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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 12, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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this weekend. this map shows where the wildfires are burning in northern california. the largest is the atlas fire. sn sonoma county only 3% contained. very erratic fire behavior which is scary. >> fire threats continues to grow in calistoga. entire town is under evacuation order right now. >> joining us live for me. laura. >> reporter: well, hi, larry, we know a lot of anxiety the folks living in calistoga what's going up here at the fire fight. the head of the tubbs fire. so we decided to come up here and show you. as you can see, this is area where the fire went through overnight. you can see several cars, small buildings destroyed. but for the most part, firefighters were able to contain this fire or keep it from spreading at a rapid rate. that is besides the winds
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overnight. there is active fire up the road. and we'll show you that. >> this is a mandatory evacuation. your presence in calistoga is not welcome if you are not a first responder. the mayor of calistoga is making it clear, the mandatory evacuation in his town is still very much enforce. >> your choice to stay, and there have been very few of them is a distraction to our first responders. you will not be given life safety support at this point. you are on your own. >> reporter: this is the reason. about three miles outside of town encroaching tubbs fire which continues to march along mostly unabated. >> the fire has progressed. it's come to the edge of highway 29. that's one of our main priorities is to hold highway 29. it has jumped over one spot. >> reporter: still, some residents of calistoga have
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decided to stay, defying the mandatory evacuation order. they say to protect their home and their neighbors. >> i love this city. i'm a transplant. i'll take ownership. but i've been here for two and ha half years and i'll be dammed if i'm not going to save anyone of those homes. >> we are back live. showing you what the battalion chief was talking about. the big goal into tonight into today was keep the fire from spreading beyond this guardrail. this is highway 29 which is where i'm standing. up the road we did see where it had jumped ohio the road in just one or two spots. but for the most part the fire folks are happy about how things are going today. it is moving a little closer to town, but very slowly, and we are still, larry and christen, many miles from calistoga. of course, they are hoping that the calm winds that we are seeing right now stay that way. near calistoga, laura, abc 7
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news. >> all right. laura, thank you. there has been lots of deaf station, more than 28 homes and apartments there have been destroyed. the city's newest fire station, that's gone. along with more than 400,000 square feet of commercial businesses. much of skroanta rosa is under mandatory evacuation order or advisory. >> went live on facebook to answer questions including one why it's taking so long to let people go home. >> we haven't gotten pg&e, public utilities to make it safe or people that live in those areas. i understand the frustration people are feeling about not being able to get back in where they live if their house is still there. >> chief also described how they are serving santa rosa. >> over 90 santa rosa police officers working around the clock to protect this community,
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especially in those areas hardest hit. we also have 150 mutual aid coming in from the region. >> the chief urges you to call 911 if you see sus spetdpectedcd in santa rosa. >> this was on facebook page shows san francisco firefighters battling flames between glen ellen and kenwood. it says it has committed 12 engines so far to the north bay fires. and google is keeping track of the areas under evacuation orders. you can see the largest evacuation zones are now near napa county and solano county and santa rosa and geyserville. >> redwood and potter fires are burning still in mendocino county and only 5% contained and burned more than 20,000 acres. >> live in ukia with the latest.
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lonnie? >> reporter: yeah, we are here at ukia high school, one of many shelters this evening, 8,000 people are displaced from these fires here. and we are hearing 8 people have died. and today the sheriff says that number will likely go up. here's a look at some of the devastation we saw earlier today. we visited an area outside of ukia called redwood valley. early monday morning residents say a severe windstorm blew smoke and embers through the neighborhood. came from a ridge already burning near potter valley. in all, more than 34,000 acres have burned. hundreds of structures have been lost. and, again, officials say that count will likely change. we talked to a resident who had less than an hour to get away. several of the homes around his house burned. but his house was spared. >> the fire got here probably like 2:00 a.m., but we woke up
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at about 1:00 a.m. to 1:15 a.m. and people were calming us, some family members from potter valley where the fire had started trying to wake us up. >> i know people lost everything and have nothing hand my heart breaks for them. >> there are homes in potter valley that have been flattened. and people just are feeling neglected, i guess, to a certain extent. >> we caught up with these displaced families who are staying in rv camps. they want their stories told. there are so many stories in mendocino county involving this fire. they say they feel for the victims in sonoma, but they are also devastated by the fires here. on top of it all, cal-fire officials announced more strong winds are coming back at a briefing today. so they are trying to contain the fire. and it's a race against time to do that. that's their focus right now.
