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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  October 14, 2017 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning, everyone, i'm chris nguyen. breakdo breaking news, there are new mandatory evacuation orders. abc 7's cornell barnard joins us at napa street and victoria road in sonoma county. you're joined by a cal fire spokesperson. >> reporter: i am, chris, we'll talk to him in just a moment. this firefight gets ever more serious as the morning progressio progresses. this is one of the more heavy fires in the northeast section of the sonoma county.
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it's been made worse by the winds that continue to pick up this morning. smoke and flames certainly now visible from all parts of the sonoma valley. as we pan to the left, patrick sedillo, we can see fire on this other ridge, north as the crow flies, north of the town of sonoma. we're about three miles from the sonoma town square. joining me now is jerry fun fernandez with cal fire. i know you've been on the scene for a short time, obviously a very serious situation. >> yes, this is what we were expecting. unfortunately it's arrived, the extreme fire conditions we're experiencing. the winds kicked up overnight and through this morning. our main concern is this area of sonoma, the outskirts of sonoma. we are in a state of emergency, red flag warnings.
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we want everybody to please pay attention to their advisories and the weather also and your local news stations. we want to keep everybody safe. we have lots of equipment coming in. we've requested the world. you know, we are doing our best to contain these fires and bring them under control as soon as we can. >> reporter: you say you have structures threatened right now? >> there is structure threat in the area, of course. whether it's in the hills, the outlying areas, or we know the devastation that this fire, these fires have caused in the past few days in the santa rosa area. so these are the worst conditions that we can be experiencing right now. >> reporter: it is really hard to tell, because it's been dark, obviously. but do you have firefighters stationed up on the ridge battling those flames right now? >> yes indeed. we are moving equipment to where the need is, to where the threat is. we have a lot of equipment. we have equipment here from all
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over the state of california and the united states. and law enforcement is assisting where there's evacuation needs, cordoning off roads so fire equipment can move in. you're going to see a large presence in this area of fire equipment. i passed en route from santa rosa, numerous fire engines heading this way. so once again, we are doing everything we possibly can. >> reporter: i've been saying all morning, an army of firefighters. that's not an understatement. we're seeing hundreds had hundreds of firefighters trying to protect all of these beautiful homes. >> that's correct. our enemy, this is like a war, our enemy is the fire right now, and it's moving. and we want to try to get it. >> reporter: jerry, we haven't seen any air tankers, obviously you can't fly when it's dark. will we be seeing those in the next hour as the sun comes up? >> our incident management team with our air ops coordinator will determine if it is safe and
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at what time this morning. we do have aircraft available to us and we will utilize it, including very large air tankers that you might have seen. >> reporter: mandatory evacuation orders are not issued lightly. they were issued several hours ago by the sonoma county sheriff's department. we have seen several people in the area who say, we're not going to leave, we're going to stay put, we've seen fires here before. what's your advice to those folks? >> reporter: we would appreciate if you would in fact leave, gather your valuables, memorable photos, important documents, medicine, pets. get going, get out of the area. if you know anyone in the hispanic community also, please advise them to put the word out. we're trying, we're hearing that there is concerns that the evacuation centers might be looking for someone whose documents might not be in order. that is false. that is false rumors. these are human beings. our main priority is life and safety. we need to get them taken care
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of and in a safe place. >> reporter: all right. how concerned are you? looking over your shoulder right now, i can see flames jumping high into the sky. how concerned are you and other firefighters for the fire being close? >> i'm extremely concerned, i've been working here for 30 years, some of the areas have not burned in years. the fire history might go way back. but we're experiencing the worst conditions. i've seen some destruction that i've any seen in my whole career, in my entire career. this is a serious matter. >> reporter: can you talk about any structures that have been lost in the area right now? >> as you know, these fires have taken some structures. i don't have specifics for you right now. >> reporter: jerry fernandez, thank you so much. you're speaking now on behalf of cal fire, we appreciate your time, sir, we'll have you step out this way, thank you so much.
