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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  October 25, 2017 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. we're in for another hot day in the bay area. here's the view from our golden gate bridge camera. parts of the bay area could break record temperatures once again. thanks for joining us. i'm reggie. the really difference between yesterday and today is only some of you will be breaking those records. meteorologist mike nico has a look at this not very fall forecast, hey mike. >> hey, some, that's the key today because of these temperatures we started off with this morning. they were considerably cooler than yesterday from 40s and 50s to barely 65 in san francisco. remember yesterday morning, we were in the 80s in half-moon bay. 54. so those temperatures were up to
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27 degrees cooler. so we start from a lower threshold, we'll end up at just a lower threshold by a few degrees. i'm spotty, concord and san jose are my areas for record highs, 90 in concord, 90 in san jose. the rest 90 in napa, san francisco 82. got another chance tomorrow reggie. >> such a big difference between the average and today. thanks, mike. as hottober roms on, rethink your outfit or your costumes. matt keller is live in san jose, matt. >> reporter: reggie, it's so hot i'm all bones today. no, just kidding but we should be talking about costumes and halloween, but it's the temperatures that are down right frightening for this time of the year. some people were breaking a sweat at the station in san jose early this morning. maybe it wasn't a planned run, but exercising early was a good
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idea. temperatures could be record breaking again today, possibly reaching into the 90s. >> it's crazy. never get so warm this time around the year. >> reporter: but the cool mornings meant you had to dress creatively. >> i have a t-shirt, light down jacket and a sweater. so i'm prepared for anything. >> reporter: six days before halloween should be sweater weather, not sweating weather. the heat wave may have you reconsidering your costume. we went to the spirit halloween store in san jose. go over here to the superhero section. assistant manager david wales showed us cool costumes. >> this would work too. there's not a lot here, you'd be cool. >> yeah, you'd be cool. >> reporter: and popular. the wonder woman's flying off the shelves. everyone wants them. >> reporter: make-up rather than masks can help. which in pirate costumes have an advantage during the day. the pirate hat, protect you from the sun a little bit. >> exactly.
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>> reporter: sometimes you have to be creative. >> we've got jugs of small jugs, big jugs. >> reporter: wait a minute, how is this going to keep you cool? can you drink this? >> well so you just -- >> reporter: after i, nonhazardous. >> you splash it on yourself then go for a zombie effect. >> reporter: now it's really hot, i need to cool off. >> exactly. there you go. there you go. >> reporter: temperatures are going to be unseasonably hot for the next couple of days. so some advice if you're outside, find a nice tree to get some shade under and relax. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> i am digging the shorts. i'm thinking it should be an every day thing. thank you. keep track of the temperatures minute by minute with our abc 7 news accuweather app. all you have to do is search the word accuweather in your app store and download it for free. okay. switching gears now. new this morning, clearing in camp. the seemingly never ending process of figuring out how to
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handle our homeless population plays out again tomorrow in berkeley. b.a.r.t. and berkeley police clearing out a homeless camp this morning. and this map on your screen shows you the camp. now the red section on the west side of the nearby bar tracks wasn't touched because a court order was filed to halt the eviction process. it was the yellow part on the east side that was cleared. tiffany wilson has that story from berkeley. >> reporter: early this morning residents woke to an unwelcome aid nounsment. >> they started asking us to get up, pack your stuff, and vacant the premise is. >> it blew my mind because at 4:30 in the morning, where do you expect them to go? >> reporter: notices were posted saturday at camps on both sides of the track. >> people living here on the west side filed a court order to delay the eviction process, but those just on the other side of pthe tracks on the east side di not, and that's why they were evicted this morning. morgan hail says about a dozen people did not leave the east
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camp before the 72 hours ran out. james davis sr. was one of them. >> i'm kind of like confused or whatever because this is the first time i've ever been through things like this. >> reporter: davis lost his apartment after a rent increase and he moved to the camp. >> i mean, i work, i have a car, it's just that i couldn't afford the rent. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. employees wore has mat suits and gloves. several dump trucks were brought in and fences were erected to keep trespassers out of the property. >> everyone left without any incidents. no arrests. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. spokesperson says this land belonged to b.a.r.t., but it's been maintained by berkeley. recent complaints bay nearby school prompted today's eviction. where are you going to go from here? >> i have no idea. >> reporter: hearing on the west camp's eviction is october 31st. abc 7 news. and new this morning, developments in the kidnapping case of a redding mom.
