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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 29, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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renakts shock. >> moments ago, the following note was sent to our organization. dear colleagues, on monday night we received a detailed complaint from a colleague about inappropriate sexual bel air in the workplace by matt lauer. >> how do you reconcile your love for someone with the revelation that they have behaved badly? >> nbc news reports the woman accuses lauer of inappropriate sexual behavior about began at the so much olympics in 2014 and continued after the games. in a statement at the new york times, the accuser's lawyer says while i will impress bid nbc's response to date, i will awed by the courage my client has shown and to do so without making any demands other, than asking the company do the right thing. this is how the system should work. >> i think they knew that there was maybe going to be a flood of stories coming after this. so they took swift action against him. >> president trump was quick to tweet about matt lauer's firing. but he's facing allegations of his own. at least 16 women have accused
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the president of sexual misconduct. the president has denied the accusations, calling the women liars. the firing comes one week after another morning show host. charlie rose was fired from cbs after several women came to the "washington post" with allegations of being sexually harassed by the anchor. variety says they've been working on a story for months details multiple sexual harassment allegations against matt lauer and then nbc was aware. in new york, abc7 news. >> of course, the details are still coming out. what have we learned from variety about what really happen with matt lauer? >> reporter: variety is speaking out. more than two months they spent interviewing multiple we will. they interviewed at least three women who called themselves victims. and some of the details they talk about are hard to talk about. one woman accuses matt lauer of summoning her into the office and dropping his pants. another woman said matt lauer
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gave her a sex toy for a holiday with an explicit note attached. others are saying that he had a button under his dpeks automatically locked the door without him ever having to get up from the desk in his office. so more and more details. . hard to talk about are coming out. it should be noted. so far we have not heard from matt lauer. he has made no comment this and these are allegations. >> perhaps in the days to come. thank you so much. another surprising announcement. minnesota public radio confirmed long time host garrison keelor was fired. he was best known for prairie home companion. he retired last year. someone who worked with him came forward of allegations of improper behavior. the radio station did not go into detail but said it is investigating similar allegations involving other staff. san mateo staff have arrested a person accused of inappropriately tufg children at
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an afterschool program. he was an aide in san carlos. the sheriff's department began investigating him after a 6-year-old girl said he touched her and then another victim, a 7-year-old girl, came forward. tran has been fired from the school district. in the east bay, police arrested a man for lewd acts with a child. benjamin matthew they searched the athletic club which he owns as part of investigation. police have not released details. on saying they are investigating leads in this case. >> the jury deciding the fate of a man accused of killing kate steinle in on pier 14 is still behind doors. >> live at the hall of justice in san francisco where day five of deliberations continues. >> reporter: i just saw the judge in the case in the hallway
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a moment ago. i asked him how he thought deliberations were going. he shrugged his shoulders and said no comment. this is of course day five of jury deliberations. no verdict so far. the prosecutor diana garcia was in and out of court rule several times but no sign of public defender matt gonzales. jose ines garcia zarate charged with shooting 32-year-old kate steinle on pier 14 in july of 2015. with a gun that he claims he found wrapped in a t-shirt on the pier. legal analysts say there is a lot for the jury to consider. was the killing an accident? or wait willful and intentional? >> first thing they'll want to do is review the evidence, review the jury instructions, become familiar with the law that the judge gave them so when they make decision about the facts, they can apply the appropriate law. >> and all those things take a lot of time when you're dealing with a group of 12 people who