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this shot really tells the story here, chris, as the fire continues to rage up on the ridge, northeast section of the sonoma valley. here we have firefighters which are passing through. we've seen this site all morning long. hundreds of firefighters are in this area, trying to protect structures from ruin, really. there's really no other way to say it. 400 homes are now under mandatory evacuation orders. this is the northeast part of the valley of the moon, sonoma valley, several miles from the historic downtown sonoma square. this is a picture postcard area. thank you very much, sir, i appreciate it. that's our public information officer now going to the front line of this fire. i don't know if we've shown video of a house fire we witnessed several hours ago over on castle road. i believe we're showing that right now. this is a home we saw burning
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several hours ago. we're about a mile from that location. but firefighters did what they can to protect it. for the most part they were watching it burn, because there were just so many other priorities around it, saving other homes. that was a densely populated area, there were vineyards around it. we did see that home burning, sadly, to the ground. our heart goes out to the homeowner there. there was another home, we believe that had burned or partially burned to the rear of that home as well. so hopefully that is the situation, that's the scenario that they want to prevent. and gosh, if there was ever a firefight happening right now, that is what's happening at this situation, at this moment, as we have hundreds of firefighters protecting the sonoma valley from fire that continues to rage all around us. chris, back to you. >> cornell, as the sun comes up, we can now see the huge amount of smoke behind you, the flames
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are flaring up. for the viewers at home, what are conditions like out there right now? >> reporter: chris, i'm sorry, it's very difficult to hear you. >> of course. what are the conditions like out there right now? we see obviously as the sun comes up, we're starting to see more of that smoke. it's become more easily visible, the flames are intensifying as well. just kind of describe the conditions that you're experiencing out there in terms of temperature, air quality, et cetera. >> reporter: i think i just caught the tail end of that question, talking about air quality. the smoke is really the worst that i've seen all week. and i've been in santa rosa as well. you can see the thick black smoke that is drifting all over this little valley. [ coughing ]
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i'm sorry, it's very difficult to breathe. we were told by a firefighter to put on a mask because the smoke is only going to get worse. we have masks with us and as soon as i'm done talking with you guys live on tv, i'm going to put it on. >> cornell barnard live for us in sonoma county, cornell, thank you, we'll see you soon. we're in continuing breaking news coverage and will not be going to "good morning america." again, breaking news, several new mandatory evacuations in place right now. the latest in lake county. officials are urging everyone living in the spring valley and new long valley area to leave immediately. if you can't get out because the roads are blocked, officials say shelter in place or evacuate to the spring valley community center on wolf creek road. also new mandatory evacuations in santa rosa, eastern santa rosa. the sonoma county sheriff's office says you must leave immediately if you live in the following areas: highway 12 between adobe canyon road in
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kenwood. and calistoga road this includes skyhawk and mountain hawk and much of rincon valley. sonoma, 7th street east. these evacuations include 8th street -- sorry, 8th street east, north of denmark. east macarthur street, east of 7th, as well as quail run way and hamlin road. and again, if you're just joining us, if you look at the bottom of your screen, we're scrolling information on all evacuation orders in effect right now. again, that's at the bottom of your screen. the sonoma county sheriff's office sent out a tweet saying
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buses are staged at the safe way on highway 12 and calistoga road for anyone who needs transportation to get out of that area. again, head out to the safeway at highway 12 and calistoga road if you need alternate transportation. stay close, we'll have more continuous breaking news coverage.
