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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 13, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning. it is 5:00 a.m. and the north bay fires continue to grow. the death toll still rising. >> the ten fires burning have now burned 126,000 acres. that is 7% contained. >> the tubbs fire scorched nearly 35,000 acres, also 10% contained. in mendocino county the redwood/potter fires 34,000 acres. 10% contained there. 31 have died, 17 in sonoma county. 5:00 a.m. friday, october 13th. live team coverage this morning kicking it off with drew tuma in
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for mike nicco. calm winds today. air quality is unhealthy across the majority of the region once again. and little in the way of improving air on saturday as well. numbers right now mainly 40s and 50s. we have chilly spots like gilroy and ukiah in the upper 30s. a look at your winds today they're pretty light. what we're watching later tonight and early saturday morning they're going to increase greatly with winds over 30 miles per hour in the north bay. so your 12-hour planner is all about the smoky conditions, the haze in the sky, temperatures will mainly be in the 70s later on this afternoon. that's weather. a check of traffic with sue. good morning. good morning, everyone. happy friday. we've got some situations out there for you to be aware of. a tour bus and a sedan mixing it up on the right lane, southbound 680 near andrade. traffic is continuing to stack up to highway 84 with about a
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25-minute delay there. eastbound 24 still in the clearing stages. they have this earlier truck fire. the tow truck is there trying to get it out of the right bore. fortunately it is in the reverse commute direction but a sig alert is still in effect and some road closures still due to the north bay fires. we'll update that in a few minutes. >> there is a neighborhood where many are refusing to leave. >> this is nestled between two fires as you can see in this map. some people are taking a stand to try and stay and save their homes. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield live this morning. amy? >> reporter: hi, reggie, it's quiet this morning. it looks like the homeowners felt confident enough to walk away from their posts and get some sleep. they did a lot of work beforehand to protect their homes. look at all the equipment they brought in, a big water truck so
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they could hose down the homes and brought in a backhoe to carve out defensible space. one of the homeowners is a retired battalion chief with the san bruno fire department. he is determined to stay. >> as a firefighter i know i can make a stand. we're not going to cut and run. this is my sandbox. i've done this for 30 years. >> reporter: the smoke and flames are less than two miles away. this sonoma neighborhood has been ordered to evacuate. he says if the winds pick up and the fire starts pushing this way that he will leave. police have said they can't force people to leave. they do have the right to stay. reporting live in sonoma, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> we wish them all the luck in the world. amy, thank you. mandatory evacuation orders remain in effect for thousands of people. take a look at a map that google created that shows exactly where the evacuation areas are located. we'll pull it up now. you'll see areas are highlighted
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in red. the largest are near napa, north of santa rosa and in the redwood valley. you can find a list of the evacuation zones, maps, and centers on our website or news app. these are heartbreaking stories. the sheriff releasing more names of people who died in the fires. 80-year-old leroy halbur and donna halbur, carmen berriz was vacationing in the north bay with her family at the time, michael john dornbach. from santa rosa veronica elizabeth mccombs, carol collins-swasey, lin anderson powell, valeri lynn evans and arthur as it man grant and his wife suiko grant. about 400 people remain unaccounted for in sonoma county. firefighters in the north bay are getting rest after an influx of resources has just arrived. >> take a look at the photos of the sebastopol fire department getting some rest. a u.s. forest service crew spent
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36 straight hours fighting the atlas fire. 36 hours. they are assigned individual shelters in which they can rest and recuperate. >> we have tents here, portable showers, a mobile kitchen unit, feed them on site, try to get them as much rest and calories as we possibly can. >> crews will wake up by 7:00 a.m. and then eat breakfast and get their briefing before heading back to the fire lines by 8:00. among the firefighters on the front lines 3,800 california inmates. the state department of corrections and rehabilitation says those with low security risk are assigned to 43 fire camps across the state now all volunteers helping cut containment lines. and this morning already we have a warning from napa police. you'll want to listen up if your home is one of the lucky ones still standing. they've issued precautions for
