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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  November 10, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PST

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victims. reporting abc7 news. crews in napa and sonoma counties found no debris flow issues. in addition to possible mudslides, they expressed concerns from toxins flowing into storm drains and then into creeks and rivers. >> it's 4:30 if you're just joining us. let's go to meteorologist mike nicco. >> hi, natasha, hi, matt. the rain wasn't going to come down in a feverish pace that would make it an issue. in san rafael, rain is falling and this is south on 101. 12-hour day planner, isolated showers. they become more scattered at noon and then less numerous at 4:00. isolated and random showers at 7:00. temperatures are going to run from the low to mid-50s this
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morning to low to mid-60s from noon until 4:00. if you're heading out this evening, temperatures around 55 to 58 degrees. more rain on the way and possibly some of it could hit this weekend. we'll talk about that next here, sue. all right. we're going to the san mateo bridge. a 14-minute drive towards 880. not bad at all. light for your early-morning friday. some slow traffic out of the tracy area. very typical. it's observance of veterans day and we have a couple of accidents out there, slow traffic now at southbound 242. this is at westbound 4 and the connector ramp. heads up and we'll head to the south bay with an accident on 585 when we come back in a few minutes. at the live desk, the alabama republican candidate for senate now accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl
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ne nearly 40 years ago. judge roy moore is calling the accusations an all-out war on accusations an all-out war on conservative has more on the explosive allegations. >> reporter: if the claims are true, they say moore should step aside but moore is standing firm and denying those claims. bombshell allegations just a month before the alabama special election for u.s. senate, new claims republican candidte roy moore made sexual advances towards teenaged girls decades ago. >> these are not fuzzy memories. these are women who are very certain and confident about what happened to them. >> reporter: we spoke with one of the authors of the exclusive "washington post" story in which four women say they had romantic encounters
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propositioned. now 53, leigh says that moore took her to his home and took off her shirt and pants and removed his clothes and guided her hand to touch him over his underwear. >> crime, corruption, abortion, sexual perversion sweep our land. >> reporter: the controversial judge is denying the claim saying "the obama/clinton machine's liberal media lapdogs just launched the most vicious and nasty round of allegations against me and i will never give up the fight." his name will still be on the ballot and absentee ballots already sent out. another republican candidate would have to be written in by voters. reporting live from washington, janai norman being abc7 news. >> janai, thank you.
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the california legislature has investigated 31 allegations of sexual harassment since 2006. documents show 15 of the investigations were in the state senate. 16 in the assembly. the documents fail to give details like the dates of the incidents, the nature of the complaints or whether they involve lawmakers or staff. the federal crackdown on undocumented immigrants is being felt in the vietnamese and cambodian katie marzullo has more. >> reporter: they are calling this a tragedy. the asian law alliance has been hearing from affected families. >> some have been detained and w whisked away to some far off place, like in louisiana or somewhere far away. >> reporter: about 100 immigrants have been detained across the country, all of whom have been convicted of a crime.
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richard says even so, some may be legally allowed to stay in the u.s. >> i think there's a lot of fear in the community and one thing we're trying to emphasize is to really know your rights. >> reporter: vietnam and cambodia have historically refused to take back people that have been deported by the united states. the communities are being targeted, they feel, and they won't comment on the situation but released a statement that reads in part, "international law obligates each country to accept the return of its nationals ordered removed from the united states". >> it's sad if it were to happen to some person. >> reporter: the asian law alliance is handing out these cards that spell out their constitutional rights if i.c.e. agents come to their door. >> california's public utilities commission will require uber and lyft to use third-party
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screening companies to do annual checks and the information will be sent over to the state. they required against having the fingerprints run against criminal databases similar to what cab drivers have to undergo. take a look at this newly released video. campbell police believe these teenagers robbed a home on october 30th. they kicked in doors at homes and stole laptops and jewelry. call police if you recognize anyone. all right. let's start with the storm impact scale. we're a 1 because we're going to have some scattered showers today. and they won't leave much in the way of wet weather behind but if you get caught in one, you'll want to be careful. we're down here on the peninsula. you can see in the southern part of half moon bay, this heads over towards la honda, port
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valley and on it 8 oh. around san rafael and also down towards larkspur and san quentin. redwood city, 52. 53 in foster city. everywhere else, 55 to 58. toll plaza looks much drier than it did this time yesterday. our roads will be drier for the most part. showers are possible if you're on mass transit and lighter breezes out on the bay. 64 in sacramento, 70 in l.a. 45 in tahoe. you can see some of the snow from yesterday up there. let's look at what will happen the next seven days. more chances of snow on both sides of the weekend. sue? >> let's go to the golden date bridge. traffic is flowing nicely. three lanes in the southbound and three lanes in the
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northbound. otherwise, slow traffic up and over the altamont pass. problems in concord westbound for the transition ramp to 242 and there's a bit of a backup and cars are going on a dirt patch on the side of the road to get around the backup and that's not okay. so don't be doing that. the chp is there and they are waiting for a tow truck and highway 85 by evelyn, accessing a slow lane there, too. tomorrow morning, cal trans is scheduled to bring down the final two remaining >> this is yvideo from two week ago. the blastig period will start around 9:30 tomorrow morning. they are finishing the work two years ahead of schedule. dozens of destructive animals terrorize an east bay community. what could happen if you use
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the iphone in the wrong place. plus, trump is in vietnam and there are quest i'm a substation electrician my nwith pg& varela. when i was 17 years old, signed up for the united states army and i started serving and i now get to serve the customers of pg&e. i get to help other families. and that's what it's all about. when i came back from iraq, couldn't find work. then i found pg&e's power pathway program. here at pg&e i'm successful living in eureka with our two beautiful kids with a brand new career all because of the power pathway program. if you are a veteran, go to and hopefully your life will change like mine did. together, we're building a better california.
