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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 23, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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behind me. two additional people shot, received nonlife threatening injuries. transferred to the hospital. >> reporter: chp officer responded to shooting, shot by the suspect too. bullet hit body armor. then alan aschmore drove away. >> fled the area, went to gas station, another shooting with ccw holder. >> reporter: left the gas station and led them on pursuit through remote area. >> total of seven crime scenes we are working. >> reporter: road blocks until ashmore finally surrendered. >> reports he had shot at people at winery. >> reporter: sheriff martin says all the resources are being used. there's crime scene investigators here. looking for something in the
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grass over there. at this point they have ashmore in custody, next order of business is question him, figure out motive, what made him shoot so many places and injure so many people? abc7 news. abc7 news app sent out out t alert. you can john load the app for those alerts as they happen. trial is under way in san francisco for a man whose case set off national immigration debate. accused of shooting kate kate steinle. had been deported several times. prosecutors showed the jury the gun used. >> baseline question that the jury is going to answer, whether the defendant intended to fire that gun.
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we have a charge against him of murder. that's what we believe the evidence is going to show. >> accusing him of something he doesn't even though took place. he's not interested in admitting that he was there, but eventually he does and talks and tells them what happened, which was an accident. >> defense attorneys claim the gun went off accidentally. both sides say the bullet ricochetted to hit steinle. we'll have live updates at 5:00 and 6:00. she was killed as she walked on pier 14 with her father. arrested zarate an hour and a half later on pier 40. police divers found the gun in the bay next day, stolen in san francisco from bureau of land management officer's personal car june 27th four days before the fatal shooting.
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debate over the sanctuary policy began after arrest. diane feinstein sent a letter on the city, cooperation with the obama administration in enforcing immigration laws. just learned what help they'll receive removing ash and debris from properties. downtown santa rosa, several local, state and federal agencies shared plans. phase one of the cleanup is removing toxic materials commonly found in homes. >> unlike a fire that occurs when you burn wood in home or fireplace, contains other items, metals, chemicals, potentially asbestos. >> the army corps of engineers then will haul away the debris from the homes that used to stand. >> on those properties where you give us permission to eliminate all the ash and debris so end of
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the day we can return you a safe and clean site for your family to rebuild. >> one official believes could be removed in time for victims to start rebuilding by next spring. many people living in sonoma county are returning home for the first time. evacuation orders lifted. north of santa rosa, allowed to go to areas of mark west springs and rooebly roads. still a mandatory curfew in place and some still closed. mt. veeder road was lifted today at noon. sheriff's office says agriculture related business needs permits and escorts. look at these pictures from droneview7 over fountain grove
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near abc7 in permission to to drone over those areas. 254,000 square containment is expected in the bear fire. all evacuation orders lifted this morning. burning for a week and 79% contained. nine firefighters injured, four buildings destroyed. big step to return to some sense of normalcy as schools reopened and classes resumed. >> live at elementary. laura. >> reporter: in the heart of the evacuation area when the fires were at their worst. today not about abcs or
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but providing safe environment. napa schools reopened for classes. chance for students and staff to try to get back to normal. >> i felt sick to my stomach those past two weeks, just wondered if my friends and family were okay. >> reporter: at napa high school, administrators don't know how many students lost their homes in fire but they say they're ready to help them and all the kids and staff district-wide move on from the event. >> we're assessing to see how many kids are directly affected by fires, displaced or lost homes or had to move into our area from sonoma. >> classmates have been open and trustworthy of each other, all supporting each other.
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>> reporter: mental health director bill carter told us calls for help have increased in recent days. >> starting to see folks coming to us, experiencing stress for over a week. situation is coming into focus, dealing with anxiety for over a week and beginning to wear on them. >> reporter: like all schools in the district vichy elementary had counsellors on hand for hem. some brought in from outside, experienced with major disasters and set up 24 hour mental health crisis hotline. that number on our website, live in napa, laura anthony, abc7 news. get ready for warm-up. >> right? spencer christian is on the roof of the abc7 studio. nice day.
