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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 24, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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and overpass here berkeley. the driver was thrown from the truck and died. >> abc 7 news anchor eric thomas has the full story. >> reporter: with the trailer jammed under the university avenue overpass and the tractor stopped some 50 yards away traffic on westbound 80 was backed up all the way from berkeley to martinez on this black friday. >> it's crazy. i was just telling my grandmother i feel like i'm on my way to work on a weekday. >> trying to get shopping in for black friday and not getting there any quick. >> reporter: the highway patrol says the accident happened before 9:00 this morning. a witness who lives in a tent city near the freeway saw and heard it. >> first thing we saw was a tire pop. tire blew, sounded like a gunshot. the next thing we heard and saw was metal folding after he hit the pylon under the bridge. >> we believe at this time that the tract tore had a blowout, the front left wheel, which caused the big rig to cross over lanes, made contact with the
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center median and the trailer made contact with the overpass. >> the driver was not wearing a seat belt. >> that collision caused the driver of the big rig to be ejected. >> watched the door fly open, body sucked out of the truck, flew about 30 feet and landed. >> reporter: the chp hopes this accident serves as another reminder of wearing a seat belt. >> people don't listen to us nothing we can do about it. seat belts save lives. >> reporter: it took about three hours to clear the accident and open the westbound lanes. the driver's name has not been released. the truck belonged to a san francisco trucking company. damage to the overpass was minor, so cal transallowed traffic to continue on university and underneath. in berkeley, eric thomas, abc 7 news. this is a time lapse view of the traffic along interstate 80 as a result of the crash this morning. a thick layer of fog rolled in across the camera before 10:00 a.m. and it lingered for a while. and take a look at this picture from san francisco, showing the bay bridge disappearing into the
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fog. abc 7 news weather anchor spencer christian shows us what changes to expect. >> the fog has lifted but clouds settling in now and we will have rain coming our way. live doppler 7, high clouds and our storm brewing in the gulf of alaska will be dropping down late tomorrow night. it ranks two on the storm impact scale. moderate intensity. producing for most areas moderate rainfall, heavy at times, half inch to an inch in most locations, 1 to 2 inches in the hills, strong gusty winds to 50 miles per hour in the hills and mountains. our forecast starting at 7:00 tomorrow morning, tomorrow like today high clouds and bright skies for most of the day, clouds will thicken a little bit in the late afternoon and early evening hours and late tomorrow night before midnight we will see rain hitting the mendocino coastline and in between 10:00 and midnight the rain becoming more intense and widespread across the north bay. by 6:00, 7:00 tomorrow morning, i'm sorry, sunday morning, 6:00,
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7:00 on sunday morning, look for widespread moderate to heavy rainfall, strong gusty wind and what else that storm is going to deliver in just a few minutes. cheryl. >> spencer, thank you. a spear fisherman is in a hospital right now apparently he was the victim of a shark attack. authority says the attack happened at still water cove in pebble beach this afternoon. witnesses says the victim suffered a significant bite to his right leg from a great white shark that came up on the man from behind. the witness did not think the wound was life threatening. authorities are warning people to stay out of the water. see there's a signposted, that picture of sew lean nas. there have been seven known shark attack in the area since 1966. only one was fatal an attack on a surfer in 1981 off spanish bay. volunteers are working to reduce the number of suicides on the golden gate bridge this holiday season. volunteers with bridge watch angels said they had two
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interventions on thanksgiving day yesterday. abc 7 news reporter has the story. >> reporter: the suicide barrier won't be completed for years but for now one group is trying to prevent a number of people from jumping to their deaths over the holidays. volunteers with bridge watch angels walk the span keeping an eye out for anyone who appears to be in trouble. >> i think it's an opportunity to bring hope. both of our lives have been affected by suicide, by dear dear friends that we loved and cared about and we understand i think what that sense of loneliness is. >> reporter: last year 39 people committed suicide on the bridge and while depression is a year-round issue experts say the hustle and bustle this time of year can add a layer of stress. >> the sort of anxiety and stress that comes about with having to deal with family. that's normal. that's where a lot of our calls come from during the holidays. >> reporter: volunteers with bridge watch angels are trained what to look for and communicate with those in trouble and work in teams and use special hand
