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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 12, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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county. all bun of the bay area fires less than 5% contained. >> dealing with active fire behavior, warning people to pay attention to social media and notifications from local authorities for possible notices of more evacuations. every fire rereceived influx of resources today. >> getting folks relieved that have been out there from beginning and getting them rest they need. hour by hour more resources pour in from around california. >> so far 29 deaths, 15 in sonoma county. >> just updated to 17. that's how quickly things are changing. hearing from sonoma county. >> six years old from santa rosa. lynn anderson powell, 72 years old from santa rosa.
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arthur tassman brant, 95 years old from santa rosa. soico grant, 75 years old from santa rosa. donna may hal birr, 80 years old from larkfield. peter haller about, evans, 75 years old from santa rosa. carmen brooez, 75 years old, vacationing here with family. michael john dornback. cal stoeg ga and veronica elizabeth mcconsumes, hearts and thoughts for the friends and family currently, 1,100 missing persons reported.
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we're whittling the list down, still 400 outstanding. we're going to continue what i mentioned this morning as target searches. working missing person list, going to specific houses to look for people as recovery search. as area cools and safer to go in, do more broader searches. reiterate the importance of calling 707-565-3856 to report people missing and also report them not missing when you find them. using resources to find them. keep us informed how it's working out. names i read will be posted on facebook in 15 minutes, information that i just gave you, that's what i have for you and i'm happy to answer questions. >> were the recent fatalities announced today, found in search and rescue operations that started this morning? or how were they found?
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>> not sure if this morning or last couple of days. this is the list we have identified of the 17. >> too early to talk about cause of death? inhalation or fire or --? >> i actually don't know. they may know them, i don't. >> what are the commonalities between the people dead if any? >> youngest person is 57 years old. bulk of them in 70s and 80s. so there is that commonality. other questions? >> geography? idea of where they were found? >> santa rosa, larkfield, really that area. >> in their houses? >> actually, some in houses,
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majority of them. one found next to a vehicle. >> what does that say to you in terms of not aware the fire coming? in bed, trying to get out? >> so hard to say with what i know. just sad. >> were they found when searching for people or just come across? >> bulk found in targeted searches because people called with enough information we felt we needed to look for them or reported them missing and we tracked backwards enough where we realized we had to look for them. again had to be cool so we could get into the spot. there was enough evidence in last couple of days to look for someone but it was too hot. we thought had someone but had to wait to cool.
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for one reason or another we were sent to house and found them. >> detailing the process by which they've been trying to eliminate people from the missing list. still a great number of people reported missing. doesn't mean they've had something horrible happen to them, that they've died. methodically going through to make sure everyone unaccounted for is accounted for. entire city of callis toga is still under evacuation order. napa county. >> throughout our travels, people asking what is going on on front lines. show you right now. on mt. st. helena.
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this is okay according to cal fire. trying to keep fire on that side of the roadway. only been one breach but as we speak, firefighters raced up the hill to put out a hot spot. >> today is a different day. it's a good day for us. >> reporter: first time since sunday's disastrous fires move in, napa county officials see a glimmer of progress in multipronged attack, gained a small measure of containment. >> we're going to get through this together. we're seeing some good news. and we will have better days for sure. >> this is a mandatory evacuation. your presence in calistoga is not welcome if you're not a first responder. >> reporter: mayor is making it clear. mandatory evacuation in his town
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is still very much in force. >> your choice to stay and been few of them, is distraction to first responders. you will notife safety support at this point. you are on your own. >> reporter: this is the reason. about three miles outside of town, encroaching tubbs fire which continues to march along mostly unabated. >> fires had progressed. come to the edge of highway 29, one of our main priorities, hold highway 29. slopped over in one spot. >> reporter: still some residents decided to stay, defying mandatory evacuation order, they say to protect their homes and their neighbors. >> i love this city, i'm a transplant, i'll take ownership. been here 2 1/2 years and i'll be damned if i'm not going to save any of those homes. >> please keep us in our
