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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 18, 2017 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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i missed wearing makeup. >> jimmy kimmel one-on-one with his idol. we do say good morning, america. how about that moment last night, david letterman making that big return, michael. >> makes you feel good to see david letterman out there. it was his first time on the rate late night couch since leaving. big evening for jimmy kimmel. he says he feels about letterman the way most people feel about beyonce. >> letterman was in great form, but i still can't get used to the beard. >> i don't think he's shaved >> he is something, and we'll have more coming up. first, some senators proposing a bipartisan deal to restore funding for obamacare. the president sending mixed messages as he faces questions about the phone call he made to the widow of a fallen soldier. our senior white house correspondent, cecilia vega, starts us off.
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good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. president trump says calling these families is the hardest thing he has to do as commander in chief, but this morning, he has responding to the backlash as one of these phone calls is at the center of a very ugly political fight. president trump made good on his promise to call the grieving families of those four special ops soldiers killed during a siege in niger but this morning his message to one grieving widow is sparking backlash. president trump told the wife of army sergeant la david johnson, quote, he knew what he signed up for, but when it happens, it hurts anyway. that's according to florida democratic congresswoman frederica wilson who says she listened to the call on speakerphone. >> this is a soldier who gave his life for his country. he is a hero. >> reporter: the call came just as myeshia johnson was on her way to the airport for the arrival of her husband's remains. pregnant with their third child, johnson laid her head on his flag-draped casket and gave a
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final kiss. >> it just hurts me to know he's not going to be with us. >> reporter: this morning, president trump is firing back tweeting, democrat congresswoman fabricated what i said to the wife of a soldier who died in action, and i have proof. sad. it comes on the heels of the president's false claims that other presidents including president obama did not personally call the grieving families of fallen soldiers. >> the traditional way if you look at president obama and other presidents, most of them didn't make calls. a lot of them didn't make calls. i like to call when it's appropriate when i think i'm able to do it. >> reporter: and tuesday in the white house, president trump blamed president obama once again implying obama did not call his chief of staff john kelly in 2010 when kelly's son was killed in the line of duty in afghanistan. >> i mean, you could ask general kelly. did he get a call from obama?
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you could ask other people. >> reporter: now, general kelly has made it repeatedly clear to reporters that he does not want to talk publicly about the death of his son. understandably so. whether he got a call from president obama or not, the white house says that he never got a call from president obama in the wake of his son's death and while obama aides do not dispute that, they do, george, tell us general kelly was invited and did attend a breakfast here at the white house for gold star families where he and his wife sat at the table of the first lady. but, george, that was six months after his son's death. >> as you said, general kelly himself prefers this all remain private. cecilia, thanks very much. >> we have to keep that in mind. more now on that bipartisan deal to restore funding to the affordable care act. just last week, president trump said he was going to slash crucial subsidies. critics accused him of sabotage. now the president is sensing mixed signals and our congressional correspondent mary bruce has the latest from capitol hill. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, robin. yeah. lots of mixed messages from the white house on this one. the president says obamacare is dead but now appears to support a bipartisan effort to stabilize it. he also says it's simply not
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enough to overhaul obamacare. just last week he cut off $7 billion in subsidies that helped millions of low-income americans pay for coverage. now, republican lamar alexander and democratic patty murray have reached a new deal to extend those same subsidies for two years in exchange for giving states more flexibility. the president this morning is commending their solution but the white house still hasn't said if the president will definitely sign it. >> so what are the chances that this new deal could become a reality, mary? >> reporter: yeah, robin, this is far from a done deal. it's unclear if republican leaders will support this either, and as congress and the white house debate this, the question then becomes, who will americans hold responsible? the president is pointing fingers, saying, if premiums go up, quote, blame democrats. robin. >> all right, mary. thank you. robin, one more note from washington. the president issued a warning to senator john mccain after mccain said the quote half-baked spurious nationalism backed by
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trump is unpatriotic. take a listen. >> you heard what he said yesterday, senator mccain. >> yeah, well, i hear it. and people have to be careful because at some point i fight back. i'm being very nice. i'm being very, very nice but at some point i fight back and it won't be pretty. >> so let's get more on this new from meghan mccain, the newest co-host on "the view," and let me begin with you. matthew dowd also with us. you heard what the president said about your dad. where does this go next? >> you know, i think the fighting between them just comes from the fact that they have deep ideological differences of perspective on how america is run. how the republican party should work together. but on a personal note i don't know about you but i'm exhausted with the in-fighting within the republican party. i'm exhausted with the attacks on my father. i don't know if you guys have heard, but my father is fighting glioblastoma right now and there's nothing that could possibly happen or be threatened to me and my family that could be more painful than what we are
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going through, and whatever threats are being levied right now, i'm telling you, we're a tough ride or die family. right now there's nothing -- there's nothing that could possibly happen that could possibly be more complicated. i just have high hopes that someday president trump and the rest of the republican party can find some common ground together where if you have any kind of difference of opinion on the future of the country or the party, you're not just automatically going to be threatened in return. >> yeah, and the questions are trying to come to some agreement on big issues like health care and taxes even as these personal attacks go on. >> uh-huh, and, again, i have high hopes that it will happen. i'm a little confused about the bipartisan agreement with democrats regarding the health care bill because when you have people like rand paul and mike lee who are more on the libertarian side of the party who really just want repeal and don't want any replacement, that was part of the problem with the original bill. so i don't understand if you're a supporter of president trump and you are part of his base, he ran on repealing and replaces obamacare. now for them will a compromise with democrats be satisfactory? i don't see how it's going to be possible.
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>> it doesn't seem like that all make sure dad is calling for compromise -- >> he is. again, he is and my father obviously was the infamous down vote, but i just don't know if it will be satisfactory to his base. >> let me bring in matt dowd on this. matt, it does come, the president is trying to get republicans rallied behind tax reform, trying to get them rallied behind something on health care. yet these self-inflicted wounds continue starting with how he talked about the fallen families. >> well, every single time that you think donald trump has turned a corner and he's going to do something that is going to be positive for the country and politically positive for himself, he does another thing that reduces his approval ratings and drops him down. keep in mind, george, the only time that donald trump has risen in his approval ratings in his entire presidency was when he had cut that deal with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer on the debt ceiling and so if he can reach an agreement on daca or
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reach an agreement on taxes or reach an agreement on health care reform, then i think his numbers go up. the problem he has as meghan alluded to, the republicans are no way unified on what he should do. the democrats are pretty solid on this. but the president has to figure out a way to work with congress which he hasn't done since january 20th. >> and the one place republicans, meghan, are unified, tax reform. can they get it through? >> listen. if we don't want get some kind of win going forward into midterms, it's going to be very dangerous for people up for re-election. i certainly hope so but such a fractured party, there's so much in-fighting i wouldn't get too far ahead of myself. >> all right. would you give your father our best? >> thank you. he is doing good. i mean he's all things considered and we are so blessed and so lucky to have the health care team at nih. the doctors i'm on speed dial with all the time. we're so lucky. i just want to bring more awareness to glioblastoma and brain cancer. it's part of the reason i am working at "the view." i hope you all come on at some
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point. i hope you all come on at some point. he's doing really well and i really appreciate all the thoughts and prayers everyone has given my family. it is deeply meaningful. >> we saw your father and joe biden together. >> i love joe biden. i don't agree with him on much but he's a wonderful man. >> one thing you do agree on, you fit right in on "the view." >> well, i'm very nervous. thank you very much. >> you're holding your own. >> thank you. >> we appreciate you coming here. thank you so much, meghan. thank you. we'll talk about some money news right now. a lot of eyes are on the stock market this morning after the dow reached a major milestone on tuesday crossing 23,000 points for the first time ever before closing just below that mark, abc's paula faris is on wall street with more. good morning, paula. >> reporter: and good morning to you, michael. the market is on fire right now. a lot of folks are waking up, and they will be tempted to check their 401 ks this morning. this morning but as you heard the dow surpassed 23,000 for the
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first time ever and just to give you a sense of how hot things are since election day, we've seen a 25% increase in the market. 66 record highs and it's up 4,600 points so why is the market as strong as it is right now? a couple of reasons. number one, solid earnings reports. number two, news of a gop tax cut plan which made significant progress yesterday when john mccain said he would back it, and the senate is supposed to vote later this week. trump is touting the largest tax cut in history. what does it mean if you invested 10 thousands on election days? it's worth $12,600. that's quite the increase. how long will this run last? it's been over eight years, and no signs of slowing down especially with news of this possible tax cut, but the concern is that the market gets too hot too fast, and it melts down. basically too much of a good thing, so the best long-term strategy, michael, look at your money, but don't touch. back to you.
