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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 26, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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live where you live. this is abc7 news. wet weather contributed to freeway crashes and flight delays on this busy travel day. and we could see more issues for tomorrow morning's commute. good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm deion lynn. >> i'm eric thomas. be prepared for wet roads and fog. drew tuma is here with your accuweather forecast. >> we do have round two of our storm system moving on shore even as we speak. so it will be wet over the next couple of hours live doppler 7 tracking it all right now. it is very active. we're going to get you down into street level. live doppler 7 first in the north bay. light rain around geyserville, healdsburg. light rain around see bass ta pole and along with rohnert
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park. as we move you to napa and i don't wantville, a couple of isolated showers at this hour. you see the line of rain approaching much of the bay area. we time out this line when you can expect drops where you live about 11:26 in san rafael, 11:42 in san francisco, shortly after midnight in oakland. on the storm impact scale, this is a 1. a system of light intensity moving in overnight. we could have the chance of a thundershower shower along with this line. we'll talk about what this means for your morning commute and track another chance of rain coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> drew, thanks. holiday travelers flying home to san francisco international airport endured long delays today because of the weather. some arriving flights saw delays up to three hours. dozens of flights mainly short hall flights from west coast cities were cancelled. you can keep track of the wind and rain where you live with the
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abc7 accuweather ap. it's free to download and you'll get updates from our weather team and you can monitor the forecast on the go. new at 11:00, an unusual appearance at the 49ers and raiders games today. a drone flew above fans and dropped what police described as propaganda leaflets. lilian kim is in our newsroom with the story. >> reporter: the drone pilot is in custody. no one was hurt during his flyovers but the unauthorized flights triggered the involvement of local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. fans at the 49ers game had never seen a drone over levi's stadium before which is why they were amused when they saw one fly over the southern end zone during the first half. >> we figured it was put on by the team, by the stadium to drop off freebies to the crowd. >> we wanted the free stuff from the niners or who. we don't say no to free stuff. >> this is what they got instead. a flyer marked with lengthy text
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talking about the first amendment. >> it was some type of first amendment propaganda, free speech stuff. something about tv stations being taken over. >> it turned out levi's stadium was just the first stop. the same drone was used to drop the same leaflets during the raiders game in oakland. by that point, police issued a be on the lookout to neighboring law enforcement agencies. they arrested the drone pilot shortly after. his twitter page has links to videos of him practicing with the drone. for many fans, the fact it was an unauthorized drone flying over them bass disconcerting. > they can drop down anything really and it's kind of scary thing to think someone can fly something over during the game and nobody can really stop it. >> police say the pilot faces several charges. his offenses ranging from violating faa regulations to local ordinances that prohibit drones near stadiums.
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lilian kim, abc7 news. >> the second of two fugitives who had been on the run since early this month was arrested. john bivins was taken into custody at a motel this morning. reporter elissa harrington has that story. >> reporter: this is where a nearly three-week manhunt came to an end outside room 204 of the fair montinn where the manager says john bivins stayed for just one night. someone eswooked the room, then let bivins inside. that accomplice's car was towed away. marshals arrive at the hotel a few hours after. investigators watched from the upstairs for him to walk outside. bivins finally exited his room around 9:30 sunday morning. other guests say u.s. marshals shocked him with a taser right here in this parking lot. the arrest took place. >> i was coming from the outside
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from the street and parking my car and the police come in. i said well, scared. but you know, they're bad guys. no good. >> reporter: 47-year-old bivins was on the run since november 6th along with tramel mcclough. a task force led by the u.s. marshal tracked down the pair to a stockton wal-mart on tuesday. the u.s. marshal says bivins got in a car and tried to run over members of law enforcement. bimpbts was later captured on video at gase station that night and now being treated at a hospital and then will be sent back to santa clara to face additional criminal charges. elissa harrington, abc7 news. the chp released the name of the suspect accused in the hit and run crash that killed four people in san pablo. they say 47-year-old fred loef sacramento fled the scene after the crash on westbound interstate 80 last night and he
