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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  KGO  October 29, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thank you for joining us on this sunday, october 29th. let's start with a look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. hi, carolyn. good morning, everyone. waking up to plenty of clouds and fog. top only clear spot is concord this morning. looking at live doppler 7, the fog has made its way all around the bay. the fog exchanci exchanciexchancpansive this morning. current temperatures, 49 in novato. 52 in fremont. and we still have the beach hazard statement until 9:00.
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the waves could be stronger with the rough surf. we are looking at temperatures in the 50s. slower warming this afternoon. many 50s around the bay. by 4:00, the upper 70s for the high end. 60s around the bay. and looking at another several cool days before we bring rain back to the forecast. carolyn? lisa, thank you. breaking news, police in scotsdale, arizona, catcher was taken into custody last night at his scotsdale home facing charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and disorderly conduct. the 26-year-old gained national attention when he was the first major league baseball player to kneel during the national anthem last month. last week he told tmz that a server at a huntsville, alabama,
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restaurant refused to serve him because of his national anthem protest. developing news this morning, san francisco police are searching for a stabbing suspect. they say someone attacked a man near the powell street bart station around 6:00 last night. abc 7 news was near eddie streee where police blocked it off with tape. you can see a muni bus at the center of the crime scene, but police have not said if the stabbing happened on that bus. the victim was taken to the hospital. no word on his condition. a halloween costume out of style since the civil rights movement makes a controversial comeback at an east bay staples store. one customer says he was speechless after seeing an employee dress in black face. loni rivera
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>> i saw a white woman in a black face. >> reporter: this employee was offended by this costume at the staples store. >> the lady over there, i pointed to her and said, as in black face. as a black man, i'm offended. she said, it was a sharpie costume. and i said, sharpie or no sharpie, as a black man to see a white person in black face is very offensive. >> black face is a form of the theatrical movement during the civil rights movement. >> i felt like it was making fun of african-americans. >> reporter: harold left staples frustrated and came out here to sit in his car for a few minutes but couldn't leave. >> i met with the manager and
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said, what made you think that was okay? >> the public staff says the employee works for a third-party company called market source who contracts for hp at some retail stores. staples issued this statement, quote, staples apologizes to any customer that is were offended in the store, as well as those that may have viewed a photo of the associate on social media. >> a company that doesn't have a level of sensitivity to a struggle of a people that is a large part of their customer base is not a company that i'm going to support. >> reporter: the woman removed her costume that day and is no longer working at the store. and the company's hr team is investigating. in pleasant hill, lonnie rivera, abc 7 news. >> the group of 200 motorcycle riders terrorized drivers across the east bay performing dangerous side shows, popping wheelies, speeding and driving recklessly. a video was shared with us from
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downtown hayward before 1:00 yesterday afternoon. the investigators say a truck was following the bikers and filming them on interstate 880. they also rode through oakland along the san matteo bridge, on 580 and into castro valley. several riders refused to pull over and drove away recklessly at high speed. at least five people have been arrested. a unique program in the north bay is helping fire victims. a local nurse is pairing families in need with families who want to help. the one-on-one attention is changing lives. abc 7 news report erlesian has the report. >> reporter: she's one of the program volunteer coordinate i
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n coordinators to match families with those willing to donate now. >> we have deplore ya, her husband and two little boys. >> reporter: they just donated for three families in need evacuated. >> it was obviously like christmas. it was kind of extraordinary to see box after box come out of the car. >> reporter: this program is tailored to give those with nothing the things they only need. like a camera or extra white shoes because starting over is hard enough. >> there's a steel beam that was our garage frame that is twisted. and there's nothing left. >> reporter: still this family is asking for very little. >> this is new. >> reporter: barely the basics. >> i think it is really great that people are, like, giving. >> reporter: rising from the ashes of the north bay fires is a strong sense of appreciation and an even stronger sense of
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compassion. >> when you lose your home, it's hard to rebuild a home. you can rebuild a house, but it's hard to rebuild a home. so i want to help in any way i can. >> reporter: the match program started about two weeks ago. in that time, 95 fire victims have been matched with 355 donor families. if you would like to help, go to our website, ab lisa gulezian, abc 7 news. the governor declared a day of remembrance yesterday for the california wildfires. the governor made a pledge of support when he visited the north bay earlier this month. his proclamation remembers the human toll of the fires. at least 42 people lost their lives. flags were flown at half-staff over the state capitol in honor of the victims. firefighters are closing in on controlling all four of those major north bay wildfires that
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began 21 days ago. right now the at last fire in napa county is 100% contained. the tubbs and nuns fires are expected to have full containment on tuesday. a man and woman from monterey county are accused of looting in the north bay firestone. santa rosa police arrested shawn kranyak and christina marsh after someone saw them take a large flat-screen tv out of the burned area of the overlook apartments. the pair led officers on a high-speed chase yesterday before ditching their stolen truck and trying to run away. officers found several other stolen items in the pickup. the suspects they say have no ties to so mnoma county. yesterday was an emotional day of remembrance for victims of the north bay wildfire. hundreds came out to honor fire victims and first responders.
