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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 23, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PST

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a.m. he's well into this. >> i thought you meant putting the turkey in in the old days like your mother did at 5:00 a.m. good morning. we are off to a very mild start. it's pretty muggy out there. in fact, temperatures 60 degrees live doppler 7, you'll notice all the cloud cover. a few showers up to coverdale and ukiah. three-quarters of a mile petaluma, a quarter of a mile in fair field and five miles out to livermore. look at these numbers, 50 novato. 56 in san mateo. we're looking at 50 up in santa rosa even with all that cloud cover. looking at numbers to climb quickly to above normal readings again, upper 60s to near 70 around the bay. 60s at the coast. partial sunshine in the south bay and we'll talk about rain moving back into the forecast before the weekend is out in just a few minutes. >> thank you, lisa. as far as traffic goes, holiday light. look at all the green on your screen. so if you have anywhere to go this morning, you chose a good
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time to get there because no one else is on the roads. i do want to remind you if you plan to take public transportation, b.a.r.t. is running on a sunday schedule and plaque friday a modified schedule. today and friday ace has no trains running. a quick look at the bay bridge toll plaza. as you can see there are 15 people traveling. we do have some serious news developing out of the east bay. chp investigating a deadly crash that left at least one woman dead in unincorporated alameda county around 11:45 on stanley boulevard near highway 84 near livermore. a total of five people were inside that car when the driver lost control. >> there was a vehicle that was traveling we believe at a high rate of speed. and lost control for unknown reasons. left the roadway, overturned, and one party was fully ejected that we know of now. another party was partially ejected. that party that was partially ejected has been pronounced
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deceased. >> officers did find alcohol inside the car. they say that could be the possible cause of the crash. a second woman is in critical condition. injuries of the other three passengers are unknown. developing news in san jose, a fire burned through a building with a medical marijuana dispensary and medical offices near the airport. it started just before 9:00 last night outside the building and then spread inside. no one was hurt. arson investigators are looking into whether it started in a small homeless encampment nearby. so many of us go to a starbucks and open our laptops and get to work. well, now a cautionary tale. >> and some advice after several east bay cities are seeing a spike in these kinds of thefts. abc 7 has that. all i saw was a hand and then my laptop was swiped away. >> reporter: alameda south shore center starbucks was the last place sarah muller expected to lose her laptop. >> honestly, i was just shocked, i was speechless. >> reporter: tuesday evening a pair of thieves targeted her and
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an elderly woman. customer benjamin ran outside. >> the guy was gone already. and then i saw the older lady that the purse got stolen from her. >> reporter: there are cameras all over the shopping center including two perched above starbucks. but neither the coffee shop nor alameda police have said whether or not the laptop thieves were caught on camera. >> i don't know what the guy was thinking. and i hope -- i hope they're going to catch him. >> reporter: muller filed a report with police. she's learned of other thefts and want people to be cautious. >> i will be more smart about where i was sit because i was sitting right by the door. >> reporter: novato police release add few tips for people. park and walk in well-lit areas, do not leave purchases in sight in vehicle, keep minimal cash on hand. use debit or credit cards that can be frozen if stolen. abc 7 news.