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>> thank you paula. that's the hard part, look at it but don't touch. a lot of people wondering how long this could continue. >> we'll see. from wall street and turn to that state of emergency declared in florida ahead of a speech by white nationalist leader, richard spencer. abc's victor oquendo is in gainesville with more. good morning, victor. >> reporter: good morning, michael. the university of florida already taking a number of precautions. they'll be setting up these steel barricades throughout the day. there's also an increased police presence in and around campus. they want to make sure what happened in charlottesville doesn't happen here in gainesville. [ chanting ] >> reporter: this morning, the university of florida isn't taking any chances preparing for a speech by white nationalist, richard spencer, on thursday. florida governor rick scott calling up the national guard. the national guard was activated hoping to avoid scenes like these. >> we're ready and prepared and we'll ensure that you are afforded your constitutional rights, but that it's done in a safe and secure manner. >> hail, trump. hail our people. hail, victory.
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>> reporter: spencer is the founder of the so-called alt-right movement, after this video went viral hailing trump with nazi salutes. >> i'm trying to normalize racism as you call it, absolutely. i'm trying to normalize our ideas, my ideas, trying to normal "our own house" ideals of the alt-right. i don't want it to be a fringe movement. i want the alt-right to be a dominant movement. >> reporter: he was set to speak at a unite the right rally at charlottesville at the university of virginia. that ended in violent clashes between protesters. one woman killed when a man drove a car into a group of protesters. after that, uf denied a request from spencer to speak in september, citing imminent threats against gainesville and the university. but the school's president last week said he was shocked to learn that uf is required by law to allow mr. spencer to speak his racist views on our campus. and uf will be footing the bill for all the added security. some $500,000. this is the phillips center
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right behind me where richard spencer is set to speak. he's clearly not welcome here but did send out this tweet saying breaking hurricane ricardo expected to hit gainesville on thursday. guys? >> it will be a tense situation there. we'll move on to new trouble for the weinstein brothers and the company they founded as harvey weinstein officially resigned from the board in the wake of those sexual assault allegations, his brother bob is facing allegations of his own. abc's linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: this morning, shocking, new accusations of sexual harassment. this time, against harvey weinstein's younger brother, bob, co-founding their movie studio. amanda segel, a showrunner on the now canceled spike tv show "the mist" produced by the weinstein company tells "variety" magazine that bob weinstein repeatedly tried to pressure her into a personal relationship with him in the summer of 2016. >> amanda claims when she went to dinner with bob weinstein, he actually asked her her age because he wanted to make sure that she was not younger than
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his own daughter. bob also asked amanda to come back to his hotel room. >> reporter: another accuser, alexi melvin an aspiring actress took to twitter claiming bob weinstein at a party tried to lure me to one of those infamous hotel meetings with harvey. i was a minor. she tells abc news the alleged encounter made her feel trapped but that she was lucky her mother was present and stepped this. bob weinstein's attorney vehemently denies these claims telling abc news his client was surprised, stunned and extremely angry when he learned of the allegations. >> we have e-mails that cover this entire subject and show how phony this story is. >> reporter: the new allegations came the same day the weinstein company board met in new york city with harvey calling in from a rehab facility in arizona and officially resigning from the board. his attorney chose not to speak to cameras. the movie mogul is accused by more than 30 women of sexual harassment and assault. and now more of hollywood's
7:15 am
women continue to speak out. >> we'll face it together. >> reporter: "game of thrones" actress lena headey posted on twitter when she declined an invitation up to harvey weinste weinstein's hotel room, he allegedly told her, don't tell anyone about this. not your manager, not your agent. harvey weinstein has denied any allegations of nonconsensual sex and this morning pore women continue to join the #metoo movement. on twitter alone in the first 24 hours 650,000 me too tweets. 24 hours later it's double about that in excess of 1.2 million tweets from women around the world in multiple languages giving their own accounts of their personal experiences with sexual harassment. >> it has just exploded. we'll have more on that in our next hour. linsey, thanks so much. we'll turn to the night in major league baseball. it is closing time for the l.a. dodgers. they are just one win away from securing a trip to the world series. it will be the first trip to the
7:16 am
world series that they have won since 1988. i was 2 years old, robin. after beating the defend champ, the cub, 6-1 last night but all of the drama is in new york where the yankees were trailing 4- 0 until -- >> here comes the judge. >> here comes the judge, big home run kicked off a score for the yankees and scored four runs the eighth inning with a stunning comeback. the final score 6-4. they're tied at two games a piece and all four face off again tonight. a good world series no matter who wins the matchup. >> don't count out the baby bombers. >> not at all. let's go to ginger. major storm moving into the west. >> you can see it right here on the satellite, george. just south and east of the illusion islands there, but hitting parts of washington state and will today, very heavy rains and it's all forming from this atmospheric river, just this plume of moisture stretching more than 5,000 miles across the pacific ocean so plenty of it to go. we'll have rounds of different storms, but one of the strongest coming in again today through friday. even northern california picking
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up just a little bit of rain with that cold front. a lot of rain and certainly a lot of wind that could take down power lines in washington state. your local weather in 30 seconds. first off the sunny cities brought to you by gain. hi, there. i'm meteorologist mike nicco from "abc7 mornings." we have a cooler sea breeze today, still a spapa-the-air with the concentration of t t poorest quality likely in the north bay. wet weather tomorrow and friday and building warmth this weekend. autumn just can't get a hold of our forecast.
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low to mid-60s along the coast in san francisco, 75 to 79 inlandnd tonigh upper 40s to coming up, the security officer who first encountered the las vegas shooter. he is now breaking his silence. what he's saying about those terrifying moments before the rampage. and for the first time we're hearing from someone close to colin kaepernick. what he thinks of the nfl anthem protest and the president. his lawyer. he is here live. plus, what happened at a high stakes meeting between the owners and the players. we'll be right back. lawyer. he is here live. plus what happened at a high stakes meeting between the owners and the players. we'll be right back.