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abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard has the story. >> reporter: bagpipes played to honor a community still fragile and grieving. >> the night of october 8th we were all tested. all of us were tested, the community, the fire service, law enforcement. >> reporter: this was a day of remembrance, a chance for sonoma county to reflect on what it was lost. >> i don't know what it feels willic to lose a home or loved one in the fire, but there are a lot of people in our community dealing with that and dealing with that for a long time. >> reporter: pastor billy andrew lost his home in the fires. he got his family out and grabbed one photo album. >> as i opened them up, i realized they were empty. we thought we had all the time in the world to put those pictures in the photo albums. >> getting my children out safely was, you know, emotional. >> reporter: angelique and ange
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son made this sign. >> without them, our city would be gone. >> reporter: they gave first responders standing ovations. since the fire, the santa rosa community has become one. >> honestly, i have never seen a community come together so good. i mean, this is true, we are sonoma strong. >> reporter: the fire bell was rung 42 times for those lives lost. representative nancy pelosi toured the fire area. she promised swift federal funds for victims. >> so many people share a loss and we are praying for them, but not only that, but we'll act upon it. >> reporter: a resill i didnien community fighting back after losing their homes. several areas are getting patched up thanks to volunteers. abc 7 news was at golden wheel mobile home park in san jose where an army of helping hands
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hammered and up painted. they are fixing up homes and two nonprofits. residents lost a car, a mobility scooter and the foundation of the home was damaged. take a look. >> they have done a tremendous amount of stuff. we got a new furnace. all new concrete in front of the house because it was buckled. they are building a deck. we're just kind of overwhelmed. >> rebuilding silicon valley focuses on helping veterans, seniors and people with disabilities. well, the weather has certainly made a dramatic change in the last day. >> you haven't seen anything yet, my friend. because we are looking at much cooler weather today. it's going to stay with us throughout the week. and then, yes, we're looking at some rain, a couple days this week. the accuweather seven-day forecast is next. and there's plenty of fog out there right now. thank you, lisa. also ahead, the world series is
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tied 2-2. but the focus has been off the field on a racial gesture during game three. and putting a foot forward for fire victims who may be too scared to seek help. the big
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welcome back, everyone. 5:14 on the last sunday in october. thank you for waking up so early to join us for abc 7 mornings. this is a live look at the golden gate bridge. the dramatic drop in temperatures has occurred over the last several days. and lisa gets ready for something more drastic. she'll be along with the full accuweather forecast. fremont police are looking
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for this man they thought was barricaded inside a home for hours with a gun. thomas beltran is wanted for domestic battery. the department posted these pictures of the s.w.a.t. team using a drone, robot and canine team yesterday afternoon to go inside the home, but beltran was not there. abc 7 news was in the gardens neighborhood where officers thought he was. beltran is accused of beating up his girlfriend. paramedics treated her at the scene. beltran has an active warrant. the dodgers won game four last night, but much of the focus was not on the game but instead at the dugout with a houston astros player made a racially charged gesture. >> there's no excuse or explanation that makes that type of behavior acceptable.
