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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  November 21, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PST

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relatives of the defendant were in court yesterday. prosecutors spent 70 minutes presenting closing argumets to jurors. the prosecution told jurors garcia zarate went to peer 14 because it was a target rich environment and he pointed the gun at steinle and pulled the trigger. the defense claims he found the gun and fired it accidentally. that verdict could be released anytime after closing arguments wrap up. you can be the first to know when that verdict comes down by down loading the abc 7 news app. it is 4:30. let's get a quick update on your weather and traffic. >> hey, guys. let me take a look at some of the things we've been working on as far as your 12-hour day planner. what we're seeing this morning and feeling with temperatures that are pretty mild, about 47 to 57 degrees. we will cool a little bit by 7:00. notice by noon what little fog we have out there this morning will transition over to high clouds. 62 to 68. so by noon already our
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temperatures are warmer than average. look at the afternoon hours, 64 to 74. this is when you hate that the sun sets at 4:54 because there is no daylight to enjoy those wonderfully warm temperatures. 58 to 62 at 7:00. we come back, we will take a look at your commute planner as far as the weather goes. how about as far as traffic goes. >> we are going to the bay bridge or at least leading into the bay bridge. this is the east shore freeway past the university overcrossing in berkeley and on into the emeryville area and the mcarthur maze. everything is moving at the movement. no issues, so far so good. minor delays at the tolls, we do have a folks stacked up to pay crash in those cash lanes. you may want to head over to the right side. a little slowing out of tracy not a bad day to be out on the roadways. north downed u. bound 101 the reverse commute they are doing
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some electrical work on the left hand shoulder so just be aware that they are out there until 5:00 a.m. a victory for sanctuary cities this morning, a judge has blocked an order from president trump that would have caused two major bay area communities billions of dollars. >> that decision stems from a lawsuit brought by santa clara county and san francisco, it means the president cannot withhold federal funding. katie marzullo has the story. >> it's one of those issues where you look to your left, look to your right and realize that if anyone is going to lead it's going to be us. >> reporter: santa clara county filed a lawsuit to stop the trump administration from withholding federal funds from sanctuary cities. a district judge handed santa clara a win on monday issuing a permanent injunction. >> every step of the way the county of santa clara has won on this case and this is really an almost fatal blow to the administration on the issue of detention of immigrants without due process. >> the term swank wear city described a jurisdiction that won't allow local law
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enforcement to hold someone in custody on behalf of immigration and customs enforcement. santa clara county stood to lose $1.7 billion in federal funding, san francisco had $2 billion at stake. san francisco also sued. the city attorney released a statement that reads in part purchase might be able to tweet whatever comes to mind, but he can't grant himself new authority because he feels like it. san jose immigration attorney kahn applauds the judge's decision. >> i'm thrilled the court is doing what it needs to do. >> reporter: in san jose, katie marzullo. 4:33. some insurance companies are giving north bay fire victims inaccurate information about their rights under state law. insurance commissioner dave jones says adjusters brought in from out of state are telling victims that their living expense benefits expire in 12 months. well, it's actually 24 months. some homeowners were told if
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they don't rebuild in the same location they will not be getting their full replacement costs. they have six to 12 months to get the replacement cost, the correct information is 24 months. people who lost their jobs due to the fire have another month to apply for federal unemployment benefits. hundreds of people are looking for work despite several job fairs. the labor department session tending the application deadline to december 18th. claims for state benefits filed after the new deadline will be considered if there is a reasonable cause for delay. oakland mayor libby schaaf going to bat for marshawn lynch after president trump criticized him for not standing during the national anthem. this was before sunday's game in mexico city where lynch did stand for the mexican national anthem. the president called it great disrespect and said the nfl should suspend him for the remainder of the season. mayor schaaf took aim at mr. trump calling him the bully in chief. >> he needs to worry about his own approval ratings. he needs to do his job and stop
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picking on americans who are exercising their freedom of speech. >> lynch's mother got into this twitter feud saying what nfl team does trump own? oh, yeah, they wouldn't let him have one. lynch has refused to stand during the anthem since he joined the raid thers year. sexual harassment allegations are costing one of the most powerful lawmakers in sacramento his job. raul bocanegro will be resigning and not running for reelection. seven women from come forward to accuse him. he says that he will resign at the end of the current session which does not end any next september. some lawmakers want the democrat to resign immediately. happening today the sfmta board of directors will consider bang marijuana advertising on its property. in january recreational pot will become legal torah dults in california.