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california is going to get more money to help absorb the costs of the north bay wildfires and that is thanks to the president. yesterday president trump amended his original proclamation from october. now that document assigned federal funds to california to pay for 75% of the total eligible costs. now mr. trump has boosted the amount to 100% and the state can use it. damage estimates for the sonoma fires are over $3 billion. let's turn to the thanksgiving holiday and a push to help those less fortunate in our communities. >> volunteers are getting ready to deliver thousands of meals to people who won't be able to get out of their homes. jessica castro is live at the salvation army in san francisco. good morning, jess. >> reporter: good morning, natasha and reggie. happy thanksgiving to you and everyone watching at home. i got the lucky assignment today. look at this, look at what's right in front of me, scones and pastries. the kitchen well under way here at the salvation army. i want to show you around. they have been preparing food
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all morning long, got here nice and early. lots of salad, lots of turkey, lots of stuffing. and they are getting ready to pack their thanksgiving meal delivery program. they've already made more than 1,600 pounds of turkey. they're going to make more than 4,000 meals. they have 35 gallons of gravy today, and there are so many people here already in the kitchen working hard. you see people getting things packed up and ready to go. i lost the chef. i don't know where he is. i was just talking to him. there he is. he's grabbing some boxes, coming in. and i know that they are starting to have some volunteers line up outside. they'll be boxing everything and getting things ready to go around 6:30. right now, though, is the hard work inside the kitchen. chef anthony here with the golden state warriors hat. i'm going to squeeze right by you. and, chef, tell me what is the secret to a great thanksgiving meal? >> you can't take any shortcuts. you have to start with the
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homemade stock, so bones, turkey bones, chicken bones, the base, the foundation of any great meal. so we start with a lot of bones, make the gravy, add to the stuffing and, yeah, you can taste the difference. >> reporter: all right. you heard it there. and surround yourself with lots of family and friends and a lot of warm hearts. that's what's happening here at the salvation army. volunteers are coming in around 6:30. i'll check in with you then. reporting live from san francisco, i'm jessica castro. >> that is awesome. there is one person not thankful, jessica, and that's the woman who ran into that freezer so fast away from our camera. >> somehow she wasn't expecting to be live on television at 6:06 in the morning. >> she was not here today. >> apologies to her. >> reporter: we're having a good time. >> it looks like it, thanks. right now volunteers are also preparing thanksgiving meals at glide memorial church in san francisco. >> yesterday abc 7 news was live where they served about 2,000 free pre-thanksgiving meals. mayor ed lee, police chief
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william scott and joanne hayes white donned chef coats and helped serve lunch. glide will dish out another 2,000 turkey dinners with all the fixings from 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. a special celebration will be held at the sanctuary led by cecil williams. >> nobody should go hungry on thanksgiving day. nobody. if so, we still have a big job to do. >> this morning a thanksgiving breakfast will be served from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. if you're able to give where you live this thanksgiving text the word feed to 80077. your $10 donation will benefit local bay area food banks. happening right now new york city police say there's no specific threat against the annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> security is tighter than usual in light of the truck attack that killed eight people in manhattan. sharpshooters will be on top of buildings and sanitation trucks will be filled with sand to block off streets. this is the 91st annual parade. it is just getting under way in midtown. a dozen marching bands,
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performers from broadway hits including evan hanson, our favorite. and several signature giant balloons are in the parade. this year's new balloon, olaf. a new version of the grinch. what is that thing? >> that's the intense prehistoric squirrel from "ice age" that's always after the acorn. >> oh, okay. >> you know what i'm talking about? >> i don't know her. >> he is in it. >> got it. forget about thanksgiving dinner. some bay area residents are ready for black friday. next, where the lines are already forming. looking live outside at the mt. tam camera this morning you can see our beautiful bay area skyline glittering away there in the distance. thanks for
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good morning to you, lisa argen in for mike nicco. live doppler 7. in the bay, sprinkles. most of you won't see it. it is mild out there. 59 in the city as well as fremont, and that is anywhere from five degrees warmer than we were yesterday. so it feels muggy. we are looking at visibility problems around petaluma, three-quarters of a mile.
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your thanksgiving forecast today calls for very mild temperatures, more sunshine in the south bay. we're looking at upper 60s by noontime. partly cloudy skies. mild to warm, low to mid-70s around the bay, and we're looking at temperatures pretty mild throughout the evening hours as well. so we're bringing our storm impact scale looking at a chance of rain come saturday and sunday. i'll time it out for you when we see you next. natasha? >> that was a cool thanksgiving graphic. thanks, lisa. the good news about this morning the commute through the altamont pass is normally where you would see the big backup. we're at top speeds right now. reading 67 miles per hour. very nice. we're taking a live look as well at walnut creek 680. north and southbound lanes looking very light. all right. black friday lines already forming before the thanksgiving meal is even served. >> at the best buy store in union city you can see bargain hunter spots reserved at the front of the line yesterday. looks like at least one person is going to go ahead and sleep
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there. best buy opens for black friday today at 5:00 p.m. >> is that person okay? does someone need to check in? >> for a list of stores open, go to on our abc 7 news app. instead of black friday shopping, how about some skiing. the lake tahoe area resorts now open for the winter season. >> it is a castle made for a king and all made of sugar. the outer layer of your enamel tooth surface. white, the thing that's really important to dtists is to make sure that that enamel stays strong and resilient for a lifetime the more that we can strengthen and re-harden that tooth surface, the whiter their patients' teeth are going to be. dentists are going to really want to recommend pronamel strong and bright. it helps to strengthen and re-harden the enamel. it also has ain lifting action.
