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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 31, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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highway in the shadow of the world trade center number one building. >> i saw a gri. he was like, i had guns on him. >> initial reports of a truck plowing into people and shots fired. people skralbling for safety. >> i was walking down road. i see a group with two women and children. so they're running. i hear one of the young girls say he has a gun, he's got a gun. so at that point i turn around. around 30 seconds to a minute after that, i start hearing gunshots. it was probably five to ten gunshots. one after the other. very fast. >> police stay suspect got out of the vehicle with an imitation firearm and shot by police officers. >> the driver of the truck, a 29-year-old male, exited the vehicle brandishing two handguns. a uniform police officer assigned to the first precinct confront the suspect and shot him in the abdomen. >> emergency officials are taking away injured victims on
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stretchers. police and the fbi are now investigating. authorities have confirmed this was an act of terror and they plan to increase police presence in the area. >> as we learn more about this attack, president trump sent out this tweet about a half-hour ago and it reads, we must not allow isis to return or enter our country after defeating them in the middle east and elsewhere. enough. there's no confirmation the suspect in new york was connected to isis. >> this happened on a bike path right in the shadow of the september 11 attacks. abc7 news anchor kristin has more only as well as video. >> let's start with the witness video. we have blurred it out but it is still hard to watchful. >> a terrorist attack, i'll not sure what it is.
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frantic and terrifying. now i want to you see the federal reserve bank. this is where it happened. the lower manhattan attack along the west side highway. authorities tell us that the driver entered the west side highway right about there at the children's museum of the arts and went the wrong way on the bike path 10 to 15 blocks before it all comes to an end. now a different view. take you closer in. this is where it happened. and i'll going to close it
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quickly so we'll give you a 3d view to take you closer. there it is there. an elite public school is this is right there. all that this just blocks north of the 9/11 attacks. a terrifying reminder of that dark, dark day 16 years ago. >> thank you. we first let people know about the incident with a push alert. the violent incident investigated as a possible terror attack. for immediate updates on breaking news, download the nbc 7 app. we have some breaking news coming in from sunny veil.
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this is near highway 101. chris wynn just arrived at the scene. what can you tell us? >> reporter: good afternoon. sunnyvale police tell us this is an active scene. police officers are going door to door canvassing the neighborhood. you can see the yellow tape is up. vorts are on sight right now. i want to show you the evidence markers put up in the last 30 minutes. we are live at the apartments in sunnyvale off eastwood l drive. part of the apartments have been taped off. this all started around 1:00 this afternoon. the sunnyvale department of public safety telling us they initially he responded to a stabbing here. a source saying there is blood that's visible on a driveway
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here. now, no word on when exactly the shooting happened. we are still awaiting a press briefing at the sunnyvale department of public safety. we can tell you that much of the complex is now close to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. we will continue to follow this story and bring you any more information on air and online. at abc7 >> all right. thank you. a very busy news day here. more breaking news. a runaway truck in pacific heights has left a trail of smashed cars in its wake. this happened only about an hour ago at broadway and i want to show you what it looks like on the ground.
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that's the dump truck. if it was not for that big tree he in front running the would have rolled all the way down divisadero. we can see the cars and the path of that truck. take a look. there's about eight or nine cars, all of them parked that were hit by the truck as it careened down the hill. police are trying to figure out where it came from. there's a lot of construction, remodeling of buildings. that truck could have been associated with one of the construction projects. let's to go sky 7 for a look from above. fortunately, there were only minor injuries. that's what police are telling me. this is mainly now an issue
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between the truck's owners and the insurers of the car. cars. now the experts from the commercial vehicles unit, that is the equivalent of the team are here trying determine how the happened. in particular, get this. why the truck was driverless. that's right. why there was no driver in that truck. trying to determine, was it what happened? was at this time brakes? all of those things associated with a bad roll like this that the car went through. in the meantime, there are owners of the cars trying to determine what to do. they're calling their insurers, trying to figure out if they can get them here to assess the damage. this is a pretty spectacular scene here. i am also told, i am also told, that right over here is the japanese consulate to my left. and people say this is where