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cues to summon help from law enforcement when necessary. the group reported two successful interventions on thanksgiving. >> just a smile, just a touch, just a how are you, really shifts things i think for people. gives them a sense of hope and they don't feel alone. >> reporter: bridge watch angels will be back on christmas eve, christmas day, new year's eve and new year's day. their goal is for no one to be alone on their watch. in marin county, abc 7 news. a new report says modifications to the golden gate bridge could pose problems during an intense storm. according to the marine independent journal a canadian firm discovered intense winds at a certain angle could damage the bridge. the discovery was made during wind testing on a miniaturized version of the span in advance of modifications for a suicide barrier and a seismic upgrade product. more wind testing is being planned. we've all done it, left valuables in our cars but san ra
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fell police a warning people need to know break-ins are on the rise. yesterday police began adding patrols in the downtown area and at local malls and going to monitor these place during the holidays. abc 7 news reporter leeann mel len it's rode with police and joins us live right now. hi. >> hi, sara. you know this is prime season for break-ins and people here know this, so the san rafael police department wants to make sure people remember that. now i was amazed to see how many people leave their stuff inside their cars. >> i'm sure we'll find something. >> reporter: sergeant are all aguilar was sure he would find a few cars with packages and personal items inside. the owner of this car didn't even try to hide the gifts. >> definitely has -- this one has macy's, apple. >> christmas gifts. >> boots. uggs. it wouldn't take too long, it
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would be -- somebody can use something like this a window punch, something that, you know, you just hit the window and it will shatter immediately. >> reporter: we saw this man putting two large bags in the back seat of his car and walk away. we tried to tell him that it wasn't safe. you just left your bags in there. somebody could steal them. >> just hide it. >> reporter: he had not hidden them at all. they were there for the taking. >> unfortunately that is very common and that is not a very good strategy to protecting your shopping. the best thing to do is bring it with you. >> it's a different world. i mean even shopping is a different world now. you have to be cautious all the time. and that's what i try to do. i don't know how successful i am but i've been lucky so far. >> reporter: from now through the holidays police will have more patrols in places people shop. >> we spend extra patrol. we have extra officers in the
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area. >> reporter: we were able to confirm that when a woman interrupted our interview to report an unrelated incident. within minutes several patrol cars responded. police are reminding people there is always someone looking to ruin your holiday. in san rafael, abc 7 news. and happening right now in san jose, the start of the christmas in the park tree lighting ceremony. this is a live look at the event. they got a big tree right there. features a lot of music and dance performances. this holiday tradition aims to be bigger and better than ever. abc 7 news reporter chris wynnwn explains. >> reporter: an experience san jose is proud to call its own. >> nice opportunity for people to come together and enjoy the holiday spirit. >> reporter: a tradition for more than 35 years. christmas in the park is open at plaza cesar chavez downtown. >> wait for this all year long. >> reporter: with more than 650,000 visitors last winter the
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attraction's popularity continues to grow. >> the atmosphere, everything is beautiful in san jose. this seems like the heart of san jose. >> reporter: this year with the presenting sponsor for the first time organizers are promising new exhibits aimed at bringing more visitors to the park. >> people have grown up with this event. people think this event happens in every city and they don't understand how special it is sometimes, but they cherish it. >> reporter: earlier today, schools, businesses and community groups put the finishing touches on more than 500 christmas trees throughout the park. each representing a different cause. >> i'm looking at it at a different perspective being a parent now, not before. but there's a lot of cool stuff that i would love to share with my kids. >> reporter: the park will stay open through the first week of january. city leaders credited christmas in the park for playing a role in revitalizing the downtown corps. there's something special about it. >> i have done this so long because this is a free event for all citizens and there's many people who this is their
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christmas. >> reporter: a community counting its blessings this holiday season. in san jose, chris >> still ahead the event that makes today green friday, not black friday. the alternative to spending today indoors at the mall or on-line shopping. plus -- >> the turkey has been eaten and now time to talk trees. among other things. i'm in the east bay with that story coming up. >> if you're able to get where you live this thanksgiving weekend text the word feed.
