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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 8, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PST

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month since the devastating fires in the north bay. all day on abc 7 honoring those who lost their lives and looking at what happens next. also recognizing the heroes. >> another storm heading for the bay area now. it is dry outside right now. your evening commute could be wet. alexis is still on maternity leave. sue hall in for us. talk to us about the chance of rain. >> in mendocino and lake county, some will reach the ground in the form of 10,000. a lot of verga right now. you can see the sun trying to squeeze between mt. hamilton down there and the high clouds over the top of us. 46 to 50. milder this morning and as we
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head to noon scattered sprinkles. 60 to 63 but that's also when the steadier rain moves into the north bay and where it'll be during the evening commute. here's sue. >> a couple problem spots. 680 near treat looking at a live picture in bumper to bumper traffic. an accident and slow and go to highway 24. hayward, southbound 880 we had all lanes blocked for a time. two cars are stuck together. traffic is stacked up now. the nimitz living up to its nasty name. mission is your alternate. to the north bay wildfire coverage now, today marking
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exactly one month since the devastating fires. >> entire neighborhoods, as you know, swallowed by the flames. this was the tuscany development in santa rosa before the fire, and this was the same neighborhood when drone view 7 flew over after the flames swept through. block after block leveled. fountaingrove was one of santa rosa's hardest hit areas. the city lost 5% of its housing stock in the north bay fires. >> and fear of fire and wind has turned to fear of water. >> a concern about the rain that could wash toxic material into sensitive environments. amy? >> hi, reggie. >> reporter: there are melted cards and hazardous rain.
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the rain could wash this ash into the watersheds. they are monitoring the drinking water, keeping a close eye on the situation. all you have to do is take a look at the cleanup crews to get an idea of just how toxic the situation is. they are wearing hazmat suits while they work. this is cleanup video posted by "the press democrat." government officials have created a the rain in the forecast is supposed to be light to moderate not a washout. reporting live in santa rosa, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. fema is extending its temporary housing assistance program. people displaced from their homes have until december 7th to apply. the program was set to expire on friday. it was extended back of a lack
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of housing space. the program pays the hotel and motel bills. it's located inside the press democrat building and opens daily. there are plenty of ways to help relief efforts by donating to the red cross. go to >> police did arrest accomplices. one is this woman who reportedly rented the u haul used as a getaway vehicle. police did not say how he was involved. kirk is the ex-girlfriend of mcclough. they were facing lengthy prison sentences. they went through an emergency exit and got into a waiting car.
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they ditched the car a few blocks away and took off in a u-haul cargo van. >> a handcuff key was found outside the courthouse and the men are considered dangerous. legal marijuana will soon cost more in two bay area towns after voters approved taxes on pot dispensaries. yes to measure g. voters approved a measure to establish a 2% tax on the city's one and only marijuana dispensary. recreational pot will become legal in california on january 1st. >> democrats celebrating big wins, including virginia's first openly transgender state legislator beating an outspoken conservative who called himself the chief homophobe. she argued in support of better jobs in schools saying her opponent focused too much on social issues. we spoke with scott weiner about the win. >> the fact she defeated a
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transphobic right wing legislator who proposed an anti-trans bathroom bill shows justice sometimes does prevail. >> democrat phil murphy won the governor's seat campaigning against his republican opponent by connecting him to the extremely unpopular chris christie who has reached his term limit. >> helping in the investigation he died yesterday after crashing in one of the company's planes off the coast of st. petersberg, florida. it isn't clear if anyone else was on the plane. crews blocked off an entrance to b.a.r.t. to begin work on a canopy at the station. b.a.r.t. says it will protect and provide another layer of security. completion is expected next year.
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an estimated cost of that $66 million. the woman being sued after accusing brett ratner of sexual assault is now speaking to abc 7 news and is standing by her story. the purchase that could be key to tesla's process. ♪ ♪
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chase. the holidays begin here at the disneyland resort.