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good saturday morning. gusty winds in the upper elevations pushing the smoke and perhaps even some of the fires
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to the south through those embers that can fly out way ahead of the fire. right now, these are the surface winds that look pretty calm. but upper elevations, we're looking at winds of anywhere from 20, last report at knoxville creek 42-mile-per-hour winds out of the north. you can see they're breezy in the oakland hills as well. this will continue and in fact increase throughout the 9:00 and 10:00 hour. so once these winds come out of the north from the upper elevations, they're going to push down through the valleys. and that's why we're going to get those increasing winds in the lower elevation. that's why we have a red flag warning from the national weather service, looking at fairfield as an example right now, with a northeast wind at 27 miles per hour in the next couple of hours. the good news is, throughout the late morning hours and the early afternoon, the winds continue to decrease. the critical fire between now and about 11:00, that critical fire weather as these gusty offshore winds not only increase the temperatures, they decrease
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the humidity. look at that, compared to yesterday we are 22 degrees warmer. that's all due to that north-northeast wind in napa, fairfield, even at the coast. and we had a peak wind gust of 61 miles an hour over in mt. diablo. thick haze of smoke at mt. tam where we've got a spare the air alert with unhealthy air just about everywhere. 61 in the city due to breezy winds. 46 in oakland. 40 in gilroy. on the coast it's nearly 60 degrees. remind right now this vantage point, a colorful sunrise due to the particulate matter in the atmosphere, the pollutants right there. we're looking at bad air quality as well in san francisco as well. 47 in concord, with 57 in livermore. some very breezy winds in our east bay as well. the visibility, this is from the smoke. we have the winds out of the north and northeast push to go the south. that's impacting you in concord,
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in hayward, even in san jose, you're smelling the smoke here. and you will continue as these winds kick up throughout the day. so here's a look at santa cruz, where there's high fire danger today. we'll look for smoky conditions throughout the weekend. showers will enter the forecast thursday into friday. red flag warning in effect right through 11:00 tonight. the highlighted areas here, higher elevations 40 to 60-mile-an-hour winds. down in the valley, 30 to 35-mile-an-hour winds. relative humidity is now up, but by the afternoon, 10 to 20%. up in the north bay here, right on through 9:00, you'll see wind gusts in excess of 25 to perhaps 30 miles per hour. here is the unhealthy air, you knew that, north bay, coast, inland east bay, south central bay. slightly better air quality in the east bay and central bay tomorrow. look at the colors here. you'll notice 8:00, gusty winds from napa and fairfield will
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continue right through the morning hours. and in fact along the coast as well. this is 11:00, but by the afternoon, things look like they're settle down. but we do need a wind shift. we will get a wind shift in the next couple of days. 66 recruitmelative humidity in . by 2:00, we're down to 10%. that's bone dry. even in the east bay, 16% in concord. warmer today, five to ten degrees warmer. by the end of the week we're looking at rain and temperatures maybe 20 degrees cooler. thursday into the afternoon, the evening hours, and even into friday, it could be slick out there. feeling more like fall. we're hoping for this. but the immediate forecast calls for warmer than average temperatures. those gusty offshore winds, the red flag warning in effect throughout the day today. breezy winds in the valleys. and the accuweather seven-day forecast, it's warmer day, warmer still tomorrow with less wind. the warmest day should be on
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monday. you download our accuweather app and you will get those alerts. you'll be able to track the temperatures and wind in your neighborhood. but it looks like the middle of the week is when the weather begins to cooperate. by the end of the week, wow, that's a bonus, we do get rain in october but we really do need it. >> these fire crews will be looking ahead, they need the relief. lisa, thank you. this morning a slew of new mandatory evacuations are in effect in the north bay. this is new video of the flames being fueled by heavy winds on lovall valley road. you can see those flying embers and the wind just really playing a huge role this morning in the firefighting efforts, working against the fire crews. here is what was issued at 2:20 this morning. the sonoma county sheriff's office telling residents in the following areas that they need to evacuate right away. 7th street east from east napa street to denmark street. also the north side of denmark street from 7th street east to napa road. new mandatory evacuations also include 8th street east, north
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of denmark. east macarthur street east of 7th street. quail run way and hamblin road. also other new mandatory evacuations in eastern santa rosa. the sonoma county sheriff says you must leave immediately if you live in highway 12 between adobe canyon road in kenwood and calistoga road in santa rosa, including both sides of highway 12, skyhawk, mountain hawk, and much of rincon valley. the latest in lake county, officials urge everyone living in spring valley and new long valley areas to leave immediately. also we want to get to an update on one of the largest fires burning in napa and sonoma counties. the atlas fire is now more than 50,000 acres. it grew by a couple of,000 acres overnight and is now 45% contained. tubbs fire is 44% contained. the pocket fire in sonoma county is nearly 11,000 acres.
