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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 16, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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north, east and south bay, but first sandhya patel in for spencer today with the forecast. >> this storm delivered. live doppler 7, it's winding down as you mentioned. seeing light showers, scattered around the bay area. start with the south bay from san martin to morgan hill to ed ed edenvalley, heading into the east bay. pleasanton to livermore, slippery roadways. and showers towards the delta. in terms of rainfall, 1 1/2 inches in san francisco. oakland just over. livermore over an inch, concord almost two. winning total, almost five inches in santa cruz
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ben lomond. i'll be back. rain pounded south way. especially santa cruz mountains. always a treacherous ride up and down highway 17, hit with mud slides earlier this year. jean even dla vega is live. >> right now, heavy rain stopped, just a light mist but here it is treacherous with big downpour. so far no major problems. traffic is flowing okay but drivers do worry about the winter. those who drive highway 17 regularly know the dangers of the santa cruz mountains. >> last wint, just misses a slide. barely missed it. if i -- running late for work,
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on time, probably would have been hit. our own abc7 news photographer was hit by mud slide earlier this year on 17. construction worker died coulding repair work on that slide. area is holding up. cal tran says they've stabilized hillside. watching problem areas but can be unpredictable. depends onnen rain and wind. >> we've had earthquakes lately to so always in back of our mind. hoping it stays calm this year. >> cal trans crews were moving from location to location during the jone pour. rain relentless most of the day, creating small streams along the gutters. slick driving. >> drive slow and safe because you see crashes here all the time. >> reporter: all the more reason to slow down.
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abc7 news. weather led to 33 flight cancellations at san francisco international airport, about a quarter of flights delayed by average of 45 minutes up to an hour. north bay found storm related erosion in fountain grove neighborhood, badly burned last month. plastic storm drain here melted away in the fires. overall not major problems as result of the storm. mostly dry in the fire zone today but rain or shine, weather doesn't stop recovery efforts. job now is clearing debris, keep it out of creeks and streams when more rains come. as wayne freedman discovered, sometimes more to the work than meets the eye. >> reporter: so you heard that north bay firefight was over. >> what are the rules? do what i say. >> reporter: high in the hills
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in fountain grove. if ashes of the homes could talk, tell similar stories of death, destruction and fast-moving flames. captain lived through inferno. >> awestruck, see it and nothing you can do. cut this other dead stuff here. >> bloom and his crew returned. he knows every man. >> they're all the same, all internet. >> and all inmate firefighters. >> anything behind this cones, off-limits. bus is off-limits. they go out-of-bounds, get rolled up. >> reporter: work pays about a dollar an hour, not allowed to talk to us on camera. but they like this job, beats prison cell. today deployed 18 crews to clear the zone. not high risk inmates
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conextricated from drugs to drunk driving or involuntary manslaughter. doesn't matter out here. been in charge ofm men for years. >> 43 years, never had a job. >> reporter: learning the hard way. beats hard time. abc7 news. today was dave celebration in maraga despite the rain. repairs on the sinkhole that forced the town to declare a fiscal emergency were finally concluded. >> reporter: nearly two years in making. sinkhole that crippled large parts of downtown has been repaired and key section of the road reopened. >> year like no other. >> reporter: small town doesn't
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have big budget and $3.3 million price for the sinkhole prompted city leaders to declare emergency to allow them to call for state and federal assistance. >> we were prudently responsible to call for fiscal emergency. >> reporter: sinkhole also tough on nearby businesses as customers had to navigate a maze of street signs and closures to get into the parking lots. now handing out bags. >> ran a lot of specials, did extra advertising and tried to draw the community in. >> reporter: two miles down the road another $3 million repair project under way. construction of temporary bridge along canyon road after old one failed in last winter's heavy rains. >> close to $7 million and
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taking away the general reserves, challenge is, getting reimbursement but not for many years. >> reporter: estimate they need upgrades. ballot measure expected as soon as next year. abc7 news. keep track of the changing weather conditions where you live with abc7 accuweather app. free to download. get updates from weather team and monitor the forecast on th go. richmond man in serious condition after shot by b.a.r.t. police. say he was armed with what appeared to be rifle or shot gun. neighbors were not surprised. >> reporter: frightening radio call. >> black male, gray sweatshirt,
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rifle under the shirt. >> police officers dispatched to the b.a.r.t. station on record of possible armed individual who was involved in physical and verbal altercation. >> reporter: quickly spotted him, followed him out of the station and into a nearby housing complex. >> sequence of events up folded so quickly that b.a.r.t. officers had to engage and ended up shooting. >> reporter: today the bullet hole in the garage door is most visible evident of what happened. this resident got e-mail of what occurred. >> this is kind of rare occurrence but not something we're surprised at. >> reporter: in neighbors proposed surveillance cameras or fencing this area off to keep people from coming from b.a.r.t. station and thinking they can hide in the alley.
