past couple of days to community between the city and the residents. because of the outage of internet, power and cell service. so the city officials decided to have a town hall meeting. especially with the winds pick up, putting the city in potential peril. there was an overflow crowd, standing room only, inside browns valley. they had about 300 people inside. many more outside. they got to hear the police chief, the fire chief and representatives from cal fire and pg & e to provide updates. they said it is impossible to predict when and if there will be an order for evacuations because the fires have been so dynamic. the wind directions keep
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changing. so they were advised to start packing now. to pack their medications. to arrange for a place to go for several days and to expect this uncertainty to last for weeks, given the magnitude of the situation. some of the residents told us, they were told to expect the situation to continue for several weeks so they appreciated the long time line. others said they are starting to pack up their valuables and they are ready to leave in as fast as perhaps 15 minutes. the residents who, the residents who already have been out of their homes have indicated, they want to know when they can go back in. especially in the silverado country club area. they've beened will they have to wait until all the utilities are book and the fire is out in that area so it could be a while. the city of napa is holding a
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second town hall meeting for those who could not attend this afternoon. would it start at 6:00 p.m. at city hall. we're live in napa. david louie, abc7 news. thank you. i want to show you the tragic transformation in the 1900 block in the coffey park neighborhood. i pulled up a google street view of the block before the fire. you can see a beautiful street. very tidy, nice homes. i want to you pay especially close attention right here. i'm going to highlight it for you. see this mailbox post under the tree? and then there's a white car there and a white car there. remember them. okay? now i'm going to close this. hang with me. i'm going to show you a different view. these are some of the same neighborhoods, pardon me, let me tap that once again so i can get to our 360 photos. these are neighborhoods that we shot with a 360 camera after the
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firestorm. one of our producers went out there and captured these heart breaking pictures. this is exactly the same neighborhood on dogwood drive. same block, in fact. do you remember the mailbox under the tree? do you remember the two cars i showed you? same cars. totally destroyed along with everything else. now let's continue to take a look at the neighborhood, the street. nothing left. you feel like you are truly in the middle of the war zone. very hard to look at but you get a true sense for what those folks who have had to flee or what they escaped from and what they're returning to. >> a remarkable perspective on how bad this has been. take a look at this. the tweet says, homes gone.
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neighborhood reduced to ashes. incinerated play grounds is parks scorched beyond recognition. the air qualities continue to be a concern. you can see in the video how bad the problem is. the haze in the air and all the smoke all the way to the south bay. this video was shot around 2:00 this afternoon. here's a live look from our mt. tam and sutro cameras. look how smoky it is in marin on the left. and this visibility has gotten so bad that there are delays at sfo, too. flights have been delayed an average of two and a half hours. so all around the bay area, the effects are very clear from the smoke and the haze and the ash. >> i have my own kids' school, they're keeping them in. not letting them go to recess. >> good idea.
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even indoors we can smell it. it is causing dry throats and respiratory issues, irritation. you can see a huge cloud of smoke. the air quality will be terrible across the entire region with only modest improvement on friday in some locations. generally still poor. from 5:00 this afternoon, to 5:00 tomorrow. and there's a wind advisory in effect for virtually all the same areas. we'll see winds gusting 50 miles an hour or more. blowing all the smoke southward into the densely pop laid areas. they're enough to knock down power lines. maybe more than minor power
4:22 pm
outages and visibility has been reduced substantially and that allows for the delays. nearly three and a half hours and on we go a view of hazy conditions over san francisco and the bay. looking from sutro tower. 70 in gilroy, 59 in half moon bay. this is the view from emeryville. 69 degrees right now at napa. and on we go to one more live shot. and once again, the smoke is so thick in the air. these are our forecast features. we'll have very poor air quality. the high fire danger persists. the fires starting and
4:23 pm
spreading. overnight it will continue to be windy in the higher elevations. overnight lows will range from upper 40s. under hazy conditions once again. we'll see low 60s at the coast to upper 60s and low 70s along the bay and only low to mid 70s in our inland areas. here's a look at our seven-day forecast. smoky, breezy, hazy conditions. tomorrow and friday. not much change there. the high temperature range will be the same in the next two days. low 70s along the bay. notice our temperatures begin to increase. sunday and monday will be quite warm which is not necessarily a good thing with the highifier risk. near 80 around the bay and then the temperatures will start to drop. if we get a shift in the winds, maybe we'll get some improvement in the air quality. from cute puppies to large livestock. the effort to protect animals from the north bay wildfires.
