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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 30, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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i don't know if he's trying to deflect or what he's trying to do. but these issues are up related. >> new fallout surrounding kevin spacey. local leaders restrongly to his letter addressing sexual misconduct allegations and his decision to come out. >> as local leaders respond, a major organization is now taking action. let's get to abc 7 reporter live in the newsroom with more. >> people are choosing to come out are usually applauded by the gay community but not in this case. spacey receiving loads of criticism. >> the fallout continues. the international academy arts and sciences said they will no longer honor him with the 2015
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award. and they won't renew house of cards coming up snlt i haven't watched it because i don't have a lot of respect for him as a person. >> and now expressing even less respect. he is accused of making sexual advances to anthony rath who was 14 at the time. spacey was 26. he apologized for the incident and then came out as gay. he said i have loved and had romantic encounters throughout my life and i choose now to live as a gay man. >> that's not how you come out. >> he said he gay men have long been accused of being predators. >> i don't know what he is trying to do but these issues are unrelated. molesting a boy has nothing to do with being a gay man. >> the other issue, spacey's choice of words. i choose now to live as a gay man. >> i think it applauds the people that think being gay is a
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choice and it obviously is not. >> spacey has made no announcement since the statement but the gay community making a statement loud and clear. we have breaking news out of antioch. one person is dead after shooting on pepper tree way a few blocks south of the high school. this happened at 8:00 of the police there right now gathering evidence and talking to witnesses. they have be released any information about a suspect. and more breaking news. one person is dead on the university of utah campus and there's a search going on for a gunman. police say he shot someone inside a vehicle. students received an alert three hours ago and were told to shelter in place. take a look. these three men in president trump's inner krerl face had federal charges. paul manafort and rick gates pleaded not guilty. a third man, mr. trump's foreign policy adviser, george pop do
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th thatpleading guilty. >> paul manafort was once charged with overseeing the trump campaign but now he is charged with 12 counts of an indictment. they are now under house arrest sell thing from charges that they work for ukrainian officials with ties to russia and they hid more than $75 million in offshore bank accounts. >> there's another indictment that does discuss the possibility of collusion with russia. the former policy adviser to candidate trump has pled guilty to lying to the fbi about his interaction with russian agencies. according to the indictment, he told other members of the foreign policy team that he had contacts that could facilitate a meeting between mr. trump and vladimir putin. and according to the fbi, the russians told him on april 26
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that they had thousands of moil e-mails on hillary clinton long before they were made public. a day after the pivotal meeting, candidate trump gave his first foreign policy speech. >> i believe an easing of tensions, improved relations with russia, from a position of strength only, is possible. >> reporter: sarah sanders said he was an unpaid volunteer and the president himself fweetd manafort's indictment saying it was years before he ever joined the trump campaign. a boy was thrown off a slide at the water park. he was not seriously hurt. tomorrow the parents' attorneys said they will announce a lawsuit as well as the slide's manufacturer and contractor.
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today's testimony by ballistic expert could be key to the murder trial of kate steinle. an undocumented agreement is accused of killing steinle. he said he believes he fired directly at her even though at the bullet ricochetted off the ground. he said it is common for inexperienced shooters. prosecutors are trying to convince them this was no accident. a surveillance camera catches a man robbing two people who were simply walking down the street. the suspect in custody but the story is not over. >> live in san jose with more on what police want now. >> reporter: police think their suspect is responsible for seven robberies that they know of. but they believe the could have been other crimes and more victims. this strong arm robbery was captured by a surveillance cruise missile a house. the homeowner who didn't want to
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us show his face said the victims his mother and sister-in-law. >> i was shocked. and then my mom was trying to push back and trying to grab the change back. but is lucky that she didn't get hurt. >> the man stole valuable necklaces from the women. he dropped his wallet but he retrieved it but left behind a receipt. police have arrested 21-year-old lawrence carter. >> good, great. >> carter is snuktd at least seven similar robberies. a gun was used in one of them. >> it's really sad the ceo of the indian community center said gold jewelry is prominent in indian culture. >> i would advise them to not wear any such valuable items on them to be safe. >> a neighbor was surprised to learn the victims were elderly.