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>> reporter: houston astros first baseman pulled on the corner of his eyes after firing at the player. he also used a derogatory term to refer to him after being born in japan. he later apologized and issued the statement saying, i made a gesture that was indefensible. i sin seriously apologize to anyone i offended with my actions. he was suspended for five games without pay, but starting next season instead of the world series. >> i felt it was unfair to punish the other 24 players on the trasso'roster. i wanted the burden of this to fall primarily on the wrongdoer. >> reporter: a pub luck apology is also expected to undergo sensitivity training.
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he will undergo more than $322,000 in the first five games, money donated to charity. linda lopez, new york. a young baseball fan was all smiles after throwing out the first pitch before yesterday's world series game. that 7-year-old hailey had a 3d printed hand. she was born with a birth defect that left her missing three fingers on her right hand. the prosthetic had the words "world series" on it in gold. hailey and her dad spent time with the astros before the game. the goal is to throw out the first pitch at every major league ballpark. she did it in 2015 in baltimore at an orioles game. we'll have highlights from the game coming up in sports.
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the nfl coalition is trying to discuss protests over injustice and the league's response. espn responds that colin kaepernick and roger goodell and houston texans owner bob mcnair have been invited to a meeting tomorrow. kaepernick was the first player to kneel or sit to protest racial injustice. recently, mcnare was saying he can't have the inmates running the prison. the coalition says they want to listen to the actor's grievances. san francisco's new soccer club donated their sales to help the undocumented immigrants plagued by the wildfires. abc 7 was there where
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deltas were. >> good has done nice things for me. these are people who don't have access to federal support, so why not do something nigh nice for them? >> the semifinal game is a week from today. up. happening today, it's your last chance to check out the pleasanton arts festivals on the west coast. it is open from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 tonight. general admission is $9. kids 12 and under get in for free. $2 from every ticket sold goes to the alameda county community food bank. good sunday morning. we have experienced the cooler
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onshore breezes. that is representative here on live doppler 7. we had the cool down gnome on. we have visibility pretty good here with temperatures up a few degrees due to the blanket of insulation in the low cloud deck. 53 in the city. 56 in mountain view. 57 in san jose with 54 on the coast. another vantage point of the city 506789 in santa rosa. normally, we have a lot of 40s from nab pennsylvania the golden gate bridge is where we are going to see a lot of fog. looking at cooler conditions, we
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are into the 70s. then pretty soon no more 70s. halloween, and we are looking at a wet pattern this weekend. when you look at temperatures, numbers will come up a few degrees. a few more 70s. so very pleasant. plenty of sunshine. and into wednesday, we are looking at temperatures not moving all that much. another nice afternoon with the upper 60s to low 70s around the bay. by thursday, we bring in the storm impact scale. we'll see accumulating rain and snow in the mountains. as we get going on friday
5:22 am
although looking at this, we should get a foot of snow here. and if this verifies, it usually looks like an inch of rain or so at the most. 69 in palo alto. with the 70s from san jose to gilroy today. the upper 70s there. the accuweather seven-day forecast, the warmest day with 80 inland. 50s not really changing all throughout the week, but we'll keep sunshine throughout the bay until we get to friday and saturday. so by this time next week, we
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will be talking about
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celebrating halloween or any holiday takes on special meaning when you are a newborn needing medical care. the annual nicu halloween party is taking place. kids dressed up to have holiday
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fun including playing games and face painting. most were born prematurely and spent the first few months of their lives in intensive care. >> one of my favorite things of all the days is when families who were in the current intensive care unit come down to see the hope they are looking for when dealing with a sick infant. >> i was probably out of work. so it is good to see who took care of me when i was younger. i don't remember it. >> reporter: this is the 48-th year for this celebration. lisa's daughter was there with the doctor she both in
5:27 am
born to. in 2010 jones stepped on a land mine and both legs were removed above his knees. since then he's compete in the paralympics and donated to charity. if you would like to donate, go to still to come, some children are learning the power of a well-organized protest all in the name of more candy. and a young girl receives a sweet gift for halloween. why her mother says it means so much for their family.
