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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  November 12, 2017 7:00am-8:00am PST

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good morning, america. new this morning. clarifying his comments. president trump explaining whether he believes russian president vladimir putin or america's intelligence agencies. who say russia meddled in our presidential election. >> i'm with our agencies, especially as currently constituted with their leadership. plus, the war of words ramping up this morning with north korea. breaking overnight. gym accident. nearly two dozen children hurt when a platform collapses. kids sent tumbling. >> it was really scary. and everybody was, um, crying and bleeding. >> ambulances rushing to the scene to treat the injured. the question this morning, how did it happen? caught on camera. look at this wild boat crash. >> oh, oh, oh! >> the two racers colliding. one going airborne in front of a
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horrified crowd. >> everyone was in disbelief that it happened. >> how everyone managed to make it out of this alive. and football fumble. the decision to hold games on thursdays criticized by players after a blitz of injuries. >> nothing like thursday night games. put people at harm. their bodies are not prepared. >> is skeej schedule too grueling on the grid iron? good morning, everybody. paula is off. we brought in a ringer. her name is sara haines. good morning, my friend. how you doing? >> i wrote that line. >> she told me to say that. >> a lot of people happy to see you. >> that's how it's going to go this morning. let's get to the news. president trump overseas. >> shortly before we came on the air, the president tweeted out this picture of air force one after touching down in the philippines. before his arrival, protesters swarmed the u.s. embassy. and were repelled with water cannons. >> quite a scene there. while in the philippines, trump will meet with the controversial president, rodrigo duterte.
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he was accused of ordering illegal killings in that country's drug war. trump has said duterte's doing an unbelievable job on the drug problem. >> the upcoming meeting comes on the heels of trump walking back comments about american intelligence agencies. about the question of russian -- russia meddling in our elections. >> it comes after president trump ramped up his war of words with kim jong-un of north korea. calling him short and fat. abc's chief white house correspondent jon karl is traveling with the president this morning. jon, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. and good morning, sara. after saying just yesterday that the -- that he thinks that vladimir putin truly believes it when he denies that russia interfered in the election, today, the president said he accepts the findings of u.s. intelligence agencies. which have concluded that russia did meddle, and that vladimir putin ordered it. at a joint press conference with
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the president of vietnam, president trump was asked point blank who he believes, u.s. intelligence agencies who say russia meddled in the 2016 election or vladimir putin. who denies it happened. >> i believe he feels that he and russia did not meddle in the election. as to with whether i believe it or not, i'm with our agencies, especially as currently constituted with the leadership. >> reporter: the current leadership of the u.s. intelligence agencies have said definitively that russia did interfere and putin himself ordered it. the president says he accepts their findings. but he wants to move on and work with putin rather than punish him. >> what he believes is what he believes. what i believe is that we have to get to work and i think everybody understood this that heard the answer. we have to get to work to solve syria. to solve north korea. to solve ukraine. to solve terrorism. and, you know, people don't realize, russia's been very, very heavily sanctioned. >> reporter: just yesterday on
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air force one, the president said he briefly discussed election meddling with putin yesterday at a multi-nation summit here in vietnam. every time he sees me, he says, i didn't do that, the president said. and i really believe that, when he tells me that, he means it. that didn't sit well with senator john mccain who responded, quote, there is nothing america first about taking the word of a kgb colonel over that of the american intelligence community. on twitter, the president defended his comments. when will all the haters and fools out there realize that having a good relationship with russia is a good thing not a bad thing? from here in vietnam, the president also tweeted about north korea. taunting dictator kim jong-un, saying why would kim jong-un insult me by calling me old when i would never call him short and fat. oh, well. i try so hard to be his friend. maybe some day that will happen. the president was asked if he really meant that? could he become, quote, a friend of kim jong-un?
