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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 6, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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live where you live, this is abc7 news. songs and prayers honor loved ones in texas tonight as dozens gather in a small town to remember the 26 people killed in the church shooting. good evening. >> tonight we learned victims of the attack include a retired air force couple who were at the church for the very first time. also a family of eight, their youngest just 17 months old. >> tonight at least ten people remain in critical condition. maggie ruly has the latest now from texas. >> reporter: the investigation at the crime scene is going to take days. but after working around the clock, authorities are already starting to a clearer picture of how the horror unfolded here on sunday night. >> we've had a long night with our children and grand babies that we have left. >> reporter: just one day after
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losing his 14-year-old daughter in the worst mass shooting in history, the pastor encouraged everyone to seek comfort with eecht other. >> we laugh together, we cry together we worship together. >> reporter: their daughter was inside the church when 26-year-old gunman devin kelley opened fire. he fired off multiple rounds on his semi- automatic weapon. killing many children, some as young as 18 months. neighbor heard the shots and fired back. the man now called a hero in the community speaks for the first time. >> and every time i heard a shot i knew that that probably represented a life. i was scared to death. >> reporter: authorities now believe the attack was fueled by a domestic dispute. >> the suspect's mother-in-law attended this church. we know that he had made threatening texts. >> reporter: kelley has
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previously served a year in prison following a court-martial for assault on his spouse and her 11-month-old child. he received a bad conduct discharge from the air force in 2014. the nature of the charge should have prevented him from obtaining a weapon and authorities confirm kelley did not have a license to carry. authorities believe he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. and questions of how the shooter was able to obtain his weapon with a bad conduct discharge from the air force. we're learning the air force never gave the information to the fbi. maggie ruly, abc7 news. tonight, concord police are looking for a shooter who a high school student a block from his school. katie utis is live tonight and you spoke with one of the victim's friends. >> reporter: yes, and that young man was in shock tonight, unclear why someone would target his friends and police are calling it a targeted shooting. there's a large vigil behind me,
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but the shooting took place about where i'm standing. and you can see here, this house, this office building, which was a house, had a bullet go through it, people had to duck who were working inside. evidence markers dot the intersection where someone shot a student just after olympic high school let out for the day. >> i was walking a guest out to the driveway to her car when i heard four pop, pop, pops. >> reporter: pam lives in concord and heard the shots around 1:30. that's when police say a black sedan pulled up, someone got out, and shot the 17-year-old boy who was standing in a group. friends shared this photo, and identify him as lawrence jansen. >> soon as i heard, i just came down here and sat here. sat here for like an hour opinion. >> reporter: calvin said jansen was his friend and a fellow student at nearby olympic. sky 7 shows where the teen ran onto campus ever being shot. a janitor found him, staff tried
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to treat his wounds, but he later died at the hospital. >> he was a cool guy. he was at my house the other day too, just hanging out with him. >> reporter: officers say the teen was targeted and shot multiple times. bystanders had to duck for cover as a bullet went into a nearby office. police are still looking for the shooter as a large group gathered for a candle light vigil to mourn the loss. a walnut creek teacher is being held on $16 million bail after being charged as a child molestation suspect. police arrested 33-year-old michael bartle friday. he faces 16 felony counts that include sexual assault of a child under the age of 10. he is now on administrative leave at walnut creek intermeed yat school where he taught science. he is expected back in court tomorrow. wanted and on the run tonight, two santa clara county inmates who escaped from court
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in palo alto this morning, have so far been able to avoid authorities. they're facing lengthy prison sentences for armed robbery. abc7 news reporter katie mar sulo has the story. >> reporter: we went to the cul-de-sac in east palo alto where one of the inmates lived. a friend and neighbor told us if he could talk to him, get a message to him, it would be, we love you, be safe, and think about what your mom's going through. >> i couldn't think of what was going on his mind, but his family good, church orientated, good mom. >> reporter: this neighbor didn't want to be identified on camera, but he told abc7 news, he grew up in east palo alto with tramel mcclough, one of the escapee inmates. sergeant reggie cooks of the santa clara county sher
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office said they broke away, went through the emergency exit and got into a waiting car. they ditched that car and took off in a u-haul cargo van. investigators found their restraints and this handcuff key. >> someone who would go through this coordinated effort to get away because of the exposure in prison that they're facing, they're going to resort to whatever they have to do. >> reporter: the men should be considered arm and dangerous. they're accused of two armed robberies, one last february at verizon store, the sprees weemp were tied up and locked in a storage room. >> whatever they're facing, what they're going through, only god can judge him. >> reporter: he's afraid police will shoot to kill. well, new at 11:00, you're looking at images of commuters who went nowhere aboard a stalled ferry heading from san francisco to valet hoe.
