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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  November 22, 2017 11:00am-11:30am PST

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now what if there was only one mattress? one is not a choice. choose your mattress with tulo. everything you want in a bed, in a box. live where you live, this is abc 7 news. right now, jurors are deliberating the fate of the man accused of killin kate steinly on pier 14 in san francisco two years ago. the question is, when will a verdict come down? thanks for joining us, i'm jessica castro, kristen zi will be in later today. it has been almost 24 hours since 12 men and women were sent to the jury room to deliberate the fate of jose. a case that sparked a national debate about sanctuary cities. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live at the hall of justice where today's deliberations are only expected to last for another hour, amy.
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>> reporter: hi jessica, yeah the last juror arrived a little after 9:00. they went to work. we haven't heard from them since. it's going to be a short day for the jury. the judge is going to let them go after three hours of deliberation and enjoy the thanksgiving holiday. they are expected to be done about noon. they must decide in jose garcia intentionally shot kate steinly or if it was an accident. his defense team really focussed on the fact that the bullet ricochetted off the ground saying they think that shows he wasn't aiming, that it was an accident. prosecutors say they think he aimed at her. and the fact that he tossed the gun into the water, they think that showed he was covering his tracks. a defense attorney gave a glimpse into how their client is feeling about the case. >> he had a chance to speak briefly with mr. garcia zarate. he's hopeful. >> reporter: steinly was walking along pier 14 with her father when she was shot and killed.
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her family has been at the trial, but wasn't at closing arguments and it looks like they might not be planning to be here for the the judge said he'd give everyone two hour's notice before the verdict so everyone could get here. they live in the east bay. now he has switched that to 30 minutes. they are expected to deliberate until noon, if at noon they announce they have a verdict, the judge says they will stay until 12:30 to read it. otherwise, everyone comes back on monday. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you. and you can be the first to know when the verdict comes down by downloading the abc 7 news app and enables push alerts. also we'll bring it live here on the air and online. right now two former presentation high school students in san jose are holding a news conference accusing the school of covering up sexual abuse claims. the school says it's
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investigating. katherine lee hain and karen marshall are asking for changes they say will protect students from sexual abuse. she wrote an article last month on her alleged sexual abuse experience back in 1990 at the all-girls catholic school. she says that it sparked former other former or current students to come forward about their sexual abuse by teachers. according to to the media partner the mercury huz, two were put on paid a mrtive leave this month due to new allegations. and afterwards, presentation's principal sent a later about recent allegations. she wrote these cases are being thorough ligated by the appropriate authorities and we will not be able to share the conclusions of these investigations because of privacy law. we want you to know what is occurring to ensure rumors and false information do not make their way through the school community. three people were taken to the hospital after an amtrak capital quarter train hit a car in san leandro. and here from sky 7 you can see
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the damage to the car. police say the driver tried to drive around the crossing arms, a train was coming, and then hit the car. the car then hit two bystanders. but their injuries and injuries to the driver were only described as minor to moderate. there will be a lot of people out driving today. aaa says more than 45 million americans are planning a thanksgiving road trip. and here's a live look at some of the traffic in the bay area, interstate 80 through the east bay on your left, the skyway in san francisco, there in the middle, highway 101 on san jose on the right looking light. if you haven't left yet, when is the best time to do a so and what about that return trip? find out if you pass the test with abc 7 news reporter matt keller. >> reporter: bay area residents it can always be worse. this is traffic in los angeles last night. drivers to escape town for the thanksgiving holiday. here in the bay area, the back-ups can be severe, now add in the holiday travelers and your ride out of town could take
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a lot longer than normal. that's with waez, the largest traffic and navigation app is offering tips for drivers. let's see few if you pass the road test. when is the worst time to drive today? thanksgiving eve. is it 1:00 to 3:00 p.m., 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. or 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. >> i say 3:00 to 5:00. >> don't be a turkey, avoid the roads this afternoon from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. what about the return trip home on sunday? is the worst time to drive 1:00 to 3:00, or 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. >> 1:00 to 3:00. >> that's correct. >> correct. >> reporter: leave early or leave late, just don't get stuffed in your car from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. more advice from waze, you'll see 29% more traffic than normal at retailers this holiday season. and if you're shopping on black friday, maybe at the livermore outlets, keep in mind, traffic peaks from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00
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p.m. and don't forget your trip to the grocery store. waze says navigations to the supermarket are up 49% on thanksgiving eve, the peak time, 3:00 p.m. in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. and from the road to the skies, here's a live look at sfo. the airport says it expects 6.7 million travelers through the holiday season through january 1st. that is a 3.6 increase compared to last year. nationwide, there are no major areas of flight delays so far today which is certainly good news for so many. let's check in with meteorologist mike nico for a look at your travel forecast, hi mike. >> hey jessica, hey everybody. i'll look at whether you're driving or flying. let's go to the live doppler 7, you can see the showers up to the north, about .600th to about in clear lake. look at the 90s in l.a. and palm springs. 64 in tahoe. here's a look tomorrow.
