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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 20, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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need to see our exclusive i-team report. >> i'm worried. i have this medical bill...oll, huh? dave, you have anthem and they have people to talk to who are empowered to help any question you... is, is he okay? real people? living and breathing. hopefully not breathing like that. for all the things that keep you up at night, anthem blue cross has a solution.
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live, where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> victory for sanctuary cities tonight. a judge has blocked an order from the president that would have cost two major bay area communities billions of dollars. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm dion lim in for ama daetz. the decision stems from a lawsuit brought by santa clara county and san francisco. it means the president cannot withhold their federal funding. >> abc 7 news reporter katie marzullo is live in san jose with reaction. katie? >> dan, dion, president trump can appeal the decision to the ninth circuit court. but a santa clara supervisor called the ruling a legal knockout punch. >> it's one of those issues where you look to your left, you look to your right, and you realize if anyone is going to lead, it's going to be us. >> santa clara county filed a lawsuit to stop the trump
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administration from withholding federal funds from sanctuary cities. a district judge handed santa clara a win on monday issuing a permanent injunction. >> every step of the way, the county of santa clara has won on this case. and this is really an almost fatal blow to the administration on the issue of detention of immigrants without due process. >> the term sanctuary city has come to describe a jurisdiction that won't allow local law enforcement to hold someone in custody on behalf of immigration and customs enforcement. santa clara county stood to lose $1.7 billion in federal funding. san francisco had $2 billion at stake. san francisco also sued the city attorney has released a statement that reads in part, president trump might be able to tweet whatever comes to mind, but he can't grant himself new authority because he feels like it. san jose immigration material merle kahn applauds the decision. >> i the courts are doing what they need to do. the system is working.
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>> reporter: the district court exceed its authority and is preparing to fight the, quote, setback. in san jose, katie marzullo, abc news. the department of homeland security announced today it will end a policy that allowed 60,000 haitians affected by the 2010 earthquake to live in the u.s. the dhs said the program was never meant to be permanent. those affected will have 18 months to return home or apply for permanent residency. well, do you or someone you know have a 2017 chrysler pacifica minivan? if you do, a consumer group is demanding a recall. dozens of owners, including a bay area man have complained that their vehicle stalled, sometimes in the middle of a busy highway. i-team reporter dan noyes has the story you'll see only on abc 7 news. >> the 2017 chrysler pacifica has won a slew of awards, including the top pick from j.d. powers and a recommendation from consumer reports. but dr. sid patel of menlo park won't drive his minivan any longer. >> i just couldn't believe that
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my brand-new car just died on the highway. >> reporter: patel was driving his pacifica to work in september in the fast lane northbound 101 when he says it lost power. he made his way the right shoulder, a big rig bearing down on him. >> i kind of braced for impact. i just grab on to the steering wheel really tight. and, you know, i thought, okay, something bad is going to happen right now. >> he tells me the big rig switched lanes at the last second. the dealer jeep of redwood city sent a tow truck. >> i talked to the technicians who worked on the minivan. they said it appears this was simply a bad connector. >> that could be a cause, yes. >> i spoke with automotive engineer from our detroit affiliate. he reviewed more than 50 owner complaints filed with the national transportation safety board of the chrysler pacifica stalg. >> you have to get vehicles
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exhibit a condition and see if you can analyze it and what the cause is. >> they are investigating and that they are unaware of any injuries or accidents associated with these complaints. most of the complaints we have involve single events of engine stall. the center for auto safety sent a petition for nhtsa today for recalling over the safety issue. also today the dealer told me they will refund dr. patel's money. for i-team, dan noyes, abc 7 news. a scary sight near detroit tonight where a fireball is lighting up the sky. a high pressure gas line is fuelling the flames. the sheriff's department says the fire even knocked out its 911 system. nearby homes were evacuated. no word yet on exactly how this started. in an exclusive interview, the oakland woman who survived a vicious dog mauling friday is describing her ordeal tonight from her hospital bed. her injury, as you'll see, are severe. abc 7 news reporter katie utehs talked to her on facetime. >> i was screaming my
