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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  November 6, 2017 11:00am-11:29am PST

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and that breaking news, two inmates on the run, and an active search happening right now. these photos just released by the santa clara county sheriff's office showing the two inmates who escaped in palo alto. thanks for joining us, i'm kristen sze. those inmates walked away from the santa claira county courthouse in palo alto and we found janine with the latest. >> reporter: kristen, we're here in front of the courthouse in palo alto, grant street, where the courthouse is located, has begun closed and you can see there is a heavy presence here of deputies from the santa clara county sheriff's office. they have a yellow crime tape in front of the courthouse, however, we're being told the
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public is still being allowed. f more and more law enforcement are showing up here. around 9:30, two inmates escaped. here's a picture of them, one identified as 47-year-old john bivens, other escapee, 46-year-old tramel mtramel mtram when they did escape, they were wearing their orange jumpsuits. don't know what charges they faced, why they were arrested, how dangerous they are. we're trying to find out information from the sheriff's office, were they coming from the main jail or elm wood, lowe security facility detention center, if they were being transported, dropped off, if that's when the made the escape or actually escaped from inside the courtroom during a hearing. there's always a deputy present in there who is armed. so we are trying to get to the bottom of this. there is an active search
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happening right now. as we were coming from san jose to palo alto, we did see numerous law enforcement agencies posted throughout palo alto at several intersections. we're going to continue to follow this. but if anyone recognizes either of those two men, they're asked to call 911 immediately. there are reports the "mercury news," our news partner had been reporting they did jump into a black sedan and may have moved to another vehicle. we're still trying to get that confirmed ourselves. reporting life from palo alto, abc 7 news. >> all right, janine, thank you. developing news, officials have just released the motive in that mass shooting at a texas church where 26 people were killed attending service. authorities say the suspect was motivated not by racial or religious reasons, but by a domestic situation within the gunman's family. investigators say the gunman had sent threatening text messages to his mother-in-law who attended that church. abc news reporter da eer is in
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sutherland springs with more on the mass murder and his victims. >> reporter: the victims range from age from 18 months to 77 years old. >> because he's a coward. he's a coward. why else would he go for the people in a church? >> reporter: in one family, three children were shot. 6-year-old brooke and 8-year-old emily died. the family telling abc news their 5-year-old brother is recovering. 14-year-old annabelle rene pomeroy, youngest daughter of the pastor of the church, also died. >> is we lost more than belle yesterday. one thing that gives me a sliver of encouragement is the fact that belle was surrounded yesterday by her church family that she loved fiercely. >> reporter: the masked gunman, 26-year-old devin kelley first opened fire outside the church during a morning worship session. >> our church was not comprised of members or parishioners. we were a very close family. we ate together. we laughed together. we cried together. and we worshipped together.
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now most of our church family is gone. >> reporter: as kelley left the church, official say he was fired upon by a hero neighbor who jumped into a car with johnnie langendorff and they chased down the suspect. kelley crashed his car and was found dead from a gunshot wound. >> he hurt so people and affected so many people's lives, why wouldn't you want to take him down? >> reporter: kelley seen in this linkedin photo appeared to have anger issues after serving a year in prison vfollowing a cout ma martial for assault on his spouse and child. abc news, sutherland springs texas. our coverage continues online with our abc 7 news app. enable push alerts to get instant updates. as new information comes out. also go to our abc 7 news facebook page to get the latest
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information and post a comment. san francisco police are urgently seeking a large cache of weapons and ammunition stoling ostole i en out of a san mateo vehicle parked in the tenderloin. live with ramifications, matt, of this theft. >> reporter: i talked with the spokesman with the san ma dteo county sheriff's department. they're not commenting on camera about the case because the san francisco police department is the lead agency as they investigate this theft. a shotgun, rifle, 500 rounds of ammunition, as well as a bulletproof vest and fbi jacket are now in the hands of a criminal. >> a shotgun, a .12 gauge. blue steel with a brown stock. the second firearm a colt ar 4. >> reporter: a thief broke into an unmarked san mateo sergeant's
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car and took all of it. the sergeant served on its joint terrorism task force but the weapons and ammo were not fbi issued. state senator jerry hill helped pass legislation last year requiring citizens and police officers to store and secure handguns in cars. but it does not apply to long guns or rifles like the ones stolen in this case. >> i just can't emphasize enough how, you know, common sense has to play into this somehow. and law enforcement officials just haven't exercised that at all when it comes to weapons. and securing them in their vehicles. we have to change that behavior. >> reporter: san mateo county sheriff's spokesman says department policy requires all weapons left in a vehicle must be secured to a fixed object and locked. it is yet to be revealed where in the car the guns and ammo were left. but the consequences of this theft could be devastating. this is one of six in the bay area since 2015. the weapon used to kill 32-year-old kate steinle on pier 14 was stolen from a bureau of
