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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 30, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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policy team. >> member of voluntary council that met once over the course of a year. >> reporter: but the president praised papadopoulos. >> an excellent guy. >> reporter: papadopoulos stated he had connections to help arrange meeting between mr. trump and russian president vladimir putin. also alleges that papadopoulos met with professor connected to officials and russian women who falsely claimed to be related to putin. and most damaging, notified at least three campaign officials that russians had e-mails damaging to jose canseco. papadopoulos pled guilty earlier this month of lying to the fbi. made public on the same day that paul manafort and rick gates pled not guilty to 12 counts including conspiracy against the united states, false statements
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and conspiracy to launder money. >> president donald trump was correct, there is no evidence that mr. manafort or the trump campaign colluded with the russian government. >> reporter: and charges don't directly reference allegations of collusion between russia and members of the trump campaign. both gates and manafort have been released to home confinement, manafort on $10 million bond, gates $5 million one. lana zak, abc news. side shows and street racing becoming more frequent in the south bay. just last night police made arrests at one of the shows where one of their own officers was jenean de la vega joins us with the story. >> reporter: trying to get a handle on street racing. still looking for driver who hit an officer last night.
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really worry that somebody else could get hurt. the squealing of tires and roar of engines. side shows like this attracting huge crowds. this man, calls himself rags, watches many of them. >> right by the cars and swinging in front of you, adrenaline rush of the action. >> reporter: increasing problem for authorities. conducting an operation targeting street racers and side show drivers. last night at hofstadter near 680 where hundreds were gathered. officer was hit and suffered minor injuries. >> if willing to do to one of our officers, what are they willing to do to someone else? need to send a message. this is illegal. somebody is going to get injured or kill ied. >> reporter: trying to locate the driver. latino or filipino man, early
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20s, clean shaven. in nissan. last weekend on highway 87 in skyport, another side show. objects thrown at officer as he approached. arrested four people for reckless driving and outstanding warrants and impounded cars. >> not going stop. not saying where and when or how many agencies are involved but it's clear we're involved and going to continue to enforce. >> i think it's going to grow. not slow down. i don't think the cops are going to deter anybody. >> reporter: if the driver who hit the officer in last night's side show is located, police say he will be arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. that's a felony and if convicted could face prison time. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, abc7 news.
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at least five people arrested in oakland as 200 motorcyclists harassed people there. truck was following them and filming them on i-880. chp says several refused to pull over and drove away recklessly at high speeds. today a federal judge in d.c. barred trump administration from banning transgender individuals from serving in military service. stopped two sections of the ban but stopped short of paying for surgeries. >> reporter: controversial ban for keeping transgender people serving openly in the military was partially stopped. but part of the memo that stops government funds for being used
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for sexual reassignment jane doe v. donald trump. tweeted that u.s. government won't allow to serve. our military can't be burdened with tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail. came as surprise even to military leaders and pushback from lawmakers was quick. >> president of the united states told thousands of american service members that though they will lay down their lives for us, we, he, will not fight for them. >> reporter: issued memorandum to implement the ban. lgbt community was stunned. during the campaign the
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candidate promised to have their backs. >> i will do everything in our power to protect our lbgtq citizens. >> reporter: spoke out against the ban. >> us transgender folk can fight just as well as any other american. >> reporter: estimated roughly 2,500 on active duty. mother of kate steinle became teary eyed in court as discussed amount of blood at crime scene. undocumented immigrant is accused of killing steinle. ballistics expert testified how likely ricochetted off the pavement before hit her. witness testified to hear loud bang, heard something hit the water and matched man run away. kathleen mecca was sentenced
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a few hours ago. plea deal, one count of grand theft. accused of stealing more than $1 million from the school. serve one year in jail and under mandatory supervision for three years. new details. man shot and killed in what appeared to be a neighborhood dispute over sfepeeding in discovery bay. deputies continue to look for two cars today. one is either silver or gray. witnesses not sure if dodge challenger or ford mustang. other looks like red mitsubishi eclipse. several teens or young adults inside the cars. young people could be paying the price for anti-muslim rhetoric, bullying and discrimination experienced a sharp rise among muslim students
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11 to 18. david louis. >> reporter: efforts by trump administration to impose travel ban for muslims from certain countries and rhetoric in the campaign may be trickling down to high school campuses. survey indicates that 53% said made fuchb, verbally insulted or abused. one in four cyberbullied and seen offensive comments about islam or muslims online. cair. >> all exacerbated was presidential election cycle was marked by anti-muslim hatred. muslim students experience bullying at nearly double the national statistic of students across the country that are bullied. >> reporter: and increase in teachers and administrators
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making offensive statements about the religion of the students. bullied >> do -- begin to see positive dialogue among the students almost immediately. >> reporter: says the increase is disturbing but survey is just that, asome ming of what some muslim students are experience, many others could be silent, reluctant to speak out. san jose, abc7 news. just ahead, accusations of unwanted sexual advance. response from netflix after sexual misconduct allegations against "house of cards" star kevin spacey. trying to clean up after powerful storm.
