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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 17, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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firefighters have almost got the sulfur fire on full containment. >> a raging fire in the santa cruz mountains. the bear fire started last night near boulder creek and last check burned at least 200 acres. >> mandatory evacuation orders remain in place. chris is live along the road with the latest. >> reporter: you can see the smoke haze as crews work to put out the flame. more resources have come in and fire officials said they have a long road ahead of them. close to the town of boulder creek, a burst of flame. >> to the neighbors banging on doors. saying get out of there. get out of there. >> the bear fire started as a structure fire monday night before spreading to surrounding brush. they are trying to determine what caused it. the dry conditions are not helping. >> all-around us, the redwoods
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and all the forest floor burped almost as if they were dead fuel. >> because of the threat, more than 150 homes in a four-mile a diagram ter were evacuated. one of two evacuation centers. >> the packing up is a frantic time. grabbing passports and phones and chargers and tooth brushes. a comforter here and pair of boots there. >> at least four structures have been destroyed and the weather has been favorable, but the steep terrain has been challenging. cat fire officials say of the 600 personnel on the ground, five firefighters have suffered minor injuries. >> when the material break apart and starts rolling down the hill and it rolls below to where they put the fire lines in.
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>> those who live nearby are grateful for the prompt response. >> we have ourselves and kids and dogs. we will work it out. >> a community unsure of when they will be able to return home. >> you can see the helicopters making the rounds. a water drop right there. those residents will be out of their homes until tomorrow at the latest. the fire is just 5% contained. we are live in the santa cruz mountains, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. >> wildfire burned about 40 acres of grass in dublin near fallon road this afternoon. crews are still on the scene. >> alameda firefighters said no buildings are threatened by the fire. >> in marin county when fire broke out around the shoulder. the fire started about a mile
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south of the robin williams tunnels. sky 7 flue above the 16 when cal fire flue aircraft. they did evacuate for a short time and faced delays on southbound 101. the fires combined to burn about two acres. >> more evacuations lifted in sonoma, but many still return home. they are combing through burn zones looking for victims. there are many outstanding missing persons reports and one of the biggest priorities is getting people back into the neighborhood to see their homes or see if there is anything left. >> our next phase that we are being looking to as we start to wrap up the phase of this and fire suppression repair is transitioning this incident to recovery. and looking to any way we can support logistically and through
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wa we have in place. that phase. >> we're learned that 121 county employees lost their homes. 11 shelters remain open for evacue evacuees. >> thousands are still evacuated across the bay area. look at the map that google created. you can find a list of evacuation zones and maps and centers at abc 7 and our app. >> sutter santa rosa regional hospital reopened this morning. this video shows how quickly the flame approached the hospital. amy got stories of heroism and bravery from that terrifying night. >> in this video from the hospital surveillance, you can see the building was surrounded by fire. staff members suddenly found themselves trying to put out the fire. >> within 10 to 20 feet of our oxygen tanks and our diesel tanks. >> the security guard and other employees protected the tanks
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using fire extinguishers to be called up to the roof which was starting to catch fire. >> i just inhaled a lot of smoke so i felt switchy and charl horsing in my legs and i vomited on the way up. >> patients needed evacuating including babies. >> we had to wait for ambulances. they were not all available yet. it was starting to be more smokey in here. >> two needed incubators. one took one of the babies and had to wait for more to arrive. >> we had one more show up and we loaded it with as many of the stable babies we could. they were side by side in bassinets on the floor of the ambulance. >> the stories are harrowing and as a team reached another big moment. sutter regional hospital in santa rosa is open for business. they had to scrub the walls and floors and restock all supplies
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because of smoke damage, but today they are ready to serve the people of santa rosa. >> at least here we are bouncing back. >> to give you an idea of how badly this community needs the hospital, it opened at 7:00 this morning and the first patient was here waiting at the er at 6:59. abc seven news. >> cal fire reports crews are making significant progress on other nearby fires. the redwood valley fire in mendocino is about 60% contained. it blackened 36,000 acres and blamed for eight deaths. the sheriff said all mandatory evacuation orders have been lifted and even so, potter valley remains under evacuation warning. >> crews are close to containing the sulfur fire. cat fire reports it is 92% contained and burned 2200 acres. warnings remain in place.