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good morning.
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i'm reggie aqui from "abc7 mornings." developing news this morning from santa cruz county, 600 firefighters working to contain what is now a 271-acre wildfire in the santa cruz mountains. it started monday night on bear canyon road in boulder creek. so far the bear fire has destroyed four structures, 150 more still threatened. that fire is only 5% contained. we'll go over to alexis smith and a look at traffic. >> and we are still looking at heavy traffic here southbound 680 through walnut creek. we have a crash just before you get to 24 involving three vehicles, the right center lane blocked about a 30-minute delay. use taylor or pleasant hill road to save a few minutes. westbound 580 no delays across the richmond san rafael bridge. 19 minutes across the dumbarton.
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the cool sea breeze and cleaner sea breeze is back. 39 at napa, about 54 in san to jose. still a spare-the-air day with poor air quality in the north bay likely. small craft advisory on the watt they are afternoon. cool to warm for mass transit. dress the kids warmer. right near 50 at 8:00. 50s, 60s, and 70s from the coast to bay to inland this afternoon. rain and cooler weather thursday, breezy and cooler friday, reggie. coming up, the latest on the nfl meetings to discuss the national anthem controversy. colin kaepernick joins "gma" next. we'll have another abc7 news update in about 30 minutes and always on our news app and ♪ ♪
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the issues that our players have been trying to bring attention to. >> welcome back to "gma." that is nfl commissioner, roger goodell, speaking to cameras after that meeting between the owners and the players here in new york on tuesday, in the wake of that backlash over the national anthem protest. we'll have more on what happened in that meeting. plus, colin kaepernick's lawyer mark geragos is standing by and will join us live ahead. it was good to hear both sides said meetings were productive. both sides agreed to that. also right now, president trump is facing questions over what he report reportedly told grieving widow whose husband, a special ops soldier, was killed. he said he knew what he signed up for but when it happens it hurts anyway. did you see this? a tough moment on the court.
7:30 am
celtics forward, gordon hayward, suffering a major injury. his leg, season opener. but the reaction of all the players and so much support coming for him this morning. we wish him the very best. >> absolutely. >> tough to watch. >> tough one. we move on to the hotel security officer breaking his silence about the terrifying moment he encountered the las vegas gunman on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel just before the shooter started his rampage. abc's matt gutman has the story. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, george. like so many hundreds of people, that security officer never saw the bullets coming. we now foe he walked right into stephen paddock's carefully laid trap on the 32nd floor designed to stall the response of law enforcement but despite being shot that security officer may have saved multiple lives. >> first of all, how are you both doing? >> i'm doing better each day, slowly, but surely. just healing physically and mentally. >> i imagine that you relive that a lot. >> reporter: jesus campos, the mandalay bay security officer who was las vegas shooter stephen paddock's first victim,
7:31 am
describing that deadly night for the first time on "the ellen degeneres show" today. he told the talk show host that he was sent to investigate a door alarm on the 32nd floor finding the interior doors to the stairwell drilled shut. >> at that time i heard what i assumed was drilling sounds and i believed that they were in the area working somehow. >> reporter: campos called to report the situation, and as he r re-enters the hallway, door slammed behind him, directing stephen paddock's attention. >> i heard rapid-fire and at first i took cover. i felt a burning sensation. i went to go lift my pant leg up and i saw the blood. that's when i called it in on my radio that shots have been fired. and i was going to say that i
7:32 am
was hit, but i got over myself just to clear that radio traffic so they can coordinate the rest of the call. >> reporter: moments later, that engineer, stephen schuck, arrived in the hallway completely unaware that he's walking right into the shooter's trap. >> it wasn't in the hallway yet. jesus leaned out and said take cover, take cover and yelled at me and within milliseconds if he didn't say that i would have got hit. >> and were guests coming out of the doorways? >> there was a female that came out and i told her to go back inside. it wasn't safe. shortly after that's when stephen was approaching and i told him to stay back and get cover and that's when more rounds were disbursed. >> wow, so really he saved your life and saved also the woman that came out of the door to go into the hallway. [ applause ] >> reporter: that account seems to clarify weeks of confusion
7:33 am
about the shooting's timeline. we knew jesus campos was indeed the shooter's first victim. but so many questions remain including what drove stephen paddock into this rampage and why after 12 minutes he stopped shooting. george. >> yeah, still so much to know about the motivation there. okay, thanks very much. all right. thank you, george. now to a story that is straight out of hollywood. police in colorado are searching for teens who broke into a house that was for sale. not to steal anything but to throw a big party. posting videos on snapchat as well and abc's adrienne bankert has more. good morning, adrienne. >> reporter: this is something no homeowner ever wants to see. strangers throwing a wild party in their house when they're not around. police say that's what happened to homeowner mike cox, dozens of teens break into his colorado home saturday night drinking, dancing, trashing the place. posting their escapade on snapchat. the video now part of the police investigation to identify the suspects. >> we just have been picking up the cans and stuff. >> reporter: cox says he thinks
7:34 am
his home was targeted because the property is for sale. he thinks the teens thought it was empty. it wasn't. >> they don't value, you know, anything. they don't value people's hard work. their property. any of it. ♪ >> reporter: the wild party much like a scene from the film "project x" quickly getting out of control. >> to the break of dawn, yo! >> reporter: in many cases homes targeted for parties are unoccupied or up for sale like this california mansion listed online in 2014 while the homeowner was out of the country. the security system, not activated. hundreds of teens show up in response to an invite on twitter, then post photos of themselves drinking and partying. in the case of that california mansion there was about $1 million in damage. for colorado homeowner michael cox some of the teens have reportedly been arrested. experts say, lock up your valuables. post signs if you have a home for sale saying video
7:35 am
surveillance in use and install home security. good tips for anybody. >> a million dollars in damage? >> a million dollars in damage. you feel for the homeowners for sure. >> it's kind of unthinkable to think of about breaking in and having a party and then posting it. >> and trashing it. >> appreciate it. coming up, we'll hear colin kaepernick's side on those national anthem protests and how he feels about the president. his lawyer mark geragos is going to join us live on "gma." come on back.