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sherry papini vanished last november while jogging, then found three weeks later. thanksgiving day. papini was held captive by two women for 22 days. now look at this. this morning, the fbi released these new suspect sketches. they show two women, the first described as medium build, 20 to 30 years old, about 5'5", hoarse, curly dark hair, thin eyebrows and pierced ears. the second straight black hair with gray in it, thick eyebrows. she is between 40 and 50 years old, about 5'7". the fbi offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to their identification. also new this morning, the brother of the las vegas shooter has been detained as part of a child pornography investigation. 58-year-old bruce paddock was taken into custody in north hollywood. he's the younger brother of stephen paddock who killed 58 people in las vegas on october 1st.
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according to tmz, this child pornography investigation began before the mass shooting. testimony continues in san francisco this morning in the trial for the man accused of killing kate steinly. a police forensic investigator plans to take the stand today. a woman who wassed a pier 14 when steinly was shot testified yesterday. she said she saw the suspect, jose garcia staring at people and laughing. just minutes before the shooting. two other women described how they heard the gunshot and saw garcia walk away from the scene. defense attorneys say the gun went off in garcia's hands when he picked it up. president trump keeping the war with two republican senators alive today through, i bet you already guessed it, twitter. the gop grappling at the same time with what this infighting may mean for tax reform. louisiana in a zach is following that story now from washington. >> reporter: republican senator jeff flake has declared his independence of the trump administration. >> it rise today to say, enough. >> reporter: after an
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impassioned speech on the senate floor tuesday -- >> we must stop pretending that the deg investigation of politics and some in our economictive branch are normal. >> reporter: he is predicting today that more republicans may stand up to president trump. >> now, a lot of my colleagues have spoken out, and i think a lot more will. >> reporter: but in a series of tweets today, the president disagrees, writing jeff flake with an 18% approval rating in arizona said a lot of my colleagues have spoken out, really, they just gave me a standing o, but it's not just flake. senator bob corker has also been indicting president trump who he supported in the election. he blamed him for tdefacement of the nation and failed to rise to the occasion as president. >> do you think he's a role model to children in the united states? >> no. the constant nontruth telling, just the name-calling, the things -- like i think the basement of our nation will be what he'll be remembered most for. >> reporter: the critiques comes at a crucial time for the president who is trying to woo
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senators to support his tax plan. mitch mcconnell thinks that the interparty politics won't derail the republican agenda. >> if there's anything that unifies republicans, it's tax reform. >> reporter: president trump is largely dismissing the critiques of those republican senators. saying that they couldn't get elected and tweeting that they are now acting hurt and wounded. lana zach, abc news, washington. the ceo of american airlines is responding this morning after the naacp issued a warning for african americans flying on the airline. the civil rights group says african americans could be subject to disrespectful, discriminatory, or unsafe conditions. the naacp issued an advisory last night citing a quote pattern of disturbing incidents. in response, american airlines issued a statement saying it has a diverse group of employees and serves customers of all backgrounds. this morning passengers say they'll keep that in mind.
