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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 26, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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this ambitious plan has the support of several police groups in the bay area and other major cities. this may appear to be a way to diffuse the protests and the anger generated by athletes taking a knee. but jed york, the ceo of the 49ers, says his issues that he wants to address go much deeper than that. the niners may be last in the division but the first in the league to bring police into a new initiative to make peace with the communities they serve. yes, cops are ticked off at player protests aimed at them. right or wrong. >> we cannot dwell on what upsets us. our responsibility to our communities and our fellow officers is too great to sacrifice because of hard feelings. we need to move the ball forward. >> the niners have lined police stoerkofficers. to support a ban on bump stocks.
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it turns an automatic into a semi-automatic. >> not only can you knock off common sense legislation and moving the ball forward. but a common respect for one sxoot a better understanding of where everyone is coming from. >> the niners are contributing. they like the initiative but expect the protests to continue. >> we're trying to make our country better. and what i think the 49ers are doing is a testament to that. oakland, san jose and others signed it. david louie, abc7 news. berkeley police home you'll recognize a man who is suspected of ramming into another person during a fit of road rage take a
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look. the witnesses say this man punched the victim before getting back into his car and running into the person. and here's a look at the man's car. it is a mercedes sedan with dealers' plates on it. last thursday's dispute happened near the medical center. police tell us the victim is recovering. a woman faces felony dui charges relate to the multivehicle crash in redwood city this morning. the chp says four cars and a tow truck were involved in a wreck in the south bound lanes. the tow truck caught fire. the tow truck driver was rushed to the hospital with major injuries. police say they have solved the killing evgs shot in 2015. abc 7 anchor is live with the story. >> reporter: investigators say they hope the solution can bring some closure to emiliano's
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family. that may be difficult. the suspect can never be brought to trial. he was 26 years old when he was killed. hit in the neck by a stray bullet on easter in 2015 while loading up his gear. >> through the partnership, with the fbi, with the media, we got tips from the community which was needed. >> this is a case that should not have happened. and there's something that we do not forget about the victims. >> investigators say the tips and this surveillance picture from the area near the time of the shooting led them to this man. he had addresses in oakland and vallejo. detectives say he was targeting someone he had argued with earlier. >> he missed the intended target and struck two innocent people. and one was emilio. >> the killing is solved but the suspect will never stand trial for it. >> the thing is mr. jamison
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passed away. he is deceased. >> he was killed in a police chase on a completely different matter. the case was solved by a joint task force of local police and federal agents. the fbi said it was glad to play a role in finding the killer. >> he is part of the fabric and the thread in oakland. to senselessly take someone's life and tear the fabric apart in oakland is not something we'll stand for. >> in oakland. eric thomas. sanra moenl police have arrested a father after the man's son brought a gun to school and showed to it other students. tuesday's incident at twin creeks elementary happens to be the latest one involving a gown a local campus. on monday, pleasanton police arrested a student suspected of bringing a gun to the village high school. and the gun on campus force ad middle school to go into
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lockdown. >> police will ride horses again, for the first time in a decade. >> children net department's newest members of the mounted patrol unit. they believe the horses and some ponies will be great ambassadors for the human partners. >> our horses are not to be for enforcement. they are here truly as relationship building which i think you can see the proof of that. >> our horses are different andd fun. >> and she said you'll like i see the horses at parades and community events. private money was provided. a spare the air alert is in effect for today and tomorrow. sandy explains why this is so unusual. >> this is pretty late in the season. the air district says this is
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the latest in a calendar year they've issued a spare the air alert. as we look here, air quality is suffering. it is suffering today so a spare the air alert. and again tomorrow. we're looking at poor air quality. moderate across the rest of the bay area. it is a combination of the heat, light winds, and car exhaust that's leading to that. not the smoke from the wildfires. >> you'll notice some changes. we have some fog beginning on close in on the coast. eventually it will get closer to the coastline. i'll look at the weekend forecast coming up. >> san francisco start-up is paying up for its trouble with federal investigators. the cloud based software company has agreed to pay $1 million in fines. it is a settlement after the securities and exchange commission accused the company of making false and misleading
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statements and omissions to investors including selling health insurance without a license. the company's former ceo paid nearly half of that fine. the united autoworkers union has filed an official complaint against tesla. it claims unfair labor practices on behalf of fired workers. reuters reports, tesla fired about 400 employees this month from its plant in fremont, including associates, team leaders and supervisors. in a state, tesla said performance reviews can result in promotions and occasionally departures. it denies trying to unionize the employees. a hearing is set for next month. the stolen gun was used. now more on his revelations in
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court today. >> we learned from the testimony. number one, more than just a gun was stolen from that park ranger's suv. number two, the gun was fully loaded. it had seven bullets in the clip and one in the chamber ready to go. now, toward the end of his testimony, the defense asked him, quote, do you bear any responsibility for what happened on pier 14? the prosecution objected. the judge. said sustained. a tobacco a fully loaded handgun was placed on the floor behind the driver's seat. that's what park ranger testified in court today. when he came back from having dinner with his three children and fiance, the back seat window was smashed out and the bag stolen. prosecutors have said the gun was used four days later in the shooting death of kate steinle. he is seen here standing between twoe co-workers, that night his
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badge, his credit he ises and a second gun clip were taken. he told the jury he felt comfortable leaving the gun in the suv. parked in san francisco's embarcadero district. he said the car was locked, the area was well lit and the suv had tinted windows. >> i think it is dangerous and irresponsible to leave a loaded gun that has no external safety in that condition. >> the park ranger acknowledged the manual suggests keeping the handgun unloaded for the user's safety and the safety of all the others. he had driven up with his children in the suv. in court, it was reveal that several pieces of clothing were also missing from the suv. the alleged shooter had found gun on pier 14 wrapped in a piece of cloth. that cloth was never found.