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homes spared. they say when you return don't bring children or pregnant women into areas with ash until it is completely cleaned up. also wear protective gear like goggles, heavy work gloves, steel toed boots and long sleeves. here are other tips. don't breathe in the ash. it can irritate your respiratory system. watch for debris such as broken glass and nails and get a tetanus shot if you have not had a booster in the last ten years. if you lost power during the fires, authorities strongly recommend you get rid of the contents of your refrigerator or freezer. back to you of and in accuweather we do have some chilly spots. the majority of the region waking up to temperatures in 40s and 50s. napa right now down to 35 degrees and ukiah down to 39 this hour. we'll take you into mendocino county where we do have until 9:00 this morning. frost advisories and freeze warnings are in effect for the
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chilly temperatures. some spots in the upper 20s to low to mid-30s over the next couple of hours. air quality certainly another big issue again today. later on it will get even worse than it is right now. it's poor to unhealthy at this current time but later on today it will be unhealthy across much of the entire bay area. humidity levels, we're doing pretty well in the north bay right now. humidity levels are rather high this hour and they will stay like this over the next couple of hours. great news for firefighters along with the high humidity, the winds are cooperating as well. they're generally calm to less than 5 miles per hour across the entire region. gusts, though, the next 24 hours will be changing. we'll walk you through the north bay and it stays calm through the afternoon. as we head to late tonight and early saturday morning those winds are going to increase once again gusting over 20 miles per hour and that wind direction coming out of the north once again will send more smoke from
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these fires from the north bay into the rest of the bay area. high fire danger once again. in the north bay hills and the east bay hills starting at 5:00 later on today a similar story with the wind advisory. the winds will pick up out of the north, could gust higher than 50 miles an hour. highs today mainly in the 60s and 70s. the big takeaway that air quality unhealthy once again. that's weather. a check of the roads with sue. good morning. good morning, drew. good morning, everyone. better news. we had an earlier sig alert eastbound caldecott tunnel. it was a semitruck that caught fire this morning blocking the right bore. that has now been cleared. no delays getting through. both bores heading in the eastbound direction are wide open and the westbound commute direction is looking great so far at 5:08. not so good on the sunol grades near andrade. a tour bus and sedan in the right lanes. traffic is stacked up to sunol. there is about a 20-minute delay
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southbound on 680 and also road closures, of course, due to the north bay fires, just one of the many, highway 128 from st. helena toward winters. both blocked and through calistoga 128 and is 29. heads up there and we'll update these as they become available. sue just mentioned this but the breaking news this morning we had a dump truck fire in the caldecott tunnel and it was in bore number one. you can see the images we got. it's the front end that is charred. broke out in fire after midnight. emergency crews say accessing the fire was not easy at all. the crews when they got there initially the tunnel was blocked with traffic and they had to physically walk in. they couldn't take their truck in there. they say once they saw the fire, the chp closed all the lanes of eastbound traffic on highway 24 to get cars to turn around and
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get out of that tunnel. >> contact with the driver and he said there was a small fire that started in the engine compartment as he stopped to see what it was it took over the whole truck. >> no one was hurt. the tunnel's vent system was activated to remove all the smoke. back to you. >> thank you. a newlywed couple from santa rosa lost all their belongings in the fire. you'll hear how they made a narrow escape. and those who helped hurricanes harvey and irma will help victims of the wildfire here in the bay area. what they're bringing from out what they're bringing from out of
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this is an incredibly touching story out of santa rosa and san pablo. >> 27-year-old dana hanson is an ironworker. he not only lost his home in coffey park, he lost his tools he needs for his livelihood. abc 7 news interviewed him about his escape. >> michael ewing of san pablo saw that interview and reached out through social media. she wanted to give him the ironworker tools that her son, also named michael, left behind after he died of colon cancer. >> it's like a testimonial to michael and what he loved and dana sounds like this is his passion, too. >> i'm proud to wear his tools and keep them on the steel. >> hanson says now that he has
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michael's tools he is going to be ready to go back to work on monday. a santa rosa couple who just came back from their honeymoon is among the hundreds who lost everything they own. >> all the wedding presents and belongings are gone. abc 7 has their story. >> reporter: the couple lives in this neighborhood. their home is unrecognizable. for blocks everything is black, burned, and flattened. it was the picture perfect wedding set in wine country, oscar and katie couldn't wait to start their lives together as husband and wife. the groom works in marketing while the bride is a nurse in santa rosa. >> just worked so hard to get to this point, the very first paycheck as a nurse, i put it towards moving into this house. and making it a home. >> reporter: they just returned from a two-week honeymoon in mexico. they went to sleep that night but their dog molly started barking, alerting them to smoke filling their house.