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accused of obstructing justice to theat the fbinuclear war, and of violating the constitution by taking money from foreign governments and threatening to shut down news organizations that report the truth. if that isn't a case for impeaching and removing a dangerous president, then what has our government become? i'm tom steyer, and like you, i'm a citizen who knows it's up to us to do something.
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it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together and demand that elected officials take a stand on impeachment. a republican congress once impeached a president for far less. yet today people in congress and his own administration know that this president is a clear and present danger who's mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. and they do nothing. join us and tell your member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it. welcome back, everyone. we're starting this half hour with a look at our weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, carolyn. good morning, everyone. temperatures are up a few degrees due to the blanket of
5:30 am
low clouds and fog. 53 in gillmo gillmore. presently concord is looking at the best visibility with temperatures in the 50s and 8 miles out there. 50s this morning. and around the bay this afternoon, boy, it will be slow at warming. 70 inland by noontime. everyone else lagging behind in the upper 50s. by 4:00, we're in the 60s in the bay. the upper 70s inland. look at the morning. we are anticipating the rain to head our way as early as thursday night. and thank you. in developing news, the first arrest in the russia collusion involving the president could come tomorrow. reporting friday said federal investigators have filed their first charges.
5:31 am
abc 7 news reporter gloria riviera has watch from reaction in washington. >> one the special prosecutors start going, it is very unsettled for white houses. the president has yet to react. reports that a federal grand jury approved the first chargers in the robert mule earn mueller case. so far no reports of what the charges may be. the indictments are reportedly sealed under ordered from a federal judge. >> we know that attorneys for mueller's office were at the federal courthouse here in d.c. on friday. >> reporter: trump long dismissed the russia probe as a political distraction and denied any collusion with the russian
5:32 am
government. >> the whole russian thing was an excuse for democrats learning the election. and it turns out to just be one excuse. >> the white house is echoing that message. >> our position hasn't changed since day one. >> reporter: mueller was appointed special council in 2016. he's also looking into a number of key trump associates, including paul manafort and former national security adviser michael flynn. sources close to manafort say they have been given no indication any charges against him are imminent. >> this is a reminder that beau's
5:33 am
the air. and governor chris christie is looking into the opioid crisis. and that will be on right after "good morning america." and abc 7 news reporter brad m melke has the story. >> reporter: demonstrations by white nationalists encounter other protesters. >> we don't need them in our town. >> reporter: they are displaying nazi salutes and the counter protesters are holding signs and saying, repent! >> these are american streets, they don't belong to masses or white supremacists. they don't belong to neonazis. they should be ashamed to go out
5:34 am
in public. >> reporter: a true group separated by barriers with police standing at the ready between them. a similar scene in the nearby city. police are >> reporter: some people are trying to come over to bridge the divide, but neither side willing to give ground. reporting for abc 7 news, new york. an older man hiking by himself is recovering this morning after spending five days lost in the woods. nathan mitchell admits going into the wildwood recreation area unprepared last weekend. ended up going off the main tree when that
5:35 am
>> i just wanted to go to a trail where i knew it would take me to where a hiker was on or a helicopter. anyone. >> reporter: he says he knew people were shopped for him and that kept him going. and more candy! >> more candy! >> more fun! >> more fun! >> these fourth graders marched to city hall with a petition signed by 200 children asking the mayor to extend trick or treating hours by 30 minutes for more than that from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m. the march was part of a school lesson on government. >> having more time to spend and
5:36 am
visit with family and all day long. >> they were able to convince the mayor to grant their wish to extend trick or treat hours. and one of steve jobs' most prized possessions is on the chopping block without a single angle to it. he owned the $300,000 to $400,000. and michelin is out with their awards. now they will tell you
5:37 am
will be cooler today and and before the end of the week.