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back out here live in front of the high school, these kids behind me are actually doing a drive. collecting money and items for some of the fire victims. again, 8,000 people are displaced. 8 people died. more than 8,000 acres fired. and only 5% contained. live in hue kia, lony, abc >> thank you. they are burning in lake county broke out before midnight on sunday just off highway 20 in clear lake oaks. as of this morning the fire is 45% contained after burning 2500 acres. this is video from a couple of days ago. and growing containment has allowed officials to lift some of the mandatory evacuations that took effect on monday. all right. now let's go to abc news report jonathan bloom in live in sonoma county where 2500 people have
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been evacuated. >> >> reporter: they have reported that amount. they say the fight in this county might be turning the corner. >> thank you for coming to our press conference this morning. >> reporter: they were cautiously optimistic. >> the winds are calming down so the weather is turning into a more favorable conditions for us to get on the ground and fight the fire. >> reporter: but not optimistic enough to let some 2500 evacuated residents to return home. >> please be prepared to leave at moments notice. >> reporter: in green valley, 90% of residents have heeded the evacuation order. that means some remain. >> i have amazing friends. we are here to support each other. >> reporter: some said the heavy police and fire presence is reassuring. >> we feel we are not as
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vulnerable as people in the highlands. >> reporter: but only one way in and out. the hills of this area was a goes town. some speleft sprinklers on the roof. he told us he got these sprinklers together. >> it said i could help save our house do everything i could do. >> reporter: some are doing hospital ability to the first responders and the sheriff is warning them. >> when you say it comes, you are going to go. >> reporter: officials here say that if you do need to evacuate, bring all of your medication, and bring many days worth. those are the big reason they say people have been asking to get back in to evacuated areas. if you do leave home without your medications they stress, the county can help you get
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prescriptions. in fairfield, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> thank you. let's head right to spencer, what it means for firefighters and ominous winds that may be coming our way, spend sore. >> that's true, we don't have encouraging news, we have persistent low humidity and strong gusty winds. here's an image showing trails of smoke that has been blowing southward. that was yesterday as well. right now winds at the surface up there are gustying between 12 and 20-mile-per-hour in some locations we have stronger gusties in the higher elevation. and red flag warning remains in effect until 5:00 this afternoon but prior damage elevated. let's skip ahead until tomorrow. letsds lo let's look at how the winds gusties tomorrow 25-mile-per-hour at the peak. still strong but tapering off a
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bit late saturday. so fire watch will be in effect from 5:00 until 11:00 saturday night has wind continues to be gusty and humidity dangerously low. larry and christen. >> spencer, thank you. devastating fires in the north bay leading to problems all across the bay. big delays at sfo all because of heavy smoke in the air and airport is not the only thing affected right now. plus. >> when i open the front door to see what was going on, there was tons of smoke, and really fast winds. >> a couple just home from their honeymoon wake up
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well, smoke from the fires continues to spread south, causing all kind of problems, including delays at san francisco international airport. abc news reporter is there with a look at what's happening. david, usually the problem is with fog. >> reporter: that's right. but today it's smoke. the dough lays running about 75 to 90 minutes long. now, that's tolerable for most passengers, but go inside the terminal and check out the arrivals and departure boards and you'll see there are lots of canceled flights. 103 so far today. that can match the 115 flights canceled yesterday due to all this smoke and reduced visibility. the visibility has been around 7 miles all day long, that sets into motion a metering system such as on ramp system that controls how many vehicles get % on
4:15 pm
the flights have been cut in half. flights have been delayed 2.5 to 5 hours but that was rare. but passengers took it in stride. safety is first. >> when they come into landing that's when they need to sight one another. so for safety purposes for safety visibility. similar type of condition we would see during a foggy morning or during periods of low clouds and rain. >> there are always delays in this airport. that's the principal problem with san francisco, but it's a great city, none of less. >> reporter: nice of him to say that. well, that passenger declines to share his name but did say he's headed to denver. the flights most frequently canceled short hops to san diego where they could be booked on the next flight out. now the airport has an interesting way of gauging whether there will be smoke or
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fog delays, if they can see the san mateo bridge from here, they know that's the sure sign delays. live from san francisco. david louie. thank you. ash and smoke from the fires will change the index to read, and that means the air is deemed unhealthy. and not just here, take a look at our traffic cameras. this was around noon today. you can see the thick haze all around the bay area. visibility is very poor. take a look, live outside right now, live view from our sutro camera, generally speaking if you can see the air that's not a good thing. >> yeah, not a good thing. to give you a comparison this is what it looked like in san francisco just last week. this was drone view 7, and of course this one is today, hazy and smoky a big difference. >> no doubt. she is with the bay area air quality management. i just got from china.