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thoughts, those out there scattered around, stay strong. thank you. >> reporter: again, seeing this kind of flame fire all along highway 29. don't see firefighters working on this right now dan and kristen, it's a matter of priorities. we've seen all week, enormity of the fires and event have firefighters spread thin. going to let stuff like this go but focus on making sure this fire doesn't jump this highway. live, laura anthony, abc7 news. atlas fire is creeping into sole awnno county, putting people on edge. jonathan bloom with the latest. >> reporter: firefighters from california and five other states are battling the atlas fire and right now starting to get a handle on it. second most active part of the
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fire is in solano county. as result, 2,500 people have been evacuated, so far no one has died and sheriff wants to keep it that way. >> please be prepared to leave at moment's notice. >> reporter: if you're in path of the fire, pack your bags. state senator bill dodd knows first hand. >> you're not getting back in, you need to pack. i wish i had that note before i left. >> reporter: preparing just in case even though making progress. >> winds are calming down, weather is turning into more favorable conditions for us to get on the ground and fight the fire. >> reporter: 90% have heeded the mandatory evacuation order. a few remain. >> i have amazing neighborhood and friends. supporting each other. being home with them. >> reporter: some say heavy
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is dprk. >> we're not up in the mountains. >> sumo some left sprinklers running on the roof. one spoke through security camera. >> came home, packed up and decided to head out. >> reporter: cobbled together a system of lawn sprinklers. >> less than ideal but tells me i did everything i could possibly do to help save >> you can say you're not going to go but when it comes close, you're going to go. >> reporter: if you have to leave, remember to bring your medications. whole bottle, not a couple of day's worth and medications for pets. firefighters are hopeful there will be no more mandatory voigss but for the ones in place, not ready to guess when they will be
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lifted. abc7 news. mandatory evacuation orders in effect for parts of gaiserville, including river rock casino. it closed just after midnight monday and unsafe. flew by the area. smoke in background but don't see our cars or people. casino so far untouched by the fire. >> mendocino county, redwood a a patter fires 70% contained. live with closer look at conditions in mendocino county in ukiah. >> reporter: this has been going on all evening. still taking in water for the fire victims here. school has been closed all week. gymnasium of the high school turned into a shelter and again right now, two fires burning at
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5% containment. and this levelled mendocino community, only lively sound is frome cutting crews, focused on chopping down unstable burned trees to prevent further destruction from wildfire. >> got here probably 2:00 a.m. we woke up about 1:00 to 1:15 a.m. and people were calling us. family members from potter valley where it started to wake us up. >> reporter: made it out of the neighborhood, their home spared but tim smith is processing the devastation around his property. neighbors lost everything. >> it's not really hit me yet. running around putting out spot fires around our neighborhood, making sure we were good. >> reporter: battling two fires in mendocino county. eight people have died, 8,000 others displaced but situation is changing by the day.
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>> today eight fatalities and unfortunately i'm telling you tomorrow once confirmation will happen, number will go up. >> reporter: briefed on the latest and aid for victims. we caught up with evacuees from porter valley. chris mccourt feels grateful to have an ray fosse v in this cam. >> heard that friend lost her home. made me sad. >> most of the people in the camp know each other but formed a tighter bond from this experience. number of people unaccounted for missing. there is a number you can call with information to leave about this. 707-467-6428. call that number to report somebody you believe it missing. we'll have more information on the ongoing fires in mendocino on
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facebook page. >> crews have made progress in clearlake. sulfur fire is 45% contained and officials lifted some mandatory evacuation orders in clearlake oaks. >> turned into a resource for fire information. evacuation orders closed schools, donation centers, wineries that burned and how you can help people whose lives are turned upside down. >> so many remarkable stories from the tragedy. including this one, newlywed couple who returned from honeymoon the night the fire started. >> tons of smoke and really fast wind. >> hear what they grabbed as
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they fled their home just before it burned down. many north bay residents lost homes and others their jobs. what you need to do to get state benefits. spencer christian, today's red flag warning expired, new one soon going into effect. accuweather forecast coming up as abc7 news at 6:00 continues.
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it's time for our fall sale on the only bed that adjusts on your sleep number setting.omfort does your bed do that? and right now queen sleep number beds start at just $699. save $200 during the final days our fall sale. ends sunday. bad air quality is evident across the bay area, probably where you live. direct result of the fires.
