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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 21, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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that breaking news is in san francisco tonight where police are investigating a shooting near a park in pacific heights. good evening, i'm eric thomas. it happened just after 9:00 right next to lafayette park. let's get to tiffany wilson live at lagoona and clay. and tiffany, what are we learning. >> reporter: well, the tow truck has just arrived here on scene, and the driver of this white car was the shooting victim. an uber driver was shot here during an attempted robbery. police on-the-scene would not confirm whether it was an uber driver, but we can see the uber sticker on the back of his car. we have that video of the uber driver getting loaded onto an ambulance. he was taken to the hospital
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with nonlife threatening injuries. police say they are looking for two suspects right now. those suspects have not been caught yet, though they are following up on leads. >> sure, you can talk about crime stats. this is an unusual occurrence for this neighborhood, certainly. >> reporter: now, as you can tell the car is being loaded up as we speak. just a couple of of minutes ago there were about a dozen police officers here with multiple evidence markers. the crime scene investigation unit was here, but most of that has wrapped up now and they are just finishing up with towing the car out of clay street. at that point it will reopen to traffic. tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. >> turning now to the fires in the north bay, many families return to sift through the remains of their santa rosa neighborhoods today. tiffany was up there earlier and shared some of what they lost and what they found. >> reporter: no mourning, no time.
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>> this was the first street to go. this is where it started. >> reporter: he and his girlfriend fled with the animals they could find. they returned to search for the two they could not. >> pumpkin and rasta. we just want to spread these and hope that our babies come home. >> reporter: nearby this family is also searching. >> little closure time we had. >> reporter: they visited their home of 44 years yesterday. silver dollars they recovered were not here today. >> so we had kind of left them in the corner but they're not there now. >> reporter: despite the setback, the family is rallying. >> a home is a home in the heart. carlson strong, yes. >> reporter: we found courage at the norris house. >> without the park being there when we first came in, we wouldn't know this street was ours. >> reporter: now -- >> there's nothing left. >> reporter: today's scavenger
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hunt yielded a few pressure rewards. >> class ring. >> reporter: there's no front porch, no cold drink to offer, no chair to relax on. just conversation, laughter and a sense of community stronger than any fire. many of the families we spoke with say they don't know how and they certainly don't know when, but they do know one thing. they will be back. in santa rosa, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. governor brown today issued an executive order to speed up the removal of hazardous waste ravaged by wildfire. the order allows the environmental protection agency to assist state and local officials in immediately removing hazardous debris like batteries, paint and debris from old homes. its expanding its operations and create staging areas for cleanups in the coming weeks. in santa rosa's fountain
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grove neighborhood, residents are being allowed back in but there isn't much to salvaged. meantime crews are being allowed to go home, and residents are saying thanks. >> reporter: watch each of them thought was an a standing ovation. >> how can you not be grateful to somebody who worked so hard for you. >> reporter: first responders were guests of honors of this pancake breakfast. donations were collected for fire victims. this day gave thanks to those who battled the fire storm. >> to see this level of support for all our departments, just driving down the highway, seeing every overpass just covered with signs, it's really touching. >> reporter: home owners are returning to their fountain grove neighborhood for the first time. >> we raised ourtwo kids here. >> reporter: they can't believe the place they called home is now rubble. >> even just driving up the
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parkway and seeing everybody's home. we've lived here for 18 years. >> reporter: some keepsake christmas deckrications and a statue is all that's been salvaged. more than 30 homes on this street reduced to ashes. this fishpond, somehow these miniature coy survived the fire. a neighbor found this silver wedding fork, a gift. >> this might be enough right here. >> reporter: residents must show i.d. to return to their properties. the williams vow to return one day. >> we're going to rebuild here and stay because this is our home. >> reporter: they say that could take years. in santa rosa, coronal bernard, abc 7 news. >> you can help fire victims by texting the word red cross to the number 90999.