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they filmed one portion of bullet. the movie with steve mcqueen. the wild chase down lombard. that's the very latest from vallejo and divisadero. >> thank you. what a bizarre story with a driverless vehicle careening down the street. we're using our new technology that incorporates sky 7 with sky map 7 so you can see the overlay of the streets highlighted there. you can see us zooming in now to give us the pinpoint location. we zmoom further to show you the exact spot where those cars were damaged by a dump truck and no driver to be found. we're waiting on details as soon as we have them. to other news, a san francisco safeway employee is out of intensive care this afternoon after suffering injuries from being stabbed by a homeless man, bitten by his dog,
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and then sprayed with bugai spray. san francisco police just shared this. this is of the suspect. his name is michael pardo. he is facing charges including having a dangerous dog. all of this was on seventh avenue and cabrillo street. the employee suffered life threatening wounds to his back. >> the north bay wildfires are now fully contained. the largest fire was the nuns fire. the pocket fire burned more than 17,000 acres. the nuns fire burned very close to jack london park. it will reopen tomorrow. the city of san francisco began an effort to get residents
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rage ready. abc7 news was in the park. the leaders outline ad flood resistant strategy. it included a series of steps small and large to prepare for winter storms which they say are becoming more powerful because of climb change. >> they are investing million to on increase our capacity for certain storm sizes. >> that's the say they've mapped out residences and businesses. they've even started an adopt a drain program so residents can help clear debris. rain is in the forecast for this week. we do want to get a time line wlf the showers will hit. spencer christian with the >> we do have some rain on our way. first a look at trick or
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treating weather for this evening. we have mainly sunny skies. the temperatures, relatively milder in the 60s, around the bay. up to 70, a little cooler on the coast. as we go into the evening house, here's our forecast. for early trick or treaters, expect bright sunshine and temperatures inland in the 1960s until it gets dark. then we'll see temperatures in the mid 50s. we'll have spook-tacular it will be cool. the chances of rain beginning on friday. 80% chance. 70% chance on saturday and sunday. 50% on monday. each of those days, the storms . with he could have occasionally heavy down pours. i'll give you a closer look at that in a few minutes.
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cal state fuller upon the. fencing has gone up around the student union where. between protesters and counter protesters. >> the number of measures that have been planned for and are in place from the fencing that you see to what will be a significant police >> the university okayed the appearance despite the drive to block the appearance which garnered some 5,000 signatures. the university's president issued a statement calling the community to respond to hate speech with civil ian on thhe had a 15-minute vis last month that cost the university some $800,000 for security. he had plan to take pa pa
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it followed his planned appearance in february which sparked violent protests. some were injured and several were damaged and vandalized. the speech was also canceled. just ahead, we've seen our share of these. car chases, police chases. not unusual in southern california. a big surprise for last-minute halloween shoppers yet. . a bear in a candy store and that's no costume. >> they said they were lost at sea for months. why the coast guard is
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a s.w.a.t. team is on the scene of a barricade situation at a school in riverside. police say a parent is holed up inside a classroom and is believed to be holding a teacher or some other staff member he hostage. the stand-off began after 11:00 this morning at castle view elementary school. officers safely evacuated all the students and staff there. our sister station kabc reports that suspect is the father of a first grader. who according to his family had some sort of breakdown today. so far there are no reports of injuries. >> and another wild scene on the streets of southern california. a man stole a los angeles county suv in the town of sylmar around 6:45 this morning. as you can see here, led deputies on a 13-mile chase into the san fernando.
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at one point the suspect backed up into the middle of the street, backed up to ram another suv. that's when police blasted out the windshield. and 30 minutes later when the driver got out of vehicle and surrendered to officers. the huge outpouring of support for the fire victims is keeping some sonoma county businesses busy. volunteers prepared sonoma strong decals. dave rodgers started making them soon after the fire started. at first he gave them away but then people gave him money to donate. in the past four days, he's collected more than $4,000. and this woman created a special rose pin to symbolize the outpouring of support. she's since raised more than $25,000 for fire relief. >> i've gotten over 2,000 e-mails from citizens, thanking me for creating an image that made them have a sense of hope
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and empowerment. >> another person sold fire relief t-shirts. check out abc for these fundraising efforts. still a long road ahead for a gray fwox with paw that's wer severely burned. they believe the fox found a safe place to hide at first but then was burned while walking on scorched ground. they stay fox needs a couple more months of care but should be able to return to the wild. we want to see how you're celebrating halloween. we got the photos that our reporters and anchors have shared. we see the pet costumes some of the adorable kid costumes. and you can share your own costumes on social media. be sure to use the #abc 7 now so we can show them online or one of our news casts later. >> i really like our idea for what we had for spencer. >> that's right.