4:17 pm
i can tell you it's worse now than anything i experienced in china. >> it is. we are seeing air quality conditions specifically in the north bay that equal or are worse than what they have in choo china on some of their worst days. >> so many people are worried in san jose, so many canceled their games. cal has a game tomorrow night. what do you think the schools should be doing especially talking about children? >> this is a tough thing. we are not encouraging peore noe exercise. we are having poor air quality. so we are asking people to make their best judgment. they can go to and see what the readings are and make a judgment based on whether they want to hold the game. >> you have to make a personal choice because you told us on a break your daughter goes to washington state and playing cal, you have the raiders playing at home on sunday.
4:18 pm
if you go to the game do you wear a mask? do you not go to the dpam? what are you telling people. >> with regard to the mask we are recommending people in the north bay heavy smoke areas, they may not do much for the rest of us and not protect us from every day, what the conditions that we are experiencing. so we are asking people to kind of watch, follow the air quality readings and make their own personal choices and see how they are feeling. >> real quickly we have 15 seconds, but i want to give us early warning signs that smoke is getting to you. >> certainly if you have a dry scratchy throat, if you are having watery eyes, if you are feeling any kind of wheezing or shortness of breath, that would be signs that the smoke is getting to you. >> all right. lisa, thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you. all right. let's look at spencer with the look at the weather. >> we have mainly sunny skies but smoke filled air makes it hazy. this is looking over san
4:19 pm
francisco. very dirty and health threatening air. 62 degrees at this hour in san francisco. 67 in oakland. we have mid-70s at mountain view, san jose and gilroy. and 59 and half moon bay. this is looking at haze over the bay. 78 right now in santa rosa. we are 71 in napa. mid to upper 70s in novato. and one more life for you from emeryville, these are our forecast, smoke-filled air will remain the next few days. winds increase late tomorrow and into saturday. and seeing a warming trend this weekend continuing next week. our current red flag warning will expire in under an hour at 5:00 this afternoon. but the fire danger will remain elevated even after this expires. right now looking at low humidity dangerously low, 10, 20%, winds over higher elevations gusty go to up to 50-mile-per-hour. see if the winds taper off but bounce back tomorrow.
4:20 pm
so fire weather watch will be in effect from 5:00 tomorrow into saturday into the east bay hills gusties up to or above 60-mile-per-hour and continuing low humidity. overnight, under clear skies, and haze, we'll see low temperatures generally in the mid then tomorrow look for hazy sunshine with lows to the 60s to 65 in san francisco. across the bay oakland 73. inland valleys warm up to about mid-70s. that's about it. and we continue to have, we will continue to have tomorrow unhealthy air quality in the north bay. coast and central bay bay east bay, santa clara valley. some improvement in the south central bay on saturday but the remainder of the bay area will have unhealthy air. let's skip ahead to next week when something promising may be developing a frontal system
4:21 pm
swinging down from the gulf of alaska and could produce rainfall, so we'll key an eye on that for you and hope it continues to intensify. here's the seven-day forecast. sunday monday warmest with mid to upper 80s, around the bay, about 70 on the coaches then temperatures on tuesday will begin gradually falling off until more fall like weather arrives on wednesday. and maybe showers on thursday. >> thanks. >> weather can't change fast enough. thank you, spencer. >> air quality continues to remain dangerous. a lot of weekend activities being canceled around the bay area. we'll tell you what you need to know. and inside the devastation a school destroyed and effort
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energy upgrade california. back live on abc 7 news. as we look at the fire destruction. the scope of the damage is almost unthinkable here. these are pictures taken from the air national guard yesterday in the fire zone. and these are pictures of coffey park, that neighborhood in santa rosa. we'll take a live look now from
4:24 pm
sky 7 over santa rosa. these were all homes a week ago. we are talking about 2800 homes leveled. it's mind boggling as we look that the. where do all these people go? what do they do to rebuild their lives starting from scratch? it's just unthinkable what's happened here in the past few days especially in santa rosa. my goodness. people all around the region are reaching out to help students and faculty at cardinal knew ha newman high school. abc matt has perspective on the devastation this morning on good morning america. >> this is hard to imagine, 600 kids at this school, fortunately no one here at the time, but you can make out some fbi cabinets and computer servers.