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have to agree unanimously about what decision they make. >> the jury may consider first or second-degree murder, involuntary manslaughter, or not guilty. the deliberations are scheduled to end in about 25 minutes, at 4:30. unless, of course, a verdict is reached. we'll let you know as soon as we know. we're live at the hall of justice. abc7 news. >> thank you. and you can be the first twlong the verdict comes down by downloading our abc7 news app. we'll bring you the verdict live on air and online at abc7 the death toll for the north bay wildfires grew this week after a badly burned man died from his injuries. 41-year-old michael aczarrian passed away on sunday. his friends told the radio station he was being treated for burns over half his body at uc
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davis medical center. the firestorm has now claimed the lives of 44 people total. and nearly 9,000 homes and buildings were destroyed. we have a continuing pattern of very chilly mornings and bright and mild afternoons. a few high clouds are offshore and to the north. check this out from our roof top. you can see the moon off in the distance near the top center of your screen. it is currently vinyl degrees in san francisco. low 60s at oakland. mid 60s in mountain view and gilroy. has the beautiful view of the western sky from he willoryville. just a few thin wispy clouds. otherwise, blue skies. 63 degrees in santa rosa. 63 in novato. concord, 66 and 61. we have rough surf. wave heights have gone to 16 feet and some beach side locations. some sneaker waves are a
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possibility and let me remind you, it will be quite chilly overnight. we had the low down to 32 degrees. freezing at napa. we'll see mid 30s in the north bay valleys tomorrow morning. i'll give you a look at the complete forecast. >> san hoes police say 11 boys and girls between ages of 11 and 17 are accused in a violent citywide crime spree. police stay spree included burglaries, carjackings, and high speed car chases involving drivers as young as 11 years old. investigators say a gun was used in several of the crimes. police called the latest crime spree part of an alarming trend. >> a trend we're seeing more and more of. groups and juveniles who commit a really large number of violent crimes in a very small period of time. >> the suspects have been booked into santa clara juvenile hall. police believe there are additional victims yet to come forward. >> new details about the suspect arrested for shooting at a
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willow glen elementary school. police have arrested 21-year-old nicholas o'connor. they took him into custody last night. here's the reporter. >> reporter: police took nicholas o'connor at 8:00 last night. they say he was the man seen on surveillance video shooting out cameras at booksin elementary school tuesday morning. officers doctor found a shotgun and additional evidence. they reviewed the security video. even though suspect was wearing a mask, investigators are confident they have the right man. >> i know they want to know what he was doing there. why he brought a shotgun on to school campus after hours. so those are all things that investigators are looking into. >> the campus was hit with the same vandalism on veterans day weekend. they are still investigating. pressure was mounted against the police department because parents were very worried. this morning they're relieved to hear about the arrest. >> we were happy to hear about the arrest. we left the kids at home yesterday.
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we brought them on school today. this morning it was easy to get them up and going and help appease their fears. >> it is the worst thing that could happen to a school. whether it is in the middle of the night or the daytime. who knows what the motive was to shoot the cameras, would he come back and start doing that to kids? >> o'connor faces charges he graduated from willow glen high school in 2014. are we closing in on war with north korea? >> protect our country. whether it is north korea or anything. >> we're going to protect our country like never before. >> the new worries after yesterday's latest missile test. plus, a different kind of attack. i don't know if you're at risk after hackers try to take a bite out of apple. and 7 on your side, post questions with the #ask finny.
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here's a question. at 4:10 in the afternoon. how long will it take to get through this? traffic downtown, sky way in san francisco. and it is just gruesome in both directio
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kidney problems, or high potassium in your blood. ♪ tomorrow, tomorrow... ♪ when can we do this again, grandpa? well, how about tomorrow? ask your doctor about entresto and help make tomorrow possible. the war of words is escalating. >> an entire generation of americans was not even alive during the nuclear attack or even a threat of one.