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a muni star report recommends a six month ban on new pot ads. the new state ads within 1,000 feet of schools and day care center. at the live desk, russian president vladimir putin is praising syrian president bashar al assad for his work fighting isis. the two leaders met in sochi ahead of a summit scheduled for tomorrow between russia, turkey and iran. the russian military has been heavily involved in syria's battle against isis and anti-government rebels. president putin and assad agreed the military operation in syria is nearing its end. putin is expected to call president trump today along with leaders of other country involved in the syrian conflict. let's take a look at some neighborhood temperatures in san francisco, look how mild it is,
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55, that's as cool as we get, west portal, glen park. sunny side 56 and the bayview ferry building, ocean beach, 57 degrees. here is a look from south beach at the bay bridge. we will use it as the backdrop since it's moving smoothly to talk about the roads. there is some fog developing in the north bay in our inland east bay neighborhoods, remember that fog we talked about yesterday, some is out there. mass transit cool this morning, temperatures in the mid 70s in november, i will call it warm, light breezes if you are going to be out on a ferry. let's talk about your 12 hour planner for the east bay valleys. 8:00, 54. noon we will be already 64. in the upper 60s from 2:00 to 4:00 and 63 at 6:00. for the north bay we are looking at 51 at 6:00, already 66 at noon, low 70s from 2:00 to 4:00, 62 at 6:00. quiet around the state today, maybe a stray shower around
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crescent city and eureka. tomorrow same thing, maybe as far south as mendocino and lake county. i 5 north to reading a little caution there, could be wet. everybody else is going to be great for traveling on our roads. tahoe, unfortunately, the average high is 48, going to be in the 60s, no new snow there. take a look outside, we will go to walnut creek southbound 680 past north main street, moving at the limit for an eight-minute drive if you're coming from concord to highway 24 and 24 all the way to the caldecott is smooth sailing. this is a live shot of 101, the overcrossing is 880. you can see both free ways are moving at the limit. green is good on our maps. we do see minor slowing out of tracy, road work still in lanes, this is sausalito north 101 after the tunnel. we will come back and take a look at drive times in just a couple minutes.
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the crossover pacifica, now there is a growing demand for a mass recall. only on 7 why one bay area owner says he won't drive his anymore. paving and potholes, oakland says it may have a half million dollar solution. plus, will you look at this, a gas line ruptured in michigan sparking a huge fire. i am really?
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hi, everyone. welcome back. here at the live desk i'm tracking this huge fire, it was fed by a gas line eruption in michigan. will you check out this new video that we just got a short time ago. those flames happening in auburn hills, that's about 34 miles just outside of detroit. officials say fire began when a gas leak it sparked an explosion and happened last night. there were evacuations with this, sheriff's department even says the fire knocked out some of the 911 system there, but that has now been fully restored. high pressure natural gas transmission line, it belonged to a public utility company and right now firefighters are just letting this thing burn itself out so they do have things under control. back to you. from the i. team a consumer group is demanding a recall for 2017 chrysler pacifica minivans. dozens of owners have complained
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their vehicles stalled, sometimes in the middle of a busy highway. dan noyes has the story you will only see on abc 7 news. >> reporter: the 2017 chrysler pacifica has won a slue of awards including the to be topic from j.d. powers and recommendation from consumer reports, but dr. sid patel of menlo park won't drive his minivan any longer. >> i just couldn't believe that my brand-new car just died on the highway. >> patel was driving his pacifica to work in september in the fast lane northbound 101 when he says it lost power. he made his way to the right shoulder, a big rig bearing down on him. >> i kind of braced for impact. i just grabbed on to the steering wheel really tight and, you know, i thought, okay, somebody bad is going to happen right now. >> he tells me the big rig switched lanes at the last second. the dealer brord walk chrysler jeep of redwood city sent a tow truck. they tell me this is the first
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one they've seen that's stalled out in traffic like this and it appears after a lot of work that this was simply a bad connector. >> that could be a cause, yes. >> reporter: i spoke with an automotive engineer from our detroit affiliate. he reviewed more than 50 owner complaints that were filed of the chrysler pacifica stalling. >> what you really have to do is you have to get vehicles that exhibit the condition and try to see if you can reproduce it and analyze it to see what the cause it. >> reporter: fiat chrysler tells me they are investigating and are unaware of any injuries or accidents associated with these complaints. most of the complaints we have involve single events of engine stall. the center for auto safety sent a petition today for a recall over the stalling issue. also today the dealer told me they will refund dr. patel's money. for the i team, dan noyes, abc 7 news. an early holiday gift for shoppers and merchants in danville. abc 7 news was there for the ribbon cutting for a new parking lot offering pre parking in the
