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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  November 15, 2017 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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tonight, breaking news. embattled senate candidate roy moore. his attorney, before the cameras, just moments ago. what he now says about moore, and that fifth accuser. and tonight, our team asking the president -- >> should roy moore resign, mr. president? do you believe his accusers? also breaking at this hour, what we've just learned about the deadly shooting, the gunman firing into a kindergarten classroom. the school custodian locking the doors just 8 to 10 seconds before the suspect got there. new video just in tonight, after that suspected serial killer strikes again. the moment authorities want everyone at home to see. the new storm, and holiday travel. the major system now moving across this country. the midwest, then the east coast. snow, heavy rain and wind. and authorities on the psycho path who escaped. you will see him in a taxi what
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he says to his driver. the new audio, right here tonight. the flight he then gets on, and where he ends up. and the new earth-sized planet. it could be habitable. how close is this one? good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a wednesday night. and we begin with president trump, back after his 12-day trip to asia. saying his trip restored america's standing in the world, after, quote, previous mistakes were made over many years by other administrations. he said nato is, quote, very happy with donald trump. and that countries he visited are united against north korea. but now, back home, the president refusing to answer any questions about roy moore. tonight, moore's own attorney before the cameras, just a short time ago, and what he now says about that fifth accuser. abc's chief national correspondent tom llamas starts us off from alabama. >> reporter: president trump tonight refusing to turn his back on roy moore.
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our cecilia vega at the white house, pressing him on whether moore should drop out. >> should roy moore resign, mr. president? do you believe his accusers? >> reporter: silence from the president. but tonight, his daughter, ivanka, is speaking out, telling the associated press -- "there's a special place in hell for people who prey on children. i've yet to see a valid explanation and i have no reason to doubt the victims' accounts." one of those accounts from beverly young nelson, who says moore sexually assaulted her when she was 16. she said he told her nobody would believe her story. >> he said, you're just a child. and he said, i am the district attorney of etowah county. >> reporter: nelson says that's the last contact she had with roy moore. moore has said he never met her and does not know her. but tonight, moore's lawyer fighting back, saying moore was actually a judge in nelson's divorce case in 1999. >> there was contact. judge moore signed an order in that case. >> reporter: the lawyer always wants a handwriting expert to
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evaluate the inscription nelson saying moore wrote in her high school yearbook -- "to a sweeter, more beautiful girl, i could not say merry christmas," signed, "love, roy moore, district attorney." >> i want to ask you, do you think that was written by the same person? >> reporter: moore denied any inappropriate sexual conduct with teenage girls. but not that he dated teenagers when he was in his 30s. >> do you remember dating girls that young at the time? >> not generally, no. but if i did, you know, i'm not going to dispute anything, but i don't remember anything like that. >> reporter: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, who calls moore "unfit for the senate", is urging a write-in candidate to step forward. >> an alabamian who fits that standard is the attorney general, who is totally well known and extremely popular in alabama. >> reporter: moore today tweeting the quote, "washington elite will do whatever it takes" to stop him. >> they spent over $30 million to try to take me out.
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they've done everything they could, and now they're together to try to keep me from going to washington. >> reporter: in moore's ho hometown, republicans i spoke with are torn. >> i find it straight that after 40 years somebody comes forward. i mean, why would you wait 40 years? >> if i'm roy moore, i get out of this race. >> mixed opinions there in alabama. tom llamas with us live from birmingham. and tom, roy moore's campaign tonight challenges, of course, as you point out, that fifth accuser, beverly young nelson. roy moore said he didn't know her, but now, as you report, his lawyer says he was a judge in her divorce case. you reached out to her lawyer? >> reporter: that's right. gloria allred got back to us. she said, she's sent an e-mail to the senate judiciary committee. she wants her client to testify under oath and roy moore to do the same. if that happens, she will release that yearbook so independent experts can look at the handwriting. and we have breaking news tonight. there is a new accuser in this case. she claims in the '90s, she went
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to roy moore's office looking for legal help. he made her feel uncomfortable. this is what she alleges, and at the end of the meeting, he grabbed her bay the backside. roy moore has denied all allegations. david? >> tom llamas leading us off tonight. the president did not answer questions from our cecilia vega about roy moore. and the president also comes home to something else. it involves your money youshgs taxes. the president fired a warning shot before he left on his trip on a new tax plan, telling republicans this -- >> i want the house to pass a bill by thanksgiving. i want all of the people standing by my side when we get ready to sign by christmas, hopefully before christmas. >> but tonight, the senate tax plan appears to be in jeopardy. several republican senators are voicing concern and republicans can only afford to lose two of them. so, let's get right to abc's senior white house correspondent cecilia vega tonight at the white house. what are you learning, and do they still believe they're going to be able to sign a tax bill by christmas? >> reporter: david, a senior