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we're back now with the latest on those national anthem protests. the nfl players and owners holding that high-stakes meeting. the commissioner roger goodell saying the league has not asked players to commit to standing and just moments ago, president trump tweeting about it saying in part, total disrespect for our great country. abc's ryan smith has more. >> reporter: this morning, the nfl is gearing up for a second day of meetings following a nearly four-hour-long discussion tuesday between 11 team owners and commissioner roger goodell huddled with a dozen players inside the league headquarters. >> we spent today talking about the issues that our players have trying -- have been trying to bring attention to about issues in our communities to make our communities better. >> reporter: commissioner goodell saying the league has not asked the players to commit
7:40 am
to standing during the anthem. >> we want to just use our platforms and just talked about how the owners could come alongside us and collectively collaboratively work together to create some change. >> reporter: just a few miles away, at the site of the owners' meeting in downtown manhattan -- [ chanting "take the knee against racism" ] >> reporter: rallying behind their right to protest. jerry jones says his players must stand or be benched confronted by one of the protesters. >> look at the videos of the police getting away with murder and tell me the players are wrong to protest it. >> i think that's the most important thing when it comes to the issue is perspective, and i respect everyone's rights, and no resolution overnight, but they're important to players. >> reporter: conspicuously absent former san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick who sparked this national debate now taking on the nfl. filing a grievance monday alleging the league and its teams are colluding to keep him out of a job. through his lawyers, kaepernick
7:41 am
saying other players wanted him present but that he was not invited to attend. now, the nfl and the players union issued a joint statement tuesday saying the meeting's focus was to, quote, promote positive social change in our communities and respecting the flag, the anthem and the military. goodell and seattle seahawks' doug baldwin, sent a letter to four senators endorsing the sentencing reform and corrections act, michael. >> thank you, ryan. colin kaepernick, of course, he started the national anthem protest last year and joyed by his attorney mark geragos in los angeles. good morning, mark. >> good morning. how are you? >> we're doing well, mark, we said colin started this protest but now you're seeing multiple players on multiple teams who have joined the protest. what does -- you talk to him regularly. what does he have to say to that? to see other people join what he has started. >> i think he's -- there's a certain amount of gratification that this movement has kind of caught fire.
7:42 am
i obviously -- i don't think anybody ever expected it to be as big or as widespread or as talked about as it's become and i don't know that anybody could have foreseen it, but at the same time, look how we've sparked a conversation nationally and internationally. >> they had the big meeting yesterday, nfl officers here in new york. the other players said they wanted him there. he was not invited. do you and did colin feel like he should have been there, that he should have been invited? >> well, he absolutely should have been. in fact, my office had the discussion on sunday and specifically asked or on monday, i should say and specifically asked is he going to be invited and we were told no and some of that misinformation, i want to dispel right now. we have two people who will tell you that he was specifically said no.
7:43 am
he would be there. he is a $10 cab ride away from the meetings and everything being talked about is stuff that he had articulated and said he wanted to and what he was trying to achieve and there is a certain aspect of this where certain elements especially the executive branch have hijacked this and tried to make it an anti-military or anti-flag and that's not what it is. he said from day one that this is about giving rise to social injustice and focusing on social injustice and unfortunately, other people want to change that the paradigm, so to speak, or shift over the discussion to make this anti-american. it's anything but. it's pro-american. it's trying to make america exactly what it's supposed to be. >> do you think we're ever going to hear from him? is he going to weigh in publicly on this? a lot of people waiting to hear what he has to say. >> yes, i think he would like to but i will tell you, one of the reasons we filed a grievance as opposed to suing in federal
7:44 am
court is i listen to the client and the client here, colin has one objective and the objective is he wants to be back on the field. >> all right, mark. we look forward to hearing from him in the future. mark geragos, thanks. coming up, david letterman's big return to late night. it's going to be on the big board when we come back. and this guy is just trying to get through the day. this guy feels like he can take on anything. this guy isn't sure he can take it anymore. unwavering self-confidence. stuck in a 4-door sedan of sadness. upgrade your commute. ride with audible. dial star star audible on your smartphone to start listening today. oatscalled beta-glucan.fiber this fiber really doesn't like cholesterol. so, it shows it a thing or two. which makes quaker oats a delicious part of a heart-healthy diet. high five, fiber!
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7:48 am
for the first time since he retired. he was there with "jimmy kimmel live" last night. nick watt has more. good morning, nick. >> reporter: letterman back on late night tv for the very first time since he quit and grew a massive beard nearly 2 1/2 years ago. he was on "kimmel" who has a well-known man crush on him. here are some highlights. >> we have a great show for you tonight. a man i admire, david letterman, is here with us. he is to me, what beyonce is to everyone else. okay? please welcome david letterman! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> i'm here, but everybody used to work for me. really, really strange. how did i end up without a show? >> you can have this one.
7:49 am
>> no one -- we would be down to jimmy. it's so good to see famous people again. i miss wearing makeup. the look has changed. he is talking to an achent vagrant. >> reporter: letterman back on netflix next year. jimmy kimmel broadcasting from brooklyn all week. back to you guys. >> that's right. we'll be right back. coming up "gma" goes pink with ibm. ibm. another day of work. why do you do it? it's not just a pay check, you actually like what you do. even love it. and today, you can do things you never could before. ♪ ♪ you're developing ai applications on the cloud. finding insights hidden in decades of medical documents. and securing millions of iot sensors. so get back to it. and do the best work of your life.
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"good morning america" is brought to you by carmax. drive what's possible. carmax. drive what's possible. good morning. it's 7:56. i'm reggie aqui from "abc7
7:55 am
mornings." mike nicco has a look at your forecast. we have some changes. >> we do. you can tell outside, the air is cleaner this morning except in the north bay and a little cooler, mid to upper 40s at 8:00 for the kids so dress them warmer. 50s at the coast, 70s inland by 30 o'clock. that's where we'll all end up on this spare-the-air day. one more day of poor air quality. rain tomorrow night through friday morning. >> we will tyke any bit of that we can get, mike. a quick check of the traffic maps. a sigalert if you're trying to head out of san francisco to the south. southbound 101 before that 280 merge, two-car crash blocking the two left lanes so that is spilling over onto interstate 08 for folks heading into the city as well. southbound 608 through walnut creek, we are starting to improve that crash just before highway 24, has been fushed off to the shoulder. >> thank you. coming up, a popular tv star reveals her five-year battle with breast cancer. that's next on "gma." we'll have another abc7 news update in about 30 minutes and always on our news app and
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m.
7:59 am
startling revelation from an olympic gold medalist gymnast. mckayla maroney says me too revealing the very dark secret behind all those smiles and cheers as the me too movement explodes outside hollywood. school bus crackdown. the move to prevent drivers from blowing right through red lights closing a legal loophole that give many drivers a free pass with your kids on board the bus. new this morning, "facts of life" star mindy cohn revealing her five-year battle with breast cancer and how her friend helen hunt took her to the doctor. how mindy reveals she's been taking the good with the bad. and there's no place like this high school. the dance team going over the rainbow with a wild routine that will have you cheering as we say good morning, america.