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david louie talked about the risk americans could be facing. >> the potential of north korea launching a nuclear attack against the u.s. is the first such threat since the cold war. although the regime of kim jong-un does not appear to have the right size warhead to reach the u.s. mainland, this political scientist believes the public should be concerned. >> i think they should be worried. >> at san jose state, she says americans should be urging the white house to negotiate despite the public posturing of president trump and pyongyang. >> both leaders have strong incentives to appear tough and combative in front of their publics. that doesn't mean they can't use diplomacy in a quiet manner. >> the stakes are high of the nonpartisan think tank in washington, d.c. he believes south korea and japan, both u.s. allies, are likely the targets of north korea. >> any war, even without nuclear
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weapons, would kill hundreds of thousands of south careens. the north has all this artillery that can hit seoul very easily. >> we have two sides, each heavily armed. conducting exercises, flying near their territory. there's always the potential for an accident. >> still, because of its location, officials had hawaii are taking a potential nuclear attack seriously with the new warning signal, whether north korea is ready or not. >> i don't think there's an imminent danger. but a year, two years, three years, they'll certainly -- >> abc7 news. >> leaders of japan, germany and russia, have joined the u.s. in condemning the growing missile program of the china has backed sanctions by the united nations as a way to get north korea engage in talks. >> california's attorney general is suing a private for profit university that repeatedly has been investigated by federal
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consumer watch dogs. javier bassera has sued. the suit alleges ashford laid to prospective students about the aid they would receive and said he imposed fees he students who couldn't pay. >> we're seeking restitution for those students. we're seeing a permanent injunction against ashford, for engaging in similar activities in the future. >> ashford university sent abc7 news this response. we intend to vigorously defend this case. we look forward to the success stories of our students and our school because we're proud of our work and confident we'll be fully vindicated. new measures passed in san francisco and oakland will help marijuana businesses next year. last year, they rejected the attempt to limit the number of
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dispensaries. oakland city council approved zpax permits for cannabis sales. it ensures the government will not delay manufacturing, cultivation and sales. the councilmember in charge says pot sales will help improve the city overall. >> the people of oakland. we need the tax revenue. we have to do more to help the homeless. to get the illegal dumping off our streets. >> recreational pot sales become legal in california, starting january 1st. you're planning to fly home through holidays through american airlines, you may want a back-up plan. america is working to fix a major scheduling mix-up. too many pilots have been approved for time off during the holiday rush. a glitch with the vacation system left thousands of flights without pilots. airline officials say they expect to avoid any cancellations. they're offering pilots overtime pay to fill in and try to resolve the issue. apple is working on an emergency fix for a passport
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flaw. it allows anybody to living on by sning as an other user and then typing word route as a user man and leaving the password blank. that simple move would allow this rogue user to access everything on your computer. they could install malicious software or lock you out of your account completely. apple unveiled it in september. the coil is not giving a time line for a fix but experts say mac owners should not allow anybody near their computer. amazon says its cyber he monday sale was the biggest ever. they said it beat its own previous single day sales record. previously set on prime day this past july. amazon didn't release exact figures but said customers bought hundreds of millions of products over the recent holiday weekend. overall, cyber monday proved good for everybody. team marketing group says it was
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the largest online shopping day in history. pat on our backs for contributing to that, right? >> a lot of it was spencer christian buying gifts for all the viewers. they'll be mailed individually. >> and my co-workers, of course. the gifts are piling up. >> sunglasses for the days to come? >> absolutely. overcoats were needed this morning. here's a look at live doppler 7. we have sunny skies. a fairly mild afternoon but the day got off to a really chilly start. from the east bay hills, this is view. we'll have clear conditions overnight with the very chilly conditions inland in the early morning hours. milder afternoons. then cooler this weekend with increasing clouds. no rain expected. right now, temperature readings are in the low to mid 60s. we have some upper 50s.
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59 in the city. and overnight, this is worth revisiting. look for lows of 35. napa, in the inland east bay. we'll see upper 30s. down around morgan hill. it will be cold to chilly once again. and i showed you earlier, the wave heights were elevated. right here, in our local beaches, we have 10 to 15-foot wave heights just to the north. it has been churning up, sending the large waves toward coastline. fortunately for us, or maybe unfortunately, we won't get any rain from that storm. tomorrow is the 12-hour planner. clear skies with chilly morning weather biflt midday, into the afternoon hours, we'll see highs reaching into the mid to upper 60s. around the bay, pretty mild. on the coast, upper 50s to low 50s.
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60s. the temperatures will drop sharply under clear skies. and speaking of clear skies, this is how it looked tomorrow. sunny and highs on the coast, up to about 64 degrees. some mid to upper 60s. it match what's is being told by the climate predictor center for the week ahead. this is precipitation outlook. it will be dry on the western third of the country. but over on the east coast, in the northeast, rainy. mid-atlantic, stormy. aren't you glad we're here. unless you like rain, and then you can go there. it will cool down a little evidence to weekend but not a lot. we'll get a few extra clouds.
