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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  November 12, 2017 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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>> i have some in the >> tonight dangerous diplomacy. president trump face-to-face with the controversial leader of the philippines. the president with growing backlash back home about his comments about vladimir putin, the u.s. election and calling kim jong-un short and fat. not backing down. republican senate candidate roy moore taking aim at his accusers claiming he's the victim of conspiracy. tonight what his former co-worker is saying about his dating habits decades ago. >> under investigation. prosecutors planning to meet with one of kevin spacey's accusers. who said the hollywood star sexually assaulted him. panic in the terminal. new surveillance video of the smoking backpack forcing thousands to evacuate an
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american airport. the hero tsa agent grabbing the bag and rushing it out of harm's way. sudden collapse. a dance floor crumbling in the middle of a party sending college students crashing to the floor below. the moment it all happened. >> good evening. thanks for joining us. on this sunday. i'm tom llamas. we begin with president trump on his last leg of his tour in asia. facing backlash from 8,000 miles away. the president shaking hands with the controversial leader of the philippines, president rodrigo duterte. accused of many human rights violations. president trump trying to clarify his comments about russia's meddling in the u.s. election. whom does he believe, vladimir putin or his intelligence agencies? all of this coming as the war of words is reignited between the president and north korea's kim jong-un. abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl is traveling with the president. >> reporter: protesters faced off with riot police today in manila carrying signs reading
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"ban trump" as water cannons blasted the crowd. it's the final stop on the president's nearly two-week-long trip to asia. at a gala dinner, he toasted the philippines' hard-line president rodrigo duterte. in vietnam, the president met briefly with russian president vladimir putin. he said one of the topics he discussed was russian meddling in the election. >> i believe that he feels he and russia did not meddle in the election. as to whether or not i believe it or not, i'm with our agencies, especially as currently constituted with their leadership. >> reporter: u.s. intelligence agencies have concluded russia did meddle in the 2016 election and putin ordered it. earlier on air force one the president described putin's words this way. "every time he sees me he says, 'i didn't do that,' and i really believe that when he tells me that, he means it." he also called the former heads of the top three intelligence agencies -- the cia, dni and
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fbi -- quote "political hacks." today the former director of the cia said president trump is giving putin a pass. >> i think it demonstrates to mr. putin that donald trump can be played by foreign leaders who are going to appeal to his ego and try to play upon his insecurities. on twitter the president dismissed his critics. when will all the haters and fools realize a good relationship with russia is a good thing, not a bad thing? >> we have to get to work to solve syria, to solve north korea, to solve ukraine, to solve terrorism. people don't realize russia has been very very heavily sanctioned. >> reporter: he also took on kim jong-un. tweeting -- "why would kim jong-un insult me by calling me 'old,' when i would never call him 'short and fat?' oh, well, i try so hard to be his friend -- and maybe someday that will happen!" the president was asked if he
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really thought he could become quote a friend of kim jong-un. >> that might be a strange thing to happen, but it's certainly a possibility. if that did happen, it would be a good thing for -- i can tell you -- for north korea. but it would also be good for lots of other places, and it would be good for the world. >> friends with kim jong-un? we'll have to see if that happens. jonathan karl joins us from manila where the president is set to have his first formal meeting with president duterte in a few hours. human rights group say the philippines leaders has killed thousands of people in the country's drug war. is that likely to come up, jon? >> white house officials say it will come up. that and other human rights issues. they also say president trump has a warm rapport with duterte. the president seems proud of his relationship with the philippines president. i frankly can't see this being a major topic of discussion with president trump. >> jonathan karl leading us off. thank you. >> back here at home growing
