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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 25, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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here's a look at live doppler 7. you can see that in that one dot out there. like a plane may be landing in oakland this early in the morning. 12 hour day planner. 58-61 for most of us. 78-61 rat noon. stay in the 70s at the coast. 84-89 at the bay. that means more records could fall today. more records coming up. go back to santa rosa. fatal accident happened a couple of hours ago. northbound 101. the ramp to highway 12 is completely shutdown. issued a sig alert. two lanes remain blocked there.
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zoom in we can see the blocked ramp. can't say santa rosa avenue. take baker off of 101 to santa rosa avenue to access highway 12. that is where you're headed this morning from northbound 101. and we will check back and get further details on this accident in just a few minutes. the south bay is no exception. putting a damper on traditional activities such as getting a pumpkin for halloween. people looking for the perfect gourd said the heat gave the activity a different perspective. >> we were going to come on saturday and we thought it was too windy, too cold. so we came out today. now i'm like sitting here sweating. >> it doesn't have that crisp fall air. san jose reached 94 degrees yesterday. breaking the previous october 24 record of 90 degrees set back in
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1959. >> you can keep track of the forecast on the go. with abc 7 news accuweather app. search accuweather app in your store and download it right now. when booking and boarding flights. specifically on airline. american airlines over the past few two white passengers. and an african-american woman who purchased two first class tickets. then moved to coach while her excite companion was able to
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stay in first class. these examples and a couple of others suggest racial bias and cannot be dismissed as normal or rand random. this morning passengers reacted to the advisory. >> so just to be aware of it when you're flying is important. >> and you're flying american today though. >> yes. >> and lauren says she will keep it in the back of her mind as she flies today. american airlines responded to the advisory with an invitation to the ncaap saying we are committed to having a meaningful dialogue about our airline and ready to both listen and engage. no word on when that meeting is set to take place. set to take place. live at three dozen restaurants in the northparticipated in dine and donate fundraiser. donating 20% of proceeds to
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victims. >> there's a line out the door and everybody here in a good mood and wants to help and support any way they can. >> it's a wonderful idea. i think it shows how people are trying to band together and do good things for the folks up north in need right now. >> very generous. tonight restaurants in san francisco, paulo alto, lafayette are going to raise money for the north bay fire relief fund. restaurants and link on the website. and speaking of help, some residents and people who worked in the area before the fires may be eligible for money for food under o federal program. >> if you can show proof you lived or worked in the area, you can apply for disaster cal fresh benefits. placed on a card which can be used to pay for food. apply for the benefits at the county's human services department. economic offices. metallica is now stepping in to help the fire visiting vict
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best way they know how, through music. >> recent events have left us all saddened. left us all flabbergasted. >> we're there to help as much as we can. we do it through music. >> part of a specific benefit concert november 9 to help the victims. at&t park. dave ma tickets go on sale friday on ticketmaster. >> a drone is giving us a closer look at the damage after the north bay fire. you're going to look at the winery. apparently having trouble with the video. the good news with the winery is most of the grapes survived as did the crush pad and metal tanks. also all roads are now open and evacuation orders have been lifted. four major fires in the north bay are now 90% contained.
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>> the san francisco board of supervisor will consider recommendations for drug users under the proposal people who inject will be under provision of a health professional. the approach will reduce the amount of paraphernalia on the street, overdose death, and the spread of aides and hepatitis. the first in the nation to require large chain grocery stores to report on their suppliers use of antibiotics in raw meat and poultry sold in stores. law was signed yesterday. unnecessary use of antibiotics in animals can -- two engineers have filed a complaint about their pay and alleged they were ranked on their looks. this according to axios. worked for ubers engineering team. could be a setup for a class action lawsuit. uber has not spopded to the
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complai complaint. bike share. no place to park them. most cities with bike share programs have docking stations. you're seeing these bikes in oakland. alameda's line bike doesn't. discarded bikes are just popping up everywhere. >> what i almost call them as free range bikes being placed on sidewalks, lawns, bike paths without any bike racks or dcking stations. >> how could you not see this was going to be an issue? city officials tell us they're aware of the problem and working on a solution. lime bike has a team of full-time workers going around the city retrieving bikes left where they shouldn't be. >> former 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick is dropping his story to book publishers. already signed $1 million book deal with random house. no deal is in place. who knows at this point.