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maggie rulli with the latest coming up. new video of controversial halloween costume, action the employer is taking in response. 7 on your side's michael finney is taking your questions on facebook and twitter as we speak. post with #askfinney. we'll answer live later. san francisco skyway, traffic is average, kind
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u.s. officials say a
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militant instrumental in the benghazi attack is now is custody. officials say commandos captured the man in libya and transferring to the u.s. say president trump approved the mission in coordination with libyan forces. attack on u.s. compound resulted in deaths of four americans, clug chris stephens who grew up in piedmont. updated travel warning. war. due to isis and boca haram, the u.s. embassy's ability to assist u.s. citizens in remote and rural areas is very limited. as pentagon tries to learn more about the killing of four u.s. soldiers in niger earlier this month. walloped with powerful storm, hurricane-force winds and
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torrential rain. new york. >> reporter: cleanup crews out in full force across the northeast, desperate to get power back to hundreds of thousands of people still in the dark. >> howling wind, heavy rain, next thing, snap and crack. >> the region recovering from powerful storm that ripped up the coast on sunday. at one point, 1.2 million people without power. others trapped on amtrak train for 15 hours. >> for the whole time without light and electricity. >> reporter: hurricane-force winds more than 80 miles an hour in rhode island. >> just about to go to sleep, heard a boom. >> reporter: sending this gazebo flying into the air, toppling trees onto utility lines and slicing through houses in
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massachusetts. destroying a bedroom that belonged to son, not home at time. >> could have been devastating. >> reporter: concerns over cresting rivers and flash floods with some rivers rising seven to ten feet. storm fuelled by remnants of tropical storm that hit florida over the weekend, spawning four tornadoes, that community also left cleaning up. abc news, new york. netflix says it's deeply troubled about charge of sexual assault against kevin spacey, star of their series "house of cards." just a day after anthony rapp says spacey made unwanted advances to him when he was said doesn't remember it but apologied for what he said would be inappropriate drunken
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behavior. new insight in black face incident. kristen sze joins us with abc7 news exclusive. >> seen this picture taken by offended customer at pleasant hill staples on friday. face covered in what looks like black paint. new video hearing the worker explain the costume to another customer. >> what is your costume. >> beauty shop customer. >> why is your face black? >> it's a charcoal mask. >> okay. looks like black face to me. >> oh, no, no, no. i said do you know what black face is? i'm 57 years old, of course i know. so you know what black face is,
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so you're intentionally doing this. >> provided video after seeing our weekend story with this gentleman, also outraged. complained to store manager to no avail, approached hr to apologize. said wearing sharpie costume, working for market source to promote hp products. issued statement. staples apologizes to any customers offended in the store as well as those that may have viewed a photo of the orbit on social media. similar to abc7. and bland tells us someone called to say worker suspended. we have entire interview with me this afternoon posted. including why she thinks store manager's response was equally appalling. you can find it all on
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shifting gears to weather. spencer christian joining us, fall-like, just in time for halloween. >> that's true. and i have halloween forecast for you. whoa that dude is dangerous. never trust a mummy skinnier than i am. halloween forecast. tomorrow evening at 6:00, still some sunlight, getting a little bit cool. get young ones out early. as it gets darker, chillier but still pleasant. mostly clear skies. fog over the bay in nighttime hours. mainly sunny skies but bank of low clouds off shore, will push inland overnight. mainly blue skies over san francisco from sutro tower. 57 degrees in the city, low to mid-60s mountain view, san jose and gilroy. this is emeryville.