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was arrested not long after and booked into jail. he's charged with vehicular manslaughter, hit and run, dui and driving with a suspended license. bail set at more than 1 maryland. wet weather was a factor in a number of spinouts across the bay area today. one person died on interstate 80 in emeryville after the car they were in spun out and slacked into a pickup trucking that had also spun out of control moments earlier. all eastbound wlaens closed more than an hour. bad weather and a bald tire may have contributed to a crash that killed a person in sausalito this morning. a van flipped over near the spencer off-ramp of highway 101 just after 8:30. at one point, traffic backed up to highway 1 mill valley. the lanes reopened just before 11:30. chp says slow down when it's raining and make sure there's enough space between vehicles. >> congress returns to washington tomorrow with a full agenda of urgent legislative
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issues like tax reform and raising the debt ceiling. much of the focus may well be on sexual harassment scandals. news reporter richard cantu has the latest developments. >> reporter: president trump is back in washington and increasingly at odds with his own family and the republican party over embattled republican nominee for alabama's senate seat roy moore accused of sexual misconduct with underage girl when he was in his first 30s, charges he denies. sunday trump trying to boost moore's campaign by urging alabama vote torz defeat democrat doug jones leading the latest poll. tweeting the last thing we need in alabama and the u.s. senate is a schumer pelosi he puppet who is weak on crime and the border. he would be a disaster. his comments in sharp contrast to those of his daughter who earlier told the "associated press" there's a special place in hell for people who prey on children.
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i have no reason to doubt the victims' account. at the same time, more than 20 republican senators are calling for moore to drop out of the race. >> it's pretty clear to me the best thing that roy moore could do for the country is move on. >> on the democratic side, minnesota senator al franken broke his silence sunday amid accusations by four women of improper touching telling wcco this. >> i have a long way back to win back the trust of the people of minnesota. >> franken says he is not resigning and will fully cooperate with a senate ethics committee investigation. and on the house side, 88-year-old michigan representative john conyers sunday stepped aside as the top democrat on the house judiciary committee while congress investigates allegations that he sexually harassed female staff members. richard cantu, abc news, new york. >> a state assembly committee will hold its first ever meeting tuesday on the issue of sexual harassment in the california
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legislature. assemble man boca negro and tony mendoza were accused of improper behavior in the past. recent accusations brought against hollywood executives and other politicians encouraged the assembly to get ahead of the issue led by assembly woman laura friedman from glendale. >> i ma as envy, the popular spa has been accused by 180 women of sexual assault according to a report by buzzfeed. the website cited lawsuits, police reports and other complaints by women against massage envy. the company says each of these incidents are heart breaking for us and for the franchisees that operate massage envy locations. with over 15 years and 125 million mass ands, even one incident is too many. >> still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00, a package explodes inside a home in alameda. the search for evidence after a woman was injured.
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plus -- >> it was a shock for me. you know, just horrifying. > his son was attacked by a shark near pebble beach. the long recovery ahead. and new at 11:00, a presidential appointment leads to a lawsuit. the court battle over who will lead the consumer financial protection bureau.
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two months after the deadly mass shooting in las vegas, survivors gathered this weekend for a holiday pott luck. about 100 survivors showed up in
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henderson, nevada, to share a meal and speak to one another about the horrific event. some said the pott luck was the first time they've been out in public since the shooting. others haven't gone back to work traumatized by the attack. >> a lot of people have moved on and don't realize that we're still struggling, still healing. we're not there yet. >> 5 people were killed in the massacre. about 500 others were hurt. >> we are now hearing from the father of the man who was attacked by a great white shark near pebble beach. his son is expected to make a full recovery. christopher salas has more. >> reporter: this is video friday afternoon just moments after gregor was bitten by a shark while spearfishing with his father. friday night at the medical center, his father described the moments leading up to the attack. >> he dropped his spear gun, went down and so did the shark, great white. from his description, it was
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about 15 feet long. >> reporter: the shark bit his right leg. >> actually, at least two or three bites, not only once. >> reporter: gregor managed to get free and swim to the boat with his father. >> at that moment, it was just shock for me. you know, just horrifying. my thought was to just try to help him to stop the bleeding. >> reporter: in a moment that would send many into shock, he says his son was amazingly calm under pressure. >> to be honest, it was so difficult for me to imagine that because the damage, the scale of the damage if you would see that, i would say a lot of people would just faint. >> reporter: once on shore, two off duty sheriff's deputies were there to assist with the wounds. this is fat oakland from the scherff's helicopter arriving on scene. he would be rushed by ambulance to have the damage assessed. >> probably the longest waiting time for me in my life.