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recovered a long gun at scene and investigated by richmond police and contra office. >> i'm always on guard about things but not fearful or wouldn't be talking to you. >> reporter: abc7 news. dog owners reunited with pets following a crash of dog walker's truck in sunset district. carrying ten dogs, two missing, ran away after the wreck. pick-up's driver and child riding in truck were hurt but expected to be okay. san francisco animal control officers want to find a new home for this wild boar. some city residents surrendered spirit, the animal's name, told officials he was baby when they
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found him near mount shasta, been taking care of him but started having second thoughts as spirit got bigger, a bit tough to manage. it's illegal to keep wild animals as pets in california, may end up in sanctuary, lost his fear of humans and probably could never survive? the wild. looks playful though. today abc7 sat down one-on-one with convicted killer who escaped from hawaii mental hospital. >> describes how he did it and why he thought escape might impre impress hawaii officials, plus -- >> probably most amazing stretch of beach. >> new back yard. acres of the california coastline now in the public domain. find out your role as new owner. spencer christian at at&t park to kick off light the night
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a committed murderer who escaped from hawaii psychiatric facility and came to bay area says he broke out to prove he's not a danger to anyone. >> it was surreal. >> matt keller spoke to randall saito from inside the san joaquin jail, he escaped sunday morning and took a plane to san jose because it was cheapest
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ticket into california. >> how do you get i.d.s? >> can't tell you that, sorry. >> hospital, staff or someone from outside? >> i can't tell you that. >> he took a cab to stockton, telling matt he's was familiar because he lived there as teenager. where sheriff's deputies arrested him on wednesday trying to take another cab to reno. faces felony for escape and court appearance scheduled tomorrow morning. search and capture of saito took just a few days but background on the case goes back decades. we put together a time line on, along with the complete interview with saito. >> check that out. campaign has started to save a neon sign in san jose, not just any sign but dancing pig that historians say is one of the best examples of neon art.
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money is being raised to make repairs. david louis with the story only on abc7 news. >> reporter: all eyes on richard jackson, trying to assess what it takes to bring this neglected sign back to life. once marked the factory. it was neon eye-catcher that kindles nostalgia and more. >> some say public art, hand crafted, most likely in oakland, headquarters of the electrical products corporation, at the time the largest manufacturer of electric sign displays on the west coast. >> reporter: hoifrtian and author heather david is dialogues signs in san jose. some well maintained. this one appearing to be inspired by "the jettisons".
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>> almost every building had to have notable sign because roadside advertising a key component to marketing. >> reporter: many date back to '60s and '70s. sign over western appliance costs the store over $5,000 a year in electricity and maintenance. sign here needs repairs. preservation kicking off fundraising campaign to restore it. >> it's a beautiful sign. each of these are icon to the area they're in. this is one worth saving. >> reporter: as businesses close, a few neon signs have been saved and scored in hopes of creating a neon museum in san jose. >> cities across the nation, there's a renewed push to try to preserve neon signs. it's about time we get on the band wagon.
