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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 30, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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story. >> focus today on the bullet and how it traveled. every measurement challenged in court from the time it was fired until the bullet ricochetted and hit kate steinle in the back. discussion about blood gathered at the scene and also the clothing that was also blooded up, kate steinle's mother suddenly closed her eyes and also was asked by the person next to her, are you okay and she responded i'm okay, and then got teary-eyed. retired investigator with ballistics and firearms training testified that the defendant pointed the gun in the direction of kate steinle as he was seated and pulled the trigger. how do you explain the bullet ricochetted off the pavement? said it happens to inexperienced shooters. aim too low, often jerk the
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trigger, missing the target. evans said he had used laser pointer to measure the distance where the shooter was sitting to point of impact, pavement 12 to 15 feet away. insisting that defendant was trying to shoot in straight line. that's when defense argued first impact must have changed direction of the bullet as matt gonzalez tried to debunk the theory. >> in all likelihood changed path of the bullet. >> steinle was -- evans admitted he didn't know where exact precision where she was struck by the bullet. all calculations based on where blood and bloody clothes were found, using vector analysis. >> he's asking you to buy into a vector analysis without measurements to scale. using a diagram where all the points of interest are clustered together.
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>> reporter: earlier another crime scene investigator testified he transported the gun taken from waters of the bay to the crime lab. placed in special case with bay water inside it to keep it from being exposed and therefore rusting. abc7 news. suspect in custody for a string of senior strong arm robberies targeting people of asian and -- descent. robber caught in the act. 21-year-old lawrence carter about to yank a necklace from victim's neck. carter faces multiple felony accounts including robbery, elder abuse and assault with deadly weapon. believe he may be responsible for other robberies and urging victims to come forward. arrested passengers -- shots
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fired from a truck headed east on highway 24 and then north on 680. officers were waiting at exit. followed the truck to pittsburg and arrested him in the parking lot of win-co foods. found a gun and marijuana in the truck. just over half of muslim students surveyed in california say they are being bullied as result of their religion and feel less welcome and respected. stunning numbers. >> reporter: efforts to keep muslims from certain countries from entering the u.s. and anti-muslim rhetoric from the campaign may be tricking down to students at local high schools. study of california muslim stants indicates
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they'reification increase in bullying and discrimination. cair indicates more than half, 53% said they had been made fuchb, verbally assaulted or abused. one in four cyberbullied and 57% seen offensive comments about islam or muslims online. >> hear from teachers that students are called terrorists, al qaeda and other horrible names at school. we work with them to resolve the issues. >> also including materials in class. challenged material. >> fact that islamophobic articles used by entire english department for four years and no one found it problematic is problematic in itself. review of policies making sure it's environment for all are there. >> reporter: says the marked increase in bullying and
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discrimination is disturbing, but survey is just that, sampling of what many are saying they're experiencing. many others may be staying silent, reluctant to speak out. san jose, abc7 news. congressional hearings on the russian influence into last year's presidential election begin tomorrow and getting word of potential bombshell from facebook. company's general counsel will testify that inflammatory posts by russian agents were liked, shared, commented on and followed by news feeds of approximately 126 million people. 40% of the u.s. population. new information goes far beyond what facebook revealed in the past. representatives from google and twitter will also appear at hearings. homeowner was severely burned and home destroyed in early morning fire in moraga. managed to pull the injured man
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from the blaze and he's being treated at uc davis medical center burn unit. another man inside escaped before firefighters got there. cause is under investigation. death toll in northern california wildfires increase to 43. teen ager from redwood valley has died. kressa shepherd died at hospital, ct scan showed her brain had been dead for some time. suffered severe burns trying to escape in mendocino county, brother also died in the fire, parents recovering from burns in the hospital. company has gofundme account, well short of the $100,000 goal they're trying to reach, $19,000 right now. cause of the mendocino fire is still under investigation but
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there is a move to stop utilities at fault for wildfires from passing costs on to customers. currently can increase bills to pay for fines, penalties and other things not covered by insurance. jerry hill is one of the bill's authors, pg&e is currently laying groundwork to recover costs in this fire, butte fire in 2015 that cal fire says was caused by pg&e power lines. sometimes tragedy brings out best of people. we're seeing a lot of that in the north bay after the wild frz. wayne freedman with the woman helping to heal fire victims by clothing them. >> reporter: entered women's boutique, part communion, all frenzy and in the case of gina -- >> sorry you had to go through this. >> reporter: act of healing as well gina's boutique.
