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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  November 28, 2017 1:42am-2:12am PST

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iceberg. and this reunion has been six months in the making. >> that's because anggi sep e to denmark. authorities seized her. >> i thought it was a quarantine thing. >> which usually happens when you move to europe, certain countries have to go through a certain period of quarantine to make it okay. >> they took her away and he was not happy about it. >> what happened, did they finally let it off the list or is he going to a different country? >> they are considering the list. it was the steps he took. with the help of people who signed a petition to reunite him with his doggy. here they are. iceberg was pretty pumped. >> what would have happened to iceberg if he didn't get the petition signed? >> the reason he wanted her bag is she was going to put down. it's a happy ending for everybody involved. they can live happy ever after
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going about their merry way. ♪ ♪ >> check out these lakes. you'd be thinking they're all separate. this dark green one here, very vivid green one. beautiful, in fact. as is the brown one as well. they are not separate. they're all in the same place. this is mount kilimuto in indonesia. it's rather well known, yeah, because all of these lakes, they're all right next to each other. but they're all very different colors. and in fact, when you go visit there's no guarantee they're going to be the same color that i'm showing you right now. >> they change with the season? >> they change, not with the season. in fact, i can guarantee you that christiane can explain what is going on. >> this is crater lake? bacteria that's changing, chemicals that are coming out of the -- >> exactly. chemical reactions reacting with the minerals that are in the water. as a result the geo thermal activity, you can see in the bright lake. you see that bubbling up that's
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happening right there? that's just all part of the earth dock what the earth does. and as such, when you go visit, it's just, yeah. >> i'm glad you could explain that. all i was thinking was jacqueline. [ laughter ] >> here's the thing. it probably stinks. >> but it does give you a pretty unique opportunity to get some pretty cracking photos by the look of it. it's beautiful. >> i want to kayak it. >> which one? >> yes. >> just have to jump on a plane to indonesia. >> there's nothing more difficult than seeing a mother cry. and this woman in thailand is about to shed tears because she doesn't recognize her son. the man walks up to her. she just starts shedding tears. she cannot control her emotions. >> i was expecting something different considering thailand. i figured maybe he'd transition or something. >> well, he didn't transition,
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but he has transformed himself. she's not seen him for a long time. he participated in a thai show called "let me in" and in that show he went through a transformation. let me rewind and show you what he looked like before. >> oh, wow. >> wow. >> he had a really severe under bite. some reports say that his jaw was twisted somehow. in the show he underwent a jaw reconstruction. he even had a salivary gland botox to help him because apparently he had an issue with drooling. >> so this show is kind of a swan kind of make over show. >> yes, it appears as though that's what they do on the show. there is a big reveal. you can see everybody is shocked at his transformation. [cheering and applauding] >> he has a new face. >> he looks like a kid rock star, doesn't he? >> the thing is the mom was not so sure if she's happy or how she's feeling. she starts looking at the other parts of his body to see if she recognizes the features of his
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hands. she even reaches for her feet. >> for her it could be bitter sweet especially if there were medical conditions because he is better. but the fact she doesn't recognize her son because that's not the face she's accustomed to might be a little bit hard for her as well. >> when you're a parent, it's not -- once she's gotten over the initial shock she'll be fine. >> he hasn't changed on the inside. it's still her boy. >> all right, guys, take a moment. watch this and think about what would you do. >> you want to check something out? >> sure. >> hold on. sorry, i'm a little nervous. >> socially awkward, but trying to interact with somebody here. he's trying to interact with that girl and she seems to be paying attention. >> thanks. just launched the stairs. do you guys happen to know where like the library is? >> easy question on the campus of university of southern california. >> did you really just do isn't that? >> you're a loser, bro.
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>> it's cool. >> [ bleep ]. >> then the classic jock bully steps in. i knew that kid in high school. was it you? [ laughter ] >> you just [ bleep ] do not talk to people like that. >> she's ready to fight. >> seriously, please walk away. >> that's like second grade [ bleep ]. >> you are such a loser to think that you can make fun of people like that. >> if you haven't noticed already, the guy, the bully, the jock, is dawson from big dog tv and that's his buddy playing the part of nerd. >> dude, what are you wearing? you look like such a [ bleep ] loser. >> ouch. >> the guy walking around carrying a football. >> in this case he gets physical, yanks the papers out of his hands. and once again, the kind student steps in between. >> don't make me swing, bro. >> don't make me swing, bro. >> look at him. stop it. >> but not everybody takes action. >> yo, she doesn't want to talk to you. >> well, hey. >> get a life, bro.