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the attorney argued it was found on the pier under a swivel chair and it went off accidentally. striking steinle in the back. while looking for help, not a handout. the hope that you will want to look out a window with a glass of wine. an easy way to support businesses struggling in the fire zone. >> rescue at sea. two sailors and their dogs are stranded in the pacific for months. >> will this giant sculpture find a spot on the national mall?
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live from main street in downtown napa. you can blame the fires of two weeks ago. >> we're on the napa valley wine trail. note empty seats. talk to the guy who owns this business. >> we're down about 75% over a typical october. >> blame the wildfires of two weeks ago. the dangers from them have
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passed but tourists have not returned to the region. at the art gallery in napa, it is definitely lonely. >> business is down because the perception is we all burned up in napa. and the fact is we're more untouched than touched. >> in a bid to get message out. the wine train filled the empty seats today with elected officials. call it a whistle stop tech conference. we asked about recovering from a fire versus an earthquake. >> the earthquake was more repair and the fire is more start over. >> but not in the towns of this valley. that came as a relief to angie and ronald of san diego. they fwlookd birthday celebration vacation two months ago. she admits to having been worried. >> i didn't want to come here when there was devastation and people lost their homes. and we got to thinking about it. we got through this. we live in san diego so we've been through this.
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>> based on that, they know importance of supporting economies recovering from tragedies. >> the only way i would cancel was if it were closed. >> in the napa valley, one continuing theme. >> we were so prepared for the recovery efforts that needed to happen. >> in napa, abc7 news. a daly city police looking for a suspect in a bizarre case of identity theft. investigators are hoping the identify this guy. they say he used a credit card to pay a $52,000 surgical bill at seton medical center. here's the rub. the card he used was stolen. it belonged to a daly city man who says it was in a backpack in his car. the rightful owner said noted idea what happened. he got a statement saying he owed $52,000.
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and some grim statistics. the circular signs like the one at geneva mark the numbers of injuries or accidents. then direct neighbors to the website called vision zero sf. that group says the goal is to eliminate traffic deaths in the city by 2024. >> what many consider the home of free speech will have a place to study it. uc berkeley launched a study of free speech issues. it will be based in washington, d.c. they will look at student views are changing. plus, the role of social media and politics play the shaping views on the first amendment. this watch colonels at and uc davis deal with the aftermath of speakers, including milo yiannopoulos and a tweet from
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president trump threatening berkeley's federal funding. >> to consumer news and power washers. there are some pros and cons to using them. >> all right. michael finney is here to tell us what we need to know. >> i'm all for power tools. a pressure washer can make easy boring of some tough cleaning jobs around your card. you can damage your property and injure yourself if you're not careful. >> fall clean-up can be a breeze. but consumer reports says before you start pressure washing with abandon, you should think before you spray. >> it is really easy to overdo it with the pressure washer. you have to remember that they can chip paint, dent wood. >> consumer reports says get rid of a zero degree nozzle. >> so we think it poesss a totally unnecessary risk. so if you buy a pressure wash per comes with one, we suggest throwing it out. >> you might be tempted.
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but consumer reports says never pressure wash your roof. >> it is not a great idea to use on it your roof. it is dangerous. the kickback could cause your ladder to fall backwards. plus, you can cause damage to your shingles. >> instead, spray it sw w a 50/50 mix of water and bleach. >> here's what you can claim. wood and siding made of vinyl, fiber cement. should you use caution with aluminum siding. >> it can be easily dented. so start on the gentlest setting. >> cement, walkways and driveways can stand up to it. for moldy mildew, use suds. you can pressure wash most decks, too. start with the low pressure nozzle to make sure you don't etch or mark the wood. that you might not even need to.