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outrage against senate candidate roy moore in alabama. the conservative republican fighting back against four women, one accusing him of molesting her when she was 14 and others who say they dated him when they were teenagers. and he was in his 30s. moore not backing down at fellow republicans grow louder for him to drop out of the race. stephanie ramos in alabama. >> reporter: tonight, roy moore refusing to back down against mounting pressure to drop out of the alabama senate race. >> these attacks involving a minor are completely false and untrue. i have not been guilty of sexual misconduct with anyone. >> reporter: moore rebuking allegations reported in the "washington post" that when he was 32, he initiated sexual activity with a 14-year-old girl. the article also details accounts that moore pursued three other women between the ages of 16 and 18. >> from my point of view, i have to say i think the ak
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indications have more credibility than the denial and i think it would be best if roy were to step aside. >> reporter: republican senator pat toomey joining john mccain and bob corker in calling for moore to withdraw immediately. 41 other republican senators saying he should step aside if the allegations are true. >> what has to happen before you would advise the president to say, roy moore should step aside? >> the president said he should step aside if the allegations are true. >> if, if, if. where does the if lie? >> but martha, hold on. i want to broaden this conversation. it would be a dangerous precedent for any of us, for any person in this country to just be cast aside as guilty because of press reports. >> reporter: tonight, teresa jones, who served as a deputy d.a. alongside moore, tweeting "it was common knowledge about roy's propensity for teenage girls." in a radio interview, moore was asked about dating teenagers. >> do you remember dating girls that young at the time? >> not generally, no. but if i did, you know -- i'm not going to dispute anything, like that. >> reporter: but now, moore
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remaining defiant. launching a fundraising drive, saying "we are in the midst of a spiritual battle with those who want to silence our message." >> in the next few days there will be revelations about the motivations and the content of this article. they will be brought to the public. >> stephanie ramos joins us from alabama. stephanie this story has been developing for several days. i was down there when this story broke. there was a sense this was dirty political tricks. is that the still case with voters now? >> that is largely the case with most voters here. the support for roy moore runs deep. most voters we spoke with say they believe him despite the accusati accusations. tom. >> thank you. we're tracking breaking news overseas. the deadly earthquake between the border of iran and iraq. the quake a magnitude 7.3 sent people running for safety. more than 60 dead, 300 hurt.
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the death toll rising. buildings swaying in baghdad. more than 150 miles away. the quake felt in kuwait, lebanon, pakistan and turkey. panic at the airport terminal in orlando, florida. surveillance video showing smoke coming from a backpack their security. a tsa officer an army veteran grabbing the bag. thinking it may be an ied. here's adrienne bankert. >> reporter: new video shows the panic when a backpack starts smoking. passengers at orlando international airport scrambling, sounding like gunfire. >> people were running over each other. >> >> reporter: with fears it could explode. tsa officer ricardo perez moves the backpack between two pillars to block a potential blast. >> if there was an ied, i was already gone. i might as well save as many as i can. >> reporter: turns out it was a false alarm. the real cause, a lithium ion camera battery that caught fire. the tsa calls perez, a 20-year
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army veteran, a hero. >> i'm not a hero. i didn't do it alone. >> reporter: so far this year there've been at least 19 incidents involving lithium-ion batteries on planes or in airports. and they're on the rise. the faa shows what can happen when one of those batteries catches fire in luggage. >> we know that they're dangerous. we ne know that they're dangerous. they have brought down airplanes. >> the faa wants tighter regulations. if it catching fire mid flight, crew members have no chance of putting it out. tom. >> adrienne thank you. new developments against kevin spacey. abc news confirming prosecutors plan to meet with the son of a former boston news anchor claiming spacey sexually assaulted him last year when he was 18. here's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: tonight, kevin spacey now the subject of a criminal investigation. >> i made you the president. >> reporter: the "house of cards" star accused of sexually assaulting an 18-year-old at a bar last year.