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>> to be aware is important. >> and you are flying american today though? >> yes. >> american airlines ceo doug parker issued this memo to employees this morning and it says, we do not, and will not, tolerate discrimination of any kind. we have reached out to the naacp and are eager to listen to issues and concerns. turn now to the north bay wild fires. officials in sonoma county expect all evacuees will return home. last night city leaders pass a series of ordnances. they waived all permit fees for demolition and temporary housing. they're also allowing home owners to stay on their burned properties during construction. for example, in the trailer or rv. in pa county, all evacuation orders were lifted and road closures. >> reporter: people who lived and worked in sonoma county before the wild fires may be eligible under a federal program. starting today, cal fresh benefits at the county's human
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services department at economic assistance. you must provide proof of residence or a work address. a big announcement from amazon. very interesting. it's a new in-home delivery service that they're designing to stop package thieves. we're going to show you thousand works. a look back at fats do
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♪ ♪ and that is music legend antonin fats domino. we learned he passed away at the age of 89. the coroner of louisiana says domino died of natural causes early yesterday morning. he's known for hits like the one you just heard "ain't that a shame" and "blueberry hill." he was the first acts inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. now your morning money report. would you give amazon a key to your place so they can drop off packages inside your front door when you're not even home? well, they're not launching a new in-home delivery service and "good morning america" got a first look. here's rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: it's called amazon key. here's thousand works. the driver arrives and scans your package, which autoically sends an alert to your phone and signal to the amazon cloud that unlocks the smart lock on your front door. at the same time a security camera mounted in your home begins rolling so you have a record of the whole thing.
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so that i can return home to my package in my front entry which i've been following along on my phone, which has been recording from that camera. the free service is available for prime members. beginning november 8th in 37 cities around the country. >> as i'm sure you can imagine, some people are going to be skeptical about the idea of a stranger going into their home. >> amazon is really focussed on safety and security. all of these drivers are the same drivers that you know and d trust to to deliver your amazon packages today. they are background-checked and they are approved to delivery for amazon. >> reporter: the service is optional. it could be one way to stop package theft. through want amazon key app, customers can watch the delivery in realtime. >> oh, a lot of people skeptical about this. this was rebecca jarvis reporting. while the service is free, amazon is selling the lock and camera to you for $250.
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interesting. next on abc 7 news at 11:00, benefit concert for north bay fire victims now in the works. >> experiencing just the devastation and all the carnage and we owe a lot to those first responders. >> metallica just one of several bands set to perform and we have the details on thousand get tickets. now here's a live look outside, mike nico coming up with the acuwhether
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now your accuweather forecast with mike nico. >> welcome back. we'll open up the weather window on walnut creek.
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a little bit of the story today. the sun's getting a little hazier by the minute. due to the high pressure in the stagnant air out there. let's look at temperatures and around walnut creek, concord, san jose 77. 69 san mateo and the cool spots around the bay, santa rosa, 74. half-moon bay, only 73. all those temperatures about with our average highs are and we still have three or four hours of warming. as we look from the east bay hills. total sunshine and today and almost as warm as yesterday. that's why we'll have a few records. a little more comfort than this morning and especially yesterday morning and the wind shift will bring us cooler weather by sunday. you could still see an offshore breeze here even though it's lighter than yesterday. still blowing offshore. that's why we're warmer than average, it won't be as hot. 90 at san jose. 94 the spread there until santa cruz about 86. 83 to 87 on the peninsula today. that's as warm as it gets.
