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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 5, 2017 6:00am-6:58am PST

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stable comfort on both sides is only $1499. save $300. ends soon. visit for a store near you. good morning everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, november 5th. look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hey carolyn. good morning to you. hi everyone. it's a nice start out there if you like it clear and chilly. the sun coming up at 39. setting just after 5:00. we do have clouds on the south end of the bay. boy, it is frosty in the north end. 31 in santa rosa. 46 in fremont. good morning san jose. 40s for you as well. that brings us from 6 to 21 degrees colder in this post
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frontal atmosphere. we're a beautiful shot from mt. tam. slow to warm. below average for the afternoon. by noontime, all in the mid-50s. by about 4:00, low 60s as much as we can manage for the inland valleys. 60 around the bay. that's 6 to 9 degrees below average. getting warmer when we bring in more rain for the week ahead. carolyn? >> lisa, thank you. only on abc 7 news, a shotgun, a rifle, hundreds of rounds of ammunition all stolen from a deputy's car here in san francisco. they were taken from an off-duty san mateo sheriff's deputy's car parked in the tenderloin. lonni rivera has the latest on the investigation. >> the first is going to be a shotgun, the weather bay 12-gauge pump action. blue steel with a brown stock.
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the second firearm is a colt ar-4 black in color. there are also 40aing 20 rounds3 that were stolen. >> friday night san francisco police took a report of a gun and ammunition theft from a san mateo sheriff'sdety. we're told that it happened on 41 jones street in the tenderloin. saturday afternoon an all points bulletin from oakland police asked all officers to be on the lookout. >> checking it with --[ audible] bulletproof vest. >> this gun and ammunition theft is one of six in the bay area since november of 2015. the weapon used to kill 32-year-old kate steinle on pier 14 in july of 2015 was stolen from a park ranger's car along the embarcadero. just last week he testified in court that he felt comfortable
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leaving the gun in his suv with tinted windows. lonni rivera abc 7 news. california lawmake passed a law requiring law enforcement to lock their handguns in safe boxes in their vehicles. but wotere n stolen friday night. in september an off-dutyuty rep someone broke into his car and stole a handgun in pa trer owe hill. that deputy has since been fired. developing news from mountain view where police are investigating a stabbing that's injured a man. it happened around 6:30 last night outside the center for the performing arts. police say jan neil stabbed another man and continued to attack him even after officers used a taser on him. that victim was seriously hurt. but in stable condition. the suspect also went to the hospital for treatment and is now in the santa clara county jail accused of attempted
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murder. disgraced hollywood producer harvey weinstein could possibly face rape charges in new york city. abc 7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian spoke to a woman who she and heard rumors about kevin spacey. >> bellowing profanitieprofanit. to senior vice presidents, to actresses, to filmmakers. >> she worked her way up back in the '90s. she caught harvey weinstein's eye while she worked in the mail room. >> harvey requested that i become up and be his assistant. >> she turned the job down because of the environment. >> there was a terror there and control. >> still, she insists two decades ago talk was always about weinstein's temper,
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narcissism and bullying and not about accusations of sexual assault or rape. >> we didn't know. because we would have stood up for these young actresses. we would have stood up for them. >> meantime, in new york city investigators are building their case against weinstein after boardwalk empire actress accused weinstein of sexually assaulting her twice. >> go arrest mr. weinstein, we need arrest warrant. that requires a court order. so we want to get our evidence first before we do something like that. >> weinstein's representative says, "any allegnsio nonconsensual sex are unequivocally denied by london a possible criminal session investigation into actor kevin spacey. he's accused of assault and of preying on young male actors. that according to hart, was known in the industry. >> there were some rumors around that film and some rumors about his misconduct. >> like what?
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>> that he was hitting on the boys. >> lisa amin gulezian. police in sonoma looking for three woman accused of stealing more than a thousand dollars worth of alcohol from a store. take a look. authorities say this trio walked in t mtohearket store friday night and walked out with 20 bottles of high-end liquor. detectives believe they hid the bottles in shopping .ne with ibd to contact authorities. after years of debate, san francisco police will be armed with tasers following a contentious vote late friday. the police union is applauding the move, but now there's a new concern about use of the weapon. abc 7 news reporter cornell bar national guard has t . protests boiled over deciding if police officers should be allowed to carry tasers.