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welcome back. at the live desk, president trump has arrived in vietnam for the summit and he spoke to a gathering of ceos on the
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sidelines of the annual summit. trade and economic growth are on the top of his agenda. leaders are anxious to see what america's first mean force them. he delivered what appeared to be a sharp rebuke to china, a striking change of tone from yesterday. >> from this day forward, we will compete on a fair and equal basis. we are not going to let the united states be taken advantage of anymore. >> a little different from what we heard yesterday. meanwhile, a sit down with russia's president vladimir putin will not happen at the white house. the white house is citing scheduling conflicts. san francisco police say they have captured a suspect in the stabbing death of a man. he suffered multiple wounds on hayes street last week and harris later died at the hospital. police believe the victim and
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the suspect were in a relationship. in the east bay, dozens of homeowners are at their wits end. >> yeah, wild pigs are on the hunt for food in san ramon and so far there's no stopping them. abc7's cornell barnard has more. >> reporter: cindy decided to not relandscape her yard. the pigs did it for her. they were recently caught on this home security camera near westside drive digging for grubs or insects. what looks like snow is really green gas being shredded from the pigs as they look for a food. the rainy season is making soil easy to dig and bringing the pigs out in force. >> this neighborhood is not the only place where the landscaping is apparently delicious. sky 7 was over homes in san
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ramon's norris canyon where two dozen wild pigs have struck 20 properties. >> pretty good size pigs. they get to 4 or 500 pounds. >> reporter: the homeowners association held an emergency meeting about what to do about the renegade pigs which breed and live in nearby open space. the hoa on the west side will use an eco-friendly means to degrub turf to keep the pigs away. >> hopefully that will do it. >> reporter: it's not the first time the wild pigs have feasted in this neighborhood. they were here in 2013 and now they are back for seconds. in san ramon, cornell barnard, abc7 news. apple is working on a software update for their new iphone x. the screen can become unresponsive in freezing weather. apple says the touch function is designed to work in a range of
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32 to 95 degrees. apple has not said when a patch will be ready. >> i freeze up when it's cold weather. i need something. mike, we've got cold weather this morning, maybe some showers? yeah, definitely. we're not below 32 degrees so we don't have to worry about matt becoming the tin man or anything. here's a look at what is going on from sutro tower. you can see it's a mostly cloudy morning out there. we have a chance of scattered light showers today. a brief break as we're between storms for veterans day and more storms possible for sunday and monday and another shot on wednesday and thursday. today's temperatures, a touch cooler than yesterday. 63 to 67 degrees. 60 along the coast and up towards the lakeport, clear lake and ukiah. it will be definitely cooler but not freezing. 43 as you can see in santa rosa. 48 in half moon bay and also in
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concord and fremont to 50. 50 in san jose and 53 in san francisco. the bulk of the showers today at least during the morning hours are from the north bay northward. but this low is going to continue moving off to the east and will bring us our lance chance for showers. let's look at it hour by hour. 7:00, still up in the north bay, 9:00, still up in the north bay and after 9:00, you could see as we head through lunch a wave of showers are possible and as we head towards the evening commute, isolated random showers. if you're heading out this evening, you don't need to take the umbrella. may need it early like 5:00 but not by 10:00 or 11:00. what your standard temperatures in the 60s with more sunshine tomorrow. rain comes in after the sun sets on monday. monday's commute could be tricky and so could wednesday's evening commute. how about this morning's commute, sue? >> it's slick out there right now, mike. this is san rafael southbound
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101 with the headlines headed towards the civic center. no delays but there are wet roads out there. looking at our traffic maps, we have this accident that is still blocking westbound highway 4 and the ramp to 242 and apparently cars are going over the dirt median to avoid any backup and that's not okay. chp is there and they will give you a ticket for doing that. heads up, better news in mountain view. we had this earlier accident at 85 after evelyn. that's being cleared out of lanes and i'm not seeing any slow traffic there now. guys? >> o.j. simpson is being banned from a hotel after he was involved in a confrontation there. cosmopolitan notified him he could be arrested if he shows up. he became abusive towards staff when he was drunk. simpson denies it. drug and alcohol tests were negative yesterday.