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>> i realized something was bad. something was going on so i woke her up. there's a house on fire. >> honestly, if molly hadn't woke us up i don't know what would have happened. because our fire alarm didn't go off or anything. >> reporter: they quickly started grabbing an extra change of clothes, camera, and wedding jewelry. driving away they knew it may be the last time they saw their home standing. >> everything was completely engulfed in flames and the embers were just flying down. when i opened up my car door they were going in. i tried to put out the red embers so it wouldn't catch my car on fire. >> reporter: a friend sent them video of their home now in rubble. all the wedding gifts gone. the only things recognizable are the garage door and the mailbox. >> i don't know where to begin. how do you come back from that? >> i kept reminding her we're out, we're alive. this is really horrible but we have our three dogs with us and
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some people weren't lucky to get their animals out. >> reporter: the couple is staying with family in rohnert park. overwhelmed like so many others they face an uncertain future but are grateful to have each other to hold on to. in santa rosa, abc 7 news. >> operation barbecue relief is deploying to feed the victims and the first responders affected by the wildfires. the organization provides meals to displaced residents and emergency personnel during times of disaster and now they're coming to napa and sonoma. they'll start cooking today. the organization usually averages 3,000 to 4,000 meals a day and they do this around the clock. operation barbecue relief is expected to be there for a week and you can help. a $25 donation will provide 25 meals during a disaster. we're posting a link on our website, >> air quality officials say the
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smoky air is both unhealthy and unprecedented. it prompted the closure of schools in mt. diablo and the east bay campus in concord. doctors say it can harm your lungs if you have a pre-existing condition. >> this is the worst i've ever seen and tit tishas hit the bay ever had. >> if it gets much worse are we going to have to move out of the area to get where it's not so smoky. >> and to protect yourself you should be wearing a mask and you want to look for n-95 written on that mask. if you can, stay indoors. bay area hospitals have been treating people for breathing problems. we know of 24 cases across san francisco, another seven in observing, and nine in berkeley. i will bring intu. dre this is important to heed this warning. >> it really is. this is day number five we've had unhealthy air quality across the entire region.
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the number one question, can i take my pets out for a quick walk. i think that's okay. keep it limited, keep it short. that is not going to be improving the next 24 to 48 hours. issues in the north bay, visibility down to three miles. smoke in the air from the north bay and that is not going anywhere anytime soon. you can see it's unhealthy to poor and it's just a gradual release of the smoke back up to the north and it's not until monday that even our best air quality is moderate and that's in the south bay. current numbers out there right now, 40s and 50s across much of the region. napa right now it's a chilly 35 in ukiah, currently 39 degrees.
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winds right now are light to calm. this is great news for firefighters in the north bay but as we take you through the next couple of hours, future tracker wind gusts especially late tonight into early saturday morning those winds are going to increase once again by 1:00 saturday morning especially around napa, fairfield, those winds will be gusting at or over 30 miles per hour and once again it will be a north wind so that will take that smoke from the north bay and send it south once again across the entire region and those winds don't let up until saturday afternoon. highs across the region. air quality across the entire region. overnight tonight we'll have a little bit of haze in our atmosphere. it does turn windy near midnight and into the early morning hours. smoky skies at least through sunday and then all eyes on next thursday where we could have a chance of showers especially in the north bay.