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i can rare a green suit in front of the green screen. today you'll have to see more of me than that because i did not bring it. >> sad. >> here's the full weather. we have sunny skies on this late halloween afternoon across the bay area. there are a few spots and low clouds along parts of the cloyne but we're under conditions. this is view looking out over alcatraz and parts of the bay skifl degrees he in san francisco. 64 across the bay in oakland. 70 in mountain view. ed gilroy, 59 in half moon bay. looking toward the hills of the north bay. napa, 66. novato, 68. fairfield, concord and livermore and one more live view looking westward. we will see increasing clouds over the next couple days. especially on thursday. the rainy pattern begins friday. it will be wet and chilly.
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let's look at the overnight conditions. mainly clear with a patch or two of low clouds developing in some spots. the low temperatures will be in the upper 40s. a bit chillier in the north bay valleys where lows will drop into the upper 30s and low 40s. and then mid to upper 60s along the bay. generally, upper 60s inland. a couple of locations may hit 70. let's talk about the approaching rainfall. we have several coming our way. each of them breaking one on the storm impact sale. a string of wet days coming our way. some locations may get more. here's our forecast animation starting friday morning. 11:00, we'll have fairly widespread showers and some snow in the sierra. the rain continues overnight into saturday. now, late saturday we'll get a little break. saturday night for the most part. then another wave comes in on
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sunday. and notice, it continues to snow in the central sierra. it will feel a bit chilly and winter like. it is almost winter. the rainfall totals we project friday through monday will range from about a third of an inch to nearly three quarters of an inch in the wet he was locations and generally, the wettest locations will be in the north bay. and speaker of higher terrain in the sierra, we have a winter storm watchful we expected 12 to each inches. one to three feet of snow in the highest peaks. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. and i'm excited about the rage west expected light showers friday. morning showers on saturday. e is taking showers.
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don't forget to turn your clocks back saturday night, sunday morning as we fall back to standard time. getting into the halloween spirit. it is not cheap. up next, the frightening cost of celebrating the holiday that might spook you. >> that was very spooky. and some silicon valley giants go on the defensive today. their role in the russia collusion investigation involving the white house. and we want to let you know this praling note. the general hospital show did not air. it will air starting at 2:12 a.m. if you won't stay up for that, set your dvr t (avo) when you have type 2 diabetes, you manage your a1c, but you also have a higher risk of heart attack or stroke. non-insulin victoza® lowers a1c, and now reduces cardiovascular risk. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar
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decreased appetite, indigestion, and constipation. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. ask your doctor about victoza®. shoppers received quite a surprise last night in
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gatlinburg, tennessee. that's a bear that ran right past a group of shoppers and into a candy store. >> we came walking around and there's a bear like that right there. and i looked at it. i said hang on one moment and i'll be right back. i turned around, i walked back to the door. and i yelled, amy, there's a bear out here. >> that sounds about right. witnesses say the bear didn't touch anything. it simply walked out the door. the wildlife experts say the bear likely walked out of the nearby smoky mountains looking for food before they begin their winter hibernation in a few weeks. >> mr. bear, hold on one second. candy is one of the many ways people spent money on halloween. decorations, costumes, and the total runs into the billions of dollars. live in halloween at a show case house. >> hi. americans will be spending an
4:26 pm
average of $86 this year on halloween. just look at the elaborations in this home in san jose. some businesses have been holding parties today, sacrificing product i think as the employees dress up and celebrate. >> can you tell it's halhallowe? the kids certainly know. >> what are you doing now? >> trick or treating. >> and you'll have lots of candy? >> yeah. >> the stores and other businesses along san jose's lincoln avenue are filled with preschoolers interested in collecting their treats. frankenstein has been passing candy for six years. >> every year we go through more and more candy. we have like $800 in candy. >> halloween spending is expected to set a new high. 91.1 billion. -- $9.1
4:27 pm
you can see how elaborate the decorations are at some homes. some are motion and sound act vegas. one homeowner can guess his spending is in the thousands of dollars for decorations. some parents do try control spending by making their own costumes. >> we try to use what we have at home. my kids' costumes, using construction paper, vinyl, the most it spent was the dollar that i spent for the laundry basket. >> others who turn on stores. sometimes finding prices cut by 50%. >> that's a lot of money. >> how much are you going to spend? >> maybe $50. >> well, you're contributing to that number. >> true. >> in san jose. the president's chief of
4:28 pm
staff stirs up controversy. what he said that inspired a fiery reaction from martin luther king's daughter. plus, they were stranded at sea. but new questions. and we want to see your halloween photos. before you head out trick or treating, snap a picture, shoot some video and share it on social media. just use the #abc 7 now. it may end up on the air or our
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san francisco police after a terror attack in new york kills eight. there's no known threat here. >> the suspect was seen running away from police. an officer chased him down and arrested him. he moved to new york from uzbekistan in 2010. >> investigators say he drove a truck on to a bike path and then crashed into a school bus. he got out and yelled, armed with gun and pellet gun. the officer shot him in the stomach before placing him under arrest. >> it was a normal day. just out of nowhere i hear, i see people running and screaming
