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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  October 13, 2017 11:35pm-12:37am PDT

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then it's warm fall pattern for monday 70s to 90s. still smoky. much cooler tuesday, wednesday, 60s to 80s. a one on the storm impact scale for thursday. and possibly into friday. light system, looks like rain right now. and dan you can download the accuweather app and check out the live doppler 7 as the rain develops and check out the temperatur
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sonoma county sheriff office mandatory evacuation order. leave your homes. go. go. you are looking at incredibly intense new body camera video released tonight by the sonoma county sheriff's office showing deputies urgently evacuating people in santa rosa
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during the first four hours sunday night when the tubbs fire broke out. here is a look at the updated containment figures from kal fire. good news involves both tubbs and atlas fires. both approaching nearly 50% containment as the fire fight rages on ppt pocket fire in sonoma county, a grew by a thousand acres to 10,000 acres now. the nuns adobe norb norb norb nb and partrick have been included in one collection fire at 46,000 acres. and 0% containment in mendocino county the containment up to 20% and the sulfur fire in lake county is 60% contained. there is some positive progress here. of course the concern with the wind coming back things could change dramatic cli. big focus is calistoga trying to keep the flames contained to the west side of highway 9. abc 7 news reporter is live in
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downtown in calistoga with latest on the fire fight. >> reporter: within the last half hour i spoke with firefighters who came into town they tell me the wind pick up but still manageable. the concern is really the predicted high gusting prompting the red flag warning. i want to show you the video we took tonight as we who said in a truck with a kal fire captain. he took us to the top of the mount st. helena which is the edge of the tubbs fire. tankers dropped flame retardant trying to protect cell and radio towers. they say the most active portion is the northeastern front. flames reached highway 29 in some maces today but but fire crews maintained it as their hard line. >> the way the winds blow today if the fire gets stoebd goes across 29 it will burn down the fire will come into the town of calistoga.
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we are trying to prevent that. >> firefighters are dealing with incredibly steep, dense terrain. they have hose lines across the mountain in louisiana effort to protect hot spots or rolling embers that could spread the fire close to town. within calistoga about a dozen oakland police officers are patrolling. we talked to several people who chose to not heed the mandatory evacuation. live in calistoga. abc 7. >> always risky. katy thank you much. as resources power into fight the north bay wildfires, a massive base camp has been steadily growing at the sonoma county fair grounds in santa rosa. a staging area and operations center. abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom takes you inside. >> reporter: as firefighters hold the line around the raging wildfires, they're also expanding the line around the campground. >> we are moving this fence over to make room for more tents for firefighters. >> arriving from all over.
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>> trying to get checked in. >> from san jose and santa barbra. >> we bring the 20-man hand crew, tools, chain saws and eagerness to work. >> some come through mutual aid from fire departments across the state. >> this is quite a challenging fire. and we're happy to be here to help. >> still others drop what they are doing. >> i'm a rancher. i was working cattle branding calves two days ago. >> you he drives a bulldozer. >> we take off the ouk boy hats and put on the fire hats. >> people need supplies to support them and often that support comes from equally far away. >> it's like a small city. >> springing up overnight with help from the california conservation core. >> got here at midnight and set up. >> as far as away as wyoming even boston. >> we have city manager our incident commander. we have wal-mart supplies set up for everything firefighters
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need. >> they bring their own electricity water and communications. there are portable showers a medical clinic and massive dining hall. >> i was talking to the kitchen crew this morning and they served 3,000 breakfasts. >> the inmates are trained to drop what they are doing and fight fires. >> all of us have been fighting fires a while. >> abc 7 news. meantime pg&e shares plunged 10% on concerns that the power lines may have started the wildfires. the mercury news says the california public utilities commission sent a letter to pg&e yesterday asking it to preserve all evidence with respect to the northern california wildfires in napa, sonoma and solano counties. the words used by the public utilities commission. the investigation was investigating whether electrical lines knocked down by winds on sunday played a role in sparking the fires. the i team dan noise first