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you can also volunteer. uc berkeley police are warning women on campus that a man that attempted to sexually assault a woman is on the loose. the victim fought with her attacker. >> it's rather shocking but kind of out of the ordinary. >> reporter: a campus warning alert notified uc berkeley students about an attempted sexual assault on a woman jogging along the fire trail. >> i think the way anything that's on you can be a weapon and help you to defend. >> reporter: in the if female jogger's case investigators say she used her strength to defend herself. police say the female jogger says the suspect ran up from behind her, then tackled her and tried to remove her shorts and fondled her. she fought back, he ran away. the man is described as a white male in his 50s, about 6 feet
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tall wearing khaki pants and a gray beard. >> i guess being a woman in general is scary alone. so, yeah, it's a weird world we're living in. >> i guess it's a scary thing. i guess i don't have to think about those things so much, so it's not great to hear that. >> reporter: campus police would like anyone with information about the assault to contact them. in berkeley, lonnie rivera, abc 7 news. >> sheriff's deputies are searching for a man who caused a fiery head on crash on highway 4 this afternoon. abc 7 news was in conquered where chp says a man driving the wrong way in a stolen pickup truck slammed into an suv. several people were hurt, all expected to be okay. witnesses say the truck was going about 60 miles an hour. the crash backed up eastbound traffic for hours. the truck flipd on its side and
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black smoke rising in the distance. sheriff's deputies were trying to pull him over for driving that stolen truck. a man is expected to recover after an officer shot him. santa clara police say they were chasing a car around 2:00 this morning that matched a description from he's identified as omar gomez of san jose. gomez is now recovering in the hospital. police say he's out on parole on burglary charges and the car he was driving was stolen. new details tonight on a hit-and-run crash that left a girl in oakland critically hurt and learning more about the suspected driver. she's annette -- and she's accused of driving under the influence in connection to yesterday's crash. she hit a 10-year-old girl yesterday afternoon near the intersection of 8th avenue and
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east 16th street. police in danville are looking for a driver who crashed into two cyclists and drove away. it happened around 2:00 this afternoon on diablo drive. two of the cyclists were hurt. one of them had to be taken away in a helicopter. police say there's no indication it was intentional, but they do want to speak with that driver. good news for drivers in san francisco who travel on the busy road across from glen canyon park. crews work to stabilize the hillside to protect against rock slides. you'll remember a small rock slide happened there last january. the road was closed around 3:00 this afternoon forcing cars to turn around and buses to take another route. still ahead on abc 7 news at
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11 a call for unity tonight from five ex-presidents calling for for hurricane relief. and in the north bay a t-shirt company owner drives 11 hours to help fire victims. clear tonight but warmer tomorrow afternoon. and it wasn't police that stopped thieves in the east bay. it was a
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all this worn-out leather ♪ lady gaga stole the show along with five u.s. presidents tonight. one american has raised at least $31 million for victims of this year's hurricane victims in texas, florida, puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands. >> the heart of america without regard to race or religion or political party is greater than our problems. >> what we've also seen is the spirit of america at its best. when ordinary people step up and do extraordinary things. >> i, too, am here to urge you to give to this fine fund. and i want to thank all the volunteers. but i'm here for another reason. we really admire and love george
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h.w. bush. >> texas a & m is the older er r push's alma mater. president trump was not in attendance, but he did send a video calling the some of america's finest. >> melania and i want to express our deep gratitude for your tremendous assistance. >> president trum promised the areas would come back stronger and better than ever before. a t-shirt company owner drove 11 hours to help the victims of the north bay fires. extreme apparel based in arizona is selling #sonoma strong hats and sonoma conty strong t-shirts with all the proceeds going to fire recovery here in the bay area. today co-owner steve -- donated
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$200,000 of his own shirts along with baby items and school supplies to help victims in sonoma county. he's encouraging others to step up as well. >> we're razee money and raising awareness. but it only takes one family to help one family. >> the donations don't stop here. thousands more t-shirts will be shipped to sonoma wine county to sell more t-shirts. pets are also suffering after the north bay fires. abc 7 news was in santa rosa where sonoma county animal services held a pet supply fair today. pet owners who live in the county were affected by the fires could pick up anything pet related including carriers, bowls, food, kitty litter and animal beds. >> all the supplies here were donations given to us in the
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wake of the fire. we were overwhelmed with those donations so we're at a warehouse for now. >> donations continue to pour in, so there could be more events like this one in the future. hundreds of people raise money tonight to help future aviators. pilot silken valley venture captalist and three time olympian bobby a proud sponsor. now to an unusual ending to a car theft in the east bay. conquered police say after stealing a ford fiesta in hayward three suspects managed to get it stuck on a rock in conquered before jumping out of the car and running away. in a facebook post police say the thieves found themselves between a rock and a hard place. the owner got the car back but
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police have not caught the thieves. clever. the accuweather forecast. >> all right, we're stuck in the middle of a warming trend. you may have noticed how beautiful and clear it was with great air quality. live doppler 7 showing us clear conditions all around the bay area. looking down towards san francisco and the bay bridge, temperatures are quickly dropping into the 50s right now. san francisco 57, oakland 55, son jose 59 degrees. i'll show you another pretty shot. this time looking from the east bay hills out west towards the bay bridge once again and san francisco. it is cool in santa rosa, napa and fairfield all currently at 52 degrees. look how calm the water is. the winds have really died down. and because of that, things will cool quickly over night. we have clear conditions tonight.