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>> kevin spacey went to the restroom. a woman came forward and tells my client to run. >> reporter: prosecutors now planning to meet with the teen, after his mother -- a former boston news anchor -- first went to the authorities. >> the victim, my son, he was a starstruck, straight 18-year-old young man. spacey stuck his hand inside my son's pants. >> reporter: so far, 15 men have come forward accusing spacey of sexual misconduct. [ crowd chanting ] >> reporter: in los angeles dozens of women marched in support of victims of sexual assault. this as hollywood begins it's march to the oscars. on the governor's ball red carpet stars faced questions about the toxic culture. >> i really hope this is a huge paradigm shift and it can be a course towards systemic change. >> reporter: but inside, at the podium so often used as a voice for change, no mention of the
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sexual harassment and assault allegations rocking tinsel town. >> dustin hoffman. >> reporter: the crowd applauding as dustin hoffman took the stage, accused just two weeks ago of groping a 17-year-old production assist t assistant. that was in 1985. hoffman apologized saying it's not reflective of who he is. reps for spacey said he's getting treatment. the attorney for the young man accusing him said they're looking for that woman in the bar and hoping she comes forward. >> thank you so much. new developments in the deadly church shooting in texas. the first baptist church in sutherland springs holding its first service since the massacre that killed 26 people including an unborn baby. the gunman's first wife speaking about the life of fear living with a man she said has demons. abc's marcus moore in texas. >> reporter: tonight, inside the sutherland springs first baptist church, 26 chairs sit empty to honor the men, women, and
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children who died here just one week ago. mourners, including even the mother-in-law of 26-year-old gunman devin kelley, joining survivors, packing this temporary church. pastor frank pomeroy whose 14-year-old daughter was murdered gives words of comfort. >> i say we choose life. >> reporter: as the first wife of the shooter speaks out. >> he had a lot of demons inside him. >> reporter: in this interview clip released by "inside edition", kelley's ex- wife, tessa brennaman, describes in horrifying detail of the time he held a gun to her head and threatened to kill her because of a traffic ticket. >> he took that gun out and put it to my temple and told me do you want to die? do you want to die? >> reporter: kelley plead guilty to assaulting his first wife. but after discharging him, the air force admits they did not relay the killer's court martial conviction to law enforcement, which should have prevented him from purchasing a firearm. that mistake changing this community forever. two buried over the weekend. the earth at the town cemetery
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preparing for even more caskets. texas senator john cornyn pledged shortly after attending today's service to introduce new legislation on background checks as early as monday. this as church members say they will worship inside their church next week. tom. >> marcus moore for us from sutherland springings. thank you. the frightening scene in san diego. those obstacle courses becoming more and more popular. tonight nearly two dozen children hurt when a platform collapses at one of those courses inside an indoor gym. parents scrambling to find children under the debris. here's marcie gonzalez. >> reporter: children, terrified and in tears. rushed out of this obstacle gym in san diego on stretchers and in the arms of first responders. >> everybody was crying and bleeding. >> reporter: the aftermath of a platform collapse that injured at least 23 people and is under investigation tonight. >> the kids were obviously going like crazy. scared. >> reporter: diego madrigal, saying at around 7:40 saturday night employees announced they
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were serving pizza, when dozens of children rushed upstairs to the wooden platform overlooking the rest of the gym. that platform collapsing, sending people toppling more than 10 feet to the ground below. others underneath hurt by falling debris and broken glass. >> luckily a lot of the injuries were only very minor bumps and bruises. >> reporter: the gym's owner tonight offering no explanation, but sharing this apology. >> we're trying to do the best we can to make everything right. >> reporter: fire officials say they're looking into whether there were code violations. and two of the people injured are still hospitalized tonight, but expected to recover. >> marcie gonzalez thanks so much. >> next tonight news about your thanksgiving travel plans. the weather team tracking a possible storm hitting the midwest late into the week as holiday travel gets underway. this programming note tomorrow morning a special "good morning america" road to recovery focusing on the relief and recovery from this season's devastating hurricanes.
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robin roberts in puerto rico. michael strahan in houston and rob marciano in the florida keys. that's tomorrow on "gma." >> still much more ahead on world news tonight this sunday. the aftermath of a collapse of a dance floor packed with dozens of students. we'll show you the scary moments it all happened. a new warning when looking up phone numbers for businesses. the growing scam making the rounds on google. the wild speed boat crash caught on camera. look at that. details of the condition of the crew coming up. whenstuff happens. d... shut down cold symptoms fast with maximum strength alka seltzer