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droneview7 above san francisco. >> 360 degree view. you can see all parts of san francisco equally bad, even with orange tint throughout the sky in certain hours. >> it's been a little bit better in some spots today but not great in others. spencer will update. >> pretty bad. live doppler 7, you can't see clearly on the image how thick the smoke is but it's been with us in all regions of the bay area and remains and dragged air quality way down. view from emeryville towards golden gate at golden sunset about to develop. 60 degrees in san francisco, 62 across in oakland. mid to upper 60s in mountain view and san jose, 55 in half moon bay. exploratorium camera in san francisco, you can see the
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thick smoke. mid to upper 60s in santa rosa, napa, ve70 at livermore. east bay hills camera. smoke-filled air for the next few days. winds increase tomorrow afternoon prompting another red flag warning. it's calm in some locations now. 5:00 tomorrow afternoon, winds, already picked up a bit. saturday morning gusting 20 to 35 miles an hour generally across the bay area. stronger at times in highest elevations. tapering off late saturday into saturday night when the next high fire danger warning expires. now another warning in effect
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until 11:00 p.m. saturday for much of the north bay, good portion of the east bay. wind gusts 40 to 60 miles an hour with dangerously now humidity. 10% to 20%. low temperatures, mid to upper 40s and tomorrow hazy sunshine, low 60s at coast and mainly low 70s at bay and oakland, mid to upper 70s in warmest inland locations. air quality remains unhealthy every except santa clara, poor. and south central bay saturday. potential good news for next week. forecast animation starting wednesday evening, a frontal system from gulf of alaska that could produce light rain in north bay on thursday, then out
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of here. accuweather seven-day forecast. big warm-up coming our way sunday and morning, actually begins on saturday. really increases on sunday and monday. highs near 90 degrees inland on monday. low 80s on the bay, low to mid-70s on the coast and gradual cooling trend after that. >> too bad it's so gradual. need it now. >> you're right. next, live to sfo. >> with ♪ with the alaska airlines visa signature card you get a companion ticket every year. so why not take someone that you see all the time. someone like, i dunno, me? i mean i always spell your name right and put a little unicorn in your foam. no pressure but i really need to get out of here.
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all right. let's give you a live look at san francisco international airport where hundreds of flights were affected by north bay wildfires for a second day in a row now. cancellations and lots of delays. >> david lucy is live. >> reporter: one in four flights delayed by smoke in the air. 75 to 90-minute delays. inside the terminals, arrivals and departures indicating lots of cancellations too. 102 so far. visibility has been consistent
6:25 pm
seven miles all day long. sfo usually handles 60 flights per hour but cut in half today. airlines implemented cancel and combine plan. >> airlines will typically look at high frequency markets with a large number of flights and may attempt to cancel one and combine with the next. if airline operates hourly flights to los angeles might cancel the 3:00 p.m. flight and combine with the 4:00 p.m. flight. >> always delays at this airport, principal problem with san francisco but it's great city nonetheless. >> reporter: smoke prevents two aircraft from landing at the same time on adjacent parallel runways because of the visibility. gauge whether or not it's going to cause delays, if they can't see san mateo bridge, they know they're in for delays.
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david louie. abc7 news. >> guy fieri is doing his part to feed evacuees. helping salvation army to provide meals. serving lunch and dinner through the weekend. set up kitchens at santa rosa veterans memorial building. served on site and distributed to two other centers. coming up next, i-team's dan noyes joins us with investigation int
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at the top of the hour we brought you a live update from the sonoma county sheriff. announced two more deaths, bring the total to 17 and statewide total to 31. >> now 1,100 missing persons reports. 745 located safely. mayor of santa rosa said more than 2,800 homes and apartments and newest fire station had been destroyed. >> communication is big issue with loss of power and cell phone service. towers down. california office of emergency services said 77 cell towers were damaged. 64 have been restored. >> and we have just learned that napa authorities are lifting a mandatory evacuation order
6:30 pm
affecting silverado country club and other areas. >> also identified ten of the fire victims in their carol collins swasey. lynne anderson powell. arthur tasman grant. >> and suiko grant. donna mae halbur from larkfield. >> leroy peter halbur. valerie lynn evans from santa rosa. carmen caldentey >> was vacationing here. michael john dornbach and
6:31 pm
veronica elizabeth mccombs, all confirmed to have perished. >> ten of the 17. seven not given due to notification of kin. confirmed two other victims through families. christina hanson and linda tunis from santa rosa. >> investigating whether downed power lines sparked the fires along with other causes. pg&e has been fine before for lack of maintenance on trees near lines that caused deadly wildfires. >> dan noyes with more. >> first acknowledge all the pg&e workers who do a great job keeping the lights on but telling me that downed lines, high winds and overgrown trees were deadly combination.