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>> that might be a strange thing to happen, but it's a possibility. if it did happen, it would be a good thing, i can tell you, north korea. it would be good for lots of other places and good for the world. so, certainly, it is something that could happen. i don't know that it will. but it would be very, very nice if it did. >> reporter: the president had choice words for those who were the top three intelligence officials when he became president. calling the former heads of the fbi, the dni, and the cia quote political hacks. now these are individuals who have long careers in national security and have served both democratic and republican administrations. sara? dan? >> thank you, jon. now moving on to the other major political story this morning. republican senate candidate roy moore taking aim at the women accusing him of sexual misconduct. >> moore is stepping up his
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defense and refusing to drop out of the race. and abc's stephanie ramos is on the story from our washington bureau. stephanie, good morning to you. >> reporter: dan and sara, good morning. roy moore in front of his supporters in alabama saturday, continued to deny the accusations against him. insinuating it's a conspiracy by democrats and the republican establishment here in washington to get him out of the race. why now? that's the question republican senate candidate roy moore continues to ask and answer. >> to think that grown women would wait 40 years to come before -- right before an election, to bring charges is absolutely unbelievable. >> reporter: moore, going on the offensive saturday, at a veterans day event in alabama on the sexual misconduct allegations made against him. >> to be attacked for allegations of sexual misconduct contradicts my entire career in law. i have not been guilty of sexual misconduct with anyone. >> reporter: moore, who is
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running to fill the alabama seat left open by attorney general jeff sessions, faces allegations, first reported in "the washington post," that he engaged in sexual activity with a 14-year-old girl when he was 32. the article also alleges moore also pursued other girls including gloria deason when they were in the ages between 16 and 18. moore finds the timing of the report suspicious. deason's attorney posted -- as young teenage girls in a the late 1970s in a small, rural, southern town, they had no way of knowing their rights. especially against him, considering he was a district attorney at the time. moore says the article is a desperate attempt to stop his campaign. >> this article is a prime example of fake news. >> reporter: a number of republican senators are distancing themselves from moore. at least 42 out of the 52 gop senators have weighed in on moore's situation. most saying, if the allegations
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are true, then he should drop out of the race. moore's democratic opponent, doug jones says moore needs to answer to the people of alabama. and calls the allegations very serious. adding he needs to do more than simply deny them. dan? sara? >> a tight race. stephanie, thank you. >> let's bring in abc news chief global affairs correspondent marth martha raddatz who will be hosting "this week" later this morning right from d.c. good morning, martha. >> good morning, dan and sara. >> so you have been out on the road. you spoke with the governor of ohio, john kasich, as well as voters in both ohio and pennsylvania. are they following this moore story? what do they have to say about it? >> they seem to be definitely following the moore story. they frankly tend to follow what roy moore says. in some cases, the trump voters will say, look, if he did this, it is bad. but we don't know whether he did this. there were some who were more
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definitive about it, saying he should go. i think, generally, you hear, you know, we don't know. and it was 40 years ago. sort of the things that roy moore was saying. that if, if he did that. and i don't know really how you take this further. you've got four women on the record who "the washington post" sought out. they didn't come to "the washington post." and 30 others who they talked to. i don't really know what those voters are waiting for. >> president trump says he believes putin's sincerity and the intelligence community on russian interference. can he have it both ways? >> kind of a contradiction there, isn't it? can he have it both ways? he said one thing yesterday. and he said another thing overnight. he basically said he trusted his intelligence community. the intelligence community, as jon karl pointed out, said putin was behind the interference. i don't know how president trump says i believe he means it. and then on the other hand, say i believe the intelligence community.