4:25 pm
now the school lost all of its books, all of those servers. i want you to take a look down here. this pile of ashes. these were books down here. i want it show you also why it's so dangerous for firefighters here. all of these are nails. so even coming through here to protect these buildings is so very difficult. i want you to see something else, which is stunning to us when we came here this morning. these are mobile classrooms. and inside you can see hundreds of desks there, and that's what makes these fires so unusual. tore right through the heart of a major community like santa rosa taking offices, homes, buildings, now that's also why firefighters so concerned about saving lives. >> the need for basic necessities continues to grow for fire victims, but incredibly some people who have suffered loss themselves are stepping up to help. mark vider lived in coffey park in santa rosa and standing in
4:26 pm
what was his bedroom. you can see the appliances destroyed. this here the garage. mark is fortunate because he can stay with his girlfriend and turning their grief into action. today they spent thousands of dollars on costco, look at that, they bought everything from blankets to pillows, to socks, and this afternoon michelle and her friend also went to the warehouse for shoes, joe, owner of the san francisco show store donated 200 pairs of shoes and 100 backpacks all crammed into her car. she was going to drive to several shelters to personally deliver the supplies. they hope more and more people and businesses will join them. and extend a helping hand during this long recovery process. >> now you can also donate $10 to the red across by texting
4:27 pm
9999. volunteer you can call the number on the screen 5 p 77-7600. >> some people in napa are observing the fire damage for the first time. up next residents seeing if they can return to anything. plus. >> what i grabbed is what i grabbed. everything we worked so hard for. the fires broke out the same night one santa rosa returned from their honeymoon. they lost their
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brought in today to replace the others that have been online for days. >> today 21 fires. the largest atlas fire, in napa couldn'ty, now 3% contained. >> the tubbs fire, 10% containment. new evacuation orders in sonoma today. a few people being able to return home but just long enough to grab their necessities and get out. some of the first people saw their homes for the first time. you talked to a lot of these people. what's the over all mood there?
4:31 pm
>> reporter: some are relaeieve to see their homes still there, but if you live near the silverado park, this is farthest you can go without applies esco police escort to check on your home and live stock. here's some of what we saw. megan doesn't want her last name used but let us follow her to her family ranch where she brought feed for the chickens and goats they had to leave behind. >> there are no words to describe the thapg fullness. >> reporter: thanks to san bernardino county their homes were saved. >> we were fortunate the hot shots were here and here fighting for the ranch. >> reporter: residents on the
4:32 pm
atlas fire on the silverado and monticello park area were allowed to return home to check on animals belongings. but had to have a police escort. this is first chance he had to check on his house and chickens since the fire kicked into high gear. >> didn't think it was that big of a deal next thing you know there it is. >> reporter: but your house is still here. >> thank god. >> reporter: many homes aren't here. some burned. others were spared seemingly without rhyme or reason. those whose homes were spared are trying to help those homes that were not. >> but i have friends who in the area who lost everything. and so we just feel very fortunate to not have lost our homes. and to be able to help them in any way we can. >> reporter: and that's what you are seeing. you are seeing people coming together in the napa area also a lot of emergency equipment going
4:33 pm
become and forth. there are still hot spots. and that's why they don't want people going back into their homes permanently now. they will let them go back in for ten minutes. this is where they'll get briefed. right now not very busy, but we have seen groups of people pretty much since we arrived here at about 10:30 this morning just waiting for a chance to go and see what has been left behind. live in napa, eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> all right. eric, thank you. lieutenant governor newsome was live and saying it's been extraordinary with klobuch extraordinary with that. >> i think we are making sure all the gaps are being filled and making sure in realtime we deal with the emergency and that's the suppression, but also be here after the cameras are gone, after you are gone, to make sure this community recovers to make sure people are compensated, to make sure we deal with the huge economic