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that's weather. a check of the roads with sue. good morning. coming up on 5:20 this morning. if you're just joining us an earlier sig alert in the caldecott tunnel with a truck fire it's out, it's clear, it's gone and eastbound lanes are now open. westbound has never been affected so that's the commute direction. better news there. not so good on the sunol grade near andrade. a tour bus and a car got into it on the right lanes and now traffic is stacked up before highway 84. delays building up to 25 minutes now to get towards fremont southbound on the sunol grade. let's go up to the wine country where we have these road closures, highways 29 and 128 through calistoga remain closed due to the firefighting efforts and we also have road closures, these are primarily off and on ramps from 101. 101 remains open through santa rosa. mendocino off ramp and the hopper off ramp southbound from 101. those all remain closed. updates coming your way in a few
5:21 am
minutes. all right, sue, thank you. and we are learning the widow of the "peanuts" creator charles schulz escaped the flames but lost the home they shared. "the press democrat" reports jean schulz led her home around 2:00 monday morning. schulz's son, craig, also lost his home in santa rosa. the schulz museum and research center were untouched by the fire. we have turned into a resource for fire information. you'll find a list of evacuation orders, closed schools, donation centers, wineries that burned, and how you can help fire victims. that's at coming up next, the seven things you need to know as you start your day. and why blood blanks need people outside the fire zones to donate. donate.
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wildfires is up to 31 and officials say 17 of the victims died in the sonoma county fires. the ten fires burning have now charred more than 126,000 acres. >> and, number two, in accuweather tracking the winds over the next 24 hours. they remain rather light through the afternoon but what we are watching late tonight into early saturday morning the winds gusting over 20 miles an hour once again. number three, if you can, you want to stay indoors today. the bay area air quality district says the air will be unhealthy almost all of the bay area because of the smoke from the fires. number four, from the live desk a number of school districts have been affected by the fires in napa and sonoma counties. some a little further away like marin and contra costa counties. a full list on our website, new video those just how
5:25 am
fast flames spread overnight, sunday into monday in the coffey park neighborhood. you can see homes on fire no matter which direction you look. number six this dump truck fire blocked traffic in a bore of the caldecott tunnel overnight. it broke out shortly after midnight. the vent system was activated to remove smoke. no reported injuries. and number seven, that truck accident in the caldecott is fully cleared now and eastbound bore is open. we do have an accident on the sunol grade involving a tour bus southbound 680 near andrade. the blood centers are urging people not in the fire zone to give blood. >> several centers in the fire zone are simply closed right now. the donation center in industrial drive will remain shut down through sunday a. warehouse in santa rosa survived intact along with blood mobiles and supplies. the donation center in napa is closed for the rest of the week. the one in fairfield is expected
5:26 am
to reopen today. >> if you'd like to donate text the word red cross to 90999. you can also call the number on your screen, 707-577-7600 if you want to volunteer. >> another 90 full minutes of news including the steps library is taking today. >> here is a live look outside. dealing with disaster where you live takes nonstop info. evacuations, school and road closures, neighborho
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firefighters are making strides in battling the ten north bay fires. the tubbs fire in santa rosa has grown to nearly 35,000 acres, now 10% contained. >> the atlas fire burning in napa and sonoma counties has
5:29 am
scorched nearly 44,000 acres. it's at 7% containment. >> officials increased the death toll to 31 now. 17 victims found in sonoma county. unfortunately, those numbers are expected to keep going up. good morning. it is friday, october 13. coming up on 5:30. we hope that today is a better day for firefighters. it looks like that will remain the case for a little while. >> much of today will have calm news. air quality, though, a big issue once again not only today but tomorrow. 48-hour air quality forecast poor to unhealthy air across the entire region. spare the air day in effect today and also tomorrow. winds remain light through much of the day. the evening hours it will turning a little breezy but what we are watching late tonight into early saturday morning those winds will become active once again especially around napa and fairfield gusting over 30 miles an hour and that wind direction will send more smoke