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but clearly, he was trying to correct that in some way it seems. saying he is siding with the intelligence community. this of course came after mike pompeo the cia director, his cia directo director, issued an unusual statement, saying i back my intelligence communities, no matter what the president is saying. >> tricky issue for the president. no question. thank you, martha. i want to remind everybody. martha has a big show. coming up on "this week." she'll have more on the political fallout in alabama with the senate race there. >> and she'll speak with counselor to the president, kellyanne conway and ohio governor john kasich. who has called for roy moore to step aside. that's coming up on "this week." thank you. we move on to a breaking story. overnight, nearly two dozen children are recovering this morning after being injured in a gym accident. >> authorities say the kids went tumbling when a structure collapsed. ambulances rushed to the scene and abc's marcie gonzalez is
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reporting from our los angeles bureau. >> reporter: none of the injuries are life-threatening. at least 21 children and two adults were hurt in the collapse. right now, investigators are trying to figure out what caused what witnesses describe as a terrifying freak accident. overnight, chaos at a children's trampoline and obstacle gym in san diego. >> stairwell collapsed on some juveniles. >> reporter: kids rushed out on stretchers and into ambulances. inside, first responders treating some 23 people injured. when a platform collapsed. >> it was really scary. everybody was crying and bleeding. >> reporter: it happened around 7:40 p.m. 30 to 40 kids rushing up the stairs for pizza, according to some reports, caused the wooden platform to buckle. >> i kind of just heard like a crack and then all of a sudden it just crashed down and i heard people screaming when it was coming down. >> the platform that these kids were going up on was real sketchy. you could tell it wasn't going to hold all that weight.
7:12 am
>> reporter: authorities say the injuries range from mild to moderate including a spine and head injury. 13-year-old jordan alvarez knows how fortunate he was. >> i fell. luckily, i landed on a cushion, like a pad. luckily, i didn't get hurt. >> reporter: the gym's owner released a statement saying quote we are truly heartbroken. we're working with authorities and will continue to do so to resolve this. dan? sara? >> thank you, marci. now to ron with the rest of the day's headlines. >> sara, good morning to you. dan, adrienne? adrienne, what happened to you? >> what have we here? we have some sports ahead of us. >> it's high-def, ron. >> we'll begin in puerto rico with the army general in charge saying their job is done nearly two months after hurricane maria devastated the island. the military says its mission of clearing roads, aiding with medical emergencies and helping
7:13 am
with communications is now complete. the national guard and fema will continue recovery effort there is. this comes as a new head of puerto rico's emergency management agency takes office after the former manager, now former manager, resigned on friday. more than 50% of the island is still without power. in china espn is reporting that the three ucla men's basketball players accused of shoplifting did not return home to los angeles with their team. they said they'll remain another week possibly two weeks in china where they still face charges. freshman liangelo ball, cody riley, and jalen hill have been accused of stealing sunglasses at a louis vuitton store. the bruins were in china to play their season opener against georgia tech. the three players missed that game. back in the u.s., police in florida arrested kansas city chief defensive tackle roy miller in jacksonville, florida on a domestic battery charge. this happened early saturday morning. the 30-year-old was released
7:14 am
after appearing before a judge. he's due back in court later this month. the chiefs spokesman said the team is aware of the incident but has no further comment at this time. a day of prayer in texas as the first baptist church in sutherland springs will hold service for the first time since the deadly mass shooting that left 26 dead a week ago. the service moved to a local baseball park. to accommodate the hundreds expected to attend. the church also holding a memorial this afternoon to let people pay their respects. also in texas, in beaumont, a huge fire racing through an apartment complex. a mother seen running out of the building. see her there holding her two children. the fire department said there were a few minor injuries. more than 50 homes were damaged. and finally, a family in monrovia, california, waking up to finding visitors making themselves comfortable in their home. the visitors, a bear cub managed to squeeze through the sliding door to get to the cat food. >> whoa. that's the cub? >> yes. another can you be waited outside. not the first time they visited
7:15 am
that home. the trio also caught on camera bathing in their swimming pool. >> like a reverse goldilocks. >> not sure how you get them out when they're in your pool. >> i love it. lure them with cat food i guess. >> cubs, you never go near them. it's so dangerous. >> give them the cat food. let them swim. >> throw it out the window. lock the window. >> bear safety. thank you, guys. appreciate it. we'll explain why tony is here. this is nfl sunday. there are calls this sunday morning from some of the players to put an end to thursday night football. eight players got hurt just this past thursday, including seattle seahawks' star richard sherman. >> sheriff man wrote an article called "why i hate thursday night football," calling the league hypocritical for preaching safety but then asking for player toss play games on only three days' rest. other players echoing that sentiment this week. >> injuries are a part of the game, but thursday night -- i
7:16 am
feel like thursday night games put people at harm when their body is not prepared. to lose a player of his magnitude, his caliber, is just tragic. >> let's bring in tony. do you think thursday night football is going away? >> the current contract for thursday night football expires at the end of the season. that contract was for $900 million for two years. that's one reason you imagine it's not going away. the ratings are relatively still good enough. the quality of play -- you can question whether it's good. the teams are making money. the players are making money. and there's a current state in the nfl now with player suspensions, we talked about it with ron. player protests. and the commissioner, roger goodell, in his own contract negotiation. that's tense right now. >> if the players think it's unsafe and they're at risk, and they're all getting injured, doesn't the nfl have to do something? >> that is the dilemma. it's a great question, sara. three days' rest. how does your body recover after three days' rest? how does your body recover after seven days' rest? it's my opinion that if you took all the players injured in the nfl right now, put them on one team, that team would win the super bowl by 40 points.