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reported it earlier. geisha williams says quote we have been part of the communities for more than 100 years. these people are our friends and neighbors and we are devastated by what they are going through. we will work shoulder to shoulder with them to restore and rebuild waste been lost for as long as it takes. . the you utility says it established several emergency centers and base camps for fire crews in nap oi sonoma and mendocino and lake counties. pg&e has restored power to more than 87% of homes that lost it during the fires. 29,000 outages remain. well positive news out of lake county to pass along. the 2500 acre sulfur fire is 60% contained. one of the few with containment over 50%. although several creeping up to that mark. burning off highway 20 and sulfur bank road. a mandatory evacuation was lifted this around kwieng the
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mendocino potter and sulfur fires, 245 homes destroyed, one thousand more threatened. well during the chaos of the fires many wine makers are trying to get back to work to salvage the grape harvest but without water and electricity many wineries are relying on each other and old school methods. here is your reporter. it might be a first for veteran wine maker dylan sheldon he is stomping grams the old fashion way. >> trying to improvise without power. >> he works at inspiration vineyard in coffey park where the power has been out since monday. burnt out neighborhoods are only a half block away. a small generator powers a pump to extract wine from tanks. many employees are friends who lost everything. >> my girlfriend's family is actually in danger of losing their home in sonoma. they got evacuated a couple days
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og. >> owner john phillips bottles his own wine and processes grapes for a dozen other labels. stopping his operation would mean ruin for the unprocessed games. >> turn lemons into lemon aid salvage a bad situation and try to have normalcy and continue to support the wine community and keep it going. >> reporter: three doors down at in wine services generators power a grape press. employees are soldiering on despite the devastation. >> it's eerie and odd. pu working is a good distraction from the reality that's in the neighborhood that is some of us live in. >> harvesting remaining grapes a challenge. some wineries in sonoma and napa were damaged or destroyed. the lasting effect still unknown. dylan sheldon says he will stomp grapes to support fellow wine makers moua lost it all. it's now a family operation. >> that's the cool thing about
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this county and napa is just people doing what they can. it's -- it is very heart warming. >> the grape harvest goes on. in sonoma county. coronell barnard. >> we have turned the website into a resource for information. you will find information on evacuation and school closing on the website. absent 7 news will stay on the air until midnight. we expanded an hour jimmy kimmel live airs at midnight with kaley
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there are so many amazing stories coming out of this tragedy. many survival stories from the north bay fires. here is one. take a listen. the entire neighborhood burned down but somehow this cat was found alive huddled yungt a car. the cat's name is milo. a police officer crawled under the car to get him to safety. he was injured but alive and taken away in a patrol car to get help. but milo should be singed whis kers but okay. sandhya patel is tracking winds which may become less favorable. they may become problematic right now they seem okay. look to it life doppler 7 process. we have a red flag warning until 11:00 p.m. tomorrow night. gusts in the hills 40 to 60 possible. valley 30 to 35. low humidity means high fire
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danger. also for lake county fop parts of mendocino county gust to 30. raising the fire danger until 9:00 p.m. tomorrow night look at the highs tomorrow 60s to 80s smoky sunshine. we have a wind advisory for the north and east bay hills as well. light the night walk tomorrow. smoky skies mild werth dropping to the 60s. matt keller will be there. we have the stanford game tomorrow night if it takes place look for hazy skies low to mid-60s and one other stop if the raiders are playing at sunday. looking at hazy sunshine with 70s and 80s. accuweather seven day forecast smoky skies through the weekend into next week but the winds relax sunday giving firefighters a bit of a break. and then a chance of showers cooler temperatures thursday and friday. thank you. stanford has a reunion homecoming game against oregon.
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donations for north bay fire victims will be accepted at all gates. kickoff scheduled for 8:00 p.m. now to the raiders game against the chargers. the sandy mentioned the game remains scheduled ford 19:25 sunday. the teams are in contact with the nfl as well as local authorities. reports say different scenarios are being considered from moving the start time of the game to sunday evening or moving it to levi stadium perhaps in santa clara or even to southern california which might be a hardship for the fans obviously but they may have no choice. the sports director is here laroue beil. >> these games will be played scheduled times scheduled venues same thing with the kal game tonight. >> i guess they have to make. >> they have to make precautions but plan on the games being played when they are supposed to be. >> okay. >> what a night for the kal bears happy they played a huge ultimates. ross bauer -- might be the play
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good evening. the night started with questions about air quality. and whether kal should even be playing eighth ranked washington state because of the smoke in the sky. bears very happy they played. because they scored the biggest win for the coach justin wilcox. fans in masks. vick and wary. it's good to be 240 pounds because you can do this. kal up 10-0. the kuger came in 6-0. luke intercepted by cameron twice. the bears forced 7 turnovers.