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i-80 there's going to be some scattered light showers, sunshine and 90s again down in southern california. so, i-80 to tahoe and north to portland, a little caution today and tomorrow because you could find wetness. everywhere else traveling around states going to be great. no delays at any of our airports. as jessica mentioned, no major delays anywhere else until you get to about newark and we've got 51 minutes. and that's really not that bad, jessica. we'll take a look at your thanksgiving forecast here in our next chance of rain coming up. we'll take it. now to developing news overseas, three people are still missing after a u.s. navy aircraft crashed into the pacific ocean. elizabeth hur has details. >> reporter: overnight, a desperate search for survivors after a u.s. navy plane will 11 military personnel on board crashed about 500 miles off the coast of the japanese island. >> they have been rescued so for, eight, full search mission is under way. family people in our thoughts -
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and prayers. >> reporter: abc news learning at the time the plane which is used to transport people and supplies was on it's way to the uss ronald reagan. the ship currently took in part in a field streaming exercise between the u.s. and japan. u.s. seventh fleet has been involved in two deadly collisions in just the past six months killing 17 sailors. in august, ten sailors died when the uss mccain collided with an oil tanker. in june, seven sailors were killed when the uss fitzgerald crashed into a container ship off the coast of japan. the navy says it is know investigating what caused this morning's plane crash. and president trump briefed on the incident tweeted the u.s. navy is conducting search and rescue following aircraft crash. we are monitoring the situation, prayers for all involved. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. the santa clara office is expected to give an update today on the capture of an escaped
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inmate. he was arrested last night in stockton. john bichbs here on your screen, still at large. both men escaped earlier this month from the santa clay ra county courthouse. officers tracked down the men yesterday on interstate 5. they were in an suv. they say he was driving and after a short case he was arrested a at walmart, but bivens jumped in and drove off. officers fired at him during the chase, but he was able to get away. we are hearing from another woman accusing senator al franken of inappropriate conduct. what she says he did when they took a photo and the new allegations against the longest server active member of the house of representatives. plus carving turkey for a good cause. the friendly competition between san francisco police officers and firefighters. how to take your kids to a restaurant. >> then there's the whoa, dad. >> a whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. >> see it next "right this minute."
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welcome back, the former team doctor accused of sexual assaulting dozens of women and girls pleaded guilty this morning to seven counts. larry nasser said in a michigan courtroom that he was quote horribly sorry. comparing his abuse to a match turning into a forest fire. 125 victims, including several gold medal winning members of the fierce five olympic team of american gymnasts reported assaults. allegations of sexual harassment and assault continue to rock capitol hill. this morning, michigan congressman john conyers is
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facing pressure to resign amid new accusationings. abc news reporter e la in a zach has more from washington. >> reporter: ethics investigation is under way into sexual harassment allegations against john conyers, the longest serving member of civil rights icon. >> the assistant attorney general. >> reporter: he reached a $20,000 settlement who reaccused her of accusing him for favors. the tax payer-funding congressional budget. conyers expressly and vehemently denied the allegations. a second employee, long-time scheduler alleged in a lawsuit obtained by abc news that conyers sexually harassed her with lingering touches, repeatedly rubbing her shoulders and blowing kissings at her. that case was dropped after a judge rejected the employees request to seal the case. meanwhile al franken remains on the defensive after lindsey mens felt violated taking this photo. >> i stand next to franken and
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he pulls me and moves his hand to my butt. >> reporter: i feel badly she came away feeling disrespected. the radio news leeann tweeden says he forcibly kissed her in 2006. and president trump who's denying more than a dozen allegations of sexual impropriety himself spoke for the first time about roy moore. encouraging alabama voters to support moore despite the allegations against him of sexual misconduct with teenaged girls. >> we don't need a liberal person in there, a democrat. jones, i've looked at his record, it's terrible on crime. >> he's an accused child molester better than -- >> he denies it. >> moore is already using the president's words against his democratic opponent doug jones. meanwhile the jones campaign is using first daughter ivanka's support of the female accusers against roy moore. reporting from washington, lana zach, abc news. in today's morning money
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report, j. crew plans to close 6% of the stores because of recent losses. we don't know yet if any of those planned closures are here in the bay area. j. crew lost $161 million in the first nine months of the year. the coo says it's going to change from a traditional brick and mortar specialty retailer to a digital first business. if you're heading out for black friday deals this week, you may want to add a new car to your shopping list. car sales are down this year so you could save thousands. the experts at ed mondays say you should research the best deals and discounts and try to have financing locked in before you go to the dealer, consumer report says the best black friday deals include $6,000 off an nissan, 5600 off a kia opt ma and 75 off over a hyundai. new at 11:00 a.m., san francisco police officers and fire personnel faced off this morning in the annual salvation army carve-off. abc 7 news was at the harbor
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light center as knives were sharpened. the turkey carved today will go to fresh hot meals for tomorrow's thanksgiving dinner. >> you know, during thanksgiving and christmas, it brings out the best in us. reminding us to love each other and to work to help our neighbor. and the salvation army's endeavoring to do that with the help of community as we feed people at thanksgiving and provide a merry christmas to thousands of people. >> some celebrity carvers including ed lee and fire chief cut up a over 1600 pounds of turkey in less than an hour. while no official winner has been declared, fire personnel appeared to have the edge. we'll have to wait for the official word. if your thanksgiving plans include hitding the slopes, you're in luck. kirkwood is opening today and the conditions you can expect, plus meteorologist mike nico will have today's accuweather forecast, stay with us.