7:17 am
>> oh, my gosh. >> we're talking about aaron rogers and j.j. watt. the best players in the league. one other thing from the game thursday night. seahawks' quarterback russell wilson. this is another issue for the league. we're just compounding issues here. he took a hit to the chin and was told by the referee, as is league protocol, to go to the concussion tent and take a test. video showed him in that tent for fewer than five seconds with nobody else in the tent. he decided not to get a test. and went back out on the field. that will be reviewed by the league as well. the league has a lot to look at here. i would expect a fine coming the seahawks' way. >> what is the league saying about thursday night? >> the league is saying that it's still quality play for them. the ratings are where they kind of want them to be. the teams are happy to play in these games. >> do injuries affect ratings? if the great player -- the best players are out -- >> when the biggest star is out, i think that's what the league is most concerned about as far
7:18 am
as ratings. player protests, an argument either way. player suspensions, either way. but injuries, to the biggest stars. aaron rodgers. these are the guys in commercials. odell beckham. and richard sherman as well. >> tony reali, appreciate it. >> college football. >> a huge shakeup yesterday. two of the top three teams in the nation go down yesterday. alabama, number two in one poll. number one in the other, barely held on. we'll see a big shakeup. miami is back. we saw this game on abc last night. they beat notre dame by 33. number one georgia lost by 23. >> they got crushed by auburn. >> yes. alabama, miami, oklahoma, will be the top three in some order. >> i didn't know you were jumping in. very sorry to cut you off, my friend. what i did want to say was, we always love having you on. thank you very much. >> that part is true, still. >> even ron backs me up. let's bring in robert, though, and take a look at the forecast this morning. hey, man, what's going on? >> cue the scorpions. the hurricanes are back down in
7:19 am
miami. congratulations to them. they're going to rocket up the ratings. scranton, pennsylvania, record cold yesterday and the day before. all these cities saw two days in a row of records. some of the records are 100 years old. teens and 20s yesterday. that arctic air still in place. we may see more records fall across the northeast. a little warmer. 30 degrees in boston. still below freezing in newark. near or below freezing across the great lakes. a little disturbance across northern iowa and chicago. maybe a mix of precip there. doesn't take much to slick up the roads and cause chaos. if you're heading out to sunday morning services and activities, be aware. no major accumulation. maybe just enough to make things dangerous. that's a quick check on what is happening nationally. good sunday morning. i'm lisa argen. you could see the clouds over the city. we will get into sunshine. a partly cloudy afternoon. rain begins in the north bay tonight and spreads over the entire bay area for your monday. 63 in oakland as well as palo alto today. a little milder and sunnier out towards the east bay and the
7:20 am
south bay. the accuweather seven-day forecast. we're wet tomorrow. break on tuesday. more rain midweek. >> dan harris having to remind everybody, "rock you like a hurricane" is the scorpions song. speaking of hurricanes -- >> i know my german metal. >> yes, you do. it was an incredible hurricane season, guys. tomorrow on "good morning america," we're doing a special, the road to recovery. we'll talk about the areas devastated by the hurricanes. over the past few months. robin roberts in puerto rico. michael strahan in houston. i'll be traveling to the keys after this show to see just how everybody is recovering. as you would imagine, it's been very slow. >> incredibly important. >> that's great, rob. we turn to a big change at britain's remembrance day ceremonies. >> queen elizabeth standing with her husband. prince philip looking on. as prince charles lays the wreath this morning. molly hunter has more from
7:21 am
london. >> reporter: this morning, on remembrance sunday in the united kingdom, a bit like our veterans day, royals and citizens alike honor those who have given their lives for peace and democracy. prince charles is front and center today. laying the first wreath on the war memorial. for the past 65 years, that was queen elizabeth's job. this year, the 91-year-old monarch standing on the balcony with her husband, 96-year-old. prince phillip. princes william and harry taking part in the ceremony while duchess kate looks on from above. but this moment, a glimpse of the royal future. another sign, however small, that the younger royals are stepping up. and, of course, that the family continues to grow. prince william and kate expecting a baby in the spring. we also saw prince harry, who knows, perhaps a new face, a new addition to that family soon. rumors swirl about a possible engagement.
