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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  October 14, 2017 1:42am-2:12am PDT

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other people who are watching their homes now on dry creek hoping they don't go up in flames. so far like katy said, perfectly still here. we hope it stays that way into tonight and on to tomorrow. but hard to tell. with the weather forecast, a lot of people are very nervous here in napa tonight. reporting live i'm leslie brinkley absent 7 news. >> understandable and warranted leslie thanks. calm for the moment but the big fear ton on the fire lines is the wind. so far so god it seems but will it last. let's check in with our meteorologist. >> is won't last the crews will face challenges hours ahead. let's get to the red flag warning. in effect until saturday at 11:00 p.m. covering the north bay, parts of the east bay hills. gusts in the hills 40 to 50 with isolated gusts to 60 miles an hour in the valley 30 to 35 miles an hour winds. this is dropping the humidity 10
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to 20%. that means fires could spread rapidly and any new ones beginning to spread rapidly parts of mendocino county lake county under the red flag warning until 9:00 p.m. tomorrow night. do be careful, be vigilant we have a wind dw advisory in effect until 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. gusty winds may topple trees and power lines can see the areas unthe wind advisory. winds are yernlly now under 16 miles an hour still out of the north. look at the humidity good recovery from earlier in the day. in is good news for firefighters but it won't be good news over the next 24 hours. check out the winds over 30 miles an hour. that's making it tough for the firefighters battling the fires in north bay. i'll be back with the look hour by hour look at the forecast plus the we could and air quality coming up dan. >> sandhya thanks very much.
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only on absent 7 news another family has come forward that their loved one may be left by the senior living kbes during the fire. tonight the facility management fwrup issued a statement we are get ago look at new video that show he is the harrowing fire that residents had though pass through to get out of the santa rosa facility. absent 7 news reporter melanie is in the newsroom with the story. kathryn mann looked a long time to find a place like verona. she described a pristine property with gourmet meals and plenty of activities. but after monday she is not sure she wants to go back. the new video shows observingment villa ka pri a community within the senior living area engufld in flames. >> probably the worst thing that happened in my life. >> nearly four years kathryn has been a strength in the main building which survived the fire
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on fountaingrove parkway in santa rosa. >> i was scared out of my gourd. >> in a new statement observingment management groups says staff members went door to door alerting residents but kagts rein says she went in the hallway on her around 12:30 a.m. when she heard a senior staff member voice. >> what's going on? are we evacuating. he said just wait in your room which i did. that was the last time i saw anybody. >> by the middle of the night kathryn's granddaughter tanya sent her exboyfriend a police officer with his partner to find her grandmother. >> he found mere outside of the third story apartment crying. and basically screaming for help. >> i can't thank them enough they saved my life. i'd still be there. >> we asked the oakmont management group where the staff was at that point. they responded quote we were in the process. of shuttling residents to designated location authorities refused to allow staff to re-enter the area because of the
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existing danger and indicated they would take responsibility for evacuating remaining residents. a point santa rosa polsds dispute. >> we were not stopping anybody from helping save lives we had not set up road blocks at the time petition. we weren't preventing anybody from coming in. >> another grant son told abc 7 news he along with firefightering evacuated the final 70 residents from the build. >> how come nobody came got us and nobody from the fire department is where the staff where the master key. >> rj helped load the residents on to two buses his sister shot this video as they left the burning building. >> following a bus right now out with a bunch of elderly people. >> the santa rosa police officers took kathryn in their vehicle. >> i didn't know how they got us out of there in the flame we were driving through an inferno. i never want to go back. >> oakmont management groups says staff remained in
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communication with authorities to ensure all residentsy safe. the department of social services tells abc 7 news it is now investigating verona oakmont senior living evacuation to determine if facilities staff followed its evacuation plan. in the newsroom melanie wad roe absent 7. thank you. fire victims and sonoma residents came together for a meeting they are hungry for information for information. they are live at presswood elementary coma. katie. dan gaf kal fire five us information about the evacuation advisory the area east of 7th street between east napa and east mccarting you are street that's another layer of worry for a community already feeling a little bit in the dark. >> reporter: it's an all too familiar sky above snoechl as hundreds gathered in a local elementary school.
