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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 8, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> anthony was in the silverado neighborhood then and she returned today to talk on one grateful family. >> reporter: well, hi, i'm pretty much standing where i was on the first full day of the fires. that is one month ago. it was heart breaking to watch this hole behind me burn to the ground. then we watched firefighters being able to save the one next to it. we weren't the only ones watching. >> it was frightening. it was sad. it was emotional. >> terry and bonnie told us they were watching. couldn't take their eyes off it. that monday morning, exactly one month ago. when their silverado neighborhood went up in flames. it is just an indication of what's going on all over the neighborhood. as we were reporting live, the
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atlas fire was still burning right next door. >> i was so december pondent. >> i was screaming at the tv. >> reporter: they were watching from their daughter's house and they were astounded to see a crew standing by to save their hole. >> what you see now are firefighters frying to protect the home to the left. >> we all broke out in tears. >> i want to thank the firefighters. they saved as much as they could and we all got out. >> reporter: and while they are certainly grateful their family treasures survived, they are painfully aware that so many of their neighbors, their best friends, lost so much. >> i feel much worse for them. i'm the lucky one. you go, thank you, god, but you want to hug everybody. you just have no words to
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describe the feeling that they have. because you are not them. >> reporter: in napa, laura anthony. abc 7 news. >> you can watch the full interview with teary and bonnie in a facebook live interview on the abc7 news facebook page. laura answered some viewer questions during that interview as well. for residents around silverado resort, they had minutes to evacuate. here's what the neighborhood looked like before. and here is what it looks like now. droenl view 7 was over it's what's left of dozens of moments were destroyed. the home was worth millions of dollars. many along the golf course which appears to be in good condition. this is one of the most exclusive enclaves. le residents say they've barely escaped the quickly advancing flames. leaving with just the clothes on their backs. >> while thousands of students missed class time because of the terrible fires.
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>> leslie brinkley looks at where things stand a month later. >> on a drive to school on a fall day, kit look like everything is back to normal. and then the land scape changes. it is far from normal. >> it is a huge sense of relief only the able to have open schools after three weeks. it is almost a false sense of relief, however. because there's still so much work ahead of us. >> and there's no play book how to cope. hundreds of students and teachers lost their homes. the satellite school burned to the ground and those students are attending the hidden valley elementary. santa rosa lost an entire department. students taking agriculture classes. the sfarm gone along with the teacher's house. >> it seals like it was yesterday. the biggest part is not the loss of the house. that's huge. but the lost opportunities for
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the kids. >> at roseland collegiate prep, half at the school is perfectly habitable and half is reduced to ashes. the high school students taking classes at the roseland creek elementary school campus. >> losing the school, really difficult. the hardest part is seeing the families that are affected. >> the 600 students have been divided between four different catholic parishes. parents have lots of questions about debris removal. >> a month after the fires, yes, the kids are back this class. giving them a sense of groundness and security. but ahead lie countless chaels for their schools. abc7 news. rain is falling and it is a concern for areas affected by the fires in the north bay. this morning, slick roads are thought to have been a factor in two accidents in the north part
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of healedsburg. are let's go to sandy. >> let's check out live doppler 7. we are seeing the rain in the north bay. as we take you in closer, this is beginning of what's to come. the street level radar. sonoma, into cal stoeg. a we're taking you across silverado trail. light rain falling around sea ranch, old stage road. as we zoom out, some showers developing around fairfield. so the evening commute, around air base parkway, into vacaville. here's the wider picture. we're tracking the storm out of the gulf of alaska. it has all the moisture and dynamics to soak parts of the bay area. level one system through tomorrow. 1,500ths of an inch. hour by hour time line coming
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up. >> thank you. a forensic expert in firearms took stand in the trial of kate steinle's killing saying the shooting death appears to have been an accident. >> you're going to hear why in a few seconds. he made it a point to say when it comes to accidental shootings, you never know where that bullet will end up. a firearms expert with vast knowledge in unintentional discharges testified that firing a single shot like jose inez garcia did is a sure indication of an accidental shooting. the reason, he said, is that someone with a motive or intention typically ends up firing multiple shots. >> a single shot, single action gun, it is a fully loaded weapon. it has all the physical
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characteristics of an accident. >> reporter: the expert was brought in by defense and paid $250 an hour to testify. with that disclosed, allen was then asked to give his opinion on how the bullet could have ricochetted. the expert said if the bullet hit the pavement, then traveled another 78 feet before striking kate steinle, it is another indication the gun discharged unintentionally. he also insisted that most law enforcement officers make sure their gun is unloaded when stored. the gun used to shoot steinle was used four days before along the embarcadero from a park ranger's car. john who works for the bureau of land management testified the gun was fully loaded. and today the office here took his statement recalled that he never reported a second magazine stolen. the steinle family is suing the bureau of land management.