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a blanket of clouds overtook our sky while we were sleeping and look what it did to our temperatures up to 13 degrees milder than yesterday. no more freezing temperatures. we're in the mid-40s to about 50 degrees. we have 53 for the warm spot. a lot of low to mid-50s. your commute planner cool to mild for mass transit. today 60 half moon bay. 50s up north.
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we'll talk more about the rain. >> a nasty backup early this morning. we had an accident past the metering lights long gone but this is the east shore approach from 80 and it's solid from and where it merges by golden gate fields there, slow and go. gate fields there, slow and go. also 580 is back to 24. an earlier accident cleared out of the lanes. two cars are stuck together on a shoulder. the damage is done. you'll want to try to take mission or take the new study linking cancer to alcohol. >> a fitting good-bye to one of the most loved planes. >> thanks for being up with us this morning. a live loo i accept i don't conquer the mountain like i used to.
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an abc news exclusive about a rape allegation involving brett ratner. george stephanopoulos sat down with the woman who made the claim and is now being sued by the hollywood director.
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soon after she took down the post. stephanopoulos asked her why. >> an hour and a half after i posted my cell phone rang. >> that's marty singer, brett ratner's attorney. >> yes. he said he saw my facebook post and if i didn't take it down he had authorization from brett ratner to sue me immediately. >> for? >> for defamation. >> he wants a jury trial to clear his name. later on "good morning america" why it took so long to come forward. it starts at 7:00 here on abc 7. new details on the tesla model 3 fleet. the palo alto-based company may have come up with a way to ramp up production.
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the terms of the deal have not been disclosd but tesla has worked with this company in the past nearly three years now on a number of projects in >> on friday you can ride a ford go bike for free across the bay area. point of sale platform. users must sign up on ford go's users must sign up on ford go's website or app. and back now to our fire coverage. and back now to our fire we set up a project thanks hotline for to you record your thoughts and are sharing the love and gratitude in messages like this one. >> my name is paula from
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burlingame. i can't thank you enough for the hard work you've been doing. it's appreciated. thank you again. >> we love to hear those messages and know that social media played a major role as people used their cell phones to show what was happening in the early morning hours. and here is our anchor. >> here is my named in flames. >> tears and terror as tried to escape the flames. >> you can see house after house burning around him. burning around him. and listen to those winds. kristen zee abc 7 news. >> one thing that stuck out trying to cover this on the news there were so many people
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affected by these fires. social media really helped us out. so many people had different experiences. they were in different areas. it allowed our crew to expand in one way. >> plenty of people found out they lost their homes on social media which is difficult. it's a hard venue to find that out from. >> absolutely. bittersweet. i want to turn to meteorologist mike nicco now. a lot of us watching the rain and how that will affect toxic run-off now. >> we're not going to have debris flows because the rain is not going to come down hard enough or intense enough. red sky at morning, sailor take warning. mild highs and scattered showers today. steady, light to moderate rain tonight and another storm sunday. this storm will bring us steady
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rain tonight. scattered showers thursday and friday. it's like 1,000 miles wide so it's going to come at us in parts but it will weaken as it does that so the storm impact scale is one, light for today and tomorrow. .15 in the south bay. possibly an inch in the north bay. gusts 35 to 40 miles an hour. it will take some leaves off the trees. here is a look at 7:00 this morning. gray out there. scattered sprinkles through noon and showers while some steadier rain moves into the north bay by 4:00. that's where it's going to stay. steady rain through the evening commute while scattered showers will pick up a little bit for the rest of us. after 7:00 through 11:00 it starts moving into the heart of the bay. it moves into the south bay and falls apart. so tomorrow morning's commute will be tough. as you can see the rainfall amounts get much greater by 4:00 thursday morning from south to north. we'll have some scattered light showers thursday and friday. remember, they're scattered.
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the majority of us won't get them. veterans day is looking great. sunday morning fine. sue? >> we're going back to the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights were on at 5:16. an earlier start this morning and the effect is being felt. it's backed up to all approaches. heading back to hayward. an earlier accident that had all lanes blocked for a time. that's been cleared out of lanes. and then we had a stall in the same area blocking a lane of traffic there. that's also been cleared but, unfortunately, the damage is done. back now all the way past 238. you can see on our 3d camera there. mission boulevard still a really good alternate for you. and real fast a look at b.a.r.t. maybe that's a great way to avoid the bay bridge issue and the vallejo ferry, canceled at 7:00 a.m. this morning. boeing 747 fleet is now officially retired.