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>> reporter: >> nicole kennedy survived a vicious dog mauling in richmond. >> they both came at me at once. they just went to work on me. >> a pair of pit bulls attack herd after she discovered her own dog dead. she had let it run ahead of her. >> my ear might fall off, you know. my leg is crushed. my eye, i can't hardly open it. >> the dogs also attacked a neighbor who came to help the 54-year-old woman. as nicole sits in her bed here at highland hospital, she thinks about the man who saved her. her friend who she knows as mr. ronnie. but because she doesn't know his full name, she can't get an update on his condition. >> i send my love to him. because he wouldn't have came back here. that would have killed me. >> reporter: oakland animal services took the pit bulls. >> i want them put down. i don't think that they should be able to be around. they're vicious. what if it happens to somebody
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else? >> it's unclear if the dogs' owner will face charges. in oakland, katie utehs, abc 7 news. the san francisco city hall lit up tonight for transgender day of remembrance. it's been a big year for the transcommunity, with some advancements and also some setbacks. abc 7 news reporter lilian kim is in san francisco with more. >> transgender day of remembrance began here in san francisco 18 years ago. now it's observed in 200 cities worldwide. the day honors transgender people who lost their lives to prestigious, bigotry and hatred. at the sf-lgbq center an altar was dedicated in their memory. for many in the crowd dying in such a horrific way has certainly crossed their minds. >> my whole idea of what it meant to be a transgender man was drinking and dying. >> advocacy groups say so far this year have there have been at least 25 homicides of transgender and gender
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nonconforming people in the u.s., the annual highest total on record. the community is dealing with several setbacks since president trump has been in office. >> there has been a lot of attacks on our community from the military band to attacks on transgenders' children and youth. so it's really important right now that we harness our communal power. >> in recent months, that communal power has led to results. three policy wins here in california. >> i think san francisco continues and california continues to be that beacon of change and hope so. we have this event to remind people that we are in it together. >> a community coming together, working for a better future. in san francisco, lilian kim, abc news. a surprise warning tonight from the girl scouts of america, telling parents to be wary of holiday hugs. plus iconic journalist charlie rose reacts to more than a half dozen sexual harassment
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accusations. and a new food service uses your dna to make custom meals delivered to your door. the results one bay area man is already seeing. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. we're getting closer to the holiday, and record heat may be in the forecast. i'll be back with your thanksgiving forecast coming up. but first, a look at what is coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel live right after abc 7 news at 11:00:00. >> jimmy? >> we're live from brooklyn, new york. >> look at me, brooklyn on the jimmy kimmel show!
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journalist charlie rose is suspended from cbs, pbs, and bloomberg tonight after 11 women accused him of sexual misconduct. the accusations range from
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unwanted sexual advances to lewd phone calls and groping. kyle godfrey ryan claims rose walked around naked in front of her at his home and told her he had fantasies of watching her swim naked. she says she was fired after telling a mutual friend about it. charlie rose released a statement saying in part i have behaved insensitively at times, and i accept responsibility for that, though i do not believe all of these allegations are act craft. >> now in response to recent news stories about sexual harassment, a controversial facebook post from the girl scouts warns parents about the dangers of hugs around the holidays. it suggests forcing girls to hug a relative that they might owe another person physical affection whenever they do nice things for her later in life. instead they suggest showing gratitude with a smile or perhaps a high-five or even an air kiss. a bay area company thinks that your dna should determine what you eat. it's launched a food delivery service to do exactly that with
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personalized meals based on your own genome. abc 7 news anchor kristen sze has a closer look. >> inside this warehouse in oakland's jack london square, they're making delicious and nutritious food. the recipes are designed to compliment your well-being. >> each and every one of us is unique and different. and our food should be as unique and different and personalized as we are. >> neil grimmer is the founder of habit, the first service that use yourself dna to customize your health plan. >> we look at the whole self from your dna to your blood work to how your metabolism works, combine it with your goals and aspirations around your food. and we put it all together in to an algorithm and get a nutrition plan for you. >> responsible for sequencing the human genome to establish marker. >> the first is a core measurement. >> for $299, habit sends you a kit to gather your data. swabs for dna, a finger prick