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the fires in lake and mendocino destroyed a total of 436 homes. >> it's warm out there again today, but what about the wind? >> certainly something everybody is asking about. spencer christian has the forecast. >> a close look at conditions near the bear fire. and generally that's considered favorable for fire containment and same conditions up in the north bay prevail where they are under 10 miles per hour. that's good news as well. better news. some cooler air and wet weather is coming our way. not that batch of moisture off the central coast. this system will be down from the gulf of alaska that will bring our next bout of rainfall. a 60% chance of rain on
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thursday. 30% on friday. this is mainly a north bay event. the storm impact and the only race one on the scale of light intensity. continuing into early friday and north bay locations plagued by the fires may see up to a quarter of an inch of rain or more. we will see more later. >> spencer, thank you. pa. >> everyone knows president trump loves to tweet, but with the wildfires many have been silent and many want to know why. >> carolyn tyler has that story. >> those 120 characters have gotten the president into quite a bit of hot water in the past, but the fact that he is silent while northern california burns is raising questions among democrats and republicans. >> they call the wine country fires one of the greatest tragedies the state has faced. president trump signed an emergency federal disaster declaratio
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declaration. >> a lot of people are helping government in california. >> on twitter, his favorite method of communication,municat, californians are taking notice. >> with 41 people dead and 34,000 evacuated and billions of dollars of damage including to california's wine industry, president trump this week has been tweeting about the nfl and the stock market. he has not mentioned california on twitter. >> republican strategist shawn walsh worked with the reagan and bush administrations and said in politics there is an expression. show the love and show the money. he believes president trump has shown the money through the emergency declaration. >> what really matters to californians, getting back in their houses and getting recovered and getting reimbursed for firefighters and first responders. he has done that. has he done everything he should to make people feel good?
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probably not. >> john burton, the recently retired calls the wildfires a human catastrophe. tweeting about it or somehow expressing empathy. >> as long as you tweet about everything in the world, we are just doing and in showing, i think the empathy and compassion. >> california as you know is a silently blue state and president trump's poll numbers are not good. the democrat and republican strategists that we talked to both do not believe politics are at play in his lack of tweeting about the fires. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> okay, carolyn, thank you. a judge in hawaii blocked the latest version of trump's travel ban hours before it was set to take effect. they granted hawaii's request to temporarily block the federal government from enforcing the
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policy. the most recent restrictions affect citizens of chad, iran, libya, north korea, somalia, syria and yemen and some venezuelan government officials and families as well. >> 7 on your side is lending a hand to the victims of the north bay fires. >> today we are at the sonoma county fairgrounds with the entire 7 on your side crew. we have a pop uptaking your questions and listening to your concerns. >> great. thank you. plus as new fires start, more bad air around the bay area. what you need to know about that. plus -- >> the climb continues. yet another record breaking day on wall street. >> live at oracle arena where the golden state warriors will set bright. it is ring night and diamond
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>> the the warriors are ready to g. >> larry biel is live in oracle arena where the season opener gets under way in just a few hours. we can feel the excitement. >> yes, it's going to be fun. the dance team is warming up. last time we were here at oracle, jerry west was standing a few feet away. we had e 40 and snoop dogg and the confetti was coming down for the championship. jerry is in l.a. working for the clipper and that will be replaced by diamonds.