4:32 pm
and multiple gunshots. new york's governor called it a lone wolf incident with no apparent link to a wider terrorist attack. about 11 people and the suspect are being treated for their injuries. two are being operated on as we speak. a day after the special counsel revealed the first evidence, a member of the trump campaign attempted to reach out to russians during the election. abc's serena marshall reports now from washington d.c. with the very latest. >> good evening. the president tries to distance himself from those targeted first by the special counsel. he is called a witch hunt by the campaign and russia and its interference in the election was front and central at the capitol today as facebook and google
4:33 pm
publicly testified on how their platforms were used during the election. >> a presidential pivot. mr. trump tried today to move back to policy. and passed the charges paul manafort, and george papadopoulos. >> money laundering and fraud were the charges. the sail warning papadopoulos' guilty plea was unsealed. he pleaded guilty about lying about several interactions with the russian government. president trump's personal lawyer responded. >> the end result is the meeting doesn't take place. >> there's no conversation regarding firing robert mueller. and there is no basis to fire robert mueller. >> the top republican on the senate intelligence committee not comforted by that promise.
4:34 pm
as questioned of possible collusion swirl on capitol hill, russian interference front and center with facebook and google facing a congressional panel. facebook revealed to those russian purchased ads reached more than half of all u.s. facebook users. 126 million people. that's more than one in three americans. investigators say the sophisticated campaign also included twitter posts and youtube videos like the one. an effort to stir up tensions. >> when it comes to the 2016 election, i want to be clear. we take what happened on facebook very seriously. >> now, facebook revealed they shut down nearly 6 million fake accounts just a month before the election. senators calling for more regulation, particularly when it comes the those political ads. but the tech giants insist, they will do better.
4:35 pm
abc7 news. >> i do want to get back to some of the numbers that were revealed. we're talking about astronomical numbers. nearly 6 million fake accounts shut down in october of 2016. as many as 126 million facebook users being exposed to this content being created by russian operatives. >> that's right. that number, 126 million. that's one in three americans exposed to this content created by russia. and i want to get to some other numbers. twitter said they discovered more than 2,500 accounts controlled by the russians. tlig,000 russian bots. and they found more than 1,000 videos related to the russian hes in st. petersburg. >> many thanks to you. house republicans are expected to unveil the final version of the tax reform bill tomorrow. it won't include a deduction for state and local income taxes but
4:36 pm
will keep the property tax deduction. republicans made that concession over the weekend after some house members pushed back. the trump administration homes they can pass a full version of the bill by thanksgiving. john kelly is catching heat for comments he made about the civil war. >> roberts e. lee was an honorable man. he gave up his country to fight for his state, which in 150 years ago, was more important than country. it was always loyalty to state first back in those days. >> now, as you just heard on fox news, kelly said lee was an honorable man and the civil war was caused by a lack of compromise. they said at the removal of confederate flags and statues is dangerous. those responding to the comments include dr. martin luther king jr.'s daughter who said it is irresponsible and dangerous, especially when white
4:37 pm
supremacists feel emboldened. a police officer is under fire for his halloween costume mocking the ex49erex49erex49erer kaeperni kaepernick. >> the police chief at the university of nevada in reno is apologizing after one of his officers dressed up as colin kaepernick for halloween. and this is from the gazette journal who first reported the story. i have it pulled up on my computer screen and i want to show you the costume. you can see their university police officer's photo next to what appears to be the same man in a wig, a painted beard, a false nose and a sign that says will stand for food. he said i offer my sincere apologies. members of our profession are held to a higher standard and denigrating another on or off duty is insensitive for its lack of respect and a lack of
4:38 pm
understanding on how others may negatively view their actions. kaepernick of course chose to kneel. abc7 news. questions are beginning to mount surrounding the story of two sailors rescued at sea by the navy. the women and their two dwrogs adrift for more than four months after storms damaged their sailboat. >> the coast guard says the two women who were rescued after drifting in the pacific ocean for more than five months never activated their emergency beacon. >> why didn't we use it? in hawaii, i have learned over the past ten years that you do not use it unless you are in imminent danger. >> that's the emergency position radio beacon. its signal communicates with satellites and sends locations to authorities. jennifer and tasha, left
4:39 pm
honolulu on their sailboat on may 3rd with their two dogs bound for tahiti. less than a month into their voyage, during a spell of bad weather, the engine stopped running for good. their water purifier broke.brok. they said their signal flares went unanswered for months and their food was almost gone. >> no one was assisting us. >> we talked about how we believed we had been left for dead and that was it. >> but now this. >> i did not feel that we were in imminent danger. we were distressed. no question about it. >> a taiwanese fishing vessel finally spotted them and alerted the u.s. nay. a warship going to okinawa. they characterized the process as a routine review and not an investigation. abc news, new york.
