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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 25, 2017 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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making news in america this morning, sounding the alarm. two republican senators launching a searing attack on president trump. >> i rise today to say enough. >> calling trump dangerous and untruthful. this morning the fallout. how it could impact the president's tax cut plan. and new overnight, the senate takes action on banking rules. ambush investigation. the clues this new video could hold in the hunt for the men who killed four u.s. soldiers in west africa. shark attack. a teenager dragged off a surfboard in florida. >> i was just yelling to him, i got bit by a shark. i got bit by a shark. >> what he did to escape. plus, the legal battle over alcohol served by the airlines. is it the real deal? and move over, pumpkins. the new trend in halloween decorations. good wednesday morning.
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we begin with the republican senators double-teaming president trump with scathing criticism. >> and overnight the attacks continued after announcing he will not seek re-election, arizona senator jeff flake is railing against the president condemning what he calls reckless, outrageous and undignified behavior. >> and retiring senator bob corker is calling the president a divisive bully. abc's serena marshall has the latest from washington. good morning, serena. >> reporter: kendis, diane, good morning, and that's right. senator flake did not hold back with his criticism of the president. senator corker, a man who once campaigned for him, even going on the record and saying that he continually spells untruths taking this far beyond a mere twitter war of words. it has all the makings of a civil war. senate republicans rejecting the behavior of their republican president. >> it is dangerous to a democracy. >> reporter: arizona senator
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jeff flake announcing he will not seek a second term because he is disgusted. >> flagrant disregard for truth and decency. the reckless provocations most often for the pettiest and most personal reasons. >> reporter: the public shaming an hour after president trump visited capitol hill pushing tax reform. and on the same day, bob corker, the influential head of the senate foreign relations committee said this. >> and i think that the worst of it is going to be just the debasing, if you will, over our nation. >> reporter: the president responding on twitter calling him a lightweight and incompetent. corker tweeting back, same untruths from an unutterly untruthful president. #alertthedaycarestaff. former white house adviser steve bannon claiming a victory against the establishment saying another scalp for his movement. the white house seems to agree. >> i think that they were not likely to be re-elected, and i think that shows that the
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support is more behind this president than it is those two individuals. >> reporter: and overnight in a scathing "washington post" op-ed, senator flake going even further writing, it's time to stop pretending that this is somehow normal, and for the next 14 months he will only be guided by the dictates of conscience. republican leader of the senate mitch mcconnell said he regrets senator flake's decision but called him a very fine man who always voted on principle. kendis, diane. >> should make the midterms really interesting next year. thank you, serena. >> and those blistering attacks by senators corker and flake could pose some problems for the republican party. >> yeah, we get some more insight now from our political director, rick klein. good morning, rick. >> diane and kendis, this is a major moment in the republican party and a major moment in the trump presidency. senators corker and jeff flake are now out in the open saying things that no republican senator has ever been free to say before.
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it's not just that they are now free to speak their minds and not running for re-election, they are free to vote their conscience. that has big implications for the rest of the trump agenda starting with the tax push. president trump only has a 52-48 edge partywise in the united states senate. he can only lose two senators. that's how many senators are now saying that he is essentially unfit for office. this is a moment that there is no turning back from, and it may free up other republican senators to say and do similar things. diane and kendis. >> all right. our thanks to rick. and corker as well as flake join most republicans in coming together last night to hand a victory to big banks. vice president mike pence on hand to cast the tiebreaking vote in the senate to repeal an obama-era banking law that would have allowed consumers to sue banks in class action lawsuits. republicans argue the law would harm the free market, but democrats say without it, banks will avoid potentially billion dollar verdicts that would force them to change predatory and deceptive business practices. new details are coming to light about the dossier filled with salacious allegations about president trump. sources tell "the washington
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post" the political research was funded in part by the hillary clinton campaign and the democratic national committee. the dossier claimed that russia had compromising information on the president. it was initially paid for by republicans during the gop primary. a lawmaker for the clinton campaign and the dnc allegedly brokered a deal to continue funding that research. we're following breaking news from louisiana. two people shot and killed on the campus of grambling state university including a student. the shooting reportedly stemmed from a fight in a courtyard. no arrests immediately reported. we now turn to the latest on the investigation into that deadly ambush on american soldiers in niger. u.s. intelligence authorities are now examining this video. it's of a militant group that was active in the area on the day of the ambush. they're looking for clues about the identities of the attackers. a former military expert on west africa explains what the men are saying in this video. >> he says if we capture them, what are we going to do with them. one of them says we'll