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>> and lending their support to the victims of the fire and how you can help out, too.
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evacuation centers are open at the sonoma county fairgrounds for people and animals, including some very large animals. >> more on the effort to house them all and treat ones that are injured. >> a horse is a horse, of course, these horses are always evacuees. >> you don't just throw a horse in the back of a car and leave. >> and it is the sonoma county fairgrounds, in the capable hands of these volunteers. >> we came to bring some food for the horses, and to see if we can help out. >> she came with her daughter who rides horses. >> a lot of them are really distressed and hard to walk around sometimes. >> vets say that stress i know what dehydration can cause problems like colick. >> they're getting belly sxaks it is a serious condition that can require abdominal surgery.
4:27 pm
>> it was really sad. they have smoke in their eyes and all kinds of bad stuff like that. some of them are really badly burned. >> the california fair grounds are uniquely suited for this. they're basically built for it. even this massive space is starting to get full. >> what do you have zmoming. >> 144 horses. >> where are they coming from? >> i don't know. >> last i heard they weren't quite full but getting close. a lot of horses in this part of the country. >> not to mexico other large animals. >> llamas, sheep, goats, alpaca's. >> in need of a friend. >> abc7 news. >> more cancellation for schools and not all are in the fire zone. >> and new evacuations in solano my day starts well before i'm in the kitchen.
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good afternoon. more people face evacuation orders immediately as wildfires continue to grow and inchnd inc the bay. >> everyone has been ordered the leave the town of 5,000 people. >> the current death toll is now
4:31 pm
at 21 and officials fear that will grow as more burned out areas get searched. >> 380 people are unaccounted for. the sheriff expects many to eventually be found safe. >> let's hopeful there are 22 different fires burning across northern california. today the situation grew a little more dire in solano county where the fire in napa county has moved south toward fairfield. >> leslie brinkley is live with the very latest. >> reporter: we're starting to get in the late afternoon the eerie orange glow to the sky. i want to show you what we are seeing here. behind me, you see ridge top with a line of smoke. that is the fire line of theate las peak blaze. behind it, the higher peak. that's napa county. the fire has burned over the ridge top. it is moving very slowly, smoldering its way down the hill
4:32 pm
toward the green valley area. that was evacuated last night. they're geared up. they've brought in bulldozers, they've set a back fire here. they are going to take a stand to protect people and property. ken emerson got out with his dogs willy and chappy and his two cats. they're living in this tiny trailer at this evacuation center. from there we drove up wooden valley road to 121 where you can see how the atlas creek fire jumped across the road. firefighters saved homes. the land around them is scorned. hot spots are still evident everywhere. residents evacuated not only green valley but also the entire rancho solano golf course
4:33 pm
community in fairfield where families hurriedly were packing up this afternoon and were warned about looters. >> law enforcement, friends, told us to only pack your vehicle when you're ready to go. don't have done it last night. there's a lot of looting going on and car break-ins and all that stuff. so pack when you're ready to get out of here. >> we packed up jasper, jack, pressly and pete. and they're probably making enough noise all the way to vacaville. >> i was just walking back and forth into the house and thinking, this might be the last time i see all this stuff that i've collected my whole adult life. as long as we get out of here safe, that's all that matters. >> one evacuee told the story of living through three disaster in addition row. a hurricane, a shooting and now a fire. >> i live in boinlton beach. i had no power for four days.