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>> get another one in a second. >> get a life, dude. >> oh. >> yeah. that girl just seems to walk away, doesn't want to get involved maybe. >> especially with what we're seeing in the news nowadays. it's like when you see a woman being spoken to in a certain way or a certain person of a certain color steps in and say no. >> in the end they do let some of their marks off the hook and let them know. >> okay, thanks. do you want a pez? >> no, i'm good. >> okay, thank you. >> [ bleep ]. >> we're doing a youtube video. you're awesome. that was so good. >> and dawson does have a message to go along with this entire video. >> you guys know someone that's being bullied or see someone being bullied please try to stick up for them. 90% of the people in this video did. shout out to those people. >> those are some of the cool est people i've ever met. leave them alone or you're going to have to talk to me. >> it's a creative boot hack. >> we've got some pretty cool boot cuff ideas.
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>> see how you can have a flashy festive look this holiday season. and they're about to attempt sneaking into several different places in one day. >> we tried to get in. >> see their master plan and find out if it works. >> here to make some -- >> yeah. works. >> yeah. for the things we have. for those we love and for making it to the grown up table. what matters most is made at home. it's cyber monday, we needon it.t busy. we're saving an extra 15% off everything on oh bananas! banana bananas! it is crazy, right?! save an extra 15% off cyber monday at i had this chest cold, but my medicine kept wearing off. (coughah! i missed you! then i discovered mucinex. one pill lasts 12 hours,and i'm good. why take 4-hour medicine? one mucinex lasts 12 hours. let's end this. unlike ordinary toothpaste
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also works with employers to find the right job for the right warrior. contact wounded warrior project at welcome home the brave. closed captioning provided by --
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now, moms and dads out there do their best to keep their kids off the street. i think with this kid they succeeded. >> oh, my gosh, no way. >> yeah. >> cool est. >> clears that residential street. i'm going to mark that at least 16 feet. >> are you looking at olympic long jump? >> he will be. >> plants his foot, launches. looks like he's at peak right over the middle of the road. and then safely comes back to terra firma on the other side. >> that is so ridiculous. michael jordan could watch that and go, whoa! >> parents said, you're not allowed to walk across the street by yourself. just leap. >> you leave 1 foot on that street, you're grounded. >> i have no information on this young man, although i can tell you he can leap. >> he's pretty fly. ♪ ♪
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>> it's boot season, but, dude, seriously. >> sorry. >> thank you very much. now, get yourself some boots and spruce them up just like this for the holiday season. we've got some pretty cool boot cuff ideas and you're just going to use christmas stockings. you just cut the foot off the stocking and you can test it out just like her. it fits her. and then she uses the holiday bows to wraparound the white portion of the stocking. that's going to be your cuff. now, let's get on over to the next one. she cuts the back and adds velcro. that's how you're going to a jest the sizing. and once you've got that, look at that. you've got really cute little festive boot cuffs. >> no, you can remove these when you're done, right? >> of course. those go over your leg and then your boot goes over those. so, they're not attached to the actual boot. it's just kind of like a little hack. >> it's cute. >> it is actually kind of cute. i need my shoes back.
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>> cuddle time. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> the guys are exposing an absolutely gaping massive loop hole in security. and all it takes is a couple of high visibility yellow vests. they start with movie theaters. let's just stroll in. now we're in the theater. >> busted! >> what are you guys doing? >> we're doing routine checkups. >> ok, cool. go on about your routine checkups now that i've checked up on what this checkup was
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about. >> maybe they'll bring this to the attention of people. >> not just movie theaters. how about celebrity chefs? >> celebrity chefs restaurant. i don't know if he'll be there. we'll walk into the kitchen. >> let's see what happens. >> can we go to the bathroom? >> it will be two seconds. comes to getting into the kitchen. >> i'm going to get a manager for service. >> you're going to g ge great, bye. >> i only expect a restaurant not to be so open because they have to go through routine inspection. >> the other vest, do not work he t dlist, thefse they've got their walkee talky. stroll past security right into the museum. you enjoy beautiful art and paintings and everything else. >> it's the clipboard and the walkee talky, they're official. >> clearly. it keeps working. next up head to the l.a. zoo.
