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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 20, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PST

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good morning, everyone. it is monday, november 20th. thanks for joining us, natasha and alexis are off. >> some of you will get to start the week off. mike, you're saying it's going to be drier than we first expected. >> yes, this is the most i've ever looked forward to a monday because i was able to change the forecast from friday when we had several chances of rain this week. now one or two and that is it. it's going to be a great week if you're going to be at home or traveling and i'll show you the seven-day forecast in about 17 minutes. let's focus on the here and now. a few sprinkles there and right around mt. st. helena. by far the greatest amount of rain is north of us. it will stay north of us. a quick look at your day planner. mid-50s this morning. that's pretty nice. we'll be in the low to mid-60s at noon with a better chance of showers out to the altamont
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pass. 61 to 66 and then by 7:00 it's just postally cloudy, 57 to 61. let's see if we're as lucky on the roads. >> it depend on where you are. we have metering lights on at the bay bridge toll plaza. the bay bridge upper deck when mike was speaking there, brake lights on the incline and through the tunnel as well. we're making your drive time from hercules to san francisco at about 45 minutes now so it's certainly building. it's been slow all morning because of an earlier car fire that's now cleared out of lanes. take a look at the drive times. that's improving from what it was earlier. southbound, you're starting to get busy. a nice ride in from san rafael. we'll take a look at the earlier accident near sfo on 101 in just a couple minutes. sue, thank you. at the live desk this morning one of america's most famous serial killers, charles manson, has died. manson was serving life in
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prison here in california. he died at a hospital in bakersfield last night at age 83. manson was the mastermind behind a two-day murderous rampage through southern california in 1969 that left seven people dead. he and three of his followers were convicted and sentenced to death, but the sentences were commuted to life in prison. and this morning it is unclear what will happen with manson's remains. prison officials say he had no known next of kin. charles manson supposedly lived in this home with his early followers in the haight in san francisco for a few months in 1967 during the summer of love. the home is on cole street and is listed as a historic location and a popular hot spot for tour guides. manson tried to make it as a musician. manson records sell as much as $75. "the new york post," pretty savage this morning, tweeting the headline "evil dead -- make
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room, satan, charles manson is finally going to hell." switch gears now and talk about this video from sky 7 showing you an eerie scene. what you see there off martin's beach is an empty boat spinning out of control. >> one man is dead. the coast guard spent the night searching for another missing man. it happened seven miles south of half moon bay off martin's beach yesterday. it is not clear how the two men onboard the boston whaler ended up in the ocean. rescue crews recovered the body of one of them. the other, though, is still missing. identified as tran. the harbor master believes neither was wearing a life jacket. >> i'm not sure if they would have survived in the situation but certainly they would have had their heads above water long enough to have somebody have seen them. >> authorities let the boat run out of fuel and then towed it to pillar point harbor. they say it does not appear foul play was involved. a motorcycle officer is recovering after a police chase
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and manhunt ended in a crash. it started when the officer spotted two men casing parked cars in daly city. the officer went after them. the chase ended on 280 and alemany boulevard. the officer lost control of his bike. luckily he only suffered cuts and bruises. moments later the suspect's car collided with the patrol car. no officers hurt there. police say both suspects ran from the car into an ingle side neighborhood. they were found hiding in shane o'neill's backyard. >> they found the guys hiding between two fences between the two back yards and they arrested them. >> the identity of the two suspects has not been released. minnesota senator al franken will not resign over the accusations he forcibly kissed a woman, then took an inappropriate photo while she slept. one of his staffers says the senator is spending thanksgiving
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with his family and doing a lot of reflect you but has no plans to step down. his accuser has also said she does not want franken to step down. franken admitted his behavior, apologized for it, and is welcoming an ethics committee investigation. record mogul russell simmons now faces a claim of sexual misconduct. the "l.a. times" reports model clawson came forward saying simmons made aggressive sexual advances towards her back in the year 1991 and yanked off her clothes while director brett ratner watched. simmons issued a statement saying everything that occurred was completely consensual. ratner, meanwhile, denies four earlier accusations against him of sexual misconduct by four women. a popular ferryboat is about to get a major upgrade. the sonoma, one of the largest in the fleet, will undergo a $22.5 million overhaul next year. according to our media partner
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"the marin ij" it will include noise reduction work, more envelope efficient equipment and more space for bicycles. here is a picture. it was delivered to the district in 1976 and the paint scheme looks like it. officials say a new boat would have cost at least $27 million but the existing hull is actually stronger because heavier materials were used in the 1970s. happening now a helping hand for thousands of families in san jose. today sacred heart community service will start giving away their holiday food boxes. >> abc 7 news reporter matt keller is there with more. hi, matt. >> reporter: good morning, jessica and reggie. sacred heart is ready. check out all the food boxes they have prepared for all the people to come in today. 4,200 families will be coming in and getting one of these food boxes. check out what's in the food boxes, everything they need to make a big holiday meal. of course, this is the first event of the holiday season. >> what's really cool it doesn't
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stop. in december we will contribute another couple thousand as well as toys for the community. it's good to see everyoe come together in times of hardship. >> reporter: here is video from last year's giveaway. the families who signed up will start arriving this morning and the giveaway will last through wednesday. the program began in 1964. sacred heart says the goal is to give families a nice holiday meal. families can use their income for normal bills. high housing costs and even the flooding have created hardships for their clients, and they still have a need for donations here. they need about 4,800 more turkeys. this is their freezer now. the need is great. go to our website there we have the link for where you can donate. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> matt, thank you. president trump taking aim at marshawn lynch. ♪
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>> a symphony for relief in san francisco. the concert
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hi there. let's talk temperatures along the east bay.