7:22 am
as we approach the holidays? dan? sara? >> molly, thank you very much. here's what's coming up on "gma," harrowing speedboat crash caught on camera. how everyone managed to escape this thing. hollywood kicking off the oscar season over looming accusations across the industry of sexual misconduct. >> big night in hollywood. and getting a jump on holiday shopping. the gifts you should not wait to buy. we've got all the tips on that front. we'll be right back with much more "gma." keep it here. >> good morning america brought to you by bush's beans and beans and beans.
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good morning, i'm carolyn tyler. happening today, santa rosa officials will host a news conference on the potential impact of the rain this winter. this is especially pertinent for the fountain grove area which was nearly burned to the ground last month. the city has identified sections of storm drain destroyed by the fires and that, plus the fact
7:28 am
that there's little to no groundcover means that there's an increased risk for landslides and sinkholes. let's get a check of the accuweather forecast now with lisa argen. >> carolyn, we could see up towards 3/4 of an inch of rain. right now, we're partly cloudy, enjoying a dry day for most of us. 52 in san francisco. 45 in half moon bay and the clouds will build later in the day here. the rain holds off until late in sonoma county. midst 60s with sunshine today. >> thank you, lisa. than
7:29 am
7:30 am
welcome back to "gma" on a sunday morning. happening right now, final stop. president trump wrapping up his asia trip, touching down in the philippines, where he'll meet with the controversial president rodrigo duterte. this comes on the heels of trump walking back some comments in which he seemed to side with vladimir putin over america's intelligence agencies over the question of russian meddling in our election. it also comes after president trump ramped up again the war of words with kim jong-un. calling him short and fat. also right now, water woes in santa barbara, california. a stream of water shooting up in the air after a car crashed into a fire hydrant in the downtown area. the water flooding the streets and causing a roof to partially collapse. and emirates airline
7:31 am
unveiling their new high tech priva private suites. the 40-square-foot first class accommodations come with a video call feature connecting you to the crew. l.e.d. mood lighting. the seats located in the middle aisle, virtual windows. showing the view from a fiberoptic camera on the plane. no word how much the suites will set you back. but i'm sure it's -- >> a lot. >> they're priceless. >> those are bigger than my apartment. that is incredible. >> that's not hard for a new york city apartment. >> sure. fair enough. coming up, the kickoff to oscar season. overnight, with the governor's awards. we're on the red carpet with the stars. and their comments about the recent sexual harassment stories that have taken over hollywood. but first, a devastating speedboat collision, all caught on camera. >> yeah. this is incredible. the boats were taking part in a race down the floo floo keys when one skimmed the other going air board and flipping over.
7:32 am
eva pilgrim with all the details. eva, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. this video is crazy. these boats were going fast. when the two collided. >> oh, oh, oh! >> oh. >> reporter: a scary moment for fans at the annual key west superboat world championships. watch as the number 18 boat flies by, running over number 3. >> oh, oh, oh! >> oh! >> reporter: number 18, going airborne. >> we do have a boat over on the course. >> reporter: flipping over, crashing into the water and making a huge splash. >> everyone was in disbelief that it even happened. >> we will have medical on site. >> reporter: finally, you see a head pop out from under the boat. >> there is one. >> there's two. >> there is the second person. so both -- >> oh, that's a relief. >> it was pretty crazy to see. >> reporter: both boats were severely damaged. unable to compete in the final day of racing. miraculously, the drivers were able to walk away with no major injuries. >> never seen anything like that before.