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bank of low clouds advancing in our direction. 67 in santa rosa, low to mid-60s in napa, novato, fairfield, concord and livermore. another live view over the bay. mostly blue looking. forecast features. increasing clouds overnight, spotty coastal drizzle. halloween weather a treat, not a trick. and overnight will be low clouds advancing over the bay. and low temperatures in upper 40s to low 50s. spotty drizzle. tomorrow, mid-afternoon, low clouds creeping on the coastline and out in the bay in early evening. late night, widespread low clouds and fog.
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a little bit creepy out there at that hour. afternoon tomorrow, look for mainly sunny skies away from the coastline, highs from upper 50s at coast to mid-60s around the bay. later in the week storm comes in, ranking one. scattered light showers into monday morning. totals half inch are possible of rain. early friday morning, mid morning, rain pushing inland. some snow in the sierra in higher elevations. then first wave of rain leaves saturday morning, little bit of a break. late saturday another wave comes in into early sunday morning and more wet weather into monday.
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accuweather seven-day forecast. mainly dry but first wave of rain on friday. friday, saturday and sunday good potential for rainfall, maybe lingering showers monday morning and fall back to standard time saturday night or sunday morning, depending on how late you stand up. >> mummy doesn't have anything on you when it comes to the moves. >> doesn't have natural rhythm. >> thank you. just ahead, a's catcher bruce maxwell in trouble with the law. what he had to say after getting out of jail in arizona. another night of you could save energy by living off the grid. completely. or... set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. energy upgrade california.
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celebrity frontrunner on "dancing with the stars" is sidelined with injury, lindsey
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stirling, it's unclear if will be part of tonight's episode. we talked with her last week and other celebrity dancers preparing for the show. from our sister station in los angeles. ♪ i'm a rebel >> reporter: each week we watch each couple go for it. amp it up. eight remaining couples divided into two teams for always fun team dances. violinist lindsey stirling is stoked about the idea. >> i have to say, i think we have a strong team. excited about the people we are paired with, new challenge. spice it up a bit. >> with jordan and nikki and tory. calling team "monster mash"
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going against "phantom of the opera". >> i'm stoked. i root for everyone. feel we're all on a team. >> that's one thing i'm good at, good team player. played sports all my life. >> reporter: drew scott had success as one half of "property brothers" he knows what it takes to be successful team. >> played a bunch of sports. anytime you work with team it's not about just winning but uncouraging others to do their best. what i'm there to do. >> reporter: also individual dance for over cup. on the mind of jordan fisher. >> familiarwork, putting all my heart and soul into both and give teammates best i can. >> reporter: "dancing with the
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stars" halloween spook tackular ticks off tonight on abc7. >> should be a lot of fun. you can watch "dancing with the stars" tonight at 8:00 on abc7, followed by "the good doctor" at 10:00 and abc7 news at favorable weather conditions mean the north bay wildfires almost contained and transitioned to new normal. also ahead -- >> we saw the navy, we're like yes! >> hearing more from two women lost at sea for
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accused of obstructing justice to theat the fbinuclear war, and of violating the constitution by taking money from foreign governments and threatening to shut down news organizations that report the truth. if that isn't a case for impeaching and removing a dangerous president, then what has our government become? i'm tom steyer, and like you, i'm a citizen who knows it's up to us to do something. it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together and demand that elected officials take a stand on impeachment. a republican congress once impeached a president for far less. yet today people in congress and his own administration know that this president is a clear and present danger who's mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. and they do nothing. join us and tell your member of congress
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that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it. welcome back. here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. two former trump campaign advisers charged in connection with the investigation into possible collusion with russia. paul manafort and rick gates pleaded not guilty to dozen charges that include conspiracy against the u.s. both on house arrest. fbi also announced former campaign manager george papadopoulos pleaded guilty to making false statements about his connection to russia. judge largely blocked president's plan to keep
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transgender people out of the military. blocked a plan to stop recruiting trans people but didn't block president's order that stated funds may not be used for gender reassignment surgeries. tweeted about the moment kate steinle's mother became teary-eyed at trial. more about what happened at court, confirmed that ricochetted bullet likely killed steinle. firefighters work in favorable conditions. law enforcement around the fire zones transitioning to new normal, melanie woodrow from transition center in santa rosa. >> reporter: we heard that phrase a few times ago, new normal. this assistance center is one-stop shop for anyone
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impacted by the fires. people from federal, state and local government to help. with most road blocks lifted and mandatory evacuation zones cleared, sonoma county's sheriff says deputies transitioned to new normal. >> sent agencies that were sent to help us home and back to normal staffing. >> reporter: agencies now will be able to apply for reimbursements through state and federal funding. in the county anyone whose home burned down able to get back to lot and sift through the debris for anything that survived. anybody impacted can find services on mendocino avenue. >> all the things normally drive all over town for they can do right here. >> reporter: came for loan to rebuild apartments for tenants.
