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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 27, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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son of well-known napa family, deeply rooted in the community and in the sports. >> dion lim went to napa to meet with friends and family who say the horn family is nothing short of extraordinary. >> reporter: no matter where you turn in napa community, horn family touched lives of everyone they came in contact with. redwood middle school where the youngest attended classes, grieving along with a community trying to stay napa strong. >> as youngest in the family, unbelievable personality, life of the party, much like kindred spirits there. >> reporter: sentiment echoed by people in napma who knew joe horn and daryl horn. news of passing almost too much to bear. >> it was just really shocking. quiet and speechless. >> reporter: days after
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thanksgiving daryl on family trip with joe and older son jared and two relatives from washington state, troy and baden biddle. driving down i-80 in san pablo o hit by fred lowe, already revoked from former. everybody except jared was killed. >> thoughts with him and his family. everyone in town is devastated. >> reporter: felt deepest in sports community at vintage high school where daryl was beloved coach. >> few people had a connection to kids the way he did. nickname for every kid he ever coached. >> reporter: with the family members. denise, greta and jared, star baseball player at cal. all-american family. >> quite a legacy they've left
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behind. >> reporter: abc7 news. >> families of the victims released a statement regarding the fathers killed. these men were dedicated to youth sports and mentoring children. through the years they had tremendous impact on the lives of young boys and girls that their communities will benefit from for generations. less than an hour ago neighbors under evacuation order in san francisco were allowed home. forced out following explosion that happened as firefighters responded to call about gas odor on mission street near college avenue. jonathan bloom with the latest. >> reporter: residents had to leave in hurry and over the past hour watched many return home. eight still displaced. residents where explosion shook the neighborhood, causing no injuries but leaving problems. as residents return home, pg&e
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still doesn't know what caused the gas leak that forced evacuate. jarring end to holiday weekend. >> knocking on our door asking us to evacuated building. >> reporter: some left in only pajamas in a block where one woman says second gas leak in two weeks. >> not letting us grab wallets or anything. >> reporter: told residents no need to panic, firefighters said no drill. >> engine arrived on scene with heavy smell of gas. positioned away from the building and started walking up and it exploded. >> reporter: video from sky7 shows damage. windows shattered and garage door blown into the street. >> i would expect gas was filling up garage and hit pilot light and caused explosion. no other real reason for it. >> reporter: believed the gas
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coming from under the street. pg&e crews scrambled to dig through and cap off both ends. took four hours before the all-clear. >> included turning off two valves at offsite location and digging up holes behind me in order for crews to safely access the pipe and stop the flow of gas. >> reporter: evacuated 19 buildings, estimated 100 residents. red cross showed up with food. >> walked out in pajamas. >> reporter: height of the incident pg&e says 470 customers were without gas service, most of those now turned back on. 120 customers remain without gas while a third party firm hired by pg&e investigates the cause of the location. for those in the neighborhood with gas turned on, pg&e asks you to call them and they will come relight the pilot lights.
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abc7 news. a sacramento area man is facing misdemeanor charges for allegedly flying levi's stadium. dropped fliers over the people at the game. what does the guy have to say for himself? >> reporter: i did. doesn't sound like he regrets what he did. wanted to get the message out. surprised everybody here at levi's stadium and authorities say they're taking it very seriously. flying a drone over levi's stadium during a sports event or concert is prohibited. police say didn't stop tracy maipz, the drone pilot admitted he was responsibility for dropping leaflets in first half of the game. red x, and about free speech. had social media accounts talking about his cause but told us he had to take it to next
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level. >> somebody doesn't do what i did because didn't believe what trying to tell you. telling the story for ten years. >> quick to track him down. spotted and alerted authorities. used drone to drop same leaflets at raiders game in coliseum. arrested by police. >> safety of the venue is at stake. never know intentions of the operators. anything could be dropped, why we take security measures so seriously. >> reporter: faces misdemeanor for flying drones near stadiums. abc7 news. bicyclist accused of assaulting san francisco muni bus driver now in custody. made obscene gesture, then
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boarded bus and began hitting her on the head. treated for non-life threatening injuries. captured on the surveillance system. looking for help to identify a dead man. collapsed and died at bus stop south 7th street in san jose. don't suspect foul play. 50 to 60, 5'10", 280 pounds. forensic artist created this sketch. if you have information, contact santa clara county. jury in kate steinle case has gone home without reaching verdict. lyanne melendez is live with the story. >> reporter: you know, it was third day of deliberations, really the first day that the jury sat down for whole entire day of deliberations. they started a little late, about 9:25 and ended at 4:30. rather long.