8:00 am
♪ good morning, america. and this will have you cheering as well on this wednesday morning. get ready to rise up. rise up. ♪ i'll rise up >> the powerhouse choir that inspired more than 20 million online. you know, the moment i saw this, guys, i was like i hope we have them on "gma" and sure enough our fab producers booked them. they are going to be singing. i know, it gets you choked up. >> it does. third through eighth grade. >> oh, my goodness. >> did you rehearsing them in the halls. >> excited they are here and we'll break down something, a lot of people -- they want to do dating apps. the dos and don'ts of dating apps with the expert tips on building your profile with all the little things that count. we'll show you why this one doesn't work but why this one
8:01 am
does. hmm. do you see the difference. >> i see a log by. >> the doggie, oh, yeah. a lot of secrets in those. >> a lot of mysteries will be solved in a little while. first the latest on that fallout for president trump responding to a brewing firestorm over his phone call with a widow of a fallening green beret and cecilia vega is tracking all of this and, cecilia, the new tweet from the president just moments ago. >> reporter: the phone call sparking backlash but let's take a look at that tweet from president trump. quote, democratic congresswoman totally fwab bring indicated what i said to the wife of a soldier who died in action and i have proof. sad. now, he's not saying what this proof is but frederica wilson said she listened on speaker phone to the president's phone call with the widow of la david johnson, one of four killed during that siege in niger two weeks ago. wilson says president trump told johnson's widow, quote, he knew what he signed up for, but when
8:02 am
it happen, it hurts anyway. now, of course, this follows the president's false claims here in the rose garden that president trump and other presidents didn't make phone calls to the families of these fall london soldiers and the president invoked the name of his own chief of staff, general john kelly yesterday. general kelly's son was killed in afghanistan in 2010. the president suggested that reporters should call general kelly and ask whether president obama reached out to him by phone in the wake of his son's death. even though general kelly has made it very clear behind the scenes this is something he dogs not want to talk about publicly understandably, of course. >> this is one of the most sacred duties the president faces. hard to see it being politicized. the former american hostage rescued from the taliban is in the hospital this morning. caitlin coleman's husband joshua boyle says that his wife was admitted on monday but he did not specify the reason. the couple and their three children born in captivity have
8:03 am
been through a lot in the last five years and boyle says his wife has to be his first priority right now. totally understandable. >> we wish her well. >> we do. now to a school bus crackdown trying to prevent drivers from glowing blew red lights. a legal loophole is giving them the free pass with your precious cargo on board and gio benitez has details. >> reporter: listen, the new york attorney general believes it's happening across the country and wants to put an end to it. school bus after school bus running the red light through busy intersectioned. just listen to this in two new york counties an investigation found school bus drivers ran through red lights nearly 1500 times. all captured by red light cameras and the a.g. found that school bus companies are not required to report camera tickets to the dmv which means no legal punishment for driver, still, the organization representing new york school bus companies insists school buses are the safest mode of
8:04 am
transportation for students and now the a.g. hopes new legislation will fill this gap in the law, michael. >> thank you. just cringe -- makes me cringe to see that. >> that is a big difference. i told you i was a school bus driver and, man, they were on us and if we had any type of violation, we heard about it. >> i'll bet. >> we paid the price for it and rightfully so. precious cargo on board. a high school in arizona that put a twist on "the wizard of oz." ♪ ♪ >> oh, no, they didn't. the walnut grove high school dance team, my goodness put on the production at center court. dorothy, oh. and her pals, the scarecrow, the tin man, the cowardly lion made the crowd roar. and the internet has gone
8:05 am
absolutely wild for this. the video already racking up almost 1.5 million views and counting. yep. no place like home, guys. that was really so creative. >> pretty ferris wheel, cowardly lion. >> they put that together. that was nice. everybody stay right there. coming up, the me too movement, gold medalist mckayla maroney now sharing her story about what happened with a team doctor. "the facts of life" star mindy cohn now revealing her private health battle opening up about it for the first time and, lara, what do you have upstairs. >> one key to being a millionaire and there is a clue here. it starts right when you wake up in the morning. we'll tell you about it coming up in "pop news" and did i mention come on back, you guys. e and carmax will hold it for you up to seven days, for free. you come in when it's convenient i know this because i'm from seven days in the future. now don't be frightened,
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] all right. a wonderful wednesday audience down here. great to have michael strahan back. [ cheers and applause ] i know you missed "pop news." >> i missed "pop -- i watch the show when i'm not here. that's how much i miss it. >> should we get to it? i know you're dying to hear. good morning, everybody. we're going to begin with this. [ cheers and applause ] wow! wow. thank you and good nite. actually i have a lot to share with you. we start with han solo director ron howard sharing big news overnight revealing, quote, that's a wrap, on the top secret
8:11 am
han solo movie and that the project finally has an official name. howard took to twitter to finally let the wookie out of the bag, so to speak. listen up. >> and to the fans out there i hope you've enjoyed the pictures that i've been sharing, pictures i've taken from the set of -- can we even say the name of the movie? "solo: a star wars story." i'll see you next week. >> there you have it. that's the official name and he had quite a cast to work with. all done ehrenreich and emilia clarke from "game of thrones," and, yes, everybody, ron's brother clint appears in the film. it's not a ron howard production unless clint is in it. it will blast into theaters may
8:12 am
25th, 2018 which happens to the 41st birthday of the original "star wars." >> really? >> yeah. >> can't wait for that. >> really excited. also in "pop news," the feel-good story of the day, 9-year-old loren smith lost his home in the santa rosa fire and with it his beloved oakland a's collection. just 9 he writes a heartbreaking to the a's saying he is a super fan and lost years of baseball cards and how much he loves teaching his baby brother to throw a ball and the a's president writes him back and did something else promising to outfit he and his family in all new gear and asks players or anyone who help loren rebuild his collection which prompted this. check out this picture, a windfall of cap, uniforms is just a fraction. so much stuff from balls to programs, other stuff from major and minor league teams from around the country and just learned this morning that loren
8:13 am
and his framily have been invited to meet players from the oakland a's team later this week. this is just one of the many stories we're hearing coming out of the santa rosa fires. [ applause ] i love everyone coming together. lift the spirits. finally in "pop news" this morning, george, i know you are a fan of the book, you look scared. no, there's a positive message here. you know the book "make your bed." you're the one who first turned us all on to it. admiral william mccraven, had my son read it. i recommend you all wear it. very inspiring and offering another reason to take those three minutes and point your bed back together. randall bell studied the habits of the super successful and came to a clear conclusion. making your bed every morning you are 200% more likely to become a millionaire. i know it may sound ridiculous. i know it sounds ridiculous but it takes three minutes. it's worth a shot.