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patchy fog may develop overnight along the coast. we're going to start off with a cool morning, a warmer afternoon as the warming trend continues. and then monday through wednesday we'll be near record high. so get ready for that, and i'll show you how warm it's going to be. our forecast animation shows midnight still clear, tomorrow morning start to creep into the parts of the borgt bay and maybe the peninsula and coast. but because we're going to be clear tonight, the overnight lows will be cool. tomorrow when you wake up if you're going for an early morning run, you may want to grab an extra layer. santa rosa 39. napa near 40. san francisco 51 degrees. san jose at 49 degrees. so tomorrow the trend continues. we're going to come up by maybe
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another 5 degrees from most locations, and we'll be near average as well. san francisco 69, oakland 72, son jose 76 degrees. and in the north bay we'll see some of the warmest locations near 80. santa rosa, 79, clover dale, napa, 78. lots of sunshine, not as windy. also if you're headed to the 49ers game tomorrow, at leva's stadium its a sunglasses and sunshine kind of day. lots of sunscreen throughout the game. i want to show you the temperature trend throughout the week ahead. monday, tuesday, in the low 90s and that is near record temperatures. then we start to drop down towards the end of the workweek and into next weekend. but the accuweather forecast shows plenty of sunshine. tomorrow in the 70s for everyone with 60s at the coast. and then check out monday, tuesday, and wednesday.
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we would like you to meet lulu tonight the black lab who flunked oabout the cia's explosive detection class. the cia tweeted a series of images this week showing that lulu just didn't seem to be enjoying herself sniffing out explosives. now she's enjoying a much different life playing with kids and new friends. unless she's still secretly working for the cia and you're not supposed to know that.
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>> i hate to say she flunked out. maybe she chose other career options. she's got a friend and a piano, it's a good life. >> maybe she's a field agent. it's a great disguise. in sports seth curry and kevin durant both tossed in memphis.
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good evening. one week into a new season and the defending champion warriors already have two losses in two games. stefcurry and kevin durant both ejected.
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curry and the doves playing on a back-to-back. ducks down seven, memphis down 37. dillen brooks from deep. grizzlies staying out front. 78, 50 in the third. doves down 14, but crissal was unstoppable. backing it in, baby hook. it's a 10-point grisly lead. vamose casol. trying to lay it in, didn't get it, sent packing. and then the durant protest, doves lose. roll of the dice, going interest two in the win against arizona.
11:31 pm
wilcox hoping to keep the momentum after last week's upset of wazoo. behind the backhand off to patrick weir. this guy is phenomenal. like a young michael vick right there. they were up 27 at the half. they end up going in over time, and arizona scores first. this is fourth and goal. vick and wary. it's good to be 240 pounds right there. instead he goes for 2. bowers, jordan duncan back at the end zone. and it's knocked away. 45-44 wild cats. >> i thought that was the best way to win the game. we felt we had a good play.