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now your accuweather forecast with mike nico. >> hey, good morning, if you were with us earlier, the dense fog of potent and dangerous. and look at this, it's still covering the water. in lake tahoe. ski resorts fine, get down to the lake leflg, look at that, a nice deck of clouds covering the water. all right, let's look at what's going on here. nice deck of haze. partly cloudy, near record warmth for the second day in a row. better chance for all of us saturday, sunday, monday. if you're heading out right now, in the 70s. antioch, 71, the rest of us in the mid to upper 60s until you get to places like san mateo 61 scene up across the north bay, still in the mid to upper 50s. let's look at highs today. we have a possible record high
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in san jose at 76, and hayward at 73. we'll be close in some other areas. temperatures ranging from 70 to 714. look that the, santa cruz and morgan hill. you can see the haze, but it's not spare the air day. 12-hour day planner, 12-hour day planner. look at these temperatures at noon, up erp 60s, few low 70s. a great evening to be out and about. mild temperatures, upper 50s, low 60s at 9:00 and still mid to upper 50s at midnight with fog starting to form just like we had this morning. look at santa cruz, isn't that gorgeous? there's no one there right now to enjoy it. get there if you can. out and about, comfy temperatures today. if you're doing yard work, getting the yard ready for the in-laws, it's going to be dry all day. exercising, you know, so you can wobble until you wobble tomorrow. make you dress for the warmth out there. temperatures tonight, 49, vallejo, 40. the rest of us 50 to 55 degrees. here's a look at some of the fog. it is now quickly tapering across the north bay.
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you can see visibilities actually out of danger level until you get to about moe december toe. rain train is up across the pacific northwest. tail end is clipping us and will clip us tomorrow morning. at about 4:00 to 7:00, mendocino county and then they'll try to slip down into the northern parts of snow in a cant by 10:00, then by noon, it's out of here. high clouds and sunshine the rest of the day. in fact, look at the measurable precipitation, just about nothing outside of clear lake. here's my accuweather seven day forecast. i think the extra cloud cover will take away our chance of record highs tomorrow. still very mild out there, same thing for friday if you're shopping until you drop. and then you can see saturday we're going to have a chance of showers, well one on our storm impact scale. better chance sunday and look at those -- call them chilly because they are compared to the record highs. mid-60s sunday, monday, tuesday, that's where we should be. there may be a lingering shower monday morning for the commute. >> yeah, it's been nice and warm
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and totally different than last week. >> yeah, exactly. little bit of a seesaw so far. >> that's okay. we like it. mike, thank you. >> enjoy the ride. if you want cold, look at this, kevin koop we are kirkwood shared this video last week. there is a lot more snow now. kirkwood says recent storms and cold temperatures helped their snow-making system get fired up. tonight you'll learn some things that you might not know about some classic holiday movies. a new 20/20 special takes you behind the scenes. peter billingsly the actor who played ralphy is all grown up and interviewing actors from some of the most iconic christmas movies. and that includes tim allen from the santa claus films. he told abc 7 mornings anchor that he found out not all was jolly on the sets. >> i did learn that tim allen apparently does not like children. at all. and had to work with about 1,000
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of them on the film to his own admission. these poor little kids were fans and looking up tim and apparently he was this sort of grinchy in that movie as he is in the first act of that movie in real life. >> yeah, you can see the surprise on reggie's face. surprised me too. and see many more surprises, lights, camera, christmas inside holiday movie classic airs tonight at 10:00 p.m. followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. perfect pet comes early this holiday week. up next, we'll
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no midday show friday, so it's time for perfect pet today. we have a dog named chemo. he's a ten-year-old, he's pretty mellow. he likes meeting new people but has a tendency to be a little overbearing when meeting new dogs. wants to establish his territory. so keep that in mind when you're out and about. as long as you have room for him, chemo has room for you in his heart. for more information on chemo, call the number on your screen. >> thanks mike, sure is cute. >> adorable. speaking of adorable puppies, look at this, nitro the k-9 officer doing push-ups before his shift. the police department in alabama posted this video on it's facebook page captioning it saying, the k-9 nitro and officers just getting ready to
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get those bad guys. got to do the warm-up. >> looks good. >> that's what we do before the show. >> you do more. from all of us here at abc 7 news, thanks for joining us. have a happy thanksgiving, everyone. have a great day.
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