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>> little toasty out here. look at live doppler 7, sunny skies across the bay area. it is warm, really warm, like summer almost. this is the view from mt. tam to the bay. 81 in san francisco right now, 79 in oakland, upper 80s mountain view, san jose and gilroy. 72 at half moon bay. gorgeous east bay hills camera. 87 in santa rosa, low to mid-80s in napa, novato, fairfield, fai, livermore. not going to get much cooler. low to mid-70s at that hour. this week, up to midnight, upper 60s to low 70s most locations and temperature at half moon bay up to 70. early morning, 7:00 tomorrow morning, upper 60s to low 70s in
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most locations. day gets off to mild to warm start and going to really heat up in the afternoon. may have numerous -- could possibly have numerous record high temperatures for october 24th. more in just a few minutes. dion. >> he should take his jacket off, right? practically? >> livermore police involving officer-involved shooting. woman drove a stolen car into two police cars last night. ordered woman to get out of the car. they say she drove towards them instead, fired because feared for their safety. she is expected to survive, no officers hurt. man beaten to death with
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baseball bat on telegraph avenue. east bay times report that oakland police believe the suspect and victim knew each other. victim died after rushed to hospital. 28-year-old suspect arrested on the scene. haven't yet released the names. warriors' star steph curry fined but not suspended for throwing mouthpiece saturday night. 45 seconds to go in loss to memphis, steph thought he was fouled, but no call, threw mouthpiece in the referee's direction. was ejected. steph said he wasn't aiming at referee but expected to be fined. andre iguodala was fined and kevin durant also ejected. warriors in dallas, perhaps a more peaceful game. just ahead, preparing for the big one. how would the golden gate bridge
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hold up in major earthquake? testing under way now to find out. bizarre delivery from amazon. what one person received. plus -- >> we have over 1,000 miles of sewer in state of disrepair. >> what it takes to keep san francisco's sewers in tip-top shape. live look at san francisco skyway on monday. cars toward you trying to get on bay bridge. it's moving. albeit slowly. not s
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the bay area cities that want to be home to amazon's second world headquarters receive serious competition. 238 proposals from cities across the country. amazon plans to invest $5 billion on the project. several bay area cities submitted a joint proposal, concord, san francisco, richmond, oakland. san jose sent in a separate proposal. expected to reveal next year. police in orlando, florida, investigating how marijuana wound up in amazon order. order for four totes. noticed how heavy they were, opened box and strong odor. found 65 pounds of pot. couple called the cops. asked not to be identified.
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>> pretty fearful that home would be broken into. didn't sleep there for a few days. >> customers went back and forth with amazon for more than a month and never spoke with supervisor. sent them $150 gift card with e-mail message, i'm unable to do something else at this time. couple really want apology and investigation how that could happen. still run into road blocks on highway 101 as repairs continue after massive mud slides. pfeiffer canyon opened but still in effect. further south only one way at any time while cal tra trans installs pipes. ic road could reopen by next summer.
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expect to meet a deadline set by the state to fix the oroville dam. goal is before rainy season begins. seismic retrofitting going on on golden gate bridge and to secure the safety, different work going on in canada. >> kristen sze joins us with video of testing with tiny version of the bridge. >> the golden gate bridge handles more than 100,000 crossings a day so durability in a major quake is top priority. this testing going on in canadian lab. from the bridge district, mini section of the span pounded by 100-mile-an-hour winds to ensure the real thing would do okay in final stage of retrofitting
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project began. helps get the visual on the wind speeds. >> wind tunnel tests are critical. allow the crews to build access platforms underneath the bridge that won't create too much drag as wind picks up. >> talks about things needed in the retrofit. withstand the winds and not affect the use of the bridge. it's safe now. retrofitted and can withstand 8.3 quake. center can withstand 7.0 shaker and will be stronger when the project is done in five or six years. they say never let them see you sweat. may get a chance to see that tonight. >> not at all. spencer took off jacket and enjoying outdoors. >> you gave me permission and i
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did. i do as instructed. sometimes. live doppler 7, sunny skies across the bay area and quite warm. even hotter tomorrow. live view westward. forecast is clear and mild overnight with record-breaking heat likely tomorrow and gradual cooling, couple of degrees each day into the weekend. current temperature readings. san francisco gone up a degree to 82. low to mid-80s most locations except in the north where it's higher. source of heat is area to the south, 102 degrees in los angeles right now, record high for this date. 104 at palm springs. and extreme heat is moving in our direction, assisted by clockwise circumstance lace of the center of high pressure over the southwestern u.s.