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difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking and seek medical help right away. do not take farxiga if you have severe kidney problems, are on dialysis, or have bladder cancer. tell your doctor right away if you have blood or red color in your urine or pain while you urinate. farxiga can cause serious side effects including dehydration, genital yeast infections in women and men, serious urinary tract infections, low blood sugar, and kidney problems. stop taking farxiga and call your doctor right away if you have signs of ketoacidosis which is serious and may lead to death. ask your doctor about the pill that starts with f and visit for savings. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> back now with an internet scam you need to hear about. when you contact a business on a google add, you might not be getting who you think you are. linzie janis explains. >> reporter: tonight, a new online scam targeting google users. >> anger is absolutely the best
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emotion to describe how ultimately it made me feel. >> reporter: courtney pearson googled a washing machine repairman, unaware scammers swapped numbers with a legitimate business listing. >> i thought for sure this was someone who was going to take care of me. >> reporter: she says the next day, these two men arrived at her texas home in an unmarked truck, charging over $400 to replace a valve. courtney soon realizing her washer was still broken, and her check had been cashed. >> i said this is a scam. this is -- they're not coming back. >> reporter: south carolina locksmith larry spears says scammers have changed his number on google. >> my reputation is starting to hurt, plus my business. it's not good for locksmiths. makes us look like we're. >> reporter: google business listings have an option to "suggest an edit," allowing almost anyone to change information. the search engine tells abc news they have an automated system to detect fraud, but there can be inaccuracies, which they "try to
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address as quickly as possible." the best way to protect yourself -- >> you should check multiple sites. google, yelp, even next door, which is a social network for neighbors. >> reporter: tom, google says that local businesses can register to receive an e-mail any time their contact information has been changed. tom. >> always double check that number. thanks so much. still ahead -- running for their lives. fire breaks out in an apartment building. a mom frantically escaping with her children. new information how that fire started. a major retailer stops selling certain brands of fidget spinners. why they can be dangerous for your children? in the mirror everyday. when i look in the mirror everyday. everyday, i think how fortunate i am. i think is today going to be the day, that we find a cure? i think how much i can do to help change people's lives. i may not benefit from those breakthroughs, but i'm sure going to... i'm bringing forward a treatment for alzheimer's disease, yes, in my lifetime, i will make sure.
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>> to key west now. an incredible speed boat crash caught on camera. take a look at this. the super boat world championships. one boat rides up on the back of the other, skims over and goes airborne crashing into the water. the crew emerging unhurt. >> also caught on camera, the stunning moment a floor collapses under dozens of people. college party goers jumping up and down in an apartment in denton, texas. the floor gives away. amazingly no one was seriously hurt. about 50 residents were forced from their apartments. about 50 apartments damaged in a fire in beaumont, texas. see the woman fleeing the building carrying her two minor children. fire officials say a child playing with a lighter caused the fire. >> up next running for a cause. a double amputee marine veteran redefines the word marathon. the inspiring story next.
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finally tonight the vet that is america strong. here's abc's aye reel >> reporter: to his fellow marines, rob jones is the fiercely loyal brother who kept them going during their most dangerous moments. >> rob brought a spirit to the unit. he was on the tip of the spear per se on the frontline. >> reporter: as a combat engineer in afghanistan in 2010, rob stepped on an ied losing his legs. months of grueling rehab, learning to sit, stand, and finally walk again. but rob didn't stop there, eventually becoming a paralympic rower. now pushing himself to the limit. running 31 marathons in 31 cities in 31 days. all to raise money for wounded warriors.
5:58 pm
his wife pam by his side. >> i've actually heard him say in the past, thank god it happened to me and not somebody who wasn't as capable of dealing with it. >> reporter: in every city strangers inspired to join him. 812 miles later on veterans day in the heart of the nation's capital an emotional end to his remarkable journey. >> what is this moment like for you? >> i want people to know a wounded veteran is not a broken veteran. a wounded veteran is somebody that needs to find their new path on how they're going to keep fighting. >> reporter: an american hero living his mission to serve the country he loves. >> so far rob has raised about $158,000. thanks to him and all veterans on this veterans day weekend. thanks for watching and good night.
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6:00, controversy over a proposed gun store. >> we have a plan to leave in the event it is necessary. >> not what they wanted to hear. the new threat for north bay fire victims brought on by the coming rain. the 49ers are celebrating their first win of the season. abc news at 6:006:006:006:00 a wide view of wide doppler 7 shows us the next storm moving into the bay area. by this time tomorrow, many of us could be dealing with a good deal of rain. good sunday evening. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm dionne
6:00 pm
fire victims could face new evacuations. >> let's start with drew tuma. >> the next storm system crosses the region the next 24 hours. live doppler 7 tracking this system along with satellite overhead, you can see it's a rather quiet picture. but we zoom out just a bit, and live done hoppler 7 showing it. you see the green about 100 miles away from the north bay, so we're several more hours away from the wet weather. but once it arrives, the north bay will see the highest total. on the storm impact score, it's a one. but the north bay could see anywhere from a quarter to three quarters of an inch of rain. we're going to time it out for you hour by hour. this is not the only storm system we're tracking.


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