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decapitate them. another guy says we'll fight them with weapons. >> intelligence officials say the mission went from reconnaissance to a kill or capture mission after the units received information that a high-value target had been located. at issue now is whether the unit had proper protection for such a mission. investigators have also been told there was another green beret team that was supposed to meet up with the unit. questions remain as to why that second team never arrived. there are bipartisan calls for an investigation into a $300 million contract awarded to restore power in puerto rico. 75% of the island remains in the dark. now, the contract was awarded to whitefish energy even though that company had only two full time employees at the time. now, it has since hired 300 contractors. whitefish energy says it's right for the job because it specializes in working in mountainous areas. it's also based in whitefish, montana, the hometown of interior secretary ryan zinke, and that's raising concern on capitol hill. >> look, i've been at this for
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25 years, and this does not pass the smell test. >> whitefish energy says it contacted puerto rican officials before maria hit the island, but some members of congress want to know if less expensive options were available. the interior secretary's office says no action was taken on the company's behalf. and time now for a look at your weather on this wednesday morning. the heat on the west coast actually broke a record at dodger stadium last night, 103 degrees for game one of the world series. temperatures today could hit 101. on the east coast the radar showing a line of storms stretching from long island to maine where damaging winds have been reported, and to the south a new look at those powerful storms that moved through south carolina this week. one man bracing as this tornado approached his car. he was not injured. nearly half a dozen twisters reported in that area, though.
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a concern for wine drinkers this morning. coming up, the potential crisis unfolding. >> i'm listening. but first how the search for a potential serial killer is changing halloween plans in tampa. and dramatic video of a lightning strike nearly hitting a child.
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[ playing the theme to "benson" ] an entire generation kicked off friday nights watching "benson," and this morning we're remembering the emmy-winning actor behind benson dubois. robert guillaume has died from prostate cancer. his talents also extended to the stage as the first african-american phantom of the opera, and he voiced the character rafiki in "the lion king." robert guillaume was 89 years old.
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to florida now where the search for a potential serial killer is changing the lives of of people in one tampa neighborhood. many won't leave their homes at night, and police are now joining children on the walk to school. families are actually taking out their guns to make sure they're loaded, and many plan to skip a halloween tradition this year. >> it's not worth it because everything now is random so what's going on now is random. it's not a motive behind it so i am not going to let them go out. it's not worth candy for their life. >> police have no suspects or motive. the only connection between the three murder victims appears to be that they rode the bus and walked alone at night. the daughter of late actor paul walker has settled a wrongful death lawsuit over his fatal car crash four years ago. meadow walker and porsche have reached an agreement. the terms are confidential. her lawyers had claimed that porsche knew the car had stability issues. they also claimed the seat belt prevented walker from escaping.
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speed was ruled as the cause of the crash. walker's daughter was already awarded a $10 million settlement from the driver's estate. we have some new evidence of the tough times in the retail industry. lord & taylor selling its flagship department store here in new york city for $850 million. the upper floors of the landmark building will be converted to office space. and now to that alarming headline for wine drinkers. global production this year expected to drop to the lowest level in nearly 60 years. unusual weather conditions especially in europe are being blamed, so the advice right now is to drink up what you have at home. >> an emergency. >> an emergency. your emergency supply now is your rainy day. all right, when we come back, a young surfer attacked by a shark in florida. hear how he escaped. plus, five teenagers facing murder charges after a deadly prank on the highway. the case already sparking the debate, should a 15-year-old face life in prison? and the homecoming queen who did more than just take home the crown. hear how she helped the school
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needs a great how. it just happened randomly. i was just paddling, and all of a sudden i felt like my foot got grabbed and pulled me off the board. >> that's 17-year-old jason hartl attacked by a shark while surfing at juno beach in florida. now, he managed to pull himself back on the surfboard and then paddle to shore. >> wow, with those stitches. paramedics rushed him to the hospital. he got 22 of those stitches. but doctors found no nerve damage. jason says that he plans to surf again as soon as he's able to. >> all right. good for him. and a highway prank in michigan has now led to five teenagers being charged with murder. >> yeah, the five boys all under 18 years old allegedly threw 20 rocks at cars from a highway overpass, one weighing 20 pounds. one of those rocks hit kenneth white. he is a father of four on his way home from work. authorities say after the crash, the boys actually went to mcdonald's to eat.