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lots and lots of diamonds. it's ring night. the ceremony will be held and a couple of years ago, they received these massive rings. a lot of places are too big to wear. those rings contain six carats of diamonds and sapphires. own own mike shumann took a picture with his old super bowl ring with bob meyers's ring. this bling is not for everyday use. >> i never wore my rings. i wore them once to a halloween party. i had five at the time before i became a coach. i wore all five. i was eminem for halloween. the only time i have ever worn them. >> three times. the day after i got it, the parade months ago. i wore a suit somewhere. i can't remember where. it was totally ridiculous. i took it off because it's way
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too big to wear. it's a cool idea, but executing it is not very good. >> i'm not going to say. you should tweet that and make the 35 bigger or the warriors should have been smaller. i don't care. it's a championship ring and i appreciate for them to do that. it's special. >> the siring sinring sinring rg there early. they have an elaborate ceremony planned. the sneak peek and reveal will be spectacular. by the way, there is a game. i have to get ready for the rockets with chris paul. it should be a fun night here at oracle arena. later in the newscast. for now, reporting live at oracle, abc 7 sports. >> great stuff. see you in a bit. thou to breaking news out of dublin over the scene of a fire that we mentioned near fallon
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road. it started before 2:00 this afternoon. you can see the flame are mostly extinguished, but in that black swath of grass that has been burned. it did spread quickly for a time. it's giving folks in the north bay valuable information and you can see it here in this area. when activated the sky map locates nearby streets, highways and landmarks. this fire burned a couple of acres in the east bay. we will keep tabs on it. >> help is on the way for the north bay for fire victims who are trying to figure out how to move forward. >> 7 on your side is live in santa rosa at the fairgrounds helping people. hi, michael. >> reporter: we have been busy today. a lot of people coming through. only about 50 evacuees still locationed here. the number is dropping every day. we are trying to figure out how
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they will rebuild their lives. we are here with our pop up with the 7 on your side crew taking questions and concerns. they are the ones you expect how i deal with my experience company and how do i find a place to live and how are we going to rebuild. a large part of that is money. where is the money coming from? this guy will help us with part of that. mike heads up the united way of the wine country and you are working with the united way of the bay area, correct? >> yes, we are. an unprecedented relationship. >> what are you doing? >> we created the northern california wildfire reand recovery fund. it's a joint partner between united way bay area and wine country. >> where will the money go? that gives you so many different groups and deals with so many community issues. how do you fold us into that? >> the people that need the money the most and quickly.
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we are focused in two areas. short-term rewhere we give it to the families and mid-term where we are able to look at the gaps that are not being filled. we can help the people get on the road to recovery. >> do you have a web page? >> 40403 and type in wildfire. >> we will make sure we post that on our website. thank you very much for your time. we are going to be here for the rest of the evening and tomorrow we are going to be at various locations around napa. if you want to catch up with us, if you have a concern and want to talk tos, go online to our website and we will keep telling you where we are located. reporting live from santa rosa at the fairgrounds, 7 on your side. >> thanks so much. great work there.
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a spare the air alert has been issued because of the ongoing wildfires in the north bay. did you know how bad the air was? here's a look at the hazy air in san francisco. it's so bad, the dmv in san francisco canceled driving tests after receiving complaints. about 30 tests were canceled and all expected to resume tomorrow. >> a lot of disappointed 16-year-olds. >> the big day. >> or older folks who need a new license. it's funny because a lot of times we think it's fog, but this time not the case. >> i haven't had much good news to report. the lingering smoke and the dry and windy conditions, but there is good weather news coming our way. here's a look at live doppler 7. the smoke and haze looks like smog. you can call it that. we have low clouds offshore. the two will mix.