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nuns, adobe, partrick fires in sonoma county have been included now in one complex fire, that one is sitting at 46,000 acres burned and 10% containment. in mendocino county, containment on the redwood potter fires is up to 20%. and the sulphur fire in lake county is now 60% contained. again, we're on this morning instead of "good morning america" because of our breaking news and the new mandatory evacuations this morning. keep it here. you're
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welcome back, everyone. joining us on the phone is sergeant spencer krum with the sonoma county sher i have's office. sergeant, thanks so much for being with us this morning. let's talk about the mandatory evacuations and what the sheriff's office is doing to try to get people out of harm's way. >> yes, we issued a mandatory evacuation before 5:00 a.m. that would include the entire skyhawk subdivision and the area of santa rosa just north of calistoga road. we've been going door to door. we've put out alerts. we're doing our best to get citizens out of harm's way. >> sergeant, or news crew has run into some people this morning who are refusing to evacuate. if you could for me, shed some light on how much of a problem
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this has been in the past week, or maybe the potential for more problems as a result of some of those residents choosing to stay. >> we do run into that occasional. the find the vast majority of the people will comply with mandatory evacuation orders and get out of harm's way. we're not going to be pulling people out of their homes or, you know, forcing them out. if they choose to stay, you know, it's a choice they're going to make and we wish them the best. >> let's talk a little bit about how social media is really playing a role in being able to comm public much faster. you're able to get a lot of information out, and so kind of talk to me a little bit about your social media platforms and other ways that you're using technology and communication to spread the word. >> yes, social media has just been unprecedented. we've been really pushing out a lot of information to our facebook site on sonoma sheriff. also nixle is another way we're
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pushing out information. a little bit of twitter, but most of the stuff is coming out through nixle and facebook. >> and for people who don't know what nixle is, kind of describe it for us, and how people can sign up for those alerts. >> sure. it's a free subscription service. go on, and you can sign up for alerts in your area or any -- pretty much any agency that's on there that's subscribed to, you can get alerts and information from them 24/7. >> for now, what is the main focus of the sheriff's office? obviously you want to get people out of harm's way, you want to make sure they're safe and going door to door in some cases to tell people about these mandatory evacuations. but what else is the sheriff's office doing right now? >> yeah, our primary response is safety. we're trying to get people out of the way of the fire. we also have another group who is trying to locate missing people and recovering, you know, the bodies, unfortunately, that
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perished in the fire. >> sergeant spencer krum with the sonoma county sheriff's office, thanks so much for being with us, we great appreciate your time. we're continuing our coverage of the fires in the north bay. we'll be right
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welcome back, everyone. hundreds of firefighters
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battling -- thousands of firefighters, rather, are battling two fires in the sonoma valley. abc 7 reporter cornell barnard joins us live at napa street and victoria court. cornell, you've been stationed there for more than an hour now. we see you have the mask on. is the fire still growing? >> reporter: yes, chris, apologies for the mask but the smoke is just so darn thick in this valley. yeah, this fire continues to burn here section of sonoma valley. if patrick sedillo can pan left here, you see another blaze burning as well in the beautiful valley of the moon, now just inundated with thick smoke. let's bring jerry fernandez in, he's with cal fire. jerry, this firefight has been going on for hours, mandatory evacuations in the neighborhood.
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any containment on these fires right now? >> no, we have no containment right now. three or four fires have grown into one. what you're seeing is devastation happening. we're in a state of emergency, we have evacuation orders in place in the sonoma area. and areas west,west,west,west,w, we want everybody to obey the evacuation, grab your stuff, grab your valuables and be ready at a moment's notice. once you hear law enforcement or somebody knocking at your door, a p.a. going off, just get going, get out, get to an evacuation center where it's safe. >> reporter: let's talk about the winds. you said a few minutes ago, worst case scenario, we're seeing the winds, they have been kicking up all morning, what's the concern there? >> the concern is the threat to structures, to homes, to ranches out here. we have livestock out here, you
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know. we have vineyards. we have people's valuables. we just want to try to contain these fires as quickly as possible, hit them hard. this fire is growing in size. the weather that we expected arrived after midnight and early this morning. and we are here, we're bringing in all the equipment that we can possibly get from california and the united states. these are extreme conditions. this is really bad. >> reporter: we've seen maybe some of the flames up on the ridge taper down. is that just temporary? what's going on there? >> the winds are erratic up here. the winds will calm, then they kick up. then there are some areas where the wind has got some velocity behind it. i passed through the glen ellen area, kenwood area, and there was smoke and ash crossing the highway. this is just -- this is extreme right now. red flag warnings are in effect. >> for folks who live in the