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it is 6:15. a form eer gymnastics >> the details in today's "gma first look." >> reporter: in this morning's "gma first look" team doctor larry nassar appearing in a michigan courtroom on wednesday pleading guilty to seven counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct involving young girls that he was treating for athletic injuries. the former doctor who is now facing a minimum prison sentence of 25 years behind bars whispering his plea in court. >> how do you plead? >> guilty. >> reporter: nassar admitting his actions had no medical purpose lost his medical license back in may. >> i think this is important that what i've done today to help move a community forward and away from the hurting and let the healing start. >> reporter: some of his accusers facing him in court crying in the gallery.
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speaking out after the hearing. >> today i am grateful for the army of women that have stopped a pedophile. >> reporter: and coming up at 7:00 a.m. more from the victims. with your "gma first look," abc news, new york. california attorney general says the trump administration's plan to raise entrance fees at national parks is a, quote, cruel deception. 16 state attorney generals expressed strong opposition to a proposal that would more than double entry fees from around $30 to $70. the krincreases would include yosemite. raising fees will make the parks less accessible to many americans. the park service says the increase is needed to address serious maintenance back logs. add kirkwood to the list of ski areas open for the season. the first skiers heading down the slopes yesterday. that is gorgeous.
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350 acres of terrain. that's the fifth following boreal, squall, alpine and heavenly. >> that is beautiful. makes you want to get out there. i know, reggie, are a little nervous about the skiing. >> i'm not what you call a skier. >> there's a lot of height here so it's further to fall. >> true. are you a skier? >> once upon a time. >> did you fall a lot or is that just me? >> i was younger so i was too cool. what about you, natasha? >> stick at the lodge and drink hot cocoa. i can do that all day. a high of 60 today in the sierra nevada. wow, is that mild. right now 45 in truckee. 42 in south lake with 46 in kirkwood and we are looking at a mild start in yosemite at 51 degrees. back home we do have a weather system, a weak one coming in spreading showers around clover dale. it's mostly cloudy, pretty muggy. as we put this into motion most of the activity headed to the north and it is going to fizzle out as it continues to sink south. so a cloudy day for the for the
6:19 am
bay, a chance of a sprinkle, more sunshine south and this is san rafael. a little bit of sun here. good morning to you. 53 in gilroy. as we look live from our east bay hills camera, wow, isn't this gorgeous. very nice looking picture with 48 in fair field. 54 in concord. good morning, santa rosa. 50 for you. so we will be mild today. in fact, it's even muggy out there. looking at a few sprinkles possible in the north bay. dry for black friday shoppers. and looking at rain coming back into the picture late saturday into sunday. so this is your forecast animation for today. that's the line of rain that really just peters out as we get into the rest of the afternoon. and then you see holes in the overcast meaning we'll get some sunshine into your friday. this is a two-daytime lapse here. you notice we still have the cloud cover around. so bring in our storm impact scale saturday night into sunday. it's a one and that means that we'll see some light rain. in fact, by midnight on sunday, look what happens. this continues to push on
6:20 am
through and we're looking at some scattered showers throughout saturday into sunday. so if you have weekend plans, they may include a few light rain drops. amounts anywhere from about a quarter of an inch in richmond to a third of an inch up in santa rosa. highs today 69 in oakland, 73 in san jose. it's going to be a mild one. the accuweather seven-day forecast looking at clouds and sun today. dry tomorrow. mild numbers on saturday with some light rain at night. it continues to be wet and breezy on sunday. and behind that system we're cool, and we could get a little snow in the sierra come sunday night into monday with this latest weather system. back to you guys. >> it's kind of crazy that it's thanksgiving day and it's almost 70 degrees in san francisco. getting used to that. here is a look at your traffic this morning. green, green, green basically almost everywhere and we're looking at the south bay right now. as you can see all the major freeways, you are clear to go wherever you like. and here is a live look at the golden gate bridge.