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>> and take a look at the video. you can see one of the jets taking off from sfo on its final voyage ending 47 years of service. wayne freedman and aviation geeks from all around the world were lucky enough to be on that packed flight to honolulu. the experience was '70s inspired. passengers dressed in decade appropriate clothing. even a fake smoking section. our wayne freedman asked one passenger who flew on the first flight to compare the two. >> well, that's a difficult question. they're equal. there's a common excitement on both. i have fond memories. i was only seeing it through the eyes of a 17-year-old and now 47 years later. >> very cool. boeing 747 will likely be retired in an airline graveyard near the mo jp ave desert.
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what if there was only one pet? now what if there was only one mattress? one is not a choice. choose your mattress with tulo. everything you want in a bed, in a box. clinical oncology about the link between alcohol and cancer. experts say drinking alcohol
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even in moderation may contribute to almost 20,000 cancer deaths every year. researchers say alcohol is a known carcinogen with a link to cancers of the head and neck, esophagus, braes and colon. coming up, abc news chief medical correspondent dr. jennifer ashton has more on this warning. now back to our fire coverage. >> now many are reaching out when they've run into trouble canceling certain contracts. >> there's not a one-size fit all policy for this disaster. comcast is consumer friendly telling fuss a customer lives in a fire zone they can cancer their service without paying an early termination fee and the fee for unreturned equipment is waived. the customer gets access to their xfinity service on a phone
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or tablet including tv, hot spots, phone, and home services. they waive installation fees when a customer is ready to resume service. at&t's uverse and directv offer options such as pausing or changing services to wireless based options. home alarm company adt tells 7 on your side with a natural disaster like the north bay fires it works with customers on a case-by-case basis. if you need help canceling a service contact me here at abc 7 news. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> b.a.r.t.'s plans hits a snag. we're live with what that could mean for commuters. >> significant election day victories. why president trump's influence on voters may not have worked. you're worried about the morning commute, i wouldn't be. there may be scattered sprinkles as you can see on our future
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now at 6:00 north bay wildfires one month later. we are honoring the victims, the survivors, and the first responders who endured an
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unimaginable situation. >> trouble for b.a.r.t.'s new fleet. what could keep them from rolling out around thanksgiving. a live look outside from our camera, it's looking beautiful and dry right now but rain is on the way. a new storm is heading right for the bay area. and good morning. it is wednesday, november 8. thanks for joining us this morning. a lot to get to. we'll start with that weather and when exactly are we going to see this rainfall? >> it depends on where you are. coming in from the north, we'll start up there. we call that virvirga. a few sprinkles but the steadier rain will come in during the afternoon and especially the evening and overnight hours. a look at san jose, you won't get anything until after the sun sets. here is a look at my 12-hour day planner and the thing you need to know, it's milder, 46 to about 50 degrees so dress for those temperatures, not the 30s and 40s we had yesterday. we'll have a southerly breeze which means even with a lack of
6:31 am
sunshine it will be mild. some scattered showers possible at 4:00. 60 to 64 and then the steadier rain starts moving into the north bay during the evening commute and at 7:00 we'll be at 58 to 62 still very mild. if you are heading out this evening grab an umbrella. here is sue. >> to walnut creek where we have an accident by north main southbound 680. the accident is near treat blocking the left lane. let's look at our maps and you can see a bit of the backup there towards 242. this is the mcarthur maze. you can see the traffic here is backed up. look at the 580 approach past 24. 24 is slow. we had an earlier accident past the metering lights. that's the reason why. we'll take a look at that backup in just a second. >> sue, thank you. you'll have to wait longer for b.a.r.t.'s newest cars after they failed a key safety inspection. >> they were supposed to roll out around thanksgiving. matt keller live for us at the b.a.r.t. station in free throw month. matt? >> reporter: good morning,
6:32 am
reggie and natasha. bart bar was hoping to have some passengers on the new trains by thanksgiving, but it appears everyone will have to wait on the fleet of the future once again. that's because state regulators are putting a stop to these b.a.r.t. trains for now. california public utilities commission sent a letter to b.a.r.t.'s general manager on monday. it said during a it test run on november 3rd one of the new ten-car trains only recognized three of the cars. the operator lost control of the passenger doors and was unable to open the doors and platform stops. passengers will now have to wait for the new trains touted as being cleaner, cooler, comfortable and easier to use. >> it will be nice to have good cars, clean cars. so it will be nice to get that going quickly. >> reporter: state regulators want b.a.r.t. to diagnose the issue and give a written explanation on the cause of the failure and how it's being corrected and then new tests will be run. no word on when that will be done. reporting live in warm springs, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> all right, matt, thank you.