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>> although the charges are the same, the kids are all different. the actions that the kids may have become involved in are all different. >> even if they spend 30 years in prison, they get to wake up every single morning. my son don't get none of that no more. it was taken away from him for something stupid. >> the teens are being charged as adults. they pleaded not guilty and are held without bond. each could get life in prison. experts who argue against a life sentence argue teenagers' brains are not fully develop and make them more impulsive without thinking through consequences of their actions. it's terrible. police in the suburbs of cleveland have no suspects in the apparent murder of a sixth grade teacher. 49-year-old melinda pleskovic was found stabbed in her home and later died at a hospital. here's her husband's call to 911. >> i think someone killed my wife. >> see if she's breathing. >> no, she is not. >> he also told police that his family was the target of a series of break-ins, but there was no sign of any break-in the day his wife was stabbed. last summer the family also complained about four
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unidentified teens in their backyard. well, a 12-year-old boy in argentina learned why you should not play in a thunderstorm. the boy was playing there in the rain. his mother was taping it because she thought it was cute. the boy was not seriously hurt. quite a frightening scene. a british adventurer has managed to accomplish what most of us have only dreamed of, being carried away by a bunch of helium balloons, 100 of them to be exact. tom morgan flew 8,000 feet into the sky over johannesburg, south africa. the flight lasted two hours. it's all part of his plan to set up the first ever helium balloon race in that country. >> it like the movie "up." >> it is like the movie "up." >> adorable. >> and luckily there are no bad people on the ground with bb guns. all right, the l.a. dodgers are soaring in their own way going into tonight's game two of the world series. >> they used some muscle to beat the astros last night. highlights from espn. >> good morning. it's "sportscenter" from los angeles.
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stan verrett. neil everett. game one of the world series goes the dodgers' way. >> i'm all hopped up on jolly ranchers. man. let's go. clayton kershaw was all hopped up on sliders. i mean that's the only bad pitch he threw all night. we show it in buzzkill. that's why we call it buzzkill. he had 11 strikeouts, 83 pitches. 57 were strikes. alex bregman, his only mistake and that tied the game at one. chris taylor led this game off with a home run in the bottom of the first. and justin turner, big red, coached by george horton in college takes keuchel deep. kenley jansen came in deep, and they won 3-1. anthony davis left had game with a knee injury. he's day to day. to marcus cousins. he's all day, 39 and 13 for cousins. fourth quarter. this one off the bounce. knocks that down as well. mccollum, 23 points, 4-5 on threes and blazers win it 103-93. the pelicans are hoping for the best for anthony davis.