4:34 pm
costs, not just loss of lives. >> also today gavin newsome tweeted saying our hearts are heavy and all those suffering during this devastating time. now hearing from the family of a santa rosa woman killed in the fire. 69 year old tunas moments after he discovered her body. sky 7 was in the air after he made that discovery and she described the phone conversation she had with her mom moments before she died. >> i hear the smoke alarms going off and she's coughing, coughing, and i'm telling her i love her and she tells me she is going to die. can't get out of her house. she's going to die. >> the children spent two days trying to find her mother. they searched 17 evacuation
4:35 pm
centers and called 12 hospitals but as they learned so painfully yesterday she never made it out of her home. >> well, the sonoma county sheriff's office is asking for information to people who may be looking for their loved ones evacuated from the sutter hospitals. this is video of patients being wheeled away from the kaiser facility in santa rosa. now to find evacuated patients call some of the numbers on your screen. kaiser perm neo-nazi the number is 855-599-0033. for sutter it's 797-543-4511. those numbers are post on the resources page of our website. abc 7 >> the coffey park neighborhood in santa rosa is scene of total devastation. >> yeah, these pictures are just unbelievable. sky 7 was over the neighborhood only a few minutes ago. enormity of the destruction here is staggering. and even from this vantage point
4:36 pm
it's hard to take in just how much was lost in the flames. not ha building standing and not a home left. >> santa rosa couple who just came back from honeymoon are among the hundreds of people who lost their homes in coffey park. their wedding presents and almost everything all gone. >> abc news reporter joining us live with this story. >> reporter: it is unbelievable. this is where the couple lived. the newly wedding in this coffey park neighborhood. this is not the way they envisioned their marriage starting. it was the picture perfect in the wine country and everything they dreamed of. but instead of basquing newly wed husband is heartbreaking. >> how finally happy it was to be home. >> reporter: just returned from
4:37 pm
2 week honeymoon in mexico, they went to sleep, but their dog started barking them alerting them to smoke. >> i knew something was going on, house on fire. >> when they say raining fire, that's what it looked like, winds were so gusty and embers flying every where. >> reporter: they quickly grabbed some things and driving away they thought they might be the last time. >> i don't know if molly didn't wake us up, i don't know what would have happened. >> reporter: later they sent a video their home in rubble wedding gifts gone, only thing recognizable is the garage door and mailbox. >> i don't know where to begin. how do you come back from that? >> i keep reminding her we are out and alive. this is horrible but we have the three, our three dogs with us and some people weren't lucky to
4:38 pm
get their animals up. >> reporter: the couple is staying with family. overwhelmed like so many others they face an uncertain future but grateful to have each other to hold onto. >> reporter: the neighborhood is still under evacuation orders. we have seen pg&e crews around here. we have also seen fire crews loorking for smoke. we have also seen police patrolling the area because they told us that they have had numerous people actually sneaking in and looting. and they want to make sure that that doesn't happen. pretty unbelievable the last thing this neighborhood needs. reporting live from santa rosa abc 7 news. >> thank you. number of school districts have been affected. most schools in sonoma county are closed except a few along the north coast. closures next week will be announced. in napa six classes resume next wednesday.
4:39 pm
calistoga joint unified school district is closed until next friday because of the city wide evacuation. and marin county public schools are closed because of staffing shortages. long road to recovery. thousands of homes lost. what that means for the future of housing here in the bay area. plus. >> get back to work? >> yes, absolutely. out of the ashes in santa rosa comes a story of generosity. the woman who found a stranger in need and came forward to help. >> smoky air continues to plague the bay area. we
4:40 pm
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as we have been reporting, the nuns fire has been doing a fire in glen ellen. i want you to look at the 5200 block. this is the google view before the fire. see this home there? see the vin yards over here?