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down taun area, it's located at the row street and east linda mace is a avenue. the lot cost the city $1.8 million. city leaders say it will be good for danville shops and restaurants. the lot is sloped to basins catch the runoff when it rains. seeing a sign put into a pickup truck there. the city of oakland is making a down payment on delivery of its paving promises. abc 7 news was at edgewater drive in oakland for the unveiling of a milling machine, the 30 foot long, 8 foot high machine grinds asphalt off the street making it ready for new pavement. >> we are in a crisis in this region, we have an affordable housing and homelessness crisis and breaking your car, getting a flat tire, breaking your axel can be the thing that puts a family over the edge and forces you to lose your home. >> mayor schaaf said the $570,000 machine will let the city cut its five-year paving
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plan in half. a lot of details about that. you know a lot about that. >> i do. >> hi, mike. >> are you ready to see how warm it's going to get in your neighborhood today? let's start with our accuweather highlights. warmer today, high clouds and sunshine to grab the sunglasses it will be brighter today and tonight. so will the stars, but we will stay mild during the overnight hours and chance of rain sunday and monday. this is going to get thicker through the morning so we will keep an eye on that. we do have some in the east bay right now, but it hasn't hit any of our reporting stations that are saying it's very low or the visibility is very low. we will keep an eye on t as we head from the morning into the noon that fog evaporates into hazy sunshine, high clouds, as we head into the afternoon hours a lot of those high clouds start to thin out, too. 66 at half-moon bay to 69
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richmond, val low and fairfield, everyone else 70 to 74 degrees, santa cruz and morgan hill 76. clear conditions tonight most still in the low to mid 4040s -- you should say low to mid 50s, 48 val low, fairfield and napa 47, santa rosa 46. tomorrow maybe even near record warmth. how about that for our travel on wednesday? thursday looking great, so i'm sure you're going to run outside and exercise after eating all of that food because it will be in the 70s. shopping on friday, low to mid 70s away from the coast, saturday upper 60s, low 70s in the rain and temperatures back in the 60s, one on our storm impact scale sunday and monday. >> i will be waddling walking the dog if i'm lucky. let's go to san rafael, light conditions past north san pedro, about a 21 minute drive south into san francisco on the golden gate. here is the golden gate bridge.
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very light, we have three and three lanes in each direction, zipper truck will be out to get your commute under way in a few minutes. overall traffic is flowing nicely out there, it's green, that's good and here is a look at some of your drive times out of the central valley, just about 32 minute drive into dublin pleasanton, antioch to concord westbound on highway 4 looking great, same with san francisco -- or 101 into san francisco, even better timing there as well. we will come back and take a look at more of your commutes in the south bay. the next america's cup will be sailed in radical new boats, they will rise up on hydro foils and speed across the tops of the waves. emirates team new zealand unveiled the concept for the 2021 rag at that. the boats are 71 feet long and do not have a keel. >> it really is amazing. >> they believe the boats will be much faster than the catamarans they were used to. british airways introducing
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a new boarding policy, those buying the cheapest seats will be called last. passengers will be assigned a number between one and five printed on the boarding pass with the highest numbers reserved for economy fares. the airline says this will simplify the boarding process but some are accusing them of operating a class system. the number one will be given to first class passengers. blue whale ballet, when it comes to eating it's all about right and left for the giants of the deep. the chance for neighbors in concord to get help and give as well. taylor swift's reputation blasts to the top of the charts, no surprise there. the music history she just made. but first this morning's "techbytes." in today's "techbytes" a massive fine for uber. >> colorado is forcing the company to pay nearly $9 million, the state found uber green lighted thousands of drivers even with histories that were riddled with felonies, assaults, fraud and duis. "time magazine" is out with its list of the top ten grajts
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of 2017. >> apple's iphone x is number 2 and number one is anyone tend dose switch which let's you play your games at home or on the go. >> still hoping that one is a ten. >> not so much. paris milton is sparking a gate about who invented the testifiy. >> hilton tweeted a photo with britney spears from 11 years ago saying that's when they invented the selfie but her followers sent this one from 1939. >> buzz aldrin in 1966. >> buzz aldrin in 1966. >>
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♪ when you recognize something isn't right, make the call to the veterans crisis line at 1-800-273-8255 and press 1. 4:53 on this tuesday.