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rain chances around zero and then milder once again with high temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. >> tremendous shopping weather. we all love muir woods, right? you can pay almosts to john muir. the new site opening the visitors. a little video is making a big splash across the globe. what is behind this recruitment effort? and how about another look at traffic? this is san jose 101. the slow part heading south. leaving silicon valley. it is very slow at the moment. it i
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really? really? really? really? really? see zero in a whole new way. get zero down, zero deposit, zero first month's payment, and zero due at signing on select volkswagen models. now with the people first warranty. nature lovers will be able to pay their almosts to john muir. abc news visited his resting
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place. it has been closed to visitors until now. the national the parks service says it will be opening the site to the public beginning one week from saturday. he is buried in a family plot with his wife, children and in-laws. bits five minutes from the national historic site located in the woods next to a creek. >> i think he would have enjoyed the setting. it has a bunch of trees that he had spent some time under. and i think he would have enjoyed it for sure. >> now, to visit, you'll need to take a shuttle. there will be three park service tours a week beginning december nanlt. and visitors must call the john muir national his, to site to sign up. we're posting some contact information for you as well as the abc7 news app. a hands-on effort is underway to get b.a.r.t. officials to do something about conditions outside a b.a.r.t. station. we were at the 16th street
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b.a.r.t. station they are cleaning upper wednesday. she asked b.a.r.t. directors to join them. she said the b.a.r.t. director latifah said she will join in the clean-up effort next week. and b.a.r.t. says it is hiring more cleaners. police in new zealand are giving a thumb up as a video the stuff of a hollywood blockbuster. the video features 70 real cops and top brass showcasing the kiwi's sense of high schooler and the department's ability to poke some fun at itself. it is unclear with recruitment but people are certainly watching it. it has had more than 4 million views on facebook alone. controversy about the twitter activity intensifies. this time, it is not about something he wrote.
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here are the headlines. one of the most recognizable faces in all of network television, nbc's he matt lauer was fired this morning after allegations of sexual harassment by a subordinate. the chairman called it a clear violation of company standards. abc world news is tweeting more female staffers who worked for long time congressman john conyers has come forward alleging they had to fight back against unwanted sexual advances. we'll have the full story coming up at 5:30. laura anthony tweeting there video showing how the city of oakland is trying to deal with major homeless problem. oakland is installing the tough shed structures to be used as tell player housing for the homeless. and just into our newsroom. cornell reporting that day five of jury deliberations in the
4:30 pm
kate steinle murder trial ends without a verdict. the jury has been sent home for the day. we'll have more natural sbis what that means for the case coming up at 5:00. and thousands of holiday revellers are taking in the christmas in the park attraction. there are a handful of trees. more on the mixed reaction. >> through the use of hundreds of christmas trees on display, schools, businesses and organizations are able to bring awareness to issues or causes they care about at christmas in the park. now some community members are calling into question the appropriateness of some of the trees. >> you celebrate the birth of christ and what he did for us. so of course, the message. >> the san jose chapter of the say the annic temple caused heads to turn after the discovery that it's tree topper,
4:31 pm
a giant black goat head, had disappeared. >> now people know who we are and what we believe and there is nothing to be scared of. just ask us a question. we're happy to talk to you. and i think you'll find we have more in common than we do different. >> another tree sponsored by the home h 2 h bull. colin kaepernick as well as the me too movement. some are taking issue with this scene. depicting the rise of the trans sexual community picturing a bar by doll alongside bruce jenner. they are altering the display. >> the world is to each his own and something to talk about. >> they say since they're on public land they won't remove any trees unless there is a blat an attempt to be discriminatory or vulgar. >> there are many different religions and organizations that participate. >> some calling it an opportunity to start a
4:32 pm
conversation. in san jose. abc7 news. >> now to the growing controversy over president trump on twitter. this time, it's not about what the president wrote but what he retweeted. >> molly hunter has the greets london. >> on the streets of london. that's jada francis holding the white cross, screaming, spitting hatred. she yells that muslim men made her cover-up to avoid getting raped because they can't control their urges. >> this is a christian country! >> she has been convicted in the uk of religiously activated harassment. and a leader of the right wing group. this small group stages anti-muslim, and unverified and without context. and now president trump has retweeted her videos to his 43.6 million twitter followers. not once but three times.