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heat goes on. overnight, clear, mild, lows from upper 50s to low 60s. tomorrow in south bay, highs of 91 at san jose. 90 mountain view. 82 at pacifica on the coast. north bay, 93 at santa rosa, 90 at napa. 89 at san rafael. east bay, mid to upper 80s and inland east bay, 90 to 93 degrees across the board there. heat tips to help you cope safely with the heat coming our way, drink plenty of water, wear lightweight clothing. don't leave kids and pets inside cars and take breaks in the shade if possible. accuweather seven-day forecast. warm on wednesday.
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look for mid-80s around the bay and mid-70s on the coast. and little bit cooler thursday and friday. finally saturday, gradual cooling resumes and finally arrive at monday of next week, old fall feeling, not quite, still above average but closer than we are now. >> i like this jacketless look. what do you think? >> should introduce this in the studio. >> i'm game. very comfortable. thanks spencer. after decades of speculation, could soon learn kennedy with the documents set t to be released. and military's highest honor given to former medic. what he did in vietnam to earn that honor. another look at traffic. san jose, 101, little bit slow heading south. my day starts well before
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after decades of speculation could soon be learning a lot more about what happened the day that president kennedy was assassinated. >> in 1992 congress set a final deadline for release of the rest of the documents. it's up this week and looks like president plans to let it go forward. >> reporter: more than 50 years later -- >> president kennedy has been shot in dallas, texas. >> reporter: many americans still asking what exacted happened. we may get answers. president trump tweeting i will be allowing as president the long-blocked jfk files to be open. >> release of those documents, thousands of documents, is just
4:24 pm
going to add massive amount of information on this subject. >> reporter: and the biggest conspiracy theories waiting to be answered. was lee harvey oswald acting alone or cia, kgb or pulling the strings and why did jack ruby murder >> may find out what we don't know about oswald. they know but not told the people over the years. >> reporter: not everybody happy. >> president loves stirring up controversy and this will do it. >> reporter: and kennedy family says the president didn't consult them. >> i understand the important historical of the documents but also personal as well. >> have the right to hold back documents if still too personal
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or classified. meaning autopsy will probably not be revealed. nasa is out with fascinating images of the sun and what looks like partial eclipse. captured by solar dynamics spacecraft, the moon partially obstructing the spacecraft's view of the sun. image render from wavelength of extreme ultraviolet light. stunning. >> fascinating. new revelations from the widow of the special forces officer killed earlier this month. >> i was angry about the tone of his voice and what he said, he couldn't remember my husband's name. >> why she says the condolence call left her in tears. alleged terrorist plot
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here's a look at some of the stories making headlines at 4:30. two people found dead and another three shot and injured, including a chp officer in lake county. all in clearlake oaks. officer shot in the leg and expected to recover, condition of the other two victims not released. suspect 61-year-old alan ashmore has been arrested. police haven't released a motive. arguments began in the kate steinle trial. stirred up sentiment. president trump is on the defense, i had a very respectful conversation with the widow of sergeant la david johnson and spoke his name without hesitation. after the widow said the
4:30 pm
president couldn't remember her husband's name. live in the newsroom with the latest in the ongoing controversy. >> reporter: the back and forth is entering a second week and for the first time hearing from the grieving widow about the call from president trump. >> he couldn't remember my husband's name. >> reporter: myesha johnson talked exclusively on "good morning america" today about the condolence call from president trump. her husband sergeant la david johnson and three other soldiers died in ambush in niger. >> risked his life for our country, why couldn't you remember his name? >> reporter: president pushed back, insisting i had respectful conversation with the widow of sergeant la david johnson and spoke his name without hesitation. family pretend friend