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area who are probably out of their homes right now, they want to know what is the plan of attack with cal fire, how will you attack these fires? >> utilizing all the resources we have, hit it as hard as we can, keep our firefighters shape. our firefighters have been going double shift, some of them refuse to go rest. they're working extremely hard, 150%. we're giving this our all and our best effort. >> reporter: will we see any air drop the in the next hour? the sun is up and you have a better advantage point of what's going on. >> our incident management team are all together right now. they're putting a plan together, along with our air ops expert on the team. and as soon as it's safe to get the aircraft up in the air, we will utilize our aircraft. we have the very large air tankers that you've seen on tv and in your area and helicopters. and we're trying to bring in the
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world to help us out here. >> reporter: and i know you said structures are threatened. we actually did see a house on fire in the last couple of hours. we do have video of that. that was on castle road. we witnessed this home that was burning. there were firefighters in the area. it appeared that it was a total loss. firefighters doing what they could to protect other structures as well. can you talk about that, just how important that is to protect the structures, especially around a home that's burning. >> yeah, defensible space is very important. help us help you. is a great site where you can get a lot of information and current information on what's going on. the problem is with the winds kicking up -- >> reporter: and the embers. >> the embers, they land where they want and they destroy what they want. defensible space will really help out. >> reporter: our hearts obviously go out to the person who lost that home, possibly another structure in back of that. jerry, i know you guys are doing everything they can, there's an army, i've been using that term all morning, an army of
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firefighters, that's not an understatement, hundreds and hundreds of firefighters are out here trying to protect this valley. >> like i said earlier, i mentioned earlier, this is a war. our enemy is this fire. you know, and we want to get it. we want to do our best to contain it and put it out. >> reporter: as you're talking, i see another plume of some flame and a lot more smoke popping up over the ridge here. it appears that the fire is getting closer, certainly closer than it was an hour and a half ago. >> yes, the winds, they kick up, as you're noticing, they're kicking up in this area. ridge top winds have more velocity behind them. there are going to be areas known as hotspots that are kicking up. and then the spread will continue. we do have lots of fire equipment up in the area, fire engines and firefighters up there. and they will go to the structures that can possibly be threatened. they will put themselves in place and protect that
7:37 am
structure. >> reporter: mandatory evacuations under way, we have seen a couple of people who are deciding to stay with their homes, not heed that warning. what's your message to them? >> we understand all of us would like to stay with our homes. but it's safer for you to get out. we'll do everything we can to protect your structure. we want you to grab your valuables. your life is not worth losing, or your family. we understand, but we would really appreciate if you evacuated once you are asked to leave. >> reporter: jerry, i know you've been working hard, you just asked me a few minutes ago, what day is it. and i had to tell you it's saturday. you've lost track of time because you've been up here so long. >> yeah, we lose track of days, our days go back so fast, they're so busy. right now i'm jumping from area to area, trying to give information to all of you. >> reporter: right now at least here in sonoma county, the priority is this fire. jerry, thank you so much for your time. the priority is this fire which
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continues to rage really all around us in the northeast section of sonoma valley. we are, as the crow flies, about three miles from the town square, the beautiful town of sonoma. everybody knows it. everybody knows this picturesque valley. and right now it is threatened by two major fires all around us. back to you, chris. >> cornell, there's no doubt that fire crews have a huge day ahead of them. we've been talking all morning about the wind, they've been fearing it, as we just heard from the person that you interviewed. what kind of weather conditions are you experiencing right now, at least in that part of the county? i know the wind are erratic. >> reporter: the winds are erratic. we see a gust of wind come in, and right now it seems to be still. but, you know, as we take a look up on the ridge, that really tells the story. the winds appear, if i'm getting my directions right, appear to
7:39 am
be blowing to the south. and that tells you right now how heavy the winds are right up there on the ridge. we are about a mile and a half, two miles away from that firefight. you can't see them, but firefighters are all around, stationed at the bottom of the ridge, and perhaps on top too. we cannot tell, because the smoke is so thick, and it has been dark, because we did get out here about 3:45 this morning. but we can't tell if there are homes up there. i fear that could be the case. but at this point, from our vantage point, it doesn't appear there are homes. but it is lots of dense overgrowth of trees, everything that is extremely dry around us. as we pan over, we see another fight that's going on, another firefight. there's smoke all around us.