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abc7 news. maybe you remember the line from the movie, field of dreams. if you build it, they will come. that's turning out to be true in milpitas where there is a housing boom. david, apparently, it is having a really positive impact on the commute. >> reporter: very much so. we know tens of thousands of people will benefit from the south bay b.a.r.t. here's an interesting development. those who moved in to the new apartment buildings sprouting up around the milpitas b.a.r.t. station are actually commuting shorter distances. as the milpitas b.a.r.t. station takes shape, there's even more activity surrounding it. a transit village consisting of 7100 housing units. >> this is largest capital infrastructure history in the south bay. and you can see the kind of impact it has. >> the b.a.r.t. extension spurred the stiff milpitas to
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create a new community around it. the idea to allow people the live, shop and work nearby. while it is still a work in progress, the development director said new residents are commuting only about three miles to their jobs. >> we're developing a brand new community. so families and those wanting to be close to the b.a.r.t. station will have a place where they can do their he grocery shopping and live and boring in the sail place. >> reporter: there will be cars and bike trails and even a couple of hotels. it was pointed out, a pedestrian bridge will be built to link to the parking garage. this is being held up what can be done elsewhere in the bay area drug at existing transit stations. >> there are development that's would have surface parking. now we're looking at developing on those parcels. so you can couple the investment
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with housing and jobs. >>pitasmilpitas, abc7 news. some people are scratching their heads. why the social media company wants you to see your nude photos. a salute to the future. how the men and women who served our country are getting a second chance at life. the insurance challenge. the real cost of rebuilding after a fire.
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the greatest tragedy california has ever faced. >> like a bomb went off. >> it is surreal. >> it is a beautiful neighborhood. >> a great neighborhood. a lot of work getting it back. >> everybody wants to help. >> time to reflect now one month after the fires. it will be a very long road for those rebuilding. especially for those who are under insured. >> it is a lot of people and the prices keep going up. most of us by insurance and then we don't think. about it. in the fire zones, they're thinking about it now. after running the numbers, they're in for a shock. >> there are residents in hazmat suits searching through rubble. while their notes take photos of what is left. they walk the old friends about
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new living conditions. at santa rosa fire victim, brad is showing me around. >> hive two arborists come out. >> reporter: he has a lot to think about. above it all, the cost to rebuild. >> did you think you were insured? >> absolutely. i'm paying a monthly fee for my home insurance and thinking that will pay to rebuild my home the way it was. and everything i'm hearing is we may be short. >> reporter: brad isn't alone. it happens after every major disaster. amy knows about these things. she heads up the insurance consumer group. >> 60% of the people that we work after disastes are under insured. >> reporter: 60%. >> 60%. >> reporter: amy says she has met with home own here's believe they are underinsured by $200,000. what can he do now? >> well, he can find out why
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why. is he underinsured? was the formula that the insurance coil used to calculate his structure coverage wrong? >> reporter: insurance companies do not have a legal duty to fully or properly insure you. they do have a responsibility to be truthful. >> did the agent comply with the law? is there a law that requires them to give an accurate replacement estimate if they are going to give any estimate at all? >> reporter: for most fire victims, the answer will be your insurance company did absolutely nothing wrong. you need to look at those questions and answer them so you know for sure. some major names in music are coming together to help victims of the north bay fires. performers taking stage at at&t park will include metallica, dave matthews and hip hop artist g easy. the show will raise money for recovery but also celebrate the strength of the community. >> our sponsors, over 60 plus
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companies, have comped close to 7,000 tickets. free for first responders and those impacted by the fire. so there will be a special, special air about tomorrow night. >> some of the biggest coils in the bay area chip in the including google, sales force and levi's. it was graduation day today. and a second chance at life for veterans who fell through cracks but were saved by a unique program called veterans court. vick lee has the story. >> reporter: on there day, it was all right for a marine to cry. >> are the training i had, i would still be doing dope. >> reporter: they were all veterans and all committed a crime. through veterans court, they received drug and mental health treatment and job training. upon graduation, the criminal charges were dropped. jeffrey ross puts it simply.
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>> make positive choices. all those were grateful. the army vet clarence cook was looking at 25 to life. >> on the street. i already got three strikes. >> reporter: cook turned his life around. >> i just got off work today. i'm so proud. >> for the first time, he has a bank account. >> when i go in there, like the president. hey, mr. president. >> andrew cross served in the navy. >> serving honorably, retiring honorably, to being sober honorably. that's a pretty damn good recipe that i didn't think i would get to. >> cross said he never let his country down. he's thankful his country through veterans court did not let him down. abc7 news. >> hi there. some moderate rain being
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reported around santa rosa, ukiah. if we go to live doppler 7, you will see exactly where he that rain is falling. let's zoom in to the north bay first. we'll start with mendocino county. across highway 101. we take you into other parts of the bay area. cal stoeg, a silverado trail. into the east bay we go from lafayette to walnut creek. we're starting to see the atmosphere is beginning to moisten up as the showers are developing. the storm is beginning to push in. the intensity of the rain will pick up. so there is a level one storm on our exclusive storm impact scale. rainfall, .15 of an inch. there's certainly a concern about the recent burn areas. we may see some issues as the down pours come in. so we'll keep you posted. here's a look at the winds. out of the south southeast.
