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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  October 20, 2017 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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tonight breaking news as we come on the air. what abc news has just learned about the deadly ambush. the four special ops soldiers and why is president trump not talking about the mission. >> mr. president did you authorize the mission in niger? >> thank you all very much. >> then asked the white house today how they respond. also, at this hour, the search for a killer. one american city, three suspicious deaths in ten days and the new surveillance they put out. who they would like to speak to and the latest victim overnight. a young man with autism shot and killed. the hidden arsenal, police revealing what they found in this house, handguns, shotguns and an ak-47. laptops on airlines. the warning about fires and
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lithium-ion batteries. new reporting on harvey weinstein. what actress lupita nyong'o now describ describes. and the warning from authorities after a father of four was killed when young people threw boulders from an overpass. good evening. it is great to have you with us on a friday night. what abc news has learned about the ambush in niger. two green berets surrounded and killed. it's been 16 days since the lives were lost and today president trump was asked again to address the mission in public. did they have adequate intelligence? adequate backup? abc's mary bruce asks the white house why so little has been said. >> reporter: the week ended the same way it began, with questions about why president trump still hasn't addressed the ambush in niger that killed four special ops soldiers. >> mr. president, did you authorize the mission in niger?
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>> thank you all very much. >> reporter: tonight we are learning details about the ambush outside a african village. a senior intelligence official says the americans knew something was wrong when two motorcycles came racing out telling us the hair on the back of their necks stood up and the village elder seemed to stall to keep the soldiers there and soon militants were upon them, a sophisticated attack. the americans were surrounded. tonight key questions remain. did the unit get the proper advance intelligence and backup support? officials say they didn't expect to be in combat. also, was sergeant la david johnson left behind? the rest of the unit pulled out but his body was not recovered for at least 20 hours. the president silent on the details even as he takes credit for u.s. victories against isis.
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>> i totally changed the attitudes of the military and they have done a fantastic job. yeah, isis is now giving up, they're giving up, raising their hands, they're walking off. nobody has ever seen that before. >> why hadn't that happened before? >> because you didn't have trump as your president. >> on the hill frustration is growing. defense secretary james mattis met with john mccain who threatened to subpoena the trump administration for information. >> we did not get a sufficient amount of information and we are clearing that up now. >> reporter: the pentagon launched a full investigation. fbi agents on the ground in niger to assist but from the white house, few answers. will the president address publicly and if so when? what exactly happened to these four special soldiers? >> the department of defense and frankly the entire country and government want to know exactly what happened and when the time is appropriate we'll talk about the details of the investigation. >> reporter: the white house
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refuses to say whether president trump authorized the mission in niger but they are still talking about his phone call with sergeant johnson's widow. his chief of staff john kelly says he was stunned to learn fred rico wilson was listening in on the president's conversation. today the president says kelly had every right to be outraged. >> he was so offended that somebody would be listening to that call. he couldn't believe it. actually he said to me, sir, this is not acceptable. this is really not. you know what, look, i've called many people and i would think that every one of them appreciated it. >> mary bruce with us live from the white house. mary, one other development involving that call. the president speaking about, the white house chief of staff john kelly who lashed out 24 hours ago at congresswoman fred rico wilson.
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general kelly took aim at a speech she gave back in 2015. kelly said the congresswoman bragged about securing funding for the building. today we learn from the video that emerged of the speech. the congresswoman did not do that. she talked about helping get the building named in honor of two fbi agents killed praising their work. how did the white house respond? >> reporter: they are standing by kelly's characterization. the press secretary accused reporters saying it was highly inappropriate for them to question kelly because he ooh es a four star general but the congresswoman tonight says he's lying. >> the other developing headline, the hunt for a killer in a tampa neighborhood. three murders in ten days. a young man with autism shot and killed. authorities putting out this surveillance for the public asking for help finding this man saying he could be a possible witness. he could have information. tonight neighbors are being warned to be vigilant.