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justin kill o wilcox passing up the field goal. the gamble pays off. 17-3 kal at the half. play of the season for kal. powers up and over. summer assault his mom was a gymnast coach at coach at i imagine he did the flip before at kal. they knock it off 37-3. the 49ers released the man heart of the defense for years. bowman came back from devastating injuries but not the same all pro players he used to be .the new niner staff wanted to reduce playing time he balked. they ended up releasing him. he is fry to sign within with maybe the raiders and rookie reuben forest takes over. the warriors in the final preseason games again the. steph curry splitting the defense for the layup. zau zau leaving it for steph who
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had 18 points in 19 minutes. i'll tell what you you love the rookie jordan bell ten points with rebounds tip slam with left. host the rockets in the season opener tuesday night there at oracle. the astros hoefted the yankee game one of the american league championship series. 2-0 astros in the fifth. base hit greg bird waved home for me mario gonzalez throws him out appear. the astros take the series opener against the yankees 2-1 for the final. what a night for kal. >> thanks layer very much. abc news continues. sandhya patel larry beal. we will stay on top of the wind and update as necessary. throughout the early morning hours sandy and i will be here
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with you. stay tuned >> announcer: tonight on "jimmy kimmel live," 82-year-old great-grandmother bella puts it all on the line against reigning 14-year-old champ travers, whose braces came off three weeks ago, and whose gloves come off tonight. a battle of the ages in "generation gap!" >> i'm going to whip your bottom, little boy. >> mom? >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, kaley cuoco, from "world news tonight," david muir, and music from the xx. and now, moving on -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, there, how are you doing? that's very nice. hi, everyone.
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welcome. thank you. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. you know, i walk out here every night and i introduce myself for people watching who are drunk or have never seen the show. but i had a funny thing happen last night. delivery guy comes to my door, he hands me a bag of food. i eat my food out of a bag like a horse. and he sees me and goes, hey, you're the guy from the tv show. i said, yeah. he said, johnny carson! [ laughter ] yep, johnny carson. then he left. you know, i do sometimes get confused with the host of "the tonight show" but it's usually jimmy fallon because we have the same first name, and because he's alive. [ laughter ] speaking of deliveries, congratulations are in order for khloe kardashian who reportedly has a baby in her. the father of the baby -- that's where they go, i guess. [ laughter ] is said to be her boyfriend, tristan thompson of the cleveland cavaliers. khloe isn't the only one in the
12:02 am
family expecting. her younger sister kylie is pregnant, her older sister kim is having a baby with a surrogate. it's interesting, right? three major hurricanes this month. [ laughter ] three new kardashians. there has to be a connection. of course no one is more excited than grandma kris jenner. [ applause ] who is about to sign three new clients. [ laughter ] you know, i have to say, trying to keep up with president trump every day has made me appreciate how easy it was to keep up with the kardashians. [ laughter ] i mean, they get married, they break up, they find a new rapper or basketball player, they have a kid, they post it to instagram. it's very straightforward. not only are the kardashian/jenners excited about the arrival of the new children, they're also excited about their new show. >> for ten years you've been keeping up with the kardashians. >> i do my makeup so fast, i'm just not feeling myself. >> your lips look amazing. >> you watched courtney and kim take miami. then courtney and kim take new york.