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300 passengers waited hours for a tug boat to arrive so they could be towed. the ferry stalled just after 6:00 tonight. >> the two main engines are not operating. it's not an age question. these vessels are maintained and repaired and re-engined. we nuft have to find out what happened. >> officials also said they'll have enough boats ready in the morning to carry commuters between vallejo and san francisco. we're getting a look at a woman in connection with fights during a "no" to marksism rally. he's accused of felony assault during the rally in august. earlier images show her face covered. detectives want you to take a close look. if you can identify her, call the berkeley police. tomorrow is an election day in the bay area. marijuana taxation measures will be considered. among the key races, the new
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jersey governor's race to replace retiring governor chris christie. in virginia, the republicans are hoping to put ed gillespie in the governor's mansion, while democrats would like to see a democrat replace utah congressman jason chaffetz. in new york, mayor de blasio is likely headed toward re-election. papa john's took a stand last week. >> they're not worried about criticism, but new-found support it saw today. and netflix users at risk of losing your personal information. and a teenager's quest to rebuild an ancient city. it's now on the top museums. from the temperatures, you can tell it's going to be a cold morning. find out when we lose the chill coming up. first a look at what's coming up on "jimmy kimmel live!" right after abc7 news at 11:00. >> thanks, dan and dion.
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apparently the self-described alt-right has an official pizza and it's papa john's. a white nationalist blog made the endorsement after the pizza chain owner blamed nfl protesting players for low sales. papa john's is not happy with the endorsement, telling the louisville kentucky courier journal that the company does not want the group to buy its pizza. if you watch netflix, watch
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for a scam trying to steal your personal data. the subject line of the e-mail reads your suspension notification. it even contains the netflix logo. it asked for account netflix log-in and credit card information. new at 11:00, a new exhibition features the work of a video gamer from the north bay. the 14-year-old used the popular game "mine craft" to help make history. lilian kim has the story from nevada. >> reporter: welcome to the ancient tea ancient city. >> these things on the top, also textured. >> reporter: 14-year-old tre spent over a year building this metropolis, a video game that involves building things out of cubes. the digital offering can be
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found on the museum's website. >> when i go to an art museum and especially when i was a little kid, i was always like, this is kinda boring. but i think this is a really cool way to help them discover, you know, the love for art. >> reporter: trevor certainly had help, his dad is a web developer for the museum, but trevor did most of the work. >> i'm mine crafted out for a bit because we did this for so long. >> reporter: despite his mine craft fatigue, he's happy he stuck with the project and helped them make history. it's the first american museum to do something like this. >> we felt that being able to build this, short of being able to go there, which is a big attraction in mexico, but you could go there and visit it online and be able to see it. >> reporter: they're offering free admission this saturday and one of the things being offered is a demonstration of trevor's map. in san francisco, lilian kim, a
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abc7 news. >> what a brilliant young man. well, before tonight's game, the warriors had a little k-9 companionship. these bulldog puppies are among some 100 dogs and cats that arrived after the hurricane. they're officially up for adoption after the game. the animals are a pet project for the warriors. the team helped fly them in from florida back in september. an airline icon is making its final flight tomorrow. the farewell flights leaves sfo for honolulu in the morning. it's being considered the end of an era in aviation. tickets on the flight sold out almost immediately. abc7 reporter wayne freeman will be on the flight. you can watch his story on the free abc7 news app. and we'll have live updates throughout the day from the morning celebration to the final boarding. >> i wonder if it will be warming in hawaii than it is here. >> maybe just a little bit,
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right? >> sandy patel is here. >> doesn't take a lot of guessing, right? tonight here in the bay area, we are feeling the chill. i want to show you a live picture right now. abc7 news exploratorium camera. you can see how gorgeous it is. if we come back to the graphics here, you will see the temperatures right now taking a look at those temperatures now in the bay area, it's cold. let's just say you'll have to trust me on this one. they're in the 30s and 40s. apparently the graphics are not playing out correctly. so let's see what's going on here. let's see if i can reload the system. nope, it's completely frozen. dan and dion, i'm going to send it back to you, let's see if we can restart the computer and send it back to you. >> all right, we'll check in with you, in a little bit. >> the north bay wildfires may be under control, but we know co the struggle is very far from over. >> there's a long road to recovery ahead and still so many emotional stories to share.
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this wednesday, abc7 news is dedicated a day to the north way wildfires one month later. >> we'll have special coverage in every newscast and on our website abc7 >> well, just ahead, you can call them best buds, call them pet pals. either way, they are pretty cute. >> we'll have a look at this unusual friendship when we come back. stay with us.