4:33 pm
the videos weren't posted consequentially. meaning the president likely scrolled through her time line to pick them out. but sarah sanders defended trump. >> whether it is a real video, the threat is real. that's what the president is talking about. that's what the president is focusing on. dealing with those real threats. those are real no matter how you look at i. >> for her part, she thanked the president tweeting, god bless you, trump and god bless america the ablt muslim videos -- >> the reaction in the u.k. was immediate. >> he is normalizing hatred. >> last year, a woman was killed by extremists shouting. they called for it to be named a terrorist organization. now british prime minister theresa may said it is wrong for the president to have done this. >> there is a lot of anger about these tweets and already calls to cancel a future trump state
4:34 pm
50s. leaders in the bay area area say the president's decision to retweet the videos completely irresponsible. >> it is basically incitement of violence against the american muslim community. and it could put the american muslim community in danger from attacks by people who are angered by these videos. >> and she says mosques nationwide will likely increase security out of fear of possible attacks by people influenced by the videos she says are bigoted and islam phobic. president trump claims the. at a plan will cost him a fortune. >> it will cost me a fortune, this thing. believe me. this is not good for me. me, it's not -- some very wealthy friends, not so happy with me. i keep hearing schumer. this is for the wealthy.
4:35 pm
well, if it is, my friends don't know about it. >> in a new report, the comingal office says people earning less than $30,000 a year would lose out by 2019 from the combination of tax cuts and reduced federal benefits by 2027, those earning less than $75,000 would be orosz off. a former bosnian general died as a judge upheld the trial for war crimes. he proclaimed that he was anwar criminal. that he rejected the verdict before, right there, drinking from a small glass bottle. the presiding judge sat stunned as the incident took place. then ordered no one to touch the bottle. it is unclear what exactly the substance was. >> the police chief in tampa, florida, said the suspect in four killings used the same gun in all the shootings. police arrested howell donaldson
4:36 pm
last night. he is accused of shooting four people over a 51-day span. police arrested donaldson at a mcdonald's restaurants where he works after he asked a co-worker to hold his gun which was linked to the shooting. he is being cooperated in admitting that he owned the gun but he has not admitted to the killings. right now investigators don't have a motive. someone robbed a poker cage. the suspect was wearing a wig and glasses. police say he was armed with a handgun. and get this. actor james woods watched the whole thing happened as he played poker just 30 feet away. he tweeted that today seasonable over staff handed the man the money and didn't do anything that would endanger customers. the robber got away in a vehicle parked in the valet area. a photo that has people taking sides. and building for the
4:37 pm
homeless. the controversial new community popping up in the east bay. i'm michael finney. you probably heard about are california's car lemon law. but what about nonbig ticket items? this is another beautiful sunset, or it will be in about 14 minutes. i'll have the accuweather forecast.
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first question, what are my legalon law rights? the ice make order my refrigerator does not work. i have an extended warranty. >> you're covered. the repair people have been out to your place in the last three months. okay. our state's most famous lemon law is only good for cars. howeve there is a federal law which covers warranties on nearly all other consumer products. it is pretty basic. productser have performance expected. if not, there must be repair or replacement or your money back. you have to sue for it so it might be easier to contact me at the station. however, since you have an extended warrant yiflt call they will up and say they need to fix it. if they don't, call me and i'll have it taken care of within an hour or two.
