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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 23, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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live where you live this is abc 7 news. >> next year we might push our thanks governing to friday. >> happening now, holiday shopping in full swing. good evening everybody. to shop or not to shop. that is the question on thanksgiving in recent years. abc 7 news reporter live at toys r us in san jose. hi, katy. >> reporter: hi, cheryl. not only did they open their doors, the doors are still open. so they are actually staying open overnight straight through until 11:00 p.m. tomorrow on black friday and plenty of shoppers are taking advantage.
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>> reporter: for some shopping on thanksgiving is a first, for others it's a tradition. >> although we did say next year we might push our thanks governing to friday so we can spend more time shopping. >> reporter: at best buy the doors opened at 5:00 a.m. augustin sanchez had had an eye on his tv. >> i feel bad for the people that do have to > this is like concert lines in the '80s for hours. so this is nothing. >> reporter: the employee at target estimated it was three times longer this year than last. moving through was challenging but not discouraging for one shopping. >> we have so much fun and that's why we have to get a little exercise too to burn the calories. >> reporter: an enterprising
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shopping place is energizing shoppers. >> we'll deliver anywhere 24 hours around the clock. >> reporter: a perk hard to pass up. >> others left the thanksgiving table early to head to the outlets in liver more. depite an increase in online sales a lot of people still prefer the had store experience. >> i really like seeing things, trying them on. i like walking around and just exploring, especially outlet malls because you get the fresh air. >> the outlet mall is staying open all night and will not close until 10:00 p.m. tomorrow. there are plenty of stores open overnight or early tomorrow. we have a full list on our website. meteorologist is here with us and your black friday forecast. if you're getting ready to hit the malls, the stores, here's your plaque friday
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forecast. it is mild outside, no doubt about it. temperatures in the low 60s at 11:00 tonight. comfy at 3:00 a.m. and so reduced visability. 50s/60s. you're not going to be lugging the bags through wet weather. showing you the absence of rain for the time being. we have a system edhadded our way and this is the storm due in for the weekend. there's another one that is going to follow and that means rain and wind. hour by hour timeline is coming up. >> thank you so much. well, in the north bay fire zones, community members came together to celebrate thanksgiving. many remaping thankful in spite of losing so much. wayne freedman has the story from sonoma county. >> reporter: their neighborhood's big yellow machines working even today.
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still cluttered by all the remnants that by now have become so familiar. clearly in the north bay fire zone this is not the thanksgiving anyone expected and yet it's the one we're dealing with. any person in his or her individual way. this morning pat and her family took what would have been another walk through coffee park until much of it disappeared. >> it got very close but yeah, thankfully our house was safe. >> you may mark her down as thankful person number one. number two though from the look of the duplex, it might be hard to tell. when you hear about the underinsured trying to recover, he's among those ranks. >> i'm getting $199 a square foot to rebuild this place. >> reporter: that explains the dirty hands and philosophical equity. still people must eat where people have lost so much, the
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giving keeps coming. he opened his santa rosa restaurant to anyone and everyone today. he'll have served unhads by tonight. enter thankful person number three. >> we wouldn't have had dinner, literally, or froood for the da. >> thanks for coming. thanks for letting us provide something for you. >> reporter: what do you get out of it? >> just to help people. >> reporter: and that would be thankful person number four in a region redefining the concept. abc 7 news. the city of houston is still healing after harvey. mattress mack who sheltered victims inside izhad store mobilized volunteers to feed thousands today. 2400 pounds of turkey and ham each, and 900 pies. well, for those who are not able to leave their homes on
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thanksgiving, there's always meals on wheels. volunteers had had 2300 people in san francisco today, including 74-year-old jacobs. he paid izhad way through college by selling peanuts and popcorn back when it was the niners home field. >> when you get older it's like playing a football game, getting up and being tackled again. every day it's a blessing to get up and have another thanksgiving is wonderful. >> meals on wheels delivers food every day. well, volunteers epihadded serve up turkey dinners at church's across bay area. city team on san jose put a free -- a pair of donated shoes and professional stylist to cut diner's hair at no cost. >> you know how good a haircut feels for a female or a man, whoever it is. you feel 100%.