7:33 am
both appear to be okay after a horrendous accident. >> reporter: really fortunate no one was hurt in that crash. another power boat flipped earlier this week and one person did die. a reminder of how dangerous this can be. >> thank you very much for that report, eva. back to rob for another look at the forecast. hey, man. hey, guys. speedboat racing is not happening in the northwest. one coming in tonight, wind along the coast. maybe 50 miles an hour. heavyish rain and higher elevation snows. another one behind that is stronger. four to seven inches of rainfall through wednesday. one tonight. one on wednesday. i think wednesday will be the one with a little more punch. snow levels 6,000, 7,000 feet. accumulating above that. that energized storm on wednesday will traverse the country. i think it will shake up, it looks like, the weather pattern for the eastern half of the country later in the week.
7:34 am
it would create some troughiness. another blast of cold air. whenever you have this, there's the potential to see a storm de good sunday morning. we'll bring rain into the north bay late tonight. overall, upper 50s at the coast to the mid-60s inland with partly cloudy skies today. >> this weather report is brought to you by quicken loans. sara? >> i -- i -- uh -- >> i was going to say, what do you think of my brown suit? >> i want to salute your bravery. last weekend, he wore this brown suit. ron gave him ribbing on the air. some would say justified. i wouldn't disagree with those people. >> ron. he defied me by wearing it
7:35 am
again. >> he wore it again this weekend. >> he's going to wear it every weekend. >> why? >> i'm not done. it's november. brown is is okay. >> rob. i want to do an extreme makeover marciano edition. can we take you shopping? i love you. >> the last person who should get picked on. >> if it's for brown ties, i'm all for it. >> but guys he sets trends. you can never pick his style. he's always spot on. >> you tell 'em, sara. you're welcome here every weekend. i miss you so much. >> thank you. >> he's a sweetheart. he's handsome. we just want to see a different color. >> i'm not a sartorial expert. i don't think that brown is taking off. >> brown is the new brown. coming up here on "gma," it's the kickoff to hollywood's awards season. the governor's awards. there was glitter. there was glamour, but there was also a lot of frank talk about sexual harassment and assault. and the new phone gadget if you're ready to pop the question. there's an app for -- there's really not an app for that. up ahead in "pop news." n app for that. up ahead in "pop news." s it bet. she also builds her own fighting robots.
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we're back we're back with more "gma." oscar season kicked off overnight with the governor's awards. >> and "gma" was right there on the red carpet where the stars were not only talking about fashion and film but also the recent headlines about sexual assault and harassment. chris connelly has more. >> reporter: at saturday night's 2017 governor's awards. pioneers of cinema receiving honorary oscars for long-time excellence. and there to pay their respects, many with movies eligible for upcoming awards, too. on the red carpet, forthright talk about the recent sexual harassment revelations that have compelled close scrutiny of the culture of hollywood and
7:41 am
dominated the conversation here. >> i commend the brave men and women who have come out with their stories. i really hope that this is a huge paradigm shift and it can be a course toward systemic change. >> i hope the sexual harassment conversation that is happening in hollywood extends outward into other industries. >> it's long past overdue that people understand that you can't behave that way. >> i think it's a great catalyst for change. >> reporter: change represented well by the evening's honorees. director charles burnett, whose landmark 1977 drama "killer of sheep" brought ne-yo relism and visual poetry to the streets. "french connection" dp owen roizman. "birdman" director alejandro inarritu, a special award for a virtual reality museum piece on immigration. donald sutherland, his more than 50-year career spanning "the dirty dozen" and "the hunger games." >> these things happen in war. >> reporter: and 89-year-old director and documentarian, agnes varda.