6:33 am
the b.a.r.t. train's debut is in question. muni is set to begin rolling out its new train cars a week from today according to "the examiner" featuring new benches that sit length wise and new digital signs inside. our north bay fire coverage one month later. victims in mendocino county are focusing on finding homes after the redwood valley fire, and that fire burned more than 36,000 acres. 325 homes were destroyed and a lot of those fire victims are still in rv campgrounds or hotels right now. county officials are assessing three or four locations with existing buildings that could be used as transitional housing. he's proud of how firefighters and the community worked together that tragic night. >> we had off-duty firefighters, police officers, everybody, neighbors with fire department
6:34 am
experience that were on their days off from other cities, everybody came together and were able to rescue many lives because of that. >> nine people died. the chief says it could have been much worse if county officials had not launched emergency procedures as fast as they did and i do want to note that right now there is a mendocino county family who lost two children in the fires. there's a go fund me account. we'll have that up on our website. it's reached more than $24,000 alone for the shepherd family. parents john and sarah still hospitalized. they had two kids, though, that died in those fires. reggie and natasha, back to you. >> that was one of the toughest stories to hear from the fires. a firefighter who tackled the firefight from the air is giving us a unique look. "the press democrat" reports he recorded these aerial views of the fire and retardant drops in sonoma county during the peak of the wildfires. >> abc 7 news is dedicating today to special coverage of the north bay wildfires one month
6:35 am
later. we'll have the stories of the fire victims and the long road of recovery still in every newscast also it's 6:34 now. we are following several new details in the shooting of a san francisco police officer on halloween night in the castro. >> last night police released these photos at a town hall meeting showing the suspect's gun and the wounded officer's firearm. officials say 32-year-old valdez began shooting his handgun at the officer at 18th and diamond street last week. that officer remains in critical condition. valdez is accused of trying to shoot a second officer who fired back striking the suspect. the suspect also remains in critical condition. meanwhile, in the mission district investigators are still trying to determine if two possible accomplices carjacked a taxi around the same time of the shooting in the castro. that vehicle was found a short distance away on oak wood street. >> concord police are trying to determine the motive in the brutal murder of a teenager. yesterday five people were
6:36 am
arrested in the shooting death of lawrence janson. he was gunned down monday afternoon while walking with friends near olympic continuation high school. investigators say a black sedan pulled up, a group got out of the car and one fired on the teenager who died a short time later. police say the shooter is an adult but some of the suspected accomplices are juveniles. authorities say none of them had known ties to gangs. also at the live desk tracking election results. democrats scoring key victories in the first elections of the trump era. phil murphy won the governor's seat in new jersey last night. he tied his republican opponent to the extremely unpopular incumbent, chris christie, who reached his term limit. in virginia ralph northam won easily in a bitter race that was expected to be close. northam's opponent ran hard-edged adds focused on illegal immigration and preserving confederate statues. abc news chief political analyst matthew dowd is talking about the election on "good morning
6:37 am
america." take a listen. >> not only trumpism without trump doesn't work it doesn't work without hillary clinton. i think he was successful like magic johnson and larry bird was better because of his opponent. he was better because he had an opponent like hillary clinton. >> and here on my computer i want to show you this, hearing from former president barack obama tweeting out this morning, this is what happens when the people vote. congrats to ralph northam and phil murphy and congratulations to all the victors in state legislative, county and mayors' races. >> president trump and the first lady are in china for the first day after two-day visit to that country. they accompanied xi jinping. the historic palace housed emperors and their families for almost 500 years. china may be the president's most critical visit considered the centerpiece of its lengthy tour.