5:30 am
south into much of the bay area. here's your 12-hour day planner. that sun is up at 7:16. another hazy day with the smoke in the sky and temperatures mainly in the 70s later on today. that's weather. check out the roads with sue. we have a couple of problem spots. first the sunol grade near andrade. we had a tour bus and a sedan get into it. right lanes are blocked. the tow truck is trying to get on scene. big delays heading southbound on the sunol into fremont. napa area northbound 29 near eucalyptus two lanes blocked. i believe that's all there is near american canyon near eucalyptus and that, too, is in the clearing phases but for now you are seeing delays northbound on 29. this is something that just came out this morning. it's a map from the city of
5:31 am
santa rosa. actually tweeted it out for you. it's a tweet from the city and has a link, really a valuable resource if you're an evacuee and you have not been able to see your home -- i will click on the link for you and this is a map after the fires, it's an updated aerial view. just to be clear this red zone here is not fire. that's just vegetation. and i'm going to zoom in. this is the fountaingrove neighborhood. you can see where the homes are no longer standing. if we scroll around a little bit, though, and let me try to pull up my tool at the same time, you can actually see some homes that were spared like this one here on sky farm drive. so it's really a valuable resource for folks if they haven't been able to go see their home. some people just can't seem to get away from their homes. they don't want to wonder what has happened to their belongings. the area along wilking way is nestled right between two fires.
5:32 am
abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live there. amy, people are refusing to leave? >> reporter: yes, some homeowners took a stand. we wanted to check in this morning to see how the night went. very quiet here. you see the hose are still drawn but the homeowners are not outside here watching over the homes. it looks like they felt confident enough to leave their stand and go to bed for the night. but they were on high alert and brought in a lot of equipment to protect their homes. a water truck was brought in so they could hose down the yards and the roofs and homes and they brought in a backhoe to carve out a protective perimeter. this all gave them a confidence they would be fine. >> once we got the water here and the inch and a half hose, we can take care of it. >> this is my house. i'm trying to protect it to the extent that i can. >> reporter: smoke and fire is
5:33 am
nearby. only about two miles away. this neighborhood here in sonoma is under mandatory evacuation. one of the homeowners staying is a retired battalion fire chief. he says this is his expertise. he feels good about staying. reporting live in sonoma, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. this morning a highway and determined firefighters is all that stands between calistoga and relentless flames. so farerare winning the battle. >> live to matt keller for us in napa county. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning. a lot of roadblocks here in the city of calistoga and getting into the city of calistoga, we were on highway 29 and ran into one roadblock and here is another where it meets highway 128. all of calistoga is evacuated. there is a message for residents, get out and stay out. >> your presence in calistoga is not welcome if you are not a
5:34 am
first responders. your choice to stay, and there have been very few of them, is a distraction to our first responders. you will not be given life safety support at this point. you are on your own. >> reporter: the entire town of calistoga is under a mandatory evacuation order. police services are patrolling the community. the fire did burn some properties in the hills but has not reached into the city limits. the main priority is to keep the tubbs fire from crossing highway 29. it did jump the highway in a couple of spots, but firefighters were able to control it. we're told firefighters are patrolling in the city limits to protect against potential hot spots. a lot of anxiety for residents waiting for this all to be over. reporting live in calistoga, matt keller, abc 7 news. okay, matt, thank you. matt talking about the tubbs fire just now. there are so many fires happening right now in the north bay and frankly all across california. it's kind of hard to keep up.