11:32 pm
and again the rhythmf the game the way it ebbs and flows, i thought that was the best way to win. >> i'm confident in whatever the coach wants to do, whatever situation or opportunity he wants us to play. so i was really excited to help us win the game on one play and we did it. >> cal stevens was gassed, so maybe made sense to go for the win there. sharks and islanders in brooklyn. spins it away. beats logan cochur and he goes top side. on the redirect, second of his career. but the sharks lose 5-3. they're three of five on the season. houston will meet the dodgers in the world series. >> wow, that sounds like an interest
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>> announcer: live where you live this is abc 7 news. good evening. i'm eric thomas. in tonight's headlines breaking news in san francisco. police are searching for two suspects accused of shooting and robbing a man the car had an uber sticker on the back but police cannot confirm if he drove a ride share. the attack happened around 7:00 thursday night on the upper fire trail. she fought him off and he ran away. the suspect is described as man in his 50s with gray hair and a gray full beard. with the north bay fires inching closer to full cane
11:37 pm
tainment tonight residents are seeing what's happened to their homes. home owners we talked with are vowing to rebuild. tonight the fbi is joining an investigation into a deadly ambush in the african nation of niger. four u.s. soldiers were killed. one of the fallen soldiers was laid to rest today. his death now part of a national conversation. >> we love our troops, we love our country. >> reporter: mourners lining the streets in cooper city, florida, holing american flags in honor of sergeant la david jaunsp. the hearse headed to a funeral mass with 1,000 attending people. >> he laid down his life not just for himself but for his
11:38 pm
country. >> reporter: sergeant johnson remembered as a hero. >> anybody that goes into the military, in my opinion, that's willing to give that ultimate sacrifice for their country is a hero. >> reporter: johnson along with three other berets died in niger two weeks ago. national attention turned on johnson shortly after his pregnant widow received a condolence call from president trump who reportedly husband, coat, knew what he was signing up for. the congresswoman called the president disrespectful. >> he was so offended that a woman would be -- that someone would be listening to that call. >> reporter: lindalopez, abc news new york.
11:39 pm
>> the controversy over la david johnson's widow is thrust -- back into the light. >> since the inception we've had political differences. but division, no. >> he spoke to health care workers today in anaheim about the challenges that attack american democracy. chan lost his son in iraq and condemned the president at the 2015 convention for his immigration policies. he says political civility is scarce in washington. a father recorded video of a frantic effort to save his son from a hot car. orlando firefighters worked on getting the doors unlocked as the parents of a 2-year-old boy tried to coax him to open the door. the child's father says they
11:40 pm
were shopping when his son apollo had the keys in this hand and accidently locked the doors. during a rescue attempt ruben was on the phone with oddi tying to get the car makers to unlock the doors. after a half-hour of the boy sweating and crying, firefighters smashed a window. >> rachel, let's get his temperature. >> reporter: paramedics examined apollo, he was not harmed. ruben says he recorded a portion of the rescue and shared it on facebook to thank responders and warn people of the dangers of leaving a child inside a car. elon musk just got a boost. maryland is taking the first step to make his high-speed transit system a reality. >> reporter: this morning tech billionaire elon musk may be one step closer to revolutionizing the way we travel. >> we've waited a long time for
11:41 pm
what's the next thing, and i believe we're seeing the next thing come into existence right here in maryland. >> reporter: the maryland department of transportation confirming to abc news that its issuing musk tunneling firm, the boring company to build a hyperloop tunnel. it would run under washington parkway. it's the fist stip in musk's multibillion dollar transportation system called hyperloop. they could go from washington to new york city with stops in baltimore and philly in just 29 minutes. maryland governor larry hogan already touring the tunnel site. >> i think it's coming to maild, and it's going to go from baltimore to washington, so get ready. >> reporter: musk is not only digging the tunnel on the east coast. he's also going underground in los angeles.
11:42 pm
hoping to build a super future subterranean highway to reduce traffic there. and also plans to build a rocket, one that could fly passengers around the world in less than half an hour. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11 -- >> and i got so excited, and i started jumping around. >> -- a chance to smile for a little a's super fan trying to get past what's been a difficult couple of weeks in santa rosa. cool and c
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an upitate now on our story of a 9-year-old fire survivor. tweeting a letter the boy yet to the oakland a's the tweet went viral. in santa rosa as the a's delivered the goodies.
