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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 14, 2017 4:00am-4:30am PST

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>> that's what's making news in america this morning. making news in america this morning, under pressure. senate republican candidate roy moore facing new calls to step aside after another bombshell accusation. >> i was terrified. i thought that he was going to rape me. >> this morning, moore standing firm. >> this is absolutely false. >> but overnight new revelations about his past including claims he was banned from a shopping maul frequented by young teenage girls. what moore's wife is now saying. donald trump jr. in the spotlight. see the newly released private messages between him and wikileaks during the election as the russia investigation takes a new turn. prosecutor fired. a young assistant district attorney under fire for berating her uber driver. >> i want to go home so badly but you're so stupid.
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i'm an assistant district attorney so shut the [ bleep ] up. >> how she's defending her actions and what the driver is saying. caught on camera, a flight attendant takes a terrifying fall stumbling out the door of a plane. and grab another cup and another one. the health benefits of drinking up to six cups of coffee a day. trying to maintain my health this morning. >> just on my sixth cup of coffee. it's all right. good tuesday morning. we're going to start off on a serious note with new accusations against roy moore. >> despite that growing criticism an increasing number of republicans are calling for him to step aside. moore's not budging. he's fiercely denying allegations he assaulted a teenager in the 1970s. >> more details coming to light about his past. off on that. good morning, lana.
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>> reporter: in addition to another woman coming forward we're also hearing from people who are supporting the accounts of the women including in an article just published on detailing moore's predatory behavior at a mall and at restaurants was well known. republicans are abandoning alabama senate candidate roy moore as another woman comes forward to say moore sexually assaulted her when she was just 16. >> i tried fighting him off while yelling at him to stop. but instead i was stopping -- he began squeezing my neck attempting to force my head onto his crotch. >> reporter: beverly young nelson says moore was a regular in the restaurant where she worked and offered to give her a ride home but instead drove her behind the restaurant where she claims he became sexually aglessive. she fought him off but says moore warned her to keep silent. >> he said you're just a child
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and he said i am the district attorney. >> reporter: this is the fifth woman to come out against moore. he denies the allegation. >> i don't even know the woman. i don't know anything about her. i don't even know where the restaurant is or was. >> reporter: offering up his wife in defense. >> he has never one time lifted a finger to me. he is the most gentle, most kind man that i have ever known in my life. >> reporter: but now even the leader of the senate says moore needs to go. >> i think he should step aside. >> do you believe these allegations to be true? >> i believe the women, yes. >> reporter: moore is hoping supporters will find the timing suspicious but nelson who says she voted for trump says this is not political. >> i would probably have taken what mr. moore did to me to my grave had it not been for the courage of four other women. >> reporter: and moore says that nothing will force him out of this election less than a month away at this point. but we are also hearing from the
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chair of the republican senatorial committee. he says if moore wins this election he said they should vote to expel him. we're talking about an entirely new election if that happens. >> lana, thank you. also this morning a major development in the corruption trial of new jersey senator bob menendez. >> the jury says it's deadlocked on all 12 counts in the case, but the judge ordered jurors to come back and try again to reach a verdict. menendez is accused of accepting contributions, a hotel suite and use of a private jet for political favors. and senator rand paul is back in washington after that alleged assault by his neighbor. paul suffered six broken ribs but he's not elaborating on a motive other than to say he has not spoken to his neighbor in years. other neighbors say the two were feuding over leaves and lawn clippings. turning now to that new twist in the russia investigation, messages sent in private between donald trump jr. and wikileaks have now been
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revealed. in some cases they appear to show the trump campaign complying with wikileaks' request. around the same time the site released private e-mails from the clinton camp. in the final stages of the presidential election, donald trump's son and wikileaks secretly corresponded. overnight trump junior releasing those private direct messages tweeting, here's the entire chain of messages with wikileaks with my whopping three responses which one of the congressional committees has chosen to selectively leak. how ironic. trump junior acknowledged the communications after "the atlantic" magazine reported the messages are now in the hands of congressional investigators. during the election, wikileaks published thousands of democratic party e-mails about hillary clinton. u.s. intelligence says they were stolen by russia hackers. president trump's own cia director said this about the group. >> it's time to call out wikileaks for what it really is, a nonstate hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors like russia. >> reporter: but during the
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campaign, nothing but praise from trump. >> wikileaks, i love wikileaks. >> reporter: only two days after that rally wikileaks wrote this to trump junior. hey, donald, great to see you and your dad are talking about our publications. strongly suggest your dad tweets this link if he mentions us sending a link to their leaked documents showing clinton campaign chairman john podesta's stolen e-mails. no response from trump junior but only 15 minutes after it sent then candidate donald trump tweeted very little pickup by the dishonest media of incredible information provided by wikileaks. so dishonest. rigged system and two days later his son tweeted that link that wikileaks had sent. the interesting timing there and the messages also reveal wikileaks asked trufrp junior for several favors including asking for his dad's tax returns and even asking for his help making wikileaks founder julian assange an ambassador.