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the winds will possibly double at the higher elevations. right now, the temperatures in the 50s and 60s. scattered showers tomorrow and more rain is coming. winds are 20 to 25 miles an hour. rt even at 10:00 p.m., the winds will remain on the gusty side until tomorrow morning's commute. hour by hour, 7:00. light to moderate rain. pretty much spreading by 11:00 p.m. across the east bay. as we look at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow, scattered showers. you're taking the kids off to school. a few showers will remain. then at nighttime.
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another wave associated with the same system comes through. thursday night into friday. that will keep the showers going through. at least the first half of thursday. friday. and then we will dry things out. tomorrow morning, upper 40s to the mid 50s. do not leave home without the umbrellas. and then for the afternoon. hang on to the umbrellas. the temperatures, upper 50s to the upper 60s. you can down load the app and check it out any time you want. just in time for band together. it will benefit the fire victims tomorrow night. we'll get enough of a break, enough of a window to where we're looking at cloud cover. 59 degrees, dropping 57. a good idea to grab a jacket or a sweater if you're going. here's a look at the accuweather forecast. scattered showers for thursday. morning showers friday. dry for veterans day. and then sunday. afternoon, evening into monday. we bring in another system. that is also a light system.
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it will be wet and breezy to start off a new workweek. >> very good. thank you so much. would best friends share a special day in a proud moment for a local high school. coming up, a tearful mother he with new allegations against kevin spacey. three escaped prisoners. one on the most wanted list. and tense moments today in texas. reports that shots fired. thank you. thank you. the naacp doubles down. ♪ ♪ hi! leaving a career to follow a calling takes courage. a personalized financial strategy can give you confidence to take the next step. hi guys!
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a banner day for apple. it is now the first public company to clear a $900 billion market cam. this comes on the recent release of the iphone 10.
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facebook is asking users to send nude photos to prevent revenge porn. this is rolling out in the u.k., canada, and the u.s. according to the australian agency partnering with facebook, users send photos. they fill out a form and then the images are flagged they do not want shared. australian officials say facebook doesn't store the images. cyber security experts worry about hackers. >> it has to do with where would those images be stored after they are provided to facebook. >> facebook has not responded to a request for comment. the a's catcher bruce maflwell will enter a plea for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and misconduct. it stepped from scottsdale where a food delivery driver accused him of pointing a gun at her. police say maxwell made anti-police statements during the arrest.
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he drew national attention when he became the first major leaguer to kneel during national anthem. and support for a new a's stadium. drone view 7 took the shots earlier this year. it is not far from lake merritt. a poll shows people are 2-1 in fare of that site. it would be privately financed. points say it would displace renters and small business. >> a big day today for two basketball stars in oakland. they signed national letters of intent today to play hoops at the university of utah and the university of washington, respectively. the two best friends are the first guards from the same bay area high school to sign with pac-12 schools in the same year since 1949. both young men gave their parents much of the credit. >> they helped me through it all. they supported me. believed in me and got it done.
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>> a lot of times, i've shown appreciation. i love them and they've done a lot for me. on the court and off the court too. >> other student athletes signing letters of intent today. michael edwards gonzalez and franky to loyolaa mary and emily to the university of oregon. imagine meeting the person who saved your life. >> that's what happened today in walnut creek.
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>> thank you, thank you, thank you. i appreciate you protecting my home and especially my grand daughter. i'm grateful for everything you did. >> coming up at 6:00, expanded coverage of the north bay fires one month later. >> nothing compares to what we saw that night. >> tonight, fire officials offer their perspective on this tragedy and what kept it from becoming even worse. i'll sit down with them. >> they know they're lucky but one couple explains why they may have been better off if their home had not survived the fire. >> in the aftermath, the one thing locals say do you know to help them out. all of that coming up at 6:00. finally, a very special party that we really wanted to share with you. >> a lot to be happy about in
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walnut creek as first responders got together with those whose lives they saved. the many heroes being honored were from police and fire departments across contra costa county. >> among those saved, 2-year-old oliver resuscitated after falling into a hot tub. >> the first respond per came through was within a minute. it was tyler prentis. he was there in a minute and came running through. he actually got bit by our dog running in. >> oliver and officer prentice say it is good to all learn cpr because you never know when you will need to be a first responder yourself. >> and the bond that they have. >> from all of us here, we appreciate your time. we'll see you again in half an hour.
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tonight, several breaking stories as we come on the air. the tearful mother in front of the cameras. a former tv anchor with new allegations against kevin spacey, saying spacey sexually assaulted her son. she describes what her son told her. they have now gone to police. also, at this hour, the urgent manhunt under way right now. three escaped prisoners breaking free. one wanted for homicide. on the most wanted list. tense moments in texas late today. texas rangers who were at the scene of that mass shooting scrambling just moments ago to answer a call in a neighboring community of shots fired. our reporter now on the scene, just as the vice president arrives in sutherland springs. as millions prepare to fly for thanksgiving, the damning new findings tonight. the tsa, and what is slipping


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