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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  October 30, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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be charged in connection with the russia/trump investigation. >> twitter is calling this #muellermonday. special counsel robert mueller has filed the first criminal charges in the russia investigation. an announcement of an indictment and arrest could come as early as today. 17 agencies have found moscow interfered with the election to benefit president trump who has never acknowledged the findings. all right. it is 4:30 now. officially if you're just joining us a quick update on weather and traffic where you live starting with meteorologist mike nicco. hi, mike. >> natasha, reggie, hi everybody. you can see out the window at pier 15. the fog came back. cloudy sky and fog out there. 55 to 60 at noon as the sunshine will be slow to break through the cloud deck. 57 to 61 at 4:00.
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if you're heading out this evening grab a coat or if you're going to watch kids play sports grab a blanket, 55 to 57. an update on our storm that could rain on us three separate days. here's sue. >> take a quick look at your traffic here flowing nicely on the causeway up to the high rise and over to foster city. it's about 14-minute drive. 14 minutes to get over to san mateo. green sensors are a good thing. a couple cars got into it. sensors are not showing much slowing. >> sue, thank you. we are tracking this developing news. actor kevin spacey facing backlash for his response after a fellow actor accused him of sexual harassment when that
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actor was just 14 years old. >> he says spacey made a sexual advance towards him in 1986. at the time he was just 14. spacey was 26. spacey says he doesn't remember the incident. in a tweet spacey apologized if he did behave in the way rapp described. spacey went on to describe he is living as a gay man after having relationships with both men and women. that has prompted criticism online many say he's using sexuality as a cover for the serious accusations that he faces. in an update to the story, reggie, from our live desk we've been monitoring twitter for the intense response to that spacey controversy. here are a few of the tweets we found overnight. wanda sykes saying, no, no, no, no, you do not get to choose to hide under the rainbow. kick rocks. also, coming out as a gay man is
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not the same thing as coming out as someone who preyed on a 14-year-old. conflating those things is disgusting. rose mcgowan said bye, bye, spacey, good-bye. it's your turn to cry. that's why we've got to say good-bye and #rosearmy. kevin spacey has just invented something that has never existed before, a bad time to come out. and rapp said everything he wanted to say is in the article he released and he has no further comment. at this time. back to you. >> jessica, thank you. firefighters say an abandoned house was the site of another two-alarm fire that started at 9:45 on sacramento street. investigators say the house next door was damaged and the family is now displaced. pg&e crews were called to the scene because the fire knocked
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down electrical wires. no one was hurt. happening today three weeks after the north bay wildfire started all public school districts in sonoma county will be back in session today. mark west, geyserville and piner-olivet districts will resume for the first time since the fires. two schools are closed indefinitely, riebli and schaefer elementary are located in the middle of that devastation and those students have been moved to other nearby schools. >> the tubbs, nuns, and pocket fires are all 98% contained this fire and cal fire expects full containment this week. there are developments in the arrest of a man and woman accused of looting in santa rosa. they discovered his real name is jonathan leon lee connor from monterey county. he stole a flat screen tv from the overlook apartments and led police on a high-speed chase. connor is now facing charges.
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the theme park's halloween haunt saturday night when about 20,000 people were in the park. abc 7 news reporter lilian kim has the details. >> reporter: halloween haunt appears to be as big as ever. but on saturday night trouble arose throughout the theme park. police received reports of fights, one captured on video by a park guest and received reports of cell phone thefts. one victim was told by an officer there were as many as 50 phones stolen. >> and it's really rowdy, which i don't know teenagers like, i guess. >> reporter: she had been wanting to go with her friends. >> i've heard this kind of stuff happens too much. i made them go to the pumpkin fest when it's much safer. >> reporter: ten extra officers were called in to help the four
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already working at great america. in the end they made only two arrests. they believe most of the perpetrators knew each other. there were about 100 and they had scattered. investigators are reviewing security video in hopes of identifying them. parents were comforted that more police officers have been called in to work. >> remain aware and keep close to friends and know where the authorities are if you had to, you know, report anything. >> reporter: great america issued only a brief statement that said, quote, the safety of our guests is our top priority n. santa clara, lilian kim, abc 7 news. oakland a's catcher bruce maxwell is out of an arizona jail this morning after we go accused of pointing a gun to a woman bringing food to his home. >> anything on your arrest? >> no comment. >> he was released on $10,000
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bond and ordered to undergo alcohol testing. police have not said why he pulled the weapon. he made headlines last month when he became the first and only mlb player to kneel during the national anthem. a spokesperson said the team is disappointed to learn of the allegations and is gathering information from the proper authorities. officials in san jose are investigating how an unknown amount of diesel fuel ended up in the canoas creek. they noticed a rainbow sheen on the surface yesterday morning. hazardous materials crew placed absorbant booms that can catch the fuel as it travels downstream, "the mercury news" reports a possible cause could be from people illegally trying to siphon fuel from cars nearby. >> let's talk more about temperatures waiting for you outside. low to mid-50s. west portal, 51. even the financial, 48 degrees. 54 in bayview. the ferry building, crissy
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field, ocean beach, castro, mission, glenn park and lake merced. got a west wind at 17. the sea breeze is back and it's touching all of our neighborhoods. it is pushing a little bit of fog. it's very isolated in the north bay and down along the peninsula coast but it could get thicker during the morning commute so something to watch out for there. mass transit, we're going to have cool to cool today and small craft advisory for those who take the ferry. a look at temperatures. your hourly planner in livermore and most of the east bay. you'll get to 65 at 2:00. weren't we in the 90s the last time we talked? what a change of events there. over to the peninsula. 58 at noon and 56 at 8:00. friday, saturday, sunday two different storms that will bring
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us a chance of rain. more about that coming up. here is sue. >> you can see a layer of fog. traffic is flowing nicely, though. a little bit further south on the waldo grade you will find the right lane closed as you head to the robin williams tunnel. they are doing some road work there. take a first look at the bay bridge toll plaza. no problems here, just a minor delay getting through the left-hand cash paying lanes. no metering lights yet. southbound 880 has been cleared so no delays there. guys? >> sales force is going to turn parts of san francisco into a crowded mess. it's happening well before the event kicks off. >> crews can construct the convention space. it starts next monday and runs through the 9th.