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official here at the white house told me they are still optimistic that christmas is the target date for this signing, but here is the reality. ron johnson today became the first republican senator to say he is a no. he says the bill as it is currently written benefits big corporations over small businesses. among the undecided, maine's susan collins. she says that late add by republicans to repeal that obamacare mandate is wrong. that would add an estimated 13 million more americans to the ranks of the uninsured. david, christmas may be optimistic, but we'll soon see. >> cecilia, thank you. next tonight, to that deadly rampage in northern california. a gunman shooting into a kindergarten class. police now identifying the gunman. and they now say his wife was actually his first victim. they have found her body, it was hidden under the floor in their home. and tonight, the school us c custodian who looked the door, seconds before the gunman could get in. abc's senior national correspondent matt gutman in red bluff, california, again
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tonight. >> reporter: quick-thinking staff at that school made that life-saving decision. >> eight to ten seconds. >> reporter: tonight, we learned that the school secretary ordered the lockdown, and video spokes a custodian distracting the shooter who rammed his truck into the school. >> the head custodian who was sheparding students into the classroom poked his head around the building, saw the gentleman and drew his attention. it's my understanding that several shots were fired towards the custodian. this is every educator in america's worst nightmare. >> when i turned my back, our window was being blasted through. >> reporter: dozens of rounds fired into the classrooms, but only one child wounded. >> it was a very, very good result to possibly the worst situation that i can imagine. >> reporter: but this community still reeling, as the sheriff today unearthed the first victim murdered in kevin neal's killing
3:38 pm
spree, his wife. raising the death toll to six. >> he had literally cut a hole in the floor and literally just put her body in the floor and covered it up. >> reporter: and first thing tuesday morning, neal began his 25-minute rampage. first, killing two neighbors. he then drove through the rural community before crashing into the school. afterwards the shooter continued on until he was finally killed by police in a shootout. and for the first time, we hear from the shooter's family. >> he clearly had no business with firearms. he had full-on paranoia and delusions. >> matt gutman with us live again tonight from california, and matt, we know the shooter was facing numerous charges before this shooting took place. a lot of people in that community, we just heard from her there, asking how did he get the guns used in this rampage? >> reporter: that's a primary question here, david. now, among those charges was assault with a deadly weapon. under the provisions of those
3:39 pm
charges, he should have been prohibited from possessing a firearm. somehow, he circumvented that, procuring the components of a weapon and somehow assembling those two semiautomatic rifles that he used in that shooting in his own home. david? >> matt gutman in california again tonight. thank you, matt. we turn next here to a major new clue in the hunt for a possible serial killer in tampa. four people killed now, all in one neighborhood, striking again in recent days. police now say the man seen in this surveillance video right here from the night of the first murder is the actual suspect in all of the others. and tonight, there is also new surveillance video recorded just yesterday, and abc's victor oquendo with that surveillance. >> reporter: this is the new video tampa police want you to watch closely tonight. showing a person walking moments before the latest victim of an apparent serial killer was gunned down early tuesday. police believe it's the same person spotted near the scene of the first murder. and are now confirming this is their suspect. >> same manner of walking, same manner of dress with the hood
3:40 pm
up. >> reporter: the fbi seen here going door to door after 60-year-old ronald felton was murdered. the fourth victim shot to death in the last month, all within a half mile, all walking alone in the dark. >> i don't sleep at night. >> reporter: for the people who live in this neighborhood, no reprieve from fear. >> we thought it was over, that we had probably scared the person out of the neighborhood, because the police presence is so great now. and then this happens. >> reporter: police have gotten thousands of tips, and they're hoping by increasing the reward to $91,000, someone with concrete information will come forward. david? >> victor, thank you. we turn next to washington tonight, and that bombshell dropped yesterday on capitol hill. the congresswoman who said there are two congressmen who have harassed staffers, still on the hill right now. well, tonight, a new bill to require training, and to reform the process to file complaints for staffers on the hill, and it comes as we have also learned about your money. that congress has paid more than $16 million to settle complaints. here's abc's mary bruce on the
3:41 pm
hill again tonight. >> reporter: tonight, members of e, taking on on a mission to sexual harassment. after that bombshell allegation. >> in fact, there are two members of congress, republican and democrat, right now, who serve, who have been subject to review or not have been subject to review, but have engaged in sexual harassment. >> this is allegedly what happened to one staffer dropping off research at a congressman's home. >> and the young staffer, a young woman, went there and was greeted with a member in a towel. it was a male. who then invited her in. at that point he decided to expose himself. she left, and then she quit her job. >> reporter: tonight, some lawmakers want names. >> well, i think it's good to get this stuff out. name them. just get it out. lay it out. >> reporter: currently, victims go through 30 days of mandatory counseling, sign a nondisclosure reagreement, undergo 30 days of
3:42 pm