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for blood followed by another test after a metabolic shake. three weeks later, you get your results, personal coaching and meals made specifically for your dna profile. the meals cost 8 to $13 each. >> so it allows us to really dial it in, breaking it way from the one size fits all approach. >> grimmer knows food. he started plum organics, the nation's third largest baby food brand. he sold it to the campbell food company in 2013. campbell's has also investigated in habit there are some obvious ways to improve your health. you can manage your alcohol intake. you can ditch the sugar. and of course limit your processed foods. but he says habit takes it one step further by really helping to fine-tune your diet. >> when you go from there, then it gets really personalized. and actually all of us are pretty different in what we need. >> this is custom. >> the company introduced us to a customer who says he has learned a lot about himself and his body from the in-depth
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testing. >> a little tab, boom, touch yourself finger. you barely even feel it. it takes a sample of drop of blood. >> his dna reveals sensitivity to caffeine and showed he needed to add more vegetables to his diet. >> a whole bunch of little things about myself that i was curious about but i didn't know. >> stuart murray is with the eating disorders program at usf. >> it's a good idea in principle. >> he may be on to something but more research is needed. >> we know if you eat better quality foods, you're probably going feel better. whether or not that's person specific and we need rigorous testing to get that effect, we don't know. >> but that doesn't dissuade people from singing the praises of the plan. he says he feels better and has lost a little weight since joining habit. >> it gave me the tools to make better decisions about how i eat, how i live, how i exercise. >> a result he says goes beyond just knowing more about his genetic makeup.
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kristen zesze, abc 7 news. >> interesting. >> modern science. >> we should all eat more vegetables anyway. let's turn our attention now to the forecast for thanksgiving. >> yeah, we are in for a thanksgiving treat, sandhya. >> you are indeed. you'll be feasting and enjoying some warmth, dan andy on. right now i want to show you a beautiful picture of city hall lit up in san francisco. and visibility is fine from this perspective. but it's not look like this from every perspective. i do want to show you the highlights. definitely look out for some foggy areas in the morning. it is going to be brighter and warmer in the afternoon with near record highs the next few days. and get a load of this. dry and mild for thanksgiving. i do want to show you really what you can expect in san jose as we head towards tomorrow. so it's going start out with 53 degrees in the morning. but look how quickly it will warm up. a good 20 degrees warmer by 1:00 in the afternoon, hitting 74 degrees by 3:00 in san jose.
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that's only 2 degrees shy of the previous record that was set back in 1915. and this is just one of the many cities that we'll l be dealing with the potential for record heat. i do want to show you a time lapse from our sutro camera tower. look at the pretty shades, the sun, the clouds on the city skyline there. did have a few peeks of sun. but mostly cloudy. showers in the north bay. had from 0.2 to almost an inch of rain in the north bay. for the rest you have a lot of cloud cover. now we're dealing with not just the cloud cover on live doppler 7, but we do have very low visibility because of the fog. so watch out during the morning commute. down to 5 miles in santa rosa right now. 6 miles concord and livermore. here is a look at the temperatures with the cloud cover. it's pretty comfortable. 50s, even 60 there's. here is look at your thanksgiving forecast, temperatures in the 50s. lingering clouds at noontime. and you're looking at mild weather at 4:00 low 60s to the
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mid-70s. the sun goes down, and the clouds will be lingering. but really nice looking weather. if you're heading up to the tahoe area, gusty and cloudy tomorrow. don't have to worry about any rain traveling up for thanksgiving. friday still fine there is a slight chance of rain on saturday and what you'll need to worry about heading back is the potential for some really unsettled weather. so chance of rain sunday. but monday you have a chance of rain and snow. this is where we will be tracking a level 1 system. tomorrow morning tracking the fog. temperatures 40, 50s. mike nicco is 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. tracking that for you. here is a look at the highs for tomorrow. wrm by november standards. 76 in morgan hill. santa clara, this looks more like spring than fall, clearly on the peninsula. 73 redwood city. 62346 half moon bay. a really nice day in downtown san francisco. 69. sun will be shining in the north bay. temperatures in the low 70s for many of you from santa rosa to san rafael. same thing in the east bay. 70 in oakland heading inland.