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observing, 54 to 57 in hayward. a little bit cooler as you get into castro valley. we have mid-50s everywhere, even a 57 in san jose right now. cooler in santa rosa. a look from mt. tamalpais. rain north to the altamont pass. cool to mild. our chances of rain this week, hardly any after today. but let's focus on today's storm impact scale is a one with our best chance across the north bay of light showers. an hour by hour up next. let's see what sue is watching. >> to san rafael where traffic is light heading southbound on 101 past the civic center and on into central san rafael. you see a few brake lights. you're looking at a 20-minute drive into the golden gate bridge in san francisco. slow and go out of the central valley. earlier problems the reason for that, a car partially blocking a
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lane of traffic northbound after the sfo on ramp but i'm not seeing any slow traffic there. and fairfield, first reports of an accident west 80 after west texas blocking the fast lane. we'll check back on this in a couple of minute. >> thank you, sue. the biggest stars in music came together for the american music awards and the show had a lot of great surprises. >> yeah, from pink to a special >> yeah, from pink to a special reward for legend diana i try hard to get a great shape. >> yeah, from pink to a special rewarthis i can do, easily. benefiber® healthy shape is a clear, taste-free, 100% natural daily fiber... that's clinically proven to help me feel fuller longer. benefiber® healthy shape. this i can do!
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president trump is up and tweeting about raiders running back marshawn lynch this morning. marshawn lynch of the nfl's oakland raiders stands for the mexican and them and sits down to boos for our national anthem. great disrespect. next time nfl should suspend him for remainder of season, attendance and ratings way down. lynch has sat during the anthem every single game since he came out of retirement before the season started. >> members of the san francisco symphony put on an incredible show to raise money for north show to raise money for north bay fire victims. >> abc 7 news was at the davies symphony hall for this inspired performance. this is great. the orchestra, chorus, the
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ushers, and the stage crew all donated their time to put on this show. it featured iconic works and an appearance by nancy pelosi. >> we say to our first responders thank you. thank you for saving so many lives. >> all proceeds will benefit the north bay fire relief fund and the resilience fund. pink took last night's american music awards to new heights. music awards to new heights. ♪ >> it was a display of vocal and acrobatic talents. pink performed her hit suspended from the marriott in downtown los angeles and she scaled the windows of the 34-floor hotel with six stuntmen. the pop star confessed she was nervous but pulled it off without missing any notes.