mediation and a month-long cooling off period before filing any legal claim. over the past 20 years, congress has settled 260 cases related to workplace violations, including harassment, costing american taxpayers more than $16 million. >> it is opaque, it's not transparent and it's really set up to protect the prerp traitors. >> reporter: but a new bill would make counseling and mediation optional and eliminate those nondisclosure agreements. >> this whole story exposing the different set of rules. mary, in the meantime, this new bill would also mean big changes for accused lawmakers who settle harassment claims? >> reporter: david, this new bill aims to beef up transparency and accountability. if a lawmaker settles a claim, they would be named publicly. and they would have to pay that settlement out of their own pocket. david? >> mary bruce with us live again tonight. mary, thank you. we want to turn next to the storm that could cause real problem for holiday travel. a new storm moving across the
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country tonight. winter weather alerts already in nine states. the threat reaching all the way to the east coast by the weekend, after traveling through the midwest, as the thanksgiving holiday travel gets under way. let's get right to rob marciano, tracking this again tonight for us. hey, rob. >> reporter: hey, david. it's a big storm, going to traverse the entire country. seattle, down to san francisco, heavy rain, high winds and pointed right at northern california. really concerned about the wine country wildfire area that could see mudslides with all the rain coming in tonight. then it pushes inland. snow in the mountains and by friday, in through minneapolis and chicago with rain there. saturday, getting in through cincinnati, d.c., eventually into new york. the entire east coast over the weekend. just as you mentioned, people are starting their holiday travel. kind of a mess. david? >> rob marciano with us again tonight. thank you, rob. overseas tonight, and an apparent military coup in africa. zimbabwe's president at 93, the world's oldest head of state, is now under house arrest tonight. the military appearing to be in charge of the capital and state
3:44 pm
tv, but they insist, this is just a, quote, bloodless correction. that show of force after he fired his dev sip, putting his wife in a potential place to actually replace him. no word on whether the military is going to allow that to happen. back here at home tonight, three ucla basketball players apologizing after an international incident. this apology comes after they were arrested for shoplifting during a team trip to china last week. suspended from the team indefinitely tonight. today, president trump tweeting, suggesting they should thank him for their freedom. here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: the three ucla basketball players at the heart of an international shoplifting scandal giving president trump what he asked for -- a thank you. >> to president trump and the united states government, thank you for taking the time to intervene on our behalf. >> reporter: the thank yous come after president trump tweeted, "do you think the three ucla basketball players will say thank you president trump? they were headed for ten years in jail!" liangelo ball, jalen hill and
3:45 pm
cody riley were arrested in china during the president's asia trip after stealing from three different stores. the president asked the leader of china for help, and on tuesday, they returned to american soil. today, all three apologized. >> i've learned my lesson from this big mistake and i am 110% sure that i will not make a bad decision like this one again. >> reporter: the ucla basketball coach described the three players as "good young men" before announcing they are suspended indefinitely. david? >> linsey davis, our thanks to you tonight. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this wednesday. authorities calling him a psychopath. the escape. you'll see him shortly after that escape in this taxi right here. what he says to the driver. we have new audio right mother tonight. then, the flight he gets on, and where he ends up. also tonight, the pilot arrested. what tsa officers found. the loaded gun before he boarded his flight. and the dramatic scene on the american highway. the truck pushing a car for hundreds of yards, right here. the truck driver claiming he did
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♪ next tonight here, the all-out search after authorities say a psychopath escaped, got in a taxi, then boarded a night and ended up in california. here's abc's national correspondent jim avila tonight. >> the sooner we get there, the better. >> reporter: the man in the back seat of this cab is in a big hurry. he just escaped from a psychiatric hospital. >> i'm making a flight, that's why. >> reporter: and tonight, questions mounting. how did randall saito, a sadist and necrophiliac, accused of a gruesome murder, get away? and did he have help? saito was locked up for more than 35 years after being acquitted in the slaying of a young woman by reason of insanity. but around 10:00 sunday morning, saito slipped out of a hawaii state hospital, walking about a mile though this park, where he was picked up by that taxi. >> oh, my god. what a walk. >> reporter: making a phone call
3:49 pm
to a possible accomplice. >> i'm on my way. >> reporter: chartering a plane from this small airfield to maui, where authorities say he boarded a commercial flight to san jose, california. the hospital not reporting their patient missing for nine and a half hours. tonight, saito arrested peacefully in another cab, at this stockton gas station. >> all of a sudden, there were sheriff's cars all around. and they went right up to him and without incident, were able to apprehend him. >> reporter: david, the arrest were at these gas pumps. the cab was on the way to reno. back in hawaii, authorities say they suspect an inside job. david? >> jim avila tonight. thanks, jim. when we come back, a new earth-like planet. how close is it? also, the pilot arrested, trying to board his flight with a loaded gun. and then, that truck driver who says he didn't notice he was pushing a car down the highway. we'll be right back. her compass. he spent decades fighting to give families a second chance.