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>> once i get to it. we're backed up a bit. >> mike from mill valley asked wlrgs is the best time to travel to italy? >> the cleanest time is the beginning of the year. says it will cost on average $624 roundtrip if you travel in february. prices are about the same in january and march as well. they're very inexpensive months. the crowds are way thinned out. hotels are inexpensive, too. down side. there is always a down side. it is cold and potentially rainy. it is the worst time to travel to italy if you're talking cost, july. it will cost you an average of $1,300 round trip. that's the peak of the travel season. hotels will be very, very expensive and most of italy is very, very crowded. >> but the weather will be nicer. >> much, much nicer. >> and adan asks what --
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>> this is especially for for young people. pay all your bills. pay them on time. get a credit card. when do you, don't use all the available credit. on use about 20% of it. that's the best thing do you know to build your credit score. if you have a credit card, the one that you've had the longest, never get rid of. because credit history makes a huge difference. i want to hear from you. if you have a question, you can record a 10 to 15-second long video. share on it social media. use the #ask finney. >> we'll start with live doppler 7. it won't be sunny very long because the sun is about to set. it will be nice and clear and chilly. mid 30s. we'll see low 40s right around the shoreline. and then tomorrow another sunny day and it will be even milder by a couple degrees than today
4:43 pm
was. we'll see some mid 60s on the coast. a few upper 60s down in the south bay. here's the accuweather seven day forecast. we'll have two sunny and mild days in a row. tomorrow and friday. and even over the weekend, it won't get much cooler but we will see increasing clouds and a couple of degrees cooler than tomorrow and friday -- monday, tuesday and wednesday. bright, brilliant sunshine and mild by mid-week. >> did you get your christmas trees yet? >> not yet. >> take a look at this. police are warning drivers to transport their trees responsibly. >> this is not responsible? >> this is not responsible. the transportation of a christmas tree. this is in sudbury, massachusetts. officers said it was so big, well, you can't see the vehicle. that is a massive tree to put up. they'll need a whole group, a
4:44 pm
strong group of people of the it is unclear if the driver was cited. >> the changes taking place in silicon valley. >> your chance to get a
4:45 pm
4:46 pm
4:47 pm
with more high profile figures ousted for sexual misconduct, silicon valley has been struggling with its own discrimination issues. here to talk about this, general partner, should i explain always good friend of mine. had. >> thank you for having me. >> you've been in silicon valley for a long time. >> 17 years. >> you don't look >> what do you think, is it no different than what we're seeing in different industries? >> there are several industries very male dominated. finance is one of they will. vent you are capitalism is a sector of that. 8% of senior investment professionals are women.
4:48 pm
because of the lack of women at the top, it just creates, kit create environments where there are huge power discrepancies and that's why you you've seen this happen in entertainment, in other sectors as well. but the good news is that for once, it is coming to light. and people are taking it seriously. >> you're working your way up. how did you not only survive but thrive? >> i was very fortunate my firm put a people are youm diversity. and since i joined 17 years ago, we have only enhance that had commitment. out of our eight general partners, three are women. and i would challenge anyone in the industry to meet that ratio. and hopefully we can see other firms meet the ratio over time. the difficult thing is that because i'm a woman, i meet with female founders all the time. to a person they all have a bad story. they all have a bad story of how
4:49 pm
difficult it has been for them to get financed and in some cases how they've faced outright discrimination. >> i know your company does fund a lot of women-headed companies. is that just for social good or actually good business? >> it's good business. we are in the business to make money for our limited partners. that is vent you are capital. and it just so happens studies have shown when firms have diversity at the top. when they have female investment professionals at the top. they are three time more likely to fund female ceos. it so happens that has made us very successful. >> so what do you tell your companies? i think there's a takeaway here, too. how do you create a board or a work culture, this applies to schools, small businesses, an environment in which you prevent harass. >> i wish there was a silver bullet.
4:50 pm
i wish there was one thing i could say that would answer your question. what i'm trying to do, make sure that we're promoting more women at the top. that we're seeing more diversity at the top. hopefully that is creating an environment of much more inclusion. >> and you're holding an event tomorrow. >> yes. we're really excited about this. a number of female senior investment professionals have gotten together over the last few months and this is in reaction to the under fortunate news we've seen in sexual harassment in our industries. we've said, what can we do to make positive change in our industry? one thing is hoping to promote and support other more junior female professionals so they can grow up into more senior roles. the other is to make sure that we have a commitment toward funding female entrepreneurs. so we're holding our first inaugural female founder's office hours. we've had hundreds of applicants
4:51 pm
come. and we're going to have fun with them. >> great. i'm sorry we're out of time so we'll have to continue our conversation off camera. thanks for coming in. several bay area tech giants are joining the program to get women back sue the work force after they've had a child. app, oshlg and into it are teaming up. it works with companies the create so-called returnship frooms train people to return to the work forceful so far, 142 people have been hired for permanent jobs through this program. a photo of a california woman breast feeding publicly at disneyland has gone viral. sparringing both supportive is that negative reactions. >> this is the photo. she posted on it facebook. she posted it to this website. a page dedicated to breast feeding called breast feeding mama talk. in the post, she said she was
4:52 pm
standing in line to take a picture when her 10-month-old baby got hungry so she took this picture. she took her top off. decided to nurse him. in the photo, you can see two women in the back ground. one of them crossing her arms. she captioned the picture, these ladies were so angry by it, my husband had to take a picture. the post has gone viral and has been shared thousands of times. a lot of people just visiting this website itself on facebook. she does say she is grateful for the support she's found online. most comments are positive, although there are a few negative ones too. i should note he in california, mothers are legally allowed to breast feed in public. i'm jess kica castro. if you missed it before or want to go back for seconds, your ice cream dreams may soon come true. >> they're going on sale for the museum of ice cream.