4:31 pm
congresswoman fred ricka wilson was first to speak out. in turn john kelly lashed out about lawmaker for listening in and accused her of bragging about seeking money for fbi building in 2013. accusation that is not true. female members of the congressional black caucus including east bay congresswoman barbara lee are demanding an apology. >> total lie. this is a moment of grief and mourning and for the president and john kelly to conduct themselves the way they are is shameful. >> reporter: controversy entering a second week, former chair of the republian party believes no apologies are needed and further politicizing the death does nothing to move the country forward. >> if we're going to hold entire american political and economic
4:32 pm
agenda hostage to every congresswoman who doesn't like a sitting president, we'll get nothing done in this country. >> reporter: while one soldier has become a household name, three others also died in that ambush. save sergeants, dustin wright, bryan black and jeremiah johnson. abc7 news. john mccain taking a jab at president trump criticized wealthy americans for avoiding the draft. then appeared on "the view" saying not necessarily speaking of trump. >> reporter: senator john mccain, vietnam war veteran, captured and tortured as prisoner of war for more than five years, issuing of donald trump. >> i would never ever countenance, we drafted the
4:33 pm
lowest income level of america and highest income level found a doctor that would say they had a bone spur. that is wrong. that is wrong. if we're going to ask every american to serve, every american should serve. >> people thought you were talking about mr. trump because he had a doctor's note that said he had bone spurs. >> more than once yeah. >> chronic bone spurs. >> do you consider him a draft dodger? >> not so much a draft dodger as i feel that the system was so wrong that certain americans could evade responsibilities to serve the country. >> reporter: escalating war of words. >> he's a warrior because he was captured. >> despite mccain consistently
4:34 pm
voting with the trump white house, they've differed. cast the deciding vote against repeal of obamacare in the same month that senator announces he had brain cancer. trump fighting back at rallies. >> said he would fight back and wouldn't be pretty. are you scared? >> reporter: abc news new york. said would be no change to 401(k) contributions. tweeting in response to to "new york times" report saying that limiting amount workers could receive in 401(k)s. secretary of state rex tillerson is on unannounced trip to iraq. comes after surprise visit in
4:35 pm
afghanistan for military and afghan leaders. pledged america's commitment to the war-torn country during his sitdown with the president. >> made it clear we're here to say until we can assure a process of reconciliation and peace. not unlimited or blank check commitment. >> follows a deadly string of attacks in afghanistan and part of week-long trip to middle east, south asia and europe. alleged terror plot foiled in mall for fbi investigation. accused of planning to blow up huge shopping center with what authorities are calling a weapon of mass destruction. dolphin mall west of miami. says acting alone, appears to be inspired by isis and wants to impress the terror group. >> part of americans charged in
4:36 pm
recent years with wanting to join isis or plotting attacks here at home. >> talking to who he believed was like-minded radical at home and got hands on bomb that was fake planted by agents. launching investigation into the company cofounded by harvey weinstein. announced it today saying he wants to know whether weinsteen's company workers were subject to persistent harassment. faces allegations by dozens of f women, gwyneth palro and angelina jolie among others. ashley judd is talking about the allegations to abc news, first television news since she went public with diane sawyer, see it thursday starting with go"good morning america" from 7:00 until
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9:00. rhode island lawmaker is blasting environmental protection agency tonight for pulling scientists from address climate change. epa blocked scientists from speaking at conference addressing the health of anywhe narragansett bay. affecting air, water temperatures, precipitation and fish. retired army medic, highest military honor to former soldier from alabama. >> how he risked his life to hem others in combat. i'm michael finney, #askfinney is ahead. spencer christian, what a day for late october. going to get hotter tomorrow.