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he was paroled after serving nine years for assault and robbery. the city is being honored for making the biggest improvement in street conditions last year. you can see the difference in before and after shots of woodlawn avenue. the conditions of east palo alto streets have improved more than any of the other 110 cities in the area. macy's makes changes that will affect california's oldest mall right here in the bay area. and google turns to the dark side. flu so thot concerns. why you may not get the concern that you counted on. first, the tech bites. >> iphone and ipad users can finally type the letter "i" again. there is a fix that auto corrected the "i" to an "a" with
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a question mark. pay pal launched a new service called money pool. >> other people can contribute. there's no fee if given through a paypal account. credit card and debit card contributions can be made without a fee. shoppers will be able to check out amazon devices like echo and e-readers before buying them. whole foods says more than 100 stores cover that device. >> you can buy organic granola >> you can buy organic granola and
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all right. you don't have to be a fashion model to walk the sonic runway in san jose. this path features 24 arches filled with l.e.d. lights. pretty cool. they convert audio signals into colorful art patterns. it's the first of the burning man project has planned for the city. sonic runway operates from 5:30 to midnight through mid-january. >> pretty cool. backers of a ballot initiative that would exempt initiative that would exempt older californiaens from paying
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tax. if it makes the ballot and passes, it would reduce taxes by $60 million every year. and the state would have to make up the difference by either reducing spending or raising other taxes and fees. it's official, macy's plans to close its store at the stonestown galleria in san francisco. this is california's oldest shopping center. macy's says this is one of three locations that they'll be closing next year. google is digging into the dark corners of the web to better secure people's accounts. they discovered millions of google user names and passwords for sale on the dark web. google says this is the first study that took a long-term look at how thieves steal your long-term data. hacking tools are so
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sophisticated now, just about anyone can use them. let's look at the rainfall potential from today's storm. at 7:00, mainly across the extreme north bay, santa rosa, calistoga and northward, the scattered showers could hit some of our neighborhoods leaving a couple of .01 behind. let's take a look at the overnight hours. once we get to 11:00, that's pretty much hit. the huskies are in town to take on stanford. 58 degrees, dropping down to 55 so dress for the chill in the air. we're going live now to the emeryville area. we have a stall westbound 80 at powell street. traffic is getting by okay. you can see the volume is increasing as we get farther into our commute. better news now, we are going back to concord where an earlier accident has been cleared out of lanes at the transition ramp from westbound 4 to highway 242 and traffic is recovering nicely
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there. we have an accident on the peninsula. this is 280 northbound. a car versus a deer and deer is in the second lane from the left. so use caution. you may want to stay to the right side as you travel northbound. guys? >> thanks, sue. a new study says we may be heading for a bad flu season. >> researchers estimate last year's vaccine was only 42% effective. scientists blame that on a mutation that occurred in the influenza a strain and that's led scientists to believe that this year's vaccine could also be imperfect as well. even so, the cdc is advising everyone six months and older to get a flu shot. a new research indicates that eating chocolate and drinking wine is keeping people young. it makes people look younger and behave more like young cells. red grapes and blueberries helped as well.
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>> well, okay. >> it's for the just drink red wine and just eat chocolate. you need to have other things, but -- >> like fried chicken and pumpkin pie and zsh tho-- >> those kinds of things. the force will live on for years to come. >> there will be a trilogy for "star wars." these are scenes from "star wars 7." former democratic party leader donna brazile was in san francisco last night. next at 5:00, hear what she reveals about russia and fixing the democratic primary. bg & e is blaming someone else for what may have caused the tubbs fire. and some paid time off? detailed ahead.
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how you can ride for free.
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i'm a substation electrician my nwith pg& varela. when i was 17 years old, signed up for the united states army and i started serving and i now get to serve the customers of pg&e. i get to help other families. and that's what it's all about. when i came back from iraq, couldn't find work. then i found pg&e's power pathway program. here at pg&e i'm successful living in eureka with our two beautiful kids with a brand new career all because of the power pathway program. if you are a veteran, go to and hopefully your life will change like mine did. together, we're building a better california. coming up on 5:00 a.m., good
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morning. we made it to friday, november 10th. >> we have jessica and mike and sue hall with traffic. we'll hear from her in a bit. we'll start with mike. we're on a storm watch scale of 1? >> yes. we have a light storm. you can see the scattering of green around the peninsula and out over the ocean and that is heading to the east. get ready to get wet from time to time and 12-hour day planner, 50 to 54 degrees. 60 to 64 degrees with more numerous showers and then they become isolated and by 7:00 they become really random. temperatures are around 55 to 58 degrees. your weekend forecast looking drier. i'll show you that coming up soon. sue? no metering lights yet at the bay bridge toll plaza and it's smoothing nicely into san francisco. to delays at this hour. it's one of the benefits of


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