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>> reporter: doctors believe they'll make a full recovery. >> i talked to the surgeon. not damaged. big nerves are not damaged. but there's massive damage to the muscle. so it's going to be a long recovery. >> so scary. that was christopher salas reporting. the father says his son is in high spirits. >> now your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. >> and an accuweather tonight, another round you have showers moving through the region bringing soaking rains to parts of the north bay already. live doppler 7 showing you an active picture out there right now with multiple sweeps giving you a picture of the wet weather. down to street level into the north bay first, around south santa rosa, 101 right now, even north mark west springs road, are you seeing those showers at this hour. the wider picture, if we time out this line moving through the north bay, right around 11:28 in
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sonoma, 11:49 p.m., expect the showers in vallejo. shortly after midnight in fairfield and vaccaville. to the south, you notice pops of yellow on the screen approaching san francisco. those are downpours. we time-out that line likely around will: 39. expect the showers to move through one minute before midnight in oakland. fremont will see the wet weather return to your neighborhood. along with the rain, we're tracking snow in the sierra. that pink and white on your screen is the frozen precipitation dropping as low as 5500 feet at this hour. the picture outside a live look. it is dry but it is shaking ahead of the front bringing another round of rain. it is breezy. in a couple minutes, that picture will have drops on the lens. the storm impact scale, this next round of rain moving through in the overnight hours.
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it is a light storm to moderate rain at times. an aadditional tenth to half an inch to what we've already seen today and the chance of a thundershower popping up in the early morning hours of monday. ahead of the front look at your numbers. mainly in the 50s. we're rain cooled in ukiah at 49. numbers will hold in the 50s right now. once that front passes through, we're going to quickly drop in the 40s. so it will be a chilly fight on the way compared to last night. let's time out in round of rain. by midnight and just about 45 minutes or so, you can see much of the region from san francisco up through santa rowsa, even over into oakland toward san mateo, the wet weather has returned. we advance the clock by 2:00 in the morning this front is sweeping through the south bay and inland like antioch and pleasanton. showers in the early morning hours on monday. behind that line, future weather, by 4:00 in the morning
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on monday, the showers are scattered in nature but it's indicating with the pop offices yellow ha a thunder shower could be popping up in some locations. your rush hour on your monday. morning commute expect ret roads and also some areas of dense fog. add extra time tomorrow morning. the evening commute will be just fine. dry roads and our skies will be clearing. here's the seven-day forecast. early morning showers on your monday will quickly clear out our skies midday. sunny and dry in the afternoon. dry weather takes hold through much of the seven-day. by saturday cooler air moves in. by sunday another round of rain. so the monday morning commute wet roads and some foggy areas. take it slow out there. >> not in the clear quite yet. thanks. >> an honor for our bay area heros. up next,
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responders at today's game. >> 100 bay area responders held the american flag during the anthem performed by a 15-year chp veteran. two chp officers who battled the north bay wildfires sounded the fog horn to start the game. >> great being out here on the field and seeing everything live and in color. it's a nice opportunity. >> we played a small role. there are so many others that could have done this -- receive this had honor. we're very thankful. >> the niners celebrated active and retired responders in conjunction with the nfl's salute to service campaign. >> if only those officers could have suited up for the game. >> i was going to say, that was the highlight of the game unfortunately. fortunately we'll say that. 49er quarterback jimmy garoppolo finally got in the game. fans embarrass themselves in the process.