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kaepernick started protesting during the national anthem last season when he refused to stand for it and protest racial inequality and brutality. filed a grievance against nfl. now you're accuweather forecast. >> step outside this morning. little bit of a change. not only in the breezes up in high elevations. the fact they let the at mow shire become a little more homogenized and cool. 20-mile-an-hour range. here's what it's doing. in the 50s everywhere. 52 in san ramon, we have one loan 60 there. up in the hills a little bit warmer at 73 and 75. look at the low to mid 60s around the bay and into the south bay. now you get up in the hills about 77. definitely cooler at the coast. there you go. dropped one degree.
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pacifica 67-66. look at napa. 52. 55 and nevada right now. here's a look at san jose. go out and exercise again today. maybe too hot for some of you. find soft shade. drink plenty of water. light colored and loo clothing. on the bay, all day sunshine. we had 90s yesterday. we had 80s today. still pretty warm for you. at least not quite as hot. water temperature still in the 50s. look at your hourly planner for san francisco. going to drop down to 60 degrees. 75 at noon. low 80s for the better part of the afternoon hours. what a delightful evening. over in oakland our we'll be down to 68 degrees.
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giving you an update on a couple of earlier incidents. we had an accident near rim wood. cleared out a lane. southbound 101. better news. no delays through marin wood. we had a stalled big rig blocking a lane of traffic. still out there. westbound side in your northbound lane. you can see traffic stacked up all the way to 205 split. you're looking at about an hour and 15 minutes from tracey into dublin. if you can take an ace train, you can alleviate that delay there. and we have a fatal accident in santa rosa. checking on that when we come back. sue, thank you. this story, unbelievable, a convicted rapist was actually hired by a happy counseling center. how he passed the background check in california? we all know texting while walking could be a dangerous
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in an effort to impeach president trump. people rallied in support of impeachment yesterday. proposed resolution from district one accuses the
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president of obstruction of justice and collusion. >> new developments in harvey weinstein scandal. another woman come forward to accuse the producer of sexual assault. this time suing the company for enabling behavior. filed a lawsuit against the weinstein company yesterday. company says he sexually assaulted her in 2010. the complaint says that. she's suing for general damages and cost of medical and psychological care. through a spokesperson, weinstein denied all allegations of nonconsensual sex. actress ashley judd is talking about allegations against the producer. first interview since she went public. you can see that tomorrow on good morning america which runs from 7-9:00 a.m. new this morning, convicted rapist got a job at a race counseling clinic and now say investigations want to know how he slipped through the cracks.
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convicted of rape back in 1997. a rape counseling clinic in fresno. police did not know about it until this past july. rogers attorneys said he never misled anyone to get the job. >> he had to go through a fingerprint process with the doj and fbi, his fingerprints were part of the database being part of a convicted polanco. >> state also gave him the baton permit. allows him to carry a weapon to work. security agency that hired him said it trusted the state background check. today's look, a new lawsuit in hawaii. starting today police in honolulu can fine pedestrians up to $35 for crossing the street while looking down at their cell phone. >> abc >> reporter: yes, we know it's dangerous.
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this morning in one major city, texting while walking is also illegal. new law taking affect in honolulu today. if you're caught looking at your device while crossing the street, slammed with a fine of $35 for first offense. reason behind this, recent statistics pointing to thousands of injuries involving texting while walking. a study finding the number of pedestrians killed in traffic accidents had risen 22% since 2014 with increased smartphone use partly to blame. then, of course. there are videos like this. this person walking smack into a this person walking smack into a wall. coming up this is very cool to see.
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a new trailer for upcoming movie about a mansion. most of you know it. to fool the ghosts. winchester miystery house is hosting halloween tours. fascinating. >> creepy. >> unfortunately we didn't see any ghosts. >> we didn't see any ghosts, but that sara winchester. she had a lot of stuff going on in her head. >> she was special. >> definitely unique. >> might have followed you home. >> i'm going this weekend.
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>> going there in the dark. >> that would be scary. >> i hope so. all right. let's talk about some heat out there. ways to stay cool today. we're looking at walnut creek. one of those areas that could hit 90 again. at 53 degrees right now. feels pretty good out there. going to be sunny. few more records today. not as many as yesterday. slightly cooler. return back to average temperatures sunday. here's a look at live doppler. absolutely nothing. it is bone dry out there. reinforcing that. 82. sunny and calm in downtown san francisco. 81 mission, irvieverybody else t 75-70 degrees. oakland not nearly as breezy as it was yesterday. 88 in union city. also castor valley some of the warm spots. head down to south bay. 90 would be a record.