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a retired army captain received america's highest military honor today for saving wounded soldiers despite being wounded himself. only medic assigned to special forces unit in vietnam war. faced heavy fire hunting north
4:41 pm
vietnamese fighters in secret mission in laos in 1971. >> shrapnel left a gaping hole in mike's foot. for next 48 excruciating hours he used a branch as crutch and went on rescuing the wounded. >> said the medal belongs not to him but entire unit. army sergeant bill bergdahl receive a fair trial after comments by president trump? defense lawyers claim comments by mr. trump constitute undo command influence citing multiple incidents where he called him a traitor who should be shot. walked off post in 2009 and spent five years in taliban captivity before released in prisoner exchange. pleaded guilty to desertion and faces life in prison.
4:42 pm
in life you have to adapt to your surroundings. >> spencer christian letting it loose on the roof. >> jacket is back. cooled down a bit. sun is lower so i'm comfortable. live doppler 7, sunny, mild to warm conditions prevail and going to be mild overnight as well. clear skies, upper 50s to low 60s. tomorrow is hot. highs in the low to mid-90s. upper 80s around the bay and on the coast. toasty tuesday. first column is temperatures we're forecasting for tomorrow. second is existing records in those locations for october 24th. if san jose hits 91, set a new record. livermore will shatter the record from 2003. accuweather seven-day forecast. record-breaking heat is likely.
4:43 pm
still warm on wednesday but not quite so hot as tomorrow. each day heading into the weekend, temperatures will drop off a degree or two here or there until more seasonal next week. >> beautiful shot no matter what spencer is wearing. going underground in san francisco's lab ridge of sewers, more than a century old and full of bugs. >> dirty job that needs constant attention. i'm 7 on your side's michael finney, are extended warranties worth the money? one thing you don't want to do. best cities to trick or treat in united states according to zillow survey. >> duo in the bay area. take a look right now.
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like they say, it's a dirty job but someone has to do it. san francisco's lab ridge of
4:47 pm
sewers arrow constant attention. abc7 news was only tv station to go underground and get a look. showed you what we found. may cost. >> reporter: workers are preparing to enter the city's dark underside. every year crews suit up to inspect about 15 miles up close. >> we have combined sewer system, sanitary sewage from homes and businesses and storm water, rain from the street that runs into the catch basins. >> reporter: city's sewers are aging. 60% over 80 years old. >> past useful life. >> reporter: city is working on 20 year plan to replace and repair the old sewers and treatment plant. entire project estimated to cost nearly $7 billion to be paid by
4:48 pm
water customers. >> firs phase is $20 state of disrepair. >> reporter: we followed head of the commission into the sewer. getting firsthand look how bad things are underground. >> this is a state where we have to come to prepare it. >> reporter: about 15 feet below street level. dark, wet, smelly and roach infested. build in 1850s. >> pretty good condition. >> reporter: but needs constant upkeep. workers walk inch by inch to inspect the lines. looking for missing bricks and mortars. >> you get sand ending up in the sewage system. >> reporter: ends up here, facility that treats 80% of san francisco's sewer waste.
4:49 pm
everything is screened and cleaned before it empties into the bay. grossly outdated. >> put in operation in 1950s with 1940s technology. i don't think many people would want to go to hospital or drive a car from the 1940s. >> reporter: plan includes updating the plant. travelled to europe to see the latest in technology in waste management. when complete one of the most advanced in the country and won't look like traditional facility, design will complement the neighborhood. planners say the improvements are critical. >> it's not matter of if but when the next earthquake will come. seen natural disasters across the country and we're being proactive here. >> reporter: jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> good work. ask finney. michael finney joining us to answer questions from facebook, twitter and e-mail. >> are warranties worth the
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money you put out when buying any product? >> most products it's best not to buy extended warranty, instead buy the products you expect to last. never buy insurance at point of purchase unless you first compared cost with third party companies like square trade, extended warranties online. automotive extended warranty costs more than you get in return but it is a way to lock in the cost of ownership, for me it's peace of mind, worthy to do. i'm cool with that. only buy auto extended warranty from the manufacturer itself. third parties, some iffy,iffy,iy fine and some not. and phone warranties, pay less and less as you go on because say the phone is worth less. but still have to use the phone.