4:19 am
they really need him in the lineup. >> stan is hoping for the best for anthony davis because he's going to be in new orleans hopefully watching him play later this week. >> absolutely. all right. that's it from here. back to you. >> all right, fellas. a shoutout for a high school football kicker in texas. her name is claire jeffress. >> yeah, she knocked through the winning field goal for dawson high eagles, but she's not just a really good kicker. >> she's also her high school's newly crowned homecoming queen. >> all right. >> pretty good. >> things are going pretty well for claire. >> i'd say so. up next in "the pulse," a legal battle over alcohol served by one airline. also, texting while crossing the street is now illegal in a big city. what police are saying about trying to enforce that rule today. and what albert einstein said was the key to happiness. d what albert einstein said was the key to happiness. was the key to happiness. of heart attack or stroke.her rk non-insulin victoza® lowers a1c, and now reduces cardiovascular risk. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar
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♪ it is your wednesday "pulse, and we're going to start with a class action lawsuit against an airline that promised champagne service. >> canada sunwing airline is accused of serving cheaper sparkling wine instead of the champagne it advertised. so far 1,600 passengers have joined the suit. >> wow. a lawyer for the plaintiff says it's not about the bubbly. it's about the misleading marketing. the airline dismisses the suit as frivolous and insists the word champagne was used to reflect the level of service. >> ah. >> meaning they go to champagne, france, not necessarily serve you champagne. >> miscommunication. >> uh-huh. next to hawaii where it's now illegal to text while walking in the state capital. >> authorities say they're trying to avoid situations like this in honolulu. this guy, you see there, barely flinching when a car turns just in front of him. >> then, of course, you might remember the video from a mall where a woman actually fell into the mall fountain. >> oh, yeah. and this frightening scene, a
4:23 am
bear on the loose, and this distracted man walking right towards it. with so many tourists, police do admit the new law will be hard to enforce. >> most officers apply common sense and realize that not everybody is aware of our laws, and so it's a discretionary thing, and so a big part of what we do is educating people, and we understand if you're not from hawaii, you really can't be expected to know all the laws this that just went into effectment >> the first offense will get you a $35 fine, but fines could reach $99 for multiple violations. >> if they start enforcing it where will we find all our funny videos? >> i know. thank you. >> think about us. next a hefty price for a famous note written by albert einstein. his secret to happiness was sold at auction for $1.3 million. >> so einstein wrote the note in 1922 for a hotel bellboy because he didn't have any cash for a tip. so the note says, here's the key to happiness, a calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined
4:24 am
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iz. look accident live. very cool camera. enjoy it while it lasts, the temperatures are going to rise, rise, rise, once again this morning. good morning on this wednesday, october 25. >> hot tober. >> you like it. >> i didn't write it. >> it's very fitting. it's going to be hot again today. may not set as many records as yesterday. we will be near those once again. hi, everybody. welcome to a warm wednesday morning. looking out there right now, you see the winds, calm. so your significantly cooler than yesterday. everybody else calm to blowing offshore. so if you're stepping out right now, dress for temperatures mainly in the 50s and 60s.
4:28 am
we have exceptions like fremont at 70. san francisco. take a look at 12 hour day planner coming up in three minutes. good morning, a busy morning already for this wednesday. not one, but two fatales. let's go to the first one in santa rosa. northbound 101. they have issued a zsig alert. we're just going to tell you that off-ramp 12 from north 101 is completely shutdown. the other fatal just now cleared out of lanes northboundle 80. the coroner there finished the information and got that reopened. that's better news. more details on the santa rosa crash in just a few. from the live desk, i want to show you some video of that horrible crash sue just mentioned on 880 in fremont. you can see an suv smashed into
4:29 am
the center divide sometime after 2:00 a.m. this morning. it caught fire. there was smoke coming from it when the photographer here got to the scene. firefighters had to pour water into the suv to douse the flames. one person died. we have reached out to the highway patrol to get more information about a possible cause and a little bit more information about the victim. we will keep you updated and let you know as soon as we get that. >> as mike as mentioned already this morning, the heat wave isn't over yet. despite the fact we're seeing above average temperatures in the fall, of course still need to take it as seriously as you would at the peak of summer. abc reporter live in san jose, matt? good morning. yes, this is so unusual. we're less than a week away from halloween. i've got good costume ideas for you. think bay watch, speedos and swim suits. so hot out here during the daytime. right now is not so bad. give you an idea of how strange the weather is.
4:30 am
christmas in the park decorations here. we're talking about late october. there's a group of people this is actually good for. athletes. track and field team at san jose state likes to practice in the evening. the city reached a record high of 94 degrees. breaking the 1959 record of 90 degrees for october 24. no complaints though compared to the solar ice ring next to the track. president said 250 people showed up for the public skate. >> it's a great place to be when it's super hot out. >> of course it temperatures close to where they were yesterday. make sure you prepare for the heat. let me show you decorations for christmas in the park. set up in downtown san jose.


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