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right now we are looking at a live view from the emeryville camera. the air quality is poor to unhealthy just about everywhere except in the value where it's moderate. it looks like tomorrow will be a spare the air day. here's the view looking northward. you can see that layer of haze there. the lower part of the picture. right on the central part of the picture. temperatures in the low to mid 70s in san francisco. 77 in san jose and 80 at gilroy and 57 at half moon bay. west from emeryville, temperatures are 79 at napa. we have low 80 no, sir santa rosa. one more live view at the golden gate where it's a bit smokey and hazy. these are the forecast pictures. cooler pattern through the remainder of the week and breezy conditions with showers late thursday and early friday. it will be warmer again over the weekend. overnight, we will see the haze lingering and low clouds pushing
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locally from the coast over the bay. inland a little bit. a few high clouds as well. low temperatures will be in the upper 40s to low 50s. tomorrow look for a mainly sunny hazy day away from the coast, but low clouds linger and we will see highs in the 60s near the coast and low to mid 70s around the bay and low 70s and upper 60s near the bay. highs mainly in the mid- to upper 70s. let's look at the wind gusts starting at 6:00 tomorrow. we will see wind increasing a little bit near the coast. gustier than right now. going into thursday that gold front gets closer. ahead of the front, an increase up to about 25 miles per hour over much of the north bay and near the coast. as the rain gets closer, the wind will diminish late thursday into early friday. let's talk about the rain. the approaching system ranks one. light intensity moving in late thursday and continuing through
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early friday. it will produce light showers across the overall region, but in the north bay up to a quarter inch or more. here's the forecast animation. by late thursday night, light rain covering most of the north bay and moving down along the coast into the golden gate. into friday morning, pushing further inland and southward. that will break up by mid-morning and maybe snow in the central sierra. let's not overlook that. here's the rainfall potential. up in the north bay, around ukiah, up to a quarter of an inch. under a tenth of an inch and oakland slightly over a tenth. the cooler pattern coming our way. thursday and friday and once the rain ends and the skies get brighter, conditions warm up on sunday, monday, and tuesday. >> thank you. >> the controversial movement that started here with colin
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kaepernick, now nfl ownerships look to find a solution for the fans and the players. >> more
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>> the dow crossed the 23,000 mark today. >> theory explain the driving forces behind the stock market these days. >> the dow has been on a roll recently at just past 8:00 this morning, it crossed the 23,000 threshold for a few minutes. the index reached the milestone only 76 days after topping 22,000. historically speaking, that's fast. analysts point to several factors. tons of wealth in india and china and people are putting their money in the u.s. stock market. the expectation that the trump administration will deregulate
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and lower the corporate tax rate. >> companies like nes 96 and facebook and systems contributing to the optimism driving a greater performance of the dow. >> trump was quick to tweet about the dow passing 23,000. he put out this graph since election day. i want to show you the index did not stay above that threshold. after hitting the 23,000 mark a couple times earlier today, the dow ended a few points shy of that. still you know it's a 26% jump in one year. >> thanks very much. >> our coverage of the fires continues. just ahead, we are waiting for a news conference from fema officials and we will take you there live to napa as soon as it gets under way. >> stay with us. back in a moment.
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good afternoon. as fire crews continue to battle several fires issue the resources have been diverted to the south and the santa cruz
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mountains. >> the bear fire broke out in boulder creek and burned 200 acres and is 5% contained. homes have been evacuated. >> containment increased on the fires and the tubs fire between calistoga and santa rosa is up to 82%. >> the atlas fire is 77% contained. >> as fire crews made progress on the fires, residents are starting to return home to assess the damage. >> dana has the very latest. >> as more evacuations are lifted, thousands are going back to find nothing. >> i just want to go home. it's starting to look like it. >> then there are those. >> for burned all the way up to our house. >> the homes were passed over by those that wiped out 5700 homes and buildings. >> total destruction is 50 feet
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away. >> tom and katherine wonder why they are the lucky ones. >> it's heart breaking. i'm trying not to have survivor's guilt. >> fire crews are gaining the upper hand on the wildfires burning for more than a week. that progress is now overshadowed by the first firefighter death. >> everyone is getting tired. there has been no break for these firefighters since the fires erupted last sunday. >> fatigue may have played a role in the crash of a water tanker that killed the driver. firefighters are workingd the clock, some sleeping in two-person tends. some broke out in other parts in the mountains of los angeles that threatened an observatory. another day of fairly calm winds in california and there are no red flag warnings in effect
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statewide. abc news, los angeles. >> we want to go to a live news conference where we are getting an update by a number of officials at napa valley college. >> let's listen in. >> most important today is the head of fema, the administrator on the ground and toured the fires. this is going to be our partner for the foreseeable future and i top the state that fema has done a fantastic job and moved as quick as i have seen them to approve everything we have asked for. it's just good to have them here and to be partners with them. i will now turn it over to cecili cecilia. >> i want to thank you for coming and thank administrator long for coming and hearing our stories and guaranteeing that fema will be here not only