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tonight. the southwest pilot arrested at the st. louis airport. police say tsa found a loaded gun in his carry-on. the unnamed pilot was prepared to fly to las vegas. airport officials say he was not authorized to carry a weapon. to that scene on a highway in st. louis. a rig pushing a car in interstate 55. the car pinned to the truck's grill there. the truck driver claiming he did not see the car. no one was hurt. and the newly discovered earth-like planet tonight. scientists saw ross 128-b may be able to support life. it was found orbiting 11 light years away. the temperature, about the same as earth. so close to the sun, though, the average year is less than ten days. ten days can feel like a year around here, too. when we come back here tonight, the surprise for one daughter who thought she was an only child. at 66, her discovery. when you're close to the people you love,
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finally, after years sitting at thanksgiving an only child, this year will be different. sylvia was adopted when she was just a toddler. growing up in 'em por ya, virginia, raised by a schoolteacher and a farmer. chef always thought she was an only child. but just a few months back, now 66, she got a phone call. after what she had done with her daughter, they both submitted a dna test on their test results revealed a, quote, extremely high match to someone else. sylvia's biological nephew, who revealed to her his father is sylvia's brother. in fact, she has three brothers and a sister. and they all met this past weekend. >> she's taller than you!
3:58 pm
>> reporter: first, her older sister, nancy. >> it's so nice to see you. >> sister. >> reporter: then sylvia's older brother, ralph. and her younger brother, billy. >> i don't have any words. >> reporter: all of them speechless. they poured over a family album. >> that was me? >> reporter: many of her siblings thought she had died years ago. tonight, sylvia telling us this thanksgiving will be very different. >> i'm ready for thanksgiving and christmas. i have a lot to be thankful for. and i've never been this happy in my life. >> reporter: and what a gift, she says, worth waiting for. >> ask god for small miracle and i got a big one. >> siylvia found her family. i'm david muir. good night.
3:59 pm
rain is moving back into the bay area. the rain began to fall this morning. the north bay may see some of the biggest storms. sink holes in areas recently destroyed by wildfires. the green is where the rain is moving across the bay area. most of it is to the offshore. it will be heading our way. thank you for joining us. >> it's a stormy afternoon. you are looking at our the real stuff is yet to come. >> okay. the rain is confined to the north bay. it is going to hit the east bay, the south bay during the overnight and morning hours. the rainfall is rather widespread. we're seeing pockets of heavier rain indicated by the yellow
4:00 pm
colors. in the areas of the tons fire. we have some heavy down time. down near portions of highway 101 and highway 116. we're getting some down pours. possibly some cooling and ponding. you can see we have heavy rain offshore. so once again the storm ranks three on the storm impact scale. it will be with us tonight and tomorrow morning. one to three inches of rainfall. the flooding again is a high concern in the burn areas. the wind gusts 40 to 50 miles an hour. the heaviest rain will hit the north bay between 6:00 p.m. and midnight. the bay area can expect between 9:00 p.m. and 3:00 a.m. and between 2:00 a.m. and a flash flood effect is expected until 3:00 tomorrow morning. the rainfall rate could be


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