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welcome back. 5:39 on this sunday morning. this is a look from the emeryville camera. you can barely make out the bridge. were you prepared for such a dramatic change in the temperature? i really was not. but i guess you were if you had
5:40 am
the abc 7 news weather app,ws y have been, i should have been, but more change is on the way. i'm paying attention now because rain is in the forecast. lisa will have all that coming up. in the central valley, an 8-year-old with cerebral palsy received an amazingly sweet gift for halloween. that is a squeal of joy from jayden white given a wheelchair inspired by the disney film "wreck it ralph." the wheelchair was made to look like the race car, but only to the character of venelope shweet. the high school's advanced 3-d art class designed the wheelchair. jayden's mom said the gift means so much for the entire family. >> it's overwhelming. it's exciting.
5:41 am
she's been through so much in the past eight years, cancer twice, cerebral palsy, all of it. it was ex siting to see something good come of all of it. >> now they plan to go trick or treating in top magic wheelchair. and happening today, you can celebrate the day of the dead in oakville's fruit neighborhood. thousands of people are expected to celebrate at this year's festival. there's live dance and music, family family-friendly activities. and new this year, pixar's virtual reality group will take some into the movie "cocoa" that will be out next month. well, halloween and it's certainly going to feel like that on tuesday.
5:42 am
>> it will be nice and dry for the next saefeveral days, but me you want some rain. i have that, too. you can see the low deck clouds in the low to mid-50s from oakland to san francisco. and fog is an issue for the next search hours are. how cool it is coming up. and making it harder for the bears to get a
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they've been playing the same playlist for three months and i'm pretty sure you're not supposed to eat scones for dinner this many days in a row. mexico, hawaii, costa rica, i don't really know. i'm a quick packer. ♪ in sports the 49ers and raiders are in action on the east coast. the niners are looking for the first victory in philly against the eagles with the best record in the nfl. and the raiders will try to get back to .500 against the bills and buffalo. both games start at 10:00. next weekend cal state plays
5:45 am
memorial state. yesterday they had a tough game in boulder. here's mike schuman with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> reporter: good morning. well, the cal bears needed two more wins to become bowl e eligible, but the record may get in the way. they have not won away from home in two years. that said, we head to california. happy birthday to ralphie still running like a 20-year-old. a big carry? no. he throws it to a wide open noah. second quarter, 14-7, colorado. looking for more, steven threw for 324 yards. ross bauer threw from 359 and three tds himself. 27 yards for noah. 108 yards receiving. 24-17. in the second half, didn't get much better for the bears. jay mcintyre, 34-14.
5:46 am
and later bauer goes to the end zone picked off by nick fisher. wait a minute, he'll take it out of the end zone. see ya. officially 100-yard pick six, but more like 109. cal falls to final. and stepping out of the penalty box at the right time, gets a breakaway, goes top shelf, 1-0, san jose. 17 seconds in the second down 2-1, chris tierney at the right spot at the right time, karlston's shot slams it home. tied, 2-2. ventura gets the puck and time for target practice. look how much room over the shourld he h shoulder he has to shoot. the sharks improve with a 3-2
5:47 am
victory. game four of the world series in houston. the astros try to take a commanding lead over the dodgers. alex wood had a no-hitter through five innings until george springer. the astros up, 1-0. man on, two outs for logan forsyth, he rode this to center. game tied at 1-1. bellinger with two on, drives one to the gap. chase utley scores to make go up. then look at this three-run jack to break it open. the dodgers win 6-2 evening the world series at 2-2. all right. the raiders are in buffalo. the 49ers in philadelphia. we'll have highlights tonight at 5:00. i'm mike schuman. have a great day. good morning to you.