6:21 am
just have to wait for one car to come through. there it goes. good morning, beatrice. have a great thanksgiving. >> very light. all right. every year it gets bigger. somehow they manage to keep hungry children from reaching out and breaking off a piece. >> our producer tweeted a photo of this yesterday. >> amazing. >> here is a close-up look of this castle in the lobby of the st. francis and all that have is made out of sugar. this year's castle is 12 feet tall and made with over 1,000 pounds of sugar and gingerbread. this is a tradition at the hotel on union square. they have two on display. the smaller one is covered in sugary snow. >> it's really pretty and it looks like a real winter wonder land. >> have you been to a winter wonder land before? >> no. it looks like a real castle. >> have you been to a lot of
6:22 am
real cast snls. >> yes. >> where? >> romania. >> he just assumed she was going to be like in anaheim. >> she's like in romania. >> no, where have you been and show me the receipts. the castle will be on display until january 2nd. >> usually they give out hot chocolate so you don't break off a piece. >> that's smart. if you preorder add tesla model three you could be closer to getting your car. the milestone the company has reached. and a reason to be thankful. the homeless man who gave up his last few bucks to help a woman in need. how she is paying it forward how she is paying it forward this morning. ♪ think of your fellow man, ♪ lend him a helping hand, ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪
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we're back at 6:25. 2,800 pounds of turkey and 4,000 pumpkin pies ready for those without a place to call home this thanksgiving. >> san francisco police chief william scott, fire chief joanne hayes white, and volunteers carved up the birds. st. anthony's is prepared to serve 3,000 people today. mayor lee announced two navigation centers. the goal is to get 1,000 more people off the streets. >> we can organize these, get them off the street, get in
6:26 am
places they will be covered and start connecting to the housing. >> the mayor, fire, and police chief helped serve meals yesterday to make sure no one goes hungry. >> a homeless man's selfless act. a woman ran out of gas. it was late and she was scared. a homeless man janamed johnny td her to stay in her car, lock her doors, and the next thing she knows he is walking up to her because he just spent his last $20 to fill a gas can. she was so touched with that gesture that she started a go fund me page to get johnny an apartment. she has raised more than $161,000. it's up about $50,000 since just last night. >> you got me, reggie. it's a great story especially today. the power of kindness. next at 6:30 we'll check in with jessica castro.
6:27 am
the massive undertaking right now to make sure some of the most vulnerable in our community have a hot meal on thanksgiving. comfort food for victims from the north bay wildfires. the victims of a restaurant opened their doors and their hearts to host a special thanksgiving meal. you probably have the heat off, the windows open, and you will throughout the afternoon. lots of clouds, mild temperatures, the dew points are high and take a look at this. not only the clouds, a few sprinkles in the north bay. will you see any for your
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well it's a perfect nespresso hold on a second.orge. mmm. ♪ [mel torme sings "comin' home baby"] hey there. want a lift? ♪ where are we going? no don't tell me. let me guess. ♪ have a nice ride. ♪ how far would you go for coffee that's a cup above? i brought you nespresso. nespresso. what else?
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it's 6:30 and good morning to you on this thanksgiving. it is going to be a warm thanksgiving, right? >> absolutely. we have lisa argen in for us today. mike nicco enjoying some time. i know barbara was up this time yesterday already. >> shopping. >> holiday shopping. >> they're ready to go, i think. >> whatever it is. >> nice weather, mild weather. >> we do. a little too warm for thanksgiving. temperatures well above average. as we look at the radar you'll notice live doppler 7 picking up returns in the north bay. we do have fog from livermore, napa and santa rosa. you can see the green here, very light precip from clover dale. this is going to watch out. most of you will be cloudy. the clouds thing out in the south bay later on. 58 in fremont and back by popular demand my thanksgiving
6:31 am
graphic. you'll notice temperatures are going to be mild, upper 60s to mid-60s around the bay, even 60s at the coast. and by the afternoon we're in the upper 60s shoreline to the low to mid-70s inland. we have more hazy sunshine on the way for your friday, but then things get interesting. so i'll have a full look at my accuweather forecast and time out the possibility of rain, weekend rain, coming up. all right, lisa, thank you. and, yes, it is a holiday light commute this morning. it's lovely to see so much green on our maps. it is an adjusted holiday commute today so b.a.r.t. running on a sunday schedule. trains don't start running until 8:00 a.m. b.a.r.t. has a modified schedule and today and friday ace has no trains running at all. taking a live look right now at san rafael, my hometown, 101 and you can see traffic is light this morning. this morning claims of sexual harassment against members of congress keep piling up. >> more women coming forward now and another sitting congressman is facing accusations that he sent inappropriate photos.