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>> reporter: abc7 news. >> it is iconic. repairs are expected to run in tens of thousands of dollars. if you would like to make a donation, we have a link to save the dancing pig campaign on happening tonight, annual leukemia and lymphoma society light the night walk. >> this year at at&t park and abc7 is proud sponsor of the event. cancer patients and families share stories, bringing light to the darkness of cancer. >> spencer christian is live with the preview. you don't need the umbrella anymore. >> reporter: no. competing audio going on with announcements on stage. difficult to hear you. but good news, skies clearing up, rain ended and this is light the night walk for leukemia and lymphoma society. lls has mission to find cures
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and develop treatments to improve quality of life for patients and families. weather for tonight? we have that for you as well. partly to mostly cloudy. right now only partly cloudy. there's still a chance of isolated shower or two but that chance is rapidly diminishing. will be a great night for the walk. i'll be back with more later. dan and kristen. >> thanks spepser. meantime, sandhya patel is talking about the forecast and how it's drying off in san francisco. >> just in time for the walk. spencer had umbrella earlier but isolated shower or sprinkle not out of the question tonight. live doppler 7 tracking the showers. we're still seeing them in the south and east bay. street level radar. mill peat as, you notice that west heading into san jose,
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willow glen. cupertino, into san jose, spotty showers turning to snow in sierras. chain controls on 80. if you're going up for fresh powder, hold off. winter storm warning until 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. gusty winds and low visibility will be hazardous. warning dropped tomorrow. this is quieter than last night. wind gusts from 45 to 50 miles an hour. gusty and pouring across parts of the bay area. exploratorium camera tracking the lingering moisture and south beach camera, this is what you have to look out from towards
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tomorrow morning. scattered showers, foggy in morning for commute and drying out through the system. level one system. up to .2 inch of rain. low visibilities. still slippery roads. hour by hour, heading into morning. spotty, could be light to moderate. not much accumulation. trend continues until about 11:00 a.m. and start to wind down. drizzle in morning. temperatures 40s to low 50s. fog might be dense. allow time. afternoon highs, 50s, 60s. we dry off. sunshine saturday and sunday. 50s to 60s next three days. extended forecast.
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level one system on monday, brings chance of rain. light system. chance of showers on tuesday. bit unsettled, showers likely on wednesday with this light system and thursday morning for thanksgiving, could see a few drops but right now computer models not in agreement. download the app anytime you want and check out live doppler 7 to track the system. coming up next, beloved giraffe at oakland zoo passes on. >> why her long life
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we're keeping on eye on the commute because of the weather but avert your eyes, it's not good. golden gate is okay, leaving slow. bay bridge is terribly slow. look at backup coming into san francisco. and san mateo is slow both directions, east and westbound as well. when road is wet, slow down and be safe. the market broke a two day losing streak because of strong gains by walmart, cisco systems and other companies. dow gained and nasdaq hit
6:25 pm
record high and s&p added points. plans to add cell towers to hillsboro postponed for more public input. many people went to town hall on monday to voice concerns. second time contractor crown castle has tried to add cell towers here. four years ago tried to install 13 and filed lawsuit against hillsboro before withdrawing application. school board voted to remove joseph leconte's name. a geologist and also a slave owner and confederacy in the civil war.
6:26 pm
will ultimately pick a new name. one of the oldest giraffes in captivity had to be put down. born in 1989, gave birth to five calves in her lifetime. birthday party three years ago. she had health problems which recently worsened and decision was sadly made to euthanize her. but her long life helped other zoos around the world learn how to take better care of their giraffes. when we continue at 6:00, taking a stand against sexual misconduct. >> there's women standing up and speaking out, causing a shift. women standing up to say #metoo but investigate the tech industry. >> michael finney will be answering questions and showing you how to check if you have
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comedian turned senator al franken is subject of the latest my profile sexual harassment allegation. radio host says he groped and kissed her without her consent on uso tour in 2006. leeann tweeden also released this photo showing her asleep and franken reaches hands toward her chest. franken released a statement saying in part, i don't know what was in my head when i took that picture. doesn't matter. there's no excuse. look at it now and feel disgusted with myself. jackie speer of the peninsula here says should be investigation. >> conduct like that, roy moore or al franken, needs to be treated same way. alabama republican party meantime is standing behind roy