5:48 am
our inland east bay yesterday, nice and warm in the mid-80s. today, cooling, at least by 5 degrees. we are looking outside where we do have fog. in fact, it is quite dense once again along the coast, but it's made its way inland. perhaps reduced visibility in your neighborhood. but what about those temperatures? here's a look in the week ahead. 79 degrees tomorrow as we take a big dip as the weather system allows for more clouds. then we rebound tuesday and wednesday. halloween, very pleasant. then getting towards the end of the week, numbers not only drop, but we'll have rain to the forecast on thursday and friday. so a live look outside the golden debate bridge, nice and foggy out there. do take your time, not only at the coast, but all around the bay. from emeryville to hayward, santa rosa to the east bay, just
5:49 am
about to concord this morning we are seeing fog. five miles at the coast, but a half mile out in santa rosa. livermore at two miles and san jose six miles. no delays yet at sfo. and temperatures are a couple degrees warmer with the blanket of low clouds to insulate us a bit. 54 in half moon bay. and it will be cleansing here, but it will take time for the string of 40s here to move in. with the string of fog, 42 in napa, livermore and concord. the final stop with the exploratorium camera, the fog is moving around the bay. spectacular for halloween, dry, seasonal and we'll look for the
5:50 am
weather pattern to continue into the day after. but by late thursday, we could s see. we bring in our storm impact scale, it's a 1 for friday into saturday with showers, isolated downpours. breezy at times. and you can see anywhere from a half hour to inch of rain here. going throughout the computer here, in the sierra nevada, we are looking at perhaps a foot of snow. that's a nice bonus for us early november. highs today will be on the come side at the coast once again. 57 in half-moon bay. 65 in san looking at this area, we'll see partly cloudy skies for matteo,
5:51 am
about well, the michelin ratings guides are out. and without a doubt, this is a great place to find great food. the bay area now has more three-style restaurants than new york city. abc 7 delicious desserts are made. >> reporter: the star at the kitchen from californios is about to get honored. the chef just learned this is the only mexican restaurant
5:52 am
anywhere to get two mish lynn st michelin awards. >> with the new guy, we are now above new york. we have more three-star restaurants than new york city. >> reporter: including where chef cory lee had to wait for two weeks to find out if going to release that. >> people could not be thinking about restaurant rankings while the fires were going on. >> we were trying to offer up our hands, anything to help. it's been a scary experience. >> reporter: with the fires almost contained -- >> tourists need to know that things are still going and support those restaurants. >> just a block away from the michelin
5:53 am
>>s in s is i this is a project involves food. >> reporter: this is a gallery of dishes by other chefs. >> chefs with michelin-starred restaurants that have been served there. >> reporter: when they are not visiting his restaurant, live give them a reason to head north. >> you can go to sonoma. >> reporter: in san francisco, reporting for abc 7 news. and the annual costume dash. we'll tell you about all the festivities ha
5:54 am
5:55 am
here are the winners from last night's powerball drawing.
5:56 am
27, 35, 38, 57, 66 and the powerball number of 10. nobody got all the numbers. wednesday's jackpot goes up to $52 million. and the winning numbers from the $26 million super lotto plus, 8, 12, 24, 30, 37 and the mega number of 6. no one picked all six in that drawing either. wednesday night's prize increases to $27 million. and happening today, runners will dress up in their halloween costumes for the costume dash 5k. it's an annual run through golden gate park that attracts thousands of people each year. these are photos from last year's race. runners can hang out in the park after the 5k for a party and a costume contest. the fun begins at 8:30 this morning at the band shell. if you haven't registered yet, you can still do that. but you can buy the tickets today at the event. coming up next on abc 7 mornings at 6:00, breaking news.
5:57 am
a's catcher bruce maxwell has been arrested in arizona. we'll have the details. and san francisco police are searching for a suspect accused of stabbing a man near a bart station.
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good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thank you for joining us on this sunday, october 29th. li let's check on the weather with lisa argen. we have fog expanding from the coast across the bay. and here's live doppler 7. you can see from santa rosa to the south in san jose and gilroy, it is gray. five-mile visibility out there near half-moon bay. but half a mile


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