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you feel great. so being able to cut here for them is umhadbling and a great experience for all parties. >> it group of volunteers and donors help hadded serve 2,000 meals to those in need and thousands took in a warm thanksgiving meal at the live memorial church today. volunteers showed up early to serve a hand carved turkey with all of the fixings. and a few blocks down the street, volunteers also prepared unhads of turkey dinners for san francisco's thirsty and hungry. they've served special holiday meals since 1950. many first responders spent thanksgiving away from their families to make sure your family and my family are safe. but officers got to if had joy a holiday feast with their second family while on duty. all thanks to captain seaman and izhad family. they brought nearly 2 dozen
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volunteer as thanksgiving meal all because of a lesson he learned. >> our captain came in and brought us treats on grave yard and we thought it was it greatest thing and i said one day if i become a commander, i'm going to do the same thing. >> they take pride in keeping the streets safe, especially on holidays. there are several factors ifclui including one that might surprise you. it's a more profitable crop. >> reporter: fur trees by a fiery sunset, picturesque but pricey. >> prices are really high this year. it's the highest they've ever been. >> reporter: they say there's a shortage of trees in oregon. tommy jr. stocked his had two lots. >> now there's such a shortage. i had to supplement and get a load of christmas trees from north carolina this year. >> reporter: part of the problem is plain old supply and demand.
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christmas trees grow at a rate of a foot a year. this christmas tree is about six years old. we're just now seeing the effects of people not planting enough during the recession. >> there's the weed economy that's happened in oregon. we get most of our trees in oregon. >> reporter: tom own as farm outside of eugene. >> some of our neighbors are making quite a bit of money and not near the work this is. >> reporter: he says he's committed to tree farming. >> we've got die hard christmas tree ranchers. >> reporter: customers should expect to see higher prices, which will mean 10 to $13 per foot. would you ever get a fake tree? >> no, i don't think we'd ever stop. >> reporter: they recommend buying early but avoid douglas
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furs because they dry out quicker. one of the most beloved holiday traditions is the macy's thanksgiving day parade and security was tight this year. the unprecedented show of force to protect the crowd. plus, newly obtained video before the deadly ghost ship fire in
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we're approaching the anniversary of the deadly ghost ship fire, december 2nd. we obtained new video from a police officer's body camera. shows officers threatening to shut down the illegal arts
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collective while talking to its leader nearly two years before the fire that killed 36 people. >> how many times have we came back here in the past week? >> this is ongoing. i got really good advice last night. i'm like okay. >> yeah, i think we're going to have to. >> no, they told me to shut it down. >> no, i think we're go having to to. >> this footage was in january with officers responding to man with a gun this after tenant disputes and out of control parties. they've pleaded not guilty to 36 counts of manslaughter. security was tight for the annual macy's thanksgiving day parade and shoppers rushed to take advantage of holiday deals. andy field has more. >> reporter: there's no holding them back any longer. deal unt hadders rushing to grab
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it deepest discounts and perhaps discovering better bargains along the way. >> usually they got more items to get your attention. >> reporter: for some shoppers waiting in lines for attempts to be first in line, this was a small price to pay. >> it does take away from the dinner and the holiday and everything like that but you got to do what you got to do to get that price. >> reporter: shoppers expected to spend on average $967 on holiday gifts this year. for some cris ps had shopping didn't start until after a thanksgiving day parade, the macy's extravaganza rolling through manhattan. balloons floating through sky scraper canyons. 81 san field sanitation blocker trucks at each intersection, protecting the crowds from a potential terror atack and. >> we have sniper teams, people
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at high posts. we have a lot of cops. you can't go more than five feet without running into another police officer. >> everybody's so nice. it feels very safe. >> reporter: president don don spending part of the day teleconferencing with troops abroad. and later visiting a coast guard station in florida. you have the perfect day for thanksgiving and you delivered on that. >> i think i did. we're very thankful. i'll take the credit for it. thankful for these boo utful sunsets here. just look at the burst of color. we had so many different types of clouds. low, midhad, high level clouds and that gave us a high sunset. of course i'm very thankful to our transmission person who gave us this beautiful time lapse. so thank you to him and i hope you enjoyed your thanksgiving. you will notice that there is
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some clouds around, also fog and the visibility is pretty low. dense in santa rosa and petaluma due to fog. quarter to half a mile. we have fog round half moon bay. nine-mile visibility if you're going to hit the mall, work off some of the turkey, do watch out. if you are going black friday shopping, it's really mild outside. san francisco, mountain view, oakland, san jose right now. napa in the low to mid-50s. mid-60s in concord. a live look from our camera. if you're flying out of sfo tomorrow morning you may encounter delays. so please be awear of that, especially if you have a trip plann planned, this could be prob lupattic. and san francisco is really looking nice. dense fog overnight tonight.