4:42 pm
now i'll take you quickly after take a look around and see what there is. that little home down there with the white car, and here's another home, all right, so now you get the picture. it was quite lovely, really. so now i'm going to take you to how it looks after the fire with our 360 camera. we sent a producer to the same area, took a look at that, you can see that house is still there. but now as you go around you'll see what happened here. take a look. the vin yards are okay. but look at the homes. the one that you saw that was really cute, the little yellow one that was there, all destroyed. so this gives you an interesting look at what's happened there, devastating as it is, you get a sense of what people are returning to. and we have more of these on abc 7 news >> it's a luck of the way the
4:43 pm
wind blows and one stands and the other is destroyed. demand for housing victims is expected to go across the roof from novato to fairfield. looked at the short term as well as long-term impacts on the greater bay area housing market. >> reporter: over 3500 structures went up in smoke in the north bay. and when those people, those families stay in short term now with family and friends, start looking for a more permanent place when they rebuild, they'll face another harsh reality. >> right now we don't have any vacancies whatsoever. and so it was already bad before the fire started. >> reporter: vallejo is only 11 miles from napa and logical place to look for new homes. but little housing now. hand it's about to get worse. >> this is off the charts. i don't think we've ever seen this amount of displacement with so less inventory to absorb that displacement. >> reporter: the shortage of
4:44 pm
housing and the costs are about to become a big longer term problem. an example, this house, it burned to the ground three years ago here in benicia, still not rebuilt and livable. the problem is severe shortage of architects, contractors, and skilled labor. >> insurance company, they will only put resident up for two years in a comparable rental. so i mean i don't know what's going to happen now. i think the rents are going to sky rocket even more. 10% right off the bat. >> reporter: and those trying to buy or sell property in or near the fire zones will find many transactions are frozen. >> we currently have, you know, thousands of escrows currently active that in some of the renters have placed moratorium basically halting all loans so if they can identify if that property has been affected, directly affected by the fire. >> reporter: it's the same theme
4:45 pm
across all of solano county and other regions. housing shortage of epic proportions on the horizon. firefighters keeping close eye on weather forecast. so let's go to spencer. >> we'll start with live doppler 7. windy kins under sunny skies but with a lot of hazy from the fires. under the bay area dropping to mid to upper 40s, it's going to be farther north chile. in the southern most part of mendocino county and central part as well we have a frost in effect. that includes ukia. the freeze warning in effect with lows dropping into the upper 20s to low 30s. meanwhile, that you on friday,
4:46 pm
tomorrow up in ukia high of 74. all across our inland areas we'll see highs in mid-60s. right around the bay we'll see low 60s. next week we might get some rain. here's forecast starting next wednesday night into thursday a little frontal system moving our way that might produce some light rainfall hand hope for that. maybe it will belittle more than light rain. here's the seven-day forecast. we'll have a warm up with inland highs in the mid-80s but temperatures taper off to fall like weather next week. >> thank you. a good samaritan steps up to help a fire victim that lost everything. the connection that brought them together. >> many fire victims are finding they don't have cell service. just ahead important informati
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taking victoza® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. common side effects are nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, decreased appetite, indigestion, and constipation. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. ask your doctor about victoza®. this next story starts with great loss, but ends with great green osity. we met an iron worker who found out that the fire stole all his tools. >> but got help from a
4:50 pm
neighborhood. abc 7 news reporter was there as these two strangers connected. >> reporter: the recovery starts here. all his tools were destroyed on monday. abc 7 news interviewed him about his escape. >> i saw dana on the news. i was playing with my phone. and i heard iron worker and looked over and caught his last name. >> reporter: reached out via social media to let dana know she had a fool set of iron worker tools. they connected. and this morning they met at the euing house in san babb low. >> pablo. >> but there is something special about these tools, they belong to michael rebar work. >> reporter: he died at the age of 21 from colon cancer.
4:51 pm
his mom and dad knew his tools would be valuable to someone. because of the devastating fire in santa rosa, that person turned out to be dana. >> enough to get you back to work? >> absolutely. >> i am so glad. >> reporter: knew tofuture is u. but today he got a little bit back from the ashes. and a grieving mother did too. >> well, it was what michaelhael would have loved. and dana sounds like this is his passion, too. >> i'm proud to wear his tools and keep them in the steel. >> reporter: now that he has the tools he's ready to go back on the job on monday. >> communicating in and out of the fire zones can be tough. >> let's go to michael.