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what police call a less lethal alternative. >> we've been pushing for tasers seven, eight years. >> san francisco police officers association president martin halloran commends the commission for approving the use of tasers. but he worries a policy for using the weapons could put too many restrictions on how and officer uses a taser. this video supplied by taser maker axon. >> when you restrict it to the point where an officer is unable to use the taser, what's the point of having that policy? >> we just oppose the use of tasers. >> activist alex post from the democratic socialists of america says the sfpd should use more deescalating tactics like time and distance during standoffs. >> people die from tasers. approach the community with the weapon rather than the 21st style taser. it's the wrong way to go. >> chief williams wants all officers to carry so-called
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conductive energy devices or tasers. before that happens, scott said in a statement we understand and acknowledge the public's ongoing concerns about ced use before the device is deployed. it is critical that we submit a solid policy based on national best practices. if a taser use policy isn't addressed soon, he'll take it to the voters. >> the poa is prepared to take it to the voters and have the voters weigh in. >> stay tuned. >> cornell barnard, abc 7 news. a 32-year-old hayward man has been booked for critically injuring a san francisco police officer early wednesday morning. in the castro neighbod.oorh identified him. lisoemains hospitalized with hr b-tfeeingniea wounded in the exchange of gunfire. that happened near 18th and diamond after midnight wednesday when officers approached a suspicious vehicle. the injured officer is in condi.
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we're just a few days into a new higher gas tax and people all over the state are already fighting back. abc 7 news was in san francisco as people stood in front of a gas ssataying, stop the gas tax tax-trophe. a new law went into effect raising the gas tax by $.12 a gallon, diesel tax by $.20 a gallon. >> because of the gas and the diesel both have gone up. that increases not just the gas but the price of all goods. because transportation of goods is primarily via truck. >> annual car registration fees will also increase by 25 to $17w measure. members from 11 shia muslim mosques located throughout the area organized a peace march and
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blood drive this weekend. abc 7 news was at civic center plaza in san francisco where thousands condemned global terrorism. marchers called for unity and peace and a greater understanding of the muslim faith. >> here we are today standing up with the terrorized and the oppressed people of the world to tell them that we are with them. we are one of them. >> marchers commemorated the imam saying an important figure in the islamic faith who stood against terror and promoted peace. he t system that brought us some rain has dumped some snow in the sierra. this is the first significant snowstorm of the season. this cal trans camera on i-80 at castle peak shows sroads. this is the scene yesterday at squaw valley, alpine meadows from the resort's 360 camera. at least 5 inches of snow have fallen there so far this weekend.
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squaw valley is preparing to open on november 17th. hey, this is definitely feeling like fall. >> uh-huh. 20-degree spread. 51 in oakland and in between here in san francisco, we're in the upper 40s. so certainly a much colder increase in the north bay. they'll sink south throughout the afternoon but will they lead to rain? i'll let you know about the rest of the weekend and the week ahead just moments away. >> also ahead. a strong message on streets here in the bay area and all over the country. thousands want to see change in the white house. how president trump and vice president pence reacted to calls for their impeachment. an outpouring onorthay b victims. how one local program has more than doubled t
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here's abc news reporter linda lopez on tax reform. >> from los angeles to chicago and new york and more than a dozen other cities, a political
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action group marched through the et. >> overcome fear andre uncertaiy and recognizing the grave danger that the trump/pence regime presents to humanity. >> the group's goal, remove trump from the white house, along with vice president mike pence. >> the trump/pence regime pus go. >> the speakers argue for a peaceful removal, contrary to the predictions of some websites and publications on the right who hyped the rallies as the start of a violent overthrow o the u.s. government. police arrested only a few demonstrators. >> the president not reacting to the protests laying a wreath in pearl harbor, hawaii on a stopover to japan. on the "uss arizona." all part of an asian tour that would take him to korea, china,. mike pence focused on tax reform. a trip to pennsylvania. >> the first $24,000 in income for working families in america will be completely tax-free.