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land management ranger's car in san francisco. >> begs the question as to, you know, how many more killings and how many more crimes will we see from law enforcement weapons that are not secured properly? >> reporter: sheriff's office says they'll wait until the completion of the san fra police department's investigation into this theft before they decide whether any disciplinary action will be taken. reporting live in redwood city, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> matt, thank you. happening now, a crash in lafayette causing traffic delays at st. mary's road and north silverado. a big rig crashed into a fire hydrant taking down a power line. here's a picture of the downed pole. see water spewing from the fire hydrant in the background. police say water has been shut off in the area. pg&e is working to turn off the power. it should be restored later today. new developments in a knife attack in downtown mountain view. police say the 55-year-old victim has died. the attack is now being investigated as a homicide as a
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result. it happened saturday night in a courtyard on castro near mercy street. police say the suspect, jan neil, stabbed the victim and continued to attack him even after officers used a taser on him. the suspect was taken to the hospital then booked into jail. police say it's unclear what caused the fighter or what caused the fight or the men knew one another. now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> hey, good monday morning to you, i wouldn't say the storm door is open, but we definitely have a more active pattern. that's going to bring us a couple of chances of rain over the next several days. we'll start with the first one wednesday when we'll have just about 90% of us getting wet weather. thursday, 70% of us getting some wet weather. and so what we're going to be dealing with is a light rain coming in during the overnight hours and through thursday morning commute. now the storm's going to rank a 1 on our impact scale. sorry. i'm having a little issues with the computer there. let me just tell you, it's going
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to rank a 1 on the impact scale. we'll have .015 an inch of rain in the south bay to possibly 2/3 up in the north bay. behind that, another storm will come in later this weekend. i'll have all the details on that in my accuweather seven-day forecast. >> all right, thank you very much, mike. happening now, over 100,000 people are gathering at the moscone center in san francisco for the annual sales force dream force conference. with the big crowds come big traffic delays. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield joins us live from the south of market now with more. amy? >> reporter: hi, kristen. yeah, big names as well. also big furry creatures. you can see them behind me. some of the names of the speakers include former first lady michelle obama, and actor ashton kutcher. you're attending this. if you aren't, you'll want to avoid the area. welcome to the outside of dream force. a traffic nightmare. as one commuter found out,
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walking down 3rd street would almost be as fast as driving. >> just two minutes ago i was checking on my phone and i was trying to see how far away i'm trying to get to, showed walking is 80 minutes and driving is 70 minutes. >> reporter: here's what it looks like on the inside. a block of howard street outside moscone center has been transformed into a national park themed oasis. complete with a rock climbing wall for exercise. and hammocks for resting. it's this level of production that brings people like brian schmidt all the way from kansas. >> sales force and dream force, in particular, are very well known and it's kind of the thing to go to. a lot of my co-workers were very jealous. >> reporter: it looks impressive. dream force will host 171,000 people this week. but we were curious to find out how dream force compares to other conferences. >> typically, i go to three to four conferences a year and this one, there's no comparison. >> reporter: there is also is civic component to the week. sales force will be raising money for ucsf children's
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hospital, and also the victims of the fires in the wine country. >> is a lot of our friends and family live up there and they were affected by those wildfires so this is another example of the community coming together. >> reporter: sales force is a sponsor of thursday night's concert for those fire victims. that's going to have motley c e crue, dave matthews band. that's expected to raise more than $9 million. this section of howard street between 3rd and 4th will be closed all week. reporting live from san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you. new this morning, a judge's decision as two former aides for president trump head to court. james comey gets social. the message the former fbi director has for the twitterverse. and one by one with country superstar luke bryan. a sneak at an abc news special on how he overcame personal
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fun flight until -- >> restricted air space, that's a no-no. >> see what happens next "right this minute."
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fnew this morning a federal judge is keeping two former aides to president trump's campaign under house arrest for now. the u.s. district judge says she's inclined to remove paul manafort, and rick gates from house confinement but held off making a decision just yet. the judge says she needs more financial information from manafort and gates. the men are accused of laundering the profits of foreign consulting work performed on behalf of a ukrainian political party and concealing the assets from the u.s. government.