7:40 am
we're seeing some of those breezes pick up right now. so yeah, the winds are erratic. right now those are the biggest enemy of the firefighters right now. >> cornell barnard live for us from sonoma county. cornell, thank you. cal fire says there's a new fire burning in lake county. firefighters are battling a 100-acre fire off highway 20 and long valley road just east of clear lake oaks. that new fire is prompting residents to shelter in place in spring valley and the new long valley as well. officials had initially called for a mandatory evacuation but when they got to the scene, they determined the flames were burning away from the community, so that is an update there on the situation out of lake county. joining us on the phone is daniel berlant with cal fire. daniel, let's talk about these mandatory evacuations and what agencies like the sheriff's office, first responders, what they're doing to get people to safety right now. >> reporter: the sheriff's
7:41 am
department has been working all morning long to evacuate about 400 additional residents in the sonoma hills as well as the northeastern portion of the town of sonoma, and up on the northern portion of the nuns fire up near the oakmont area which is kind of between santa rosa and kenwood as well. so about 400 homes now going into additional evacuation orders early this morning. >> and daniel, crews have been out there for the past week, we're starting to see, though, more mutual aid from neighboring states. >> this has been a long and grueling week for us, as our crews have been battling fire after fire, day after day. we've brought in several thousand firefighters from states all across the west, and also federal fire agencies like the u.s. forest service also sending over 100 additional fire engines, again, not only to provide assistance in battling these fires, but making sure we
7:42 am
have plenty of resources here in northern california to respond to new fires similar to the 100-acre fire burning in lake county. >> daniel, if you could, what's the main focus for fire crews as they head onto the front lines? >> we're going to continue to battle where these fires like the nuns fire are burning so close to communities. we're going to fight to keep those fires out of those communities. on other fires where we're seeing activity pick up, we're working to hold back the fire within those containment lines. containment figures this morning are up on a number of fronts. the tubbs fire that had burned in the santa rosa area is 44% contained. the atlas fire in napa and solano county, 45% contained. so we are seeing our containment numbers increase. again, we're still concentrating on the evacuated areas and where the fire is really increased its
7:43 am
speed and its activity. >> certainly has been grueling. if you can, elaborate more on firefighter fatigue. we're so prevent of our fire crews. but these conditions have really been challenging for everyone who's out there. >> this has been a very difficult week for us. obviously, with all the destruction and fatalities that started the week off, and the battles that our firefighters had to face day in and day out, again, we're almost going on a full week of fighting fire across the north bay. that's where reinforcements are critical, to relieve the firefighters who have been on the front lines for so much time, give them an opportunity to get rest. the rest won't be long, though, especially today, we're keeping them on the front lines to hold back these fires. >> we're looking at video from
7:44 am
overnight of the flareups. it's 7:45 in the morning, the sun is starting to come up. talk to me about the importance of daybreak in terms of fighting the fires. >> from the video you can see all the embers being cast from the fire, being thrown and carried by the wind. when the winds really pick, that's when we start to see those embers, they can travel up to a mile ahead of the fires, causing spot fires, landing on homes. that creates a host of new challenges for us. now, as daybreak comes, the sun comes out. temperatures start to go up. humidity starts to go down. this is not the combination we like to see. so our fire activity in the daytime is typically actually more than what we see at night. now, during the day, it's much easier to see where we're fighting fire, where at night conditions like this morning are very difficult to fight fire in areas that we maybe have not seen during the daylight. so and night brings its own challenges and its own positives. we have aircraft on the ready,
7:45 am
as soon as it's needed, air tankers, helicopters, a full air force will be out dropping retardant, dropping water, slowing these fires, joining the firefighters that have been on the ground for so long battling these fires. >> some people are just waking up to the news of the mandatory evacuations. for our viewers in sonoma county now under this mandatory evacuation, what's some advice you can give to them? what are the most important things to take? >> we always talk about the six p's and it comes to evacuation preparedness. it starts with people and pets. make sure your family and pets, knowing where they are so that when you're evacuated, you're not having to chase down your annals, especial animals, especially large animals like horses, get them in one location now. so people and pets, papers, passports, birth certificates, any government documentation.