5:35 am
i want to show everyone a great tool we have on our website. it's the google map with all of the detailed information about the fires. you can see it across the state. for our purposes i pulled up the north bay. let's click on one of those fires and this says the nuns and nor norrbom fire. it gives you the information there. the nuns fire update on the left of your screen and you can click around and see all this different information which is really valuable. i want to show you how to find it on our website. we have this middle panel here and if you just scroll down a little bit right in the center it says maps and then it says a look at each north bay fire, just click on that link and you can use the tool to look around, see the percentage of containment, the acreage and exactly which fires are moving together or if there's any progress being made. natasha, back to you. >> near fairfield, the voluntary
5:36 am
evacuation order has been downgraded to an advisory and that means police no longer recommend people evacuate. green valley road north of east ridge still closed down right now. 90% of residents heeded the evacuation order when issued at mandatory. another spare the air alert is in effect in the bay area because of all the smoke from the fires. the air quality index is red meaning unhealthy air is forecast for nearly the entire bay area. the only exception is santa clara listed as orange. that means the air is unhealthy for sensitive groups like children and adults who are active outside and people with respiratory disease. most of the area is forecast to be in the red tomorrow. san francisco's public libraries are working to provide a safe refuge. four are designated as quality relief sites where people can take advantage of filtered air conditioning. engineers at the main library are closing down the entrances on the building's north side.
5:37 am
they're trying to keep as much smoky air as possible from drifting into the building without passing through filters. in accuweather it's another day where you certainly have to take it easy outdoors especially if you do have respiratory issues. right now we have some cool spots. half moon bay 39 degrees, we're at 35 that number in napa and ukiah chilly at 39 degrees. we'll take to you mend cito county where we do have freeze warnings and frost advisories in effect through 9:00 this morning. temperatures could go into the upper 20s and in the low 30s. look at the picture we just got and a smoky sunset. this coming in from joy. her children watching that sun setting in the western sky and all the smoke in the atmosphere makes for a fiery sunset. we'll have another one later on tonight because of the smoky air and if you ever capture some striking images use the #abc7now so we can share them on air and
5:38 am
online. air quality poor to unhealthy and it will remain this way not only today but also tomorrow as well. so spare the air days are in effect. relative humidity, some good news in the north bay. it's running high and this means firefighters have mother nature working with them today along with some calm win right now. acro across the area anywhere from calm to less than 5-mile-per-hour winds. that will likely change late tonight into early tomorrow morning. future tracker wind gusts showing you we're seeing light winds through the afternoon and then in the evening late tonight an into saturday morning those win become active once again gusting over 20 miles per hour. so high fire danger, a red flag warning in effect later on today in the north bay and east bay hills because those winds that have a wind advisory in effect means fires can easily start and the fires you already have can easily spread. highs today 60s and 70s, the main takeaway, smoke is in the atmosphere and air quality is unhealthy once again.
5:39 am
that's weather. a check of the roads with sue. >> we were hoping for friday light. it doesn't look that way as of yet. we have this problem on the sunol grade that keeps stacking up traffic to the dublin area. 680 near andrade a tour bus and a car got into it. tow truck is stuck trying to get there. you're looking at delays of over 20 minutes from dublin into the fremont area southbound on 680. elsewhere we'll take you up to napa, northbound 29 near eucalyptus. a problem with an accident blocking two lanes and it looks like it may be in the clearing phases. we'll check back with chp and, of course, road closures due to the fires, highways 29 and 128 through calistoga remained closed and that is an evacuation area. we'll check back on that napa accident in just a bit. so much closed and of course schools are closed, too, a lot
5:40 am