8:14 am
easier than buying a lottery ticket. that's what i'm talking about. it's a sign of discipline that most millionaires have in common. another habit among millionaires is waking up extra early before work to get organized but that would mean staying up all night so you guys go for it. i just think making your bed is a simple way to start the day and, listen, why not. >> i tell you what, i get out of bed too late to -- i'm last minute. i figure the best way to do it is go to work. >> that is true but i always say -- even if you can't do the military tuck, you can throw your coverlet on and put your pillows back on trait. >> do you do the military tuck? >> i know how to do the military tuck. i did not do it today. >> my dad made us do it as a kid. >> i would have to tuck in three girls and a dog. >> yeah. anyway, a little friendly advice, that is "pop news." >> thank you, lara. [ applause ]
8:15 am
we are going to switch gears right now and the new fallout from harvey weinstein's scandal spreading beyond hollywood as more share their personal stories including mckayla maroney who says she was sexually assaulted by her team doctor. "nightline's" juju chang here with that. >> the gold medal gymnast is saying it lasted through two olympics. now mckayla maroney is breaking her silence to remind us all whenever there is a position of power there is potential for abuse. our silence she says has given the wrong people power for too long and it's time to take it back. as an intergreat part of the 2012 u.s. olympic gymnastics team dubbed the fierce phi mckayla maroney stole hearts while bringing home the gold but this morning, maroney saying there was a dark side behind the smiles and cheers writing in this post that usa gymnastics team doctor larry nassar sexually abused her repeatedly
8:16 am
starting at a texas training camp she says when she was just 13 and lasting for seven years until her retirement from the sport. she write, it seemed whenever and wherever this man could find the chance, i was treated. it happened in london before my team and i won the gold medal and it happened before i won my silver. nassar has been accused of molesting dozens of young athletes involved with usa gymnastics and his michigan state university clinic now in prison after pleading guilty to charges of child porn and is still being sued by more than 125 women claiming he sexually assaulted them under the guise of medical treatment. >> he abused me at the national training center in texas, he abused me in california and all over the world. >> reporter: maroney's gold medal teammate aly raisman not treated by nassar has publicly accused usa gymnastics of sweeping it under the rug. maroney was inspired to come forward thanks to the me too
8:17 am
twitter campaign write, i had a dream to go to the olympics and the things i had to endure to get there were unnecessary and disgusting. we should point out usa gymnastics has always maintained they had no knowledge of nassar's abuse and appalled by his conduct and sorry any athlete has been harmed during their career. maroney finished her post by saying, remember, it's never too late to speak out. >> it sure isn't. >> we'll hear more and more stories. it's one thing that we're talking about it, it's great but will this finally change? are we finally going to see action or something take place because of what we're hearing? thank you, juju. we'll turn to a very personal revelation from "the facts of life" star mindy cohn and in this week's "people" magazine she shared she'ssuffered from breast cancer since 2012. eva pilgrim has the story. "the facts of life." >> reporter: for nine seasons she took the good with the bad
8:18 am
playing the beloved natalie on "facts of life." >> i now i know why god invented vacations so my family could drive across the country and i could meet boys. >> reporter: now revealing her greatest stug to date, one she has kept private for five years. her battle against breast cancer. the 51-year-old telling "people" magazine that it was close friend and fellow actor helen hunt who first took her to the doctor saying, i've always been an optimist but the cancer metastasized. it kept spreading and coming back. i kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, and it would. >> at first she didn't really know how bad things would get. went through chemotherapy and raid quake and began to realize how big of a deal it is. >> reporter: cohn originally opted to do a lumpectomy but by 2015 it spread to her lymph n e nodes forcing herself to undergo a radical mastectomy taking a year off work. she said i just dropped off the
8:19 am
face of the earth. i needed to be away and get better. cohn who is single says it was hard to go through it alone. but it was bad enough to put my parents through this, i'm glad i didn't put a partner through it too. >> at first she saw strength in keeping her battle with breast cancer a secret. but now she's come to find that the real strength comes in sharing her story and knowing that she can rely on her friends and there was kim feels who showed up at her door, she says, in new york to say how can i help? >> reporter: she is now in remission and jokes that she's looking for a husband and back to work. she says i'm healthy and i'm able to get back to doing what i love. there's a light at the end of the tunnel and it's not an incoming train. >> our thanks to eva and "people" magazine for bringing us this story. it hits newsstands friday and dr. jennifer ashton joins us now. we know there are all different types of breast cancer, not one size fits all. this is the type that spreads medically. how is it different?
8:20 am
>> i'm glad we're talking about it. metastatic cancer happens to 20% of people, men and women diagnosed with breast cancer when you're talking about any type of metastatic cancer it spreads outside thearm site, bone, liver, lung. this type of treatment -- this type of cancer is not treatable, i mean it's treatable but it's not curable so the goals are different but these people are often feeling underheard because we talk a lot about cure but a lot are suffering and still dieing from breast cancer. >> every time we do a segment about breast cancer and don't talk about this, i hear from people. it is something underreported. but one thing that is the same, no matter what type of cancer, your caregiver. mindy talked about how -- >> i'm so glad. she did. that is such a critical part of caring for anyone with cancer. if you think of analogy adropping a tone in the lake and ripple effect if the stone is the diagnosis, the ripple effect is how the cancer diagnosis
8:21 am
impacts the person, their family, their friend, their co-workers and all of those ripples need care to optimally support the patient. >> we know, unfortunately, there is not a cure but are there new treatments. >> there are more options for treatment than after, and, it's not about a cure but managing symptoms, chemotherapy, surgery to treat the symptoms so lung fluid builds up. you treat that. biological therapy, hormonal therapy. an exciting time in cancer care but people are still dying from this disease. >> her dear friend kim fields is here with us in the next half hour. we've got to get to that your "gma" moment because this will really make you smile. debbie landon sent this video in and we have to check it out. i thought, you know what, just that little last touch of summer and the dog doesn't like swimming. so he just goes on the back of his owner. we absolutely love this and the other one has the little -- so
8:22 am
sweet. thank you for sending. post your "gma" moment. something that makes you laugh outlou hi, there. i'm meteorologist mike nicco from "abc7 mornings." we have a cooler sea breeze today, still a spare-the-air with the concentration of the poorest quality likely in the north bay. wet weather tomorrow and friday and building warmth this weekend. autumn just can't get a hold of our forecast. low to mid-60s along the coast in san francisco, 75 to 79 inland. tonight, upper 40s to ♪ going to go to our meet your match series. nearly 22 million use dating apps to try to find love. this morning "cosmo"'s ed dhoore
8:23 am
in chief michele promaulayko is here to show you how to create the perfect profile. michele, welcome. welcome. a lot of people are like, thank you, michele. we need some help. >> you'll up your odds of finding somebody great. >> when it goes to dating profile, pictures say a thousand words so what type of pictures should you use. >> three that show not only how you look but about your life. a head shot taken in natural light. that's the mo he flattering. a full body shot ant don't want surprises. you twapts to prove you go to the gym five days a week. and then you want some kind of active shot that hints at your hobbies. you know this guy likes dogs and the outdoors. >> maybe somebody else's dog he's borrowing but, okay. what kind of pictures do you not want. >> okay, so you definitely don't want a picture -- a selfie. i know, i know. i know. >> let's ask -- i'm going to ask the audience by clapping who uses a selfie on their dating
8:24 am
site? [ applause ] >> i know we all love selfies but the research actually shows that they underperform so you can send them your friends and use them other places. just don't put them on your dating profile. >> we have stephanie. you're from new jersey and you use a selfie. why? do you think it's the right thing? >> absolutely. i think it's the right thing to do. i think you can tell a lot from a person's smile and it emphasizes people's smiles. >> don't shoot the messenger. just telling you what the research shows. don't use the snapchat felters. it obscures your face. >> it's hiding -- >> they're so cute. she looks cute. you can't deny that. safe those for the social media platform and definitely don't use a picture with somebody else in it that could be construed as an ex, right? >> taste distracting. >> could be your brother but a potential mate thinks it's your ex.
8:25 am
>> i like your friend, i don't like you. how many of you have googled or used social media to stalk somebody who you potentially could go on a date with [ applause ] >> popular practice. >> erica, why you stalking? what happened is he said something strange and that made me google him and when i googled him it said sociopath with his picture. >> that's all we need. we'll be right back, everybody. your "gma" moment brought to you by the frame from samsung. the most beautiful tv you've never seen.