6:38 am
president trump is expected to directly confront china's president over north korea. vice president mike pence will be in sutherland, texas, to meet with victims and families of the church shooting. he will attend a vigil for the 26 people killed. we are learning more about gunman devin kelley. police records show he escaped from a new mexico mental health facility in june of 2012. he was confined there while he was court-martialed on charges he assaulted his then wife and her child. the air force admits it didn't enter kelley's criminal history into the federal database which would have prevented him from legally buying the weapons he used. all right. it's 6:38 on this wednesday. potentially wet wednesday. not this morning but this afternoon. let's talk temperatures right now under a gray sky. mild across san francisco, about 51 in the financial to about 55 in the marina, bayview, mission, castro, 51 in richmond.
6:39 am
union city down to palo alto. 48 along with pittsburg and american canyon. pleasanton at 44 degrees. daly city at 53. a light southerly breeze at the golden gate bridge. it will be breezy, choppy on the bay today. dry most of the day if you need to get yard work done. exercising, it will be more humid today. around our neighborhood 60 in half moon bay. 62 santa rosa. 64 to 68 elsewhere except ukiah because of the rain cooled air. around the state 64 in sacramento to mid-70s in san diego and los angeles. 51 in tahoe today with snow developing overnight. wake up at 10:00 tomorrow morning. if you're up there about 5 to 6 inches and a couple more with scattered snow showers through friday and another chance of snow there monday. hi, sue. >> good morning. we're going to walnut creek, pleasant hill area. chp has just cleared it out of
6:40 am
lanes, blocking the left lane near treat boulevard. 680 is back now to highway 4 and 242 is backed up to highway 4 in concord. macarthur maze, that long stretch on the east shore freeway. they are all jammed. metering lights on early this morning and so the damage is done at the bay bridge and an earlier accident on the nimitz southbound after tennyson cleared out of lanes. the damage is done back to san leandro. and from our live desk tracking breaking news now out of phoenix there is right now a partial closure at sky harbor international airport. i want to show you this is a live look at the airport. officials now are investigating. we don't have a clear idea why this shutdown has happened. we are awaiting word on that.
6:41 am
i do want to show you a tweet here from phoenix sky harbor saying terminal 4 and d security checkpoints are currently closed. passengers should use b and c checkpoints. more details to come. it's certainly something to keep in mind if you are heading out the door now and flying to phoenix this morning. back to you. >> one month later the north bay wildfires. our special coverage continues next with the new threat for people in the fire zone. if you're hungry and impatient google has a new feature you're just going to eat up. >> first a look at what's coming up with kelly and ryan. >> good morning. >> coming up, mark wahlberg. >> plus scandal. we'l
6:42 am
well, before it was even founded, a french teenager, bienville, scared away a british warship with just a story. and great stories kept coming. [trumpet playing] some make you move to jazz, funk and bounce. some of our stories aren't quite as straightforward. blocked by the saints! [crowd roaring] while others prove that great things can happen... even on a monday night. cause for three hundred years, great stories have started the same way. one time, in new orleans. [crowd applause]
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back to our special coverage of the north bay wildfires one month later. >> fire started late on a sunday night while many people were sleeping. small fires fueled by winds fueled into six massive fires burning more than 200,000 acres destroying 8,900 structures and killing 43 people. the official state incident report shows they started within 15 minutes of each other from 9:45 to 10:00 p.m. on sunday, october 8.