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pink performed with kelly clarkson to pay tribute to the nation's first responders. ♪ i want the world to know i've got to let it show ♪ >> great to see diana ross. she received the lifetime achievement ward. she performed a medley of her biggest hits including "i'm coming out," "ain't no mountain high enough," and "ease on down the road." her daughter hosted the show and helped present the award to her mom. >> bruno mars took home seven awards including artist of the year. he could not be at the show but thanked his advance. the singer is currently on his magic world tour and performs in brazil on wednesday. brazil on wednesday. >>
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i've choked before. i've just gotten lucky it was never on a national stage. i had no idea her daughter was tracy ross. >> you can see the resemblance now, right? >> i'm really excited for this week. people want to get out and about and travel. sfo where there's no delays even though it's cloudy right now. a delay getting into chicago o'hare. the rest of the country is quiet. gray with light rain across the north bay today. tonight the clouds will thin. warmer than average. petaluma, we have a light shower right here so watch out if you're trying to travel between those two areas. north of clear lake, lake port and ukiah. this is all staying west to
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east. but we'll get a chance as a cold front will side swipe us. we head through 7:00 to 9:00. our first and best chance. it's in the north bay. close to san francisco and half moon bay. as you roll on through north of the san mateo bridge, notice how quickly it lifts after about 2:00. light showers in the north bay through about 7:00. let's take a look at my seven-day forecast. i know, we need the rain. but when we're traveling and we have a holiday why not have mid-60s starting wednesday at the coast. still low to mid-70s through thanksgiving. our next chance of rain is light once again sunday. sue? >> we're heading back to the bay bridge toll plaza.
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reports of an earlier accident blocking the far left lane. metering lights have been on since 5:18. it is starting to build with delays. into the maze and into san francisco you are looking at about a 40-minute drive now with those car-poolers getting a little bit of a break. so if you can that's a great way to go. earlier problems on the altamont has things very slow out of the central valley this morning. westbound 80 after west texas a lane of traffic blocked there. i see slow traffic towards highway 12. we have 52 b.a.r.t. trains on schedule. train five is getting ready to leave. it survived the north bay wildfires, a major milestone in the recovery efforts at a safari park. and are you still waiting to get to the museum of ice cream. now is your chance. when a new batch of tickets will go on sale. >> oh, boy.
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keep on top of weather and traffic through the entire commercial break with abc 7 now. take a look at the beautiful skyline this morning.
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the storm impact scale, today's storm is level one. that means light rain. so keep an umbrella handy and drive safely. track today's storm on the abc 7 news app. download it now. a question about replacing items lost in the north bay wildfires. >> and she spoke to us at our 7 on your side pop-up in clear lake. >> what type of funds they have for like right now because i lost everything. >> i'm so sorry to hear about what happened to you and to so many of your neighbors. to see what you qualify for you're going to need to talk with fema and the small business administration. fema will give you $500 to meet immediate needs, then you can apply for an additional $34,000 in grants.
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which means you don't have to pay any of that back. there are low-cost loans to replace home. total loans can be worth as much as $240,000. now we're talking super cheap interest rates, less than 2%. so, toni, check into it. good luck and take care. if you have a question for michael finney record it and share it on social media using the #askfinney or head to and you may see your question answered here on abc 7 mornings. okay. if you are still hoping to take a dip in the sprinkle pool but haven't managed to get your hands on a pair of tickets, no worries. >> this is the museum of ice cream in san francisco which sells out in five seconds anytime they release tickets. there is going to be another chance. i fully expect it will sell out in five seconds. so pay attention because it goes
6:26 am
on sale at 10:00 this morning. you have two options. a $38 ticket will get you the full museum experience, or, and get ready for this one, you can get a ticket that would only allow you into the museum of ice cream gift shop. these extra passes are being offered to celebrate small business saturday. the museum says 100% of ticket proceeds will go to a local charity. i cannot watch that guy swim through the sprinkles again. i can't. i don't have the constitution to survive that. >> at least the money is going to charity. otherwise spending money to go to the gift shop to spend more money. >> a little much. why adds for cannabis could disappear from buss in san francisco. >> what witnesses saw and heard just seconds before a plane slammed into a home. plus, two arizona politicians caught on an open mike criticizing president trump. how he is now reacting. and we will begin the week
6:27 am
of thanksgiving with a chance of rain. so far it's been confined to the north bay. .01 in clear lake. about one-third in ukiah. a look at the rest of our chances from this light
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don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. and happy monday morning to you coming up on 6:30. thanks for joining us today. >> it is monday, november 20.
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a lot of people are off, mike. >> well, go to the gym now because when i get there at about 1:00, i'm going to hit it hard because i'm going to eat a lot this week. like a lot of people probably. >> me, too. >> what's not very heavy out there. besides weight later on this week. bodega avenue heading into petaluma and 116 over to sonoma a little wet now. don't let your guard down up in the north bay for sure. the 12-hour day planner today 51 to 54 degrees, even 55 at 7:00. sprinkles to rain in the northern half of the bay at noon. same thing at 4:00. notice the temperatures 60 to 66. by 7:00 we're 57 to about 61 degrees. all right. so let's find out about the morning commute. hopefully less people on the roads, sue. >> it feels like there are.