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>> traffic change is coming to the busy van thursday southbound traffic is going to shift to the median. northbound lanes will shift on monday, november 13. the changes are so crews can do underground utility work. officials warn traffic will be reduced to one lane. >> neighbor helping neighbor coming together to make a coffin? an east bay neighborhood refusing to let plus, why students cheated plus, why students cheated by for-profit colleges cou
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it's 4:43. investigators are trying to determine the cause of a house fire that left a person dead. it broke out at about 4:00 yesterday morning on molimo drive near teresita boulevard. you can see the home was engulfed in flames. a neighbor shared this video with abc 7 news. firefighters were able to rescue a second person from the rear of the home and that person is in the hospital. a holiday tradition enjoyed by hundreds every year.
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>> a real-life ghoul snapped that tradition. the el cerrito neighborhood is pitching in to make things right. >> just go in and out of the tombstones. >> reporter: rhonda rogers' halloween display in el cerrito attracts hundreds of trick-or-treaters. this year something is missing, this hole is where the centerpiece -- >> it was half the size of a coffin. >> reporter: where it used to be. somebody stole it. >> it's just wrong. >> reporter: rhonda says the coffin was the best part of the display, something she spent hours on. all her decorations from the grave stones to the ghouls are handmade. >> it makes me mad and more than anything it hurts our feelings because we do this for everybody out here and it takes some punk to ruin it. ruin the spirit. >> reporter: the coffin disappeared over the weekend.
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rhonda says the thief also tried to steal her spooky tree but it's wired into the ground. now, just days before halloween, some friends, including brian, got together to build and paint a new coffin. >> this isn't easy. we put a lot of work into this. >> reporter: brian doesn't understand why someone would try to steal from them. perhaps it was a prank. he hopes the grave robbers, so to speak, returns the original coffin. >> it would be nice if somebody could bring it back to us. it is 4:45. betsy devos is considering only partially forgiving loans defrauded by for-profit colleges. department officials confirm the changes being discussed right now and such a change would abandon the policy of erasing the debt and leave students with loans that they must pay for without receiving the education they were promised.
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>> reporter: klay thompson's shootings skills will do a lot of good. the star finishes points with purpose campaign last night. he pledged to donate $1,000 to each fire victims for each point he scores for home games. thompson led with 29 points last night against the detroit pistons. klay's score pushed his total donation to $69,000 and he's raised more than $300,000 from fans online. >> over to meteorologist mike nicco. >> 51 degrees in walnut creek. hopefully you slept well, had to close the windows because it was too cold. you'll need the sunglasses, even cooler than over the weekend. slightly warmer tuesday and wednesday as a tease before that wet pattern comes in for friday, wet pattern comes in for friday, saturday and sunday. look at how stout the sea breeze
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is. 17 in oakland. 12 at sfo. trying to drive into that you definitely notice it this morning. this afternoon you can see the this afternoon you can see the cloud cover out there. tonight cloud cover comes back a little bit cooler this morning. little bit cooler this morning. bale be a little bit that will continue through the morning hours up to the evening hours and even a small break possibly at 7:00. this is friday. so this is going to adjust from so this is going to adjust from time to time. saturday afternoon could be dry between storms. you see the snow is still falling in the sierra.
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possibly even more rain into sunday afternoon. looks like a third to an inch. a third being really low. some 70s tomorrow, wednesday, back in the 60s for thursday and friday. >> good to see the storm scale back again. the zipper truck moving to configure your lanes. no fog on the golden gate bridge. right lane is blocked for a few right lane is blocked for a few more minutes as you approach the robin williams tunnel. up towards bird avenue and cupertino. green is good. we don't even have any slowing.