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they have pleaded not guilty. former fbi director james comey is going public on twitter. he sent out a tweet this morning saying "here's my new handle. glad to be part of the twitterverse. grateful to reinhold for the cover these last few years." reinhold was the name on his secret account uncovered late last month. he's been off the public radar since he was fired by president trump in may. comey has a book on his career due out next spring titled "a higher loyalty: truth, lies and leadership." if you know a little something about country music, you probably heard of luke bryan. he's one of the biggest country music stars around. and he's just now revealing a personal tragedy. that almost derailed his music career. jessica castro with abc 7 mornings sheer with the story. jessica? >> hi, kristen. luke bryan is candid about the tragedy that befell his family. he says he almost never made it to nashville. the country music superstar
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spoke to "good morning america's" robin roberts one-on-one on a special that airs on abc 7. luke's brother was killed in a car crash. it almost stopped him from pursuing his music career. luke says it was his father who was adamant about him chasing his dreams because life is fragile. then years later right after luke bryan's first performance at the grand ole opry, another tragedy. his sister, and brother-in-law, died. i spoke with robin roberts this morning about how luke bryan has triumphed over adversity. >> it's hard to get back to 100, and you're always just trying to honor those who have passed, but i have to tell you, knowing -- knowing the loss that he's gone through, and how he wants to help others who may be in a similar situation, it's really heartwarming tonight. >> luke bryan says the best way to honor someone's memory is by living and that is exactly what he is doing now. he showed robin roberts around his farm, he's not only raising
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his own kids but also his sister's. you'll be able to get a much better look into the country star's life right here on abc 7 news. don't miss robin robert's country music special presentation "living every day." it's 10:00 tonight. kristen, back to you. >> i saw it on "gma." very inspiring story. thank you so much, jessica. get your resume ready. a major company in the bay area is ready to hire and not just for the holidays. millions of iphone fans spent the weekend checking out their new phones, but this morning apple is responding to concerns about the screens. and a live look right now from our exploratorium camera at pier 15 looking across the bay. nice and clear right now. meteorologist mike nicco is tracking our next chance of rain, though. details in his accuweather forecast com
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now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> start with what its like outside right now, a few degrees warmer than yesterday. thanks to extra sunshine and warmer temperatures tomorrow. 54 in clear lake. 64 in novato on the warm side. so it's definitely jacket weather out there. enjoy all that sunshine. there's a light breeze out of the east at 3 miles per hour. at the golden gate. doesn't that look picturesque? mostly sunny today. you'll need the sunglasses. stars return things to dry air and much cooler tonight. 30s and 40s. now storm for wednesday and thursday. here's a look a the temperatures today. 62 to 64 degrees inland. 60 to 62 around the bay. little cooler at the coast and san francisco. 56 to 59. here's a look at what's going on from mt. tam. see the clouds and sunshine out there. noon will be about 58 to 62. 56 to about 61 at 4:00. temperatures thanks to the sun
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setting an hour earlier actually start cooling earlier also. look at this, near 50 at 9:00. already in the mid to upper 40s at midnight. seeing stars in that drier air that's going to allow temperatures, look at this, in the 30s in napa, santa rosa, cloverdale, palo alto, san ramon valley. rest of us 40 to 45. 48 in san francisco, the warm spot. fog in the central valley. think it's going to stay there. here's a look at live doppler y of us. see the swirl up here, that's our next system that's going to bring us increasing clouds tomorrow. as we head toward wednesday, a chance of rain. maybe a little drizzle in the north bay, along the coast wednesday morning. for the most part it's going to be dry. by the time we get to noon, there may be a stray shower or two as moisture comes at us from the south. look at the cold front come in with its light green to moderate yellow rain. into the north bay, about 7:00, into the heart of the bay about 11:00. most the yellow's gone. it starts moving through the south bay as we start the morning commute thursday morning. then by the time the commute's
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over, the steady rain's over, we'll just have isolated showers for the rest of the day. as we head through the commute wednesday, looks like it's going to be pretty dry everywhere, maybe a little drizzle down to the san mateo coast. we wake up thursday morning, you can see nearly .015 in the south bay, quarter to a third of an inch around the bay. about 2/3 to more than an inch across the north bay. so healthy storm for them. we'll have a few scattered showers again friday. sun and clouds saturday. and then that next storm comes in sunday. but looks like it will come in during the afternoon hours. notice our temperatures all throughout the accuweather seven-day forecast from the mid to upper 50s at the coast, low to mid 60s for pomost of us, whh is below average. october is one of the hottest we ever had. november, one day where we were close to average. that was the close day. other than that, it's been cooler. >> really has been. get out those jackets and keep them nearby. >> the umbrellas, too. >> thanks, mike. >> you bet. the morning money report, if you paid 1,000 bucks for the
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iphone x this weekend, the new screens could suffer burn-in, the screen shows a faint remnant of an image after a new image appears on the screen. apple says the issue happens only in extreme cases and you can help prevent it by not displaying static images at maximum brightness for long periods. the company also says its screens are the best at avoiding burn-in. google also reported screen burn-in issues with their new pixel 2 phone. if you're looking for a new job, you may want to head to ikea this thursday. the swedish furniture giant is hosting a national hiring event at most of its stores including the ones in emeryville and east palo alto. the job fair is from 2:00 to 8:00 p.m. ikea plans to hire full and part time workers in sales, security and food service departments. mark your calendar. the wait is finally over. "american idol" gets a premiere date.
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new details on the debut of "american idol" on abc. it's coming sunday march 11th at 8:00 p.m. only on abc 7. so set your calendar to join judges katy perry, lionel richie and luke bryan. ry ryan seacrest will be doing
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double duty hosting "american idol" and "live can kelly and ry ryan." >> considering i work in new york monday through friday, thank god it's sunday night in los angeles. >> are we going to fly back and forth? >> yeah. >> by the way, did you like the way i said we? >> you're welcome to make the field trip any -- >> i love field trips. >> kelly ripa had been cheering for her co-host since may when abc announced it is relaunching "american idol." so march, not a lot of time for us to get our duet down, mike. >> oh, especially me. yes. >> oh, no, especially me. i was hoping to be your backup. >> oh, gosh, no. you know i sing better than i do. >> we're not going to work out as a team. only here as a team. this is good. from all of us at abc 7 news, thanks for joining us. "who wants to be a millionaire" is coming up next. news continues online at and on the abc news app.
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