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now your accuweather forecast with sandhya patel. >> so chilly out the computer froze. we have it back up. 37 at clear lake, in the 40s and 50s elsewhere. it's going to be chilly by morning. temperatures near freezing in ukaiia, clear lake, 35 santa rosa. first thing in the morning, grab the winter coats and jackets. there's a frost advisory for mendocino county. patchy frost expected there. temperatures dipping to freezing. the frost advisory midnight to 8:00 a.m. live doppler 7 showing clear skies in the bay area. that's going to be changing, tracking a storm out of the gulf of alaska. it's going to soak the bay area. but not immediately. so from our emeryville camera, clear and chilly in the morning, bright sunshine tomorrow afternoon and we're looking at
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an unsettled pattern beginning mid week. tomorrow afternoon, nice day, lots of sunshine, upper 50s to upper 60s, milder we look at our storm impact scale for wednesday afternoon through thursday, level 1 rainfall, that's not the soaking in the south bay, clearly, all the way to an inch in the north bay. gusts up to 35 miles an hour, in the hills, up to 55, there could be some problems in recent burn areas. i'll show you the hour by hour forecast. wednesday morning, few sprinkles in the north bay. but wait until the afternoon before the rain gets going. across the north bay by 7:00 p.m. yellow indicating moderate rain there. 8:00, that rain shifts to the east bay, san francisco peninsula. by 11:00 p.m. wednesday night, the rain is getting going, and it shifts thursday morning into the south and east bay. the morning commute thursday includes wet roadways.
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showers lingering into the afternoon before the rainfall tapers. you can download the accuweather app and keep track of the rainfall intensity with live doppler 7. i want to zoom into the north bay where we've had all the fires recently. 3:00 wednesday afternoon, light rain, but notice the intensity of the rain picking up, going into 5 to 7:00 p.m., we are starting to see some of the heavier rain and that's what the concern is. there could be some debris flows, especially in the burn area. we'll have to keep an eye on it for you. highest rain totals. inch in the north bay. lowest totals in the south bay. here's your accuweather seven-day forecast. a chilly morning followed by a sunny day, bumping you up to 70s wednesday before the storm arrives. wednesday afternoon going into thursday, we have a level 1 system, a light system, and then a chance early friday morning before we dry out for your weekend. at least for the first half of veterans day. second half, we bring in another system, that one's weaker, level one, sunday afternoon into
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monday. dan and dion, get the umbrellas handy. before you do that, turn up the heat tonight. it's going to be cold. >> thanks, sandhya. an unlikely duo is turning heads in minnesota. look at this, max the husky and quackers the duck have been hi, we're alaska airlines. and we don't just fly lumberjacks to glaciers. we fly all kinds of people all kinds of places. like app developers to mexico city. musically inclined novelists to nashville. and pilates instructors to palm springs. sure, we love a good glacier. but we also like a little cocoa butter. from the west coast to the world. alaska airlines. that's how we fly.
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abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. the dubs roll through their road trip without a defeat. early on it looked like the airlines might have lost their offense. who let the dogs in? jordan bell with some of the rescue dogs from hurricane irma. they shot just 36% in the first
11:29 pm
half, miami taking advantage off the weird klay thompson miss, dragic with winslow. miami staying with the dubs in the second quarter. then kevin durant took over. blocks the shot. by the break, durant had 21 points. steph curry with no threes in the first, first of the night, steph had 16. miami cut the lead to ten, then klay hits this three. 65 straight games with a triple for klay, the longest streak in the nba right now. he had 13. off the miss, draymond, to durant, to iggy for the finish. 97-80, the final, first time this season the dubs haven't scored 100 points. the niners traded for jimmy garoppolo a week ago tonight. could he get the start this week? well, maybe, but be careful what you wish for. injuries have decimated the
11:30 pm
niners. you don't want to get the italian stallion hurt before he gets a real chance. c.j. bethard is getting knocked around like a demolition derby. sacked five times against the cardinals yesterday. 16 times in his three starts. with over 20 players on injured reserve, it wouldn't matter if the niners went in a time machine and got joe montana in his prime to be quarterback. >> when you have the record that we do when things are going, everyone's looking for the magical answer, you gotta play this person, trade for that person, you gotta do this. i get all that and i expect all that, but this time of year, there is no secret thing. we gotta go out there, play better, coach better and gfocus on getting better. that doesn't happen by talking or doing anything. that happens by going to work and getting better. former ucla quarterback brett 00ly getting the start for aaron rodgers. it was the max stafford show
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7-0, lions. stafford finds jones again. even better catch, 27-10, lions. they stop a three-game losing streak with a 30-17 victory. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by river rock we can now use a blood sample to detect lung cancer. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for asthma. and if we can stop seizures in epilepsy patients with a small pacemaker for the brain, imagine what we can do for multiple sclerosis, even migraines. if we can use patients' genes to predict heart disease in their families, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all.
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that's our report. we appreciate your time. >> right now on jimmy kimmel,
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actor idris elba. >> have a good night. see you tomorrow. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- idris elba. from the world series champion houston astros, carlos correa. and music from brad paisley and john fogerty. and now, whaddaya know here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome to the show. thank you for watching. big question. [ cheers and applause ] i just have


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