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>> they see three different employees with security. surely this won't work. eventually, let's just go for it. >> lions and tigers and bears, oh, my. they have the free run of the zoo. >> you can see how many attractions they go to. never once questioning, the sun hasn't quite set. and this last one is a toughy. in fact, they don't even name the park they're walking into. it's one of the biggest ones in the universe. >> quite a lot of security. can you say hello [ bleep ]? [ laughter ] >> wow, i hear there are lots of studios around there, too. >> a whole universe of studios. matt just commits. straight into the park. >> it's not just the vest, it's the confidence. >> thomas follows. >> [ bleep ]. come on in, sir. once they're in -- now they've just got access to the entire park. they go enjoy some of the rides.
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so, companies, restaurants, theaters, everything of america. please take note the high visibility vest isn't a v.i.p. pass. >> he's got some mad skills. kind of like the harlem globe trotter of stocks. >> that's a very good way of putting. a look a incredible soccer training. >> pretty impressive. >> brilliant. >> plus you can always count on a good show in new york city. ♪ ♪ >> this morning commute just got real fresh. >> wait until you hear the rest. >> these >> yes. (hard exhalation) honey? can we do this tomorrow? (grunts of effort) can we do this tomorrow? if you have heart failure symptoms, your risk of hospitalization could increase, making tomorrow uncertain. but entresto is a medicine that was proven, in the largest heart failure study ever, to help more people stay alive
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keep doing what you were borne to do. airborne plus beta immune booster. turn it off, ifwith icy hot® smart only smart relief is indicated to relieve chronic pain among leading brands. turn off pain. smart relief. whenfrom eczema, akout i feel like i'm in this shell. gold bond eczema relief relieves five frustrating symptoms of eczema. my skin's back. new york city, subway lines, what does that mean? performers. of course. these two are putting on quite the show. >> wow. >> this little boy has drum sticks and they're going to town. we presume they're brother and sister.
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here he comes. ♪ >> yeah. turn that bucket around. >> this morning mute just got real fresh, he was starting to sing the usher song "real slow." ♪ >> "hotline bling" ladies and gentlemen. they switch it up again. ♪ >> they went old school on them. the temptations, my girl. ♪ >> there's such quality to his voic voice. >> man. >> as soon as they finish. folks give them some money and a round of applause. they're pretty fly. >> i want usher to find him. put him on a stage.
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>> that's what i said, usher, call this little boy. >> when it comes to football, soccer, as you know it, it is about the football -- whatever it is called, pj has it. this treadmill, he throws the soccer ball down. watch as the guys try to mess with him. watch his feet. >> wow. >> he just goes -- now you can assume he's got these skills for a good reason. he's a pro soccer freestyler. he can juggle a soccer ball with his feet, his head, everything else. in this case, he should be playing center forward for ac milan. >> like the harlem globetrotter of soccer. >> that's a very good way of putting it. >> that's incredible. >> i can't help but think how broke our noses would be now if we attempted this. >> most people have trouble running on a treadmill. in this case, it's pretty
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impressive. >> brilliant. >> she's got 12 things she's grateful for. >> motherhood. >> hear what else
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solid. >> you see people doing that. >> >> here are the 12 things i'm grateful for. one, yoga mpants. >> we have that in common. >> they're stretchy, comfortable, you can put your muffin top in yoga pants. two, caffeine, otherwise it's like -- >> yeah. i feel you. >> babysitters. babysitters are like little overpriced angels sent from heaven, especially if they do
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the dishes. >> one we're all grateful for. >> online shopping. i might have a problem there, but so do you, don't you? online shopping is the bomb. why would you leave the house if you don't have green time. greens are like free basters. >> particularly on 33-hour flights, or doing the cross-country car rides. those screens are useful. >> mom friends. who else will listen to you talk about your kid's diarrhea for 45 minutes. that is true. you have no advice to give when you're not a mom. >> texting. >> everybody's favorite since 1999. >> the ability to have a communication with someone so you're not running through the house trying to find a quiet place to have a conversation when you're on the phone. >> parents are thankful for these.
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>> bathroom door locks. peeing and audiences don't mix. >> going to the bathroom is a spectator sport when you have children for four, five years. >> dry shampoo. >> the ability to look like you washed your hair when you haven't for four, five days. genius. bedtime. husbands who do bedtime and don't leave their socks on the floor. if you find one of those husbands, let me know. >> we're locked down for a reason. >> and kids. i'm so grateful for my kids, what else would i have to complain about? >> thanks for watching. we'll see you next
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53 trees. where is this person putting this giant tree? coming up in "the skinny," the big news for jersey shore fans. plus the alert for holiday
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shoppers, your next time to save big. we're going to tell you which days you need to know about for good deals. and the holiday light display that fans are loving, neighbors not so much. >> that's where the tree's going. first, here's a look at today's forecast. forecast.
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