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90 would be a record. 94 gill roy. for the beaches. temperatures relax. yesterday was mid upper 90s. be about 80 today. up in the north bay, we're going to be bone dry once again wit l 88 degrees. some of our warmer temperatures once again in our inland neighbors. right around 90 degrees. all right. tonight, 50s and 60s. even the a little bit cooler than this morning. rebound to same temperature as tomorrow. you'll see a little more koore g at the beach friday. the real quick is sunday. when the sea breeze coming back and so does at least average autumn temperatures. it won't be crisp. they'll feel a lot different. good morning. going to santa rosa where we had a fatal accident involving a big rig. happened about 3:30 this
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morning. northbound 101. right before highway 12. matter of fact when we zoom in with 3d map here you see the ramp has just been reopened there. and the side roads there that you can see on the map is santa rosa avenue. that is also a really good alternate rooutd alternate route to get you to highway 12. we'll check back and see what the update on that fatal accident is. big rig tow truck. we have an accident partially blocking the slow lane. red sensors there as you're heading into the area. we had an earlier fire at homeless em campmehome less incampment. apparently trees caught fire and it was visible from the roadway. we will check back on that accident and stall on the dublin grade and the pass in just a few minutes. 5:21. happening today, orange.
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look at you. i like your t-shirt. that's cute. >> thanks. it matches yours from last week. >> and we're matching with my orange tie today too. >> we are wearing orange today. taking a stand gns buagainst bu. national bully prevention month and a lot of groups take part in it. parent company disney is a partner of the pacer center. which organized unity day in particular to stop bullying for children with disabilities, but really bullying at a whole. i chose to write b above it on my shirt. i think you need to focus on yourself. be a better person. the best way to combat bullying is to make yourself a better person. stay educated. work on different hobbies that you like. instead of focusing on other people. waist your time to bully someone that doesn't gain you or them anything. the city of san pablo hosting
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the first rally. hundreds of people expected to attend. 10:30 march around the city hall. encourage you to take part. if not, you can wear orange like we're doing today. i was wearing a necklace earlier. a little something. a little orange just to show that you are in solidarity for unity day. >> plus, it's a great halloween color too. all works. coming up next, seven things you need to know to start your day. >> otter set free at half moon bay. how the
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two people are dead after an overnight campus shooting in louisiana. right now police still looking for the gunman. number four, the issued a travel alert for african-american traveling on american airlines. american says it's committed to having a meaningful dialogue. president trump continuing criticism of two republican senators. president said on twitter this morning jeff flake and bob corker dropped out of senate races because they had zero chances of being elected. number six, board of supervisors will consider recommendations on safe injection sites for drug users. the people who inject would be
5:27 am
under the suspicion of a health professional. traffic center spotting this fatal accident. it's a sig alert issued. it's northbound 101. off-ramp. said it's 90 minutes from now until they expect that to reopen. a seattle named yang key tod yank doodle is getting a second chance at life. released into the ocean. he was given his patriotic name after he was found around the july 4th holiday. he was taken to marine mammal center diagnosed with toxic osmosis and. three and a half months of rehab later and yank doodle was feeling dandy. enough for the wild. >> i do like his name. coming back with another full 90 minutes of news. what the odds makers say about the bay area of landing amds
5:28 am
he amazon headquarters. it's going to be ooanother waiting room
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one again, we see record breaking heat today. >> you know how i feel about the heat. i like the heat. not everyone does. i get that. it's also fire day. >> fire danger is down a little bit and so is the heat. san francisco the temperature at midnight was 76. now it's in the 60s. it's cooling. >> 76 is weird at midnight.
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>> yes. average high is 69. still a little warm. had to deal with getting up so early. everybody else feels cool. little bit of offshore breeze. your 12 hour day planner. temperatures mainly in the upper 60s to 70s at 7:00. it's going to be warm everywhere at noon. 76 at the coast. 78 around the bay. inland 81. notice the coast not nearly as hot as yesterday. 72 at 4:00. 60s at 7:00 this evening. yes, unfortunately take it out. soldout conditions here at the toll plaza. lights turned the on 10 minutes ago. expect delays getting into san francisco. slow and go up and over. typical however we have a
5:32 am
problem in the eastbound direction. dublin dublin grade. for a time all lanes were shutdown. we had an earlier stall on the pass. one hour and 27 minutes. you want to take the ace train this morning. both ace trains, one and three are on time. come back and check on the fatal accident in santa rosa in just a few minutes. okay. so thank you. as mike said, the heat wave is not over yet. it's supposed to be fall, but we have those above average temperatures which means you do have to take it as seriously as you would the summertime. abc 7 reporter live in san jose with tips. to deal with the heat. good morning, matt. >> reporter: you got to be ready. right, this kind of catches everybody by surprise. we should be getting ready for halloween, but now we've got these record breaking temperatures that happened yesterday. and maybe happening today.