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here's what the jury did today. this morning we know that the jurors had a few questions for either the defense or prosecution because all the parties were called back into the courtroom. this is when they want to clarify something. typically the press is also allowed inside to hear the question and answer session. but not this time. according to ann don lin, the spokesperson for san francisco superior court, request was made by one of the attorneys to keep us out of the courtroom. judge agreed to the request. i then asked judge if that meant we would be excluded from every q&a session and response was no comment. speculating that perhaps because it's high profile case, attorneys are trying to limit the information disseminated. jury spent time looking through a lot of transcripts we're told. once they announce thiey've
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reached a verdict, everyone will have time to come back to the courtroom to hear it read the spokesman for the steinle family says won't be there when it's read. don't want to further politicize the case. steinle's death has been part of the immigration debate in the country. undocumented immigrant accused has been deported a number of times. garcia zarate has been charged with second degree murder but jury is allowed to consider first degree and involuntary manslaughter. and in this case they can also find him not guilty. we'll be here tomorrow. live from the hall of justice, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> thank you. toppled communication poles forced crews to shut down a road in sonoma county. affected a stretch of bohemian
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highway in santa rosa. came down in area working on wheelchair access project. northbound back open, southbound remain closed due to construction. south bay drivers woke up to rain. alum rock north of 330. you can hear the wind as well. by the time the sun came up, rain was gone but slick roads on the way to work. rain and sun, it's been a mixed bag in weather. the storm is long gone, chill settling in, i'll show you how cold coming up. high ranking state democrat resigns amid allegations of aggressively groping female staffer. next. next. a lot of us shopping online next. a lot of us shopping online ♪
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state asem mr. man raul bocanegra says he will resign immediately. originally said would keep seat but not run for re-election. today he said after further reflection decided to step down. seven women accused bocanegra of groping and forcing himself on them. he denies allegations. comes a day gr the assembly is holding public hearing to examine the handling of complaints. three chinese citizens charged in connection with hacking bay area tech company. federal indictment says three chinese nationals stole e-mails and sensitive business and employee information from three companies, trimball is one of them. believe the attack took place last year. right now prosecutors don't believe the hack was
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state-sponsored. now calling on uber to release more information. hatch, thune and cassidy sent a letter to uber's ceo, want to know the steps the company has taken to investigate what occurred and restore and maintain integrity of its systems. come a week after uber reported that hackers reached accounts of 57 million riders and waited more than a year to report it. having trouble keeping smartphone charged today? could be a sign you're searching for best cyber monday deals. we discovered they're offering some better deals in the stores. david louis with changes in cyber monday strategies. >> reporter: frenzy is expected to be biggest online shopping day ever, reaching record $6
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billion. midafternoon, past the halfway point at $3.38 billion, up from last year. retailers changed tactics and consumers. shoppers tell her grabbing every deal they can find. >> snapping up all possibilities now and intend to return what they don't end up using later on because there's a perception that retailers might run out of some of their favorite things. >> reporter: spending it up too. average of $137 today, increase of 3% from last year. reflection of consumer confidence. >> unemployment numbers are pretty about, but the rise in the stock market has been historically correlated with consumers feeling better. >> reporter: but some retailers finding way to get shoppers to the stores, pricing lower in the store and going online.
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waiting until evening to buy for best price. >> up 12%, shopping around, getting deals, putting in basket and conduct majority of the sales transactions that will peak in the evening hours. >> reporter: discounts are difficult to pass up. >> hard to not take part. >> have you found good deals? >> yeah, some sites offering off site wide and free shipping. et cetera. these days cyber monday about more than cameras and consoles. michael finney is here with more. >> shopping today. >> a little bit. >> online sales are up. amazon, ebay, walmart and usual suspects reporting record sales. but some of the very best deals are on travel websites. tickets to europe for $500 is
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pretty easy today. hotels cheaper too. one of the least expensive times to travel between now and march but airlines, hotels and third party booking websites are piling on. one of the hottest deals from wow air, icelandic discounter, offering flights from west coast of the united states to europe for $129. americans bought new homes in october at fastest pace in a decade. 6% increase over september. third straight monthly gain and best since october 2007, before the great recession. many buyers turning to new construction because shrinking supply of existing homes for sale. average sale price of new home jumped nearly 14% over the past 12 months, nationwide average
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$400,200. are you shopped out? take a breather in helping out. giving tuesday is tomorrow. like cyber monday for charities. if you want in, give to charity of your choice. don't get tricky. bad guys know we're looking to give so they're stalking us. go with names that you know and trust, not the ones in your e-mail inbox. >> right. thank you michael. did you get your christmas tree yet? if you get a fresh one, odds on you will be bringing as many as 25,000 bugs in with it. spiders, mites and even praying mantises could be in the new tree. most not dangerous and eventually die of course. exper experts suggest inspecting the trees before buying and freshly cut tree, leave in garage for a few days and shake it out before
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bringing it inside. may be one of the greatest technological marvels of our time but tonight astronauts in international space station are going old school. tweeted this photo of fellow astronaut studying a physical atlas. when they capture beautiful photos use the atlas to find the actual location. morro bay between santa fe and santa barbara. if you look up in sky in 15 minutes you can catch the space station zooming over san francisco. little bit more than 15 minutes. maybe another beautiful picture tomorrow. weather conditions will be ideal to see the iss. look at this live picture right now. not a cloud in sight.