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how much have you given way? >> hundreds of items. >> everything down to our shoes. >> reporter: lived in fountain grove with husband and two boys. kathryn not far away. remains of her home. tonight feel whole again, wearing slightly used, donated clothing. >> amazing clothes that any woman would feel blessed to wear. >> reporter: come in from across the country, as far as atlanta. this room is one day's worth. >> i love that color on you. >> they leave not feeling alone anymore. talk with each other, get to meet other people who know what they're going through. >> reporter: garments are free, experience, priceless. in healdsburg, wayne
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by living off the grid. completely. or... set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. energy upgrade california.
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accused of obstructing justice to theat the fbinuclear war, and of violating the constitution by taking money from foreign governments and threatening to shut down news organizations that report the truth. if that isn't a case for impeaching and removing a dangerous president, then what has our government become? i'm tom steyer, and like you, i'm a citizen who knows it's up to us to do something. it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together and demand that elected officials take a stand on impeachment. a republican congress once impeached a president for far less. yet today people in congress and his own administration know that this president is a clear and present danger who's mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. and they do nothing. join us and tell your member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it.
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you have no idea what it means to have nothing. >> well, you could say the house of cards just collapsed. bay area based netflix says it's canceling the series after upcoming sixth season, said decision made prior to allegations against actor kevin spacey. netflix also says it's deeply troubled with allegations. actor alleges in 1996 spacey made sexual advance onl him when he was 14 years old. spacey's response included a public acknowledgment he is gay. head of g.l.a.a.d. said stories of coming out shouldn't be used -- sexual assault.
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>> kevin spacey is speaking out after accused of sexual misconduct. anthony rapp tells buzzfeed at 1996, when he was 14 years old, spacey rushed himself on rapp. says i came forward with my story standing on the shoulders of the many courageous women and men speaking out. spacey responded on twitter saying i honestly don't remember the encounter but if i did behave as he describes i owe him the sincerest apog for what would have been deeply inappropriate drunken behavior. i have had sexual encounters with men and choose to live as gay man. rumors are been swirling for yea years ♪ i'm coming out, no wait
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cameras began to go up last week or so. part of effort to reduce crime there. officials hope the cameras will help reduce graffiti but ironically one of the poles with camera on it had been tagged recently. spent $250,000 on the cameras. richmond's shopping mall is getting a face lift. hoping that changes will bring vitality to area in decline for years. laura anthony is live at the mall in richmond. >> reporter: mostly bad news for this mall over the past several years but with new owner in place, the future looks a lot brighter. >> it's been depression. this is where i come all the
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time. >> reporter: regular shoppers, it's hard to watch, favorite mall seemingly dying in recent years. one vacant storefront after other. how hilltop mall is about to get new life. >> it had been unmanned, so to speak, for probably about eight years. >> reporter: leslie lynndean with real estate company that purchased the mall in july. >> we have a suggestion box at property and it's full every week of what people want, skating rink, theater, restaurants, forever 21, h&m. >> reporter: as shown in the drawings, hopes to fulfill many of the requests. first step is renovate the mall itself, now called the shops at hilltop. then larger plan with up to 10,000 new housing units. >> do a lot of good for the
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community. >> reporter: manages zuniez, one of the handful still there. given the departure of j.c. penney. >> fact they're planning on revitalizing is probably best thing they could do for it. >> i want to see it grow back. >> reporter: hopes to begin initial renovations early next year. abc7 news. spacex launched a rocket into space and safely landed it on earth a few minutes later. >> one, zero. >> the falcon 9 carried a satellite for a south korean-based company and re-entered the earth's atmosphere and landed atop a drone ship in the atlantic ocean so spacex can use it again. reusing part is very interesting. toyota testing self-driving
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cars in concord. part of the abandoned naval weapons station. just unveiled platform test vehicle. focus on toyota's chaffure and guardian program. celebrating a candy created in 19th century and getting ready for bump at pump. michael finney is here with both stories. >> my best consumer tip of the day, fill up gas tank tomorrow. wednesday the gas tank is increasing to 30 cents a gallon. diesel up 20 to 36 cents a gallon. used to fix california's shab kri roads and highways. increase coming under attack and talk of ballot measure to skroefr turn the new tax law.