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today, but tomorrow and in the future. we have a lot to do and have to have a lot of patience. we still have to be safe and still need to make sure that everyone is doing the right thing. it's a long, long process. thank you very much for coming and thank you to administrator long and i appreciate he took the mom to get the steps of recovery and how we are going to implement that. thank you. >> thank you. good afternoon. i'm the director of the governor's office here in california. let me say first of all, our heards go out to those who have lost property and loved ones. this is a serious situation not just here in napa, but throughout northern california with these severe fires. we have been active in
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supporting cal fire and the local fire entities as well as the other local governments and being able to respond and now transferring into the recovery operations throughout the region. let me be clear. we are not fully out of this emergency. the situation still is involving active fire throughout the region and we have a lot of equipment and resources moving around and we know that we have continual red flag and fire weather conditions that we have to deal with. very, very appreciative of the administrator and we have been a great partner with them. they will be working with them as they transition. our goals and objectives and recovery now currently is helping to get the debris cleaned up and moved out.
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getting people with such information so that they know what to do to get things reconstructed. not just in napa, but throughout the region. i top the particularly thank the county of napa and the cities within the county. they have been great partners andy woo will continue to stay with them through the coming months. i will turn it over from cal fire. >> thank you, mark. it has been a long nine days. i certainly don't need to tell everyone from mendocino county to nevada county and butte to napa and sonoma. this has been a long haul. as the director said, we are not out of the woods yet. we have 11,000 firefighters on
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the fire lines. 245,000 acres have burned since this started nine days ago. that's more acres burned in the last days than we had burned on private land in california up to that time since the beginning of the year. since the beginning of january. extremely significant event and obviously taxing on everyone from first responders to everyone out there impacted directly by this. 41 people have died from this disaster. that's to adjudicate the remaining unaccounted for people. everyone has been working hard to get folks repopulated and the number one priority after putting the fires out is to get people back home.
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you can see there is smoke in the air. while we are making great progress, there are portions of the fires that are active and we continue to engage to get that work done. we are continuing to use all of the resorurces available to us. the california national guard who you will hear from shortly had significant number of resources. our mutual aid system and the firefighters, 1,000 fire departments almost in california engaged in the firefight. we depend on all of that along with the federal partners. this morning as you probably saw, a new fire in santa cruz county. areas close to the coast that we think normally would be wet and we will see moisture in the next couple of days. it's not going to be a fire season ending event. it is hopeful that it provides enough rain and moisture to help it quicken the pace to get the
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fires contained. behind that will be wind. we are looking at santa ana winds. our eye is on the ball for the long haul. right here in napa county and sonoma and the neighboring counties, we are here to help them support the partners with fema and all of you locally to begin the recovery. we are here for the long haul. for that i would like to turn it over to dave baldwin for the california national guard. >> the california national guard with fire suppression efforts. we continue to help them get their lives back to normal by helping to keep them safe. we are helping to work to get back home and working to help them get back to work. the california national guard is of these communities. we had soldiers and air men evacuated for the effect. we had air men that lost homes in the event. we are very, very proud to be
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able to stand beside the other agents to help them recovery from this. we will be in it for the long haul. whatever the communities need, they will be from for them. i will be followed by commissioner stanley from the california highway patrol. good afternoon. we are working with cal fire and other fire departments here and also with the sheriff and the police chief in this community and all the people that have been affected. we have a number of personnel here from our napa office and other offices throughout the bay area that are assisting with traffic control ask escort and big things that are assisting with. the repopulation of the areas and being on patrol with the sheriff and the police department and being on the look out for looters. we want to prevent that. the people that have been affected have gone through enough. we don't want them to see them
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be affected again by looters and burglars and people trying to gain access because they have been evacuated. as everyone said, this is a long-term process. all of us working together, the local agencies and all the state agencies and the federal and state agencies, we are in it for the long haul. hopefully get the community back to normal. thank you. >> my thoughts and prayers are with the folks who have been impacked by the fires. i want to take a moment to comment the local and state leaders in california. they have done a tremendous job in unifying the efforts and the success will be with the response and the recovery. we have to come together. maximize the resources that we all bring to not only the response that is still ongoing and the fire suppression efforts taking place, but the long-term
4:42 pm
community recovery. california is a special state and a beautiful place and we have to be working diligently not only today, but for many years to come to make sure that fema helps the state as well as the local governments understand what they are entitled to as a result of the president's major disaster declaration request and how to achieve the state and local's goals when it come into recovery. i will be meeting with governor brown tomorrow. we have great communication not only with the governor, but the president had conversations with governor brown. we are trying to move fast, but we have a long way to go and will be here to make sure we hope you guys recovery. thank you.