12:03 am
life of kylie. khloe and lamar. revenge body with khloe kardashian. now executive producer ryan seacrest brings you just what you've been expecting. >> it's so hot in here! >> "peeking up the kardashians." >> i literally can't even. omg, i already have 4 million instagram followers. >> the first show shot in utero. >> does this umbilical cord make me look fat? >> "peeking up the kardashians." entering the world on e! following "the real zygotes of new jersey." >> jimmy: i'd watch both of those. [ cheers and applause ] time goes so fast, before you know it they'll be all grown up and hosting flavored vodka parties like mom and dad. i'm not sure if this is cause for a vodka party or not. but russia and the united states with all that's happening between us right now have announced an agreement to team up to build a space station on the moon. although i should say the russians are calling the space
12:04 am
station, for some reason the white house keeps referring to it as a golf resort/casino. [ laughter ] i guess russia, the reason they're doing this, because russia wants to be the first country to interfere with an election on the moon. [ laughter ] and i wish them well. i'm sure the russians love this. the president yesterday lashed out at facebook of all things for being anti-trump. which forced mark zuckerberg, the ceo of facebook, to defend his company. he said, every day i work to bring people together and build a community for everyone. and that's right, if this election has taught us anything, it's that facebook really brings people together. [ laughter ] zuckerberg did admit facebook does bear some responsibility for all the fake news that abetted the trump campaign during the election but he insists overall facebook gave ordinary people a voice to help millions of people learn how to vote. right? facebook helps democracy the same way hurricanes help us water our lawns. [ laughter ] okay? between the russians and all our uncles, facebook is the most dangerous place on earth. president trump right now, as i'm sure you know, is in an ongoing fight with the nfl.
12:05 am
he called for players who kneel during the national anthem to be suspended or fired. says the nfl should change their rules to prevent it from happening. insinuated that team owners aren't doing anything about it because they're scared. >> what prompted that in alabama? >> well, i have so many friends that are owners. and they're in a box. i've spoken to a couple of them. they say, we are in a situation where we have to do something. i think they're afraid of their players, you want to know the truth. i think it's disgraceful. >> jimmy: well, yeah, that is disgraceful. but obviously there's a racial subtext here, besides the fact that there are so many more important things for him to be worried about right now, there was a demonstration. i don't know if you saw this, right outside our studio, protesters staged what they called a die-in to send the president a message. >> from the football field all the way to the hollywood walk of fame, these anti-fascism protesters felt they had to show solidarity with nfl players. the protesters also held a die-in on trump's star, laying motionless on the pavement to
12:06 am
draw attention. catching the eyes of curious passer-bys who wondered what was going on. >> jimmy: mr. squarepants declined to comment. [ laughter ] i'm sure you know by now hugh hefner passed away yesterday at home at the playboy mansion. he was pronounced dead of natural causes. although they won't be able to rule out foul play because of all the dna evidence they found in the house. [ laughter ] it might take 20 years. i was thinking it last night. hugh hefner is probably the only person ever to be disappointed by heaven. [ laughter ] what's with all these harps? let's get some naked girls in here! hef was 91. interesting fact about hugh hefner. actually didn't lose his virginity until he was 78 years old, did you know that? [ laughter ] mr. hefner was an advocate for racial equality, free speech, and equal rights. but mostly he'll be remembered for the boobs. [ laughter ] i knew hugh hefner. of all his achievements, and there were many, maybe the
12:07 am
greatest of all was he figured out a way to wear pajamas to work every day. [ laughter ] for that i really have to give him a lot of credit. [ cheers and applause ] our local cbs affiliates, our news crews are on hollywood boulevard. cbs was on hollywood boulevard when news broke about hugh hefner's star on the walk of fame. >> there are so many perspectives on hollywood boulevard and the walk of fame about his legacy as you take a look at his star. many people say, of course, he did so much for culture. he blazed trails -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's how i want to be remembered, too. with a banana, a puddle of jelly, and a hot dog sitting on the side -- like a fourth grader dropped his lunch box. this is interesting. hef will be buried next to his first-ever cover girl, marilyn monroe. this is where he will be interred. i guess the spot under her is already taken. so he decided he'd just be so the side. with hugh hefner gone, they're engaged in the very difficult
12:08 am