5:33 am
got to get out sunglasses. actually had to dig out of my drawer some sunscreen and i've got that giant water bottle that my wife actually uses. i don't really use this. i brought it just to be sure that i was hydrated for you today because it's going to be -- hoong ang on, one second. it's going to be really hot today. expect another day of near record breaking temperatures. mike is forecasting another record high today. # 90 degrees. current record is 89 degrees. san jose hit 94 yesterday. breaking a 58-year-old record high. weather was bittersweet for the state's track team. >> we like the heat. we jump well in the heat. sprinters run fast in the heat.
5:34 am
if the fact halloween than a week away doesn't confuse you, how about this, decorations for christmas in the park and downtown san jose are already starting to show up. let's hope santa comes prepared with shorts and t-shirts. it's going to be hot. everybody needs to be prepared. reporting live in downtown san jose. matt keller, abc 7 news developing news in louisiana. this morning two men are dead and there is a man hunt still underway following a campus shooting. happened early this morning. authorities have not found the shooter who police do believe is a gsu student. investigators believe it started at some sort of argument or fight in a dorm room on campus overnight. led up to a shooting in the courtyard of campus. the university identifies the victims as a student and his
5:35 am
friend both men were 23 years old. all lanes have reopened on 880 fremont. following a crash overnight. caught fire sometime after 2 this morning. just north of the parkway. one person was killed. the roadway was cleared just before 4:30. developing news, oakland police officer is recovering after being hurt in a hit-and-run accident. hit the officers vehicle last night. 96 avenue and sunny side street. police have not announced any arrest. one officers did tell abc 7 news he thinks the officer is going to be okay. testimony set to continue in san francisco this morning in a murder trial for the man accused of killing kate steinly. police forensic investigation is going to be taking the stand. a woman who was at pierre 14 when she was shot testified yesterday about seeing suspect jose garcia staring at people and laughing. minutes before the gun fired.
5:36 am
two other women described how they heard the gunshot from the hotel room and saw garcia walking away from the scene. defense attorneys aren't disputing that he handled the gun that shot steinly. they say it went off in his hands accidentally when he picked it up. >> lifted all wildfire related evacuation orders and road closures. >> in sonoma county, city leaders passed a series of urgent ordinances. officials waived all permit fees for demolition and temporary housing. they also approved allowing home own eeers to stay on burnt propy during construction. all evacuees are expected to return home by the end of the week. tonight, restaurants in san francisco palo alto, san jose and danville will help raise money for the north bay fire relief fund. last night, 37 restaurants in the north bay took part in the
5:37 am
dine and donate fundraiser. restaurants are donating 20% of proceeds to fire victims. you'll find a list of tonight's restaurants on website, abc 7 news. mean while napa county firefighters association posted this photo thanking the oakland raiders for donating $5,000 in gift cards to napa fig firefighters. repair and maintenance jobs completed past due date more than any other utility in the entire state. this according to audit by safety experts from the california public utilities commission. according to the chronicle, the most recent audit of work in the sonoma county found 3500 maintenance and repair jobs that had been finished past scheduled due date. hire and late repair numbers reflects a decision by the company to do maintenance and repair work, not less. napa valley fairgrounds getting back to normal after
5:38 am
hosting fire fighters battling the fires. planning to hold a dog show, holiday gift fair and open a christmas tree lot as scheduled in november. 2500 firefighters called the fairgrounds home over two weeks. cost the state $10,000 a day. getting ready for the sale of recreational marijuana in the the santa cruz board of supervisors voted unanimously to approve the sale of weed. 12 licensed dispensaries in the county that currently sell medical marijuana can begin selling it recreationally on january 1. the move comes after state voters approved recreational pot sales last year. odds makers giving san jose a 1-18 chance of landing amazon's second headquarters. more than 200 cities in the u.s. and canada competing for this. 50,000 jobs up for grabs. san jose pitching three locations in the city. not offering subsidies or other financial incentives that amazon
5:39 am
is demanding. that's the reason it's so low. as for the leading contender. odds are with atlanta. accuweather forecast. you can see relief already out there from the heat: 16 degrees cooler in napa. 25 in half moon bay. when the winds calm down during the overnight hours. we're 59 right now. redwood city, 56. we've got 56 also. foster city. mid 60s in belmont. daily city. 81 at this time yesterday. 55 now. still a little warm in pacific about 72. we've got low 60s in oakland and also in hayward. san jose, 51 in san ramon. napa 51. here's a look at the bay bridge. western span. roads today, no worries weather-wise. mass transit more of the same. taking a ferry ride today, enjoying the calm conditions out
5:40 am