6:31 pm
moore despite calls for senate candidate to step out of the race. two women accused him with they were in their teens. he denies the allegations. >> this is an effort by mitch mcconnell and his cronies to steal the investigation from the people of alabama. >> white house says president trump believes the voters should decide his fate. special election is scheduled. sharing stories as part of the #metoo movement. >> in tech, many women are reluctant to speak out. >> reporter: it's no secret who dominated tech. men can make it more difficult for women to break into the field. >> had investors come in and ask me are you and your cofounder
6:32 pm
dating or dating anyone on the team. doesn't sko x to cofounder or other friends who are males. >> reporter: through the years, number of women in tech have kept kwoilt about being equally i harassed. female entrepreneurs received just $1.5 billion in funding compared to $58 billion for men. recently more women sharing stories. >> he's cornering me and i'm laughing and leaning back. >> reporter: not uncommon. >> haven't met a female founder who hasn't faced sexual harassment or discrimination based on the gender. >> reporter: powell made headlines filing suit against one of the most revered venture capitalist firms. lost in the courtroom but some
6:33 pm
say changed things. >> women are speaking out and it's causing a shift that hopefully will continue as years go by. >> reporter: the push for equality, more important than ever. chris nguyen, abc7 news. president trump is congratulating the house of representatives for passing a tax package today. president calls it a big step to historic tax cuts. decreases tax brackets and cuts corporate taxes to 20%. faces uphill battle in the senate. >> this is about tax relief, fairness, simplicity, easing the stress and anxiety in this country. >> the bill republicans have brought to the floor today is not tax reform, it's not even a tax cut. it is a tax scam. >> critics on both sides of the aisle say the bill benefits
6:34 pm
corporations at expense of low and middle income americans. the combined company under the name invitation homes is valued $11 billion with 82,000 single family homes, some in east bay and antio. >> michael finney and brian ross looked at complaints cricke critics. >> interesting story. one oakland woman is suing wave point. claims that company failed to make needed repairs to rental property that would have let her keep government-funded in-home day care. instead forced to close it. spoke about situation on home crisis tour sponsored by alliance of californians on
6:35 pm
empowerment. situation started when applied to install a community garden for students. soil was tested, unsafe levels of lead discovered. exposure to high levels of lead can impair a child's ability to learn. county of alameda offered to clean it up but needed wave point application and says never submitted it. wave point says couldn't accept the county's terms but cleaned it up myself. but too late. removed from preschool program because of the lead contamination. >> i lost my income, the children, the day care. >> tonight at 11:00, i'll dig deeper into the story and tell you more about the mega landlords. >> look forward to that michael. thanks. coming up next, meet your
6:36 pm
new back yard, 58 acres of cliff side land along the coast. >> see had a
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a difficult to get to stretch of the san mateo coast is getting new life today. >> nonprofit brokered a deal to purchase a major piece of land and working with the county to open it up to everyone. >> reporter: there are few sights more amazing than the waves crashing against kunitas beach. >> quintessential northern california. doesn't get better than this. >> reporter: helped preserve permanent open space, farms and park land in san clara and other counties. >> we turn over to state agencies or steward it in perpetuity. >> reporter: purchased along the beach south of half moon bay. been in private hands for more
6:40 pm
than a centrally but not kept adjacent beach from becoming popular. >> rave parties, 400 to 500 people camping overnight. >> left mountains of trash. neighbors complained about the traffic and inebriated beachgoers on the normally tranquil coast. working with trust to secure police patrols and construction of facilities. will be managed by county. >> probably most magnificent stretch of beach on the san mateo county coast. think will be the jewel of the county park system. >> hoping to build a parking lot, restrooms and direct access to the beach. >> protecting it environmentally is really important, but also protecting it so environment and public can live here side by
6:41 pm
side is important priority for p.o.s.t. >> campaigning to fix up property for the public and hope to wrap up in three years. to find out how you can help, our website, we didn't have good beach weather today. storm rolled through the bay area. >> sandhya with sun in the forecast for the weekend coming up.