11:46 pm
>> reporter: big league dreams fulfilled at age 9. >> i got your letter. >> reporter: athletics catcher bruce maxwell. >> so this is my game worn jersey this season. >> reporter: takes the shirt off his back for his north bay survivor. >> this is for you. >> thank you. >> reporter: after lorn jay smith wrote a letter that cuts to the core of what it's like to lose everything. >> high house burned down in the santa rosa fire and one of the saddest things was my major league collection. i had a major league baseball, and it all burned up. >> after the fire he was under neath the couch crying about all the stuff he lost, and his grandmother just said, hey, get it out. >> reporter: i tweeted it and from there -- >> i thought it would just not
11:47 pm
go anywhere, everywhere zpevery. >> reporter: you can see georgia, idaho as far as away as new york people mailed items to the a's to give to lorn. >> got all the a's stuff. >> i remember i had one. >> you had one like that. now this one replaces it. >> reporter: teams sent packages, hundreds of fans did, too, and -- >> have you ever thrown out the first pitch in a baseball game? >> no. >> you want to do it next year? >> yeah. >> game on. >> kind of still unreel. >> reporter: he plans to share his new gear with other kids in need. >> we want to pay it forward and share it with everybody and share the love that's come through. >> reporter: lauren's love of america's pastime. >> chris dave us because he gets
11:48 pm
a lot of home runs. >> reporter: inspiring a league to hit it out of the park. abc 7 news. >> kids love long ball. >> that was a great response to that tweet, by the way. let's check the forecast now. hi, eric. you will wake up to some chilly conditions tomorrow morning. temperatures will be in the 50s even some upper 30s in places like south bay. san jose, 49 degrees. and highs tomorrow will be even warmer by about 5 degrees compared to today. so look for lots of 70s all around the bay area. son jose, 76. the warming trend continues. we'll be near record highs monday and tuesday. beach weather. >> appreciate it. time for another check on sports. and here's larry
11:49 pm
>> i couldn't help it. >> it was a saturday night fever reference to john trovolta. >> the dancing football coach allonzo carter. i mean how out of sync am i? this is just tragic.
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skipper bruce bochy is the only coach or manager left standing from the skrients world series team massive changes on the staff announced today with big surprise being long time pitching coach being ruassigned as special consultant to the gm. same story for assistant hitting coach steve decker. he's been the pitching coach for 17 years. he's the guy who nurtured matt
11:53 pm
cane and madison bumgarner, helped sort out -- we could go on forever about this. remains to be seen what ron -- you can change all the coaches you want. but when you go 64 in 98, gentlemen, you better upgrade your roster because it's not just coaching. 1-0 in the fifth. todd frasier at chopper and they're coming home. got him. mccan with a tag on a leg. no doubt about that. how about bottom five altoobin, 5'5". top nine, two out. astros win 4-0 going to their
11:54 pm
second world series. but their first is american league team cham pain for you. they'll face the dodgers and game one is tuesday in los angeles. >> and i don't care whether you're old school, new school, analytical, traditional it's about winning at this level. and i think this organization gets it. >> it was a lot of fun to manage this group. it really was. and i am as proud of this group as i've been of any teamive ever managed. >> the last time we saw stefcurry so mad he threw his mouth guard, game six. afterwards he said he wasn't throwing it at the ref, he's got better aim for that. he said there's no excuse for his behavior, here's a sarcastic steve kerr after the loss. >> it was awful, endangered
11:55 pm
thons of people in the stands. >> it was directed at the referee. >> you're asking the wrong guy. the league can figure that out. >> we showed you cal's loss earlier.the fighting hardballs michigan taking on penn stat st so good-bye. 69 yards to house. he had 100 yards rushing in the first quarter. look at the juggling barclay. 42-13. on our college post game show tonight we had assistant coach allonzo carter in the studio. he was a back up dancer for m.c. hammer in the early '90s. very likely the only coach that's got an emmy and gone platinum. he teached me how to dance
11:56 pm
tonight. my producers insist we run this against all of my objections. you've got to coach me because this is going to be the most difficult coaching in your life right now. >> we're going to make you look good. we're going to start to the left. >> we need a little music. >> rock your shoulders. rock. stay on beat. stay with me now. and in place. move your shoulders with it. roll it and go that way. come on, back this way. and go in circles all the way around. and we're >> do you know how embarrassing this is? >> and then you want to --
11:57 pm
>> just take it, coach. >> slide with it. slide with it. >> looking at the hammer video and he did this thing like >> i can't do that one. i do mine deep. >> how do we follow this? >> oh, goodness. that was really long. anyway, i asked -- >> that's it for tonight. you're a brave man. >>
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