6:31 am
we do have bad areas of traffic. this is not one of them, though. metering lights have been on since 5:18 this morning. we've had a couple of accidents near the tolls. behind the toll plaza we do have possible multiple accidents. a call out to chp. westbound 80 after west texas, and lanes are blocked. we are seeing slow traffic coming into fairfield so just heads-up with that. a quick look right now at some of your drive times. highway 4 to the maze, 30 minutes. still a good ride down to sfo leaving the city on 101. >> sue, thank you. closing arguments in san francisco in a trial that has become a national symbol for the sanctuary cities debate. >> and that means jurors could start deliberating as early as this afternoon in the trial for the man accused of killing kate steinle on pier 14.
6:32 am
amy? >> reporter: hi, reggie. was this shooting an accident or was it intentional? that is the question facing this jury. jose ines garcia zarate could face anything from first-degree murder to second-degree to involuntary manslaughter, if the jury convicts him at all. he's accused in the shooting death of kate steinle. she was shot to death two years ago at pier 14. a stolen gun was used in the shooting. zarate's defense attorney says he found it underneath a bench and that it accidentally went off. zarate was due to be deported for the sixth time but was handed over to san francisco authorities instead of federal officials in the city's sanctuary laws allowed him to stay. that's why this is a national debate over immigration. closing arguments are set for today. this trial started almost a month ago. the jury could get the case as early as today.
6:33 am
amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. amy, thank you. we are tracking developing news out of the east bay. concord police investigating a suspicious death. a person's body was found at the best western on clayton road overnight. detectives are on the scene. they say they're following leads but offered no additional details. we'll bring you new information as soon as we get it from police. brand-new this hour from our live desk, we are just getting new reaction to the death of cult leader charles manson. we are now hearing from the sister of one of his victims. manson was rushed to a hospital in bakersfield last night and that is where he died at the age of 83. the infamous cult leader led a string of murders in the '60s. sharon tate's sister deborah tate released a verbal statement to abc news saying in part, quote, i actually pray for his soul as i did susan atkins when she died. and that's the way i was raised and i hope he gets some kind of mercy.
6:34 am
he didn't show that to any of our victims, but i try to come from a higher place and i hope he gets some mercy. the faa's investigating a small plane crash that left three people hurt. now this plane slammed into a garage of a home. it happened yesterday afternoon on evelyn avenue and carl street. you can see that small cessna 172 smashed into the garage. firefighters say it appears the plane suffered some sort of system failure. all three people inside the plane were badly hurt and taken to the hospital. witnesses say the plane was flying low and out of control and then turned sideways before it crashed. >> i saw it going down. he missed a wire. he missed a roof, and then he started diving down more and hit the garage. >> one pilot tells us this plane is part of a club and flying school. 13 people live inside the home. none of them was hurt. now to an out-of-control fishing boat left spinning
6:35 am
around in the pacific. this morning we know one man is dead and another is missing after they both somehow fell overboard. this happened yesterday seven miles south of half moon bay off martin's beach. sky 7 was over the scene. deputies say it's unclear how the boaters fell overboard. they don't suspect foul play. ocean conditions were calm at the time and the boat is registered to an address in valle vallejo. with just over six weeks before pot is legal in oklahoma going through applications. >> 255 applications from people wanting to get in on it. "the chronicle" says 78 of the applications are from people want to go grow cannabis indoors. 55 people want to deliver pot. none of the applications have been approved so far. the city has authorized eight existing dispensaries to operate as brick and mortar businesses. >> in san francisco mayor ed lee doesn't want cannabis ads on muni buses, stations or shelters.
6:36 am
according to "the examiner" mta board of directors will consider a new policy tomorrow to ban future cannabis advertising on muni. the mayor asked them to take action. the proposal comes amid a heated political debate over how to regulate pot shops when they become legal recreationally at least statewide on january 1st. happening today safari west animal park will reopen after the north bay wildfires. flames from the tubbs fire came within about a mile of that 400-acre preserve last month. firefighters and park workers kept the flames away and the animals are all safe. the preserve holds more that be 1,000 exotic birds, giraffes, cheetahs, and other animals. the first tour will be at this morning. highway 121 is reopening following an accident of a dump truck hauling away debris from the atlas fire. the overturned truck closed the highway for more than six hours.