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>> the president unveiled the tax cut plan thursday. deatcrs immediately attacked it. >> it's really making suckers of the american people. >> according to the latest abc news "washington post" poll, x reform. 60% say they believe it primarily benefits the wealthy. linda lopez, abc news, new york. here in the bay area, hundreds of protesters for the impeachment of president trump. abc 7 news was at union square in san francisco where they marched through the streets holding signs accusing the tru add mrks of ,smci xenophobia. even the most passionate said both sides have a right to be there. >> this is a democracy. i've learned a lot more about democracy in the past few months and the necessity for freedom of speech. even if i don't agree wie a rigr opinion. h
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>> police were on the streets and perched on a nearby rooftop watching over the crowd to make sure there was not any able. trouble. we have an update about a progm helping victims of the north bay wildfires get back on their feet after the devastation. a local nurse has created a match program teaming families in need with families who want to help. after our story last saturday, 300 more families have volunteered to help. that is double the number of volunteer families that originally signed up. this program is tailored to give those with nothing the things onlyneg.y heli, ed hundreds of boys who attend oakland's public school spent their saturday learning about the importance of literacy. abc 7 news was at a school in oakland where the man-up read to lead conference was held. the boys and teenagers ranged from third grade to high school
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seniors. the event focuses on the importance of honing literacy and comprehension skills and they do it through teamwork. >> so it's a place where we really are building each other up. we're lifting up great stories ofmazing people ur o respected communities and again, talking about the importance of reading and comprehension. the african-american male achievement program and with the more house college alumni association to put on that event. the san mateo county history museum is celebrating the day of the dead today. admission is free between 5:00 and 8:30. there will be arts and a festival of altars, food and music. the day of the dead is a traditional mexican holiday honoring those who have departed. happening today, the 21st annual tri-valley veterans day
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parade returns to pleasanton. this year's parade highlights the medics of the military. veterans groups, community organizations and marching bands will take part. the federal holiday is friday and honors all americans who have served in the military. today's parade steps off at 1:00 this afternoon in front of the veterans memorial hall on main street. now, your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. temperatures in the city at that time in the 50s. a cool day on the way with numbers below average. we should see about 66 at this time of year in the city. perhaps 69 in mountainview. we will be shy of those readings. starting out pretty cold this morning. live doppler 7. basically clear except for low clouds in the southern half of the bay. sunrise earlier at 6:39. our sunset 5:07. mt. tam looking awfully chilly this morning.
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it is with the clear skies. 49 in the city. view. 41 gilroy. half moon bay. looking at 51 in oakland. thedeil mr the sutro tower. cold start for everyone with 30s in the north bay. below freezing santa rosa. freezing novato. 35 in napa with 41 by the delta. 42 in livermore and concord at 45. last stop here in the city where it is nice and sunny. today'hig h is. 8 degrees below average here downtown san francisco today. so patchy frost not out of the question. in some neighborhoods cool and dry today. we'll see increasing clouds and we'll follow that through on monday and tuesday. but then by wednesday, we get milder but a weather system on the way bringing breezy winds and some decent rain. we'll see rain last throughout the rest of the workweek after wedn ftothy, notice the cloudsea offshore. this is 7:00 in the morning. then by the afternoon, you'll notice increasing clouds in the
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north bay. weak weather system bear down from the north and it will fall apart. it could wring out a few light sprinkles in the north bay. possibly along the coast. otherwise, this system goes by pretty much unnoticed. unclear monday and tuesday. rebound to near average by inc and rain in the morning. by the afternoon, it looks like the afternoon commute will be impacted by this system. it takes us through the overnight hours and into ng to be winding wn. as it pushes to the north, another piece of energy heads our way on friday spreading more light showers. so the biggest impact from this will be on wednesday and then it looks like the rain will linger throughout the rest of the week. 62 in san jose. 61 in sunnyvale. 60 san mateo. we talked about the city earlier. mid-50s in daly city. extra cloud cover in the afternoon.