6:32 am
abc's stephanie ramos is live in washington, d.c., for us. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: good morning, reggie and natasha. there are apologies on capitol hill tied to sexual harassment claims. as you said, more women, more accusers coming forward. new sexual harassment claims are consuming capitol hill. the latest lawmaker to be accused of inappropriate behavior is republican congressman joe barton of texas, an unidentified woman tells "the washington post" barton threatened to report her to capital police if she exposed their relationship including private photos and intimate messages. barton has apologized for the graphic photo of himself that's been circulating on social media and confirms he took it and sent it. but in a statement barton says he sent the image to other adult women he was pursuing a relationship while separated from his wife. he acknowledges he had a consensual relationship adding that this woman threatened to make his private photos public
6:33 am
in retaliation. there are accusations against democrat john conyers, the longest serving member of the house and a civil rights leader. buzz feed reports two different women accuse him of sexual misconduct. conyers denies the charges but did reach a settlement of more than $27,000 with a former employee who said he repeatedly asked for sexual favors. conyers says if people are forced to resign over allegation as lot of people would be out of work in this country including the president. in an attempt to discredit the claims conyers' lawyer says too much time has passed. that's a similar stance alabama republican senate candidate roy moore and president trump have taken to discredit their accusers. just a few weeks ago president trump called to the allegations against moore troubling but now says that seat should not go to a democrat standing by moore's denials. >> reporter: and the accusations don't stop there. two more women have told "the
6:34 am
huffington post" they were sexually violated by senator al franken at political events a decade ago. that brings the allegations against franken to four. reporting live from washington, stephanie ramos, abc 7 news. all right, stephanie, thank you. u.s. attorney general jeff sessions has ordered background checks on gun buyers saying the recent church shooting in texas was part of the motivation for the review. after the november 5th shooting the gunman was able to purchase a military style rifle because a conviction was not added to the national background check database. new this morning firefighters in vallejo are trying to find out what caused a two-alarm house fire. flames broke out just before 8:00 inside a two-story home. firefighters say they had to call a second alarm after a flashover, a quick burst of flames and heat that can cause everything in a room to catch fire. fortunately no one was hurt.
6:35 am
>> no injuries were reported. no one was on scene to give information. the attack did prevent the exposures to the left and right of the building from catching on fire. >> officials say the fire caused about $175,000 in damage to that home. the jury in the kate steinle murder trial will begin deliberations on monday. if jose ines garcia zarate is found guilty he will serve time in a u.s. state prison. likely an issue of removal once he has served that time. if he's found guilty, i.c.e. agents will not need an order of removal. they have a right to detain him on the spot. the steinle family says they will not be in the court for the verdict. the family will not politicize steinle's death. be the first to know when the verdict comes down by downloading the abc 7 news app and enable push alerts. it is easy to find. type in the words abc 7 news as one word. >> you can help reduce the risk
6:36 am
of air pollution by not burning wood inside your home or outdoors. that request comes from the bay area air quality management district. this is not a spare the air warning. experts say stagnant weather is keeping pollutants close to the ground. wood smoke is the biggest source of pollution in the bay area. this thanksgiving will extra special for some of the most vulnerable residents. >> volunteers are already up at the salvation army in san francisco preparing thousands of meals that will be delivered to those in need. jessica castro has all the details. good morning, jessica. >> reporter: good morning, natasha and reggie, and happy thanksgiving. take a look at this. these are the meals thousands of people will get today. turkey with gravy, what a difference only half an hour makes. look at this room. all the volunteers are finally here today and they are getting these meals ready to go today and be delivered out to thousands of people. this is what the meal will look
6:37 am