6:45 am
the pocket fire broke out at 3:30. it would take 23 days before all the fires were contained. >> and now the fires are contained but there's a new threat. amy hollyfield live for us in santa rosa. good morning, amy. >> reporter: good morning, natasha. there's toxic waste, melted cars, batteries, paint. rain brings the concern it could wash this toxic ash into the watersheds. county officials do want residents to know that they are monitoring the drinking water here so they are keeping a close eye on the situation. they even have a task force work to go prevent run-off from going into the creeks and the rivers. the press democrat posted this video of their work, one look at those hazmat suits gives you an
6:46 am
idea of just how toxic the situation is. officials say they are relieved that the forecast is only calling for light to moderate rain, heavy rain, a downpour, a washout would be much worse. reporting live in santa rosa, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. and one silver lining is, of course, watching these communities come together to help the victims and they still need all the relief they can get. we do have a list of resources and what you can do. just go to our website >> new this morning, raising a lot of eyebrows, uber wants to take over the skies. the "los angeles times" reporting this morning that l.a. will be one of the first cities served by uber air. it will be similar to uber's cars that we're familiar with only in the air. uber will operate the software that passengers use to book a trip and take a commission but
6:47 am
aviation manufacturers will supply the planes. no word on when that service could arrive in the bay area. >> thank you, jessica. now your morning money report. target is closing a dozen stores. >> the stores will stay open through the holidays. they will be closing, though, by february 3rd. target says all the stores are under performers at least for a couple of years. none of them are here in california. target is pushing ahead with plans to open even more small format stores. they opened 32 this year and they're planning for 35 more in 2018. >> listen to this story and tell me if you think this would be useful. google is now going to show you how long you have to wait at popular restaurants. the company announced it's launching wait times on google search and soon on google maps. the company says it estimates wait times based off historical data at the business so this is not real time. almost a million restaurants worldwide are going to be included in this service. >> streaming services, look what you made taylor swift do. her new album "reputation" will
6:48 am
not be available on streaming services during its first week of seals so no apple music, no spotify. sales of physical and digital records are more lucrative. it will be available on itunes friday. >> it sounds like you only have to wait a week. >> right. >> i can wait a week. >> but you're maybe not the biggest fan out there. >> accurate. >> the walt disney family museum last night. >> at the golden gate club, this year the head of pixar and walt disney animation studios john lassiter known for his crazy ties and shirts. >> look at that. >> he got a lifetime achievement award. his movies include cars, toy story and frozen. funds raised will help the museum nurture the next generation of creative talent. ♪ you've got a friend in me >> john lassiter is a big star for sure in disneyworld but
6:49 am
these two are amazing. lending their talent as surprise appearances last night. disney is the parent company of abc 7 news. >> that is very cool. over to meteorologist mike nicco now because there is a storm on the way. he's tracking that for us. >> good morning. we have some silver streaks of clouds out there that are going to be a main stay in our forecast today along with a southerly breeze that will increase the humidity and keep us mild today. scattered showers. the cold front comes in tonight. light to moderate rain and the fastest breezes and another storm sunday into monday. a lot of this not reaching the ground right now but this is the moisture returning out ahead of our system. it's going to be a one on our storm impact scale. you can see the rainfall .15. gusts 35 to 45 miles per hour and there will be some run-off but it won't be debris flows on those burn scars. that could be the toxic water that gets into our system. at 7:00, cloudy.