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61 petaluma. san leandro, 60 today. on president inland east bay, cool with low 60s pleasanton and pittsburgh. we're looking at maybe a few sprinkles late tonight, mainly in the north bay. bright and brisk on monday. total sunshine on tuesday. download the accuweather app and the timing on this system likely to change between now and wednesday. but looks like wednesday we'll be getting our heads wet. that should linger into thursday and even friday. next weekendksoo l eaerhe aatwep r. pretty handy. the moment by moment forecast. >> the rain and really cool temperatures combined. >> thank you, lisa. just ahead,eo inhe bayple area are sleeping better. i know lisa and i to daylight saving time. we'll tell you which bay area city w
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hopefully you enjoyed an extra hour of sleep this morning. a new study finds people in san francisco are most likely to sleep better because of daylight saving time. sleep cycle americans that was the name of the study. surveyed more than 100,000 alarm clock users last year. when we lost an hour of sleep, most americans woke up in a
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people in san francisco slept the best when we fell back and ledas at fall, san franciscans woke up in the best mood. i imagine that holds true for today as well. still to come here on abc 7 isn japan to kick off has a new abc post" poll lands with some e-n even with tuesday's terror attack, the new york city marathon goes on. i'm maggie brul
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this is abc 78 mornings. welcome back everyone. we're starting with a look at the weather with our argen. >> hey carolyn good morning to you. 6:39 is the official sunrise setting at 5:07 today. hopefully you enjoyed the extra hour of sleep. it's a chilly one. it's 51 in oakland. low 40s from gilroy to half moon bay. look at the north bay. 535 in napa. concord good morning.
6:30 am
45. compared to yesterday, 9 to 22 degrees cooler. so we're in that post frontal dry atmosphere. today, numbers will be slow to warm with mid-50s by noontime. by the afternoon, anywhere from 3 to 9 degrees below average with 50s on the coast. low 60s inland. we have a couple of cool dry autumn days before the rain comes back into play. carolyn. lisa, thank you. the new york city marathon is the largest in the world with more than 50,000 runners. after last tuesday's terror attack, the city is on high alert this morning. there is an unprecedented amount of security. abc news reporter ragul mli joins us live near the finish line with the latest. good morning, maggie. >> reporter: carolyn, good morning. almost immediately after tuesday's terror attack, the mayor here in new york city said that the marathon will go on no matter what and already this morning we've been seeing the city out in full force and are
6:31 am
feeling energy and excitement in the air. >> more than 50,000 runners and 2.5 million spectators are defiantly taking back the streets of new york city. less than a week after the deadliest terror attack to hit new york since 9/11, the new york city marathon goes on as planned. >> our pride, our strength will be on full display on sunday at marathon. we have people here from all over the globe. my message is we will keep them safe. >> courageous and determined runners not letting terror stop them. authorities aren't taking any chances. >> what happened on tuesday is something that everybody that sits up here at this table, this is something we think about all the time. >> ahead of the event, top officers came together to have responses to various worst case scenarios preparing for anything. >> you will see a lot of police presence. everyone is in this together. if you see something, say something. >> sand trucks and other blocked vehicles positioned at intersections. extra heavy weapons and sniper teams. radiation detection devices,
6:32 am
canine units, ramping up robust security force for marathon day. officials have no information of a specific or credible threat but warn major events like the marathon are always a target. officials say even with tuesday's attack, they have not seen a jump in cancellations and nearly every runner we talked to have said they're ready to run. they're not going to let anything stop them. in new york maggie rulli abc 7 news. thank you, maggie. >> president trump is in japan for the first leg of his trip to asia. abc news reporter karen travers is traveling with the president and has more on this high-stakes trip. >> reporter: good morning. the nuclear showdown with north korea is the critical issue for president trump on this 13-day trip through asia. today, no specific mention of north korea. in his remarks to u.s. service
6:33 am
members. but he did seem to send a messageo kim jong un when he idsa dictator or regime should underestimate american resolve. a new poll says 67% of americans say they don't trust the president to act responsibly on this issue. before the formal diplomacy gets under way, president got in a round of golf with shinzo abe at the course that will be used for the 2020 olympics golf tournament. the two leaders have bonded over their shared love of golf. they played a round at the president's club in florida back in february. before they hit the links, they signed hats. in bright gold letters it said donald and shinzo make alliance even greater. another social event for the president and first lady tonight. the japanese and prime minister hosted them for dinner at a japanese steakhouse. karen travers, traveling with the president in tokyo. it's been almost a year since president trump won the election. a new abc news "washington post"
6:34 am
poll finds just 37% of americans is the lowesisterformance. pproval rating for any president nine months tmp voters say they would support him again. 61% of americans say democratic leaders are criticizing president trump but not presenting any alternatives. coming up on this week with george stephanopoulos, former u.s. attorney bharara on the mueller russia investigation. plus a one-on-one interview with former naon dzi b this week at 8:00 after "good morning america". a fraternity at an alabama university is under investigation for a racially insensitive halloween display. farmhouse fraternity at troy university is being criticized for a skit that was shared thousands of times on social media.