like. before it gets packaged all of the hard work goes in with all of the volunteers and brooks here, you have one of the best jobs, pour the gravy on top. >> i do. it's very nice. >> reporter: you volunteer every year for thanksgiving. why do you do that? >> it feels good. it feels nice and this time of year you see how needy people are. it becomes apparent when everyone has so much. it feels good. it just feels good. >> reporter: happy thanksgiving to you, brooks, and to everyone at home. we're going to be here at the salvation army for the morning watching the progress as they box up. they're going to provide more than 4,000 meals today. they've made more than 1,200 pounds of turkey. it's quite a process. it's fun to be here and, frankly, guys, i'm trying to stay out of the way and not eat any of the food, reggie and natasha, back to you. >> i think i need some stuffing. that's all i can think about right now. it sounds so good.%
6:38 am
>> you've been talking about stuffing for days, to be fair. >> jessica, thank you. looks like they are doing some really good work this morning. hundreds of survivors of last month's north bay fires will have a place to eat this thanksgiving. >> franchetti's restaurant has been busy preparing free meals for them as lilliian kim tells the owners say it will be a place fire victims can find comfort and be together. >> reporter: workers at franchetti's are putting the restaurant's italian menu aside and preparing holiday favorites. 1,600 pounds of turkey, to be exact, with all the beloved side dishes. >> i can feel like we can help those people and we will be throwing a great party tomorrow . >> reporter: they planned for 600 meals all for fire victims and first responders. they received donations to help cover much of the cost, and when it was time to take reservations they didn't realize how emotional it would be. people shared their struggles. >> we ended up just crying. i can't wait to meet here. i don't know her. we're going to make sure we get to see each other.
6:39 am
she's coming in at 1:30. >> reporter: franchetti's is only two blocks from coffey park, one of the neighborhoods destroyed by the fire. while the restaurant withstood the devastation there was concern whether it would stay in business. >> so many people are getting moved out of the neighborhood, and you just think, oh, my god, you're going to be out of business tomorrow. we opened the doors and the restaurant was full. it was packed. >> reporter: why is why the franchettis say they have so much to be thankful for this thanksgiving and expressing their thanks is something they felt was important to do. >> there's been a lot nice going around in the community and what's one more. >> reporter: in santa rosa, lilian kim, abc 7 news. >> if you are able to give where you live this thanksgiving text the word feed to 80077. your $10 donation will benefit local bay area food banks. good morning to you. happy thanksgiving. the sun coming up at 6:57. we do have a lot of cloud cover
6:40 am
around the bay. it's very mild out there. live doppler 7 showing the sprinkles you're seeing in the north bay should pretty much stay in the north bay as the trajectory of the system you can see pushing most of the rain to the north. a live look outside. this is walnut creek where you see a little bit of cloud cover there. 59 in san francisco. it's 56 in mountain view. 52 in gilroy. another look from our sutra tower camera where it is mild in the city, near 60 there. 50 in santa rosa. good morning livermore, 53 for you. here is the time line for the rain. 7:00 this morning you notice it just sort of fizzles out. and we'll look for cloudy skies in the north bay. more sunshine elsewhere. sprinkles north. dry for black friday shoppers tomorrow, but the rain will be back late saturday into sunday. highs ranging from the upper 60s at the shoreline. low to mid-70s where you get more sunshine. so i'll have a look at the rain coming in saturday into sunday. timing it out for you and
6:41 am
looking at the next seven days coming up. reggie, natasha? >> it's like summer in november. okay, thank you, lisa. here is a look at your traffic this morning and if you have somewhere to be you're in luck. you're going to get there and will get there before you know it. our drive times now santa rosa to petaluma 14 minutes. the other drive times on your screen real low. and a live look at emeryville, berkeley, both flowing very nicely this morning. this thanksgiving there was a warning about a scam targeting older people in san francisco. the tip that could keep from you becoming a victim. >> ready, set, shop. the holiday shopping frenzy starts today. the big sales major stores are already rolling out this morning. a live look outside right now at 6:41 in the morning on this thanksgiving. just a few people crossing the golden gate bridge this morning golden gate bridge this morning and still looking gorgeous
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ask your doctor about eucrisa.
