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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 6, 2017 4:00pm-4:59pm PST

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worst mass shooting in texas hit, pastor pomeroy and his wife and others seek comfort in each other. >> we laughed together, cried together and worshipped together. now most of our church family is gone and few of us left behind lost tragically yesterday. >> frank pomeroy is the pasto daughter annabelle pomeroy was inside the church when devin kelley opened fire. able to fire off multiple rounds on automatic weapon, killing at least 26, many 13. some as young as 18 months. >> there was three firearms recovered. >> reporter: authorities believe the attack was fuelled by domestic dispute. >> the suspect's mother-in-law attended this church. he had made threatening texts. >> reporter: previously served a year in prison following court martial for assault on spouse
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and child. received a bad conduct discharge from the air force and nature of the charge should have prevented him from having a company. didn't have license to carry. was working as manager at park. authorities believe he died from self-inflicted gunshot wound. they have video from the shooting inside the church. witnesses on the scene describe it as horrific. more than half the people inside the church were shot or killed. in sutherland springs, texas, maggie rulli, abc news. >> we want to look at sutherland springs, texas, department of public safety is giving an update on the shooting. take a listen. >> process, begin forensic mapping and trajectory analysis tomorrow. what i can tell you today
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autopsy was performed on the shooter. i used shooter instead of the suspect's nachlt we don't want to glorify him and what he's done. autopsy was conducted this morning, he sustained three gunshot wounds, two from the armed citizen, one of those in the leg and another in the torso. and he had a third gunshot wound which the medical examiner described as being consistent with self-inflicted. there's no change regarding the victims. we still fbi system and how the person got the weapons. for the four purchases that he made, niic did required checks and there was no prohibitive information in the systems we checked to say he couldn't have purchased that firearm. three checks. ncic, criminal history and indices on the nick system
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itself. nothing roe hibitive for the man to get the firearm. thank you very much. >> the question was the third gunshot wound was to the head, self-inflicted. >> is that a failure of the u.s. military to not -- [ inaudible ]? >> obviously everybody is looking at what happened there. i believe the air force releases statement about 30 minutes ago, we're working with them to try to figure out what happened there. >> you've been watching a live news conference from sutherland springs, texas, officials talking about new information in the texas church mass shooting. they said the autopsy shows the gunman had self-inflicted wound to the head. don't mention his name to glorify him. we'll continue to follow the story. >> after mass shooting like this there is inevitable talk about
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gun control versus mental health issues but some say there is a common thread linking the crimes. domestic violence. carolyn with more. >> whenever there are tragedies like this, always looking for answers, what was motive, were there danger signs? some experts who study domestic violence say that is a common thread that often connects these killings. sunday's shooter had been court martialed and convicted in 2012 for beating his then wife and fracturing his baby stepson's skull. skmerts say domestic violence and misogynistic behavior is say shared trait of many mass shooters. >> no question we have to do a better job keeping guns out of the hands of domestic violence abuse ers. large majority of the mass shootings, there is a history of domestic or family violence.
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>> jen reedy with moms demand action, affiliate of national gun control group called everytown. they analyzed fbi data and media reports from 2009 to 2016 and found 54% of mass shootings fit that pattern. former wife of omar matin, man behind the pulse night club shooting in orlando says she was often beaten. stephen paddock, verbally abused his girlfriend. man who shot the baseball game -- >> domestic violence is a red flag. >> with the domestic violence consortium. believes that understanding the link between mass killers and domestic abuse should lead to changes in laws nationwide.