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here's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: tonight, multiple unsolved murders terrorizing a tampa florida neighborhood after dark. authorities with no leads, and no motive. >> my son, he just came out of work last night. he took the wrong bus. >> reporter: the latest victim, 20-year-old anthony naiboa. police say he was walking to a different bus stop, but never made it. it's the third shooting here in two weeks, all within blocks of each other. the killings started october 9th, 22-year-old benjamin mitchell killed at a bus stop at about 9:00 p.m. october 13th, police find the body of 32-year-old monica hoffa. she was killed two days earlier. >> she was completely innocent and was targeted by this animal out there. >> reporter: police releasing this surveillance video, showing a possible witness walking near where the first shooting happened. police are asking residents to leave their outdoor lights
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turned on and travel in groups until the murders are solved. the fbi has reached outstanding by ready if needed. david. >> thank you. next here to the alarming discovery during a raid of a florida home. rifles, handguns, homemade bombs and along with them police say aerial maps of schools in the area. a 24-year-old man taken into custody with no criminal history or no mental health issues. he was not on their radar. here's victim oquendo from florida tonight. >> reporter: tonight a chilling find inside this florida home, an arsenal of weapons - allegedly belonging to this man 24-year-old randall drake. >> he's got three bombs, a whole cadre of weapons, 2,300 rounds of ammunition. >> reporter: deputies executing a search warrant in a child pornography investigation. police say they found none, but they did discover ten rifles, eight handguns, two shotguns, more than 15 knives, crossbow, and a baseball bat with nails, along with aerial photos of 2 nearby schools, and a water
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treatment plant, and a note reading i shall have my bloody revenge, and then the world will burn. >> everybody's always asking for the motivation. what's behind it? we don't know. he won't talk to us. >> reporter: police arresting drake who they say has no criminal history, or record of mental health issues. they say he wasn't on their radar. >> it's reminiscent of what we saw recently in las vegas. that guy's a sleeper. nobody knew anything about that guy. >> reporter: today at the home where drake lives with his parents, no answer. in the driveway, his car with a license plate reading, far cry. which also is the name of a popular first person shooter video game. drake, now facing 2 felony charge for those explosive devices. drake has pleaded not guilty. he is being held for at least 72 hours at a mental health facility. where they can decide to release him or keep him longer. a court date has not been sent. >> thank you victor. a deadly explosion and fire on an oil barge off the coast of texas. on a ship carrying seven million gallons of crude oil to a
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refinery in kor purse christie. six crew members rescued and one found dead. the fire was allowed to burn out. a warning of the danger of laptops on airplanes involving lithium-ion batteries and you'll see the explosions. the faa calling for a worldwide ban on laptops and other small electronics in dama -- luggage. >> reporter: videos are stunning. luggage on fire and tests conducted by the faa. putting cell phones in checked luggage. inside the bag a laptop with an aerosol can. it explodes. the goal the faa says is to get all airlines onboard with a plan
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to keep large personal electronics out of the checked luggage and carry them on with you. if the fear, leading to fires in three planes being destroyed and worried about more because a person wouldn't be able to fight a fire in the cargo hold but still not a danger in the cabin too. >> bringing them up in the cabin is better because there you can isolate the fire and have tools to put out a lithium-ion fire. >> gio the faa plans to bring this up at a meeting next week? >> reporter: that's right. it could take about a year to go into effect, david. >> thank you. also new developments in the harvey weinstein scandal. a searing account for lupita nyong'o about what she says were her troubling interactions with the movie producer. here's abc's adrienne bankert tonight.
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>> reporter: the oscar goes to lupita nyong'o. >> reporter: tonight oscar winner lupita nyong'o coming forward with shocking allegations. the star actress saying she first met harvey weinstein while studying at yale. he invited her to his home for a screening, with his children present. nyong'o says he led her to his bedroom, once there he announced he wanted to give her a massage, in a panic she offered to give him one. >> before long he said he wanted to take off his pants. i told him not to do that, and informed him that it would make me extremely uncomfortable. she says she feared her future could be in jeopardy later agreeing to meet weinstein in a new york city restaurant. once there he announced i have a private room where we can have the rest of our meal. he told me not to be so naive. if i wanted to be an actress i had to do this sort of thing. she refused and claims he became dismissive.
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we're done he said, you can leave. this comes as another alleged victim speaks out, heather kerr recounting a meeting with harvey weinstein a year ago where he exposed himself. >> he told me i was not that good looking but he would be willing to help me anyway. that he was doing me a favor. >> reporter: quentin ter teen know who worked closely with weinstein saying he apologizes in "the new york times" and saying he wished he had taken more responsibility for what he heard. u.s. backed forces officially declaring victory in raqqah. the syrian city isis claimed as its capital. after months of fierce fighting on the groundhe city is left vacant and in ruins. abc's reporter back in the region tonight with a reality check. how many isis fighters are still there. >> reporter: tonight, raqqah
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liberated, the city that was the beating black heart of isis, finally free, and at the centre of this city, a traffic circle where the extremists beheaded their enemies, where women were sold into slavery, today the centre of victory celebrations for the u.s.-backed forces. amongst the photos of those honored today -- we met this young female commander last july, she drove us to the front lines, saying she was fighting to protect her people from isis. she paid the ultimate price, killed by the militants that night. today the city she fought for, and died in lies in ruins. here, the soccer stadium, a gruesome reminder of the brutality that defined isis. below the bleachers, a gym turned into a prison and torture chamber where enemies were stretched over gym equipment, hung from the rafters. for now isis is gone, only the ghosts of their many victims remain.