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it's not a bad time to head to the coast. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s with high clouds and sunshine. it will be a little cloudier for thanksgiving but it looks dry until sunday when a light storm on our storm impact scale rains down. another mountain lion sighting in the beast bay. it was spotted on sunday at the parking lot of the lawrence berkeley national laboratory. police say the animal did not appear aggressive before it disappeared down the hillside. they searched the area but do not find the mountain lion. sleep number is recalling foot warmers told with some of its beds. the warmers can overheat and burn you. the company has received six reports of overheating so far including one minor burn injury. the foot warmers come with sleep number 360 smart beds sold from april to august of this year. they are contacting customers
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for a free replacement and installation appointment. this will be a more cheerful thanksgiving for hundreds of people in concord thanks to an army of volunteers. we were at the monument chrysler center as they sorted and bagged turkeys and all the trimmings. some of the volunteers have come from outside the bay area to help out. >> we are here to make sure people in the community are able to have a turkey for the community. >> this is our third year. we fly in from san diego because it's important. he is from this community so he wants to give back. >> monument crisis center will be handing out the bags today and tomorrow and hope to help 1,000 families. if you are able to give where you live this thanksgiving text the word "feed" to 80077 and your $10 donation will benefit local bay area food banks. >> let's take a look at the possibility of some precipitation as we head towards sunday and monday. what i've shown you is one of the more aggressive models by
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7:00 monday, we could have maybe a quarter to a half inch of rain possible that will start sunday during mainly the evening hours, but again with this particular system being the most aggressive it tries to show a few drops of rain as the system moistens the atmosphere sunday morning and then you can see during the afternoon, evening and overnight hours that's when the rain hits monday morning commute. we will keep an eye on that. that's the only really fly in the ointment moving forward. so safe travels out there. here is sue. >> we will take a live look at the san matteo bridge, you are looking at a 14 minute drive as you make your way from 880 over towards 101. everybody is moving at the limit and we are hoping to keep it that way for most of your morning commute and we are in the holiday week. full blown right now. emeryville, the east shore freeway, so if you're traveling from hercules into san francisco through the bay bridge toll plaza about a 24-minute drive, not bad at all.
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starting to get a little bit busier and we point out minor slowing out of the central valley coming up and over and we can check on ace train number one, that has left on time so that might be a good alternate to avoid the backup and your highway 4 commute is looking great for about a 14 minute drive. >> sue, have you heard there are a bunch of blue whales visiting us right now? a biologist at figured out that blue whales switch from right to left-handed when diving for food. researchers have discovered that the whales generally roll to the right when they dive deep for patches of krill, the tiny crustaceans make up their main meal but when they feed on krill on the surface they dive to their left. as we just mentioned blue whales are giving folks a real treat in monterey bay right now. more than 60 of them have been feeding there for several days and this is the first time in more than 30 years so many of
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them have been spotted in monterey bay. right now you can see a bunch of blue whales, you also can see humpback whales at the same time in basically the same area. >> that's really neat. >> i would love to see that. they are the size of three buses put together. taylor swift's newest album reputation is climbing the music charts. >> bill word says the album sold more than 1.2 million copies since it was released on november 10th so swift has made history becoming the only artist to have four albums sell more than a million copies in their debut week. she did the strategy, reputation not available on screaming services for the first week, you have to go and buy it. is that tea you're sipping? >> it's very hot. >> looking to save money when you head to the airport, you can rent a car for a one way trip. >> san francisco struggling to figure out how to regulate recreational pot but today the focus is on regulating advertisements. more on that bombshell announcement from cbs, suspending long time journalist charlie rose.
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the latest target of sexual assault allegations. new details about the
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good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. welcome. good morning on this tuesday, november 21st. whole team here and ready to go. >> that's right. it is 5:00 a.m., time to get up and time to find out what it's like out there. >> it's pretty nice. pretty quiet outside except for a little bit of fog that's out there. we will set the stage for a run at record high temperatures the next couple of days. you see the wind layer on live doppler 7, notice it's blowing towards the ocean, that's an offshore wind and that bri


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