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>> it was not really surprising but it is more sad that they would attack an older woman. she is helpless and can't really defend herself. >> police believe there could be more victims and they're asking them to come forward. >> a mendocino family made a tough decision. to end the life of their date. the second daughter they lost to the fire. half her body was burned and yesterday the brain scan said she was brain dead. her 14-year-old brother was killed trying to escape the fire. there is good news on the fire front. the nuns fire that burned parts of sonoma is now fully contained. the tons fire and the pocket fire are 99% he contained. full containment is expected tomorrow. there are still lots of ways
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you can help victims. abc7 is it black face or not. what one local store employee is saying after her controversial costume goes viral. >> plus, drivers may not like the gas tax that's about to roll out. >> and the north bay rebuilds, halloween could be the perfect holiday. how it is bringing the community together. trick or treat? i'll have the hour by hour halloween forecast coming up. >> first, shaquille o'neal is in for jimmy kimmel tonight. >> i'm shaq here for jimmy. i can remember hearing your voice. >> i screamed so much. >> make a free-throw,
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abc7 news has obtained exclusive video at staples on why she is wearing dark make-up that looks like black face. today video you'll see only on abc7 news, she explains her motive behind the potentially offensive costume. >> what is your costume supposed to be? >> i'll a beauty shop customer. >> a beauty shop customer? why is your face black? >> this is a charcoal mask. >> okay. it looks like black face to me. >> oh, no, no, no. >> just before the video, the employee told a customer she could also be a napa fire mask. she wasn't actually an employee.
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both companies that hired her have apologized. the employee has since been suspended. >> california is closing on becoming the smoke bike friendly state in the country and the gas tax will likely help. we're now the third most bike friendly state in the united states. this is all according to the league from american bicyclists. a portion of our new gas tax is expected to be used on bike lanes. it goes into effect on wednesday. >> for many of us, halloween will be the same as it always is. in the north bay, it is a way to escape for a night. cornell bernard is live in santa rosa with some pretty incredible events to put smiles all of their faces. >> halloween will be big in santa rosa for sure. a hero's halloween. it will be held at old courthouse square tomorrow for displaced families. meantime, another neighborhood untouched by fire wants all families to trick or treat
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there. and halloween started early at a local school today. maybe the best pumpkin bowling ever at this halloween carnival. the first day back for students at jack london elementary since the fires. >> the kids are excited this time of year. and a lot of the children have been through a lot of stuff. >> they brought their daughters. their school and coffee park was damaged in the fires. jack london will be their new school. but today, it was just time to be a kid. quality time in the bounce house and face painting. >> we painted pumpkins, saw some of our friends. >> the events sponsored by the boys and girls club. >> so many of these young people have been out of their homes or lost their homes. we wanted to give them a halloween costume which isn't that important if you lost your house but to a kid that can make all the difference in the world. >> we will still be going trick
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or treating in a different neighborhood with a couple of our friends. we'll keep it normal as much as possible. >> one santa rosa neighborhood wants displaced families to spend halloween with them. tina is stocking up on lots of candy and putting the invite out. >> i heard a little 6-year-old that told her grandfather halloween will have to be cancelled this year. that just broke my heart. >> they are planning a giant halloween block party. a fun normal halloween after a very scary month. in santa rosa. abc7 news. >> and it certainly feels like halloween outside, too. >> it does. it's fall like. >> nothing frightening about the forecast. it is certainly feeling chilly. and this time. year, you would expect it to. here's the hour by hour planner. at 6:00, it sets at 6:12.
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there will be some patchy fog around 8:00 p.m. notice the temperatures really dropping by 10:00, you will feel the halloween chill. make sure you have the extra layers underneath your costumes. you will need them. i want to show you the hour by hour forecast as you look at san francisco. 58 degrees at 5:00. if you're taking your kids trick or treating, it will be a cool one. 60 at 5:00 p.m. you're fine in san jose mid to upper, early into the evening. 5:00 p.m. by 11:00 p.m., you know it's that time of year. concord, 70 degrees is then coming down to the mid 50s. here's your live doppler 7. we see clear skies but we have low clouds and fog from san francisco to the east bay into the south bay.