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>> it resists staining and mildew so you probably don't even need to clean with a pressure washer. generally a light scrubbing will do. >> the top pressure washer in consumer reports it was $500 cub cadet plod he will cc 3224. they found it very effective at cleaning and removing stains. >> thanks. two sailors have been rescued after surviving five months in the pacific. after the engine failed on the boat. the two were headed from hawaii to tahiti but a fishing ship from taiwan discovered them 900 miles from japan, 2,600 miles off course. the navy shipment was in the area and assisted in the rescue. the engine died during bad weather in may. they thought they could make it to land. they have plenty of food and water on board after two months
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at sea, they got worried. the sailors started putting out daily distress signals. no shipment was close enough to hear. the women say their rescuers literally saved their lives. we had another warm fall day. warm enough to where san jose broke the previous record set back in 2003. in 89 gress, it was 91 today. plenty of 80s. 87 degrees in san rafael. notice, half moon bay was a very pleasant 75. these are the highs so far. in case you want to he is came the heat and enjoy the beaches, i want to warn you about a beach hazard statement. watch out. north westerly swells will be pretty energetic. breakers to 20 feet and that means it will be rough serve during this time period. you'll want to be careful because of sneaker waves and rip
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current risk. i want to show you the temperature trend. i think you'll be happy to see this. the average high is 73 degrees. the next couple days, you're above normal. we'll drop you back down to where you should be this time of year. and even cooler than average by the middle to latter part of next week. so changes in are coming. live doppler 7 tracking the beginning of the change and that's fog. closing in on the mendocino coast. a beautiful bright view and here's a look at the temperatures. 79 in oakland. san jose, you're at 86 degrees. look how much cooler it is in half moon bay. 66 degrees from our emeryville camera. seeing bright sunshine. 91, concord. 87 in livermore. and here's another lovely view from our golden gate bridge camera showing you a chamber of commerce day, if you like the warm weather. the fog along the coast. the sharp cooling over the weekend and no tricks.
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just a treat. so trick or treaters do not have to worry about any rain wetting their costumes. you will see the fog coming in along the coast. 5:00 a.m., you will see it near the beaches. it lingers until the afternoon and then it pus away for most parts of the bay area. so tomorrow morning, it will be cooler. upper 40s to the 50s. some fog watch out for. check out these numbers in the south bay. 86, san jose. los gatos, you're looking at temperatures from 78 to 84. it will be cooler than today. north bay, upper 60s to low 70s from bodega bay. 82, vallejo. oakland, 80 degrees. 85, walnut creek.
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check out the halloween forecast. you'll notice at noontime. some creepy clouds. 4:00 p.m. the sun will be out. it will be dry at the time you start trick or treating. november 3, not so dry. we are are tracking potential for rain friday into saturday. and we may have some snow showers in the sierra nevada as we held head toward sunday. so we'll be watching this turn into snow in the mountains. here's a look at the seven-day forecast and you will have basically a cooling trend. much more pronounced over the weekend. a cooling trend. mid 60s to mid 80s. . cooler sunday. halloween is dry. with a slight chance of a few showers thursday afternoon. you've never seen statues like this before. thousands of
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three weeks ago we told you about marko cochran and his team. they were getting their sculpture ready on treasure island. they wanted a message of women's he will powerful where the people can see it. they said installing the statue would likely damage the mall's turf. cochran said he is stunned by the decision and his group may legally challenge that decision. forget everything you thought you knew about ancient greek sculptures. we are about to show you something surprising. the pristine white sculptures we learned about in school, they were colorfully painted initially a long time ago. researchers used ultraviolet look at they will. these re-creations showed how sculptures looked thousands of years ago. >> our perception of how greek
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and roman sculptures looked, we see them as whitewashed marble. that's base clay fantasy of the 19th and 20th century. the re-creations are on exhibit at the legion of honor. to see more of the sculptures and learn were they weren't colored in. fascinating. >> they're beautiful. >> stay with us. accused of obstructing justice to theat the fbinuclear war, and of violating the constitution by taking money from foreign governments and threatening to shut down news organizations that report the truth. if that isn't a case for impeaching and removing a dangerous president,
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then what has our government become? i'm tom steyer, and like you, i'm a citizen who knows it's up to us to do something. it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together and demand that elected officials take a stand on impeachment. a republican congress once impeached a president for far less. yet today people in congress and his own administration know that this president is a clear and present danger who's mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. and they do nothing. join us and tell your member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it.
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coming up, we're live in contra costa county where a big rig crashed into a power pole and triggered a chain reaction. >> plus, a battery breakthrough. meet the stanford learned how to freeze a battery the moment it catches fire.
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the air force has learned it better watch out when tweeting about good old st. nick. >> they tried to mediate a twitter war competing over which was better. it posted if the two couldn't get along, santa will bring you nothing this year because he isn't real. >> the air force realize that had tweet put them on team santa's he naughty list. so they said maybe we took that too far. >> so they kissed and made up. chp officers recently snapped photos of a deer on the bay bridge. >> but have they ever tried to wrangle a rascally rabbit? watch as they try on scoop up the bunny on the bridge. >> men in blue eventually caught him and brought him to safety. who knew co-hop so fast?
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>> like chasing a leaf. tonight, breaking news as we come on the air in the west. the top secret jfk files. promised to the american public, president trump said they were coming today. where are they? the fbi, the cia, are they now concerned? what the white house just revealed. would releasing some of the material pose a national security threat? also tonight, the president and his very personal story about his brother. as the president now declares an opioid emergency. the hunt for a serial killer. the new videos just released. and the one thing, what could be a major clue tonight. the deadly plot. the high school teens and the explosive. what they were allegedly about to do. we have breaking news on harvey weinstein. what he did just today. and the diane sawyer exclusive tonight. ashley judd, the first to come forward, now more than 65 women. ju


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