6:37 am
it took a while to remove the debris because it's considered hazardous material. several members of the cleanup crew did have to wear protective outfits. meanwhile a rash of car break-ins in san leandro has police warning drivers never to leave valuables in plain sight even if your car is locked. 12 auto thefts happened last week on the west side of san leandro. in every single incident thieves shattered a window to grab items out of parked cars. witnesses told police the suspect vehicle was a late model dark colored honda civic with paper plates reading victory. new developments this morning after a war of words between president trump and two arizona republican lawmakers who were caught on a mike making critical comments about the president. so listen to this conversation between senator jeff flake and the mayor of mesa, arizona. >> become the party of roy moore and donald trump. >> we are toast.
6:38 am
>> i'm not throwing smoke at you but you're the guy, just for fun, think how much fun to point out what an idiot this guy is. >> the mayor was talking about his wish that flake run for president. the exchange did not sit well with mr. trump. he called flake flakey and said it was flake's political career that was toast. flake tweeted back saying, no news here. i've been saying this to anyone who will listen. the president also said flake is a no on the tax bill. this morning reuters reports flake is still undecided on what he will do contrary to the president's tweet. after such crisp, cool mornings this weekend, you step outside today, it feels like spring. a little bit of mugginess in the air. temperatures 10 to 21 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. so where does that put us? down to our south bay neighborhoods and 53 in santa teresa. the cool spots. san jose and los gatos at about
6:39 am
57. and you can see we're about 51 to 56 just about everywhere else. let's take a look at the exploratorium where it looks blue this morning. don't be blue for this forecast. our best chance of rain is today and then it gets really nice. scattered rain on the roads especially the north bay this morning, possibly down to the san mateo bridge and out to the altamont pass by noon. mass transit cool to mild. light breezes if you're on the ferry. it's going to be wet from sacramento up to tahoe and northward. 75 and sunny in l.a. here's wednesday's forecast. 92 and sunny in l.a. 64 in tahoe. so we're going green just about every interstate-5 north to redding and even further north of that some caution. it does mean, though, that the sierra is not going to get much snow until saturday or sunday. they'll ski on what they've got, sue. >> they do have man made conditions but conditions aren't right for that. problems at the bay bridge
6:40 am
toll plaza. you're seeing bumper to bumper traffic. yes, metering lights are on. that happened at 5:18 this morning from hercules into san francisco, tack on about 48 minutes for your ride. once you're past the toll plaza and past the tunnel coming into san francisco it looks like it's moving fairly well. we've had multiple problems on the altamont pass this morning making for slow traffic and then also slow through fairfield, a couple of accidents here. it looks like they're in the clearing stages. we'll check back in a few. sue, thank you. santa is making a list and he's checking it twice to make sure you have a reservation. where you'll have to sign up before giving old st. nick your wish this year. >> black friday a few days away. some experts are warning shoppers to wait if they want the best deals. and today at 9:00 a.m. on "live with kelly and ryan" actor "live with kelly and ryan" actor denzel
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developing news out of santa clara, investigating a stabbing that left a 21-year-old man dead. this happened last night around 11:40 on fairway drive in san jose. a suspect is in custody. they say the victim and suspect were roommates. it's unclear what happened between them before the stabbing. to one else is believed to be involved. and now to our live desk, we
6:44 am
are continuing to track reaction to the death of cult leader and serial killer charles manson. actress mia farrow is just weighing in. this tweet that was sent out this morning, a picture of sharon tate, who was killed by mans manson's followers, along with a simple message. charlie manson is dead. good riddance. tate was 8 1/2 months pregnant when she was killed. re-tweeted another message telling people to, quote, forget charles manson. actor jeffrey tambor says he doesn't see how can he return to the amazon series "transparent" following allegations of sexual harassment. he referenced what he calls a politicized atmosphere on the show's set. many people took the statement to mean he is leaving the show but tambor hasn't confirmed that. an actress and tambor's former assistant have accused him of groping them and making unwanted sexual advances.