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>> all restraining order loopholes should be closed. subject of restaining order, you shouldn't be able to buy or carry a gun. >> in 2013, governor jerry brown signed a law that allows agents to confiscate guns from individuals prohibited from carrying them, including those with domestic restraining order. in the newsroom, carolyn tyler, abc7 news. search is on for two inmates who ran from the palo alto courthouse today, they're considered very dangerous. in court for armed robbery charges when escaped around 9:30 this morning. authorities say this was planned getaway. walking the courthouse hallway and got past deputy escort to run to car waiting across the street. >> take the car, drive approximately two to three blocks appears to be another car
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they staged, uhaul cargo van. jump in and continue on. >> another look. authorities say they were restrained when escaped. if you've seen them, call 911. >> weapons and hundreds of rounds of ammo stolen from the car of san mateo police officer. >> parked in tender loin neighborhood and mayor is expressing outrage over the incident that put stolen guns on the street. >> cornell joins us live with more details. >> reporter: the search is on for the stolen guns that disappeared from a car here. more guns on the street, last thing san francisco needs. >> it's not good. >> mayor edley sounding off about the theft of guns and ammo from unmarked car of the sergeant parked in the tender
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loin. >> got into the car and got weapons that ought not to be on the streets. we have to track them down quickly. >> broadcast the stolen firepower. >> shot gun, pump action, second is colt >> it's unclear where in the car guns were stored but policy requires them to be safely secured. >> need to do what ordinance said, lock everything up. >> jacket with drk. >> bulletproof vest also stolen. sergeant serves on the fbi joint terrorism task force but guns and ammo not fbi issued. sixth theft of weapons in bay area since 2013. gun used to kill kate steinle
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was stolen before bureau of land rankers car parked in san francisco. >> putting guns in the hands of people who steal them is worst situation to happen. >> reporter: police taking the lead in the case. sheriff's sergeant not identified, don't know why the officer was parked on jones street. san mateo county sheriff declined request for interview. corne cornell barnard, abc7 news. concord police looking for gunman who shot and killed high school student moments after class ended for the day. sky7 flew over as police looked for clues. after the shooting, victim walked back to the campus. taken to the hospital but later died. concord police believe the shooter rode inside black sedan. this has been a bright crisp
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fall day. rain on the way. but live doppler 7, mainly summer. comfortably cool. mainly low 60s. high of 65 in concord. rain is coming later in the week. wet pattern, 90% chance on wednesday, 80% on thursday, 30% on friday, dry on saturday, then the rain comes back sunday and monday. closer look in just a few minutes. >> thanks. happening now, pot in san francisco, big question, where can it be sold once it becomes legal? meeting under way right now. plus -- >> welcome to dream force. >> the big sales force event under way in san francisco now. more than just big-name speakers, causing big gridlock for people in the city
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police in mountain view labelling fatal stabbing of man outside a theater isolated incident but it's first homicide in that city in three years. >> david louis with details on how difficult it was to subdue the suspect. >> reporter: the bystanders who witnessed all of this were absolutely shocked. some of them tried to shout at man to stop. police armed with taser found it difficult initially to get him to stop his relentless attack. happened in plaza at mountain
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view's center for the performing arts. unlike today, number of people were milling about to attend a musical at the center. police called when witnesses saw man stabbing older man near a coffee shop. >> don't have information in regards to if there was conversation. appears he came up and began attacking. no indication they knew each other, both just there and witnesses happened to see what transpired. >> reporter: police officers saw the assault in in wouldn't obey commands to stop. witness said woman tried to intervene before police arrived, bystander pleaded with attacker. >> please, stop, stop. >> reporter: kept attacking? >> kept doing it. >> reporter: police arrested 43-year-old jan neal from moran county. victim died so charge is
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expected to be homicide, first in mountain view in three years. coroner coroner's office not revealed the name of the victim pending release to family. one said striking victim with bicycle as he lay on the ground. >> often i leave doors open. car always unlocked. i have very difficulty to believe crime goes on in mountain view. >> reporter: sadly several children may have witnessed the violent attack. they and their parents were whisked inside the coffee shop here to shield them from the violent attack. we're live in mountain view, abc7 news. happening now, committee of san francisco supervisors is discussing where people can buy marijuana once recreational pot sales become legal in january. some san francisco residents