job of naming his successor. and with more on that we join cnn live new from the playboy mansion. >> and we are still waiting for any sign from the mansion. hold on just a second. i think we see -- yes, it appears to be white smoke. this means the bunnies have chosen their new leader. wait, we see a figure emerging onto the balcony. and -- it's charlie sheen. charlie sheen is the new mayor of penistown. [ applause ] >> jimmy: i think we're in very good hands. times have changed a lot since every young man had a "playboy" under his mattress. we came up with a game to highlight that. this is a game in which the contestants are farther apart in age than hugh hefner of his girlfriends. it's a battle of young versus old. it's time to play "generation gap." [ cheers and applause ] cousin sal out on hollywood
12:09 am
boulevard, how are you doing? >> sal: what's going on? >> jimmy: doing well, nothing's going on, we're doing the show in here, how about you? >> sal: yeah, we're going to take it out here, right? >> jimmy: great, let's meet our contestants. first our defending champion, he's lean, he's mean, he's 14, say hello to travers. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how are you doing? >> good, how are you? >> jimmy: travers, do you think you have what it takes to win it all again? >> definitely. >> jimmy: did you ever look at a "playboy" magazine? >> no. >> jimmy: you did not? >> no. >> jimmy: let's see if he turns red. okay, he's not. travers, tonight you will be going up against bella. welcome, bella, hello. [ cheers and applause ] >> hi. >> jimmy: bella, did you ever look at a "playboy" magazine? >> of course. >> jimmy: bella, if you don't mind me asking, what is your age? >> 82. >> jimmy: 82 years old. 14 versus 82. that's why we call it "generation gap." bella, i know you're still -- you work at cantor's deli? >> i sure do. >> jimmy: i've seen you there,
12:10 am
where the black and white cookies are? >> all over. >> jimmy: all over, okay, very good. this is how the game works. i'm going to ask each of you a question from your opponent's generation or close to it. whoever gets the most answers right wins. does it sound good? >> yeah. >> jimmy: all right, travers, you're defending your title, you get to go first. travers what does wwii stand for? >> world war ii. >> jimmy: that is right, tr trafers. that's how it goes. now you get an idea how the game works. let's do one more question before we take a break. bella, which superhero did this actress play? see her on the screen. there she is. >> she looks asian. >> jimmy: she is not asian. >> oh, okay. >> jimmy: she's israeli, actually. >> then it could have been superwoman. >> jimmy: superwoman is incorrect. do you know, traverse, can you steal and guess who the -- which superhero she played?
12:11 am
>> that's gal gadot and she played wonder woman. >> jimmy: that is absolutely right. travers has a strong lead. we're going to take a break. when we come back, we'll play more "generation gap" so stick around. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ahhhh!!! they can fly... at the speed of light... ...and command the currents. they don't need another way to get around. or do they? [ engine revving ] [ "mo♪ more, more, more ny ] ♪ how do you like it
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>> jimmy: welcome back to the show. david muir and music from the xx is on the way. i'm looking around the audience, some of the least-rhythmic clappers i've seen in my life, this is unbelievable. [ laughter ] right now we have a senior citizen and a high school freshman outside on the street. it's travers versus bella.
12:16 am
the score is travers 20, bella 0. bella, how are you feeling right now? >> could be better. >> jimmy: okay, but you're going to get back in the game. i just know it. we're going to start with travers. >> sal: jimmy, real quick. bella, during a commercial, was showing us pictures of her in the grotto in the '50s, unbelievable. >> jimmy: you were in the grotto with hugh hefner? >> sal: just go with it. >> jimmy: never mind. [ laughter ] travers, this is a question from bella's generation. name two newspapers. >> "new york times." and ""l.a. times."" >> jimmy: that's very good travers. you have a 30-0 lead. bella. name two websites. >> oh, i -- i'm not into websites. >> you don't know any websites? >> no, i don't. >> jimmy: nothing? oh. well. how about huh, bella? [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> how about not?
12:17 am
>> jimmy: how about, bella? all right, next question is for bella. finish the title of this kendrick lamar album. "to pimp a blank." >> no. >> jimmy: any guess? >> i'll say -- i'll just take a crazy, to pimp a bitch? [ rim shot, rim shot ] [ cheers and applause ] >> sal: i'm going to give her credit. >> jimmy: let's give her credit anyway. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: travers, we go now to you. finish the title of this gregory peck movie. "to kill a"? >> mockingbird. >> jimmy: that is right, travers, wow. travers has what you call one of those old souls, i guess. travers, what number comes after the magnificent -- >> seven. >> jimmy: seven is right,
12:18 am
travers. bella what number comes after maroon? >> maroon 5. >> jimmy: that's right, bella! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that one was too easy for you, it seems. >> yeah. >> jimmy: yeah, all right. bella's on a roll now. what is the name of this car? this car on the video screen. what is the name? >> it looks like a cartoon. >> jimmy: it is a cartoon. >> i -- it looks like a cartoon. they have them at the chevy stations. i see it but i can't say it. >> jimmy: i'll give you a hint, it's lightning mcqueen. yes, it's lightning mcqueen! that's right! [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. i need all your help. >> jimmy: travers, what is the name of this car? >> is that a racing car, i'm assuming? >> jimmy: it was from a movie, a famous movie car.