6:45 am
a warning for palo alto-based tesla. >> the company should worry about attracting future talent after the sudden firing of 700 employees. according to ""the mercury news"" some former employees refused to sign a separation agrem. rue man resource experts say tesla should be cautious about recruiting qualified talent. tesla denies any impact saying the company received more than 73,000 job applications last month alone. black friday days away. the deals are already here. kohl's is kicking off its sales today. stores like walmart and home depot already offer steep discounts. some experts say you should wait. the deals will only get better. >> the best deals are actually after black friday. the stores want to get rid of their merchandise. >> experts say black friday is a good time to buy electronics but wait on toys and clothing. those prices go down the closer
6:46 am
we get to christmas. for online shoppers put your wish list in the shopping cart and then hold off until you see those prices drop to check out. >> macy's is giving the phrase santa is checking his list a whole new meaning. this year when anyone visits santa at macy's flagship store in new york city they'll have to have a reservation. macy's says it's implemented a system to cut down on wait times. meanwhile here in the bay area you're going to have to wait in line to see santa at macy's. you can make a reservation, though, if you want to get through the line faster at westfield san francisco center, or you can just wait in line with everyone else. >> happening now, a helping hand for thousands of families in san jose. today sacred heart community service will start giving away their holiday food boxes. >> part of their very nice annual tradition. reporter matt keller is there with more. well, he's somewhere there. hi, matt. >> reporter: jessica and reggie, we're going to play a little game here. we're going to open the freezer.
6:47 am
find the biggest frozen turkey. tell me when you see it. >> i see him, he's wearing a suit. [ laughter ] >> ding, ding, ding. >> there he is. >> reporter: we've got a lot of frozen turkeys here in the freezer, but sacred heart community service -- whoa, let's get in here. they still need a lot more turkeys, 4,800 more turkeys. >> we're asking the community to come by and get involved. you can sign up for a volunteer shift. you can donate directly to us. we can get a turkey for you. >> reporter: here is video from last year's giveaway. the families will start arriving here this morning and the giveaway will last through wednesday. sacred heart says the goal is to give families a nice holiday meal allowing people to use their income for their normal bills. 400 volunteers.
6:48 am
you can find out how to donate on and how you can come out and volunteer as well. do you see a resemblance at all? >> yes, yes, twins. >> where do you even get a hat like that? >> reporter: they brought it here today for me. they knew i would wear it. that's why they brought it. >> i'm glad they brought it and this isn't in your collection. that makes me feel much better about you and your entire life. >> reporter: no. >> looks good on you. stay warm and get out of the freezer. >> thanks, matt. it's not going to be as rainy or, i guess, as cold as we thought. you were talking this morning, mike, how you felt it was spring outside when you walked out the door. >> it felt like it when temperatures were in the mid-30s where i live and the same thing saturday morning. they were in the mid-50s, 20 degrees warmer where i live when i stepped outside. because we went from dry and cold to warm and slightly humid, wow, feels like spring. definitely looks like fall outside. the trees still have a lot of their beautiful leaves. today will be another week to look at that as the rain will be
6:49 am
absent from the forecast and gorgeous sun rise developing there. you can see some of the trees 280/17. light rain north. limited sun south. cloudy tonight, watching the tule fog and mild to warm breezes and dry until saturday. here we go. you can see heading right through sonoma right now a little bit of a light shower there maybe coating, just glazing the ground. there's more developing as we talked about there would be as we head from the 7:00 to 9:00 hour but then this high pressure takes over and all the cold air goes away. let's focus in on this storm first. a one on our storm impact scale light. best chance of light showers up to a quarter of an inch but that's really going to be rare. here you go from 7:00 to 9:00. we'll watch the north bay and then after 9:00 it could come far south as half moon bay, across the san mateo bridge and out towards the altamont pass and that will continue through the lunch hour and notice by 4:00 it's the north bay and then by 7:00 it's just about over.