4:34 pm
i left about a week later and i went to vegas to visit my son. o i went to a concert and there was the shooting. so westerly at the blood banks giving out food. then i left my son and i came here and all of a sudden, i got stuck here with the fires. and now i'm in a shelter. that's the story. >> reporter: she said she's making plans to go back home to florida. it is a mess for the people who have been evacuated. a really agonizing day. they are waiting and watching. they've evacuated their homes, they're sitting at shelters. they're kind of watching for the wind like we are. if the wind whips up, there could be problems. if it stays still like this, there is a sense that firefighters do have a grip on things so it all hinges on that. a lot is on the line in soleano county. reporting live, abc7 news.
4:35 pm
>> on the line and so uncertain. thank you vefl. evacuations are still underway in oakmont. now we're getting reports on the damage there. more homes gone. amy has the story. >> reporter: the oak mont neighborhood in santa rosa has now lost two homes to the fire. this one and this one. this home belongs to sonoma county supervisor susan. firefighters worked hard to save the neighborhood. >> they were deploying hosts around structures as the fire creeped down. this is a large area. so firefighters were enas aggressively as possible to make the big egest gains they could. >> reporter: some have questioned the resources firefighters have, wondering why they haven't seen an aerial attack to protect their homes. >> the thickness of the smoke
4:36 pm
makes it very difficult for our fixed wing aircraft to drop down in altitude and drop specifically on a target. >> reporter: the evacuation order is still in effect for this neighborhood. it is still very smoky here. here is a look at the fire still creeping down the hill toward homes. the firefighters say it is not like the fire they saw earlier this week. but the weather could change. >> so conditions are changing and the fire is moving in different directions. and by no means are we out of the woods. >> reporter: it is very smoky. that's one of the reasons firefighters say they want to keep people out. the fire spokesman said he hopes people will only had the evacuation order point outing that many firefighters have lost their homes. they understand the need to get back to the home. they point out, we're all in this together. abc7 news. >> looting is starting to become a problem in the evacuations zones. officers are monitoring the area
4:37 pm
making sure people don't go back into the zones and trying to track down looters. >> i can't stress this enough. if you're an. >> an evacuation zone, you cannot come home. we are not letting anybody into any of the neighborhoods that have been evacuated or burned. they're all sealed off. we have had very few problems with looters. we made an arrest last night and two arrests the night before. they weren't arrested for looting. but we suspect they were. they were arrested for warrants and for violating the curfews. >> the sheriff does warn you, they have more than 300 >> regarding school closures, vacaville unified, napa valley unified, napa valley college, calistoga, most sonoma county schools are shut down. please check with your child's school if you have any questions and we have more information on
4:38 pm
our website as well. >> the entire community is just decimated. >> everybody we've ever known. >> the iraq war veteran who came back home to find something very important. >> i'm spencer christian. the air is becoming smokier and it poses a risk to our health.
4:39 pm
4:40 pm
a familiar scene, the burn areas. people returning to their homes with nothing left. >> what are you supposed to do? >> everybody you've ever known, everybody i grew up with, everybody's house is gone. >> he grew up at this house. he came back hoping to find one treasured memento. >> your personal dog tags?
4:41 pm
>> yeah. i gave them to my dad. he had them in his man cave. >> so after a lifetime, this is the most important thing. for me anyway. i spent 12 months in iraq wearing these things. they mean a lot to me. >> you have goose bumps right now. >> do i. it's crazy. mindblowing. >> it took him more than two hours to find dog tags in the ash. the first person he called when he found them, his dad. >> we're hearing from a lot of viewers for help locating loved ones, so we are sharing these pictures with you. brian and udonia eriksson, both 80 years old. family members hope they were able to he is came. 71-year-old daniel southard is missing. he has trouble getting around because he wears a leg brace. if you've seen or know the
4:42 pm
whereabouts of any of these people, go to abc >> the lack. power and phone service is making it tough for people to get word to loved ones that they're safe. will young of santa rosa sent out this video on inat a gram i know what this poignant message saying this is the driveway of my home. was the driveway. a vibrant family neighborhood devastated by this fire. we are all safe. material things can be replaced. reach out to a friend, an old neighbor, a stranger. if we all come together little by little, we can all come out of it stronger. all right. you can see behind us the air is still very smoky. and it seems to be getting worse. >> that's right. spencer christian is tracking air quality. >> certainly not improving. you can see the clouds of smoke.