4:52 pm
because you have more on the difficu difficulties with cell phone service. >> right. they are getting towers set up. cell phone towers go down, you can still use your phone. let me show you exactly how. cell phone companies are working hard to restore coverage in fire areas, but still plenty of locations where cell is not available but wifi is. so here's how to use wifi calling. on an iphone click onset ings, o th settings, then scroll down to phone, then enter emergency services respond to call. if you have an android devoice, click on settings, then on the connections tab. next choose wifi calling. it will ask you to get started, and you must then agree to the terms and enter your emergency address. this again helps emergency services find you. now, here's one more thing.
4:53 pm
everyone is being urged to sign up for emergency alerts on their cell phones. this is easy if you know what to do. just text your zip code to 888-777. wait a moment. and you'll receive a confirmation text that you are signed up for emergency alerts. alerts are available in english and in spanish. now at&t is issuing credits and waiving additional chashs from october 9 through october 14th to hose in the impacted areas. company is also extending payment dates. so call at&t for the exact details in your situation. and if you use a different provider, make contact with them as well. a lot of them are really offering some deals to help people out. >> great information. michael. thank you. if you have weekend plns, you might want to double-check. >> several events have been canceled because of poor air quality. including a long anticipated fitness events.
4:54 pm
and dan what's coming up on abc news at 5:00. >> coming up next, how to pay for fighting these fires. the face off in congress. plus evacuating without power, that's not easy, what you need to do if your garage won't open. and smoke looming over the cal stadium what they are planning. all that and a lot more when kristen and i see you for abc 7 news at 5:00
4:55 pm
(hard exhalation) honey? can we do this tomorrow? (grunts of effort) can we do this tomorrow? if you have heart failure symptoms, your risk of hospitalization could increase,
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making tomorrow uncertain. but entresto is a medicine that was proven, in the largest heart failure study ever, to help more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren. if you've had angioedema while taking an ace or arb medicine, don't take entresto. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high potassium in your blood. ♪ tomorrow, tomorrow... ♪ when can we do this again, grandpa? well, how about tomorrow? ask your doctor about entresto and help make tomorrow possible. . with the bay area air quality deteriorating because of the wildfires, event organizers are scrambling to decide if they
4:57 pm
should move forward and keep their events in place or cancel them. one major event in san francisco has already been canceled. chris has that story. >> reporter: in the story has announced the cancelation of the two day event. race officials say the air quality was the biggest concern. runners will be issued a full refund and the event should return in 2018. says they will donate $25,000 to the local red cross to help with the fire relief efforts. also in north bay tough mudder has been canceled also. organizers also say the health and safety of the athletes played a role. they also want to free up resources such as first responders so they can help with the firefighting efforts. in the south bay the popular veterans car show has been canceled. the event which raises money for
4:58 pm
local vets was scheduled for saturday morning next to the hall. and octoberfest has also been canceled. officials making the announcement late this afternoon. big event typically draws thousands of people. we are keeping track of the cancelations online. abc 7 news. people dispoliced from the fire can check out the exploratorium for free. let me tell you about the footballs games going on as well. cal and washington state. that game is a go as of this afternoon. stanford california 8:00 p.m. on saturday. school in pack 12 are watching the forecast air quality. raiders will play on sunday. monitoring the situation. has not ruled out the part to be moved to levy stadium perhaps. and people displaced can go to
4:59 pm
exploratorium. same goes for academy of sciences, both offers through subpoenaed. thanks for joining us at abc news at 7. i'm larry. we have all suffered a trauma a we'll be a long time recovering. coming together around a trauma a as we learn of more homes lost. >> tubbs fire is marching forward in calistoga as some residents defy orders to leave. >> we are so lucky. within feet of destruction, how the fire takes out some homes and spares others. >> and smoke from all the fires fouling up flights from sfo all day long. bad air quality. i'll have a look at your weekend weather forecast coming up. now at 5:00 new video from
5:00 pm
the national guard dropping more than 60,000 gallons of water on the north pay fires. and these dramatic pictures posted by the guard. jaw dropping and devastating. take a look at the rows and rows of homes burned to the ground. >> amazing. good evening, i'm dan. >> and i'm kristen. thanks for joining us. we are bring that to you live when that happens for an update. >> there are 21 fires burning across california. so far 29 people have died. 15 of those in sonoma county. >> also in sonoma county the sheriff's office said it's received about 1,000 missing reports, 600 of those people have been located. though 400 people are in shelters in sonoma county. >> let's start with the biggest, tubbs fire that forced evacuation of the entire town


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