4:53 pm
tickets for select dates through january 8th. they cost $38 for adults. and the museum is free for kids younger than age 3. >> swimming in sprinkles. the museum of ice kriel has back runaway cress selling out in just minutes. we posted a link with all the details on abc7 and the news app. a possible solution for the homeless. but not everybody is on board. >> this is something you put dogs in. >> the final touches going into 20 tough sheds in oakland and the impact they home it will have. new at 5:00, the protest and the plan that could make graduate school unaffordable. you get a view of the bay. >> you sure do. the lottery that puts a different spin on affordable
4:54 pm
housing. and the beagle who attempted breakout. th really? really? really? really? really? see zero in a whole new way. get zero down, zero deposit, zero first month's payment,
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and zero due at signing on select volkswagen models. now with the people first warranty.
4:56 pm
a tough shed camp is now in place next on one of oakland's
4:57 pm
largest tent cities. the oakland mayor says it is one part of a larger solution in her county's ongoing effort to deal with the homeless people living on the streets. >> reporter: they are tough sheds. 20 of them. meant to put at least a dent in the exploding homeless problem. xibld by tent cities like this one a few yards away. >> you live on the streets right here right now. we want to offer you an opportunity to live in here. >> reporter: joe is the man in charge of the homeless outreach program. >> we look at how we could build something with an impact. the blocked roadways, the rats that come with the garbage that piles up. >> he says he hopes the city hopes to have them up by next week. they would accommodate 40 people. two to a shed.
4:58 pm
it is being called a low barrier shelter. meaning residents will have to apply by certain rules, drugs and alcohol use won't necessarily be prohibited. >> anything we try will have risks. i think the greater rick is to do nothing. >> some aren't so sure this is the answer. she told us her father and his dogs live in a tent just down the street from the tough sheds. >> this is something that you put dogs in. >> once they are occupied, city officials will begin to dismantle the tent camps around them. in oakland, abc7 news. oakland officials say they hope to begin moving residents into the tough sheds as soon as next week. the maximum stay will be six months. thanks for joining us. abc7 news at 4:00.
4:59 pm
abc7 news at 5:00 starts right now. i lost everything. >> a family tries to regroup. the fallout and the financial need after their apartment blows up. >> north korea signals the nuclear intentions. there's reason to worry. >> taking a pay cut for the better good. >> and the car fire, the dead bird, and the case of mistaken identity. you may remember this season from two days ago. sky 7 was over this home in san francisco. its windows were blown out after a natural gas explosion. and now the family is talking about what happened and they need some help too. good evening. >> thanks for joining us. let's get right to abc 7 reporter wayne. >> we spoke with pg&e and they said the cause of the explosion
5:00 pm
is still unknown. the power is out. there are still cones in the way. it is hardly normal. nor is life for the people who lived along here. >> on mission street, this is the look and the sound of broken glass, a board up apartment. do you recognize it from monday after a gas line explosion? or this victim? >> my son was inside. and this is my son, my son, maybe he is dead. i don't know. >> he lived. and so did carmen i know what her husband carlos. for them, aftermath remains an ordeal. that's how they found themselves in the red cross of san francisco today asking for help now that they're homeless. >> i never think what happened inside. but my house, it was very bad. everything is coming down. >> everything did. except for a r


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