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it is the 41st year for the east bay tradition. >> abc 7 news reporter dion lim joining us from the festivities with 10,000 of her closest friends and fantastic santa hat. dion? >> reporter: well, thank you for the compliment, larry. yes, each and every one of my close personal friends check it out they have a message for all of you. say hi, everybody. >> hi. >> reporter: we are in the town of danville for the 41st annual oak tree lighting. you can hear behind me a chorus singing christmas songs getting into the holiday spirit. hector and romeo cominjoining u. >> i live here in san ramon. this is a great family event. so we enjoy it. >> and what does romeo have to say? >> he loves it. loves it. he loves everybody. >> and joining me is the chamber
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of commerce with danville, tell me a little bit about why this is special. this is an event with 10,000 people. >> it's really about communities coming together and a kickoff for the holiday season so what better way to do it than here in dl downtown danville. >> this runs until 8:00. >> that's correct. so later on, father christmas will come out as well as the snow angel, the snow angel will roll out her magic and light the tree and everyone will parade down dhiyab plo into downtown. we have setups for hot chocolate, apple cider, all of the merchants are open tonight. they're out in the streets. they have activities for the kids and families everywhere. >> i think that sounds like a good idea. as soon as i'm done with the live shot i will grab? >> i'll meet you there. >> sounds good. in that case, one last message from everyone out here, what did you want to say to the crowd? >> happy holidays! >> it certainly feels like the spirit. if you want to check out the
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actual lighting of the old oak tree that is happening at 6:30. we will have it live at our facebook page and also at where we have the live stream. reporting live from downtown danville, i'm dion lim, abc 7 news. >> that's a happy crowd. you can find a list of tree lighti lighting events where you live on shopping may be the rage on black fly but some families in the east bay took a different approach opting for greener pastures if you will and a discount of a different kind. abc 7 reporter laura anthony has our story. >> reporter: forget black friday. these kids and their parents wanted none of it. opting for green friday by visiting an east bay regional park, in this case tilden. >> we decided to come out to tilden park instead of the madness of the malls. >> i wanted to be outside today. it's a beautiful day and i wanted to avoid the crowds. even though it's kind of a crowd
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here. >> reporter: as a gift to visitors the east bay regional parks district waved parking fees along with those for fishing and pets. the parking fee at roberts recreational regional area on skyline is normally $5. >> such a great park and we thought it would be packed, but we ended up getting a great parking and for free on top of it. >> reporter: some people told us they didn't realize the parking in the parks was free until they got to the kiosk. >> that was pretty cool. i had the 20 out ready to go even though it's 5 bucks to park here. >> reporter: even without the lure of free parking some visitors told us they wouldn't be anywhere near a mall anyway. >> we have screaming kids. impossible to go to the mall. i wish i were here but i have to get stuck in this beautiful setting. >> reporter: in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. the city of oakland declared today the start of plaid friday weekend. to encourage people to shop at local businesses mayor shaft tweeted this picture of herself
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taking part. more than 200 shops an restaurants are offering special deals and discounts this weekend and from now through new year's all street parking meters will be free on saturdays to encourage shoppers. time limits still apply. can't park in one spot and stay there all day long. the north bay's newest transit option smart trains working with the santa rosa metro chamber of commerce to show support pore businesses affected by the north bay wild fires. they will get a free train for every $25 they spend at businesses this weekend and next weekend. the smart train is a lot of fun to ride. the free ticket good through the end of the year. historic trolley returns to downtown san jose for the holidays. these photos from our media partner the bay area news group show valley transportation employees decorating the polar express trolley. visitors can ride for free each friday, saturday and sunday through the end of december. that trolley will stop at the light rail stations between civic center and san jose. >> spencer christian now with a