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no more 96 and that stuff from yesterday, unbearable. 76 in daily city. low to mid-80s from downtown and san francisco. mid-80s to about 90 up through the north bay, warm spot will be cloverdale about 91. east bay shore, mid to upper 80s from 85 to about 88 degrees. and inland hot once again, about 90 to 93 degrees. now, if you're going out on the bay or maybe heading to the beach, doing a little exercising. maybe a little too hot for you if you're exercising. make sure you wear the proper clothing, hydrate before you go out and run. if you're on the bay all day sunshine in at the beaches, 70s and 80s, not as hot as the 80s and 90s yesterday. here's a look at san rafael. little bit of haze there. notice the temperatures at noon. 70 to about 77 degrees. notice the coast. little bit of sea breeze is going to develop there, that's why you're going 71 at 4:00. you'll be cooler at 8:00, 62 while the rest mild. and label the quicker with the cooler tonight. last night at midnight it was 76
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in san francisco. tonight looking at about 66. in fact, we'll drop down into the 40s and 50s, maybe a few clouds and a little haze along the coast. all right. here's my accuweather seven day forecast. not much of a change tomorrow. the beaches will continue to cool on friday. and then saturday you could see we take the 90s out of the forecast as that slim sea breeze starts to make it inland. then the 80s out of the forecast sunday when a full on sea breeze develops. that'll bring our temperatures back down to average for monday and tuesday. with 50s at the coast, 60s around the bay, and 70s inland for all of those ghosts and goblins and witches and wonder womans and whatever is coming around taking your candy. >> air-conditioning unit for halloween because that's also a fantasy in my life. >> is it really? >> yeah. >> we've been sweating it out if many days. thank you for the cooler forecast. >> thanks, mike. >> you bet. happening today, traffic officials will get a report on how east bay commuters are adjusting to the newly opened
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interstate express lanes. between walnut creek and san ramone. commuters do need a fast track transresponder to use those lanes between 5:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. between red gear road and al costa boulevard. san francisco could be prettier. today lawmakers will announce a new law to create parks near our freeways. the city is considering several plots of land currently leased to caltrans. you can see where they are on this map. mostly under highway 101 and interstate 80 and 280. supporters of the law say it'll create much needed open space. others worry that it'll displace more homeless people. metallica is stepping up to help the fire victims the best way they know how for music. >> the reason tragic events in napa county, mendocino have left us all saddened, left us all flabbergasted. >> we're there to help and this is how we do it through music. >> metallica will be part of a
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special benefit concert november 9th in san francisco to help the north bay fire victims. it'll take place at at&t park. also playing, rapper g easy and dave matthews. they're calling it band together bay area and ticket goes on sale friday. you can get it through ticket master. halloween almost here. so before you carve your pumpkin this season, maybe use it to carve out some muscles. what? coming up next the fun way people are now using a pumpkin to get pumped.
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a new law banning texting and crosswalks takes in effect hawaii. will it work and what could it mean for cell phone users here in california? president trump embraces the drone age. what that means for local neighborhoods and bay area businesses. that's tonight on abc 7 news at 5:00. halloween obviously less than a week away. and we know that that candy can do a number on your figure. so this morning, we have some not so scary exercises to help you carve some muscle and that's using pumpkins. social media buzzing with these halloween-inspired workouts, fitness experts say pick your pumpkin, any size is really fine. it can tailor your moves to suit
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and and blast away the candy corn calories and everyone at the gym will be staring at you. because that's not normal. happening today, many people wearing orange take that stand against bullying, unity day is part of national bullying prevention month. many groups taking part including us here at abc 7 news and there is jessica castro from abc 7 mornings showing her spirit today. she wrote to quote, be above it. because bullying is just a waste of time. she says spend your energy instead of making yourself a better person. our parent company disney a partner of the pacer center which organized unity day and as we talked about earlier, that has to do with helping folks who are disabled and bullied more often than other kids. we want to give a special shoutout to them.
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>> hey, it's just answering a bunch of questions in front of a nation of viewers with $1 million on the line. what's the big deal? come on, let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, welcome to "millionaire." you guys ready to go today? [cheers and applause] i hope so 'cause we're in the middle of a good game with a good contestant. from los angeles, california, let's welcome back muffy marracco. >> thank you. [laughs] [cheers and applause] >> just 5 questions in, but you scorched right through 'em. you already got to that threshold of $5,000. you're still 9 away from that $1 million, but we're closing in. all the lifelines are available today. are you ready to get back to your game? >> oh, yes. >> all right, let's make some more money. >> let's. >> it's nice when you have $5,000 in your pocket already. >> yeah, i-i--well, yes. >> it'll be there soon. >> okay. [laughs] >> but we can do better and we will.


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