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>> we cover napa and american cany canyon. we were hoping to start school tomorrow, but that has been suspended until monday. classes will begin on monday, october 23rd. safety is our number one concern. thank you to all the services that have been helping us and, assisting us. we found out that the air quality is worse rather than better today. it's too volatile with the smoke so we are suspending classes until monday. the school district will open on monday october 23rd assuming the air quality is better. thank you. >> i'm ryan gregory. these are the state and federal partners. now friends. they are helping out the local assistance center. this is the second day with these really important people that care and we will help us get this done.
4:44 pm
said be creative and think outside the box. customize our packages to napa and they have challenged us to do that and challenge accepted. we will take this on and make sure that wea apply the packages to napa and get this recovery done as soon as possible. at this point let's get to work. thank you. >> now we will ask if there is any questions. >> they cut across the board including fema. that's not only the store here, but some of these cars. >> right. >> so we work with our warns in
4:45 pm
congress and i will allow him to comment as well. we have been working with congress to make sure there is enough funding to not only be here to support the disaster that is currently unfolding, but also harvey, irma, as well asthma ri a. we will continue. at the last minute, they added an additional billion for the fire event. that was a holding place for action taking place in the senate right now and will be back in the house to finalize. 7 well aware of this and there will be strong support i'm confident in the house and the senate to make sure we have a budget that will move us forward
4:46 pm
in this direction. there is always going to be a need for more money. we recognize that. we are going to do our best to get the money needed for this event and others we have been hit by. >> i'm confident we will get the money needed for this event and others. we are going to continue to fight for that. the additional money for the house appropriation bill speaks well to the fact that everyone is aware of the need and people are putting a shoulder out to the wheel to get that done. >> you are listening to mike thompson, congressman among the many officials updating on what has been happening. schools and napa not going to open until monday. the highway patrol working very hard to assure residents that their neighborhoods will be safe
4:47 pm
from looters and burglars who take advantage when they are away from the homes. >> fema and cal fire along with the national guard stressing they are in this recovery mode and asking for patience as the coming days occur. >> the words of one of the district elected
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championship warriors hit the floor for the season opener. >> spores directr larry biel is li with a preview of tonight's game. larry? >> we are getting set for what should be a big night since winning the championship. the warriors have been on exotic vacations. they traveled to china and we were with them. it has been all kinds of fun. now you have to get back to real work as i bring in mike shumann. the question is how do you refoc refocus. we will have the ring ceremony and we saw a sneak peek. it's going to be impressive. you get the bling and they have to play a game against the rockets. >> one of the only sports that
4:51 pm
does that. and the night before your opening season game. it's very emotional to get that ring and see it and look up. my goodness. san antonio came in and just beat them down. this was supposed to be the tour. it's going to be a challenge to refocus. early in the season, we don't have to worry about it. i can see houston coming in. >> since the acquisition, jones is warmin up and the big center. he is a relative newcomer and he wants more minutes. jordan bell will have minutes. they have too many guys.