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look at the forecast. >> okay. at the end of a calm and mild week get ready for stormy weather. a look at live doppler 7. not stormy yet. high clouds around and mild this evening across mostnd those hig will remain with us overnight. here's the view from our abc 7 explore camera at pier 15 in san francisco looking at the skyline under the high clouds. it's currently 63 degrees here at san francisco and we have low to mid 60s also at oakland, mountain view, san jose and gilroy, 59 at half moon bay. and here's the view from our emoriville camera across the bay under partly cloudy skies, 60 at santa rosa and napa, low 60s at novato, fairfield, concord and livermore and the mid to upper 60s and one more live view from our tower camera looking down on to san francisco. these are our forecast features, dry, mild tomorrow but late tomorrow night, rain will arrive in the north bay. a wet and windy storm. for sunday stormier in the hills and the rain will taper to showers monday morning. a look at xwroefr night
6:19 pm
conditions. we'll see skies remain partly cloudy, thin high clouds for the most part, overnight lows will be generally pretty mild low to mid 50s in most locations and tomorrow we'll have another bright and mild day with high clouds filtering the sunshine. highs will range from upper 60s at the coast to low 70s around the bay, mainly low to mid 70s inland. go east and south. northward you will see highs in the upper 60s. now let's talk about the approaching storm. it ranks two on the storm impact scale. a storm of moderate intensity arriving late saturday night continuing into monday morning most locations with will see about half an inch to an inch of rainfall, one to two inches in the hills. wind will gust 15 to 25 miles per hour. but in the higher elevations gusts could reach 50 miles per hour. rain moderate most of the time but heavy occasionally. i'll take you through the afternoon tomorrow. you will see thin high clouds with mainly bret skies but late tomorrow night the rain arrives in the north bay. by midnight steady wave of
6:20 pm
moderate rainfall. then by 6:00 sunday morning it is going to be a mess. a drenching rainfall covering much of the north bay down through san francisco on to the peninsula and later in the day sunday down to the east bay and south bay before it swings out of here sunday night and then it will be followed by trailing showers into early monday morning and then those showers will break up and give way to partial clearing. now by 10:00 sunday night we project rainfall totals will be around -- just under an inch in san jose. for much of the peninsula close to an inch of rainfall up to oakland and over to san francisco we'll see just over an inch of rain and up in the north bay look for one to two inches of rain. it's going to be a drenching up there in the north bay and especially in the higher elevations. here's a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast, we'll see the rain tapering off to showers monday morning. but we still give it a one on the impact scale. it may impact the morning commute. later in the day will start to clear up and the week will be
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mainly sunny and dry and pleasant. >> all right. thank you. >> thanks. and coming up next, the personal black friday boost for
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get zero down, zero deposit, zero first month's payment, and zero due at signing on select volkswagen models. now with the people first warranty. toys for tots rang today's closing bell on a short trading day on black friday. the nasdaq reached new record high 6889, the s&p 500 closed
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above 2600 for the first time ever, and amazon's stock closed at an all-time high today of 1186. thanks to the increase amazon founder jeff bezos is now worth a whopping $100 billion. with a "b." that's according to bloomberg. one of the two major services that tracks the real-time net worth of the world's richest people. the other is forbes and have bezos at $99.6 billion. i think he can get by on that. he will be over the top on cyber monday. amazon as stock rose after reports showed on-line shopping for thanksgiving and black friday jumping 18% over last year. bezos owns nearly 80 million shares of amazon stock so he earned $2.4 billion today alone. it's believed bill gates the co-founder of microsoft is the only other person ever to have reached the $100 billion mark and that was back in 1999. there may be another royal
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wedding to look forward to. prince harry is expected to announce his engagement to american actress meghan markle. the daily mail reports there have been rumors about a marriage proposal. bookies in the uk suspended bets. the gambling company said royal watchers would love to have a christmas engagement. prince harry's brother william married kate middleton in 2011. >> an varies not just for weddings and reunions one year ago to the day the missing mom was found. 150 miles away from her redding home. plus. >> this has gone on long enough. we want to take this to the voters. >> why a police issue is being put to the public to decide. that's next on abc 7 news at 6:00.