there. remember the sun is going to be bright. going toy be reflected off that water. inline neighborhoods, average high, 59. by noon at 80. head down to san jose where our average high in the south bay is about 73. we're almost there, 10:00. 71. noon, 81. near 90 at 4:00 and 74 degrees at 8:00. now, records are possible again today, but we can't keep this going. it's got to be an end to it. comes this weekend. i'll show you when next. accuweather seven-day forecast. bring sue in. how is it going this morning. a little rough in certain spots. go back to santa rosa. fatal accident involving a big rig. finally got the big rig tow truck out there. still saying approximately 7:00 this morning until highway 12 off-ramp is reopened. you can see the cones there as we zoom in. if you normally would take the northbound 101 to highway 12,
5:41 am
you'll want to take baker to santa rosa avenue. get around that as the blank street you see there. there are cars on it. our sensors are not showing them right now have. great alternate to get to highway 12. check back in on the dublin grade. the path. this is of stalled big rig. 25 more minutes until they get they up there. hour and a half ride from tracey on into dublin area. earlier accident. that now looks like it has been reopened. lanes reopened there. eastbound. near the dublin exit. right before 680. better news there in the eastbound direction. check back on that fatal accident in just a few minutes. the feud between president trump and some senate republicans turns into open water. water. >> yes, and we are following
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♪ that one. this. that one. ♪ ♪
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abc serena marshal picks up the story from here. it has all the makings of a civil war. senate republicans rejecting the behavior of their republican president. >> it is dangerous to a democracy. >> reporter: arizona senator jeff flake announcing he will not seek a second terms because he is disgusted. >> flagrant disregard and decency. most often for the pettiest and personal reasons. >> public shaming an hour after president trump visited capitol hill pushing tax reform. and on the same day, bob corker, influential head of the senate relations committee said this. >> i think the worst of it is going to be just the cold
5:46 am
debasing if you will after our nation. >> the president responding on twitter. calling him an lightweight and incompetent. corker tweeting back same untruth from an utterly untruthful president. hashtag, alert the day care staff. >> former white house steve bannon claiming a victory against the establishment saying another scalp for his movement. the white house seems to agree. >> i think they were not likely to be re-elected and that shows the support the more behind this president than it is those two individuals. >> and overnight, a scathing "washington post," senator flake going even further. bringing it's time to stop pretending this is somehow normal. and for the next 14 months, he will only be guided by the dictates of conscious. >> the president can only afford to lose two votes in the senate. for now he still has them. late night vote, senators corker, flake and mccain voting with the white house to repeal regulation to make it easier for consumers to sue credit card
5:47 am
companies and banks. serena marshal, abc news washington. vice president mike pence actually cast the tie breaking vote last night in that repeal of the breaking regulations serena was just talking about that would let consumers participate in class action lawsuits. part of the trump administration efforts to undue regulations that it feels harmed the free market. the rule would let millions of americans ban together to sue their banks or credit card companies. that means banks would have been exposed to large class action lawsuits. supporters of this bill which again, failed, argued the regulation would help ensure financial institutions treat customers appropriately. if you're a flyer, you should know tomorrow marks the beginning of new screening procedures on all u.s. bound flights which will probably mean longer weight times. the procedures include stricter passenger screening and also short security interviews. some airlines are advising passengers to arrive as much as
5:48 am
three hours early for their flight. here's the deal. the stricter screening does avoid an incabin ban on laptops. a lot of people were in arms about. smething the trump administration originally wanted. uber is starting to charge you when it takes your driver a few extra minutes to get to you. the san francisco company announced an additional charge if it takes the driver eight minutes or more to reach your pickup location. also higher fees if you make your driver wait for more than two minutes. in addition, uber will now include tolls into their fairs. this is in a move designed to help drivers who travel longer distances earn more money. essentially what this is if you had a taxi and started the meter running before they got to you. >> yes. it's a little confusing. yes. it seems like we are being penalized, but on the flip side, it would be kind of annoying to sit there and wait all the time
5:49 am
for the passengers. i'm kind of guilty of doing that sometimes. >> i'm saying they're charging you before they even get to you. not waiting. they're doing that. that's fine, but before they are in the site of you they're charging. okay. we'll get into that later. that's my morning rant. i'm just obsessed with this. >> trying to calm him down a little bit. >> maybe some ice. >> need it today. >> or some sleep. especially in san francisco. >> need both of that today. >> better sleeping weather on the way. proposition. g temperature is about 60 degrees right now. total sunshine today. almost as warm as yesterday. star s tonight. more comfort. wind shift bring us cooler temperatures. where he need to wait until sunday for that to happen. live doppler 7. bone dry out there. let's jump right into micro climates.