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they came for answers. >> we are getting the same message they are assessing we completely understand because roads are closed. but maybe a little estimate of a week, ten days. >> the kerns didn't get an answer but pg&e did address the crowd. >> as of monday morning over 50,000 people down in that number is down to 15,000. >> they gave the you upon the flames where there is the threats. >> we have an area vulnerable in the seventh street area. >> the sheriff's office touched on reports of crimes. >> we will not tolerate looters simple. >> good to hear but some had hoped for more specific details, especially about when they can go home. >> i don't mean to be critical at all. you know, but it's -- it's sort of difficult to project what your life is going to be like if you can't get information. >> overall this was the coming together of a tight knit community that is truly grateful
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for its firefighters. >> you get that there is a strategy. i think i feel the best about that. the guys do know what they're doing. [ applause ] >> also tonight officials announced a local assistance center opening tomorrow injure more than the residents of sonoma county opens at press democrat building in downtown santa rosa open every day until seven at night for at least two weks. live in sonoma. . >> thank you. volunteers from four bay area counties found a body today and expect to find one more sadly in the ruins of journeys end mobile home park in santa rosa. absent 7 news got special authorities to fly the drone over the park. the volunteers found bone fragments at the park. dna will be tested for identification. sadly the alameda sheriffs department has recent experience in this grim work. we unfortunately have expertise in mass casualty and
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fatality because of the ghost manship warehouse fire. we want to make sure we do things correctly with evidence recovery. >> volunteers search the fountaingrove neighborhood about a mile from the park after hearing there might be a victim there process. it was determined the potential victim is probably away and not harmed. a santa rosa synagogue was especiallily hard hit a former synagogue leader died in the fire and more than 20 members lost homes. the congregation immediately began providing shelter. associate rab aye stephanie kramer helped connect evacuees with people with extra beds. >> i think that everybody is in shock and in communitile mourning and frightened the city is still burning and that the containment has taken so long. although we are grateful for the first responders and know they are doing the best they can. >> rab aye kramer says the bay
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area jewish community has shone up with food staffing and resources to help get them through this tragedy. well things have improved in mendocino county to allow evacuees from the redwood valley community return home but the area remains under evacuation warning. crews worked on cutting down trees to prevent flare-ups. the redwood potter fire has burned 34,000 acres and remains 10% contained. according to the sheriff's office. 9 people are confirmed dead in mendocino county. 8,000 people are sflased. early yerl today the santa rosa fire chief said that it was possible the santa rosa kaiser medical center would reopen today. officials were at the hospital today to assess that situation. now, the reopening has been postponed. on monday absent 7 news was on scene at the hospital when patients were rolled out of intensive care into ambulances. this is one of the most powerful images we have seen in all of
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this. approximately 160 patients were evacuated. to sand rafael kaiser. and we have turned absent 7 into a central resource for fire information with an enormous amount of information for you. you'll find the evacuation orders, closed schools, donation centers, wineries that burned and how you can help those whose lives are turned completely upside down. it's there for you at please take a moment to check that out when you can. stay with us a lot more to come on coverage of the north bay fires on abc 7 news at 11. >> it was a sal i had envelope of fire. an incredible story of survival what firefighters and winery workers had to do to avoid the inebb fernando sunday night. also the completely unique feature saved one winery as everything else around it burned to the ground. and a 76-year-old firefighters
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who lost his home fighting to safe his sons. all of that as we continue. i will let you know absent 7 stays on the air until midnight because of the extended coverage jimmy kimmel will air right after the absent 7 news at 11:00.
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breg news out of san lorenzo. the chp reports a shooting has shut down northbound 880 between a street and highway 238. the freeway is going to be closed several hours we're told. the chp is urging drivers to avoid the area. this happened about 7:00 tonight. so it's going on several hours. authorities confirm one person hurt. and taken to the hospital. let's return to coverage of the north bay wildfires. tonight we are hearing about incredible stories. one incredible story of survival at a vineyard in napa sunday night abc 7 news reporter alyssa harrington spoke with an owner who had to take extreme measures. >> cell phone video shows what ed snider zribs as a ring of fire. 100 people trapped at the top of soda canyon road. >> it was a solid envelope of just fire.
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and moving at a fast pace. >> snider is the owner of the winery he was at stags' ridge vineyard to pick kbraps for the harvest sunday night when they noticed the fire burning on atlas peak about half mile away. they raced down the hill banging on neighbors doors. a couple of the firefighters arrived but came with bad news. they were surrounded with no way out. >> i said what's your plan? he gave aus plan. his plan was lay flat in the open area and let the fire pass over. >> some panicked and others played prayed. two california what patrol helicopters came to rescue them off the burning mountain. snyder was amazed to see them risk their lives. >> at one point he lost elevation and went down into the flames and shot forward through the flames and went out -- going right, left going full circle.