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chilly overnight with mid-30s inland, bright and sunny and showers returning over the weekend. wispy clouds passing through from emeryville. other than that, no fog on live doppler 7 and no rain to speak of. picked up some over the weekend. over an inch in santa rosa. if you want to know how much rain, mostly quarter to third of inch. peak gusts this morning, oakland, 46 miles an hour, a bit windy. did snow in the mountains in time for boarders and skiers. mammoth ten, seven at kirkwood. glorious or what? south beach camera, sutro tower. 50s, san francisco to oakland to
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gilroy, stunning picture from sutro at bay lights. mid to upper 50s, santa rosa to concord and livermore. 7:00, some 50s, more 40s 9:00 to 11:00 p.m. those temperatures really dropping. tomorrow morning will be cold. inland valleys, mid to upper 30s. patches of dense fog towards delta or north bay values. 40s along the bay or coastline. water will keep you dropping too low but most will be feeling the chill. bundle up. tomorrow afternoon, upper 50s to mid-60s. plenty of sun. thin wispy clouds in north bay. that's about it. good time to download the accuweather app. keep track of the temperatures hour by hour and will feature a cold morning tomorrow.
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patchy fog. sunshine rest of the day. bright and sunny wednesday and thursday, near average into friday. then a level one light system saturday afternoon. breezy, some showers. early shower maybe on sunday but weekend not a washout. if you want to shop for tree or do holiday shopping, you're in luck. most of this week going to be dry in terms of weather conditions. you can get out and get things done. >> thanks. bullish on bitcoin, a new milestone just reached. new at 6:00, important bill paying tips from 7 on your paying tips from 7 on your side's michael finney, for mild-to-moderate eczema? it can be used almost everywhere on almost everybody. the face of a fisherman? the hand of a ranch hand? the knee of a needle pointer? prescription eucrisa is a nose to toes eczema ointment. it blocks overactive pde4 enzymes within your skin.
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there you go. mickey mouse signed disney ceo
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bob iger at opening bell. in celebration of the company's 60th anniversary as listed company. parent company of abc7 news. bitcoin is trading above $10,000 as several south korea based exchanges. started at $10,000. consider the return. considered good place to store outside of governments. bypass banking systems and blockchain platform. maintained by massive network of anonymous computers on the innoce internet. now more users than charles schwab. more than 11.7 million users at end of october. that's up from 4.7 million a
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year ago. compare to charles schwab, 10.6 million active brokerage accounts. new report suggests that ac transit service will not begin as soon as hoped. the chronicle tlt reports that delays in getting it wired will delay the start of service until june. report says officials hoped to have wiring finished next month. not going to happen. looking at march. according to the report once the hub is finished, ac transit will need a couple of months to train drivers on double deck busses and new routes as well. dramatic surveillance video of a truck crashing into a gym near los angeles. playa del rey, driver had a medical emergency, suffered minor emergencies. no one inside was hurt but could
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have been disastrous. exercise class ended early because fewer showed up because of the holiday weekend. that room could have been packed with people. if you fall asleep at concert, last thing you want to do is draw attention to yourself. >> one woman can't help herself. that's next. thanks to craig for this picture of the city bathed in pink.
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i'm worried. i have this medical bill...oll, huh? dave, you have anthem and they have people to talk to who are empowered to help any question you... is, is he okay? real people? living and breathing. hopefully not breathing like that. for all the things that keep you up at night, anthem blue cross has a solution.
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coming up on abc7 news at 6:00, raucous meeting as soekd's embattled school district isification a crisis and students and teachers caught in the middle. keep famous square clean on the holidays. and street fight in san francisco, controversial sale of road in ritzy
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neighborhood, all coming up in half an hour on abc7 news at 6:00. finally tonight, unusual excitement at performance of the north state symphony in redding. >> one member of the audience apparently napping until jolted awake. >> ah! >> hear that. woman screams and audience laughing in igor stravinsky's "the firebird," yes he can still be a surprise a century later. no kidding as teenager, mother took us to symphony and i nodded off. big crescendo, doesn't scream but startled. >> lucky there was no
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>> "world news" with david muir is next. >> appreciate your time, see you in half an hour. tonight, the global headline today. the american princess. prince harry asks the young woman he met from the u.s. to be his wife. the history made. the first american who will now officially join the royal family. her father, white, her mother, black. her catholic high school here at home. and the ring with diamonds from diana. also tonight, president trump, igniting outrage with native american heroes from world war ii standing behind him at the white house. what he said today. senator al franken returning to the hill and his message to the women. but will his apology be enough? and roy moore tonight. will the president campaign for him? the russia investigation. abc news tonight learning of a meeting between michael flynn's lawyers and special counsel robert mueller's team. is flynn now planning to cooperate? massive evacuations tonight. am


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