6:35 am
it shows someone wearing a sombrero climbing a brick wall, as another person dressed as president trump is yelling at that person. the display has students and faculty outraged. they held a town hall meeting friday night. >> i was outraged. i was upset. i didn't understand how a student leader of troy university could post something like this. >> it was shocking and disappointing. you see stuff like this. you go home and talk about, oh, look another racist thing happened today. >> in a statement, the university says it does not fras or the images shown in the video. an iconic soccer ball found in the debris of the 1986 crash of the space shuttle challenger has returned to earth after a voyage to space. the ball was presented to astr zuk a by his daughter who was a soccer player at clear lake high school
6:36 am
near the johnson space center. it was recovered in the wreckage and went on display at the school and recently taken to the international space station. the widow of the astronaut accepted the ball at the high school friday night during a ceremony. still ahead on abc 7 mornings, a young marin county leukemia survivor's dream is going to come true. next, what he'll be doing in south africa thanks to make a wish greater bay area. here's a live look from our cam. below normal temperatures and rain is back in the forecast. lisa argen will be along shortly with the full accuweather with the full accuweather forecast. attaord health care, with the full accuweather forecast. we can now repair complex aortic aneurysms without invasive surge. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for varicose veins. and if we can precisely treat eye cancer with minimal damage to the rest of the eye, imagine what we can do for glaucoma, even cataracts.
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did you remember to fall back last night or early this morning? it is 6:39. not 7:39. this is a live look from the abc 7 exploratorium camera at pier 15 showing you the beauty of the bay. there is a chill in the air. kind of down right cold. lisa will be along very shortly with the full accuweather forecast. ofpening right now, thousands runners are warming up to compete in the so fie golden gate half 5k. here's a live look at the --
6:40 am
runners willness avenue down bay street. they'll cross the golden gate bridge and loop around towards the marina. new this year, a wine festival at the end of the finish line. parts of van ness are closed to traffic for the marathon until 8:30 this morning. drivers will have to detour around van ness between north point to bay street. some muni lines, including 28, 30, 43, 47 and 49 may experience some delays. always seems to be a race going on in san francisco. >> yeah. >> love to run. >> keep moving to stay warm this morning. it's below freezing in some neighborhoods there. closer to the water, we're in the 50s in oakland. santa cruz is chilly. mid-40s right now. a high of 60. they saw a few sprinkles yesterday. we're looking at a cool and dry forecast fort second half of your weekend. in fact, the first part of your workweek looks pretty
6:41 am
a look at them with the full accuweather forecast. the warriors headed home after finishing a three-game road trip. they had a huge third quarter last night in denver. by living off the grid. completely. or... set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. energy upgrade california.
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in sports the jimmy garoppolo era begins with the 49ers today
6:44 am
jimmy g. will be the number two quarterback behind c.j. bethard add the stadium. tonight the raiders try to bounce back. face the dolphins at hard rock stadium. kickoff at 5:30. the warriors return home tonight -- tomorrow night against the miami heat. last night golden state tried to win their third straight game.' in this morning's sports. good morning. the warriors in denver last night and loving the altitude. the threes sliced through the air. denver has a high five squad to greet the warriors. warriors in the first. kevin durant misses a three. draymond green gets the rebound, misses the putback. durant says i got your back. they lead by 5. they lead. nuggets on a 8-0 run. nuggets take the lead. zaza getting warmed up. curry tips the ball. zaza goes coast to coast. celebration is not too bad either. zaza then misses the layup.