being affected by those fires in napa. santa rosa junior college is closed until tuesday. sonoma county will release information, updated information regarding all of their closures by 4:00 p.m. sunday. all of this is still flexible. we have five school districts that will resume classes wednesday. napa valley college is back in session tuesday. calistoga joint school district closed until next friday and that's because of the citywide evacuation there. and marin county public schools are closed today because of staffing shortages, west contra costa unified school district also will be closed today because of the poor air quality we've been seeing lately, and i know it's a lot of information to take in. here's another resource on our website. our team has done their very best to keep everything updated and when it will be closed. you can see guerneville school district, et cetera. you can see it all there
5:41 am >> jessica, thank you. napa county officials are set to give a fire briefing at 9:00 in sonoma county and cal fire also as well at 1:00 p.m. we'll send out a push alert when it starts. live coverage on the app so you can bring it on the go. we can find extensive resources like the maps that show where the fires are burning and up-to-the-minute evacuation information. the app is free to download on your apple or android devices. two major fires raging out of control in mendocino county. what volunteers are doing to help victims. thousands of homes lost t
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
city officials assessing the loss of property from this week's fires and this number i had to check again because it didn't seem right to me but it is. 2,800 homes destroyed just in santa rosa. dozens of businesses have been lost with 400,000 square feet of commercial businesses burning. thousands of residents with five fires in sonoma county. the largest is the tubbs fire which has scorched nearly 35,000 acres now 10% contained. an injured firefighter is expected to make a full recovery after he got hurt in the atlas fire zone. chp shared this video of their helicopter crew that took off to rescue the firefighter
5:45 am
yesterday. he was on an atv working when it rolled ejecting him. he had a moderate head injury and had to be rushed to the hospital. he is expected to be okay. >> now breaking news. this morning sonoma county really working hard to dispel a rumor that's been flying around the last few days. immigration status checks are of concern and those are simply not happening. i want to show you a tweet sent out early this morning saying rumor control regarding access to shelters. we are open to everyone. no one is asking for immigration status. this is actually the third day that county officials and law enforcement have felt the need to clarify their policy. reggie? >> firefighters are battling huge fires in mendocino county. >> redwood and potter fires have burned 34,000 acres just 10% contained. trying to prevent any further
5:46 am
flare-ups. eight people have been killed there. >> eight fatalities and, unfortunately, i will tell you tomorrow once confirmation happens the number will go up. >> ukiah high school has been closed all week. they unloaded cases of water for the fire victims. >> the massive fires burning >> the massive fires burning marijuana farms. there are numerous illegal grows there. since federal law prohibits it, cultivators cannot insure their businesses. that means they have little financial reprieve just as california is set to begin legal rcreational sales in january. farmers invest upwards of $5 million in their facilities and as much as $3 million on growing the crop itself. in the north bay fires could
5:47 am
cause a housing crisis. >> more than 3,500 homes destroyed. for now victims are staying in shelters or with family and friend. that's when the crisis begins. >> i don't think we've seen this amount of displacement with so less inventory. >> supply and demand. demand is high. >> it will get that much high he. >> they will find many transactions are frozen. many lenders have essentially stopped all funding on loans until properties can be identified. over to meteorologist drew tuma tracking the air quality. >> it's poor to unhelpalthy.
5:48 am
little in the way of relief. by monday the majority of the region is poor but the south bay will have moderate air quality. you really need to take precautions the next couple of days if you have respiratory issues, smoke is lingering in our air. a lot of 40s and 50s. 53 in san francisco. ukiah and napa, it is chilly with temperatures in the mid to upper 30s right now. mother nature is cooperating. generally less than 5 miles per hour. winds will increase and you see 1:00 saturday morning those winds are gusting over 30 miles an hour and that will continue by 8:00 tomorrow morning. those winds will take that smoke once again from the north bay fires and send it south through the rest of the bay area. the air quality is not going to be improving.