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>> the chp made several trips until everyone was evacuated. snyder calls them heroes. abc 7 news. a winery that was right in the path of the destructive atlas fire was saved from the flames by a unique feature. look at this. that's the entrance to the javis winery high up on the road. the tasting room and wine barrels are in a cave in the hill. the flames burned all the vegetation but did not touch the underground facility. the winery suffered damage from soot and smoke. >> we had a lot of smoke that blew into the facility. we are doing our best to clean this smoke off. there is a lot of the computers that the smoke went into them. there is electrical damage. >> a barn and other structures above ground were destroyed. so were tractorers and other farm equipment. the vines didn't burn. that was the case at a number of
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wineries. jarvis says that's because the plants have higher moist levels. a lot of vin yards survived those flames interestingly enough. a 76-year-old fire chief in sonoma county is fighting to save his son's home after his own home burned down. this is will horn standing next to the american flag at his burned down house. will is the fire chief of the volunteer fire department in sonoma county. this is video of his house burning wednesday. instead of worrying about his loss he headed about a mile down the road to his son. joel's house. he spent last night and tonight at the home. even though the fire burned entirely around the house will managed to save it. big thanks to dad in that instance. a sonoma county resident was driving when he spotted something a tree hollowed out by wildfire.
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it looks like a jack o lantern with fire glowing through the holes. flames from the tubbs fire raced through earlier some of them made a home inside the tree making for a very stranger one of a kind picture. certainly nothing i've ever seen. you haven't either probably. it's been a week of great loss for so many. tonight a north bay community is banding together to help those need going most at this time. abc 7 news anchor is live in napa with the story. deon. >> are. >> reporter: dan in this part of napa it's business as usual as you can hear behind me the bars and restaurants still packed to the gilles. but along with all of the hustle and bustle we see some extraordinary shows of generosity. >> you know what happens first, right. we pray. >> for the seniors at the napa valley mobile home park the prayers have been answered. >> when i came out they had no
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power. the ice was running out. >> many on oxygen and have breathing problems. >> excuse me for coughing but the smoke is getting to me. >> when the fires rolled in the community banded together. recruit willing chefs and teeming up with the salvation army to serve meals to the several hundred seniors living in mobile home parks in the area. >> two meals a day and many times three they'll bring a lunch or something. so i'm just thrilled. >> on this night a special treat. from an aanonymous bride who postponed her wedding because of the fires. >> she offered to donate the wedding cake. the cake like this would be seven or $800. >> while celebration continued at the mobile home park. several firefighters from as far away as canada. slept in camp grounds. preparing for the possibility of winds igniting more flames. >> perhaps not enough to keep
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the visitors from enjoying a night out in napa. >> we're not letting it get in the way of our time here. >> reporter: dan something very special i have to share with you is that being here in napa no matter where you go, whether the supermarket or walking down the street, someone will come up to you and tell you about a fund raiser or a donation drive happening in their community. we also are seeing lots of signs with the hashtag napa restraining. >> all right thanks so much. well the kal football game went on as scheduled in berkeley despite the air quality concerns. abc 7 news sports reporter found more than a few bears fans who dawned masks and made it to the stadium. >> it's been a rough week but the kal bears delivered good news on the sports front by upsetting 8th ranked washington state. the game was played in hazy conditions. . we did see a number of fans wear
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masks in the stands but overall they didn't seem to mind the smoke especially with kal pulling off the biggest upset in years. >> i had a feeling it was going to be better back in napa where we're from. i's really muggy over there and real strong smell of the smoke. me and my wife enjoy ago date night here. >> we are having fun a nice get away. >> i haven't felt a like. i'm enjoying it's great. >> tomorrow night stanford plays oregon. unless something drastic with the air quality that game should go on. >> thank you rick. now we are concerned about what's happening in the next few hours on the fire lines. well hope for the best but meteorologist sandhya patel to indicate that may not happen. you have to hope for the best but expect the worst and be ready. bottom line. look at the smoky sunset from
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the camera. the sun went down at 6:35 tonight. you can see just how heavy the smoke was, the reddish hue, the glow. i know it's beautiful there but not so beautiful the smoke sitting there and the folks that have been devastatesed by the wildfire. our hearts go out. s in a grim reminder that we are still dealing with the devastation. and the air quality is going to continue to suffer. spare the air alert saturday through monday. it's unhealthy to poor. unhealthy red means everyone poor is for sensitive groups keep that in mind over the next several days. we see some improvement next week. but not immediately. i do want to show you the immediate concern for the fire crews, the winds are going to ramp up in the we hours of the morning at the lower elevations out of the north northeast gusting to 30 miles an hour. at the higher elevations even
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stronger winds could spell the potential for very high fire danger here in the bay area. which is why red flag warnings are up. look at live doppler 7 now. it's not tracking rain but that's changing as we head towards next week. i have checked pout the latest model i will explain in a moment. temperatures right now 40s, 50s across the bay area. it's cooling off. abc 7 news exploratorium camera showing a view of san francisco. high fire danger gusty winds overnight. smoky skies through the weekend. we are looking at a chance of showers next we can. hour by hour we go into the we hours of the morning. 2:00 a.m. the northeastly winds develop wab 20 to 30 miles an hour. 4:00 a.m. 36 miles an hour winds at fairfield 37 by 6:00 a.m. 2m. in napa. the winds will push the smoke southward and dry out the air. that's the biggest concern as we