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ian panel from iraq tonight. you covered the movements of isis for years now. this victory in raqqah and the previous victory in mosul have been major advances. on the ground there are thousands of isis fighters in these two countries alone? >> reporter: you're so right. countless victories and the u.s. military estimate 6,000 militants out there in syria and here in iraq. helping in the battle are 6,000 military personnel who know they have had many victories but the war against isis is yet to be won. much more ahead. severe weather at this hour for a huge part of the country where storm set to hit this evening. a father of four was killed when young people threw boulders from an overpass. your money tonight. why these final months of the year might be your answer and
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ask your doctor or pharmacist about prevnar 13®. . next tonight your money. the fall season to be considered the best time to buy a new car. dealers looking to clear space for next year's models. some are willing to slash hundreds of thousands of dollars off the price. here's clayton sandell with the tips tonight. >> reporter: shoppers in the market for a new car. >> my car is 17 years old and i don't want to try another winter. >> reporter: are finding the time for big discounts is now. >> this one's cheaper than the used one we just looked at. >> reporter: at this denver area chevy lot -- >> inventory nationwide is definitely up. >> reporter: they're in the mood to make a deal. >> we're getting brand new 18's coming in, we're clearing out our 2017 mod tells, so it's a great time to see both models, and take advantage of savings. nationwide 2017 sales are slightly down compared to last year, meaning dealers have more
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cars sitting unsold. so dealers are offering incentives to move old inventory, making way for the new. >> right now is a great time to buy a sedan. car companies are having sh shutdowns of their plants. >> reporter: for buyers that can mean big savings. take this year's ford f-150 pickup, the discount can total nearly $3,400 more than the 2018 model. for the toyota camry, the discount on the 2017 model saves about 1,700 bucks. the experts tell us yes you might get a better deal if you wait until the end of the year but by then, selection might be way down and the make and model you want might be gone. david. >> clayton, thank you. when we come back the severe weather threat where dangerous stoorms 'storms are set to hit this evening and also a father of four killed by a boulder thrown from an overpass. an julia louis-dreyfus and her
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. to the "index." the father of four killed on a highway near flint. kenneth white was struck by a rock thrown from an overpass on interstate 75. he was riding the passenger seat when the rock smashed through the windshield. police with several teens in custody. authorities reminding everyone this is no prank, this could be deadly. severe weather, our weather team tracking dangerous storms that could hit from texas up through minnesota. 19 million americans at risk. powerful thunderstorms packing strong winds. large hail, possible tornados right through the nation's mid section. actress julia louis-dreyfus diagnosed cancer posted an instagram appearing with a painted on mustache saying finito. that's all she said. making it clear she's going to fight this and we continue to root her on tonight. when we come back the runner
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serious, sometimes fatal crises can occur. the most common side effect is bone and muscle ache. so why go back there? if you'd rather be home, ask your doctor about neulasta onpro. finally tonight our person of the week. the young woman rushed to the hospital as a sophomore in college. what happened next would forever change her. and years later it would change the medical team who saved her. our person of the week.
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>> reporter: it was 16 years ago kristen marks was a healthy college sophomore in wisconsin when suddenly she got sick. >> i was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy and later that night i was admitted in the hospital. >> it was her first time in the hospital. she would wait ten months for a new heart. >> i couldn't walk ten feet without having to stop and rest. >> it was a month after her 21st birthday, a match. kristen got that new heart. got married and traveled. just this year in late july she had an idea. >> we thought hey, it would be fun to do a half marathon. i felt like running a half marathon would be a great way to honor my donor. >> but first she knew she needed permission from her doctors at the medical college of wisconsin. >> little did i know how quickly it would take off. >> everyone was onboard including the doctor who realized she's now testing me. >> when you come across a person like kristen, you're like
3:58 pm
looking in a mirror of yourself and saying okay, where are you mr.? and then haven't taking good care of myself lately so i decided okay. >> there he was at the finish line. her time three hours and one minute. with that heart. >> oh, my god. >> there's not a day that i don't think about my donor family. every thanksgiving everybody talks about how grateful they are. that's my every day. >> so we choose kristen marks and the doctors and nurses who saved her and ran with her years later. i'm david muir. hope to see you back on monday. have a great weekend. good night. live breaking news. breaking news is in the east
3:59 pm
bay this afternoon. police are investigating a hit-and-run accident involving a young girl. good afternoon, thanks for joining us. i'm larry beil. i'm cheryl jennings in for ama daetz. police have a suspect in custody. foothill boulevard near 8th avenue. abc 7 news eric thomas joins us with police and eyewitnesses. >> reporter: that's where we are. this is east 15th street. oakland police have it blocked off while they investigate what happened. let's show you the scene from sky 7. a little bit after it happened. the scene, a young girl, police won't say how old. was apparently hit by a car moving at a high rate of speed near the scene. police won't know if it involved drugs or alcohol. they know the driver was going too fast. the driver apparently continued on to the 400 block of foothill where she slammed into another vehicle and went out on foot.
4:00 pm
now, we're going to give you a chance to hear from two about what happened. first, the oakland police department about the victim and her condition right now and second from a witness who saw the subject on foot before she was arrested by oakland police. >> emergency medical response arrived on scene to provide medical attention and the victim was transported to a hospital and was last listed in critical condition. >> i yelled out to her, hey, do you need help. at that time she accelerated her walking pace and i started following her. as i called dispatch. >> reporter: okay. i'm sorry about that. i was talking to opd to get an update. it was in the 800 block of east 15th where the accident actually happened. another point of consideration, the witness told us the woman he saw was bleeding from the face and was wearing only a bra and green slacks and shoes. she went into a nearby strip mall. went in


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