8:26 am
good morning. i'm jessica castro from "abc7 mornings." in another sign of recover from the fires, students are resuming classes at sonoma state today after the campus was closed due to flames. more than 50 staff members and students lost their homes in the fire, including the university president. there will be a banner on campus today that people can sign for firefighters to thank them for all their hard work during the firefight. of course those fires still raging. how are the roads, alexis? >> not so great. we have a sigalert but we're starting to improve a bit southbound 101 before 280 trying to get out of san francisco, two left lanes blocked, down to the far left lane blocked but stilling over onto interstate 80 and westbound 80, a motorcycle clash in the clearing stages. how's it going down there? that's good. lica misses you. i'm over it though. (laughter)
8:27 am
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good morning. dhek out the brighter sunshine outside there. air quality will still be up in the north bay, not only now but later today but that will change with a chance of rain coming in thursday night into friday. >> we'll have another abc7 news update in about 30 minutes and always on our news app and ♪ good good "good will hunting" to be
8:29 am
♪ good good good good to be alive right about now ♪ [ applause ] welcome back to "gma," everybody. we've got a great audience here with us this morning. in our times square studio. [ applause ] and we got to thank you all for being with us this morning. robin, you'll kick things off. >> oh, my goodness. i have been looking forward to us sharing this. it's the performance inspiring people all around the world. this video, baltimore middle schoolers, already 21 million views online and it's been moving people across the country with their incredible rendition of "rise up" by andra day and this morning, they are singing live for us right here in times square. so, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the cardinal shehan catholic school choir. [ applause ] ♪ ♪ it's getting hard to breathe ♪ ooh
8:30 am
♪ and i know you feel like dying, but i promise we'll take the world to its feet and move ♪ ♪ mountains ♪ ooh ♪ move mountains ♪ i'll rise up ♪ we will rise up i'll rise up oh i'll rise up ♪ ♪ we will rise up ♪ i'll rise up ♪ all we need all we need ♪ all ♪ i'll rise up i'll rise up ♪ i'll rise up ♪ i'll rise unafraid ♪ i'll rise up and i'll do it a
8:31 am
thousand times again ♪ ♪ and i'll rise up high like the waves ♪ ♪ i'll rise up in spite of the ache ♪ ♪ i'll rise up and i'll do it a thousand times again ♪ ♪ i'll rise up ♪ i'll rise up [ cheers and applause ] >> yes! we're going to rise up on over here to kenyatta, the director. please, please a warm welcome to kenyatta. thank you. you have posted this online because you wanted their lovely parents to be able to see it. didn't know that millions and millions would be seeing this. >> no. i did not. i thought just the parents and i did not know we would have, what, 21 -- >> and counting. >> 21 and counting million views
8:32 am
and it's just been amazing, all the heartwarming messages. i've been receiving messages from london, from las vegas. puerto rico, texas, france. just all over and actually we had one parent -- well, he's in not a part, but he came in and said his father was bedridden and he played the song for him, and it uplifted his spirit, and he said, i had to come in and give a donation to the school. >> oh. [ applause ] >> well, you found an amazing talent and pulled it out of these kids. john, what does it mean for you to be in this choir? >> well, actually i just like that we all get to have a good time, you know, just singing for people, just give them hope and i hope that, you know, well, see, our school is a school of peaceful children and our motto is the peace you see is the jesus in me. >> oh, my goodness.
8:33 am
oh, that's so sweet. >> i just want to -- i hope that we have given people hope after we have gotten 20 million views. [ applause ] >> no doubt. you definitely have, young man. >> well, let's see. hmm. who sang the song also? andra day. was it andra day? well, she kind -- she's 1 of the 21 million that has seen this and has a little message especially for all of you. let's hear it. >> hey, guys, andra day here. i just wanted to send a very special shoutout and thank you to the baltimore kids choir and to the teachers. your video was so powerful and moved me so deeply and is moving the entire nation right now. thank you so much for your gift, passion, your honesty. we appreciate you so much. we love you. if you have any goals or dreams of being in music, please continue to pursue them. we love you so much. god bless you. [ cheers and applause ]
8:34 am
>> now, what was your initial expression when you saw her? what did you do when you just saw her come on the screen? [ laughter ] that was him. >> i tell you what, you all deserve it. >> everyone. >> everybody here, rise up. give these kids a rise of applause. [ cheers and applause ] great job, great job. great job. this has made our morning here at "gma." [ applause ] so talented. >> we love the expressions. they were a little nervous backstage, but you got them together. perfect. nailed it. we'll be right back. [ applause ] ♪
8:35 am
and i am a senior public safety my namspecialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies.
8:36 am
everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california.
8:37 am
♪ we're back now with a sweet treat this morning. we have got the candy queen herself here, celebrating 16 years and congratulations on your 16th birthday. sweet 16. what you wanted to do for your sweet 16. you enlisted a group of celebrities who made mosaics out of candy. you made this to our right. >> this is our wherley pop and
8:38 am
has 50 candies and i am so honored you made one. we have 22 celebrities who have contributed who are from the fields of fashion, art, pop culture, and they all made different mosaics going to their various charities. great way to celebrate dylan's candy bar sweet 16. >> you are the candy queen, so what is your favorite candy? >> i had so much fun trying new candies i discovered sour and tart candies. i'm a true loyalist to gummies and i could eat this gum ball. and marshmallows. >> we'll play a little game with our audience and come over here, right? these are some of the mosaics. these are some of the mosaics made from celebrities. i'm going to i have go you a hint and yell out if you know who this is. this first one here is for "modern family" fans. one-word hit, fizbo. who is this?
8:39 am
>> eric stonestreet. >> eric stonestreet. you got it. the great one. this one here, the star who's got an egot and host of "the view." if you don't get this one, i don't know what's wrong with you? who is that? whoopi goldberg, 2 for 2. our audience is doing pretty good. >> this one is by one of the greatest ones, i mean i have to tell you. >> well, you know what, i agree. this guy is a host of "gma" who loves dogs and sour patch kids. who is it? there you go. my puppy. enzo. >> i am so honored thaw made one and you made it of your dog for st. jude's. it's amazing. i think all of these are amazing but i was so touched you did this so i'm so happy. >> well, my kids loved it. they're in there all the time buying candy and that's why they're so wired up. everyone in our audience will go home with dylan's candy bars, all right? get excited about that. we'll get excited because we'll go to ginger.
8:40 am
>> oh, we love that candy art. i want to grab a piece. we're about to make "stranger things" super fans happy. i'm a big super fan and you know this guy next to me, joe keery from the netflix hit in combination with t-mobile. i have more on that, but first, we have to talk about the show. the show is coming up. you play steve harrington on "stranger things" and we have three super fans dressed up, uh-huh as eleven, dustin and mike. four characters. can you tell us who has a good season and who doesn't? >> oh, gosh, it's kind of under lock and key. i can kind of not say anything. >> you can nod one way or another toward a character that has a good season? i would say maybe in that general direction. >> okay, all right. >> one of them. >> gives us a little something. yes.
8:41 am
well, you're here as part of a big announcement by t-mobile. all of t-mobile's one family plans comes with netflix. you cannot only watch "stranger things," but lots of abc shows. we have sebastian, not really the characters and luwanna. we'll have a little contest. you have to pedal as fast as you can and whoever wins we have a great prize so get them started. >> okay, ready, guys. three, two, one, go. on go, not on one. three, two, one, go. >> the lights will light up, and whoever flashes first. oh, no. all right. who is it? who is it? >> go, go, go, go. >> oh, my goodness. who is going to win? number two, number two. come on over, chelsea. you're the winner. can you believe it? chelsea is going home with the tickets to the premiere for "stranger things" so we are so excited.