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we'll explain. michael crabtree had a score to settle with o
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abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> raiders needed a win today against the broncos who have lost six straight. this was also the first meeting between mike crabtree and aqib tal leave after last year when he ripped the gold chain off. second play of the second series and that leave does it again. rips off another chain. crabtree went berserk. pile driving him into the ground. seven broncos come to that leave's defense. the raiders came to crabtree's
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defense. gabe jackson ejected. crab still throwing punches. they were both ejected. to the actual game, after firing their defensive coordinator, raiders get the first pick of the season. navorro bowman doing the honors. amari cooper for six. carr had a td pass now in 12 consecutive games. coop puts his head down and gets crunched out cold on the ground. walked off the field on his own power. he's in concussion protocol. raiders up 14-0 at the half. third quarter, to jalen rashard. derek threw for two tds. raiders 5-6 with a 21-14 victory. only a game back of the chiefs. >> count on my guys to do the right thing and keep their poise, keep their composure. not get tossed. it's too much. we were fortunate we could lose two guys and come out with a win. >> this is a violent game versus
11:30 pm
a heated rivalry. hopefully everything stays here today and we can move on past this and you know, be better next time. >> all right. 49ers hosting their nfc rival seattle pep c.j. beathard got the start over garoppolo. third quarter, seahawks up 7-6. russell wilson, a striking to nick va net. wilson threw for 228 yards, two touchdowns. first play of the fourth quarter, a dart to jimmy graham. 21-6 seattle. beathard gets injured after taking a beating all day, and in comes jimmy garoppolo. 18 yards including this td pass to lewis murphy. the seahawks have won nine straight against the niners who drop to 1-10. some 49ers not happy with their fans afterwards. >> i heard people cheering before he even stands up.
11:31 pm
that pisss me off. i'm disappointed in our fans. i understand the excitement about jimmy. he's a great player. that's not right. >> there's never an easy situation to go into being a backup. i've experienced both ends of it. but you always have to be ready. >> this abc7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. grey cup championship. canada and college hoops coming up later in the newscast. that's the first game in crabtree's career he's never caught a pass in nine years. keep your poise. we'll just say that you. >> did you ever wear jewelry on field? >> i did not, no. >> he's wearing a gold clain right now. >> okay. >> maybe a watch. that was it though. >> if you traveled today, certainly had a lot of the company. which parts of the country saw major deadlock. >> plus a woman
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live where you live. this is abc7 news. >> good evening. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm dion lim. in tonight's headlines, a three-week manhunt to find this escapee from santa clara county is over. john bivins was taken into custody by the u.s. marshal service at a motel in san leandro. he escaped from custody as the palo alto courthouse earlier this month with another inmate recaptured last week. >> a drone pilot is in trouble after he threw a drone over levi's stadium and the oakland coliseum and dropped leaflets on fans. they had a message about the first amendment.
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>> and holiday travelers at sfo endured long delays and cancellations today because of the weather. the timing couldn't have been worse. today is generally the busiest air travel day of the year with millions of people coming home after the thanksgiving holiday. news reporter erielle ra chef with more on this long journey for some. >> reporter: tonight record numberz of americans heading home after the holiday. major gridlock on the way into new york city. cars in los angeles at a standstill. what were you expecting when you decided to travel today? >> a lot of rask. >> took me about 4, 4 1/2 hours to do a 2 1/2 hour journey. >> reporter: nine out of ten thanksgiving travelers opting to drive. 45.5 million hitting the road. the skies packed. passengers stuck in long lines. the tsa expecting to screen 2.6 million people today alone. the biggest headache? san francisco. wind and fog delaying some flights by more than three hours. >> san francisco is very
11:37 pm
crowded. yeah. >> reporter: trains filled to the brim, amtrak deploying its entire fleet. monday is supposed to be slammed on the roads. the travel site waze says if you can avoid it don't drive between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. >> take a look at this time lapse video. a volcano alert closed down bali's airport for 24 hours. hundreds of flights have been canceled stranding tens of thousands of passengers. authorities have moved more than 20,000 residents. ash began spewing into the sky after mount agan erupted three times this weekend. >> investigations under way into a device that exploded on bay farm island in alameda. tonight u.s. postal inspectors are sharing details. news reporter cornell bernard has the story. >> reporter: did you hear an explosion, anything like that? >> no, unfortunately not. >> reporter: neighbors are feeling uncomfortable about a package recently delivered to a
11:38 pm
home on lilac street. >> that's crazy. i mean, it's pretty quiet environment. so far i'm surprised that that happens here. >> reporter: friday afternoon, a parcel was delivered by mail and it did detonate. >> reporter: inspector jeff fitch says one person was injured in the blast. law enforcement sources say a woman living in the house was hurt and taken to the hospital. she will recover. neighbors say a police officer owns the home. >> i think he works around ali me da. >> reporter: the atf, alameda police and the sheriff's department are investigating the incident and looking for evidence. >> a policeman came and asked us if we have a camera in your building to -- and i said no, i don't have a camera but what happened. he didn't tell us anything. >> reporter: investigators won't say if they have any suspects or where the package came from and why. >> at this point, we're not releasing any of those details. >> reporter: no one answered the door of the home when we
11:39 pm
knocked. cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> san jose police are investigating a deadly shooting after the victim was discovered behind a building on ringwood avenue at about 4:30 this morning. the mercury news reports the coroner identified the victim as 24-year-old jose ricardo ruiz. police say the motive and circumstances surrounding the shooting are under investigation. >> the tehama county elementary school targeted about a gunman earlier this month will reopen to students tomorrow. community leaders and religious leaders blessed the campus of ranch cho ta hey ma elementary school today before it opened its doors for the first time since november 14th. those gathered prayed for protection pore students and staff. >> we're just praying pore safety and peace. as i shared a blessing that god would just continue to work.