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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. after eight years of debates san francisco police leaders have finally approved taser for officers but the public could get the final say on how they're used. abc 7 learned the police union filed papers with the department of elections saying it will
6:29 pm
circulate petitions for a june referendum. >> and that will determine a policy for the use of tasers. vick lee with a story only on abc 7 news. >> we will let the citizens and voters of this city decide this issue once and for all. >> reporter: police union president marty halloran says tasers have been debated by the police commission for eight long years. four police chiefs have asked for them and the fact that the commission finally voted for the use of tasers last month, halloran says is not enough. >> what they voted on was the concept or the idea of sfpd officers carrying taser. they did not vote for a policy. >> reporter: on tuesday the poa filed notice with the office of elections that they will circulate a petition for referendum in next june's election. this ordinance listing a policy the poa believes will protect its officers and the public. halloran says it's not much different from a draft policy
6:30 pm
which the commission worked on in may. >> the policy that the commission put forward in may, tat's almost the identical language that we're going to put forward to the voters. >> reporter: the commission hopes to have tasers in the hands of officers by december 2018 at the earliest. first they would have to adopt a policy. commission president julius says that means hearing from all stakeholders including opponents. >> we need some time to look at all of those policies and come together on what the best would be. >> i'm afraid that policy will be tweaked to a point it's no longer practical. >> reporter: if the police commission adopts a policy acceptable to the poa like last may's working draft policy the group will drop its call for a referendum. vick lee, abc 7 news. at least 235 people are dead are and more than 100 injured following an attack on a mosque in egypt. the massacre was highly coordinated with the attackers using guns and a bomb as people
6:31 pm
were praying. the mosque is in a rural village in egypt's sinai peninsula. nobody has claimed responsibility yet. experts say based on who was target stleds a pretty good -- they have a pretty good who may be behind the attack. >> the preacher in the mosque is a sufi preacher and sufi-ism in the eyes of the extremists of the isis extremists is kind of really their sinners because they're seen as renegade muslims. >> president trump took to twitter to condemn the attack calling it, quote, horrible and cowardly. one of london's busiest subway stations has reopened after reports of gunfire forced it to be evacuated. thousands ran from the oxford station right out into the streets taking shelter in nearby shops. >> we saw a stampede of people running and screaming and panicking. everyone told the people to go upstairs to the first floor. no one was allowed on the ground
6:32 pm
floor. closed the doors of the shops. told everyone to duck down. no one really knew what was happening. >> scary situation. police searched the station for about an hour and found no evidence of shots being fired or any traces of a suspect or any casualties. one woman suffered a minor injury in the chaos. amazon workerses a the a half dozen distribution centers across germany and one the italy walked off the job on black friday. a labor union pushing for higher pay for 12,000 workers since 2013. amazon said its distribution warehouses in germany are logistic centers and say employees earn high wages for that industry. the strike is expected to end tomorrow. italy's strike one day only. it was one year ago today that a woman named sherry was found wandering along interstate 5 in yellow county. the mother two of made headlines when she disappeared 22 days earlier while out on a run near her home in redding. the case has taken all sorts of
6:33 pm
twists and remains unsolved. when she was found her husband said she was covered in bruises and had been branded. earlier this month the sheriff's office released surveillance video. investigators say it was taken minutes before she was found along t along the freeway. she can be seen dashing across a church parking lot. since the video is dark and grainy we put a spotlight on her. the fbi released sketch late last month of the two women she says kidnapped her. investigators also have two dna samples from her clothing they are trying to match. the sheriff's office say they do not belong to her or her husband. a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in this case. from one mystery to another a mother killed in her home and every man in town asked to submit dna evidence so police could find the murderer. it's the start of a case that almost 16 years later is still fascinating people across the country. and tonight, "20/20" back to
6:34 pm
cape cod and the murder of krista worthington. when found dead police took years to eliminate a list of killers. the only witness to her murder her own 2 1/2-year-old daughter. reggie from abc 7 mornings spoke with abc news correspondent dan harris about this case. >> how did this become such a big case that got nationwide attention? >> well, look, i think first of all it's the fact that it's a mother who is killed with her child literally sitting there with her mother's dead body in her house in cape cod, that led people to wonder how could this happen. >> the man police eventually arrested was the victim's garbage man. he says he and krista had a consensual relationship and he had nothing to do with her murder. a two-hour "20/20" a killing on the cape, an hour before abc 7
6:35 pm
news. coming up, the weather is changing. spencer tracking storms for the weekend. we'll explain the timing in ten minutes. next, crafting a living. artisans and customers find each other at a san jose event
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. it's beginning to look a lot like the holiday shopping season. sky 7 over the parking lot of hillsdale mall in san mateo today. looked like pretty much all the spaces were taken. we watched drivers circling around and around just waiting for a spot. >> i want you to finish that song. come on now. >> no, you don't. >> someclaim theyintentionally avoided them, gravitating to fairs where they can support local artists and unique creations. >> abc 7 reporter david louie shows us what it means to shoppers and the crafts people. >> reporter: the shopping bags fill up quickly but not with gifts made in some overseas factory. they're the work of bay area artists and crafts people the reason these shoppers say they're at the harvest festival instead of the mall. custom jeweler dory has seen a resurgence of customers interfacing with the artist. >> an experience, talk to the
6:39 pm