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it's 6:44 now. new details on tesla's model 3 fleet. according to the business and technology website some of those who have received that invitation could get their car before the end of the year. the palo alto-based company announced it had some production difficulties and that deliveries to regular reservation holders would be delayed. san francisco police warning people about a scam. officers tell abc 7 news people are receiving robo calls claiming to be from the chinese
6:45 am
embassy. an automated voice tells victims a package is waiting for them to pick up and asks them to enter a credit card number. police urge you to hang up if you get a call like this and call them if you feel an older resident or friend is being targeted. santa cruz county sheriff's deputies hope that a video deters criminals from stealing packages left outside people's homes. it's a five finger discount and explains how they're being delivered to homes and they come with a holiday surprise, gps tracking devices to help deputies find these grinches. >> i hope that it does. this is an ongoing problem. major retailers rolling out their big sales today. >> the biggest spike is expected to come tomorrow, black friday. the national retail federation put together this chart showing when people plan to shop over the next five days. the secret to the best deal may
6:46 am
depend on when and where you shop. so here's abc news reporter rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: retailers across the country readying for the deal hunting deluge. it all begins thanksgiving thursday, best buy kicking things off in stores at 5:00 p.m., target and walmart at 6:00 p.m. both offering in-store customers up to $300 in gift cards with purchase of the iphone 8 and 8 plus. face the crowds at best buy and you can get this 50-inch 4k smart tv for $180, a $320 savings. and at toys 'r' us, in-store exclusives like these lego sets, and this three-story barbie townhouse. just after midnight, at target the xbox one on sale for $190 plus a $25 gift card with purchase. at walmart this ipad, $249, $80
6:47 am
in savings. expect to find the best deals on electronics like computers, tablets, phones and tvs. you should know the deals tend to get better the closer we get to christmas. make sure you get a receipt so you can return it if you find something better. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> good advice. target making sure there are no problems with their black friday deals. they posted this video overnight showing their tech team gearing up for the big day. door buster sales start at midnight on target's website. and for a list of all the stores opening early for black friday, to or our app. holiday shoppers will be out in full force and so will the thieves. >> police say car burglaries spike this time of year. malls will have extra security patrol on bikes. police posted shopping safety tips and their biggest tip, don't invite crooks to break in.
6:48 am
>> keeping valuables in your cars, keep things in sight. keep stuff in the trunk. >> it's really opening yourself up that's unpleasant and will put a damper on your holidays. >> police say shoppers should be aware of their surroundings. never buy more than you can carry to your car. abc 7 news was in oakland's claremont district yesterday. those chasing breads and pies and the sweet stuff well before the doors opened. >> makes the holiday really special. so it's worth it to come in the morning and stand in line. >> look at all the boxes. >> it seems like a really homemade pie. it's really good.
6:49 am
>> look at the people from the east bay to stand in line for what they say is their tradition on thanksgiving. >> the first family spending thanksgiving in florida. first lady melania trump showed these photos. christmas decorations going up. more people interested in the white house heating system. mrs. trump was wearing two different coats making people wonder what's up with the heaters. >> i'm guessing it was a fashion choice. >> and it looked great. >> because she was also wearing sleeveless dresses. i have a feeling the heating is just fine. >> no heat necessary today, though, right, lisa? >> that's right. i like the overanalyzing. good morning. here is live doppler 7 where we have a mild start to the day. the sun coming up in less than ten minutes. plenty of cloud cover. as we put this in motion you'll notice the sprinkles around santa rosa and points north so you could see a few in the north bay. santa cruz 56 degrees right now.