4:40 pm
shock on the highway in hawaii. a violent road rage incident is caught on video. we'll tell you what prompted this auto attack. >> didn't even bat an eye. >> flare the young hero who risked his life to save another after a boat capsizes. we're looking at bright skies on this halloween afternoon. going into a mostly ghostly evening. accused of obstructing justice to theat the fbinuclear war, and of violating the constitution by taking money from foreign governments and threatening to shut down news organizations that report the truth. if that isn't a case for impeaching and removing a dangerous president, then what has our government become? i'm tom steyer, and like you, i'm a citizen who knows it's up to us to do something. it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together and demand that elected officials take a stand on impeachment.
4:41 pm
a republican congress once impeached a president for far less. yet today people in congress and his own administration know that this president is a clear and present danger who's mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. and they do nothing. join us and tell your member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it.
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(dog panting) another 2am stroll, huh? i'm worried. i have this medical bill. dave, you have anthem, and they have people to talk to who are empowered to help answer any question you... (dog grunting, panting) is... is he okay? real people? living and breathing. hopefully not breathing like that. for all the things that keep you up at night, anthem blue cross has a solution.
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a driver in hawaii captured a frightening moment on the road. talk about up close and personal! the driver of the pick-up said he started recording this video after his truck was hit in honolulu. the video shows a honda hatchback smashing into the pick-up. at one point, the honda goes in front and both vehicles come to a stop. no one was hurt. a witness says this all started when the pick-up cut off the honda in the tunnel. the honolulu police are investigating. a 13-year-old surfer is being called a hero after he spotted a drowning boater off florida's atlanta coast. he paddled out in rough conditions and saved him. a drone captured the whole thing. >> watch as a drone captured a
4:44 pm
terrifying moment on the coast joomter, florida. the boat capsized, throwing the man into the ocean. he is doing everything he can to keep his head above water when the 13-year-old heard the cries. >> at first we saw the boxes from the boat in the middle of the sea. >> reporter: a moment later, sal spotted the struggling voter struggling against the tide. >> there was a guy coming around the inlet. i powered to the end of the inlet where the current is. i gave him my surfboard. it was really strong. i was swimming next to him so i was really struggling just to get out of that area. >> reporter: his dad said he is not surprised by his dad's hero i. >> it is his character. he didn't even blink an eye. he handed it to a grown man. he saved his life and said what's for dinner, dad? >> reporter: but sam isn't letting his new found fame go to
4:45 pm
his head. >> he said thank you and went back to surgefing. >> he said he got a thank you but never caught the name of the boater. the boy's fathers father hopes others will see it as an inspiration to put others first. we have bright sunny skies as we go into the evening. we'll see a few clouds move in but it will be mostly clear. lows will drop into the 30s. another relatively mild day. upper 60s near 70 inland. we'll get rain. we'll have a string of rainy days. each one will produce some
4:46 pm
rainfall every day from friday to monday. light showers and rainfall totals ranging from anywhere between a third of an inch to between a third of an inch and three quarters of an inch. over in the sierra, it will be cold enough to snow. we're looking at up to two feet or more snow in some of those central sierra locations over the weekend. here is our accuweather forecast. bright and sunny skies most of the day. but the clouds will increase late in the day and overnight into thursday. then the rain begins arriving on friday. we could have five consecutive days of some rain. and we fall back to standard time. parts of macy's san francisco flagship store could go on the rental market.