12:19 am
>> is that from like le mans? >> jimmy: it is not from le mans, no. >> then i have no idea. >> jimmy: bella, do you know the name of that car? >> looks like a volkswagen. >> jimmy: all right, that's close enough. we're looking for herbie the love bug. but let's give that one to her anyway. it is a volkswagen. travers, who performed the 1987 hit song "bad"? >> what's the song name? >> jimmy: bad, b-a-d, bad. >> michael jackson? >> jimmy: that is right, michael jackson. bella, who did the 2017 hit "bad and bujie"? >> uh -- >> sal: come on you know this. >> it's up there but it won't come out. >> jimmy: right, yeah. is it really up there? [ laughter ] i feel like it isn't up there. >> i'm shaking it.
12:20 am
>> jimmy: in this case, i don't think it's up there. travers, do you want to try to steal? >> i kind of want to try but i know my friends at my school are going to get so mad if i get this wrong. >> jimmy: what is it? >> kendrick lamar? >> jimmy: no, wow, neither one of you knew that, migos was the answer. is that what you had in your head, bella? >> no. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: all right. let's go with one more question. for bella. finish this rapper's nickname. chance the -- blank. chance the -- blank. he's a rapper. >> oh. lamar? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: chance the lamar is incorrect. travers, do you know the answer? >> chance the rapper. >> jimmy: chance the rapper is the answer, that's right. [ cheers and applause ] congratulations, travers, you are the winner tonight. but you each get a prize. bella, you get a brand-new fitbit. that goes right on your wrist. [ cheers and applause ]
12:21 am
and travers, to make sure you live as long as bella, you get a medicine ball. all right? congratulations and thanks for playing "generation gap." [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: all right, we're going to take a break now. wow, that game got pretty heated there. [ laughter ] we have a great show tonight, music from the xx, david muir is here, and we'll be right back with kaley cuoco so stick around! [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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>> jimmy: hi, welcome back to the show. tonight, he is the anchorman of "world news tonight with david muir." david muir is here. [ cheers and applause ] then, their album is called,"i see you." the xx from the mercedes benz outdoor stage. you can see the xx live tomorrow night at the forum here in los angeles.
12:27 am
i want to mention on sunday night. if you have hbo you can see me with larry david on the season premiere of "curb your enthusiasm." [ cheers and applause ] that's one of my favorite shows. and i used to watch it and i would hope that one day larry would ask me to be on it. then he did. and now -- so now i am. it's a great story. [ laughter ] we're thinking about making it into a movie, by the way. next week we have new shows for you. with ryan gosling, anthony anderson, robin wright, jeff bridges, alex rodriguez, mark consuelos, isla fisher, web sensation logan paul will be here. and we will have music from welshly arms, depeche mode, steve aoki featuring gucci mane, and 21 savage too. please join us for all of that. [ cheers and applause ] our first guest tonight has spent more than a third of her life playing "penny" on the most-watched comedy show in the united states, "the big bang theory" airs monday nights on cbs. please welcome kaley cuoco.