4:43 pm
it is a more vivid view. you can see the clouds of smoke being swept by a northerly wind. we'll have this problem of declining air quality for a while. taking a look at overnight conditions. the skies will be clear but we'll have the haze down below. breezy to windy with low temperatures ranging from upper 40s to low 50s. upper 70s to the, upper 60s to low 70s along the bay. the haze remains with us. strong winds gusting at times. here's what we can expect the next couple days. more smoke moving southward. and fire danger remains high. here's the seven-day forecast. there won't be much change in the weather conditions through friday. over the weekend, we'll see an increase in temperatures. sunday, monday, quite warm. not necessarily a good thing with the high fire danger. up to about 80 along the bay.
4:44 pm
dry conditions, rising temperatures. thanks. >> you have seen the massive december fruks the north bay wildfires. >> as the fire continues to grow, what
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ask your doctor about entresto and help make tomorrow possible. statewide, there are 22 wildfires right now and that have burned more than 70,000 acres all together. >> there have been at least 21 fatalities across the state in the last few days. that could still get worse. >> maggie is live in the area. >> many people here in santa rosa were forced to on evacuate so slowly that today they're left desperately searching for their loved ones. >> reporter: more than 22 wildfires are still raging in california. some of the worst this state has ever seen. >> we've had big fires in the past. this is one of the biggest, most serious. and it's not over. >> reporter: ripping across more than 170,000 acres.
4:48 pm
firefighters are struggling to stay ahead of the fast moving flames and are focusing their lived resources on saving lives. >> i think they are underestimating how dangerous it is. if you can go, go. >> reporter: they often find their memories in ashes. >> this is my refrigerator. it looks like it. i don't know. >> reporter: lois smith has lived here 16 years and said she's never seen wildfires like this. >> this looks like a war zone. sad. >> reporter: more than 3,500 homes and businesses are destroyed. at least 50,000 are without power. nm areas, remaining under mandatory evacuation. with dozens of cell towers burned out, they're desperately trying to reach their loved ones. there were more than 600 missing persons reports. many have been accounted for but
4:49 pm
officials believe the death toll will increase. police say the fire raced down, ripping through the community below. they also confirm that many of those missing and even some of those who died were living right here. in santa rosa. >> thanks so much. collectively, the fires burning in napa and sonoma are now the most destructive in state history. the oakland hills firestorm in 1991 officially known as the tunnel fire, damaged more than 2,900 structures. it killed 25 people. the cedar fire in san diego county damaged more than 2800 structures in october of 2003. it burned 275,000 acres and killed 15 people. and the valley fire in lake valley and sonoma damaged nearly
4:50 pm
2,000 buildings and burned 76,000 acres and killed four people to put it all in perspective. >> it is the knock on your door none of us hope to get. >> your order to evacuate on a moment's notice. get out as quickly as you can. some helpful information for those who did get the knock. >> for those who did have to evacuate, many find themselves scrambling to gather important belongings. all of them had to figure out where they will go. some went to evacuation centers. others went to live with friends. many of those choices involved additional costs such as food and housing. those who did suffer damage will have temporary relocation and storage costs, telephone installation and transportation expenses. the state farm agent tells us, these are all expenses that should be covered by your insurance. >> we encourage anyone to hold on to any receipts related to
4:51 pm
their hole. so hotels, buying extra clothing because they dbl have time to pack, buying a kennel for the dog because the hotel they're staying in doesn't allow for the dogs. >> even relocaion costs connected to the rebuilding of the home are covered. in three days, state farm has received 1,400 homeowners claims and 850 auto claims connected to the fire damage vehicles. they are expected to skyrocket once people are allowed back there to their homes. at least the neighborhoods to assess the damage. so it is never too early to contact them. there is some up front money you can get so you might as well start the process. >> a lot of help is obviously needed. >> if you're able and willing to help, we put together a list of everything you need to know in one page of our website.