4:52 pm
>> that's the biggest challenge is to find his rotation. this is on thoop he said yeah, that's going to be the biggest test. >> andre iguodala out with a strained back. >> that's a wrap for now. for mike shumann, larry biel. abc 7 sports. >> major league baseball is hitting a home run with a young oakland a's fan who lost his home in the fires. loren smith and his family had their home destroyed and his surprised collection of a's memorability and baseball cards. yesterday we reported the a's would replenish it and collect items on his behalf. a dozen other teams including the giants and the red sox and padres and rays have replied and are sending loren some gear.
4:53 pm
even minor league teams are promising to make donations. >> he's going to have a museum at his home. just ahead, a piece of history now headed back home. >> these are the 10 commandments here. >> the torah that was preserved in the bay area being returned to its rightful owners. >> kristin has a look at what's ahead at 5:00. >> a caravan of help. this alpaca is going home. saving animals in the fire zone. professional athletes pitching in and the local ties behind folks helping out. the water project and how san jose could shape the future of the delta tunnels. these stories and more for abc 7 news at 5:00. >> hundreds of firefighters are on the frontlines working for more than 24 hours straight.
4:54 pm
>> winds are blowing 30 to 40 miles an hour. we were just trying to stay ahead of it and do the best we could. >> we are still critically low on resources. >> we have a job to do and will make sure we get it done. (dog panting) another 2am stroll, huh? i'm worried. i have this medical bill. dave, you have anthem, and they have people to talk to who are empowered to help answer any question you... (dog grunting, panting) is... is he okay?
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real people? living and breathing. hopefully not breathing like that. for all the things that keep you up at night, anthem blue cross has a solution.
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a peninsula
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reer restored aer toa is returning it to the czech republic. abc 7 news's vick lee has the story you will see only on 7. . >> the torah was allowed through after a personal screening. in fact, this sacred rebrew bible is receiving the vip treatment from united airlines on the journey to the czech republic. this has been on the peninsula congregation in coster city since 1970 and came from a village in the czech republic where jews who were murdered by the nazis in world war ii. the artifacts are confiscated or destroyed. the torah survived and after the war made its way to the westminster synagogue in london to foster city. today the jewish community has rebuilt itself. >> they're asked us to help
4:58 pm
restore the scroll and bring it back to its home. it's a beautiful journey. >> the 10 commandments. >> all of this is an incredible coincidence. his wife's parents fled and this was their >> you see some of the letters are still faded and cracked here at the top. >> the torah needs restoring. something that will be done in its new home in a ceremony sunday. in the meantime, its journey will be a comfortable one. >> they were nice enough to reserve their own torah. >> and their own boarding pass. abc 7 news. >> so impressive. >> the congregation in cost fos city has further for safe
4:59 pm
keeping. thanks so much for joining us at 4:00. abc 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. >> our goal is to get people back in the houses that are standing. >> that's the goal of the sonoma county sheriff, state, and federal officials are also here. they have their own plans. >> flame are choking a neighborhood in the santa cruz mountains. one resident said it looks like a volcano. >> the ariel assault for this fire was fierce. also -- >> helping both people and pets in the north bay. >> breaking news is taking place in dublin. some residents faced orders right now because of the fire you are seeing on sky 7. >> we just flew over the 40 acre fire that is about 20%
5:00 pm
contained. it broke out before 2:00 this afternoon. officials have not said what sparkd it. >> look at the smoke. people were packing up belongings and getting into cars trying to escape the fire's path. they just received the order to leave moments ago. >> you are looking live at the fire and you can see from sky 7, the streets are closest to where the fire is burning right now. >> you can see some of the streets there with mandatory evacuations have been ordered f for signal hill. >> saddle creek terrace and so far it has not reached any of them. it is this latest in a series of recent bay area wildfires. what an october it has been. >> now to the n


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