11:40 pm
kids are coming back to school. it's not going to be easy for some. >> school staff were accredited with saving the live of children when kevin neal opened fire on the campus. he illed five people before he went to the school and then killed by police. >> jury deliberations resuper tomorrow in the case of the man accused of shooting kate stein lee in san francisco. jurors deliberated on tuesday and wednesday before taking a break for thanksgiving. prosecutor say he intentionally fired the gun. defense attorneys say he fired the gun accidentally. >> divers have recovered the body of the driver of a truck that plunged into the oakland estuary this morning. witnesses eight vehicle careened off fruit bail bridge at about 8:00 and quickly sank. abc7 was there as the oakland fire department led the search with a dive team from san francisco. >> the vehicle was located in
11:41 pm
about 30 feet of water underwater. zero visibility in the estuary. nothing is -- everything is by touchdown there. you can't see anything. >> paramedics tried to revive the driver. he went to the hospital but died soon after. new at 11:00, the battle who will lead the nation's consumer financial watchdog is headed to court. leander english was appointed acting direct is suing president trump. president last named his budget director nick mulvaney to the post but the lawsuit is asking the court 0 block the appointment arguing under the law that created the bureau, the deputy director becomes acting director when the agency's top spot is vacant. >> cyber monday is spec odd bring in big bucks. i shoppers are expected to spend 6al $6 billion tomorrow up 16% from last year. some big retailers are offering discounts. target says everything on its website will be 15% off.
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amazon been offer discounts up to 50%. and wal-mart says it has tripled its number of online products from last year and thousands of deals are being offered. to making foes bargains easier, we've compiled a list of digital deals at our free abc7 news ap. >> surf's up. at lake tahoe. >> coming up next, the strong winds that caused waves and led some people to grab their boards. >> and i'm drew tuma live doppler 7 active as another round of showers moves through in the next couple of hours. what it means for your monda
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panic swept that you a crowded shopping mall in new york state this afternoon after someone fired. a gun. shoppers turned away people at the galleria at crystal run in middletown, new york. police say someone discharged the gun on the second level of the mall.