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want to heavily limit the number of pot dispensaries. scott wiener posted this map on facebook page and opposed plans to distribute in areas hoyted in green, just a tiny fraction of san francisco. golden state warriors are extending partnership to pepsico when move to sports center. now an official founding partner of the arena. exclusive rights to sell snacks and non-alcoholic drinks at warriors games at chase center when it opens in fall of 2019. over the weekend enjoyed extra hour of sleep because of the return of standard time. lose that but california lawmaker is looking to stop this. plans to introduce a bill in january to let voters decide if
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california should observe daylight saving time or not. effort failed last year. >> did you enjoy the extra hour of sleep? >> i do but don't enjoy seeing it get dark at 5:00 p.m. >> tough part. >> happens every year. get used to it. live doppler 7, sunny skies right now. last about 55 minutes. conditions are pleasantly cool as they should be this time of year. sutro tower over san francisco, 58 in the city, oakland 60. half moon bay 55. this is a view from mt. tam looking at ocean beach under mostly clear skies. low to mid-60s just about everywhere. and live view of the golden gate bridge. skies mainly clear. clear overnight with chilly conditions inland valleys, lows
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to upper 30s. wet and unsettled pattern beginning wednesday. overnight, north bay valleys, if you like cold weather, drop to mid to upper 30s. and east bay lows in upper 30s. most other locations in low to mid-40s. tomorrow under mainly sunny skies, highs of 57 in half moon way. up north high of 65 in santa rosa, 63 in san rafael. south bay, 66, and east bay mainly mid-60s. storm impact scale, system coming in will produce rainfall, heavier in north bay than anywhere else. most of the bay area, totals under half an inch. ranks one, light intensity but
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produce some wet weather and gusty winds. forecast animation starting. wednesday morning about 8:00, dry, but early afternoon, light rain pushing into the north bay, then evening, steadier and heif heavier into the north bay. continuing into early thursday morning. wet start for commuters then tapering off. potential rainfall by midday, .10 to quarter inch in south bay and north bay, half inch or more. our wettest region. accuweather seven-day forecast, we've a series of systems coming in. each ranking one on storm impact scale. dry on saturday, veterans day by the way. and more rain or showers on
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sunday and monday. we have unsettled weather pattern. could rain just about anytime that period. >> fall baseball, always up in the air day to day. just ahead, getting personal with country superstar luke bryan, trajly that nearly changed career. new name sean combs wants to go by now. >> i can't keep track. live look outside from san jose camera, you can see
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if you know a little something about country music, probably heard of luke bryan. one of the biggest stars. >> tonight talking about personal tragedy that almost derailed his musical career. here's the story. >> want to put somewhere in the
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house to watch them hatch. >> second you pick them up and remove them from mama hen, they're not going to hatch. >> this is luke bryan's farm outside of nashville, now filled with joy. blessed with successful career. >> i was on music row every day writing songs. people at capital kept hearing them and next thing you know, getting record deal from capital records. >> wasn't all smooth sailing. "good morning america" anchor spoke to him in special presentation that airs tonight on abc7 news. >> do you think a lot of people are familiar with the adversity he's faced? >> i don't know if everybody knows his brother died when he was about to head to nashville the first time and after grand oel opry debut, sister passes away. after that his brother-in-law. >> i spoke to robin roberts
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about how the nashville star overcame his grief paying it forward. >> knowing the loss he's gone through and wants to help others who may be in similar situation is heartwarming. >> his father told him to live his dream when his brother died. wisdom he wants to impart to others, especially his own kids and his raising after her death. >> he loves fishing and being with his boys. get a slice of americana with the bryan family. >> abc7 news. >> don't miss the country music special presentation, "living every day" at 10:00 p.m., followed by abc7 news at 11:00. >> somebody really wanted a piece of prince memorabilia, a guitar that he used in late '80s
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and early '90s, $700,000, teal blue cloud guitar that he donated to earthquake relief in 1994. expected to sell $60,000 or so, one of the most legends ever paid for music legend's guitar. ahead, trump's former chairman hoping for reprieve today. tell you what happened in court.