5:50 am
record setting in gilroy. 86 in santa cruz today. you head down into the south bay, about 87 also. normally we say that's really hot in half moon bay, but when you waiting room 96 yesterday. 80 is going to feel good. 77 in the sunset. downtown san francisco low to mid 80s today. we'll have 84 valet hoe. more 50s and 60s tonight. even a few 40s. seven-day forecast, the warmth holds on again tomorrow. see even cooler weather at the bea beaches. take the 90s away. take the 80s away sunday. 50s, 60s, 70s. feel more like fall for
5:51 am
halloween tuesday. >> good morning. we are busy this morning. abc 7 traffic center. let's go back to santa rosa. fatal accident. you see the sensors there starting to have some delays. the off-ramp from highway 12 is shutdown. big rig fatal. not expecting it to be reopened until about 7:00 this morning. as we zoom in, you see the slower traffic. cones blocking that off. you can use santa rosa avenue. to get around that closure. once again, about 7:00 this morning. we have had a stalled big rig on the an hour and 45 minutes to get from the central valley to the dublin area. maybe ace train would be your best alternate this morning. new accident coming in north 101 after university parts spartial
5:52 am
of traffic there. new at six. tim cook reveals new details about plans for his eventual retirement from apple. first, forget the theory of
5:53 am
5:54 am
you can see the billowing smoke which was one problem they faced. >> chewed through trees and brush yesterday afternoon. there was concern because the flames were moving towards some homes. crews say they had to deal with cliffs, steep rocks and shuttle
5:55 am
in water supplies. shows the fire just blow el camino del mar. flames burned a quarter of an acre. winds are right out there this morning. they will be this afternoon. thinking about going to the beaches to enjoy warm sunshine. look at moderate uv index. you can still burn. the sun will reflect off the sand and water making it a little bit stronger. here's a look from east bay hills camera. two hearsay i'm watching for record highs. 90 in concord. record tieing high. san jose record high. look at temperatures. 12-17 degrees above average. when will it change? 7:00 saturday morning. look at the winds blowing offshore for the most part. by 6:00, notice the wind arrows starting to point towards the central valley and stay for sunday. sunday is the day we break the heat. toll plaza. 521 this morning. metering lights were turned on. all stacked up now.
5:56 am
back to the overcrossings and macarthor to get to the toll plaza. blocking lane number 4. traffic stacked up on 205 and 580 for hour and a half drive. get past that and on to the dublin pass area. check on an accident in palo alto and new accident over in hayward side of things in a few minutes. it could soon cost you more to enjoy the splendor of yosemite. the national park service is considering increasing the cost of a weekly vehicle pass by more than 100% to $70. fee increases are also proposed for 16 other parks a joshua tree. increases would be in effect during the park's busy season from may through september. what's the cost of happiness?
5:57 am
in this case, it's $1.56 million. >> that's how much two notes written by albert einstein went at a recent auction house. on them, the nobel prize winning theories for happy living. gave them to a courier in 1962 instead of a tip. both are written in german and it says, a calm and humble life will bring more happiness than the pursuit of success and t s with it. and the other, i think you'll already know. where there's a will, there's a way. >> such great advice from the brain yak himself. take it to heart. a warning going out to american airline passengers american airline passengers after complaints o
5:58 am
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safety and well-being could be at risk if you get on board an american airlines flight. rock and roll coming to the aide of the north bay fire victims. concert fundraiser coming to the bay area next month. live look at san francisco this morning. certainly a beautiful way to start the morning. and fall is supposed to be here, but it doesn't feel like it, does it. another warm day in the works for the bay area. however, mike promises relief is in site. >> in time for halloween. a lot of people out there have the halloween costumes we're used to it being very cold for halloween and kind of have to change the mind set. >> it's going to be cooler. not cold. that's for sure. get temperatures back to average by next week. use by knock lars to see


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