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>> another measure would raise sales tax to raise state pay. calls for paying them as much as state legislators. paper is filed with secretary of state. first hurdle cleared. and today is national candy corn day. created in late 1800s. recipes including corn syrup, mush mallows, coloring and palm wax. three quarters of them are sold around halloween. each candy corn has just more than 3 1/2 calories. >> so great for diets. thank you michael. all right. abc7 news was in san francisco's inner sunset district when shoppers of all ages looked for
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perfect pumpkin. clancy's pumpkin patch offered many pumpkins and after severing for their version of the great pumpkin, many will return when it's transformed into a christmas tree lot. labridge in hay, erratta farms. can you make your way through it? each year it delights visitors young and old, inspired by greek mythology. that maze looks like fun. it is going to be a treat for halloween. don't have to worry about tricks from mother nature. 6:00, sun still shining. 50s, 60s, clear skies. latter part of the evening, fog and definitely a halloween chill. hopefully you get a chance to enjoy this weather. taking little ones out trick or
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treating. i want to show you hour by hour forecast for san jose. tomorrow evening, 67 degrees at 5:00. taking kids out early, still pretty mild. then later on at night, drops into the 50s. santa rosa, hour by hour. 64 degrees, comfortable at 5:00 p.m. cooling towards latter part of the evening in 40s. concord, will be clear, temperatures slowly come down as we look at hour by hour. and oakland, 60 degrees tomorrow evening at 5:00 but as we go towards latter part of the night, mid-50s for trick or treaters or party goers, going to be crisp and cool in some cities. live doppler 7 is showing low clouds and fog along the coastline. clouds above in many parts of the bay area. 23 in oakland, that's making it
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feel brisk out there. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. finally feels like seasons have changed. right 92 numbe right now numbers in 50s and 60s. treat for halloween, no tricks. wet pattern later this week. clouds are widespread. spotty drizzle near the coast. 8:00, some of the school parades under way, few clouds. 9:30, some clouds, no drizzle. mid 40s to low 50s. afternoon will be bright and little bit warmer. upper 50s coast side to low 70s inland. storm impact scale, exclusive to abc7 news. light system. rain come through, occasional
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downpours. half inch to inch for most of you. breezy at times. 5:00 friday morning, light showers, widespread around lunchtime and continues into friday evening getaway time period, saturday morning is scattered showers, then a window for several hours before the next batch sunday morning, lingering into monday morning. rainfall from quarter inch in san jose to just over an inch in ukiah. wide range. sierra nevada will be measuring snow at some of the resorts in feet. donner, 31 inches by sunday night. 27 at kirkwood. download the abc7 app. treat for tuesday. temperatures duplicate wednesday, then clouds, storm impact one. light system, periods of rain.
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don't forget to fall back sunday morning. time changes. we gain an hour of sleep. i think kristen and i are excited about that. >> who could forget about an extra hour? >> tech conference will turn parts of san francisco into traffic nightmare. wednesday before the event starts howard street between 3rd and 4th will close. dreamforce next monday and ends on the ninth. traffic changes to van ness transit corridor. express bus lane down middle of the excrete like changes needed for underground
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utility work. traffic will sometimes be reduced to one lane in each direction. bay area is fine dining capital of the u.s. michelin released ratings. last week anoused coi for seven. today lowered jean george to two stars. five top rated restaurants. added three three-star restaurants to the list while new york has added none. charles schulz continues to bring in money. create are of "peanut"s had in front of elvis presley but behind arnold palmer and michael
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jackson. >> octopus invasion going on in wales. took this picture of octopus roaming around. seen dozens around the beach. rare numbers. thinks sightings related to recent storms like hurricane ophelia. not first time octopus seen walking out of the water. 2011, fitzgerald marine reserve here in san mateo county. octopus to whales. humpbacks in monterey bay. share your pictures using #abc7now and may see it in news cast or online at whales to sharks, cornerstone of san jose's hockey team returns but this time in visitor's
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thanks for staying with us. coming up on abc7 news at 6:00. san francisco could be paying you for parking. explain how your name could end up on the lucky list. and hear from woman in this controversial costume. what she says she's dressed as and how it looked to other people. and free? michael finney tackles that topic on abc7 news at 6:00. san jose sharks fans are in for rare sight.
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patrick marlowe, called the shark tank home for 20 years, playing for opposing team. longest tenured shark in team history and until this season played every single game in teal. also a captain for several seasons. be honored before the puck drops. >> there's going to be a lot of emotions for sure. it's different, obviously, different side of the rink and different room and things like that. but trying to keep routine as close as normal as possible. >> unless the sharks and maple leaves meet in stanley cup final, this is the only visit to the tank this season on world news with david muir tlt is coming up next. next news cast at 6:00. meantime you can connect 24/7
5:30 pm bye-bye. tonight, the bombshell tonight, as we come on the air in the west, president trump's former campaign chairman, paul man fa northwest, under house arrest tonight. the 12-count indictment. among the charges, conspiracy against the u.s., money laundering. his associate, considered his right-hand man, indicted, too. the president tweeting, "no collusion." but then, what could be an even bigger bombshell. a third man, a former trump campaign adviser, pleading guilty, acknowledging meetings to get dirt from the russians. and he's been cooperating with the fbi for weeks. the other news this monday night. the powerful storm hitting the east. the homes swept away by flood waters. the allegations and new fallout tonight involving actor kevin spacey. and made in america is back. tonight, the world series edition.


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