7:46 am
the third "p" is prescriptions. vitamins, medicines, eyeglasses, anything you'll need if you're having to stay out of the area for a long period of time. pictures and irreplaceable memories is the fourth "p," your family treasures, your heirlooms, anything you can't live without, grab those now. put them in one location. people, pets, papers, prescriptions, pictures, personal computers, hard drives, backups, grab the computer as well. the last is plastics. credit cards, atm cards, cash, money so you have spending abilities. we have all this information on what you need to take and how you can prepare for evacuations on our website, again, the six p's in evacuation preparedness are critical. >> daniel, the mutual aid coming from neighboring states, what can you tell us about that? and will we start to see more
7:47 am
aid in the coming days? >> we're bringing in hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of additional firefighters from all of the western states that have already been arriving at scene. we've been putting them to work. they are providing essential assistance to us, not only relieving crews that have been working for over a week now on the front lines, but we have new fires igniting. the 100-acre int int the 100-acre into irin la lake perfect example. we need to respond to those fires as soon as possible to keep them small and contain them. those resources are critical. >> it's so important for residents to take these warnings and evacuations seriously. they need to evacuate, so, you know, then they're not caught up in a rescue effort that then diverts resources away from the firefighting efforts. >> absolutely. so many people think that they can stay behind, they think they
7:48 am
can wait it out. some people say, i've been through fires before and i was okay. just because you were okay last time doesn't mean you're going to be okay this time. when you choose to not evacuate in a timely manner, and now we're trying to bring equipment in, large equipment, fire engines, bulldozers, we need the roadways open. we do not need civilian cars clogging up the roads trying to leave at a time when they should have left hours earlier. so please, heed those evacuation orders. when you are worried about your home and your belongings, but that's our job. we'll do our best to save as much property as possible and hold the fire out of the community. but we need people out of the area. >> daniel, when do you expect air-drops to pick up again? >> this morning, as the sun is coming up and visibility is good, as soon as they are needed, incident commanders will begin requesting those aircraft. at any time now, if the weather conditions are right, and they're needed at the fire, they
7:49 am
will be flying. air tankers, the large 747 dc-10, nearly 30 aircraft are available here in california right now to these fires. over 70 helicopters also available to these fires. so the area resources, very likely you'll start seeing them this morning. >> daniel berlant with cal fire, thank you for sharing that relevant information this morning. hopefully we'll be able to check back in with you a little bit. we want to take a live look right now from sky 7. they are heading to sonoma county. as you can see in the distance, there's a lot of smoke and haze in the sky. you can barely make out the picture there in terms of, you know, the view beyond sky 7. some updated numbers this morning. the tubbs fire is burning more than 35,000 acres and is 44% contained. the nuns fire is at more than 46,000 acres, 10% containment there. the atlas fire is now more than
7:50 am
50,000 acres with 45% containment. let's get a check right now of the accuweather forecast from our meteorologist lisa argen. hi, lisa. >> chris, good morning to you. the winds and the weather not cooperating this morning. now, missing is knoxville creek in napa county, wind gusts here of 49 miles per hour. 29-mile-per-hour winds atlas peek. you heard the firefighter there saying the relative humidity decreases. surface winds are calm but that should be changing, breeziest winds in the next hour. by the afternoon, the good news is they will begin to dial back. temperatures have really bounced up this morning, 22 degrees warm in napa, fairfield and at the coast. east bay winds at mt. diablo, peak wind gust of 61 miles per
7:51 am
hour. 61 in san francisco, 40 in gilroy. that hazy sunshine, smoky conditions throughout the day today. look at novato, down to 37 degrees. with that wind, 61 degrees over in fairfield. so with the visibility decreased due to the smoke and the direction of the wind, we're looking at issues in oakland, hayward, even as far south as san jose. this is the beach. we'll look at temperatures five to ten degrees warmer today. and looking at a chance of showers next week, chris. >> lisa, thank you. joining us now on the phone is scott alonzo with sonoma county. scott, let's talk about these mandatory evacuations and what the eoc has been doing through the morning. >> good morning, thanks for having me. there are multiple mandatory evacuations that have started since yesterday and also more this morning. northern geyserville, there was an additional mandatory evacuation along north of highway 128, between geysers road to chalk hill road.