4:47 pm
>> more trouble for
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4:49 pm
4:50 pm
new retailers may be moving into macy's flagship. they are reviewing an application to add new entrances on the geary street side and reconfigure the ground floor. they will be leased out to two new retailers. this comes after macy's sold two of its properties. >> and accusing fixing the companies of drugs. the lawsuit was filed last year but it has been expanded to 18 countries in at least 15 generic drugs. it alleges 15 agreements have been made to fix prices for at least 15 generic drugs. they range from an antibiotic to one treating glaucoma and
4:51 pm
another for epilepsy. those 15 drugs make up 88% of all prescriptions written in the united states. that's how big this case is. the sales recommends are accused of getting together to exchange sensitive come petty information. one of the companies named in the complaint said there's no evidence to back up the allegations. what's my credit score? you can now ask that and other credit related questions and alexa should have the answer. and peer-on has reached an agreement to playing it possible. users will need to enter their i.d. and password along with a personal key. they said a personal key was added as an extra layer of security after a data breach last month. the company homes to make accessing credit scores routine for consumers. best buy from now until
4:52 pm
christmas, the retailer is offering free holiday shipping. the company is waving its $35 minimum needed. it is also expanding the service to 45 markets. shop letters pay $5.99 for that one day service. this is all, of course, in an effort to compete with amazon and other online retailers. i want to hear from you. the 7 on your side outline. you can reechbl me on facebook. alexa will do everything. >> it is kind of scary. >> what is michael's credit score? just ahead, it is becoming a growing part of our lives. how do we feel about automation? >> there's a lot of it from self-check out lanes to atms. we're phasing out to having to deal with other people. he.
4:53 pm
coming up tonight, out of the ashes. treasured photographs found in the ashes of the wine country fires are reunited with their owners. the 49ers making news. and why it may be better to eat your halloween candy that you who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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a survey that defs into whether self-check outlines makes it easier at the grocery store. >> it's love it or loathe it. when it comes to self-check out stands. >> i prefer dealing with people. f there is a mistake, it is ple. easier to deal with a person. >> i like it. it is quicker. and it takes less time. >> according to a new university survey, only 25% of us like automated checkouts. where 50% prefer interacting with a live clerk. >> some say it may not be that some prefer the live clerk as much as they want to avoid using the still imperfect and sometimes frustrating technology at self-checkout stands. >> half the time, something goes wrong. it says wait for the assistant. once the kinks are out, most
4:57 pm
people adapt. >> some stores are betting on people's interaction. >> that's what keeps us alive. >> i don't want to go to a grocery store and try to write down codes everywhere i go. or weigh it on the per pound system. i don't want to do that. target recently upgraded software in the checkout lines and they say guestfaction scores spiked up. what really lies ahead is what is being tested by amazon go. you pick up items, you're charged via a smartphone app at the store. no checkout lines. no registers. >> here the real efficiency is you walk in. you take what you want and you walk out. >> no cards to load and unload and reload. >> demographics alone mean more
4:58 pm
automation is coming our way because younger people gently prefer it. >> what you're about to see behind us. this is no ordinary fork, clearly no. it may be a good gift idea if you have a lot of money and you know someone who is a good eater. it masks any slurping sounds while eating. >> i didn't realize it was such a big problem. it has a microphone that detects noisy eating. it sends a signal to your smartphone to drown out the sounds. >> it will only mask if it it gets 5,000 pre orders by december. we'll see about that. and it is being called the dumbest gadget of 2017. >> this is a better idea.
4:59 pm
the middle, fresh off the boat, blackish, the mayor, kevin probably saves the world and then the abc7 news. abc7 news starts right now. >> i heard the gunshots. it happened out of nowhere. >> why the may o'is calling it a terror attack. >> silicon valley gets killed over russian interference in the election. >> you can't put together rubles with a political ad? >> the kate steinle murder trial. why the jury wants to test gun used to kill her. and wedding photos lost in a fire are returned to the owner. this was an act of terror. and a particularly cowardly act of terror. >> breaking news from new york city. this video shows the man police say drove a truck into a bike
5:00 pm
path, killing at least eight people. good evening. >> as new york city's mayor said, the attack is being called terrorism. this is the suspect, sayfullo saipov. he was shot by police and is now in custody. >> the attack happened on the west side highway, just blocks from one world trade center. maggie has the latest. >> this was an act of a particularly cowardly act of terror aimed at civilians. >> police shutting down west side highway in the shad oldest world trade center number one building. >> he was like, he had two guns on him. shots


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