6:32 pm
power lines on meyers drive in santa rosa were failing. you see what, what is going through your mind? >> panicked at first. >> took this video from safety of his home. >> terrifying. trying to remain calm. >> caught ryan on the roof of his house clearing dry leaves with girlfriend. very close call. >> starting to be fall. dry leaves around. could have hit one of the house and just gone up. >> downed power lines and exploding transformers may have played a role in the fires as heard from emergency recordings on sunday night. >> sen 37 maverick. >> where homes and lives were lost. >> hazardous conditions, possibly transformer explosion. >> several pg&e line workers tell me they believe hurricane
6:33 pm
level winds pushed trees into power lines and they failed and pg&e needs to do a better job keeping them cut back. this is meyers drive today. >> i understand some information was put into the press by employees. >> responded to the report quoting the pg&e workers. >> it's all speculation and rumors. >> reads in part these destructive winds along with millions of trees weakened by years of drought and recent renewed vegetation all contributed. >> when they say weakened trees, that's the very responsibility they have to identify a weakened tree and remove it before it strikes a power line. >> frank petrie filed some of the lawsuits pending against pg&e for the butte fire in 2015,
6:34 pm
destroyed more than 500 homes and killed two people. public utilities commission fined pg&e $8.3 million for failing to cut back a pine tree that counted a power line and sparked that fire. petrie sees similarities. >> failure of the lines or equipment more likely than not causedor contributed to the cause of the fire. >> we're posting pg&e's statement on and line workers tell me customers object to trees being cut back. there's blame to go around. investigation has a long way to go. firefighters are growing weary after long days and no end in site. one on the front lines of the atlas blaze described how crew couldn't reach camp for food and
6:35 pm
water. sent to friend. covering structurures deep in the hills here. i do believe there isn't access to get to us. we haven't been down to the flats since monday and won't know until morning if we're getting relief. two bag lunges to get through day. chapstick and wet wipes would help if we can't get to base camp. looking for some tech new. then curses the poison oak. do what you can for these communities. they come first before our needs. santa rosa couple just back from honeymoon among hundreds to have lost house to fire. >> all belongings just gone. >> reporter: couple lives in this neighborhood, home is unrecognizable. for blocks everything is black, burned and flattened. it was picture-perfect wedding in wine country.
6:36 pm
oscar and katie couldn't wait to start life together as husband and wife. marketing and nurse. >> worked so hard to get to this point. first paycheck as nurse i put towards moving into this house and making it a home. >> reporter: just returned from two week honeymoon in mexico, went to sleep but dog molly started barking, alerting them to smoke filling the house. >> realized something was bad, something going on. woke her up. there's a house on fire. >> honestly if molly hadn't woke us ep, i don't know what would have happened. fire alarm didn't go off or anything. >> reporter: grabbing extra change of clothes, camera and wedding jewelry. knew might be last time to see home standing. >> everything engulfed in flames and embers flying down. opened car door, going into the
6:37 pm
car and trying to put them out with my hands. >> reporter: once the fire swept through, friend sent them video of the home in rubble. all the wedding gifts gone. only things recognizable are the garage door and mailbox. >> just don't know where to begin. how do you come back from that? >> i kept reminding her, we're out, alive. this is horrible but we have our three dogs with us. some people weren't lucky to get animals out. >> reporter: staying with family for the short-term, overwhelmed, like so many others, face uncertain future but grateful to have each other to hold on to. abc7 news. >> is where you'll find a complete list of the impacts of the fire, along with current evacuation orders, school closures and lot of people have been asking for ways to help.
6:38 pm
>> resources on the site. close eye on air quality. south beach camera in san francisco. >> you can tell, still a lot of smoke in how's it going down there? that's good. lica misses you. i'm over it though. (laughter) that's fine. i miss her more than you anyway. ♪ ♪ hey, my window is closing. yeah that's okay. alright miles. i love you. (phone hangs up) ♪ ♪ yeah i love you too. ♪ ♪
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a number of school districts have been affected by fires in napa and sonoma county. most schools closed. closures for next week will be announced by 4:00 p.m. sunday.
6:41 pm
in napa six districts resume wednesday. napa valley college back on tuesday. calistoga unified district is closed to next friday because of the evacuation. and closed because of the staffing shortages. >> so many people asking about what is happening with safari west in the hills in santa rosa. all the park's animals doing fine following a close call when flames approached. >> owner stayed to water down the enclosures. winds blowing around 80 miles an hour and came from this hill and literally blew right across the top of us. had fires on all of our fringe but didn't hit our building or animals. >> good to hear. safari west's owner said at least 12 of the 75 employees lost their homes in the fire.
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lost their homes in the fire. michael finney offers (dog panting) another 2am stroll, huh? i'm worried. i have this medical bill. dave, you have anthem, and they have people to talk to who are empowered to help answer any question you... (dog grunting, panting) is... is he okay? real people? living and breathing. hopefully not breathing like that. for all the things that keep you up at night, anthem blue cross has a solution.