12:28 am
[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> hi! >> jimmy: very good to see you. >> thank you, it's good to see you. >> jimmy: you're back to work now? >> yes. >> jimmy: on the show? >> season 11. >> jimmy: season 11 of the show. >> crazy. >> jimmy: did you get a lot -- do you get the whole summer off? >> the whole summer off. done some traveling, more traveling than i ever have. >> jimmy: where did you go? >> we were talking about -- we were traveling australia. and karl for some reason, my boyfriend, ends up getting the pat down every time we go through security. >> jimmy: he asks for it? [ laughter ] >> no, he didn't. every single time. he goes through, beep, every time. he's so unassuming. there's no reason why he should be getting a pat down. >> jimmy: yet that's exactly why he should be getting patted down. >> i agree. they're doing the whole thing, he's getting all felt up and
12:29 am
everything and i'm laughing. it's happened every time. the most recent travel, i walk the in and he goes, okay, something bad's going to happen, i know something bad's going to happen. no, it's going to be fine. he goes through, beep. we're going to australia, you've got to get patted down. the lady goes, whose bag is this? it's my purse. i'm like, it's my bag, thinking i'm going to get a compliment on my purse. she goes, we need to look through your bag. i'm like, it's gucci. she's like, no, we need to look through your bag. go ahead. she starts searching through. she pulls out a wine opener out of my purse. and i was like -- >> jimmy: like a full with arms -- >> like the arms one, like a rabbit. and i was like, oh my god! that's like a weapon! [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that is. >> i'm kind of laughing. karl's been taken to another room at this point, i don't know where he is, getting fully -- like he has no clothes on at this point. i'm like, this is so crazy. i'm so sorry, like i just always have -- i don't know why i carry wine opener. in my big bag i have all these little bags. she goes, we need to search the rest of the bags.
12:30 am
yeah, yeah. she takes out my makeup bag. i go, she's not going to find anything in there. i had a second wine opener in my makeup bag, i swear. a tiny one. somehow subconsciously i stuck it in there. >> jimmy: really. >> she like takes it out. oh my god, i'm going to be on a no-fly list. something's going to happen to me. she goes, you can't have these on the plane. i'm like, i know. here's the thing. i just like alcohol. [ laughter ] and apparently i needed to be very prepared. but like i had the full one. >> jimmy: yeah. >> with the arms and the spike. >> jimmy: how did that get in there? >> i don't know but i'm always quite prepared. >> it's like vacationing with kathie lee and hoda with you. >> they really know what they're doing. >> jimmy: those things break a lot, it's good to have a backup. >> apparently you can't fly with them. >> jimmy: are you a big drinker in general? >> huge drinker, huge. >> jimmy: do you drink on the plane? >> love to drink on the plane. it's the best time. i don't have to fly, i just sit there. don't have to drive.
12:31 am
the best time to get on there, have a couple of sips. i'm into bourbon now. i'm not allowed to carry a wine opener so i can just take the bourbon top off, click, easy. easy. >> jimmy: that's convenient. >> very convenient. but that's why i'm enjoying the flying thing. >> jimmy: because you're drunk. >> i can pass out. everyone is like so less annoying when i get to that point. that drinking point. everyone's great. >> jimmy: that's interesting. because i always find that people are drinking around me, they become much more annoying. >> they do? >> jimmy: yeah, maybe you're just not realizing -- >> i don't know. >> jimmy: you've been more annoys than they are. [ laughter ] >> i'm like, everything's great! i think it's great! >> jimmy: these people are boring! >> i'm starting to question a lot things now. >> jimmy: i'm glad we had this talk, i really am. every time i'm on a plane it seems like "big bang theory" is on the plane. >> it is. >> jimmy: is that uncomfortable for you? >> they play it a lot. it's funny. i can see -- do you ever do this when you're flying?
12:32 am
you have your own little tv but you find yourself watching the other tvs. >> jimmy: always. >> why do we do that? >> jimmy: i don't know. >> it's constantly "big bang." i find myself, i hate the sound of my voice, so i like to watch it that way. i can see it, see what's going on, check out how i looked, but i don't have to hear anything. but i've been caught a couple of times. i'm like, hey! thank you! good! i don't have to hear it. >> jimmy: you kind of have to do that. >> you do. >> jimmy: they know -- they night might actually be watching it because you're there, to make some kind of a connection. >> it's weird. it shows that people love to watch our show on the plane. >> jimmy: it is a good -- people love to watch it, it's very popular in general. it makes sense they would be also watching it on the plane. >> it works for us because you're kind of forced. what can you do? you have to watch it. you can't jump off the plane if you hate the. you've got to stay in it, watch it and commit. >> jimmy: these are great tips. great traveling tips that you get. >> foisted upon you. >> jimmy: number one, get your wine opener. get as drunk as possible. we're going to take a break. kaley cuoco is with us! [ cheers and applause ] ♪
12:33 am
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