6:45 am
curry with the steal. the three and the foul. four-point play. he had 22. dubs with a 43-point third qrter. they win 127-108. three for three on the road. returning to oracle for a four-game homestand. stanford hosted by washington state in an important pac-12 north matchup. the cardinal get running back brice love back after missing costello gets a start at quarterback. brice love, 16 carries for 69 yards. but he did break free once. 52 yards. ten straight games with a rush over 50 yards.mef the year wher didn't reach 100. 7-0 stanford. third quarter, costello, threw 10r ford5 one pick. bounce pass to himself. 22 yards for the score. stanford down 3. then the lone mistake on fourth and one. he's picked off by the other number 20. reading it all the way. 52-yard pick six. stanford up 21-17. in the fourth, falk threw for 337 yards, three touchdowns.
6:46 am
dumps it off to calvin. 11 yards for the touchdown. wa zoo twins 24-21. stanford drop to 6-3. cal hoi it's senior day.0 beavs early. cal ties it up when patrick laird up the middle. career high with 214 yards. most by a bear since best. still first quarter. ross bowers perfectly thrown pass. to ward in the third. 14 yards. 14-7 lead. end of the half. matt anderson, 49-yarder. nails it. he had two first half field goals to set the golden bears all-time scoring record held by doug brian. after the beavs cut it to three, pump fakes, freezes the defense. jordan beez i, makes it look easy. 30-20 bears.bes win it 37-23.
6:47 am
now a win away from bowl eligibility after laird's big day. >> always been confident in myself. i always worked. if i ever got the opportunity, i would be able to take advantage of it. alork has paid off. l the hard w >> maybe our most complete game. i thought we took a step forward as a program today, as a team. that's encouraging. now there will still be things to clean up. really proud of how the guys competed. sharks keep the three-game win streak. hosted the anaheim ducks attank. the 1,000th home game. first period, cory perry gets behind the defense. squeezes a 5-hole. on martin jones. 1-0 anaheim. midway through the third. sharks with a two on one. joel ward with good row making a season debut. stop the ward that puts in the rebound. tying it at 1-1. this game went to overtime. and a shootout. oh, what a -- around miller. are you kidding me? look at the reaction from the bench. they need a save.
6:48 am
an mae jones delivers.2- their win streak is now at 4. t raiders in miami. all those highlights tonight at 5:00. that's the way the ball bounces. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. it'soy>no>> much colder out there this morning. but i'm here to tell you how much colder.anywhere fro 6o chillier this morning. there's a live look outside from emeryville looking back at san francisco with the sales force tower and the transamerica pyramid. a gorgeous start to the day with live cameras for you. yeah, you may want to stand in bed a little longer. in the 40s for most cities here. 43 at half moon bay with 45 in mountain view. san 49. pretty picture behind me, but the wind is blowing. the numbers slow to recover with 30s this morning from santa rosa to novato. 36 in napa. we're down to 31 earlier with 42
6:49 am
in livermore. behind the front, cool dry air and we are looking at temperatures below average today. anywhere from 6 to 9 degrees below average. boy, isn't this a gorgeous vie from a roof camera. live doppler blanks here with ait of cloud cover. to the south of us, milder around the water this morning in the upper 40s to low 50s. boy, it has been a cold night out there. if you haven't turned or yet, t could be even chillier. so patchy frost this morning in parts of the bay with cool and dry weather. ehe rest of th day, tomorrow, into tuesday, we'll see increasing clouds today from a weak weather system that could bring a few sprinkles. more likely will wash out this evening. rainy, windy, milder for wednesday. looking at wet weather from the middle of the week to the end of the upcoming workweek. our forecast animation shows the clear start. sunny afternoon. but by 3:00, 3:30,nc iinbaasrey.
6:50 am
there's the front up in ukiah. it continues to fall apart. later on in the evening, not ng sprin okles from sonoma to marin. even in theket,asco us milder t. it will be chilly, though. monday night into tuesday. we'll stip a red into wednesday, we're looking at a milder start but rain arriving throughout the morning hours. the evening commute is impacted wednesday night with prettyeedsi ootd pushes on through on thursday. it's not done yet. more activity in the north bay come thursday afternoon. by friday, another system wants to bring a few more light rain showers into the bay area. so overall, still looking like a relatively weak system come thursday and friday. but on wednesday, looks like maybe half inch. 1 on the storm impact scale. stay'll fine tune the details ahead. 62 in fremont. should see 66 in the city. 58 today. if you're headed to santa clara.