7:42 am
a towering figure of creative vision and daring in france. >> i love los angeles. >> reporter: no one was having more fun than 7-year-old actress brooklynn prince. >> i mean, i love "good morning america." it's like the best show ever. >> reporter: being much talked about for her phenomenal performance in "the florida project." >> oh, come on. >> reporter: will you get to stay out all night tonight and have a good time tonight? will you go to sleep at midnight like cinderella? >> no curfew! i'm going to stay up late. yes. good morning, america. >> reporter: for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> oh, my goodness. >> i want one. >> she's awesome. >> can i have one? >> no curfew. whoo. >> that's not how we feel before you anchor "gma." >> that little girl is so sweet. >> that movie is getting incredibly good reviews. >> you were saying that. >> it's supposed to be really, really good. i want to see it. much more coming up on
7:43 am
on this sunday morning. why you may not want to wait until black friday to score the best deals. after the break. then after that, adrienne with "pop news."
7:44 am
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♪ ♪>> this morning in our "weekend this morning in our "weekend download" is there really such a thing as black friday anymore? abc's becky worley is here with the best ways to save on holiday shopping. you say this one-day sale event has become a black friday season? became a season? >> yeah, thanks a lot, retailers. take something simple and make it supercomplicated spanning weeks. and yes, in some cases, the entire month of november. bottom line, sara. there are some discounts out there. shop now if you want to get a jump on things. but the best single day of deals will again be, drum roll please, thanksgiving day.
7:47 am
>> oy. now we have to spend thanksgiving day shopping. now, i understand that some things will be scarce this year. so your advice was don't wait for a deal. >> right, on a few items. our friends at have a list of items they think may be hard to find. first some of the gaming consoles. x box one x. nes classic. and nintendo switch. if you see a deal now, grab it. if it's a must-have item, grab it. deal or no deal. same for hot toys. hatchimals, fingerlings. and this guy, the electronic porg. i don't know if you have seen this dude. he makes funky noises. full disclosure that's a that's "star wars" character owned by our parent company, disney. ooh, ooh, ooh, supercute. >> what if you buy something and it goes on sale later? is there anything we can do about that? >> buyer's remorse. it stings. many retailers have a price guarantee. they'll refund you the difference if something you buy gets a price cut. and better news, there are apps
7:48 am
you can use to price check after the sale. they'll do it automatically. paribus and earny are my favorites. we have links to those services on our website, sara. so yeah, get your shopping on, girl. >> thank you, becky. as always for all the shopping tips. we'll be back right after this with some "pop news." with some "pop news." with some "pop news." when you're close to the people you love, does psoriasis ever get in the way of a touching moment? if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, you can embrace the chance of completely clear skin with taltz. taltz is proven to give you a chance at completely clear skin. with taltz, up to 90% of patients had a significant improvement of their psoriasis plaques. in fact, 4 out of 10 even achieved completely clear skin. do not use if you are allergic to taltz. before starting you should be checked for tuberculosis. taltz may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them.
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♪ >> good morning america brought to you by geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insure. ♪ i love that music. >> i do, too. don't you love it? >> it never gets old. never gets old. >> as we like to say, it all builds up to this. time for "pop news." >> yes. >> adrienne bankert. what's poppin'? >> sara very familiar with "pop news." we love having her on. we're going to have this "pop news" potpourri. first, simon cowell. and now, it's carrie underwood
7:53 am
on the mend this morning. she took a bad fall in front of her home in nashville the other night. according to a tennessee newspaper, she broke her wrist. the fall just days after she co-hosted the cma awards with brad paisley, right here on abc. carrie's husband, nhl star, mike fisher returned home overnight to care for her. we understand her appearance tonight at the country rising benefit has been canceled. we hope she feels much, much better. popping the question, gentlemen, we're going to help you out. if the big moment in your life needs to be recorded, some entrepreneurs have come up with a very clever way to document the big day. check it out. the rock shock is a smartphone holder for an engagement ring. so you can pop the question with your phone. >> did you see this? >> ensure that the picture is captured from the proper camera angle. everybody needs help taking the right selfie. if you're confident on a ringing endorsement, be sure to buy -- >> oh, i like that. >> look at the size. >> you can spend less on the --
7:54 am
>> whoa, whoa, whoa. >> wait a minute. >> there's a big compartment in there i saw. >> does everything need to be recorded? >> no. >> yes. >> i just want someone to put their phone down for a little bit. >> the best things are not recorded, actually. >> they sure aren't, adrienne. [ laughter ] >> what? >> i can assure you she won't be back again. >> just sealing the deal, people. just sealing the deal. >> okay. >> easy. >> okay. let's change the subject to the holidays. you probably noticed. are you dreaming of a white christmas? >> who doesn't? ♪ christmas tree at the christmas party hop ♪ >> are you rocking around the christmas tree? feliz navidad. some radio stations across the country have already started to play christmas music. >> i love it. >> some psychologists are adding some tarnish to the tinsel. they're saying listening to holiday music too early could trigger the stress by reminding you of your to-do list.