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a new order from attorney general jeff sessions could lead to another investigation of the clintons. sessions is asking prosecutors to look into whether a special counsel should be appointed to investigate donations to the clinton foundation and the sale of a uranium company to a russian nuclear agency. sessions' order comes just days after president trump suggested he was frustrated with the attorney general for not investigating democrats. some new details about two navy s.e.a.l.s under investigation after killing of another elite u.s. soldier. greene beret logan melger was strangled back in june while stationed at the u.s. embassy in the african nation of mali. sources quell the daily beast that he refused to accept money from a scheme the s.e.a.l.s were running that they were operating that got money from a slush used to pay informants. more than 450 people confirmed dead after the worst earthquake on earth this year struck along iran's border with iraq. relief workers are struggling to reach some of the hardest hit areas digging through rubble in hopes of still finding survivors.
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people fearing aftershocks left outside even though temperatures dropped below zero. rescue operations still under way. back in this country thousands of people are without power as a fierce storm hits the northwest. that tops our look at your tuesday weather. well, the latest radar shows the powerful storm system moving through the pacific northwest slamming western washington at this hour. at least one person has been killed and five others injured as winds up to 70 miles an hour toppled trees and downed power lines leaving more than 175,000 customers in the dark. also this morning, new video showing a bumpy ride inside this plane. it took the pilot three attempts to land at seattle airport in the heavy winds. passengers say the bathroom door flew open and people were crying. no injuries. coming up former president george h.w. bush faces a new accuser claiming bush groped her
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when she was 16. and also ahead, the tantrum inside an uber car that led to a prosecutor being fired. just how nasty was it? and caught
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b.a.s.e. jumper valery rozov who set a world record with this jump off mt. everest four years ago has died. the russian daredevil was attempting another jump in the himalayas when he crashed into a cliff. rozov also achieved fame when he became the first person to sky dive into a volcano. he was just 52 years old. another day and another hollywood star facing sexual abuse accusations. this time tom sizemore who appeared in "black hawk down" and other action movies is
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accused of assaulting an 11-year-old girl on a movie set in 2003. at that time the girl's parents declined to press charges. "the hollywood reporter" says she's now considering a lawsuit. and a new accuser has come forward claiming she was groped by former president george h.w. bush. rosalyn corrigan seen here on the left claims mr. bush inappropriately touched her backside as they posed for a picture in 2003 when she was 16 years old. his spokesman says the 93-year-old bush apologizes to anyone he may have offended. a dallas prosecutor has been fired after her tirade against an uber driver was posted online. shaun platt says he picked up assistant district attorney jody warner outside a bar. now during the ride he said she got angry and told him not to follow his gps directions. platt says warner berated him, hit him and then threatened him with her position. >> i want to go home so badly but you're so stupid i want the cops to come so that they can [ bleep ] you up. >> ma'am, please. >> no, no, ma'am, please. dude, you're all -- everything
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is being recorded. i'm an assistant district attorney so shut the [ bleep ] up. >> it was a constant thrashing. it wasn't just one backhand comment. it was just a constant, constant just attack on me, and i wasn't sure why. and when i tried to speak to her and calm her down, it didn't help anything. >> warner has apologized for calling the driver names, and in a statement she said, i was in a situation that made me feel very uncomfortable, and i became defensive. i never assaulted my driver or touched him. all i wanted to do was get home safely. well, the end of an era is upon us. general electric is turning out the lights. the struggling company has announced it will no longer make light bulbs, something it's been doing since long before this 1972 commercial. it's cutting back to concentrate on aviation, power and health care equipment. all right, when we come back, the new high-tech pill
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until you know how lyrica affects you. those who've had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. with less pain, i can do more with my family. talk to your doctor today. see if lyrica can help. we're back with our first look at surveillance video of a british airways plane bursting into flames on a runway in las vegas. it shows the moment after a catastrophic engine failure during takeoff two years ago. despite the extensive fire, no one was seriously injured. look at this accident near a runway in east central china. a flight attendant there, watch, just falls from an open door of that boeing 737 during a brief stop. she suffered a broken collarbone. luckily the plane was not moving at the time. this, by the way, is the second time it's happened. this accident has happened in china in the last month. >> wow. ten more fraternity brothers are now facing charges in the hazing death of a pledge in penn state.