6:51 am
59 at 1:00. 60 by 4:00. overnight lows. extra cloud cover. a little milder out there with more upper 40s and the accuweather seven-day forecast showing that we'll have a dry r inkle later on and then cold nights, brisk afternoons with a lot of sunshine. the mildest day looks to be tuesday. increase the clouds on wednesday and maybe more rain. download the accuweather app because i can't talk much longer. >> get the details with the app. >> okay. lisa. an unusual dream is coming true for a young marin couynt health care advocate. now, thanks to make a improve lives of others half a world away.ghr or a princess. rick dreams of helping people live more healthy lives. >> the 9-year-old says he had no idea what was going on as his
6:52 am
family and classmates at bel-air elementary school in tiburon applaud. north bay congressman jared huffman presentea proclamation from make a wish greater bay area announcing rhett will head to africa to deliver vaccines and other medicines. >> going to africa really affected me. >> the proclamation recognizes that not only is the fourth grader a leukemia survivor, he's also become a well-known advocate on the issue of vaccinations. >> please vote yes. >> the new england journal of medicine credits his testimony two years ago at the state capitol as one of the factors that convinced lawmakers to pass a controversial bill requiring vaccinations for most schoolchildren. back then he had a compromised immune system and was unable to attend classes because not all the students were immunized. rhett now in remission and still a health care advocate.
6:53 am
not just because i'm his dad, but he is a special kid. >> now this special kid will head off on a goodwill journey wiwoxprlerd tshealth organizati pretoria, south africa. >> i'm going to be bringing vaccines to people and i get to meet all -- a lot of infectious disease tock tors from the w.h.o. and go on a safari. >> he and his family plan to leave for south africa this month. coming up, the san francisco golden gate symphony begins its new season. how they're using today's st pr trump's border wall.
6:54 am
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check out the winning numbers from the powerball drawing. 12, 14, 26, 48, 51, the powerball number 13. no one got all six. wednesday night's jackpot goes up to $75 million. and the winning numbers from last night'sil m28li son lotto plus, 5, 8, 29, 32, 41 and the mega number 25. no one got all six in that drawing either. wednesday night's prize increases to $29 million. happening today, the golden gate symphony is kicking off the 21st season in san francisco. with a twist. they're using the sound of music to protest president trump's border wall.
6:57 am
today's concert is called viva mexico. beyond border walls. it includes a mix of traditional compositions and features visiting performers from mexicoa rehearsal. the concert is 3:00 to 5:00 this afternoon. you can buy tickets online or at the door. let's get a final check of your accuweather forecast now. >> we have a dry forecast. boy, is it cold out thers, 40s. a couple of 50s later on today. still in the upper 50s san francisco. 60 in oakland. cooler than average. maybe a few sprinkles tonigh ryenth with cold nielts monday night, tuesday. total sunshine, pretty day and we're looking at rain on wednesday, showers thursday andl right. that is going to do it for us.
6:58 am
thank you for joining us on abc 7 mornings. i'm carolyn tyler along with lisa argen. the news continues online, on twitter, facebook and instagram. abc 7 news continues at 9:00 a.m. did you remember to set your clock back? it is coming up on 7:00 "good morning america" is. up next. have a great sunday everyone and have a great sunday everyone and a great week ahead.
6:59 am
we can now use a blood sample to detect lung cancer. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for the brain, sca a imagine what we can do for multiple sclerosis, even migraines. if we can use patients' genes to predict heart disease in their families, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you.
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good morning, america. this morning, touchdown in tokyo. president trump arriving for the start of his 13-day asia trip. with a message of strength. >> we dominate the sky. we dominate the sea. we dominate the land and space. >> teeing up an ambitious agenda. what he hopes to accomplish. what our new poll says about his approval rating and the loyalty of his base. ecrets.illing s >> i'm with her. >> the tell-all new book by dnc interim chair donna brazile. how she reportedly considered removing clinton from the democratic ticket after clinton's collapse at the 9/11 memorial.


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