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thanks for staying with us. here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. we're learning more about the gunman in the texas church shooting. half an hour ago, law enforcement officials confirmed devin kelley died of self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. had a history of dmeft ek and animal abuse. sent text threats to mother-in-law who sometimes attended the church in sutherland springs. search for these people who escaped in palo alto, look at how they made escape. also getting reaction from
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san francisco's mayor after law enforcement officer's car was broken into in the city and thief took weapons and ammunition. reporter cornell barnard spoke to the mayor and we'll have the reaction. judge ordered former trump campaign officials paul manafort and rick gates to remain on house arrest. concerning the probe from robert mueller. serena live with new developments. >> reporter: good afternoon. special prosecutor's office faced off with lawyers of manafort and gates over whether or not they should be allowed to travel and exactly how much the two men aworng. when we walked into court they were hoping to get free from house arrest. judge said prepared and inclined to let defendants travel domestically, wouldn't do so
4:30 pm
without more details, specifically on their net worth. financial arrangement that got him into trouble so complex and shrouded in secrecy, prosecution admits it's not clear how much the two men were worth. that caused judge to delay granting bail. men walking out of court and back into house arrest. a scenario no doubt leaving this one-time administration official in suspense. former national security adviser michael flynn has been in the cross hairs of the special counsel for months. so far no charges have been brought. but like manafort he faces problems with his filings as foreign agent and income made in that consulting work. another source of pressure. george pap ladopoulos is free. >> going to see more charges coming. >> reporter: leaving manafort back home, papadopoulos talking and everyone waiting to see what
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move comes next in intricate chess game played by special prosecutor robert mueller. when it comes to bail, judge would be willing to reconsider if defense provided appropriate documentation on his net worth. no question the special prosecutor's office would also like to see that information. abc7 news. >> should point out manafort offered up collateral to try to convince the judge. >> reporter: $12.5 million of collateral to promise to guarantee appearances at court. problem is that doesn't amount to much because don't know how much he's worth. and concerned that he could be a flight risk. had to relinquish three passports at his last meeting. >> context matters. thanks. south korea is president
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trump's next stop on the 12-day trip to asia. wrapped up two-day visit to japan, included a meeting with emperor and talks with shinzo abe. he denounced north korea calling it a quote, threat to the civilized world and supported abe's tougher stance on pyongyang. >> united states of america stands in solidarity with the people of japan against the north korean menace. history has proven over and over that strong and free nations will always prevail over tyrants who oppress their people. >> will also visit china, vietnam and the philippines. been a lot of talk about gun violence and also the issues of health care and housing continue to be challenging for many people in the bay area. david chu, former supervisor, long list of accomplishments but
4:33 pm
here to talk about new initiatives on the horizon. >> thanks for having me on. >> talk first about health care. lot of people worried about prescription drugs and prices going through the roof. recently the state passed something you authored, sp-17, something that could help californians with that respect. >> last few years seen skyrocketing drug prices, senior, suffering chronic pain, have hiv/aids, cancer, seen the price go through the roof. $1,000 per pill, 600 fosh epi pen. and we need to understand why drug prices are going up so high, wanted companies to tell us, provide transparence on why things are so expensive. cheaper often times to fly someone from california to another country to be treated and bring them back than to
4:34 pm
treat them in california. for first time we'll have drug price transparence in our state. >> advantage and explanation will go into effect. now housing, bay area has some of the highest costs around the country, renting or owning a home. san francisco is $4,500 for renting one broom apartment? what are we doing? >> in midst of the worst housing crisis. highest rents, home prices and eviction rates in our state history. few weeks ago governor brown signed historic package of 15 bills to invest in more affordable housing, streamline and make it easier to build housing faster and hold cities accountable that are not building housing. san francisco is epicenter for a statewide crisis.
4:35 pm
took us decades to get into it, take years to get out. this is a major down payment to address the crisis. >> and we turn to gun violence. california has some of the strictest laws, closed a lot of loopholes in the past years but what more needs to be done? california? >> last year the california state legislature passed most aggressive set of gun control bills in the country. if the laws we had in place in california had been in place in texas or las vegas, we wouldn't have as many people who were killed, tragically. we're hearing a lot of elected leaders call for prayers and thoughts for the victims. of course we all support that. but end of the day, we actually have to act. it's tragic and avoidable that this happened. fact of the matter is gun lobby has had a chokehold on our nation's capital. republican leaders refused to allow gun control to be a
4:36 pm
conversation nationally. we have to get this done. >> david chu, councilman and former supervisor, thanks for stopping by. house republican tax bill likely result in tax increases for 38 million americans by 2023. chief of staff revealed the data in first congressional hearing on the tax plan unveiled on thursday. republicans countered that americans would see tax cuts in the near term. bill faces multiple challenges especially from lawmakers in california, new york and new jersey under proposed changes to state and local tax deduction. you know "american idol" is coming to abc. now we know when. growing opposition to building homes in oakland hills, complaints not with where but who is building them. spencer christian, east bay
4:37 pm
hills camera, bright setting sun and clouds coming
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accused of obstructing justice to theat the fbinuclear war, and of violating the constitution by taking money from foreign governments and threatening to shut down news organizations that report the truth. if that isn't a case for impeaching and removing a dangerous president, then what has our government become? i'm tom steyer, and like you, i'm a citizen who knows it's up to us to do something. it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together
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and demand that elected officials take a stand on impeachment. a republican congress once impeached a president for far less. yet today people in congress and his own administration know that this president is a clear and present danger who's mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. and they do nothing. join us and tell your member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it. get ready, americ"american is premiering on abc7. date revealed. ryan seacrest will be doing double duty hosting that and "live with rely and ryan".