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the need for basic necessities continues to grow
6:45 pm
for fire victims but incredibly people who lost things themselves have stepped up to help. he's standing in what was his bedroom. this was his kitchen. appliances and his garage here. and mark is fortunate because can stay with girlfriend michelle fowler and they're turning grief into action now. spent thousands at costco buying blankets to pillows to socks and michelle and her friend bob by linz went to shoe palace that donated 400 pairs of shoes and 100 backpacks all crammed into michelle's car. planning to drive to shelters tomorrow to deliver the supplies. they hope more people and businesses join them and extend a helping hand in the long recovery process. >> it will be so long but people are jumping into action. people displaced by fires check
6:46 pm
out exploratorium in san francisco for free. check in at ticket booth. nice diversion, something to do. same for the california academy of sciences in golden gate park, good through sunday the 15th. all sports teams. warriors, a's, et cetera are joining together to raise money for the fire victims. started this youcaring page. current total is 506,000 dollars. fans are stepping up to join the teams. all money going to the red cross. you can text to red cross. text redcross to 90999 or call the number on your screen to
6:47 pm
volunteer. 707-577-7600. >> many of those who lost homes also lost livelihoods. businesses burned to the ground putting workers out of work at least temporarily. >> but michael finney is saying may be eligible for state benefits. >> and quicker than before. so many things gone. offices, hotels, wineries. many employees lost homes and jobs but may qualify for a range of benefits and quicker than usual. as fires continue to burn, grappling with dual problem of no home, no job. fountaingrove inn gathered people together today. management is providing final paychecks and beyond that the state offers benefits. edd is waiving the usual
6:48 pm
seven-day waiting period to claim unemployment benefits for those who lost a job in disaster zones. may be eligible up to half lost wages. fastest to apply online. those injured may be eligible for disability benefits. obtain the forms on the edd website. if you take time off work to care for family members injured in the fires, may be eligible for paid family leave benefits. kids, parents, grandparents, in-laws and domestic partners all included. centers open in the zone will be offering help in applying and help finding new job. i posted all the information on my facebook page. check it out. its hard to miss. if you have questions or need help. my hotline is open monday through
6:49 pm
and get to me via facebook. smoky air is noticeable all across the bay area. >> this is by justin in san francisco, sun obscured by smoke and helena shared this view of hazy skies. >> both find the photos and share the shots. >> taking interesting pictures but spencer, it needs to stop. >> haze will be with us into the weekend. overnight, mainly clear skies above. but to our north in mendocino county, a frost advisory in effect for southern portion of the county including ukiah. going to drop to freezing and freeze warning in effect for northern portion of the county, upper 20s to low 30s.
6:50 pm
tomorrow everybody will warm up a bit. high temperatures in ukiah around 74 and most of the inland areas. low 70s near the bay and 60s on the coast. big warm-up coming sunday and monday. upper 80s to 90 inland and low 80s around the bay. going to feel like summer all over again, not necessarily good with this high fire danger. >> thank you spencer. as you well know, thousands of people have lost homes in the fires. >> and soon will have
6:51 pm
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the scale of this disaster is hard to understand. more than 3,500 structures went up into flame and smoke in the north bay. >> and when they start looking for permanent place to rebuild, going to face another harsh reality. >> leslie brinkley explains. >> reporter: thousands of homes in ashes. temporary stay at relative's house or hotel will soon leave many who lost it all to look for
6:54 pm
another home or apartment near schools and work. >> obviously going to start getting calls from people looking for alternate places to live. >> i think will be a housing shortage. i don't even have vacancies, as soon as i get one, it's gone in hot second. >> reporter: vallejo is close to napa and logical place to look for new apartments or homes but little housing stock now and about to get worse. >> it's off the charts, i don't know if we've ever seen this amount of displacement with so little inventory to absorb it. >> supply and demand. it's going to get that much higher. >> reporter: rebuilding will take a long time. example, this house. burned to the ground three years ago here in ben eeshia, and
6:55 pm
still not rebuilt. problem is shortage of architects, contractors and skilled labor. many insurance companies only put people up in comparable housing for two years. then it's out of pocket. right now thousands of escrows in jeopardy in and near the fire zone. >> there's been a halt of issuing insurance certificates for the homes impacted in the area and as of now, don't have any information on when those restrictions will be released. >> reporter: rents are expected to skyrocket. >> 10%, right off the bat. >> reporter: same theme across the county and neighboring regions, housing crisis of epic proportions on the horizon. >> join us later tonight. >> we have crews across the north bay, bring you you latest
6:56 pm
on the wildfires and new evacuation orders. >> coming up tonight at 8:00, "grey's anatomy," "scandal," "how to get away with murder" and abc7 news at 11:00. >> jimmy kimmel live with kate hudson and jared padalecki. >> look for breaking news on appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze. get the latest on your and abc7 news app. >> have a good rest of your evening. look at beautiful sunset, it does reflect what is happening, particulate matter in air from the wildfires. see you at 11:00.
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