8:42 am
"stranger things." great, t-mobile, thank you. all three of you are going to receive a year's t-mobile family plan including up to four people in your family. big winners all around. good morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. the sea breeze is kicking in today, temperatures will be cooler than yesterday, and the poorest air quality in the north bay while some of us will be all right. thank you so much, ginger, time to get in shape like a supreme court justice, people. have you seen 84-year-old ruth bader ginsburg? she is now the inspiration for "the rbg workout," a new book by her trainer bryant johnson, who is with us now to show us all the moves. we're so happy you're here because justice rbg is in amazing shape and how many years young is she?
8:43 am
>> she's about 84 years young. >> you're allowed to say that. >> yes. >> only mistake you ever made was calling her what? >> judge. >> don't do that. >> once. >> she is justice. remember that. your workouts to are her are fantastic because they're ones we can all do legitimately. i want to talk to you about this first one. let me point out everybody is wearing a shirt that says super diva. something chose to rbg. would you like to share? >> super diva is one of her -- that's her favorite shirt. she wears it most of the time. >> so can you guys try to picture that? justice wearing super diva as she's pumping iron. there as why we're here right now. talk to us about this one. it's a simple move. but very effective. >> it's a lap pull-down. we have a computer technician here and working his upper back and shoulders and when you do this exercise you want to make sure you arch your back and engage your shoulder blades.
8:44 am
pull it down. excellent. >> always important to get those shoulder blades engaged and pull back the shoulders and stand tall. we have a little less intensive, an animated rbg doing a version of it in our screen. this is an at home version, correct? >> correct. this is the animated justice here using resistive bands, simple, easy and effective. >> we're going to talk about a special push-up. >> yes. >> right here we have a lot of -- modified right here. we have doug who is actually happily retired. [ applause ] and doug is going to do push-ups on a medicine ball. reason he has one up to have an unstable platform to engage more muscle ability. >> and for your core too. >> also core. >> so you're getting a secret workout for your core. and you have a picture of the justice with her super diva. animated shot. more modified version for at home. correct? >> that is the version of a push-up that people do not think
8:45 am
she can do, but that's her favorite. >> how many can she do? >> she can do 20 when i let her. sometimes she goes 24, 25. she rests and goes to her knees and -- >> that's what we love about this woman. we'll get to one more. this is something that you can do with a partner. hello, super divas. talk to me about this and how the justice uses this. >> right here when you have two people you can actually use a ball and this is a squat. ariel is an office receptionist, and laura, also a sports -- >> coordinator. >> sports coordinator. >> you're getting the core, glutes and arms and there you see our animated justice doing an at home version easier, modified. anybody can do it. no excuses. if the justice can do it so can you. that's why bryant wrote it, it's called "the rbg workout" and you can get them on our website. thank you for coming. please tell her to keep up the great work. >> i appreciate it.
8:46 am
thank you very much. >> thank you so much. coming up on "good morning america," "facts of life" star kim fields is with us live. don't go away. [ applause ] ♪
8:47 am
8:48 am
i love today. back with a dear friend, kim fields, everyone. [ cheers and applause ] come on. she's on everything. my girl, she's -- you know her from "the facts of life" and fell in love with on her "dancing with the stars" and now powerful film out called "a question of faith." ♪ >> work, girl! work! work! work! >> you need faith right there. >> yes, i have some. >> the movie is "a question of faith" and reunites families going through tough times and as i said, i boo-hooed but there were tears of joy. i want to ask you about your dear friend, mindy. we were just talking about it
8:49 am
earlier this morning. you were one of the first people she reached out when she got her diagnosis of breast cancer. >> yeah, she is an amazing, you know, source of everything, of life, of strength, of peace, of beauty. i mean just everything. certainly laughter still. and just how she navigated through all of these challenging times for her, you know, it was a blessing an honor at a minimum to be able to be there in any way she allowed. >> just the bond that you all still have after all this time. your film -- >> soul sister. >> your film is one that mindy and others who are going through something because everybody has somebody something -- >> yes. >> kim plays a po pastor's wife. she's with her husband and they're having a tough conversation following the death of your young son. >> yes. >> here. >> so you tell me how is running down there and telling these kids about eric's death and how somehow is part of god's plan? what are they supposed to -- what --
8:50 am
>> i don't know, david. >> i know. and for the pastor -- [ applause ] >> hey, now. >> i'm telling you, this film is so, so good and -- >> thank you. >> relatable faith. what did you mean by that? >> a lot of times in either tv shows or movies or books, a lot of times when you are portraying or seeing people that are -- have faith, it's either -- it comes across kind of soft or it's over real fast, whatever the challenge -- >> always perfect. >> everything is perfect and the people even when you're going through it, they're still perfect and these characters are so beautifully flawed and giving themselves permission, the writer gave us permission to go through that horrible but needed and necessary process of questioning, of not being sure and why is this happening and so many things before you can get
8:51 am
to the other side of all right. okay. this is happening, and let me try to put one foot in front of the other. >> often you question faith. i did through my health crisis and my momma said you can get mad at god. he can take it just don't stay sad. and that's it. >> let me tell you something. that happened to me too, when i went through my dark age, as i call it. and i got angry, and disappointed and my friend said, you can be there, just don't live there. >> yes. i'm going to be living reading your book. you have a book coming out real soon. tell us about it. >> thank you. >> i love the title too. >> "blessed life." thank you, yes, so i felt like -- ooh. look at me up there. ah. ah. [ laughter ] >> you're still the same. still the same. >> still, it was important for me after 40 years in the industry and 48 years on the planet to take a minute to pause and go, ooh, look at what god has done for me and i felt like -- people feel like i'm not a stranger. like i think you all feel like you kind of know me because you've watched me and let me enter your homes since i was 7.
8:52 am
some of you maybe not that long. some of you may have just joined the journey with "dancing with the stars" or "real housewife" or whatever it may be. i feel like some people still don't know me, and know how much we do have in common and share, and that our journeys are the same but different. >> yes, they are. you are beautiful. >> she's in the book. she's in the book. >> "a question of faith." the book is coming up, "blessed life" is out next month. we're just going to have to have you back. we'll be right back.
8:53 am
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"good morning america" is brought to you by prudential. >> "question of faith" is in theaters right now. we'll have you meet michael. in theaters right now. we'll have you meet michael.
8:56 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:57 am
8:58 am
mpk good morning. i'm jessica castro from "abc7 mornings." mike nicco has check of the weather. >> hey, everybody. let's look outside. not as hazy as yesterday. we have poor air quality in the north bay and should stay there thanks to the cooling sea breezes. 60s along the coast, san francisco, oakland, the rest of us in the 70s, a spare-the-air day. likely tomorrow. but a chance of showers tomorrow afternoon and steadier rain tomorrow night. >> good morning, mike. some good news, i did not update the graphics but sigalert has cleared, all lanes back open, southbound 101 just before the 280 merge so that is rapidly improving. a quick check outside, the san mateo bridge, all that fog has settled in. >> thank you. time for "live with kelly & ryan." we will be back at 11:00 for the abc7 midday news. >> announcer: it's
8:59 am
"live with kelly and ryan!" today, author, activist, and producer oprah winfrey. anna from the show "mindhunter," jonathan groff. plus, a woman from oklahoma gets a new look. as we continue our style regrets week. all next on "live!" ♪ and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> ryan: hello.


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