7:52 am
that still is a threat with the pocket fire. then earlier this morning, multiple mandatory evacuations have gone out along the highway 12 area in kenwood. also in oakmont, impacting calistoga road. and adobe canyon road. and also sonoma valley, the fire is approaching city limits. we are very concerned about that. and so multiple streets and areas north of the city limits in sonoma and also east of city limits in sonoma. there are multiple areas under mandatory evacuation. folks need to leave immediately if they've been given those evacuation notices. >> scott, there is a lot that goes into making the decision to issue a mandatory evacuation. elaborate on that for me. >> yes, sir. so we work closely with cal fire, our state partner, our incident commanders on the ground managing those incident management teams which are composed the firefighters all over the state. we coordinate with law
7:53 am
enforcement partners, in this case the county sheriff's also and santa rosa police department. depending on where the fires are, all those agencies are involved. they work with the national weather service to see where those winds are and to make the best recommendations possible to make sure people can get out safely as quickly as possible if and when the evacuation order comes out. >> scott, talk to me a little bit about just the community response from people outside of the north bay. we know a lot of people have been heading up there to drop off donations for some of the affected families. but in some cases, some places are getting overwhelmed with donations, right? >> right. so it's a little hard because people want to help, they want to drop off physical donations. right now most shelters are not taking physical donations anymore. they actually have too many things. however, there are ways to still help. you can volunteer at 707-573-3399. or give financial donation to want redwood empire food bank or
7:54 am
to the north bay relief fund which is being run through redwood credit union. go to their website and donate immediately, which will be tremendous, because all those proceeds go to the fire victims and that's that is the north bay relief fund. >> scott, a lot has been said about social media and how technology has certainly helped with pushing out these alerts and information. but there are also a number of people in the north bay or in the areas affected that you know, aren't tied to their mobile device, et cetera. how else are you guys getting the word out about evacuations and any other relevant information that people need to know? >> well, we are getting information out in a number of ways. we have a reverse 911 system that calls your landline phone. we also have soco alert that folks can sign up for on our
7:55 am
website. through our law enforcement partners, they've been doing a tremendous job getting the word out when they issue a nixle alert, that's n-i-x-l-e, which anybody can sign up for. if you have loved ones in the area, you can sign this case -- nixle alert. you'll get a nixle alert immediately sent to you when an alert goes out. when there's a mandatory evacuation on the ground, we have our law enforcement officials literally going door to door to get people out of their homes. those sheriff's deputies and police officers are dragging people out of their homes, knocking on doors, making sure they got the evacuation notice. as you saw when these fires started last sunday night, early monday morning in the early hours of the morning when people were sleeping. >> what else will the eoc be focused on as we -- it's saturday morning now, it's just about 8:00 in the morning. but obviously i mean, this thing
7:56 am
has been going on for the past week. what's the main focus today? >> i would say there's two main focuses. one is fighting these fires and protecting life and protecting property. that is the top priority. we have to get this fire under control, because the fire is still active. but then the second top priority is caring for those in our shelters, right? after these people are evacuated, we need to maintain those shelters and get folks help. so we have 22 shelters open in sonoma county all over the place from cloverdale to petaluma. we have a local assistance center we're launching, opening this morning at 9:00 a.m. in downtown santa rosa at 427 mendocino avenue. that will have assistants from various agencies to help with those who have been impacted by this terrible fire. we're going to have fema there, the american red cross, the housing assistance folks, veterans affairs. we'll have mental health
7:57 am
services. if folks need assistance, they can go to the local assistance center at 427 mendocino avenue starting today at 9:00 a.m. and they're open until 7:00 p.m. they'll have spanish translators onsite. >> scott alonzo, emergency operations office joining us this morning. thank you again, scott. as we head to break, this is a live view from sky 7. it also has our special sky map 7 feature as well. you can see highway 12 in the middle of your screen. this includes some of the areas th listerine® total care strengthens teeth, after brushing, helps prevent cavities and restores tooth enamel. it's an easy way to give listerine® total care to the total family. listerine® total care. one bottle, six benefits. power to your mouth™.
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thanks so much for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. we've been on the air since 5:00 a.m., tracking mandatory evacuations out of sonoma county. abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard joins us live from an area that's been evacuated. cornell? >> reporter: hey, chris, apologies for the mask, but the smoke is so thick in this area, a dramatic situation continues to unfold here in sonoma valley. you see smoke and fire up on the ridge. we have seen that all morning, since we arrived here around 4:00 a.m. the fire continues to march


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