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ask your doctor weaving your own shoes... by out of flax. or simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing, with energy upgrade california. a group that started three decades ago at height of the crack cocaine epidemic is celebrating 30 years of changing lives. >> omega boys club helped hundreds of young men graduate from college and avoid prison pour death. >> grandma told me god takes care of fools. >> reporter: thought he was fool when promised to help with college expenses. 30 years ago. now 225 students are college graduat
6:45 pm
graduates. omega boys club started to do something for the turf wars of the crack epidemic of the 1980s. >> weren't doing sports or things normally doing. educational, drug-free, violence-free club. >> education can lead you where you want to go and success. >> reporter: joined in 1993, expelled from a number of school districts. today the president of the san francisco board of education. omega boys club paid part of his expenses at college in atlanta. that was promise made by the club the moment it started recruiting boys and girls. >> may not be a free man today or alive without the mentorship and knowledge we received from the club. >> reporter: organization is now called alive and free. marshall acknowledged by many groups and tonight the
6:46 pm
organization celebrates 30 years of helping to empower young people. >> 30 years from now? i hope so. if we're not here, a club will be here. >> reporter: lyanne melendez, abc7 news. happening tonight. leukemia and lymphoma society's light the walk. >> at&t park. >> spencer christian is live with the preview. >> reporter: right. i have the great horn of emceeing the kickoff of the walk here at at&t park and holding three lanterns, that walkers will be carrying. whitepy cancer survivors or patients. gold in memory of people who lost their lives to cancer and red by all walkers in support of the cause for fighting all forms
6:47 pm
of bho of blood cancer, the mission of the society. weather conditions? it's improving. was raining earlier. then mostly cloudy, now partly cloudy. still chance of isolated shower. cool, low 50s but that's okay. walkers will warm up as they walk for this important cause. back to sandhya with the full accuweather forecast. >> perfect timing spencer, right? isolated shower or drizzle not going to dampen the spirits of the walkers. check out live doppler 7 to see what it looks like right now. spotty light showers across the region. as you look there, notice they're in the south bay and parts of the east. street level radar in mill
6:48 pm
blossom hill road and south san jose. here's what you have to look forward to, fog from sutro tower camera, low level moisture will result in dense fog. 50s and 60s for highs on friday. sunshine saturday and sunday. if you're looking for more rain, we have chances beginning on monday, unsettled pattern into midweek. just chances for few showers thanksgiving morning. >> thanks sandhya. warriors in action. >> larry beil is here to talk month about that. >> one of the early season tests. whole league watching that game. warriors trying to make a statement in boston. celtics, hottest team in nba, 13-game winning streak that could end this
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good evening. hottest teams in the nba meeting tonight. warriors and celtics in boston.
6:52 pm
some believe it's finals preview. historic note. this on date bill russell pulled down 49 rebounds in one game for the boston celtics. unbelievable. steph curry returned facing kyrie irving. warriors come out flying. kevin durant on kyrie attempt and finishes on the break. nice ball movement by dubs. second unit, nick young, swaggy p is swaggy three. warriors by 9. 12-0 jaylen brown, former cal bear. irving with drive and score that gets taken away because marcus smart put it up through the rim.
6:53 pm
doesn't count. what are you doing? k.d. is feeling it for three. warriors up 10, 66-56 third quarter. highlights at 9:00 and 11:00. the astronomical price to get stanton may have reached new heights. giants are interested. stanton led with 59 majors, won mvp vote by two points over joey vatto of the reds. slimmest margin in history. a.l. mvp award was runaway, jruj altuve for the astros. hit a major league best .386 and packs power for guy that's 5'6", 24 home runs. nfl, raiders go to mexico
6:54 pm
city. flying in then back out. distinct advantage. raiders after bye-week, extra time to prep for tom brady and company. pats are spending the week in colorado after defeating the broncos and trying to acclimate to mexico city. 7,200 feet above sea level. >> has for sure. skin, lot of people have noses super dry. glad to be here and prepare for mexico city. same altitude. it's good training. glad we're doing it. >> raiders, it's impressive team with a lot of talent. and played well here in recent weeks. offensively explosive as anybody in the league. >> enthused bill belichick, 1-99ers have a bye and decision to make in quarterback.
6:55 pm
c.j. bethard had a good game against the giants. john lynch quoted as saying want to set jimmy up for success but right now don't need him. c.j. playing well. good situation. former cal star jared goff has the rams in first place. blowing away with the offense and audible calls. >> elvis, elvis, tupac, dusty, obama, obama, obama. hey ric flair. >> let's run ric flair. rams lead the nfc west. play the north leading vikings on sunday. both 7-2. abc7 sports by river rock casino. >> that's our cal alum. join us at 9:00 on the coffee tv 20 cable channel 13.
6:56 pm
california reveals strict rules for getting into recreational marijuana business. and at 11:00, exciting announcement, semitruck that elon musk is promising to blow your mind. >> here's the abc7 schedule. news at 11:00. >> jimmy kimmel live tlt, "black-ish" actress tracee ellis ross and musical guest. >> we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze, for sandhya patel and barack obalard entire team. see you later.
6:57 pm
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