artist, get to know who made the product and what they did how they produced it. you haven't seen that in a while. >> ginger. >> wow. >> i'm a big fan of ginger. >> i'll have that too. >> reporter: as people are able to direct questions to the maker, customers seem more willing to spend their money knowing that the creation is unique and not available elsewhere. they also find out how much time and skill go into the finished works. >> this is our full-time business. we support our family on our sales and so to have people here supporting our small business is priceless. >> reporter: one of the thing that the crafts people and artists have in common with their counterparts at the mall they do the majority of the business final three months of the year so this show is extremely important. 250 artists and crafts people have set up booths here. over the next three days, their work will be seen by as many as 15,000 people. chris makes scented soy based candles in napa and because of
6:40 pm
his success he hopes others will be inspired. >> i'm looking to inspire the next generation of crafts people or get someone to say i wanted to quit my corporate job and do crafts, hoping to inspire them too. >> reporter: in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. going next door a great way to support small businesses in your neighborhood. the san francisco based on-line social networking service next door added a feature to help its users find the best deals. its founder joined us live for abc 7 news at 4:00 to explain. >> had the opportunity to send a survey out to all of our members across 150,000 plus neighborhoods over 80% of the neighborhoods in the u.s. now use next door and we got back an overwhelming response. i think there's a lot of pride in the community. people enjoy sharing the best of what they know in their neighborhoods. >> and that survey resulted in 17 million business recommendations from buying books and bikes to booking hair stylists and dog groomers. coming up next, 7 on your
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three, two, one.
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>> so pretty. the big christmas tree in san jose is lit up for the holidays. we looked live earlier at the festivities at the christmas in the park event at the plaza of cesar chavez downtown. one of many tree lighting ceremonies in the bay area. find the list on and the holiday shopping season is officially under way as you know but black friday did not kick off with a typical crowds at many bay area stores. abc 7 news reporter tiffany wilson shows us a scene. >> reporter: black friday blitz it was not at the target. metal barricades waited for a line that never formed and a few minutes before 6:00, several dozen people gathered. the manager opened the doors with a simple request he said buy everything so we can go home early. shoppers happily complied. electronics were the big draw, especially tvs. >> looking for the curved screens. >> reporter: target had the best deal and why we're here at 6:00. >> other customers found success in the baby department.
6:45 pm
>> i came out to get a baby monitor that was half off. >> reporter: her sister loved the lack of competition. >> i'm surprised how not crowded it is, which is great. i mean we can get what we want, come in and out, easy access to things. >> reporter: the aisles remained open for hours a target manager said the holiday shopping season is starting strong. the store racked in a half million dollars from 6:00 to midnight on thanksgiving and prepared for a busy day. this location alone has more than 200 target employees working and that is more than double an average day. over at best buy, bargain hunters wrapped around the building. frederick arrived at 4:00 a.m. and was first in line. >> my parents wanted a tv and said go get this tv. i said okay. why not. once a year. >> what a good son you are. >> yeah. >> reporter: this is his tenth black friday experience. >> the lines were way shorter, a lot less drama, lot less fighting. you know, it's a lot calmer.
6:46 pm
>> reporter: he says it's great because the deals are just as good. tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. you know many of us use our phones these days as kind of our own personal photo albums but the holidays are a perfect time to print the pictures, cards or framed as gifts. >> but not all photo printing services are picture perfect. in a partnership with customer reports michael finney has tips to get a good deal. >> which is worthy of your family holiday card. customer reports checked out ten photo printing services looking at everything from the ordering experience to editing options to costs. and, of course, customer reports trained photo experts rated each print for quality. >> the big takeaway is price doesn't determine quality. >> reporter: walgreens and adoram petition had the best quality. walmart and amazon had excellent
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abc 7 news viewers around the bay area to sonoma valley vineyards. >> all have the #abc7now which helps us find them and feature them on tv. we feature spencer christian with his forecast. >> going to have a wet and stormy second half of the weekend. let's get to it. and start with tomorrow's forecast. see we will have bright filtered sunshine with few thin high clouds and temperatures in the low 70s around the bay and inland areas in the south bay and east bay. up north highs in the upper 60s. the approaching storm ranks two on the storm impact scale and produce moderate rainfall heavy at times half inch to an inch in most locations one to two inches of rain likely to fall in the hills. gusty and windy with gusts 50 miles per hour in the higher elevations. the forecast animation at 12 noon tomorrow the afternoon and evening will feature high clouds but that cold front that's bringing the rain will start to push in to the north bay late tomorrow night. by midnight it will be raining steadily from ukiah to clover
6:49 pm
dale and other parts of the north bay and 6:00 a.m. sunday a blanket across the entire north bay, san francisco, the peninsula, parts of the east bay, swing southward, to the east bay and south bay and finally move out late sunday night breaking knew scattered showers for monday morning. the seven-day forecast going to be a windy stormy rainy day on sunday. few showers in the morning on monday. and then after that partial clearing monday afternoon and bright sunny skies for the rest of the week. both football teams will be at home this weekend. >> niners and raiders. >> going to be wet for both games. >> wetter probably for the niners game than the raiders game. >> okay. spencer, thanks. >> speaking of sports, who's playing and who is not for the warriors. two stars are out. plus, some wild college football
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock cas to. >> no kevin durant or draymond green as they host the bulls. k.d. resting his sore ankle. should mean more minutes for the rookie jordan bell inactive in a bunch of games recently which has been surprising.