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investigators recovered security video they say was intentionally deleted by a student. the video taken in the basement of the frat house reveals that tim piazza was given 18 drinks in necessary lann 90 minutes. he was so drunk he then fell down the stairs and fell several other times. but the brothers allegedly waited hours before calling for help. more than two dozen of them have now been charged. now to a health alert about your blood pressure. new guidelines mean that overnight the number of americans with high blood pressure jumped by 31 million. that's because the american heart association has changed the definition of hypertension. rising the threshold from 140 over 90 to 130 over 80. so experts say this is not about getting more americans to make medication. >> the key here is lifestyle modification. things like exercise and weight loss, losing just 5% of your body weight, lowering sodium intake and increasing potassium with foods like salmon, avocados and bananas and limiting alcohol consumption, no more than two drinks a day for
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men and one drink a day for women can bring down that number from 4 to 11 point, and every point matters. >> the guidelines were changed after an extensive report from 21 experts with no ties to the drug industry by the way. the fda has approved what's being called the first digital pill. it can alert your doctor when you've swallowed it by sending a message from the pill's sensor to a wearable patch. it transmits the information to a mobile app. the pill has been approved to treat depression but some patients worry it could lead to a so-called big brother trend in the drug industry. and we have a story of survival this morning from a surfer attacked by a shark. dr. charlie fry was surfing off the coast of australia and said he thought he was going to die when the shark grabbed his arm. but he refused to go down without a fight. >> i saw a shark's head come out of the water with its teeth, and
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i just punched it in the face and then got back on my board, shouted at my friends who were there and then managed to catch a wave in. >> he also suffered a bite to his shoulder. he says when he called home, his father was concerned but his mother just laughed. hilarious. you got attacked by a shark. that's awesome. >> you got a permanent tattoo. president trump intervened on behalf of the ucla basketball players detained in china for shoplifting. a white house official says the president personally requested china's president's help in resolving the case. the three freshmen including one, the brother of a star nba player, are accused of stealing sunglasses while in china for a tournament. they could be detained for weeks. now to a shocking headline for soccer fans. italy has failed to qualify for the world cup for the first time since 1958. sweden is going instead, and this is how their players celebrated happily interrupting some broadcasters who were on the air and pretty much trashing the set as well.
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>> a little bit of a celebration on monday night football in the meantime, as cam newton threw four touchdown passes as the panthers dominated the dolphins, the final score, 45-21 final score. the panthers rolled up a franchise record of 458 yards of offense. and check out this site here in new york. lebron james and his teammates joined the masses, the commoners taking the subway. they took a short train ride to their hotel instead of waiting in rush hour traffic. james said it was the first time he has ever taken the subway. >> not bad. >> not sure he'll ever do it again. no probably not. up next in "the pulse," another reason to drink coffee. also ahead, where 8,000-year-old wine was just found. significantly reduce the chance of dying from a cardiovascular event in adults who have type 2 diabetes and heart disease... ...and lower your a1c. wow. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration. this may cause you to feel dizzy,
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that may be coming to a plane near you. >> okay, so get this. a small european airline has become the first in the industry to equip its flight attendants with body cameras. >> oh. >> they can be activated in the event of a conflict such as a clash that ended with a passenger being dragged from a united flight. >> the maker of the body cam says passengers shouldn't be the only ones recording during passenger disputes. for now united and american say they're not interested. >> thanks, but no thanks. next to the new clues in tracing back the world's oldest wine. >> all right, so researchers found 8,000-year-old pottery from what today is the nation of georgia having found traces of juice from grapes that are the foundation of today's modern wine. >> okay, so in the meantime, some very modern but illegal alcohol seized in pakistan has been destroyed in this very public display. the street value estimated to have been in the millions of dollars. what? you don't do that with alcohol. >> yeah. that's just wrong.