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the temperatures in the 40s, the 50s, pretty cool out there. great sleeping weather. you can see why the marine influence is with us. no tricks. just a treat for halloween. and rainy days are expected at the end of the workweek. tomorrow morning when you get up. you may need a little extra time as loads turn slippery due to drizzle. not as widespread. a cool start, $a highs coming up. we'll be a little warmer tomorrow. sunshine from coast to inland. and then get ready for a big change. the tomorrow coming in. the number two system, both level one, half an inch to an inch of rain. let's check out the
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it will be widespread rain. light but it intensifies. definitely some wet weather there. by 8:00 al, to get a breather for a few hours, only to see another batch of rain moving in. this will continue through sunday afternoon and early monday before you get a break. san jose, and the rain shadow of the santa cruz mountains. you can download the live doppler 7 it will look likeweight in the mountains. the accuweather fork. clouds to sun on wednesday. the weather will be pleasant all
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the way through mid-week and then great looking weather if you like the rain. periods of ragy weather. hang on to the umbrellas and don't forget to fall back sunday morning. we officially gain an hour of sleep. >> no way. >> honesty is the best policy. >> get lost
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if you're looking for some fun tomorrow, check corn maze at the petaluma patch.
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they grow it just for halloween and after tomorrow it will be mowed down. here's a question, what will you be for halloween? we want to see your costumes so post them on abc 7 now. and we'll share them on the air just like we did. >> i would be in that corn maze for three days. >> you need to use your sending garoppolo to the 49ers for a
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that this president is a clear and present danger who's mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. and they do nothing. join us and tell your member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it.
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the patriots have agreed to trade jimmy garoppolo to san francisco and releasing quarterback brian hoyer. nothing is official. garoppolo's fourth season and his contract is up at the end of the year. if new england was willing to move him, it had to be at the end of the season. he's only started two games in four seasons so not really a proven commodity. tom brady is 40 years old. they're in their bye week and there's talk that brian hoyer could end up as the back-up. a tougher quarterback to learn an entire offense so look for c.j. beathard. >> the loss to the pistons last
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night, hoping the cut down on the average tonight against the clippers. the turnovers have caused the early season, kevin durant drives. his foul. he goes anyway. patrick swatted it away. klay gets it in the air. jort bell. the doves by 17 at the break. third quarter. curry to draymond who lobbed it to mcgee for the thoughdown. curry with his best game of the season. a game high 31 points. final in the third quarter. he finishes off the third by beating the buzzer. the doves roll on. 141-113 for the fifth win of the year. just 12 turnovers they're at san antonio on thursday. for 20 years, patrick marleau called it home bust after signing in the offseason, tonight was his homecoming is
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that they greeted a tremendous ovation. >> for 20 years of sharks hockey. >> he was worried he would cry but it looked like he was able to hold back his tears. 2016, the first overall pick. austin matthews gives toronto the 1-0 lead. the 1992nd second overall pick. and he tipped home. the third of the year. 1-1 after two. it's the rookie with his second career in h.r. goal. making it a bitter sweet homecoming. and the sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. we told you it would be hard to come in and learn the entire offense. >> then they put a little
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packages together and write them on your wrists. >> you cheat. is that how you do it? >> i do it the old-fashioned way. >> abc7 news continues online on twitter and facebook and all your mobile devices with y
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thanks for watching. >> right now, shaquille o'neal is in for jimmy kimmel. >> it may be hard to tell them
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apart but it's shaq. >>. [ speaking foreign language ] >> what's up brother, how are you? >> are you ready to host the show, mr. shaquille o'neal? >> yes, i'm ready. all right, i'll see you out there. >> mr. shaquille o'neal, jimmy always give me a piggy back ride to the station. >> are you playing with me? >> no, i'm not a player. i'm a lover. >> all right, let's do it. jump. jump! jump up! all right. >> ouch! faster. faster. >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live" with special guest host shaquille o'neal! tonight, mila kunis, from "criminal minds," aisha tyler, and si


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