6:50 am
in fact, if you look at our rainfall totals they pretty much just stay up in the north bay from novato, calistoga northward. here is my accuweather seven-day forecast. after today, sure, we stumble out of the gate a little bit. look at the low to mid-70s tomorrow. mid-60s at the coast. wednesday and thanksgiving day and low 70s for shopping friday. no coat to encumber you. cooler and a chance of rain sunday. sue? we have a couple of issues. we were hoping for monday holiday week light. we have a couple problems to look at. first, slow traffic from hercules in to san francisco. we've had a couple problems at the bay bridge toll plaza and, yes, metering lights are on there so expect delays as well. your ride out of the central valley has been a rough one due to several earlier incidents that has yet to recover. what has recovered, though, as you ride through fairfield two separate accidents after west texas and before highway 12. those have been cleared out of
6:51 am
lanes and fortunately you can see traffic is improving there. take a look at your mass transit options out of the central valley. trains 3 and 5 will be running on time this morning. not a delay there. guys? >> thank you, sue. advocates for walkable cities took to the streets of san francisco to honor pedestrians killed or injured by cars. abc 7 news was in the mission district as members of the bay area chapter of the families for safe streets organization marched from the 16th street b.a.r.t. station to san francisco city hall yesterday. that event coincides with a worldwide event to call for safer streets. walkers are urging state lawmakers to approve legislation that would legalize speed enforcement cameras as a way to slow traffic on city streets. he plays a hero in the movies and now actor harrison ford is given credit for being heroic in real life. he helped a woman who ran her car off a highway in southern california yesterday morning. pictures here show the man who
6:52 am
played indiana jones helping pull the woman out of her wrecked car. witnesses say ford was driving behind her when she lost control and crashed. the woman was not seriously hurt. just like in the movies there was someone right behind them with a camera. >> it is hollywood. two turkeys have a lot to be thankful for this year. >> president trump will pardon the birds tomorrow and here they are getting pampered before their pardon at the intercontinental hotel. if you are wondering the national turkey foundation pays for this luxury. after the pardoning the birds will join last year's turkeys at virginia tech university to live out the rest of their lives in peace. >> that whole thing is just so exhausting. >> i'm a little jealous of two turkeys this morning. we're back in 90 seconds with the seven things you need to know before you go. first, our instagram picture of the day. if you haven't yet follow us on abc 7 news bay area. you can see more great pictures like this. look at those twinkling holiday
6:53 am
lights. and you can share your photos and video using the #abc7now. it is 6:52. a live look outside. this is abc 7 news now. traffic and weather inf we need to be ready for my name's scott strenfel and r i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe.
6:54 am
learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california. well it's a perfect nespresso hold on a second.orge. mmm. ♪ [mel torme sings "comin' home baby"] hey there. want a lift? ♪ where are we going? no don't tell me. let me guess. ♪ have a nice ride. ♪ how far would you go for coffee that's a cup above? i brought you nespresso. nespresso. what else? all right. it's 6:54. whether you're just joining us or heading out the door on this monday morning here are seven things to know before you go. the first is the chance of wet weather. a look at your 12-hour
6:55 am
accuweather day planner scattered across the north bay through 7:00. a better chance for all of us in the south bay at noon. and then back up to the for the bay at 4:00. look at those temperatures, low to mid-60s. by 7:00 the rain is over. number two, notorious serial killer charles manson is dead of natural causes at the age of 83. unclear what will happen with his remains. manson has no known next of kin. closing arguments begin in the murder trial for the man accused of killing kate steinle. jurors will have to decide between first or second-degree murder, involuntary manslaughter, or acquittal. number four, the search will continue this morning for a missing boater who went overboard. sky 7 shows a boat spinning out of control yesterday off the san mateo county coast. another boater was found dead. number five, safari west animal park in sonoma county will reopen this morning after the north bay wildfires. the park is set to conduct its first tour at 9:00. number six, we're following your monday morning commute. we were hoping for holiday week light but so far not happening
6:56 am
at the bay bridge. we've had a couple of problems on the toll plaza -- at the toll plaza making it a rough one there. number seven, a skyscraper stunt. pink performed last night suspended from the marriott in downtown l.a. "gma" will have much more at 7:00 this morning. it was so impressive. >> i can't get enough of that. >> what a stunt. >> she performed twice last night. she sang with kelly clarkson regular style and then the whole spider-man thing. have a great morning. when conditions change where you live -- >> we're expecting heavy rain in the bay area tomorrow. >> this is going to be a strong, slow-moving soaker. >> abc 7 alerts you first. >> taking the flash flood warning up here very seriously. >> when you need to know what's heading your way. >> let's get right to our storm, a level three. >> live doppler 7 is wherever you are. >> live doppler 7 along with satellite. this is our storm system right here. >> stay ahead of the storm
6:57 am
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good morning, america. holiday travel alert. new storms moving in on both coasts. temperatures tumble in the midwest and northeast and powerful winds collapse that scaffolding in new york city injuring people below. now, new concerns about snow, ice, and rain, as millions hit the roads and sky. breaking news -- charles manson dead. the notorious cult leader known as the most dangerous man in america responsible for that string of murders in the '60s. now this morning the emotional statements from the family of his victims. abc news exclusive -- america's three youngest hostages raised in captivity held by the taliban are now free. the family tells their story on television for the first time. how they overcame that unimaginable ordeal. ♪ soaring at the amas, pink ruling the night.


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