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>> one in 25 years, other six, like family. >> reporter: county is down to no missing people. spokesperson with santa rosa police department says officers still looking for 14 unaccounted for people reported missing in city's jurisdiction identified as homeless prior to the fires. in santa rosa, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. while the cause of the fires is under investigation, three state senators will introduce a bill to protect customers from absorbing charges when electric company is found guilty of starting wildfire. rates not covered by insurance and fines or penalties. bill will be introduced january 3rd when reconveenz. victims can enter the site of the musical festival where the shooting occurred in las
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vegas. kept unavailable while investigating. many have sued hotel. food vernds can a items this week. colonel jeffrey nance says mr. trump's disparaging comments will be considered a mitigating factor in his sentencing. faces possibility of life in prison for leaving post in afghanistan in 2009 and captured by the taliban. last witness took the stand today. two women lost at sea for months before saved by u.s. navy are back on dry land and opening
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up about ordeal. >> reporter: just when thought out of luck. >> when we saw the navy, we're like, yes! >> reporter: moment rescue teams reached them and their two dogs. >> tears going down our eyes. they see us. >> reporter: adrift at sea five months. harrowing ordeal started in may attempting a pleasure sail from hawaii to tahiti. shortly after departure, massive storm crippled the engine and sharks rammed the vehicle. >> my teeth rattle in my head, we're on the ground praying. >> reporter: signal flares unanswered and year-long supply of food almost gone. >> realized no one was assisting us, we talked about how we believed we'd been left for dead and that was it.
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>> reporter: drifting aimlessly 900 miles after coast of japan until taiwanese fishing vessel spotted them and alerted the navy. women grateful to the sailors aboard the "uss ashland kwts" w welcomed them and dogs with open arms. >> over 300 people just petting them, loving them. >> reporter: hoping their boat will be rescued and once again be safe to sail on the vessel that kept them safe for months. president trump is expected to announce his choice for next chair of the federal reserve this thursday. multiple reports say mr. trump is likely to pick federal reserve governor jerome powell, replacing janet yellen. by picking powell a combination of new leadership with continuity of the member of the
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yellen team which has kept economy steady in recent years. a's bruce maxwell is out of jail after accused of pointing gun at woman in arizona. >> anything to say about your arrest? >> no comment. >> released on $10,000 bond and ordered to stay away from weapons and undergo alcohol testing. police have not said what caused him to pull the weapon. first and only mlb player to kneel during the national anthem. team is quote disappointed to learn of the allegations and gathering information before make further comment. trip of a lifetime for young leukemia sufferer in marin county. john mccain's daughter megan
4:37 pm
joins "the view," wants to give america a different perspective every morning. i'm michael finney, taking questions on twitter and facebook, #askfinney. spencer christian, bright late afternoon on halloween eve, spooky weather on the way. live look at traffic cam in walnut creek, moving along smoothly on monday evening.