11:46 pm
authorities evacuated the mall and searched for the man who fired the gun. it is about 70 miles north of midtown manhattan. >> as the storm moved into the sierra today, some people grabbed their surfboards. at least one person took advantage of the high surf at lake tahoe. chp in truckee posted them on facebook. gusts reached between 50 and 85 miles an hour. i bet the lake was a little chilly today. >> i can tell you about that whole wet sue thing. for us, you know, maybe not so chilly. still rain is on the way. >> drew tuma. >> we have it moving through many spots. live doppler 7 tracking it all. a very active picture. i want to get you down into street level. you notice in the north bay, 101 san rafael, san quentin is, larkspur, wed even through the golden gate bridge. green on the screen. the picture of the bridge showing you right now, got drops on the lens, a wet roadway
11:47 pm
there. through san francisco right now, downpours moving through bayview and soma. the embarcadero, a live look from kgo, it is wet on the roads and will stay wet. overnight tonight, light to moderate rain. there is a chance of a thunder shower. the planner showing you the morning could feature an isolated shower. the even electric just fine. the accuweather seven-day after we get rid of the rain, it's dry midweek and the next chance comes on sunday. >> it is the season. >> let's talk about football championships where the field is 110 yards long and two guys can go into motion at the same time. >> they give wide receivers a running start. the canadians steaked their super bowl tonight in ottawa, ontario in a
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abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. canada stays in their super bowl. the 105th grey cup pitted the calgary stampeders and toronto argue go naughts. snowing in november, yep, that's canada. second quarter, ricky ray hits game mvp posey for the touchdown. longest td run in grey cup history. drake, rachel mcadams all from canada. argue go naughts tied the game at six. to the fourth, stampeders up. five minutes remaining. they have a chance to ice the game. jordan fumbles at the one and vaughan returns it 109 yards for the score. did you know canada has the longest coastline of any country in the world? second largest country but only
11:52 pm
.05% of the world's population. 53 seconds left. 32 yard field goal attempt. game tied. and toronto has a 27-24 lead late. but cal grower drove down the field. at at least a tie. they go for the win. bow vee lie mitchell picked off. toronto with the upset win the grey cup, 27-24. this is what game is all about. >> unbelievable, man. just oh, this is so awesome. man. just our team and just so much fight in our team. i just had a gut feeling all the way. doing all the work. guys believed in each other. we were able to do it tonight. >> we came together. we loved each other. we chose love all year. we had bad losses. love prevails. love always wins, man.
11:53 pm
>> gatorade shower and 20 degree weather. we're in week 12 and another great day around the nation in the nfl. here are your players of the day. nfc leading rams taking on the saints. jared goff threw for 354 yards and two tds. rams won and improve to 8-3. they are playoff contenders. panthers survive the jets. newton or superman. two-point conversion. watch this. goes flying into the end zone. panthers 8-3 with a 35-27 victory. kicker phil dawson 57-yard field goal as time expired. cardinals beat the jaguars. 27-24 arizona. tom brady's patriots beat the dolphins. brady four td passes two to rob gronkowski who gives his team member a piggy back ride. titans beat the colts and key laney walker performed cpr on the ball.
11:54 pm
and the browns drop to-11 after the loss to the ben kral gals. afghanistan y. green. it was joe mixon doing the work. 114 yards. 23 carries. bengals 5-6. falcons beat the bucs with trickery. mohamed sanu a td pass to julio squloens had 253 yards receiving. two touchdowns, 34-20 atlanta. eagles 10-1. they rolled over bears 31-3 and do moraling more like boling. then they break out the choreograp choreography. philly faces the raiders in three weeks. finally, packers and steelers tied at 28. big ben finds antonio brown. look at this catch. he had 169 yards, two tds. this catch set up the game winning field goal as time expi expired. 31-28 steeler. those are your plays of the day.
11:55 pm
college hoops, st. mary's taking on georgia. 25 seconds left in the game tied at 69. emmett with a nice pack to jock lan dale. jac with 33 points, 12 boards. william jackson drives. lays it in. we're tied at 71. st. mary's had a chance for win. can't get it to go. we go to over time where georgia pulled away. crump two of his 17 points and then the three. st. mary's suffered their second straight loss, 83-81 the final. this sports report and canadian information brought to you by river rock casino. expect crabtree to be fined heavily and perhaps ended a game. omari coop ser in concussion protocol. it is a violent game. you have to play with controlled violence. >> how about that into did you know it took that long to run 110 yards? >> it's even a longer way to run it in shoulder pads. >> i had no idea so many
11:56 pm
celebrities were from canada. >> you named a lot of them. what is it about mac and cheese? >> they eat more mac and cheese dinners up there than anyplace esin the world. >> you're half canadian. why are you asking him what they do in. >> i knew all the actors and actresses. >> from newfoundland. >> you eta a lot of the mac and cheese growing up. >> we did actually. >> it sounds pretty good right about now too with all the weather. >> it's also why he's so polite. >> you have to be super nice. >> quickly, rain? >> live doppler 7 showing we could have bands of rain moving through. some down pours, as well. expect wet roads for the a.m. commute. >> thank you very much eh. that's it for tonight. >> i'm dion lim. abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30 in the morning.
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thanks so much for watching. have a great night.
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