6:50 am
the rest of us cloudy. it's 55 in oakland. 52 in gilroy. the red from the sun coming up, 51 santa rosa. in san jose look how mild it will be. we have a mix of clouds and sun but upper 60s by noontime. low 70s 2:00. still in the 70s at 4:00. we're going to bring in our storm impact scale for late saturday into sunday for everyone, a tenth to half an inch of rain. breezy at times. saturday will be dry. this starts out with 0.01. 10:00 sunday morning, the rest of the day on sunday scattered showers, breezy winds. a third of an inch in richmond with three-quarters of an inch in santa rosa. overnight lows tonight. if you're getting a jump on the shopping for early tomorrow, these will be your lows about
6:51 am
6:00 friday morning. 54 degrees in san francisco. 56 in san jose. 52 vallejo. the accuweather seven-day forecast featuring more sun. mild, low to mid-70s. upper 60s at the coast. maybe a sprinkle in the north bay. black friday partly cloudy skies. a chance of showers at night on saturday, on and off showers throughout the day on sunday. we're looking at temperatures more in line where they should be for the end of november with sunshine. natasha? >> lisa, just a reminder about the holiday commute, b.a.r.t. is running on a sunday schedule. trains don't start running until 8:00 a.m. a modified schedule. today and friday ace has no trains at all. a live look at the toll plaza, you can see just one car making their way out of town. traffic is light. warriors star steph curry missing something before last
6:52 am
night's game? where is your fanny pack? he lost a teammate and agreed to wear a fanny pack to three games after the college team beat curry's college team. there you go. let's talk about barbra streisand. her fans have something to celebrate. netflix release add new concert film. >> i can't get over this. this is the actual title of it. it's called barbra, the music, the memories. the magic. >> exclamation mark. >> the film features performances from a 2016 concert in miami. there are highlights from the making of her album encore. it looks back at her career. there's an appearance by actor/singer jamie fox.
6:53 am
>> why? what? >> i don't know why he's in it. he's a performer. ♪ memories >> we're back with the seven things you need to know before you go. our instagram picture of the day. follow us at abc 7 news bay area and see more great images like this one. this one. share your photos and video
6:54 am
♪ think of your fellow man, ♪ lend him a helping hand, ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ you'll see it's getting late, oh please don't hesitate...♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart. (vo) going on now, our subaru share the love event will have donated over one hundred fifteen million dollars to those in need. it's 6:54 now. here are the seven things you need to know before you go. number one, sad news, chp
6:55 am
investigating this deadly crash that left at least one woman dead near livermore. three others are hurt. officers found alcohol inside of the car. >> firefighters are looking into what caused the two-alarm fire at a home in vallejo. the building was vacant but has been known to house squatters in the past. no one hurt. flan chranchettifranchetti't preparing to serve 600 meals. number four, salvation army volunteers assembling 4,000 thanksgiving meals. this is a live look at that work being done right now. they're delivering it to people who cannot leave their homes because of age or illness. number five, it is mild with some scattered sprinkles in the north bay. the rest of you will see the clouds thin out throughout the day today and thanksgiving will feature more sunshine in the south bay. numbers in the low to mid-70s for most. upper 60s at the coast. and number six, a live look at the bay bridge this morning and, yes, pretty colors in the
6:56 am
sky but very few cars on the roadway right now. we would normally see the metering lights on at this time. they are not. we timed it out 10 to 12 minutes across the span. >> unheard of. black friday lines have started to form. this is the best buy in union city. we saw a lot of chairs. but only one actual person. and he looks like he's -- >> or she. dedication. >> who knows. >> dedication out there. >> i hope that product is worth it. >> it's still happening. it's amazing. >> happy thanksgiving to you. thanks for watching. when conditions change where you live -- >> we're expecting heavy rain in the bay area tomorrow. >> this is going to be a strong, slow-moving soaker. >> abc 7 alerts you first. >> officials are taking the flash flood warning up here very seriously. when you need to know what's heading your way. >> right to our storm. it's a level three on our storm impact scale. >> live doppler 7 is wherever you are. >> live doppler 7 along with
6:57 am
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good morning, america. holiday on high alert. security tighter than ever at the macy's thanksgiving day parade. 3.5 million people expected to line the streets weeks after that terror attack in manhattan. sand-filled sanitation trucks becoming barriers. thousands of officers and bomb-sniffing dogs in place. new sexual assault allegations sweeping washington. the members of congress accused and refusing to resign as president trump celebrates his first thanksgiving in office with his family at mar-a-lago. what's on the president's agenda that he hopes to accomplish before christmas? paying it forward. homeless hero. the veteran who spent his last $20 to help a young woman get home safely. how that random act of kindness transformed into over $100,000.


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