7:55 am
some big box stores have already started playing the tunes. we have the solution. put your ear buds in and listen to your iphone. you have your own sound track. listen to the new taylor swift album and forget -- ♪ let's be jolly ♪ decking the halls with boughs of holly ♪ i know the words. >> i can live without it. well, let's talk about the universal food. if you're wondering what today is it's national pizza with everything day except for anchovies. >> that is actually a holiday? >> this is when they eat and they just tune out because they're hungry. but, yeah, some people don't like anchovies. they're a bit polarizing. and we want to encourage you to go out and get some pizza. it is new york city. home of the best pizza in the world. >> absolutely. >> which one did you get, sarah? is that eggplant parmesan pizza? >> it's got a lot of stuff. it's got everything but anchovies. broccoli. meat. olives. >> who made the pizza? >> who made the pizza, guys? >> big nick's. >> big nick's just around the
7:56 am
corner. thank you big nick's. we appreciate it. we're going to just eat. so, i like cold pizza. >> this is cold. so you're in luck. >> they did that just for me. thank you. >> this is a little cold. >> tomorrow is national cold pizza day. stay tuned for that. adrienne, thank you very much. sara, thank you for filling in. you were great. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> we'll see you. good morning. i'm carolyn tyler. a teenager told his parents nearly three weeks ago that he was going to san francisco to, quote, chill and has not been seen since. 19-year-old jann disappeared after leaving his home october 22nd. his parents say his clipper card
7:57 am
was used that same day at the montgomery b.a.r.t. station. he was last seen wearing a white t-shirt, black basketball shorts and a black cap. if you've seen him, please call the alameda county sheriff's office. a heads up for b.a.r.t. riders. crews are doing maintenance inside the caldecott b.a.r.t. tunnel. inside trains will be delayed up to 40 minutes. they will be single tracked. the officials say the work cannot be done outside service hours. some regularly scheduled trains may only go as far as orinda before heading back to the pitsburg bay point. the work begins at 2:00 this afternoon. let's get a check of the accuweather forecast. here's lisa. >> carolyn, good morning to you. we are brightening up in some spots. the golden gate bridge. upper 40s to low 50s. san francisco 52. from mt. tam, more cloud cover late in the day with upper 40s by the delta. just 46 though in livermore. so visibility, wow, napa and
7:58 am
santa rosa to a quarter of a mile. elsewhere, with the clouds breaking up, on the way to a partly cloudy afternoon with low 60s in oakland. 65 in fremont. 67 in san jose. the accuweather seven-day forecast. a 1 on the storm impact scale. this will overspread the bay area tomorrow. wet morning commute in the north bay along the coast and then it ends later. break on tuesday, more rain midweek. thank you, lisa. thank you for
7:59 am
8:00 am
"this week" with george stephanopoulos starts right now. >> not backing down. >> these attacks involve a minor. they're completely false and untrue. >> with alabama senate candidate roy moore lashing out after the disturbing allegations of sexual misconduct. >> to think that grown women would wait 40 years to bring charges is absolutely unbelievable. why now? >> the republican party and alabama voters facing a defining moment. will they believe his multiple accusers and fight to prevent him from entering the u.s. senate? or, will they accept him as one of their own? we'll ask president trump's senior counsellor how she'll advise the president. and face to face.


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