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>> thank god it's on. >> fly back and forth? did you like how i just said we? >> you're welcome to make the field trip anytime. >> i love field trips. >> seacrest join katy perry, lionel richie and -- for the debut. rapper and producer sean combs is changing stage name again. wants to be known as, get this, love, aka brother love. won't be answering to former monikers anymore, included puffy, diddy and puff daddy. going with new name because he's changed as person. admits that changing name again is risky and may come off as corny. turned 48 on saturday. >> maybe it's mid-life crisis. >> doesn't roll off the tongue
4:41 pm
well. yo brother. >> brother love. >> >> brother spencer. >> spence d? maybe not. live doppler 7, mainly sunny skies over the bay area. overnight dropping to mid to upper 30s in north bay and inland valley locations as well. most lows in the mid-fourlts. tomorrow mainly sunny, cool conditions. upper 50s at coast. mainly mid60s inland. temperatures away relatively uniform. midweek, next wave of rain coming in, ranks one on the storm impact scale. producing insteadier and heavier rain in north bay but all parts of the bay area will be affected. beginning wednesday, a string of wet to unsettled days coming our way with light to moderate rain
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wednesday, thursday, friday, dry on saturday, more showers sunday and monday. >> what was the name? >> spence diddy. >> only if i can go with crazy k or something. >> crazy k. you're that way anyhow. >> wow. >> i'll just think about it. >> move on. train is rolling. people on the west coast think of huskies and ducks, they think of bitter rivals. but not in minnesota town. 12-year-old husky named max and four-year-old duck named quackers are best pals. inseparable, a common sight patrolling city of trout, west of minneapolis. owners say they do everything
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together. eating and sleeping, lying by the highway to watch the cars go by. gridlock, dream force convention is back in san francisco and bringing with it big names and big traffic jams. 7 on your
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i love my kids, and you know, we're all somebody's kids. and if we can't fix this, then what? >> that's actor and entrepreneur asht asht ashton kutcher addressing human trafficking. one of the speakers at conference. more than 100,000 people will attend at moscone center. and with the crowds, traffic delays. amy hollyfield. >> reporter: welcome to the outside of dreamforce, a traffic nightmare. as one commuter found out, walking down 3rd street would almost be as fast as driving. >> just checking on phone to see
4:47 pm
how far i'm trying to get to, walking is 80 driving is 17. paying for a minute. >> reporter: traps formed into oasis, rock climbing for exercise and hammocks for resting. level of production brings people like brian schmidt all the way from kansas. >> sales force and dreamforce in particular are very well-known. lot of coworkers were jealous. >> reporter: looks impressive. we were curious to find out how it compares to conferences. >> typically three to four a year. there is no comparison. >> reporter: civic component to the week. sales force raising money for ucsf children's hospital and victims of the fires in wine country. >> lot of our families live up
4:48 pm
there and were affected. another example of the community coming together. >> reporter: big furry creatures there and big names, former first lady michelle obama and actor ashton kutcher. abc7 news. time for ask finney. michael finney joining us for the questions you sent in. priscilla from sonoma county. i'm special education teacher on special assignment, not full-time salaried, been told won't be paid for two weeks because of the north bay wildfires? how can i make up for the loss? >> i have good news for you. once a disaster is declared, you can apply for unemployment without seven day waiting period. even if you apply now, get payments retroactively back to when the fire broke out. it's not perfect but better than
4:49 pm
nothing at all. >> rob from antioch asked on twitter, started bicycle delivery position in san francisco, live in antioch is it tax deduction. >> commuting to main workplace is not deductible, but does allow the use of tax-free dollars to pay for transit, commuting and parking cost through employer sponsored program. bay area employers with 50 or more employees are required to register and offer the benefits to comply. 2016 tax year, allows benefits up to -- stunning to me, $255 month per employee for transit expenses qualified. lot of fine print but includes b.a.r.t. station parking. >> tim asked, certain percentage
4:50 pm