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we'll check back on that. if you've decked out your house for halloween the one thing you may have put up that's dangerous to wildlife. >> saving lives in a new home. who let the villain into oracle? the warrior who decided to get into the halloween spirit last night before the game. first this morning's "tech bites." in today's "tech bites" an engineer out after job because after video his daughter posted online. >> while visiting her father at work she posted a video of the unreleased iphone x. at one point you can see code names for unreleased apple products in the notes app. >> his daughter went on to post a new video saying her father has been fired. >> this old "newsweek" magazine sold for $50,000. >> the october 1988 issue features a young steve jobs on the cover. he also signed his name on it and wrote i love manufacturing. and google ceo has an important task at hand today.
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>> so someone pointed out over the weekend that google's cheeseburger emoji has the cheese under the meat. apple's emoji has it on top. >> the ceo said he will drop >> the ceo said he will drop everything else we're doing to♪] don't stress the mess, call coit. where your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, or your money back. relax, you've got coit. get 35% off all coit residential cleaning services. call or click today. get 35% off all coit residential cleaning services. accused of obstructing justice to theat the fbinuclear war, and of violating the constitution by taking money from foreign governments and threatening to shut down news organizations that report the truth. if that isn't a case for impeaching and removing a dangerous president,
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including carpet and hardwood, tile, stone, even air ducts and window treatments. and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or your money back. that's 35% off everything coit cleans. call or click today. 4:52. two women stranded at sea for five months are finally on dry land this morning. they were aboard the "uss
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ashland" in japan last night. crew members rescued them. they were on what was supposed to be an 18-day journey from hawaii to tahiti. >> the crew of "the uss ashland" saved our lives. not from the ocean but from the vessel that was trying to render assistance to us. had they not been able to locate us, we would have been dead within 24 hours. >> wow. they called the crew of "the uss ashland" amazing and said they were honored to be onboard that war ship. >> what a story. >> we see fake cobwebs. emergency services say the cobwebs are dangerous to flying animals and they don't have the strength to break through the man made material. the humane society shared some photos, also an owl that got
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ensnared in the web. an officer was able to free the bird. wildlife grubs are asking to wildlife grubs are asking to only use indoors. >> combined with the music that is horrifying. this was yesterday afternoon at oracle as a man dressed as the jigsaw killer from the new horror movie slowly rode a tricycle into the arena. that is no killer. he's a courtside killer. it's steph curry. and you can see draymond green there having a good laugh when he realizes who is under the mask. he thinks he has too much time on his hands. >> baby-faced assassin. it all works, right, mike? >> yeah. take that, nick collison and westbrook. they went in as the guys from white men can't jump and then steph curry topped them. that was nice. take a look at what's going on
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with your storm impact scale friday through sunday. each day the storm will come in in bits and pieces. at least a half inch to an inch and a half to two inches in our hills. clear the leaves from your drains and gutters. check your windshield wipers and your tires, also. i think sue will con this one, slow down. those slick roads especially when they haven't been wet for a while the oil rises to the surface and it's a dangerous scene. keep it chill. when you get to the other side of the bay bridge. take a look to the san francisco side coming off the bridge by fremont street there's a car going about five miles an hour. that's a little too slow for
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comfort and they call that a traffic hazard. chp is trying to get that guy or woman off the road or to speed up a little bit, guys. >> sue, thank you. here is something astound to go consider as you enjoy your morning cup of coffee. nearly 11 billion single serve coffee pots are dumped into landfills. that's 30 million a day. what are you supposed to do? a sacramento-area company has the idea to reduce waste. the rogers family created these 100% compostable single serve coffee pods. the lid is made up of wood pulp. the ring, just below that lid, made of corn. the rogers family company is the first to sell those compostable -- >> i can't say that word either. >> they're first. and they're at costco. >> it's been such a big problem. >> what, me saying? >> that, too. it's not even 5:00 a.m.
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>> it is every day for me, let's be honest. >> we love you. one of the world's premiere medical centers showed off their newest building. take a look. this is the open house in stanford. visitors included a young liver transplant recipient and her parents. >> i think the best part of this new hospital is there's truly a focus on the family. it's really disruptive, difficult, and scary when you have a child in the hospital for them and the parent. the new rooms are very big and they're great for the whole family to stay. >> the little one is adorable. young children and their parents can enjoy play stations around the hospital. the new building is opening in december. next at 5:00 a.m., elon musk gives the world a first glance of the amazing tunnel he's digging deep under l.a. okay. and we are awaiting the arrest
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of someone involved with the russia meddling investigation. our entire team on that live in washington with how the white house is already fighting back next. also, the big transformation
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>> announcer: this is an abc news special report. now reporting, george stephanopoulos. good morning, we're coming on the air right now because abc news learned that special counsel robert mueller has filed his first charges in the russia investigation, first charges filed against paul manafort. president trump's former campaign chair, you see him right there last year during the campaign. served as campaign chair for three months. want to get the latest from pierre thomas in washington. pierre. >> reporter: that's right, george. official washington was holding its breath but sources with direct knowledge tell abc news that former trump campaign chairman paul manafort and one of his associates rick gates have been told to surrender to federal authorities today. this would be the first fruits of spe


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