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71 concord. accuweather seven-day forecast will feature clouds and fog giving way to sun. near records expected the next couple days. thanksgiving mild to warm and dry. black friday looking good too. don't worry about lugging shopping bags in the rain. a chance of rain in the north bay on saturday night. better opportunity sunday, monday with the light system level one. so dion and dan, get ready for nice thanksgiving weather. especially on thanksgiving. >> sandhya, thank you. it is the perfect view to see an incredible building implosion. >> oh, until it's not. we'll check it out when we return. >> when conditions change where you live -- >> we're expecting heavy rain in the bay area tomorrow. >> this is going to be a strong slow moving soaker. >> abc 7 alerts you first. >> taking the flash flood warning up here very seriously. >> when you need to know what's headed your way. >> let's get right to our storm. a level 3 on the storm impact scale. >> live doppler 7 is wherever
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you. >> live doppler 7 along with satellite. this is the storm system right here. >> stay ahe
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okay. timing is everything, as a photographer in atlanta learned the hard way. okay, the weather channel was shooting live video of this today, the georgia dome implosion when, yes, talk about bad timing. a photo bomb by a city bus that totally blocks the blast. it gets worse because as soon as the implosion is over, the bus pulls right away as if right on cue. the dome and the shot go up in smoke. come on. >> time everything is. move the bus, come on! or at least as peter our floor director pointed out, check the bus schedule. >> right. >> shu is here with sports.
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>> cal stanford in college hoops. took it on the chin. details to come. why the warriors might have to face okc wednesday n
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abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> warriors coming off back-to-back win others the sixers and the nets after losing to the celtics who won their 11k 16th straight tonight. the dubs win in oklahoma city and may be without kevin durant who is questionable with a bum left ankle. thunder in new orleans. paul george forces the turnover. russell westbrook gets it back for the bounce pass to jeremy grant for the stuff.
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that's worth another look. oh, my. is the boogie cousins experiment working in new orleans? he got ejected after elbowing westbrook going for the rebounds rebound. boogie can't believe it but anthony davis had 36 and 13 boards. the pelicans win 114-107. stanford head coach went on a 24-4 run. kenny williams scored 20 of carolina's first 26 and made 6 threes. the cardinal didn't make a run. isaac white nice move here. he had 20 points. cardinal cut it to 9. david shaw hoping for a second half come back with hisson. but joel barry had a win. it didn't get any easier for stanford, playing number seven florida on thursday. aloha as my colleague would say. the cal bears opening up the maui invitational. the it was the don colman show.
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26 points in the first half. he finished with 35. at one point the bears led the second half by as many as 18. but the youngsters couldn't hold on against a veteran. shockers. big shaquille morris gave them the lead for good. 19 in the second half. shockers win 92-82 cal. 2-2. the niners get seattle next week on a short week. the hawks looking bad early on. mckinny forces the ball from russell wilson, adrian clayborn scoops and scores. seattle fights back. final minute, down three. wilson using his feet to get into position. four seconds to go. blair walsh, 52 yards out for the tie. short. no good. seattle's first loss on monday night football in 12 games. martin jones and the sharks hosting anaheim. third period, sharks down one. jonas donskoi able to flip it over. his second goal of the night. tied at two. and we go to a shoot-out.
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third round of the shoot-out, sharks need a goal from donskoi to keep it going and he got it. what a move. the shoot-out continues. goes all the way to round 9 where anaheim wins it 3-2. the sharks have dropped three straight. that's abc 7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. a little bit of everything going on in sports these days. a
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appreciate your time. i' [ glass breaks ] >> hey, you damn kids! y'all done broke my window, busted my clock! yeah, boy! >> dicky: from brooklyn, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, amy schumer -- dj khaled -- and music from lcd soundsystem with cleto and the cletones, featuring paul shaffer. and now, start spreading the news, here's jimmy kimmel!


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