4:52 pm
and you will find on it abc7 >> please go take a look. you can donate $10 to the red cross by texting red cross to 90999. to volunteer you can call the number on your screen. 707-577-76 hundred. and all professional sports teams are joining together to help raise money for the fire victims. they started this new caring page. they've collected $465,000 so far. and that is how much they're putting out. they want their fans to donate as well and all money will go to the red cross. >> raiders keeping a close eye on the players on the practice field in alameda today. in the locker room, they asked for the latest on the fires. they were concerned about practicing and all this smoky
4:53 pm
air. coach del rio, shocked by this devastation. >> tough stories coming out of north bay. thoughts and prayers for the people there. lives that were lost. >> del rio was hoping the get a full practice in today despite the smoke in the air. he's not sure about tomorrow. speaking of smoke from the north bay fires, it is causing fires across the area and now people are having a hard time getting masks. what you need to do to protect your health. >> and flames leaping faster than people can run. and a closer look at the wildfires' impact on wineries. some are trying to operate under tough conditions. for others, it is too late. >> i got home last night.
4:54 pm
my porch was full of donations. >> and an overwhelming generosity. th
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
the smoke and the haze from the north bay wildfires can be seen from all over the area. >> and children and seniors are especially impacted. face masks and respirators are really hard to find.
4:57 pm
>> reporter: a fresh stock of fire-related supplies line the shelves. don't get too used to it. these particular rimts in high demand. >> the teams are pulling they will out as quickly as they can. >> reporter: he said he's selling ten times the numbers of face masks and respirators. many are look for the n-95 respirator which filters out particles. i have about 12 pallets coming from a sellingary supplier. everybody is moving as quickly as we can. >> one customer stopped by at just the right time. >> i usually carry at least one in my purse for when i'll out.o. i always like to leave a couple in the car. >> this is unhealthy for
4:58 pm
sensitive groups according to the air quality management district. the health officer said it is important for certain groups to take notice. >> folks with heart disease, respiratory problems like asthma, young children and older individuals. a number of stores are running short on supplies such as the n-95 respirator some of the are turning to websites for a quick turn-around. >> every one was overwhelmed with how quickly it has spread. >> people are trying to protect themselves as well as they can. >> because of the poor air quality, school districts throughout the valley are littling the outdoor activities for students on a case by case basis. enable push alerts to be the first to know about any breaking news where you live.
4:59 pm
getting out. an entire north bay city is under an entire city evacuation order. >> there's nothing left. we hear from people coping with the devastation. >> the building went up and that was the end of it. >> a winery in ruins, consumed by the flames. >> what would you do during an emergency if your cell phone doesn't work? >> low humidity and wind warnings. >> i would recommend anyone to
5:00 pm
get the hell out of here. >> good advice. they're taking no chances. leading an order to get out now as wildfire flames expand toward their town. >> this is a serious critical catastrophic event. >> and state emergency officials issuing a warning of just how dire the situation is with little or no containment, the wildfire threat continues to grow. good evening. >> we'll begin with the latest details on the north bay wildfires. >> 21 deaths are being blamed on the fires across the north bay and officials fear that number will grow as more burned out areas get checked for victims. >> sonoma county says 380 people are missing. he also emphasize that's problems with getting telephone service and other telecommunications to work is


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