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dry for black friday. wet and gusty on sunday. tomorrow morning the biggest thing you're going to watch out for is the fog. pretty comfortable. i don't think you need to worry about packing on the layers. but the hour by hour forecast will show you the dense fog along the coast, the north bay valleys and towards the delta. this is something we deal with this time of year and that will filter the sun for your friday afternoon. in the low 70s in the south bay. 72 santa clara. 69 san mateo. mid-60s coast side. 68 downtown san francisco. san rufell, east bay, mild 69. 71 concord, 72 in livermore. storm impact scale comes in. level one system through monday morning. light to moderate rain expected. wind gusts 25 to 35 miles per
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hour. hour boy hour we go. saturday evening, mendocino county starting to see the rain at 9:00. pockets of moderate rain in the north bay. you have to wait until sunday morning to see the rain spreading into the east bay to south bay and that's the first system. another one quickly follows into sunday evening. so the two systems together will bring us anywhere from a quarter to an inch of rain. you can download the accuweather app and check out the rainfall, the temperatures anytime you want. travel to the mountains. snow level 7,000 feet. snow level really drops low. 4 to 5,000 and that means travel could be impacted. tomorrow you're good to go. gusty winds saturday. mix of rain and snow on sunday. here's your accuweather seven-day forecast. watch out for the fog, rain north bay late saturday night but we have the level one system
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for just about everyone. sunday if had to early monday and then dry but definitely a cooler pattern from what we're going to see the next two days, cheryl. i did deliver for thanksgiving. >> you did and we're grateful. >> thank you. well, still ahead former 49ers quarterback colin kaeperni really? really? really? really?
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former san francisco 49er, colin kaepernick, joined the indigenous peoples celebration on alcatraz island. he was presented feathers in honor of his bold step against inequality in america.
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well, anthony flores is in. >> and there are a couple of teams that could use the services of colin kaepernick today. three teams are feeling very thankful tonight. washington who is trying to drum up a victory agains the giants. so gather
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abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> like so many on thanksgiving, it gales whooping it up in the legacy tourney in so cal. the gales taking on harvard. doing a little sharing to lan del for the huge dunk and one.
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this would be a theme of the game. st. mary's led by 10 early. gales up 16. nar to lendel for the jam. 29-11, gales, second half. and there he is aagain. pumping some iron. he rocked the rack. 26 points. st. mary's wins it 89-71. taking on florida in oregon. gators up 20. igore buried the three. he was five for five from beyond the arc. reed travis making the moves in the post. laze it up and in. but cube lucheck and the gators were too much for the cardinal. finished with 26. florida wins it 108-87. washington and new york, a pair of teams with losing records. not exactly the marquee match up they were hoping for on turkey
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day. bet you can't tell which is the real coach and who isn't. 3-3 in the third. he evades it defender and jameson crowder into the end zone. now it's 10-10 in the first. nice catch, gets both feet in bounds. washington wins it 20-10. they enjoy the post game turkey dinner. some thanksgiving pig skin is a tradition in big "d." chargers up. and keenum allen carves up that dallas defense. 42 yards for the score. 22-6 after the missed extra point. the cowboys struggling to put points on the board. dak prescott throwing the pick six to king. he goes in for the score. rouse the cowboys, getting festive in motown.
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a four-game winning streak. keenum calling his own number goes in for the touchdown and it's time to fwather the family around. slides in with the turkey. second quarter now keep your eye on everson griffon. stafford for the sack. just had a baby boy. what should he name him? seven-point game. tries to hook up with marvin jones but it's picked up and that would seal the deal. the vikings go on to win it, 30-23. this sports report is brought to you by river rock casino and the perfect day to sit back, relax on the couch and
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