6:50 am
scattered sprinkles possible until noon and scattered showers until 4:00 when some of the steadier, light to moderate rain in the green and yellow moves in. this is when it stays through 7:00 and is in the heart of the bay by 11:00, exiting the south bay by about 4:30 as it turns over to just some scattered showers. here is a look at your rainfall, tomorrow's morning commute will be difficult with all of that wet weather there and our fastest winds will hit about 15 to 30 miles an hour at about 10:00 tonight. here's my accuweather forecast. the storm weakens so it will be scattered showers for thursday and then a slight chance of showers friday and then saturday and most of sunday look dry before the next storm moves in. hi, sue. >> good morning. we are going to take a look at our traffic maps and typical slow areas out of the central valley on the east shore freeway, delays there. no stalls or accidents but an earlier accident on the bay bridge all approaches are rough
6:51 am
right now. so b.a.r.t. may be a great way to go. 59 trains on time. ace trains 3 and 5 are running on time. we still have this 7:00 a.m. departure. it will be a bus for the vallejo ferry and the 8:15 a.m. be a 5:30 p.m. returns from san francisco will also be using a bus this morning and quickly a look at some of our drive times if you're just heading out now. highway 4, 680 from highway 4. an earlier accident, slow and go there. highway 24, that's slow into oakland and look at that, almost an hour to get from tracy to dublin on west 580. at the live desk i'm still tracking breaking news in phoenix. a partial closure right now at sky harbor international airport. this live look here at the airport where you see passengers coming out of the terminal there. terminal 4 is the one affected right now. you can see those folks coming
6:52 am
off of that bridge that takes you to the aircraft but instead of going on to the plane they are going to shuttle buses that looks like they will be transported to a different area. we've just learned there's a ground stop affecting american airlines departing flights. american confirm they are holding some flights departing for phoenix at other airports all across the country. so, again, it's something very important to keep in mind if you're heading out the door and flying to phoenix today. >> thank you, jess. an east bay comedian with a huge following has residency at santa clara. >> he's bringing hip-hop and comedy together in conversation with students. the university says comedy is a powerful icebreaker. he will be talking about the power of satire, race inequality and other hot topics. >> i think a lot of times people who are comfortable shy away with being uncomfortable because it's easy. my goal is to make the comfortable a little bit more
6:53 am
uncomfortable and make the uncomfortable more comfortable. >> bell says his wife is actually a grad of santa clara university and that's what initially go
6:54 am
it's 6:54. whether you're just joining us or heading out the door here are seven things you need to know before you go. rain is on the way. milder start this morning, mainly cloudy, 46 to 50. scattered sprinkles by noon. look at the temperatures, low to
6:55 am
mid-60s. the same temperatures at 4:00. scattered showers. steadier rain moves in at 7:00. number two, with that incoming rain north bay officials are concerned about burn areas decimated by wildfires. toxic ash could contaminate local streams and water ways. >> you'll have to wait longer for b.a.r.t.'s newest cars. "the mercury news" says the cars failed a key safety inspection raising questions about whether commuters will be riding those new train cars by thanksgiving. number four, voters in pacifica and cotati approving taxes on marijuana dispensaries last night. recreational pot becomes legal in california january 1st. number five, democrats waking up with two big wins under their belts in the first major election since president trump's win a year ago. in virginia and new jersey democrats won major gubernatorial races. and number six we're following a new accident for you. this one is on the dumbarton bridge westbound near the high rise. three vehicles involved and the middle lane is blocked. and number seven, if you ride uber and lyft in san
6:56 am
francisco, some news. the city has a deal with the companies allowing them curb spaces. in exchange for the spaces both companies will have to share their traffic data with the city. and also some news from uber this morning saying they're going to be testing out those flying planes in l.a. can you imagine if they come here to the bay area? >> oh, i'm sure they will. uber planes. watch out. >> fancy, fancy. >> thank you for joining us. we're back in about 30 minutes. "gma" is next. jessica castro, a woman of many languages. she is studying for her master's degree like right now. >> loves documentaries. >> she's always reading multiple books at a time. jessica volunteers with kids, athletic, adventurous. >> the girl can dance. >> bright and early jess is jamming. >> our live desk was totally made for her. >> there is a lot happening in the morning, and jess is best at breaking it down.
6:57 am
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good morning, america. big chill. an arctic blast is barreling across the country, snow and ice causing trouble on roadways sparking this major pileup in colorado. now, record cold heading to the northeast and temperatures set to plunge below zero in the midwest. breaking news, president trump in the forbidden city. just hours after the stern warning to kim jong-un. >> do not underestimate us. and do not try us. >> just miles from the north korean border, now north korea firing back. and the president suffering a defeat back at home. democrats sweeping key races. what it means for the trump agenda. abc news exclusive. the woman taking on one of the most powerful filmmakers in hollywood accused him of rape telling her story. >> it's so humiliating, it's not something you ever want


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