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a new face has joined abc's "the view," megan mccain has been political conservative. politics part of her life since birth, dad is senator john mccain of arizona. she said she plans to give america a different perspective each and every morning. jessica spoke with mccain about her vision for "the view." >> it's a privilege to be the one conservative on iconic show. there's a girl in san francisco or ohio or wherever who is conservative and watching and someone is on there speaking for me and my believes. i take that very seriously. >> hopes to convince top
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republicans like president donald trump to join her and others in your living room. week days at 10:00 a.m., followed by abc7 midday news. check of the weather. no tricks, just treats right is this. >> for a few days. live doppler 7, low clouds at coastline, skies still bright. clouds move inland overnight. low temperatures in mid to 40s. spotted drizzle. patch of low clouds near the coast. bright day, 50s to 70s in warmest inland location. halloween plaenner. just before the sun sets, relatively mild.
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60s in some spots. after dark drops sharply. increase in low clouds going into the evening. friday, rain coming in, system ranking one on impact scale. continuing friday and saturday. little bit of a break before a second wave moves in and little snow in the sierra. accuweather seven-day forecast, after several dry days, wet from friday into monday, little bit of rainfall each of the four days and set your clocks back saturday night or sunday morning, standard time, extra hour of sleep if that's how you choose to spend it. >> how do you? >> sleeping. me too. looks good. thank you spencer. world series is a slug fest, players saying the balls are slicker this time around.
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response from major league baseball. and an underground adventure for halloween, special editions to san francisco dungeon.
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the university of california san diego is building outdoor facility for test flying droenz. part of the university's plan to expand research in robotic systems. so-called aerodrome will be founded by qualcomm, help the computer develop computer chips used in drones and driverless vehicles. which they will test as well. high school football player has a memory that will last a lifetime thanks to teammates and opponents. you're looking at senior running down the field in final moments of a friday night high school football game in virginia. he was born with cerebral palsy,
4:47 pm
plan called for him to run a couple of steps but players from both teams guided him down the field for 81-yard touchdown. his team lost 62-21 but lots of winners on the field in han over county, virginia. houston astros are one win away from first world series title. many glued to the tv for game five slug fest. has some wondering what is up with the baseballs. t.j. holmes with more. >> 22 and counting. >> another -- >> balls flying out of the park at historic rate. another seven homers last night. this shot from astros george frazier when appeared to explode when landing. fans love the long balls.
4:48 pm
but for pitchers, it's a different story. >> main complaint is balls seem different from postseason and even then to world series balls. little slick. >> why so many homers? one theory, slick baseballs. players and coaches on both teams tell "sports illustrated," baseballs are slicker than those in the regular season, makes it more difficult for pitchers to command signature pitch but major league baseball says the balls are made to the same standards as regular season, only difference is gold stamping on the baseballs. >> t.j. holmes reporting. game six is tomorrow night in los angeles. time for ask finney, 7 on your side's michael finney joining us to answer your questions. today start with marie from san francisco. how can i maintain a good high credit score? >> simple to say but sometimes tough to do. need to pay all your bills and
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pay them on time. then when you get credit through a new credit card, don't use all the credit they're offering you. for instance, if you get $1,000 limit on your new master or visa card, use $300 of that, that way you look excellent on the credit report. feel free to apply for as much credit as you want but slowly over time. don't ask for a bunch over time, or they go what are they up to. then hang on to first credit card. length of credit history matters, that's easy thing to do. even if you don't use it, don't get rid of it. >> one your parents signed you up for back in the day. >> yeah. >> doug in san francisco, how do i pay taxes that i owe on my house if i don't receive a bill from the tax collector? >> bad news for you. law is clear, you owe the money
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whether or not you get a bill. keep a calendar and contact the county. they don't have to bill you, you have to pay. that's the law. can be done online. easy to do but there's often a service fee for using a credit card. important thing is to say current on taxes. law is unforgiving here. can cost you a small fortune if you don't keep up. >> the law is the law. third question from linda, alameda county, what time of year is best to buy a new car? >> ever-changing. but traditionally best deals was at end of the model year because that's when the new cars were coming out and everybody wanted to get rid of the old car. october through december. still true for a lot of cars but no longer hard and fast rule. cars are rolling out all year round. find out what month your model