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okay, so there's -- on to a different beverage. a little more evidence that drinking coffee is good for you. >> new research links coffee to a lower risk of heart failure, stroke, and coronary artery disease with risk decreasing up to 8% per cup and the more you drink, the lower the risk up to six cups a day. >> six cups a day? >> yeah, so you're fine. stove top stuffing by the way, is offering a stretch pant to wear for thanksgiving that will still fit no matter how you get. >> extra large pockets and waistband for when you're stuffed. is this where you typically shop? is this where anyone typically shops? it's time to switch to the capital one venture card. with venture, you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, everywhere, every day... not just airline purchases. seriously... double miles... everywhere! what's in your wallet?
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>> it feels to early and so good. >> yeah? >> no, we're glad that you're here. mike, we have a respite today. we had one yesterday on our storm impact scale and a two coming tomorrow and nothing today. >> nothing today. we did bump up tomorrow's storm to a two so it looks like we will have some downpours, it's just when, i have have the how are by had a you are in 15 minutes. a few showers in the high valley, that is starting to move off towards the east and fall apart. temperatures, this is a little cooler, as we expected we are he' mid up toer 40s in the north bay, 53 in san ramone and
4:28 am
concord, vallejo and oakland to 59 in san jose. here is a look at your morning commute. >> just some road work. we will take a look at the east shore freeway, emeryville, this is westbound direction, eastbound is where the road work is, the three right lanes with some emergency road repair until 3:00 this afternoon. so that could definitely hamper your drive in the eastbound direction. we will be following that most of the morning. to the golden gate bridge, smooth sailing for now, three lanes in the southbound direction, three lanes in the northbound. that will be changing momentarily within the next half an hour or so we will come back and take a look at your north bay drive in a few minutes. we do have breaking news from san jose and right now san jose firefighters are responding to a mulch fire at a recycling yard. matt keller just arrived on the scene, he joins us now live from kings row. matt. >> reporter: good morning,
4:29 am
jessica. we are at green earth management in san jose. it's just right off of 880 and gish so the smoke can be seen from the highway. firefighters just put a lot of water on this giant pile of mulch, we are talking two and a half stories high and it is now smoldering. check out this video from earlier this morning, maybe in the last 10, 15 minutes. you could see how big the flames were and that is what firefighters are dealing with this morning. we talked to them and they said that the possibility of this burning all day and smoldering all day, yeah, that's a real possibility for them. they will have to keep an eye on it. the biggest issue was embers coming off of this pile, but they appear to have a handle on that and a they were able to put enough water on it, now we have smoke coming up and it appears that it is going to smolder for quite a while this morning. they said big piles of mulch like this, the cause are often spontaneous combustion. we did have rain yesterday and overnight so it is wet out here,
4:30 am
but this pile of mulch is still burning quite easily and burned quite easily this morning. but it appears that tier have a handle on this, but they will be baby-sitting this all morning long as they look and watch as it smolders up. they did move a few vehicles away from the flames, but it looks like they have it under control right now. matt keller, nbc 7 news. i want to get to more breaking news i'm following here at the live desk. it's national breaking news, right now a search under way for a possible serial killer in tampa, florida, after a body was found in the same neighborhood where three others were killed last night. i've been watching a lot of live images coming in from the tampa area and there is a huge police response right now, you can see this helicopter shot kind of looking around the area as police are investigating this particular area as well. i want to show you the scene from just a few moments ago, you can see just how many policere


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