of synthetic motor oil required for it to be called that? >> you would think so, no. standards are based on performance, not formula. oils labeled api certified meet performance standards set by industry. many automakers require the use of synthetic oil in engines because lasts longer, withstands higher temperatures, flows in cold and temperatures are better and pretty much everybody should be using it with today's cars. if you have a question, record a 10 to 15 second long video on social media, >> toys "r" us are start frenzy, third straight day open on
4:51 pm
thanksgiving and stay open 30 straight hours. schedule apply to most of the stores, new york times square location will be open even longer. been open every thanksgiving since 2009. meantime target is scaling back its thanksgiving day schedule. once stayed open around the clock. open at 5:00 p.m., close at midnight, reopen black friday at 6:00 in the morning. new faces at macy's thanksgiving day parade this year. chase from paw patrol is one of several new balloons with olaf with "frozen" and jeff from super wings and new version of the grinch. balloons are going for test flight and handlers working out to make sure they can hang on throughout the parade. plan to build more homes in
4:52 pm
oakland. not everyone is on board. >> we're standing here to strongly oppose this project. >> why this group is against the project going forward. and dan with a look at abc7 news at 5:00. >> you have a netflix account, might be target for scammers. and when jaywicking might become walking. new technology to change how we cross the street. >> that '70s
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we've got a great lineup for you tonight on abc7. 8:00, "dancing with the stars," followed at 10:00 by robin roberts special presentation "living every day: luke bryan" and abc7 news at 11:00. after nearly two decades, oakland city council is set to look at plan for new housing on site of the old hospital. labor groups are still not convinced will be enough jobs on the project. >> reporter: it's a project more than 20 years in the making, finally poised to go before the oakland city council, long-awaited transformation of 187 acres where the oak knoll
4:56 pm
naval hospital stood. >> we are standing here to strongly oppose this project. >> reporter: alameda labor council and others say not so fast. want the master developer sun cal to make a promise to them first. >> we are here today demanding this project use union workers for all aspects of the project and have local hire and other community benefits associated with it. >> reporter: sun cal agreed to use union laborers to complete preparation of the site but union leaders and group say that agreement doesn't go far enough. delivered petitions with more than 1,600 signatures to block the project. >> working on it since 1992. >> reporter: councilman larry reed says not in position to
4:57 pm
promise only union labor. >> as master developer, can't obligate those developers. unions have known that, had a series of meetings with sun cal and made it absolutely clear to them they can't. >> reporter: besides housing units would include the renovation of the whole clubhouse, public spaces and restoration of a creek the navy covered up with concrete. abc7 news. >> if the oakland city council approves the project, developer sun cal hopes to begin initial work on the site early next year. get latest news anytime with abc7 news app, enable the push alerts to be the first to know about news where you live. thanks for joining us, abc7 news at 5:00 starts right now. in one of the court hallways made escape. >> two inmates still on the run.
4:58 pm
authorities say they did a lot of planning to make it work. walnut creek teacher in jail. kate steinle trial. live on day nine. and san francisco's struggle where to sell legalized pot. overflow crowd. if you see these individuals, ask that you call 911. >> man hadn't on for two inmates who escaped in palo alto, more than six hours after they broke free, seems to be no sign of them. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm dan ashley, thanks for joining us. two men considered armed and dangerous. escape was orchestrated and sophisticated. >> janine with the latest. >> reporter: sheriff's deputies
4:59 pm
say brazen escape. ran out of that door you see behind me and authorities say it's clear that someone was helping these two suspects. take good look at john bivins and tramel mccluogh. >> escorted by deputy when they made the escape. it's under investigation how able to evade the deputy. >> red camry waiting outside. unknown if driver or keys left inside. hopped in, drove to the next street and dumped. witnesses saw the two men jump


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