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was sold originally and look at a couple of months around that time, that's best deal on the upcoming model year -- i should say, former model year. best time of the month is last couple of days. very best is last days of the year. sales associates and dealers traying to make quotas, willing to cut a deal to make the sale. finance on the website, lot of times you think what does it mean, with cars, serious business. 1% financing will end. $500 back, that will end. you have to keep track of that. if you have a question, record a 10 to 15 second long question on social media, #askfinney. >> lots of great information. thanks. business won't be hard to
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scare this halloween. national retail federation, 179 million people are planning to participate in halloween celebrations this year, up 8 million from last year. costumes are about. spending reaching $9 billion up from last year. brave souls turn halloween into underground adventure. dungeon of fisherman's whatever. normally a journey in san francisco's checkered past but in honor of halloween, a walk to tempt the spirits. >> everyone will test superstitious fears walking through ladders, breaking mirrors, walking past black cats. spilled salt, pennies with heads up, tails down, lots of bad luck omens to test themselves. >> tickets available on the
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website. one group lucky to book exclusive overnight stay in underground cells. foods, blankets and screams provided. if you haven't carved jack-o'-lantern yet, carve and get lost in corn maze. petaluma pumpkin patch is one of the bay area's most elaborate mazes. owner comes up with plan in head and plants maze just for halloween. after tomorrow, mown down. if you're looking for halloween events, we have a list of festivities around the bay area, young leukemia dream about to come true. and what is coming up at 5:00. new at 5:00, the future after a foreclosure, bay area
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mall is reinventing itself. emotional return to san jose, what it's like for former shark to play in arena he once called home.
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(dog panting) another 2am stroll, huh? i'm worried. i have this medical bill. dave, you have anthem, and they have people to talk to who are empowered to help answer any question you... (dog grunting, panting) is... is he okay? real people? living and breathing. hopefully not breathing like that. for all the things that keep you up at night, anthem blue cross has a solution. a young marin county boy will soon be off on the trip of a lifetime thanks to make a wish program. advocating for his own health and on behalf of countless
4:57 pm
others. carolyn tyler with his story. >> reporter: headed into assembly at bel-air elementary school at tiberon only to discover he was honored guest. >> congratulations. >> reporter: nine-year-old's proud parents and classmates looked on as congressman announced his dream to deliver vaccines and other medicine in africa is coming true. thanks to make a wish bay area. >> going to africa excites me. >> reporter: recognizes fourth grader as leukemia survivor and also a well-known advocate on the issue of vaccinations. >> please vote yes on sb-277. >> testified for vaccinations. he had a compromised immune
4:58 pm
system and unable to attend because some of the students not immunized. bill is now law and rhett remains a health care advocate. >> not just because i'm his dad, he's a special kid. >> reporter: will visit with world health organization in pretoria, south africa. >> i'll be bringing vaccines to people and meet all -- a lot of infectious disease doctors for w.h.o. and go on safari. >> reporter: abc7 news. >> so remarkable and young. rhett and family leaving for south africa next month. latest news anytime with abc7 news app. enable push alerts to be the first to know. thanks for joining us, abc7 news at 4:00 i'm dion lim.
4:59 pm
abc7 news at 5:00 starts right now. >> see the photographs posted, seem very far away. >> path of bullet, points of impact could affect the kate steinle trial. russia's reach on facebook is lot bigger than we thought and students face the heat. islamophobia on the rise, one big reason why. lot more than clothing store, smiles, hugs, restoring sense of self. >> make me feel me and good again. good evening, i'm kristen sze, thanks for joining us. begin with day five of the kate steinle murder trial. testimony focused on the gun in the case. how it was handled and path the bullet took that ultimately killed her. lyanne melendez is live with the
5:00 pm
story. >> focus today on the bullet and how it traveled. every measurement challenged in court from the time it was fired until the bullet ricochetted and hit kate steinle in the back. discussion about blood gathered at the scene and also the clothing that was also blooded up, kate steinle's mother suddenly closed her eyes and also was asked by the person next to her, are you okay and she responded i'm okay, and then got teary-eyed. retired investigator with ballistics and firearms training testified that the defendant pointed the gun in the direction of kate steinle as he was seated and pulled the trigger. how do you explain the bullet ricochetted off the pavement? said it happens to inexperienced shooters. aim too low, often


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