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>> how do i stop telemarketers from calling my cell phone to ask for money? >> robocallers and telemarketers are the calls we don't want to answer. no more robo blocks most of the calls. government and phone carriers are working on ways to stop the robocalls but not ready for complete register your phones on do not call list. it's been out there. lot of people think it doesn't work now. but they get calls that are criminal. deliberately violating. >> so frustrating. what is the fastest way to get rid of debt to improve my credit without paying everything off in full? >> it's hard to avoid. in order to improve credit you
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have to pay down as much debt as possible. no way around it. but one hack can help you out. ask your credit card companies to increase your credit limits. if you get that, all of a sudden amount of credit you're using drops down and makes you look like better credit list. ask for more credit, and you look better. >> that's interesting. >> i would like to hear from you if you have a question for me, you can record 10 to 15 second long video and share on social media, use the #askfinney, also facebook page. >> dieting work? >> in our dreams. it seems pretty much everything is going high tech these days, even paper planes. powerup dart, bluetooth enabled motorized propeller controlled
4:53 pm
by your phone. flying up to ten minutes a charge. and do acrobatic stunts. kickstarter campaign for the product started by power of toys is soaring. goal is raise 25,000 and backers already pledged over $1.7 million. >> clever and fun. today is national ipod day. on this day in 2001, apple cofounder steve jobs introduced the ipod to the world. first sold for nearly $400. since then nearly 400 million have sold. for more, abc7 news facebook page. amazing how much has changed. global arts kicking off in the south bay. >> most people see work, come back and say now i look at it differently. >> new perspective on art,
4:54 pm
bringing local and international artists to smgz. >> and kristen is here. >> new at 5:00, student safety. >> open campus in heart of downtown san jose. >> san jose state goes high tech to increase security at campus. plus kids playing around in south bay and getting into trouble, one youngster gets stuck inside a gun safe. looks like something out of jaws. swimmers who g
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tonight on abc7 at 8:00, "dancing with the stars" followed by "the good doctor" at 10:00 and abc7 news at 11:00. that number will double this week thanks to public arts festival. david louie caught up with the artists hard at work. >> reporter: adele renno is one of the artists trying to make downtown more -- doing the same outside a gallery on the alameda, part of a festival, powwow san jose. >> if we can beautify an alley that brings light to shop, allow a business own to pop up and
4:58 pm
make things happen, transform places that have been forgotten. >> reporter: san jose is first california city to join this powwow movement. >> i look at them differently i guess. more in general it's saying there's beauty in everything, even in the dirtiest corners of the city. >> reporter: using chalk to outline his mural, influenced by mexican embroidery designs of roses. >> kind of see the roses and then they kind of disappear. using san jose shark colors for props to the stadium being right there. >> reporter: festival including musical performances is operating on donations and foundation grant. 16 artists will be working all week long. public is invited to stop by and
4:59 pm
watch. wrapping up this weekend. san jose, abc7 news. abc7 news at 5:00 starts right now. this could be an accidental shooting, consistent with what he had said to abc7 camera team. >> the trial begins in the fatal shooting of kate steinle, boils down to question of intent, one thing defense says could be pivotal to the case. > e multiple crime scenes. four people shot, two killed. thousands of students return to napa, counsellors on hand for those struggling after the wildfires. it's been more than two years since kate steinle was killed. man accused of pulling the trigger is finally facing the jury. kate's father is first witness in the trial. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze. thanks for joining us.
5:00 pm
one of the most watched court cases in san francisco and across the country. prosecutors say the man charged did it intentionally, defense maintains it was an accident. >> abc7 lyanne melendez is live with the proceedings. >> reporter: the trial is moving quickly. today had opening arguments and heard from the first witness, steinle's father, who was with her on that pier. court sketches show the prosecutor picking up the gun that kills kate steinle. said that jose garcia zarata fired gun. >> whether he intended or not, we have charge of murder. that's what we believe the evidence will show. >> steinle with fathe


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