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face critical fire conditions. by 9:00 a.m. the winds ease tomorrow and completely drop off heading towards saturday afternoon. a low back at the humidity. tonight good. you notice anywhere from the 50s to the 70s for most. tomorrow morning that changes. watch the value virginias go into 20s by the afternoon into the single digits. 9% to teens. it's very dry air. tomorrow morning clear but hazy smoky windy, low 40s to 50s hiding towards tomorrow afternoon. looking at 60s to 80s. smoky sunshine for the saturday. here comes the abc 7 news inclusive storm impact scale a level one system coming thursday. rain looking likely and showers may linger into friday morning with higher humidity would help the firefighters. look at the hour by hour forecast for october 19th. 2:00 tuesday rain pushing in. pockets ever moderate rain in the darker green between 5 and 9:00 p.m. thursday. potentially lingering showers
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friday morning. this would be great news for the firefighters but we'll have to wait. accuweather seven day forecast. winds relax sunday. warmer weather expected. then it's warm fall pattern for monday 70s to 90s. still smoky. much cooler tuesday, wednesday, 60s to 80s. a one on the storm impact scale for thursday. and possibly into friday. light system, looks like rain right now. and dan you can download the accuweather app and check out the live doppler 7 as the rain develops and check out the temperatures hour
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sonoma county sheriff office mandatory evacuation order. leave your homes. go. go. you are looking at incredibly intense new body camera video released tonight by
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the sonoma county sheriff's office showing deputies urgently evacuating people in santa rosa during the first four hours sunday night when the tubbs fire broke out. here is a look at the updated containment figures from kal fire. good news involves both tubbs and atlas fires. both approaching nearly 50% containment as the fire fight rages on ppt pocket fire in sonoma county, a grew by a thousand acres to 10,000 acres now. the nuns adobe norbau norbau nob and partrick have been included in one collection fire at 46,000 acres. and 0% containment in mendocino county the containment up to 20% and the sulfur fire in lake county is 60% contained. there is some positive progress here. of course the concern with the wind coming back things could change dramatic cli. big focus is calistoga trying to keep the flames
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contained to the west side of highway 9. abc 7 news reporter is live in downtown in calistoga with latest on the fire fight. >> reporter: within the last half hour i spoke with firefighters who came into town they tell me the wind pick up but still manageable. the concern is really the predicted high gusting prompting the red flag warning. i want to show you the video we took tonight as we who said in a truck with a kal fire captain. he took us to the top of the mount st. helena which is the edge of the tubbs fire. tankers dropped flame retardant trying to protect cell and radio towers. they say the most active portion is the northeastern front. flames reached highway 29 in some maces today but but fire crews maintained it as their hard line. >> the way the winds blow today if the fire gets stoebd goes
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across 29 it will burn down the fire will come into the town of calistoga. we are trying to prevent that. >> firefighters are dealing with incredibly steep, dense terrain. they have hose lines across the mountain in louisiana effort to protect hot spots or rolling embers that could spread the fire close to town. within calistoga about a dozen oakland police officers are patrolling. we talked to several people who chose to not heed the mandatory evacuation. live in calistoga. abc 7. >> always risky. katy thank you much. as resources power into fight the north bay wildfires, a massive base camp has been steadily growing at the sonoma county fair grounds in santa rosa. a staging area and operations center. abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom takes you inside. >> reporter: as firefighters hold the line around the raging wildfires, they're also expanding the line around the campground. >> we are moving this fence over
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to make room for more tents for firefighters. >> arriving from all over. >> trying to get checked in. >> from san jose and santa barbra. >> we bring the 20-man hand crew, tools, chain saws and eagerness to work. >> some come through mutual aid from fire departments across the state. >> this is quite a challenging fire. and we're happy to be here to help. >> still others drop what they are doing. >> i'm a rancher. i was working cattle branding calves two days ago. >> you he drives a bulldozer. >> we take off the ouk boy hats and put on the fire hats. >> people need supplies to support them and often that support comes from equally far away. >> it's like a small city. >> springing up overnight with help from the california conservation core. >> got here at midnight and set up. >> as far as away as wyoming even boston. >> we have city manager our
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incident commander. we have wal-mart supplies set up for everything firefighters need. >> they bring their own electricity water and communications. there are portable showers a medical clinic and massive dining hall. >> i was talking to the kitchen crew this morning and they served 3,000 breakfasts. >> the inmates are trained to drop what they are doing and fight fires. >> all of us have been fighting fires a while. >> abc 7 news. meantime pg&e shares plunged 10% on concerns that the power lines may have started the wildfires. the mercury news says the california public utilities commission sent a letter to pg&e yesterday asking it to preserve all evidence with respect to the northern california wildfires in napa, sonoma and solano counties. the words used by the public utilities commission. the investigation was investigating whether electrical


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