5:49 am
highs today 60s and 70s is the name of the game. hazy air. that air quality is unhealthy once again. haze will still linger. winds will increase around midnight and the early morning hours of our saturday. i want to take you into next week. future weather, we are tracking the chances for some showers. this is next thursday morning, 10:00 in the morning. you can see some showers potentially coming into the north bay. that would be great news for firefighters and it's something we'll be tracking for you right here. the accuweather forecast smoke in our skies over the weekend. and then all eyes on thursday with a chance of showers lingers in the forecast. that's weather. >> metering lights turned on at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have a tow truck off to the right-hand side. the car-pool lanes. stacked up to the mcarthur maze. delays getting into san
5:50 am
francisco. not a real surprise. an earlier accident involving a tour bus has been cleared out of lanes but, unfortunately, i'm sorry to say the damage is done with traffic backing up to pleasanton with speeds under 20 miles an hour that should lighten up. deputy brandon jones with the sonoma county sheriff's office with an update on the situation there. >> good morning, everyone. we are excited we had no additional evacuations overnight. we had very positive weather pattern and we look forward to making efforts to fight the fire and to start moving into the other phases of this disaster such as damage assessment and what not. we are asking people steer clear
5:51 am
of the evacuated areas. they're still not safe. >> deputy jones we've been watching as napa county has been able to with an escort allow people to go back to some homes if there is an urgent need for that to happen to get medication. >> we are not able to facilitate that at the time. we would like to be able to do so. we know people are obviously very impacted but we facilitate that at the time. >> one more question, there's been a lot of concern about been a lot of concern about people officially missing. >> i'm not sure what numbers you have but the numbers we have
5:52 am
right now is missing reports taken that does not reflect people. they've called in and reported somebody. we want no name to go unnoticed. we don't want to miss anybody but every single day that number keeps jumping up and we're excited about that. >> and so are we. deputy jones, thank you for joining us. >> you're welcome. have a wonderful day. >> that is good news. the community is rallying for a mendocino family who lost their son in the fires. the new challenge they're facing. >> first, the fire disaster in the north bay far from over.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
cal fire taking full advantage of a new aerial weapon. >> it is a 747 super tanker, the largest firefighting aircraft in the world. we watched this monday morning live on the air making its first retardant drop on the atlas peak fire. this converted jumbo jet is able to carry nearly 20,000 gallons of retardant or water for up to 4,000 miles. it's based in colorado springs and it can quickly go anywhere in the country that it needs to. the house of representatives has approved disasterisasterisar >> it will take time to control these fires. but we'll begin to rebuild just as we'll take time to rebuild puerto rico. this congress will continue to work with all those affected. >> lawmakers, though, are divided over how to fund the firefighting system in general.
5:56 am
fema can tap into emergency federal funds for disasters but the forestry service has to draw money from its programs. they hope the wildfires in california will spur a congressional compromise. in accuweather we continue to track the air quality and the winds over the next couple of days. take a look at our exploratorium camera, a bit of the haze over the skyline. air quality is not improving over the next 48 hours. poor to unhealthy across the entire region. those with sensitive issues please take note. we'll have some issues late tonight, early tomorrow morning. wind will increase gusting close if not over 30 miles per hour. that's weather. a check of the roads with sue. good morning. >> a big jam up over the sunol grade. an earlier accident involving a tour bus and a car cleared out of lanes but, unfortunately, the damage is done. very slow traffic under 20 miles an hour coming out of pleasanton
5:57 am
southbound on the sunol grade. elsewhere road closures continuing today due to the wildfires. highway 128 from st. helena to winters. you can see up in calistoga highway 29 and 128 in the evacuated areas you cannot get through this as well. we'll check back on road closures when we come back in a few. >> sue, thank you. next at 6:00, refusing to leave. we're live where some people are ignoring evacuation orders so they can save their homes. >> firefighters are working around the clock to contain fires. what they're did go to prevent being overworked. >> and a new warning from napa officials for people whose homes were spared. you will want to hear these tips to keep your family safe
5:58 am
5:59 am
it is now 6:00 a.m. a brief window of opportunity for firefighters in the north bay. this morning there are calm
6:00 am
winds, high humidity and dangerous temperatures. >> officials say at least 31 people died in the fires. 17 in sonoma county. >> the ten fires burning in napa, sonoma and mendocino have burned 126,000 acres. the atlas fire in napa and sonoma counties have charred nearly 44,000 acres and is 7% contained. >> the tubbs fire in santa rosa has scorched nearly 35,000 acres, 10% contained. mendocino county the redwood/potter fires consumed 34,000 acres 10% contained. good morning. it is friday, october 13. mike and alexis are off. we have sue and drew filling in for them. we'll start with you, drew. we want to know how the weather will affect the firefighting efforts. >> winds will remain calm. then concern runs high again late tonight into early saturday morning. future tracker wind gusts 5:00


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