6:53 pm
bell will get the start tonight and he has extra motivation because the bruls drafted him and then they sold bells rights to golden state. >> they made it clear that they didn't want me. i don't take it to heart. they didn't draft me and sell me. just drafted me for the warriors. i don't take it like everybody else is taking it. >> i expect him to play with a lot of confidence. jordan has been out of the lineup for a while and just chomping at the bit to get back out there and this is his opportunity. >> the cal bears are playing friday night football at ucla. there's a lot on the line for both teams coming in at 5-6 and needing a win to become bowl eligible. speaking of, ucla, former 49ers coach chip kelly could be back on the sidelines soon with the bruins. kelly was reportedly deciding between offers from ucla and florida. the gators are under the impression that kelly is taking the job with ucla to replace the fired jim mora. kelly going up against his old squad from oregon would be fun.
6:54 pm
happening in west virginia knocked off number two, it happened in south carolina and it's happening in pittsburgh today. >> that is pitt panthers coach pat nar ducey confident in his team that they take down undefeated miami and they did. kenny picket makes it 24-7. pitt has beaten an undefeated number two team in the country 22-14 is the final. undefeated central florida and south florida, first quarter, south florida's mckanz dragging the uc defender 15 yards into the end zone. no trip to fan hangover there. south florida early 7-0 lead. south florida down 8 and flowers the bomb, 83 yards to solomon. they go for two and tie it at 42-42. ucf fans praying and the kickoff, mike hughes, flies through the coverage.
6:55 pm
aloha. 95 yards. ucf becomes the first team to go from winless to undefeated in two years, 49-42. that game was nuts. hockey, sharks in vegas. burns playing in his 900th career game. didn't look good early. martin jones pulled ten seconds into the second period. sharks down 4-1. but later in the second off the face-off burns gripping and rip it. that's his first goal of the season. taken forever. the sharks are down 4-2. justin braun rifles a pass, it's a 4-3 game. final minute of the second, joe pavelski, shot roebs to bodker tied at 4. then in the overtime terrible luck, burns broke his stick, had to leave the play, actually had the puck ricochet off joe thornton's skate and that would be the game winner. the play reviewed and upheld so the sharks fall 5-4 in o.t. to vegas. college soccer national
6:56 pm
quarterfinals number one stanford hosting number three penn state. 90 seconds off the free kick that is mccaro. the gates opened up, 11th minute, andy sullivan to make it 2-0. 90 seconds later, caruso setting up jay wozier and then to caruso with a little push and they roll into the semis. stanford wins 4-0 and will take on south carolina next. besides me. thank you. >> the warriors had a cute little guest today. that is bb 8. of course from "star wars" fame right there. he was shooting a promo with warriors to hype up "star wars" the last jedi. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> too cute. join us tonight at 9:00 on coffee cable 13. badly hurt and unable to walk a
6:57 pm
family's efforts to heal an injured rooster. has his own physical therapist. then on abc 7 news at 11:00, video and details about a shark attack off the coast of pebble beach. witnesses on the water describe the terrifying moments after the incident. >> that will do it for this edition of abc 7 news. look for breaking news on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. i'm larry. >> i'm cheryl. for all of us here at abc 7 thanks for joining us. have a good night.
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